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2018-10-28 23:08:22 UTC

He's why farther right than Trump.

2018-10-28 23:08:36 UTC

Salvini/Orban/Putin/Trump/Bolsonaro/Abe chad club soon

2018-10-28 23:09:44 UTC

Don't forget the Chinese PM, too.

2018-10-28 23:09:58 UTC

Isn't he a semi-sperg?

2018-10-28 23:10:51 UTC

Maybe...possibly...but I mean, "countrymen first" is the way forward. Globalism is taking its last breaths.

2018-10-28 23:10:52 UTC

I think he's further right than Trump because he can be.

2018-10-28 23:11:08 UTC

Trump would likely say and do far more if he could.

2018-10-28 23:11:08 UTC


2018-10-28 23:11:14 UTC

Double agree.

2018-10-28 23:12:18 UTC

And I don't really care what he says that offends anyone. Our country is the priority and focus. Making people wet their panties over words because they can't handle the truth doesn't bother me one bit.

2018-10-28 23:15:34 UTC

@Deleted User Mod? More like Tide Pod because he cleans up the chat

2018-10-28 23:18:11 UTC

@NateDahl76 congrats

2018-10-28 23:18:26 UTC

ha, thanks

2018-10-28 23:20:10 UTC

you know I had to do it to em


2018-10-28 23:22:02 UTC

Step aside, Lucky Luciano.

2018-10-28 23:24:38 UTC


2018-10-28 23:25:44 UTC

What am I even looking at?


2018-10-28 23:35:26 UTC


2018-10-28 23:36:56 UTC

I think Trump is moving more towards our side in real time. I think he's more nationalist today, than he was during the 2016 campaign.

A prominent American politician calling himself a nationalist would have been unthinkable just two years ago.

2018-10-28 23:40:21 UTC

PsyopTober isn't over yet, lads.

2018-10-28 23:40:29 UTC

Stay frosty out there

2018-10-28 23:40:55 UTC

@Virgil Nah.

2018-10-28 23:41:16 UTC


2018-10-28 23:41:48 UTC


2018-10-28 23:47:04 UTC

https://twitter.com/realDonaldTrump/status/1056391795523895296 Can any baseball fans tell me how hot this take is?

2018-10-28 23:47:55 UTC

hang on a sec

2018-10-28 23:48:57 UTC

bolsonaro browsing memes


2018-10-28 23:58:36 UTC

@Deleted User sculpted lately?

2018-10-29 00:02:14 UTC

We've sculpted him into a green monster @The Morrígan

2018-10-29 00:04:57 UTC

It's relieving to have a white pill after this harrowing week.

2018-10-29 00:05:14 UTC

October surprises indeed.

2018-10-29 00:11:28 UTC

@Koba too slow

2018-10-29 00:11:30 UTC


2018-10-29 00:12:23 UTC


2018-10-29 00:12:34 UTC


2018-10-29 00:23:54 UTC

I hope that, unlike lukewarm Trump, Bolsonaro IS at least half of the madman the media says he is.

2018-10-29 00:28:00 UTC

Trump can’t really do as much as he wants to do

2018-10-29 00:28:58 UTC

Bolsonaro has the loyalty of most of the people, and the military, as well as a decent amount of the government. He could theoretically ....”bypass” a lot of obstruction if he really wanted to.

2018-10-29 00:30:39 UTC

The voice of the people thunders over the voice of international interests

2018-10-29 00:30:54 UTC

The rights of 90 million are no longer in question

2018-10-29 00:32:08 UTC


2018-10-29 00:35:27 UTC

@Patrick it’s a pretty obvious take. Cold

2018-10-29 00:38:06 UTC

Whitepill, polls put 2 more House toss ups into the Republican category


2018-10-29 00:39:49 UTC

it will be totally amazing if GOP keeps house/senate even after the fake bomber and the other nutjob.

2018-10-29 00:40:54 UTC

@Asatru Artist - MD The meltdown the left will have if the GOP keeps both houses

2018-10-29 00:41:00 UTC

I can only imagine

2018-10-29 00:41:06 UTC

so long as the Left doesn't have a big turnout, they should be able to do that

2018-10-29 00:41:07 UTC


2018-10-29 00:41:31 UTC

I actually might want to travel to Brazil.

