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2018-11-03 04:56:09 UTC

Doesn't count then

2018-11-03 04:56:22 UTC

A mario game is a mario game.

2018-11-03 04:56:27 UTC

it's kinda clunky because the developers pushed the n64 to its limits but it was vastly improved upon on the gamecube

2018-11-03 04:56:27 UTC

Mario Kart counts too

2018-11-03 04:56:27 UTC

Only real gamers remember πŸ™


2018-11-03 04:56:28 UTC

Any 3D Mario isn't as fun as as the 2D

2018-11-03 04:56:48 UTC

Dova...when the left is right about speech being literal violence...

2018-11-03 04:57:14 UTC

that could be the best

2018-11-03 04:58:12 UTC

@Papa Pizzagate Oh, well that changes everything....

2018-11-03 04:59:35 UTC

My son will know the joys of Super Mario Kart


2018-11-03 05:00:14 UTC

Gotta save the non-poz games for the next generation

2018-11-03 05:00:18 UTC

@Flint duck footy pajamas?

2018-11-03 05:00:25 UTC


2018-11-03 05:00:35 UTC

Whoops, sorry.

2018-11-03 05:00:43 UTC

My apologies, Chris.

2018-11-03 05:01:08 UTC

@Selma no divisive pictures mocking groups of membership

2018-11-03 05:01:11 UTC

I was going to make a joke about how parents take pictures of objects in front of their babies.

2018-11-03 05:01:59 UTC

I'm on dad duty rn

2018-11-03 05:02:09 UTC

@Selma you may not be aware but some people are concerned that women are disparaged as solipsistic

2018-11-03 05:02:30 UTC

Sorry. I'll read up on womyn

2018-11-03 05:02:51 UTC

@Selma I wouldn't waste my time

2018-11-03 05:02:52 UTC

I'm going to pretend that I know what solopolosasitic means rn

2018-11-03 05:02:57 UTC

anyone have a bestiary

2018-11-03 05:03:07 UTC

what that?

2018-11-03 05:03:23 UTC

@Flint pokedex

2018-11-03 05:03:42 UTC

that I know....

2018-11-03 05:03:42 UTC


2018-11-03 05:03:47 UTC

how humbling

2018-11-03 05:04:06 UTC

pokemon red/blue, now *that* was a good video game

2018-11-03 05:04:08 UTC

oh, irl pokedex

2018-11-03 05:04:13 UTC

I had the red

2018-11-03 05:04:21 UTC

brother had the blue

2018-11-03 05:04:30 UTC

was a good time

2018-11-03 05:04:37 UTC

haha that's perfect

2018-11-03 05:04:41 UTC

Pokemon Gold is best pokemon

2018-11-03 05:04:42 UTC

gets the brothers to play together

2018-11-03 05:05:10 UTC

also Tech Decks, whomst remember

2018-11-03 05:05:35 UTC

Yeah, nothing makes brother's enemies like link cable battles..

2018-11-03 05:05:41 UTC

@missliterallywho my little brother was literally obsessed with those

2018-11-03 05:05:52 UTC

Tech deck reporting in

2018-11-03 05:06:19 UTC


2018-11-03 05:06:24 UTC


2018-11-03 05:06:26 UTC

Digimon was better... πŸ˜’ <:avtism:359037377919844352>

2018-11-03 05:06:33 UTC

man the 90s were the best decade

2018-11-03 05:06:37 UTC

Digimon? oof...

2018-11-03 05:06:54 UTC

The only time I've ever been to Ikea @DairyMaxx and I rolled our tech decks over all the furniture

2018-11-03 05:07:08 UTC

That's the time everything went to capture-things and battle them

2018-11-03 05:07:33 UTC

Japan was going through an economic crisis and wanted to create things that gave people a warm feeling of companionship.

2018-11-03 05:07:42 UTC


2018-11-03 05:07:47 UTC

Hence tomogatchi, pokemon, robotic dogs.

2018-11-03 05:07:48 UTC


2018-11-03 05:07:52 UTC

The Japanese did 9/11

2018-11-03 05:07:55 UTC


2018-11-03 05:08:11 UTC

@Logan 9/11 *did* bring the US together...

