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2018-11-08 06:12:47 UTC

now that's a name

2018-11-08 06:13:04 UTC

"Means Of Production"

2018-11-08 06:13:04 UTC

@Selma sweden literally has a list of names that you are allowed to choose from.

2018-11-08 06:13:15 UTC

(has to be a girls name) <:teehee:381917632359563264>

2018-11-08 06:13:25 UTC

Mohammed and Helga

2018-11-08 06:13:39 UTC

@Asatru Artist - MD "power generator" is a feminine noun in Russian

2018-11-08 06:13:41 UTC

so girls were named that

2018-11-08 06:13:43 UTC


2018-11-08 06:14:23 UTC
2018-11-08 06:14:42 UTC

That's the best feelgood video ever, @YourFundamentalTheorum

2018-11-08 06:14:56 UTC

@Nemets it was necessary. the country would have never survived if he didn't put it back in the right place.

2018-11-08 06:15:06 UTC

@YourFundamentalTheorum Notice how the whole background noise is "Dumb, dumb, dumb..." <:4dchess:439923932062154782>

2018-11-08 06:15:10 UTC

@Selma that video did not age well πŸ˜‚

2018-11-08 06:15:19 UTC

Another good one.

2018-11-08 06:16:36 UTC

i'm not aware

2018-11-08 06:16:45 UTC

i know that there was a women's battalion in the provisional govt

2018-11-08 06:16:57 UTC

but it was quickly disbanded (read: raped) when the bolsheviks took power

2018-11-08 06:17:43 UTC


2018-11-08 06:18:13 UTC


2018-11-08 06:18:21 UTC

the technology advanced way too fast

2018-11-08 06:18:40 UTC

dang i love Sam Hyde

2018-11-08 06:18:44 UTC

@YourFundamentalTheorum - LOL. I love this one. THanks.

2018-11-08 06:18:47 UTC

"how long did that sign take you, 10 minutes?"

2018-11-08 06:31:45 UTC

I'm unironically worried about Tucker--I just learned his house that was protested at is in *San Francisco*

2018-11-08 06:32:11 UTC

Why. Tucker. Do. You. Live. In. San. Fran. Cisco???

2018-11-08 06:32:32 UTC

What did he say that finally set the crazies off?

2018-11-08 06:33:02 UTC

No idea--I think it's just leftist rage at the Senate, Trump, Acosta, Sessions

2018-11-08 06:33:17 UTC

The left got rolled hard today

2018-11-08 06:33:29 UTC

And they were supposed to be celebrating their House win, lol

2018-11-08 06:33:54 UTC

wait really?

2018-11-08 06:33:57 UTC

his house in SF was protested?

2018-11-08 06:34:00 UTC

permanent outrage has it's setbacks...

2018-11-08 06:34:02 UTC

address please, i'm going there

2018-11-08 06:34:24 UTC

they actually _had_ the address in the posts they did for the protest

2018-11-08 06:34:32 UTC

but it was deleted pretty quick and the account suspended

2018-11-08 06:34:36 UTC

oh lol

2018-11-08 06:34:37 UTC


2018-11-08 06:35:16 UTC

Those chants are *PATHETIC*.

2018-11-08 06:35:28 UTC

it's so low energy

2018-11-08 06:35:39 UTC

even Jeb rallies had more energy

2018-11-08 06:35:43 UTC


2018-11-08 06:35:47 UTC


2018-11-08 06:35:48 UTC


2018-11-08 06:35:56 UTC

no !, no engery.

2018-11-08 06:36:00 UTC

*please lol*

2018-11-08 06:36:37 UTC

imagine being the Bush that doesn't win the Presidency...

2018-11-08 06:36:41 UTC


2018-11-08 06:36:49 UTC


2018-11-08 06:37:36 UTC


2018-11-08 06:37:49 UTC

but seriously

2018-11-08 06:37:53 UTC

that rally is very low energy

2018-11-08 06:38:05 UTC

it's literally just 2 gay guys with megaphones

2018-11-08 06:39:28 UTC

is the kvetching starting?

2018-11-08 06:39:45 UTC

Just saw this on my news feed. Look that huh? Nice!

2018-11-08 06:50:28 UTC

The libs plan more than 100 protests tmrw to protect their muh Russia probe--at least a few will be entertaining


2018-11-08 06:52:35 UTC

Speaking of crappy Antifa protests look what I just found https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZntkP6_r1R4

2018-11-08 06:54:40 UTC

@Flint I hope there are none near me

2018-11-08 06:54:45 UTC

is there a definitive map?