2018-10-29 00:42:11 UTC

well, at least one of my "if America collapses" living options isn't full-blown Commie

2018-10-29 00:43:22 UTC

@VinceChaos Appreciated, I bet the Dodgers are owned by a raving liberal

2018-10-29 00:44:44 UTC

Does a black former basketball player with AIDS count? @Patrick

2018-10-29 00:45:32 UTC

@Salo Saloson Brazil would be one of my last choices for that situation. That place is a multiracial hellhole with rampant crime, drugs and murder. No thanks.

2018-10-29 00:46:24 UTC

@Nemets - I'm going to my local GOP office tomorrow.

2018-10-29 00:46:24 UTC

@Asatru Artist - MD hopefully things change now. Maybe Jair will make Brazilian tourism great again

2018-10-29 00:46:38 UTC

I sure hope so. I bet the country itself is amazing.

2018-10-29 00:51:00 UTC

@The Morrígan Nope, not lately... but my friend introduced me to the world of painting

2018-10-29 00:52:58 UTC

I can't see it

2018-10-29 00:58:57 UTC

Nicholas J. Fuentes (@NickJFuentes) Tweeted:
Yeah can I get uhhhhh Global Reactionary Populist Counter-revolution? https://t.co/fnUD72kDWW https://twitter.com/NickJFuentes/status/1056670333405663233?s=17

2018-10-29 01:00:01 UTC

If there are any more habbenings the civnats will start questioning the narrative full time. Many are.

If there are no more, Trump's momentum will stay strong.

If there are more it may have no effect or a positive effect.

There is nothing they can do now.

2018-10-29 01:00:34 UTC


2018-10-29 01:01:01 UTC

this is what took you all night typing isn't is @Koba ?

2018-10-29 01:01:03 UTC


2018-10-29 01:01:24 UTC

@Asatru Artist - MD I was tweeting 'N' on all of my twitter socks last night

2018-10-29 01:03:37 UTC

15,000 strong Caravan sweeping over the 800 troops might do it. @Logan

2018-10-29 01:04:29 UTC

@Wood-Ape - OK/MN Is it 15,000-strong now?!

2018-10-29 01:04:58 UTC

A new one is coming up from El Salvador and they're meeting up with local Mexicans

2018-10-29 01:05:16 UTC

The perfect storm...

2018-10-29 01:06:01 UTC

my goodness

2018-10-29 01:07:10 UTC

15,000 might be exaggerating. 10k is easy though

2018-10-29 01:07:50 UTC

The Aztecs will put their women and children up front as a sacrifice for optics.

2018-10-29 01:14:48 UTC

@Deleted User great video. I loved his segment on redice. Taught me something about black face

2018-10-29 01:17:23 UTC

@Deleted User I would have named my novel something else. I feel I can't buy it without being tracked...

2018-10-29 01:17:53 UTC

Aw don’t say that bruh

2018-10-29 01:18:09 UTC

I used to think that, but then I decided probably not

2018-10-29 01:19:18 UTC

True that

2018-10-29 01:20:04 UTC

We are likely tracked. Which is fine, because we aren't doing anything wrong nor do we suggest it.

2018-10-29 01:20:39 UTC
2018-10-29 01:21:19 UTC

Exactly, we aren't against Jews

2018-10-29 01:21:47 UTC


2018-10-29 01:21:50 UTC

We know we are monitored. That's why we have such firm rules about conduct both publicly, and privately here on our servers. Sometimes it means we have to moderate stuff that may seem heavy handed, but really the truth is we're just protecting the org - and ultimately - each and every one of you.

2018-10-29 01:24:52 UTC

if you dont promise to not boycott israel you cant get government emergency aid

2018-10-29 01:25:19 UTC

anyone who isnt criticizing that isnt someone i tend to trust

2018-10-29 01:27:18 UTC

<:redpill:439924063377555497> https://archive.fo/B0gyO

2018-10-29 01:27:22 UTC


2018-10-29 01:29:44 UTC

@Deleted User why would they need to DM you privately?

2018-10-29 01:30:01 UTC

@Deleted User Yep, but the fact that they're afraid means that they aren't entirely oblivious <:whitepill:439924104406106113>

2018-10-29 01:34:16 UTC

Well, why would they need to do that?

2018-10-29 01:38:34 UTC

Pssssst DM me for fashy memes

2018-10-29 01:38:48 UTC

@Kingfish follow me on Gab

2018-10-29 01:39:00 UTC


2018-10-29 01:40:22 UTC

We need one of those memes with @Papa Pizzagate as the Cat in the Hat with a baseball bat getting ready to take out edgelords, lol.