2018-11-03 05:08:24 UTC

It also brought the US and the middle east together

2018-11-03 05:08:37 UTC

Digimon started out as Tomagachi that linked up for fighting. It was developed independently of Pokemon game boy games. And of course they both got shows.

2018-11-03 05:08:52 UTC

I will say pokemon is the better game but digimon had the better show

2018-11-03 05:08:59 UTC

@ThisIsChris pokemon sales went *up* after 9/11.

2018-11-03 05:09:06 UTC

Iyashi (癒し) is a Japanese word that means to heal, focusing on the whole person.

2018-11-03 05:09:20 UTC

That's what they were trying to cultivate during the economic crisis in the 90s.

2018-11-03 05:09:34 UTC

I was done with pokemon long before 911

2018-11-03 05:09:41 UTC

@Selma were the first harvest moon games as a result of that?

2018-11-03 05:09:53 UTC

Maybe. That's actually a very good question, Wood Ape.

2018-11-03 05:09:54 UTC

that age of trying to 'grow up'

2018-11-03 05:10:12 UTC

DBZ got lame too

2018-11-03 05:10:13 UTC

Harvest moon is pretty rad.

2018-11-03 05:10:28 UTC

I played the gamecube one endlessly; cried when my goat died.

2018-11-03 05:10:28 UTC

that far game?

2018-11-03 05:10:33 UTC

If you want a really weird nostalgia red pill I could discuss the history of (((Power Rangers)))

2018-11-03 05:10:36 UTC

They didn't tell you that you had to feed the damn animal.

2018-11-03 05:10:41 UTC

I'll save it for Denver...

2018-11-03 05:10:53 UTC

Anyone play Stardew valley?

2018-11-03 05:10:56 UTC


2018-11-03 05:10:59 UTC

@Wood-Ape - OK/MN putties were the original NPCs

2018-11-03 05:11:14 UTC

@ThisIsChris Puttie patrolers?

2018-11-03 05:11:16 UTC

IE conference is essentially going to be Dragon con

2018-11-03 05:11:54 UTC
2018-11-03 05:11:55 UTC

@Wood-Ape - OK/MN oh yeah putties

2018-11-03 05:12:00 UTC

@Papa Pizzagate was it good? Got it after rave reviews but didnt go past the first house

2018-11-03 05:12:12 UTC

SNES is best console ever, prove me wrong

2018-11-03 05:12:20 UTC

**Tyler pops his head in chat**,
Notices long convo consisting of vidya games, and anime references.......

**Darts out of chat with look of disapproval**


2018-11-03 05:12:25 UTC

Rareware in the late 90s, Flint.

2018-11-03 05:12:29 UTC

even without nostalgia

2018-11-03 05:12:30 UTC

*puts on sunglasses*

2018-11-03 05:12:33 UTC

@Flint weird way to spell gamecube but, okay.

2018-11-03 05:13:01 UTC

by the time gamecube came out I had already gotten more interested in grills

2018-11-03 05:13:06 UTC

GC best ever???? wii can play all those games

2018-11-03 05:13:07 UTC

thats gay chris

2018-11-03 05:13:29 UTC

Homebrewing the Wii was the most amazing thing you could do in 2008.

2018-11-03 05:14:03 UTC

stardew is a huge time sink tbh.

2018-11-03 05:14:05 UTC

Of course that's what you're into, nemets.

2018-11-03 05:14:06 UTC


soy Boy skit but still kinda funny in hindsight of the NPC meme


2018-11-03 05:14:09 UTC

PS2 is 2nd best

2018-11-03 05:14:37 UTC

the GBA and 3ds have amazing libraries

2018-11-03 05:14:40 UTC

can play all ps1 as well

2018-11-03 05:14:53 UTC

GBA is my favorite, tbh

2018-11-03 05:15:05 UTC

GBA had remakes of snes games, first fire emblem in america, mother 3

2018-11-03 05:15:08 UTC

have the ds lite that plays them

2018-11-03 05:15:14 UTC

@Tyler0317 the best part about deployments to Iraq was not going on one and playing SOCOM 2 all day instead

2018-11-03 05:15:16 UTC

My dudes,

I was raised in a home that didn't allow video games.