2018-11-08 06:58:28 UTC

Don't know. I remember they decided that if the Mueller probe was shut down in any way they'd consider that a 'red line' (civilian mobs acting as the Deep State's soldiers)

2018-11-08 06:58:37 UTC

I'm sure the towns are listed somewhere

2018-11-08 06:59:05 UTC

they're all scared about our new acting AG


2018-11-08 07:13:06 UTC

my first episode of my YouTube series will be going up within the next few days

2018-11-08 07:24:09 UTC

God what a Chad

2018-11-08 07:25:38 UTC

this is a great timeline lads

2018-11-08 07:25:52 UTC

the republican party is transforming into a party of strength

2018-11-08 07:25:54 UTC

and chadness

2018-11-08 07:29:22 UTC

@YourFundamentalTheorum they are trying to get into the fitnostate

2018-11-08 07:31:17 UTC

When America finally embraces it's European heritage guys everywhere will be built like trucks and do JoJo poses everywhere

2018-11-08 07:40:14 UTC



2018-11-08 07:41:02 UTC

*he will literally haul you into court*

2018-11-08 08:09:03 UTC


2018-11-08 08:09:10 UTC


2018-11-08 08:16:34 UTC


2018-11-08 08:28:27 UTC

@Reinhard Wolff You can only engage in so much fuckery in a single day.

2018-11-08 08:29:22 UTC

@Reinhard Wolff Your tricks are now on cooldown.

2018-11-08 08:36:30 UTC

the troll is still leading to a media frenzy

2018-11-08 08:37:28 UTC

Their refusal to admit they got trolled is keeping the fire alive

2018-11-08 08:37:48 UTC

"*w-we need to distinguish the facts*"

2018-11-08 08:38:34 UTC

It was a nice display of IE having a sense of humor

2018-11-08 08:38:58 UTC

That'll go a long way

2018-11-08 08:44:57 UTC


2018-11-08 08:45:21 UTC

Someone reported a few older tweets

2018-11-08 08:45:34 UTC



2018-11-08 08:55:58 UTC

@YourFundamentalTheorum have you seen that Sam Hyde joe Bernstein video

2018-11-08 08:59:49 UTC

@Reinhard Wolff You're becoming too powerful

2018-11-08 10:02:23 UTC

@Reinhard Wolff Imagine pouring through hundreds of tweets, looking for one you can use to tattle on somebody. We're reaching levels of hall monitor that shouldn't be possible.

2018-11-08 10:19:55 UTC

History is hate speech

2018-11-08 12:07:12 UTC

I don't get it, all he said were true statements? I thought Twitter was committed to fighting fake news and lies. "Islam is a religion of peace" is a pretty big lie.

2018-11-08 12:14:51 UTC

Morning everyone, have a good day

2018-11-08 12:21:52 UTC

@BryceB-ND morning

2018-11-08 12:34:13 UTC

Yeah, gotta say, that was a pretty choice troll... πŸ‘Œ

2018-11-08 13:01:51 UTC

If you don't get to work an hour early, honestly, are you even white?

2018-11-08 13:33:49 UTC

An hour early?

2018-11-08 13:33:52 UTC

What a chump lol

2018-11-08 13:34:00 UTC


2018-11-08 13:34:14 UTC

Surprise, bigots

2018-11-08 13:35:19 UTC


2018-11-08 13:41:40 UTC

Morning whites. πŸ‘ <:galaxybrain:366743669484683264> <:deye:359010025223618570>

2018-11-08 13:42:16 UTC

Morning brothers

2018-11-08 13:42:23 UTC


2018-11-08 13:42:33 UTC

The world is still beautiful because there are still white people in it

2018-11-08 13:45:48 UTC

They dug those tweets out from 2017?

2018-11-08 13:46:08 UTC

Did you guys see that the White House pulled Jim Acosta's press pass? πŸ˜‚

2018-11-08 13:46:16 UTC

They were on the hunt.

2018-11-08 13:53:27 UTC

Good morning you wonderful people!

2018-11-08 13:55:50 UTC

Good mornin racial brothers of Evropa. Let’s take this toast

2018-11-08 14:09:03 UTC

gm fellow whites

2018-11-08 14:11:05 UTC

gm lads

2018-11-08 14:11:25 UTC

they brought back fortnitemares in a 50v50 mode

2018-11-08 14:13:12 UTC

morning whitepill

2018-11-08 14:13:29 UTC

If I see anybody fortnite dancing at the conference...

2018-11-08 14:13:51 UTC


2018-11-08 14:14:14 UTC

kris kobach for SC!