2018-10-29 01:40:24 UTC


2018-10-29 01:40:32 UTC

@Kingfish Hand over the rare Peepee frogs

2018-10-29 01:40:38 UTC

I am selling confederate flag in DM only 6 kroons and i can promis am not estonian

2018-10-29 01:40:39 UTC

@Bjorn - MD No clue what you are talking about...

2018-10-29 01:41:20 UTC

I enjoy food.

2018-10-29 01:41:56 UTC


2018-10-29 01:41:58 UTC

Free follow back for fellow conservatives


2018-10-29 01:42:03 UTC

Makin sum shepard's pie tonight. What's everyone up to?

2018-10-29 01:42:45 UTC

Man, that meme's been posted on here, like, FORTY BILLION TIMES, and of course, *I'D* be the one to catch flak over it... 😏

2018-10-29 01:42:46 UTC

@John O - counting down the minutes til my shift ends

2018-10-29 01:42:48 UTC

Would it be bad optics to say reading Miguel Serrano?

2018-10-29 01:42:48 UTC

It's not really shepard's pie because I couldn't find lamb

2018-10-29 01:42:50 UTC

I for one think violence is an AWFUL thing! Give this a heart if you agree and completely disavow it!

2018-10-29 01:42:54 UTC
2018-10-29 01:42:57 UTC

About to prepare my weekly ground sausage for my morning omelets

2018-10-29 01:43:20 UTC

I need to start making breakfast

2018-10-29 01:43:35 UTC

Don’t talk about food I’m fasting 😭

2018-10-29 01:43:46 UTC

I lift, make a fat omelet, & then go to work

2018-10-29 01:44:00 UTC

an omelet is the perfect combination of dairy, meat, & vegetables

2018-10-29 01:44:01 UTC

@Grossly Incandescent - I am so sorry to hear that. I had to fast today while shoveling snow and it was awful.

2018-10-29 01:44:16 UTC

I am used to one meal a day

2018-10-29 01:44:22 UTC

@John O - Breakfast.


2018-10-29 01:44:29 UTC

But autophagy is too important to not fast.

2018-10-29 01:44:39 UTC

Milk and eggs boys that's the breakfast of champions

2018-10-29 01:44:43 UTC

Or cracker barrel

2018-10-29 01:44:45 UTC

Miguel Serrano is underrated

2018-10-29 01:44:49 UTC

I mean, I disavow

2018-10-29 01:44:51 UTC

I find milk to be semi dehydrating for some reason

2018-10-29 01:44:53 UTC

Im not sure why

2018-10-29 01:45:00 UTC

I cant drink it in conjunction with salty foods

2018-10-29 01:45:03 UTC


2018-10-29 01:45:05 UTC

@The Eternal Anglo Is cracker barrel good or is it a meme? I've never seen one

2018-10-29 01:45:09 UTC

Did Koba ever send that msg last night

2018-10-29 01:45:11 UTC

its very fatty & salty

2018-10-29 01:45:16 UTC
2018-10-29 01:45:23 UTC

@Bjorn - MD you already know


2018-10-29 01:45:37 UTC

@ThisIsChris My goodness it's the best HuWhite food you'll get, from a resteraunt of course. It's peak HuWhite

2018-10-29 01:45:57 UTC

@ThisIsChris personally, the country boy breakfast sirloin steak with white gravy is amazing

2018-10-29 01:45:59 UTC

@Papa Pizzagate Lol! I like the "Nerf" add-in... 😎

2018-10-29 01:45:59 UTC

@ThisIsChris It's really OK if you don't know...a good number of the people I see in Cracker Barrels are disgustingly fat.

2018-10-29 01:46:15 UTC

Am I allowed to post a poem that could be controversial but doesn't advocate anything bad?

2018-10-29 01:46:24 UTC

@Asatru Artist - MD You mean... Americans? <:nervous:359009898115104770>

2018-10-29 01:46:51 UTC

@Selma probably but there's also an #art-creation channel in the skills server where that would be more than welcome and likely receive feedback

2018-10-29 01:46:58 UTC

try it...see if the 🚔 show up @Selma <:teehee:381917632359563264>

2018-10-29 01:47:01 UTC

Your eyes are brown
Your nips not pink
Your skin can tan
You can't milk drink.

2018-10-29 01:47:22 UTC

Are sub 20 bmi like myself even allowed to be American Identitarians?

2018-10-29 01:47:27 UTC

Nightmare air bnb guest tonight... 😣

2018-10-29 01:47:27 UTC


2018-10-29 01:47:42 UTC

Got a problem with tan brown eyed people?

