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2018-10-19 22:19:56 UTC

fucking based!

2018-10-19 22:23:23 UTC

@Sam Anderson yea the guys on Twitter who have most of our positions and support TRS but are neutral or negative on IE frequently have interviewed or at least applied. The people who are rejected are friendly but over time take on a bitter tone due to cognitive dissonance ("I'm not sloppy, you're just prissy!")

2018-10-19 22:27:11 UTC

@ThisIsChris congrats! That patent will pay huge dividends for your clout even if you never see a dime. I hope you do though!

2018-10-19 22:38:20 UTC

It’s too long lmao the top comments think she’s serious

2018-10-19 22:38:53 UTC


2018-10-19 22:38:56 UTC


2018-10-19 22:39:58 UTC

So many people won't accept even the most basic satire

2018-10-19 22:40:09 UTC

The most exaggerated, driest satire..

2018-10-19 22:40:20 UTC


2018-10-19 22:40:58 UTC

@Procella Eques thanks man! @Logan thanks!

2018-10-19 22:42:29 UTC

@Matthias are you saying interracial relationships are ok???

2018-10-19 22:42:52 UTC

MmmMMMmm yall is bigots

2018-10-19 22:42:55 UTC


2018-10-19 22:43:07 UTC

It reminds me of the comments on Patrick's video on PeterSweden

2018-10-19 22:43:32 UTC


2018-10-19 22:43:38 UTC


2018-10-19 22:44:22 UTC

Anglin put the SIPPs away and chill for a minute damn

2018-10-19 22:44:43 UTC

I am sipp free since the beginning of october

2018-10-19 22:45:14 UTC

I actually will delete that comment given some folks inability to understand parody

2018-10-19 22:45:19 UTC

Good stuff. Yeah those drinks are emergency caffeine only.

2018-10-19 22:45:25 UTC

They must learn

2018-10-19 22:45:29 UTC

Nobody in here of course is that humorless

2018-10-19 22:45:55 UTC

Lemme check the sperg discord servers and see what theyre up to

2018-10-19 22:48:04 UTC


2018-10-19 22:48:09 UTC

Here we go lads

2018-10-19 22:48:24 UTC

Ah, bait.

2018-10-19 22:48:25 UTC


2018-10-19 22:48:59 UTC

@Deleted User feeling bretty good after switching to coffee or those concentrated black tea drinks. The sipps were making me old.

2018-10-19 22:49:12 UTC

This server is so dumb. Like 97 IQ NS posting WN folk. Its about time I get some utility from that server

2018-10-19 22:49:55 UTC

@Logan Those coffee infused chocolates are pretty nice.

2018-10-19 22:50:23 UTC

Wawa ones? Oh yeah

2018-10-19 22:50:23 UTC

@Deleted User what are those? I need that in my life

2018-10-19 22:50:26 UTC

1/3 of a cup of coffee in one little chocolate thin.

2018-10-19 22:50:40 UTC

Wawa has them on the east coast, but I believe Duncan arries them

2018-10-19 22:50:41 UTC

Good luck getting Wawa in SoCal mans

2018-10-19 22:50:45 UTC


2018-10-19 22:51:07 UTC

@Sam Anderson I'm in Montana now but still no wawas

2018-10-19 22:51:19 UTC

Gotta get this name changed. Our move is permanent

2018-10-19 22:52:06 UTC

Oh nice! White flight from Cali is pretty wise

2018-10-19 22:52:08 UTC

@Logan done

2018-10-19 22:52:37 UTC

@Deleted User it's beautiful 😍

2018-10-19 22:53:22 UTC

They are great, I had two little thins when I was driving home late one night, perked me right up

2018-10-19 22:53:27 UTC

@Sam Anderson yea. We lived in, imo, the best part of Southern California for under 1500 a month and it was still 40 to 60 percent Indio

2018-10-19 22:53:29 UTC

Just as 2/3 cups of coffee should

2018-10-19 23:03:02 UTC

@Sam Anderson VA has Wawa now too?

2018-10-19 23:03:25 UTC

I’ve only ever seen them in PA, Delaware, Maryland, and Florida besides Jersey

2018-10-19 23:04:21 UTC

Yeah VA has had Wawa for a good while.