2018-11-08 14:16:33 UTC


2018-11-08 14:17:10 UTC

watching live rn

2018-11-08 14:18:06 UTC

after watching her move around I'm surprised she hasn't died yet tbh

2018-11-08 14:19:10 UTC

Dude I thought Kavanaugh was a shitshow but this is gonna be a new level.

2018-11-08 14:19:50 UTC

At least the Senate's in a better state now.

2018-11-08 14:20:24 UTC

seeing as we're +5, I don't see how we can't steamroll an aggressive candidate through

2018-11-08 14:22:37 UTC

kobach is probably too hopeful, but someone far more aggressive than ACB is likely if not guaranteed

2018-11-08 14:22:45 UTC

I hope she recovers, but decides to resign for health reasons.

2018-11-08 14:23:06 UTC

Koba needs to be AG

2018-11-08 14:23:07 UTC

@Sam Southern - TN That'd be amazing, but he's too young, and doesn't have the bona fides. I don't think he's even served as a judge.

2018-11-08 14:23:09 UTC

Oh god

2018-11-08 14:23:13 UTC

Not koba

2018-11-08 14:23:16 UTC


2018-11-08 14:23:32 UTC

...but yeah, I'm with @ophiuchus. I hope he's nominated for AG.

2018-11-08 14:23:36 UTC

no, you meant Koba. by far the best choice

2018-11-08 14:23:44 UTC

Koba Nationalism

2018-11-08 14:25:31 UTC

β€œAttorney General Kobach announces national audit of voter rolls” would be phenomenal.

2018-11-08 14:25:47 UTC

We’d have enough salt to sustain us for decades

2018-11-08 14:26:13 UTC

If only...

2018-11-08 14:29:32 UTC

Oh no! Everyone should pray for Ruth Bader Ginsberg so that she can recover quickly and enjoy her impending retirement.

2018-11-08 14:54:08 UTC

God has his hand on her.

2018-11-08 14:56:12 UTC

@Papa Pizzagate Yes. The sooner she recovers, the sooner she can go home (instead of back to the Supreme Court) .

2018-11-08 14:59:14 UTC

Yeah, either way we win. Old bag of bones is not going back to the bench

2018-11-08 14:59:29 UTC


2018-11-08 15:00:46 UTC

If she retires, the media are going to LOSE THEIR MINDS...

2018-11-08 15:01:06 UTC

weekend at Bernies

2018-11-08 15:07:49 UTC

Trump should appoint Amy Coney Barrett if she retires. She'll have no problem getting confirmed now that we've strengthened our senate majority. We don't need to worry about Lisa Murkowski or Jeff Flake

2018-11-08 15:09:01 UTC

Yea for optics, ACB is probably the best choice.

2018-11-08 15:09:14 UTC

Replace a woman with a woman.

2018-11-08 15:10:09 UTC

Kinda gh3y, but this *is* "current year".

2018-11-08 15:10:19 UTC

My first thought this morning was that things done changed. If the left overreacts and throws a tantrum it may result in really serious police enforcement.

One thing that is fairly clear when you go to a Trump rally is that he has a lot more power than is clear. Not the institutional power or people power we can see but dark money power. If the media tries to push him out of office I think Trump's allies in business will support extreme measures to prevent that.

Steve Bannon has made the case for a Chinese threat very effectively and a lot of powerful people are woke to at least this obvious threat. I think we could see a corporate/state takeover of J-media and implementation of civil restrictions like in wartime beginning before 2020. I think it began yesterday.

2018-11-08 15:19:22 UTC

Just found out about the shooting in Thousand Oaks. The Stormer has a lot more info than this useless Sherrif.

2018-11-08 15:19:44 UTC

@Logan Situation intensifies...

2018-11-08 15:20:23 UTC

Does anyone know if triple parenthesis are permitted in the chat?

2018-11-08 15:20:38 UTC

Just don't go crazy with it @Axel

2018-11-08 15:20:44 UTC

The Sherrif mentioned the 11 Jews (hallowed be their name), changed the subject, then started joking and laughing with the press. Reminds me of the Vegas Sherrif who did not give a heck about the people who died.

2018-11-08 15:20:45 UTC

Ok, thanks

2018-11-08 15:20:51 UTC

@Axel we are moving away from that.

2018-11-08 15:21:18 UTC

@Felden - CO Sounds good, I was just curious

2018-11-08 15:21:31 UTC

@Axel triple parentheses are the preferred gender identity of some Twitter Jews. If you didnt do it you could face arrest.

