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2018-11-02 00:11:26 UTC

because China _is_ the world

2018-11-02 00:11:38 UTC

ChiCom gang gang

2018-11-02 00:11:49 UTC

China is a different world.

2018-11-02 00:12:12 UTC

China is actually an alien space station on Earth.

2018-11-02 00:12:28 UTC

We are their moonbase.

2018-11-02 00:12:59 UTC

Trump's trolling antifa in Columbia, MO

2018-11-02 00:14:00 UTC

I can't get enough of his campaign speeches.

2018-11-02 00:14:53 UTC

quick poll IM AWSOME !

2018-11-02 00:15:31 UTC

This poll is akin to those that said Hillary would win.

2018-11-02 00:16:58 UTC


2018-11-02 00:18:56 UTC

but I'm Awesome So Based and Redpilled

2018-11-02 00:25:51 UTC

@NateDahl76 - a demon in Shin Megami Tensei, and I believe it's an angel or the voice of god or something?

2018-11-02 00:25:53 UTC

I really like the name.

2018-11-02 00:26:31 UTC

I could never get into SMT. Just not a fan of first person and SRPG.

2018-11-02 00:26:49 UTC

Hey, different strokes but that game is incredible, specifically the music.

2018-11-02 00:26:56 UTC

You could certainly still appreciate the music of it.

2018-11-02 00:28:50 UTC

@Selma The second member that is a ME/PA hybrid, interesting.

2018-11-02 00:29:13 UTC

@Selma You can answer, then, which state truly invented the Whoopie Pie confection?

2018-11-02 00:30:31 UTC

Whoopie Pies arent that good.

2018-11-02 00:30:42 UTC

ME can have em.

2018-11-02 00:31:26 UTC

Wew lad

2018-11-02 00:32:46 UTC

Pennsylvania did.

2018-11-02 00:32:54 UTC

My father used to work for Entenmann's, on an aside.

2018-11-02 00:34:15 UTC

@Selma Big if true!

2018-11-02 00:34:30 UTC

But inventing vs perfecting is often different.

2018-11-02 00:34:49 UTC

Colonel Sanders would agree with that one.

2018-11-02 00:35:39 UTC

So would Eminem.

2018-11-02 00:39:18 UTC

Is someone counter signaling Britgang

2018-11-02 00:39:24 UTC

@Wood-Ape - OK/MN Have we ever had a double hybrid member, or one with three states?

2018-11-02 00:39:56 UTC

@Axel I don't know. But one of the recent joined members is a ME/PA

2018-11-02 00:41:44 UTC

Usually double members are folks who live in one state but go to school in another - doubt we'll have a triple - but we shall see.

2018-11-02 00:42:07 UTC


2018-11-02 00:42:21 UTC

@Papa Pizzagate Possible in New England

2018-11-02 00:43:10 UTC
2018-11-02 00:43:16 UTC

OK/MO/AR/KS - From Joplin, going to school in Tulsa, etc.

2018-11-02 00:43:55 UTC

@hbutzer0511 Give us a place to go that isn't culturally marxist or diversified and I'll be first away!

2018-11-02 00:45:31 UTC

@Wood-Ape - OK/MN So I am thinking their place they have in mind is 6ft vertical.

2018-11-02 00:45:43 UTC


2018-11-02 00:45:54 UTC

If I had to take a guess.

2018-11-02 00:50:29 UTC

Hmmm Borowitz

2018-11-02 00:52:19 UTC
2018-11-02 00:53:49 UTC

we out here respecting women

2018-11-02 00:53:58 UTC

it's trve

2018-11-02 00:54:37 UTC


2018-11-02 00:55:47 UTC

Always gotta resoext the womens

2018-11-02 00:56:03 UTC


2018-11-02 00:56:12 UTC

wait wat

2018-11-02 00:56:27 UTC


2018-11-02 00:58:03 UTC

Why are wondertwins and APO hanging out in the chat with their mics off

2018-11-02 00:58:12 UTC

They're vibing

2018-11-02 00:58:17 UTC

Oh yeah

2018-11-02 00:58:29 UTC

wondertwins has been in there since last nigh

2018-11-02 00:58:42 UTC

Haha ok

2018-11-02 00:58:46 UTC

Practicing Telepathy, focusing their aryan vril energy

2018-11-02 00:58:57 UTC

He's like the koba of voice

2018-11-02 00:59:10 UTC

can't practice telepathy in the text channels, only the voice channels

2018-11-02 00:59:18 UTC


2018-11-02 00:59:19 UTC

Whoa koba just got in voice right when i said that

2018-11-02 00:59:23 UTC

was like magick

2018-11-02 00:59:31 UTC


2018-11-02 00:59:38 UTC


2018-11-02 01:16:51 UTC


2018-11-02 01:17:32 UTC

Anyone else listen to paranormies?