2018-10-29 01:47:42 UTC

@Ald Good Gods man, do you eat anything?

2018-10-29 01:47:52 UTC

No sir. They're not mutually exclusive.

2018-10-29 01:47:56 UTC

@Kingfish only if theyre italians

2018-10-29 01:47:59 UTC

It's just if you can't do any of these things.

2018-10-29 01:47:59 UTC

I see we have barbarians in this chat tonight

2018-10-29 01:48:00 UTC

I love all other peoples of the world

2018-10-29 01:48:01 UTC

*Med revolt incoming!*

2018-10-29 01:48:03 UTC

:^ )

2018-10-29 01:48:10 UTC

Meds can drink milk though!

2018-10-29 01:48:17 UTC


2018-10-29 01:48:19 UTC

Barbarians get out reee

2018-10-29 01:48:26 UTC


2018-10-29 01:48:27 UTC

Patrick is in the pocket of the Meds

2018-10-29 01:48:32 UTC


2018-10-29 01:48:32 UTC

As you can see

2018-10-29 01:48:40 UTC

Patrick is a Hibernian traitor

2018-10-29 01:48:41 UTC

Feed the guy once, and he's yours forever... <:patrickvikernes:423301225749151744>

2018-10-29 01:48:52 UTC

A traitor of Hibernia

2018-10-29 01:48:53 UTC

@Reinhard Wolff you're a good affiliate

2018-10-29 01:48:56 UTC

Patrick does not defend the Hibernians

2018-10-29 01:49:02 UTC

Guys we need to have a talk about Med influence

2018-10-29 01:49:03 UTC

Meds can drink milk but barely

2018-10-29 01:49:09 UTC

Just don't look this way at the Anglos

2018-10-29 01:49:11 UTC

Like you’ll get acne and fart

2018-10-29 01:49:17 UTC


2018-10-29 01:49:30 UTC

Meds only have a mild stomache when they drink milk, theyre barely lactose tolerant 🤔 😆

2018-10-29 01:49:32 UTC

We love our Hibernians!

2018-10-29 01:49:37 UTC

When are we going to start asking the MQ?:
Med Question

2018-10-29 01:49:42 UTC

My ex - who Spanish and British - would complain after eating dairy. That's how I knew...I just knew it was over.

2018-10-29 01:49:57 UTC

You knew it was time

2018-10-29 01:49:57 UTC

We have the best Mediterraneans folks

2018-10-29 01:50:01 UTC

I love me some milk.

2018-10-29 01:50:01 UTC

Mama mia

2018-10-29 01:50:03 UTC

We're being suberverted by a gnocchi conspiracy. Get it, guys? 'Cause... 'Cause... Pasta with potato...? <:nervous:359009898115104770>

2018-10-29 01:50:11 UTC


2018-10-29 01:50:21 UTC

"That's my Hibernian-American over there!" -President Casey 2024, colourized

2018-10-29 01:50:23 UTC


2018-10-29 01:50:30 UTC

I could smell the gabbagool on IE from a mile away

2018-10-29 01:50:35 UTC

Me, pointing in the mirror @Freiheit - CA

2018-10-29 01:50:47 UTC


2018-10-29 01:51:07 UTC

>slap car roof in Queens
>bada bing!
>sweaty Italian boomer leans out third story window

2018-10-29 01:51:20 UTC

Med posting always gets the chat riled up.

2018-10-29 01:51:56 UTC

my fully Italian cousins are all lactose intolerant lol

2018-10-29 01:51:57 UTC

Bada Bing!
Bada boom!
Get out of my country you thug loons!

2018-10-29 01:52:24 UTC

I’m 2% Southern European does this entitle me to say I have “Roman” heritage?

2018-10-29 01:52:46 UTC

@VinceChaos Ox milk is the key.

2018-10-29 01:52:50 UTC

to those who question italian huwhiteness i present qt italianas as counter argument

2018-10-29 01:52:59 UTC

@NateDahl76 12% Spanish reporting in

2018-10-29 01:53:09 UTC

@Freiheit - CA w2c ox milk

2018-10-29 01:53:23 UTC

The med lobby forms ranks, shields fronted, rule 13 complaint javelins fly over the horizon, into the unorganized banter below them

2018-10-29 01:53:39 UTC

You should start larping as a carlist @Ald
“I know he’s dead but... still”

2018-10-29 01:53:44 UTC

@Kingfish Caesar stands triumphantly over the field

2018-10-29 01:54:07 UTC

Sadly my folks left Spain before the civil war

2018-10-29 01:54:55 UTC

Spain used to be a great economy.