2018-11-08 15:22:00 UTC
2018-11-08 15:22:23 UTC

Wow @Logan Interesting observation actually.

2018-11-08 15:22:56 UTC

Shooter is Ian David Long. Marine Vet. I'm thinking shitlib or Muslim convert

2018-11-08 15:23:08 UTC

No photo yet but sounds very white

2018-11-08 15:23:09 UTC

@Logan Or both

2018-11-08 15:23:48 UTC

I noticed from the photos that the crowd and victims were overwhelmingly white and had like, realtree brand hoodies, but didn't look much deeper into it.

2018-11-08 15:24:25 UTC

I've know some Asian "longs" but Ian David is a pretty white name.

2018-11-08 15:24:34 UTC

@Axel I think that's what Paddock was if he even was the shooter.

The arms deal gone wrong and Saudi state-sponsored attack (Bin Salman arrested hundreds of royals the next day) narratives are more convincing than the "literally nothing" narrative.

2018-11-08 15:24:38 UTC

In fact, I'd say "Ian" is the whitest name.

2018-11-08 15:24:43 UTC
2018-11-08 15:24:53 UTC

Long is Chinese for dragon

2018-11-08 15:25:12 UTC

@Papa Pizzagate in the stormer article it covers the fact that some of those at this festival were at the Vegas shooting

2018-11-08 15:25:20 UTC

@Logan Yea, the mainstream press buried the story because of his ties to Islam. Tucker has brought it up a little bit in the past though

2018-11-08 15:25:46 UTC

@Axel tucker said Paddock had ties to Islam? I never heard that.

2018-11-08 15:26:03 UTC

I didn’t hear that either

2018-11-08 15:26:09 UTC

@Papa Pizzagate wasn’t the attack at a country music bar? Is this another Vegas?

2018-11-08 15:26:29 UTC

No, I believe he suggested that there was a more sinister reason behind why we aren't hearing any more about it though

2018-11-08 15:26:43 UTC


2018-11-08 15:26:46 UTC

appears to be the guy.

2018-11-08 15:26:48 UTC

His wife was Indonesian of Phillipino. Both countries have large radical Muslim populations. Its possible, but I have not heard of an Islamic connection.

2018-11-08 15:27:16 UTC

@Papa Pizzagate Is Lance Corporal the Deputy?

2018-11-08 15:27:23 UTC

Sherrif sez "we have to do something about hate." <:really:453005408064241674>

2018-11-08 15:28:55 UTC

Looks pretty all-American but if he took his cover off you'd probably see a weird ass skull shape

2018-11-08 15:30:00 UTC

break out the calipers <:really:453005408064241674>

2018-11-08 15:32:14 UTC
2018-11-08 15:32:43 UTC

Paddocks wife...

2018-11-08 15:32:58 UTC

No. "Is lance corporal the deputy?"

2018-11-08 15:33:31 UTC

Very possible he was a lefty. We'll know by how quickly and seamlessly they make the story disappear...

2018-11-08 15:34:45 UTC

@Bjorn - MD Yeah, bro. A "college country music night" was shot up. Story is already dead.

2018-11-08 15:34:54 UTC


2018-11-08 15:34:58 UTC

Looks like Don Lemon was right bois. Hang it up and hand over our country to brown people. <:really:453005408064241674>

2018-11-08 15:35:25 UTC

If the shooter was a White guy, why would the story be dead?

2018-11-08 15:35:31 UTC

He is.

2018-11-08 15:35:49 UTC

Between the photo and the name "David Long," probably a safe bet.

2018-11-08 15:36:08 UTC

I mean there might be some milage to be had, but this story is more valuable as a statistic.

2018-11-08 15:36:31 UTC

Because he killed white conservatives. That's a non story to the traitorous *media*.

2018-11-08 15:37:15 UTC

Look, 13 people died, more than the synagogue shooting. Do you honestly expect that our flag will be held at half mast and it will receive equal coverage from the media? I don't. Get real. lol.

2018-11-08 15:37:52 UTC

@Asatru Artist - MD "Traitorous" insinuates they're owned by our people, or were on our side at one point, and then betrayed us. More like opposition media <:usinnoodle:420778112226164736>

2018-11-08 15:39:04 UTC

Well, they are supposed to be *fellow whites* and fellow "Americans", hence the traitorous label.

2018-11-08 15:39:19 UTC


2018-11-08 15:40:26 UTC

Well we know somebody with an always predictable narrative and here it is folks... https://twitter.com/tariqnasheed/status/1060547745591611392

2018-11-08 15:40:37 UTC

@Asatru Artist - MD Gotta throw scare quotes around the "traitorous" then πŸ˜‰

2018-11-08 15:48:42 UTC

The story doesn't seem to make sense. Why would a "white Identity extremist" go to a country music show and shoot a bunch of white people?