As an adult, I don't even own a TV.

TFW, I realize I will never understand these references.😎

2018-11-03 05:15:17 UTC

Yo, tbh GBA is a classic console with a great library.

2018-11-03 05:15:19 UTC

Clay fighters 64?

2018-11-03 05:15:39 UTC

@Tyler0317 you're better off, I plan to raise my kids without these things too

2018-11-03 05:15:40 UTC

What was the gba called that folded in half and had the backlit screen?

2018-11-03 05:15:45 UTC


2018-11-03 05:15:45 UTC

@Tyler0317 you're probably better for it.

2018-11-03 05:15:45 UTC

For fun they will do long division

2018-11-03 05:15:51 UTC


2018-11-03 05:16:05 UTC

I wasted so much time on that with PokΓ©mon emerald

2018-11-03 05:16:09 UTC

Give me a TV and I will watch Fox News all day

2018-11-03 05:16:25 UTC

Thumbs up this post if you πŸ‡« with Golden Sun

2018-11-03 05:16:37 UTC

@Logan Lies.... I know it's not PC to say, but war was awesome

2018-11-03 05:16:47 UTC

The djinns in golden sun made that game so fun

2018-11-03 05:16:52 UTC

GBA top 10 is best top 10

2018-11-03 05:16:59 UTC

AoE2 was god tier

2018-11-03 05:17:05 UTC

But he SNES had more

2018-11-03 05:17:14 UTC

The SNES also had a huge amount of shovelware

2018-11-03 05:17:20 UTC

Equivalent to the Wii, I would say.

2018-11-03 05:17:35 UTC

What is shovelware?

2018-11-03 05:17:42 UTC

crap games

2018-11-03 05:17:47 UTC

thank you

2018-11-03 05:17:49 UTC

Figured that’s what that meant

2018-11-03 05:17:52 UTC

Examples: Elf bowling, tiny toons adventures 2: bunny's quest

2018-11-03 05:17:53 UTC

cheap garbage

2018-11-03 05:18:05 UTC

I liked tiny toons adventure 1

2018-11-03 05:18:10 UTC


2018-11-03 05:18:14 UTC


2018-11-03 05:18:23 UTC

SNES has a top 50 that can beat any consoles top 200

2018-11-03 05:18:34 UTC

So many great games it's ridiculous

2018-11-03 05:18:40 UTC

Hit after hit

2018-11-03 05:18:48 UTC

I liked banjo kazooie

2018-11-03 05:18:49 UTC

Earthbound, super mario rpg, chrono trigger, ff6

2018-11-03 05:18:56 UTC

Banjo kazoo IE

2018-11-03 05:18:59 UTC

the perfect age of 2d aesthetic

2018-11-03 05:19:02 UTC

Some vidya games are so anime that they are childish.

2018-11-03 05:19:04 UTC

the pinnacle

2018-11-03 05:19:22 UTC

Super Mario rpg was lit

2018-11-03 05:19:31 UTC

*testosterone of chat increases*

2018-11-03 05:19:33 UTC

@Selma nice, I only played chrono trigger for the first time a few months ago, I got it on my wii just before they closed the virtual console store

2018-11-03 05:19:40 UTC

@Sam Anderson Every now and then you need something to relax and just have fun with. Once the bills are paid, the kids are fed, etc

2018-11-03 05:19:42 UTC

Super Mario World was my first vidya ever

2018-11-03 05:19:46 UTC

Isn't it a wonderful game, @ThisIsChris ?

2018-11-03 05:20:14 UTC

Specifically the soundtrack by Yasunori Mitsuda *adjusts glasses and continues to grow gayer*

2018-11-03 05:20:17 UTC

@ThisIsChris Doesn't it suck they closed the wii store?

2018-11-03 05:20:42 UTC

I have it on the PS1, though

2018-11-03 05:20:49 UTC

Load times are annoying

2018-11-03 05:20:50 UTC

@Nemets my childhood friends and I always played video games but always did outside activities too, it was always balanced

2018-11-03 05:21:00 UTC

Yeah, Yasunori Mitsuda composed for that, Chris. Time's scar is a beautiful song.