2018-10-29 01:54:57 UTC

Carlism will win America though

2018-10-29 01:55:15 UTC

Esoteric pagan Carlism with syndicalist elements

2018-10-29 01:55:17 UTC

in MD

2018-10-29 01:55:26 UTC

@Kingfish is a big Carlist

2018-10-29 01:55:35 UTC

med vvvv


2018-10-29 01:55:58 UTC

I was summoned

2018-10-29 01:55:59 UTC

Meds are just jealous that this will never be them


2018-10-29 01:56:04 UTC

without columbus no one would have discovered america

2018-10-29 01:56:15 UTC


2018-10-29 01:56:22 UTC

Meds are jealous of our SUPERIOR turf roofs

2018-10-29 01:56:23 UTC

I am quite a fan of Carlists

2018-10-29 01:56:25 UTC

>forgetting 🍁 erikson

2018-10-29 01:56:30 UTC

@NateDahl76 0.0997% entitles Warren to claim to be Cherokee, I'd say 2% is plenty for Roman larping!

2018-10-29 01:56:55 UTC

@John O - that will never be anyone ever again because we got rid of the Gauls lmao

2018-10-29 01:56:58 UTC

Get rekt nerd

2018-10-29 01:56:59 UTC

Epic, buying a movie set legionary costume

2018-10-29 01:57:05 UTC

Roman larping is a tradition that goes back to our Founding Fathers

2018-10-29 01:57:17 UTC

yeah, but were they 2%?

2018-10-29 01:57:23 UTC


2018-10-29 01:57:28 UTC

@ThisIsChris I identify hugely with Columbus also. big mood

2018-10-29 01:57:50 UTC

Columbus very bigly discovered America

2018-10-29 01:57:56 UTC

@ThisIsChris 🇮🇸


2018-10-29 01:58:17 UTC

I think they’ll put back up that Viking statue in PA

2018-10-29 01:58:31 UTC

He was the guy after Leif Eriksson

2018-10-29 01:58:54 UTC

@ThisIsChris *not North America...

2018-10-29 01:59:10 UTC

We have our capital named after Columbus

2018-10-29 01:59:21 UTC

All Leif Erikson got is a cellphone company

2018-10-29 01:59:31 UTC


2018-10-29 01:59:45 UTC

South America was originally named after Columbus

2018-10-29 01:59:50 UTC

The Canadian flag is actually for Leif Eriksson. Few know this

2018-10-29 02:00:16 UTC

@ThisIsChris ...and everything else, including the "of" in the "District *of* Columbia in a Germanic language... 😏

2018-10-29 02:00:18 UTC

I'm not saying Leif Erikson got enough recognition. But he didn't really do anything with America besides grow a few grapes then leave.

2018-10-29 02:00:42 UTC

@ThisIsChris On that subject, the Bluetooth logo is designed around Runes. <:varg:359010745192808449>

2018-10-29 02:00:59 UTC

>discovers America
>doesn't even care

2018-10-29 02:01:23 UTC

@Kingfish you got rid of the Gauls the same way the barbarians rect Rome

2018-10-29 02:01:33 UTC

@Asatru Artist - MD that's pretty cool. Do the runes mean something in particular?

2018-10-29 02:01:46 UTC

there is countersignaling against Cristoforo Columbo in this server? i will not accept this

2018-10-29 02:01:46 UTC

Tfw when you discover America, but Thule (at the time) is better, so you just go home 😎

2018-10-29 02:02:26 UTC


2018-10-29 02:03:06 UTC

Wasn’t Bluetooth a nibba

2018-10-29 02:03:13 UTC

A Viking nibba

2018-10-29 02:03:14 UTC

@Asatru Artist - MD that'd pretty cool

2018-10-29 02:03:20 UTC

@Asatru Artist - MD Huh. 'Parently, it was developed in Sweden.

2018-10-29 02:03:20 UTC

Harold or something

2018-10-29 02:03:26 UTC


2018-10-29 02:03:41 UTC

10th century Danish King – Harald Bluetooth Gormsson.

2018-10-29 02:03:52 UTC

George Washington was Finnish

2018-10-29 02:04:27 UTC

don't tell Suomi, he'll have an even bigger head about his people

2018-10-29 02:04:45 UTC

Gab going down....

2018-10-29 02:05:08 UTC

@Ald So, then, Asian slave owner president = no white guilt?

2018-10-29 02:05:28 UTC


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