2018-11-08 15:49:10 UTC

It makes just about as much sense as anything else Nasheed posts...

2018-11-08 15:50:13 UTC

at least tariq is consistent

2018-11-08 15:50:23 UTC

I'll give ya that.

2018-11-08 15:50:29 UTC

So far only Tariq has that take

2018-11-08 15:50:54 UTC

Thanks @JoeDrake yeah that would be weird

2018-11-08 15:51:21 UTC

This is like a miniature Paddock thing

2018-11-08 15:52:50 UTC

Tariq could stub his toe and blame it on suspected white supremacists

2018-11-08 15:53:35 UTC

@ThisIsChris Paddock

2018-11-08 15:53:46 UTC

@Sam Anderson Well, chances are that anything he would stub his toe on *was* designed, if not built by a While guy, so... <:usinnoodle:420778112226164736>

2018-11-08 15:56:41 UTC

Tariq is hilarious when he goes after other black people

2018-11-08 15:56:52 UTC

so over the top

2018-11-08 16:14:45 UTC

Morning fellas, and lady fellas.

2018-11-08 16:19:53 UTC

Hot take incoming: women don't exist.

2018-11-08 16:21:50 UTC

That's a pretty spicy take.

2018-11-08 16:30:35 UTC

Thanks, I made it myself

2018-11-08 16:33:04 UTC



2018-11-08 16:34:39 UTC


2018-11-08 16:37:16 UTC

<:whitepill:439924104406106113> A firefighter posted in the comments under the video for our "Thank You, Firefighters" banner drop in California:


2018-11-08 16:38:33 UTC

where can I donate my ribs

2018-11-08 16:38:49 UTC

I’m gonna grill plenty of em 😎

2018-11-08 16:39:19 UTC

saw some shilling further up the chat for ACB

2018-11-08 16:39:31 UTC

ffs we shouldn't be supporting someone that adopts little haitians

2018-11-08 16:39:51 UTC

we're +5, we can get a more aggressive candidate in there than the one that the multicultis at TD shill for

2018-11-08 16:40:26 UTC

@Sam Southern - TN Depends purely on if there's anyone with a record of more favorable rulings than hers. Pragmatism isn't always pretty, but it is what it is...

2018-11-08 16:40:50 UTC

have they leaked the short list?

2018-11-08 16:40:56 UTC

Not sure.

2018-11-08 16:43:23 UTC

Tariq gonna Tariq

2018-11-08 16:43:41 UTC

I’m still waiting on my wypipo royalties from the Haitian gold mines and oil platforms we stole

2018-11-08 16:44:40 UTC

re: firefighter post above, thoughts about preparing food for thanksgiving day meals for local fire stations? can't touch that level of pro-american optics

2018-11-08 16:45:45 UTC

Will they actually eat it?

2018-11-08 16:45:50 UTC

people crazy these days...

2018-11-08 16:45:58 UTC

So i wake up to read about this shooter in Thousand Oaks and they already killed it cause it's white people,country music,was frequented by cops and Firefighters and the guy used to be a Marine. But because its white people,they kill the story quick. Thats bs!😑

2018-11-08 16:46:59 UTC

@celticflame It's still front page on CNN.

2018-11-08 16:47:25 UTC

@Asatru Artist - MD I was discussing this with some locals yesterday. if we called ahead of time to ask if we could bring food + ask for the number of people there, they would both know we were coming and be more likely to actually eat it. idk the logistics of donating food, but I think it's something that would benefit a lot of firefighters + play really well

2018-11-08 16:47:30 UTC

Yes,that's the 1st one i read,then went on twitter,barely saw anything..

2018-11-08 16:47:37 UTC
2018-11-08 16:48:12 UTC

Twitter, the cespool of leftist internet...they care nothing for white people, especially conservatives.

2018-11-08 16:48:25 UTC

That's for sure.

2018-11-08 16:48:30 UTC



2018-11-08 16:48:47 UTC

This wouldn't have happened under Obama ^

2018-11-08 16:48:49 UTC

That's good at least

2018-11-08 16:48:57 UTC

The pic above

2018-11-08 16:49:29 UTC

I read it in New York Times article i shared too.

2018-11-08 16:49:53 UTC

This is incredibly sad

2018-11-08 16:50:03 UTC

@Asatru Artist - MD Jews will be triggered by this.

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