2018-11-03 05:21:22 UTC

@Nemets I think Diversity and screen tech are the one two punch of indoor childhoods

2018-11-03 05:21:25 UTC

🌲 🌲 🌲

2018-11-03 05:21:37 UTC

More addictive bc online play

2018-11-03 05:21:39 UTC

Homebrewing the wii is incredibly ez and soooo worth it.

2018-11-03 05:21:46 UTC

People find their community there

2018-11-03 05:21:53 UTC

Thus retro games are top tier

2018-11-03 05:21:53 UTC

Microtransactions and never-ending multiplayer games with open worlds

2018-11-03 05:22:06 UTC

open world online games ruined it

2018-11-03 05:22:10 UTC

There's a wiki, I believe!

2018-11-03 05:22:17 UTC

go back to retro for a fun time

2018-11-03 05:22:25 UTC

yeah it doesn't feel like there's games anymore @Flint just online chat rooms with 3d avatars

2018-11-03 05:22:36 UTC

click dat and then i delete

2018-11-03 05:22:42 UTC

It’s hard to put my finger on it tbh, I feel like the social media definitely played a big part in it tho @Nemets

2018-11-03 05:22:50 UTC

Sure thing, dude.

2018-11-03 05:23:07 UTC

The Witcher 3 is the best recent game to have been released.

2018-11-03 05:23:18 UTC

Same with Dragon Quest XI

2018-11-03 05:23:38 UTC


2018-11-03 05:23:56 UTC

@Nemets that can be arranged

2018-11-03 05:24:07 UTC

if nemets goes i go

2018-11-03 05:24:11 UTC


2018-11-03 05:24:12 UTC

he is 50% of the IQ points here

2018-11-03 05:24:18 UTC

Oh shoot, I never thought of trying to get banned as a means of achieving my offline goals

2018-11-03 05:24:42 UTC

@Nemets sleep on it

2018-11-03 05:24:50 UTC

Tbh fam Parent Quest is the best game I’ve played in years

2018-11-03 05:24:53 UTC

After Denver I will likely be so socially over stimulated I won't need discord

2018-11-03 05:25:11 UTC

Introverts rise up!

2018-11-03 05:25:20 UTC

Then hide in a corner...

2018-11-03 05:25:36 UTC

true test: Contra or Metal Slug?

2018-11-03 05:25:42 UTC


2018-11-03 05:25:43 UTC

Metal Slug

2018-11-03 05:25:46 UTC

Metal slug

2018-11-03 05:25:52 UTC

only because the graphics are so amazing

2018-11-03 05:26:06 UTC

damn, that was decisive..

2018-11-03 05:26:14 UTC

Many great hours in the arcade playing that

2018-11-03 05:26:23 UTC

@Flint contra has better controls but MS are more fun ultimately

2018-11-03 05:26:27 UTC

Do arcades even exist anymore?

2018-11-03 05:26:32 UTC


2018-11-03 05:26:41 UTC

only on boardwalks that ive seen

2018-11-03 05:26:48 UTC

theres one on the jersey shore i used to go to

2018-11-03 05:26:50 UTC

like near beachs and such

2018-11-03 05:26:59 UTC

I love Metal Slug, but pick Contra for the difficulty.MS I just press start and I'm back in

2018-11-03 05:27:11 UTC

@Grossly Incandescent they just opened an all you can play arcade/bar in my town.

2018-11-03 05:27:11 UTC

Very nice

2018-11-03 05:27:14 UTC

I saw a flier for an "esports gym" the other day

2018-11-03 05:27:15 UTC

Yeah, a hipster guy took me on a date to barcade, I don't think he was gay strangely.

2018-11-03 05:27:22 UTC

It's a really cool place.