2018-11-02 01:18:07 UTC

Juuling is a kind of last stand of zoomer identity

2018-11-02 01:18:57 UTC

@Nerv - VA It's tough to keep up with podcasts and be a productive well rounded person, but I like Paranormies because it's not (usually) current events, so I load it onto my little jogging MP3 player. And just get to it when I can. Same as Myth of the 20th Century

2018-11-02 01:20:46 UTC

I have to drive a lot for work so I listen to a bunch of them

2018-11-02 01:21:00 UTC

I never heard of Juuling till recently. Isn't it just fancy vaping?

2018-11-02 01:21:16 UTC

I vaped for a while but now I just dip Copenhagen

2018-11-02 01:22:51 UTC

@Sherlock It's like vaping except not as good (in my opinion) and more expensive.

2018-11-02 01:22:54 UTC

Juul juice has salts or somesuch in it that makes it more potent nicotine

2018-11-02 01:23:20 UTC

It feels more like smoking

2018-11-02 01:23:25 UTC

Oh ok

2018-11-02 01:24:29 UTC

Dipping on some ‘hagen myself bro @Sherlock

2018-11-02 01:25:01 UTC

Didn't like how grainy dip feels in the mouth

2018-11-02 01:25:03 UTC

@⚡Clark⚡ it's the good stuff

2018-11-02 01:25:50 UTC

Do you guys want an invite to the IE dipping server?

2018-11-02 01:25:56 UTC

I was vaping ecigs since 2013. 18mg nic put some hair in your chest

2018-11-02 01:25:58 UTC

Lmao there is one?

2018-11-02 01:26:00 UTC


2018-11-02 01:26:00 UTC


2018-11-02 01:26:04 UTC

No, I hope not

2018-11-02 01:26:06 UTC


2018-11-02 01:26:09 UTC

Oh gay

2018-11-02 01:26:29 UTC

@Nerv - VA I can listen to podcasts at work. Paranormies is definitely in the rotation.

2018-11-02 01:26:40 UTC

I used to do nasal snuff but didn't get a good nicotine rush

2018-11-02 01:26:54 UTC

But it feels fancy when you do it

2018-11-02 01:27:13 UTC

Feels like your a 17th century nobleman

2018-11-02 01:27:21 UTC

Speaking of Sherlock pipes are redpilled

2018-11-02 01:27:22 UTC

Haha exactly

2018-11-02 01:27:27 UTC

But I feel I'd look ridiculous with one

2018-11-02 01:27:38 UTC

I have one but don't smoke it too often

2018-11-02 01:27:39 UTC

I wish pipes were cool again

2018-11-02 01:27:40 UTC

I smoked my first pipe with IE crew.

2018-11-02 01:27:53 UTC

Corn cob pipe, like a sir.

2018-11-02 01:27:59 UTC

We do need a tobacco server

2018-11-02 01:28:01 UTC

I dip. Just to come clean.

2018-11-02 01:28:18 UTC

Stuff will make you a sexual tyrannosaurus

2018-11-02 01:28:24 UTC

I tried to meme pipes back into existence in my circle in HS

2018-11-02 01:28:31 UTC

Dippers are the most oppressed minority ever

2018-11-02 01:28:35 UTC

Gang dip rise up

2018-11-02 01:29:02 UTC

Smoking makes you a degenerate.

2018-11-02 01:29:09 UTC


2018-11-02 01:29:12 UTC

Yah I like being able to jog

2018-11-02 01:29:22 UTC

Oh yeah inhaling it is bad

2018-11-02 01:29:31 UTC

I like not getting heart disease

2018-11-02 01:29:43 UTC

Don't mess with the lungs

2018-11-02 01:29:51 UTC

Dip is a rustic American tradition.