2018-11-03 05:27:26 UTC

Arcade bars seem peak bugman

2018-11-03 05:27:27 UTC


2018-11-03 05:27:44 UTC

Wait is Metatron a girl or not, lol

2018-11-03 05:27:44 UTC

It was obesity central

2018-11-03 05:28:03 UTC

The most bugman neighborhood in San Diego has a bar arcade

2018-11-03 05:28:11 UTC

It's always packed

2018-11-03 05:28:17 UTC

The old rule "there are no girls online" serves

2018-11-03 05:28:20 UTC


2018-11-03 05:28:38 UTC

lmao dude thats a weird question

2018-11-03 05:28:47 UTC

Santa Cruz had a great boardwalk and arcade and it was ground zero for bugmen, especially when PokΓ©mon go came out

2018-11-03 05:29:06 UTC

The girl that was here from ME and PA just weirdly disappeared one day

2018-11-03 05:29:22 UTC

wait theres a girl here from me pa she sounds hot

2018-11-03 05:29:32 UTC


2018-11-03 05:30:01 UTC


2018-11-03 05:30:13 UTC

When I first started dating my wife she asked if she could play my Xbox, I knew she was the one

2018-11-03 05:30:29 UTC

@Selma Don't worry. she's not.

2018-11-03 05:30:43 UTC

the ian doth protest a bit too much methinks

2018-11-03 05:31:08 UTC

Facts dont care about your feelings

2018-11-03 05:31:29 UTC

Got 'em

2018-11-03 05:31:36 UTC

liberals = owned

2018-11-03 05:31:39 UTC

My wife was happy I didn't play video games. 2 years in I got back into retro games... huehuehue

2018-11-03 05:31:53 UTC


2018-11-03 05:32:10 UTC


2018-11-03 05:32:50 UTC

Okay now this is epic

2018-11-03 05:33:14 UTC

I knew Logan was the one when I saw he had a bad optics phone background

2018-11-03 05:33:20 UTC

Well, a hurricane happened and we evacuated to her parents house, I got he old SNES out of the basement for entertainment, lol

2018-11-03 05:33:26 UTC

Ok here we go, which game is the most based and redpilled, and why is it LEGO Star Wars?

2018-11-03 05:33:37 UTC

@guacmerchant Rich Piana!

2018-11-03 05:33:38 UTC

Ben Shapiro literally caves a leftist's face in with a baseball bat

2018-11-03 05:33:45 UTC

not clickbait

2018-11-03 05:33:59 UTC

There is a hipster arcade bar in Denver, friends have dragged me to it twice. It is awful. Very smelly.

2018-11-03 05:33:59 UTC

Thats actually Pich Riana

2018-11-03 05:34:22 UTC

@guacmerchant Everyone's favorite natural bodybuilder

2018-11-03 05:34:23 UTC

@Wood-Ape - OK/MN Are we going to raid that place at DtR?

2018-11-03 05:34:34 UTC

GTFO soyboys, IE's here!

2018-11-03 05:34:36 UTC

Remember goys you must consume 3 scoops to surpass humanity

2018-11-03 05:34:39 UTC

@Asatru Artist - MD I would not be surprised if it was an Antifa den

2018-11-03 05:34:45 UTC

I hope the national conference takes place in an arcade it would be so kool

2018-11-03 05:34:48 UTC

sounds even more fun then

2018-11-03 05:35:04 UTC

I also got an N64 and Sega Game Gear from her brother and a Gamecube from her sister--all from one hurricane in her basement lol

2018-11-03 05:35:33 UTC

The joke was I looted them during a hurricane

2018-11-03 05:35:37 UTC

Not gonna lie, I want a GameCube again

2018-11-03 05:35:49 UTC

With pikmin

2018-11-03 05:35:50 UTC

JIDF will shill against Real Food @guacmerchant

2018-11-03 05:35:52 UTC

Wind Waker was the best.

2018-11-03 05:35:55 UTC

That's how goyim get big

2018-11-03 05:36:06 UTC

And Metroid prime

2018-11-03 05:36:17 UTC

guys lets stop talking about video games your gonna make the girls feel left out

2018-11-03 05:36:24 UTC

It was very good

2018-11-03 05:36:26 UTC

They have an HD remake on Wii U.

2018-11-03 05:36:34 UTC


2018-11-03 05:36:43 UTC

I loved the style, but I'm a cartoonist myself, so I didn't hate on the different look.

2018-11-03 05:37:02 UTC

DAE 12 hour arm workouts to flex on the left?

2018-11-03 05:37:23 UTC

@guacmerchant leave humanity behind

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