2018-11-02 01:29:55 UTC

Pipe smoking is aight though because you don't inhale

2018-11-02 01:29:56 UTC

what are we at with this?

2018-11-02 01:30:18 UTC

Dip is American as bald eagles and tacos

2018-11-02 01:30:41 UTC

Man I thought this stuff was Danish

2018-11-02 01:30:45 UTC

Dip is as American as Manifest Destiny

2018-11-02 01:30:49 UTC

What a bunch of crap

2018-11-02 01:31:12 UTC


2018-11-02 01:31:24 UTC

Vaping is for Libertarians

2018-11-02 01:31:26 UTC

nicotine free = archeofuturism

2018-11-02 01:31:34 UTC

Tfw people still smoke analogs

2018-11-02 01:31:40 UTC


2018-11-02 01:31:54 UTC

Juul is for rich white college students

2018-11-02 01:31:55 UTC

Vaping makes my tongue feel disgusting

2018-11-02 01:31:55 UTC

Dont be fooled bro that stuffs still awful for your lungs

2018-11-02 01:32:14 UTC

Shouldnt be inhaling anything other than clean atmosphere

2018-11-02 01:32:17 UTC

need to update this wojak to a juul

2018-11-02 01:32:26 UTC

Yeah good idea

2018-11-02 01:32:43 UTC


2018-11-02 01:33:09 UTC

Vaping and smoking are both degenerate.

2018-11-02 01:33:26 UTC

And so is chewing tobacco and snuff.

2018-11-02 01:33:27 UTC

Coffee is degenerate #straightedge

2018-11-02 01:33:27 UTC

Boomer - “you know those things are bad for your lungs right?” *drags cigarette* *coughs* I saw an article about it in the paper. Somebody named RJ reynold funded the study”

2018-11-02 01:34:21 UTC

Chewing tobacco/dip are not degenerate

2018-11-02 01:34:43 UTC

Nicotine is good for you

2018-11-02 01:34:45 UTC

They cause mouth cancer.

2018-11-02 01:34:52 UTC


2018-11-02 01:34:56 UTC

imo chewing is worse than smoking - long term that addiction will really fuck with your head. I know a guy who wakes up in the middle of the night to get his nicotine fix because he cant go too long without it. Hes in his late 40s early 50s & has probably been smoking for 40 or so years

2018-11-02 01:35:02 UTC

What do you wanna live forever?

2018-11-02 01:35:04 UTC

#mormon rules are probably the goals to shoot for.

2018-11-02 01:35:40 UTC

Yeah dip is bad for the addiction tbh because you can do it all the time

2018-11-02 01:35:47 UTC

I dip all day at work

2018-11-02 01:35:55 UTC

the nic load is way higher than smoking too

2018-11-02 01:36:05 UTC

That's why it's awesome

2018-11-02 01:36:07 UTC


2018-11-02 01:36:16 UTC

I knew a girl who passed out from snus

2018-11-02 01:36:39 UTC

Resisting the temptation to make a comment the mods won't like

2018-11-02 01:36:40 UTC

😂 👆

2018-11-02 01:36:56 UTC

Old lady from TN that I used to know packed fatties and gutted it, no spitting

2018-11-02 01:37:05 UTC

Whoa what is Farris

2018-11-02 01:37:05 UTC

Depends. If you want to cut back. The pouches are they way to go. Skoal is light nicotine also.

2018-11-02 01:37:15 UTC


2018-11-02 01:37:20 UTC


2018-11-02 01:38:05 UTC

The big announcement- limited edition ie juul pods

2018-11-02 01:38:09 UTC

Teal obviously

2018-11-02 01:38:18 UTC


2018-11-02 01:38:37 UTC

Rainbow flavor

2018-11-02 01:38:52 UTC

My dad chewed skoal apple for like 25 years straight

2018-11-02 01:39:17 UTC

I tried skoal and grizzly but they weren't as good imo

2018-11-02 01:39:35 UTC

Copenhagen has that disgusting taste I love

2018-11-02 01:39:58 UTC
2018-11-02 01:40:09 UTC

Good evening, dipper nation


2018-11-02 01:40:20 UTC

I just purchased my ticket to the national conference

2018-11-02 01:40:48 UTC

1 dip= 1 crush the urbanite

2018-11-02 01:41:16 UTC

Grizzly is destructive like Kodiak. @Sherlock

2018-11-02 01:41:41 UTC

What do you mean destructive

2018-11-02 01:41:51 UTC


2018-11-02 01:42:05 UTC


2018-11-02 01:42:08 UTC

#relatable #dippernation

2018-11-02 01:42:25 UTC

Make Lips Packed Again

2018-11-02 01:42:52 UTC

Dip is the final red pill

2018-11-02 01:43:03 UTC

Dipping is BIG GHEY.

2018-11-02 01:43:10 UTC

Dude shut up Bjorn

2018-11-02 01:43:12 UTC


2018-11-02 01:43:16 UTC

It's dipper nation

2018-11-02 01:43:19 UTC

I think they stick alot of plastic in it to cut your lip so you get more nicotine. Not natural tobacco release. Like Copenhagen or Skoal. @Sherlock

2018-11-02 01:43:20 UTC


2018-11-02 01:44:10 UTC

@hbutzer0511 Oh whoa didn't know that

2018-11-02 01:44:14 UTC

That's crazy

2018-11-02 01:44:32 UTC

Tbh Copenhagen cuts me up but I'm used to it now

2018-11-02 01:44:45 UTC

@Sherlock Excuse me. I actually think it is fiberglass.

2018-11-02 01:44:52 UTC


2018-11-02 01:44:56 UTC

How is that legal

2018-11-02 01:45:09 UTC

Seen too many pictures of oral cancer patients to ever want to try chewing tobacco.

2018-11-02 01:45:38 UTC

Catladies want to put dippers in fema camps

2018-11-02 01:45:44 UTC

Idk man I'm no expert, but I did look into it and the studies aren't there regarding chew/dip = mouth cancer

2018-11-02 01:45:52 UTC

Really need to rise up tbh

2018-11-02 01:46:41 UTC

@Ald Dude, you're like twenty, aren't you?! Tell me you're not dipping...

2018-11-02 01:46:53 UTC


2018-11-02 01:46:54 UTC

No I vape

2018-11-02 01:47:03 UTC

The biggest dipper I know is 18 though

2018-11-02 01:47:25 UTC

Even without cancer, dipping still leads to gum decay and whatnot. It's not a good look

2018-11-02 01:47:35 UTC

My dad has the start of a hole in his mouth and that's enough for me to say there's a connection between chewing and cancer/adverse health

2018-11-02 01:48:05 UTC

Vape is Ghey Lite, but at least it represents a positive trend...

2018-11-02 01:48:26 UTC

@hbutzer0511 so sounds like it prob doesn't and it's just the grain of it cutting you

2018-11-02 01:48:38 UTC

If you vape but didn't used to smoke you're uber gh3y

2018-11-02 01:49:00 UTC

Vape is better than cigs because it doesn't give off secondhand smoke. It can be more addictive though because people get so much nicotine and can do it indoors

2018-11-02 01:49:41 UTC

@Sherlock. Is there fiberglass in Chew?

There appears to be a widely-believed and long-standing rumor that manufacturers of smokeless tobacco(a.k.a. "chewing tobacco", "dip", "snuff", "chew") put fiberglass in their products. According to this rumor, the purpose of the fiberglass is to make thousands of tiny cuts in the skin on the lips and inside of the mouth.

2018-11-02 01:49:58 UTC


2018-11-02 01:50:03 UTC

Yeah sounds like it's just a rumor

2018-11-02 01:50:09 UTC

You vape too much Pip

2018-11-02 01:50:31 UTC

IE supports the Cigs Inside movement, the Iota Epsilon house is tobacco friendly

2018-11-02 01:50:31 UTC

I don't think you'll get the Georgian to stop chewing

2018-11-02 01:50:55 UTC

Together we can make a difference in society

2018-11-02 01:51:14 UTC

Well the truth is that I've always had a love affair with tobacco/nicotine so for me it's more about minimizing the damage

2018-11-02 01:51:37 UTC

@Sherlock Well some brands are more subtle.

2018-11-02 01:51:45 UTC

Dipping is degenerate, any form of unhealthy addictions are degenerate. Tbh

2018-11-02 01:52:27 UTC

*several people are typing*

2018-11-02 01:52:30 UTC

Nicotine is heavily addicting, that stuff messes up so many things in your brain, cancer not included

2018-11-02 01:52:48 UTC

Man I had no idea I would stir such passions by bringing dip into the discussion lmao

2018-11-02 01:52:53 UTC

At the end of the day, I'd rather people dip than smoke because it doesn't affect me, but there's no good reason to do either

2018-11-02 01:53:14 UTC

@TMatthews Georgian as in "Georgia on my mind," or the Republic of Georgia?

2018-11-02 01:53:23 UTC
2018-11-02 01:53:39 UTC

Alcohol, caffeine, and nicotine are all good

2018-11-02 01:53:59 UTC

Obviously within reasonable parameters on the alcohol

2018-11-02 01:54:05 UTC

Haha they are though

2018-11-02 01:54:18 UTC

Also vaping is still bad. Hate to say it buds, it doesn't have as much nicotine in the second/third hand smoke, but it has so much more of other harmful chemicals in the smoke you exhale. It still gives off harmful second hand smoke

2018-11-02 01:54:24 UTC

Nicotine is really good for your brain

2018-11-02 01:54:26 UTC

I gave up drinking

2018-11-02 01:54:39 UTC

I still drink soda on occasion (basically just with pizza) but I never got into drugs/alcohol

2018-11-02 01:55:02 UTC

There are studies supporting nicotine being good for you.

2018-11-02 01:55:15 UTC

I used to drink entirely too much if I'm going to be totally honest, but these days I have a bit here and there and it's all good

2018-11-02 01:55:22 UTC

Not saying a believe it.

2018-11-02 01:55:28 UTC

Alcohol in moderation is a good thing

2018-11-02 01:55:40 UTC

Im pretty certain it is, its just all the other stuff its packaged with that causes problems

2018-11-02 01:55:48 UTC

Nicotine is a solid drug. Only downside is the addiction

2018-11-02 01:55:53 UTC

just here to chime in that it wasn't the nicotine that was addicting to me, but the act of smoking itself.
hence why i vape zero nic now

2018-11-02 01:56:00 UTC

its some sort of nervous stimulant

2018-11-02 01:56:12 UTC

Some writers wear nic patches to increase creativity

2018-11-02 01:56:19 UTC

Patches are expensive though

2018-11-02 01:56:29 UTC

@Sherlock What is your view on marijuana?

2018-11-02 01:56:36 UTC

nicorette is great for long drives when youre fading

2018-11-02 01:56:37 UTC

Drinking tea > nicotine addiction

2018-11-02 01:56:52 UTC

@hbutzer0511 I don't have an issue with it, but personally don't care for it at all

2018-11-02 01:56:56 UTC

At best, alcohol is a societal norm not worth fighting. Nicotine is no longer a social norm and deserves the stigma

2018-11-02 01:57:19 UTC

Cannabis/hemp discussion is probably not the best conversation piece in the IE server, js

2018-11-02 01:57:27 UTC

Stigmatizing nicotine is nearly as bizarre as stigmatizing caffeine

2018-11-02 01:57:40 UTC

@The Eternal Anglo agree that tea is awesome

2018-11-02 01:57:50 UTC

Alcohol drinking at community gatherings is a distinctly European past time. Wine is good for you, excessive drinking is not.

2018-11-02 01:57:54 UTC

The tannins in tea are amazing for you.

2018-11-02 01:58:08 UTC

I, for one, will drink absolutely no libations at the IE national conference.

2018-11-02 01:58:35 UTC

I have this low caffeine tea that I drink - has some sort of indian spice or something in it

2018-11-02 01:58:40 UTC

very good stuff, made by marburgers

2018-11-02 01:58:47 UTC

Idk yet if I'm going to the conference, but if I do, I will be drinking haha

2018-11-02 01:58:56 UTC

Gotta buy my pimp suit first though

2018-11-02 01:58:59 UTC

bro you gotta go

2018-11-02 01:59:02 UTC

Conference is a great time

2018-11-02 01:59:09 UTC

Drinking excessively just makes you look like an idiot to any respectable person. I'm sure none of our members would do that at lopf

2018-11-02 01:59:10 UTC

know what's a better stimulant than caffine or nicotine?
IE activism

2018-11-02 01:59:18 UTC

You can get really nice suits at thrift stores for cheap.

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