2018-10-19 23:05:30 UTC

Beta testing theft πŸ˜‘

2018-10-19 23:09:36 UTC

Coulter will be on Tucker tonight

2018-10-19 23:09:38 UTC

Top of the show

2018-10-19 23:09:59 UTC


2018-10-19 23:14:26 UTC

Add me on fortnite

2018-10-19 23:14:34 UTC

@Matthias can u watch that on youtube

2018-10-19 23:14:41 UTC

or streaming somewhere

2018-10-19 23:15:04 UTC

There's others too.

2018-10-19 23:16:29 UTC


2018-10-19 23:16:36 UTC

he on at 8?

2018-10-19 23:19:52 UTC


2018-10-19 23:22:15 UTC

That stream is bit low quality, a bit behind real time I think.

2018-10-19 23:23:32 UTC

Can someone give me the TLDR on this murdered Saudi journalist? They fired a intelligence officer as a result? Why else does it matter?

2018-10-19 23:29:40 UTC

This one might be better

2018-10-19 23:42:18 UTC

Ah, nice

2018-10-19 23:42:49 UTC

How very low temperament. You could say the Saudis got Mad Online.

2018-10-19 23:57:09 UTC

The show leading into Tucker (The Story with Martha MacCallum) is pure POZ. Please save me Tucker.

2018-10-19 23:58:10 UTC

Yeah, they were just talking about how much they love Nicki Haley.

2018-10-19 23:58:34 UTC

Tucker please 😩 <:sad:366743316475281408> <:tucker:378724715679711233>

2018-10-20 00:00:57 UTC

The King is on

2018-10-20 00:01:01 UTC


2018-10-20 00:08:37 UTC

Monster βœ…
Tucker on βœ…
White motorcycle helmet βœ…
Waifu in staging process βœ…

Yep it’s Fox time

2018-10-20 00:11:32 UTC

"'There will be collateral damage.' They're talking about you, [white man]"

2018-10-20 00:15:49 UTC

Good segment

2018-10-20 00:16:00 UTC

On Tucker, that is

2018-10-20 00:16:55 UTC

too short

2018-10-20 00:16:56 UTC


2018-10-20 00:17:33 UTC

the saudi journalist stuff is just journalists virtue signalling about journalists

2018-10-20 00:18:14 UTC

i dont think anyone actually cares besides the MSM

2018-10-20 00:18:37 UTC

but yeah the saudis are obviously lying and hanging a couple dudes out to dry to save their own skin

2018-10-20 00:18:50 UTC

they knew what they were doing and wanted him out of the way

2018-10-20 00:21:10 UTC

@Matthias bro are u still watching

2018-10-20 00:21:17 UTC

this cherokee stuff is hilarious

2018-10-20 00:21:56 UTC

MSNBC is bringing on blacks to say the cherokees are racist now because they disagreed with DNA tests which have been used to exclude black natives from tribal membership

2018-10-20 00:21:58 UTC

im dying

2018-10-20 00:22:04 UTC


2018-10-20 00:23:08 UTC

bruh what the hell is a black native. must just be mixed race

2018-10-20 00:23:16 UTC

Cherokees have always been suspected too white on the progressive stack. Confederate sympathies and all.

2018-10-20 00:24:18 UTC

Descendants of black slaves of Cherokee/Choctaw/Chickasaw have been kvetching for native status for decades

2018-10-20 00:27:32 UTC

>tfw I have a family friend that got a partial scholarship and E. Oklahoma timber revenue from her 1/16th Choctaw card, but she's blond and blue eyed and I'm not.

2018-10-20 00:27:36 UTC


2018-10-20 00:27:54 UTC

Anglo genes strike again

2018-10-20 00:30:03 UTC

Anybody wanna hop in vc?

2018-10-20 00:30:32 UTC

@Wood-Ape - OK/MN

My med instincts: I think I’ll have pizza today


2018-10-20 00:32:04 UTC

*must not brother war, must not brother war*

2018-10-20 00:38:59 UTC

@Wood-Ape - OK/MN do you need to buy special blankets

2018-10-20 00:39:44 UTC
2018-10-20 00:39:49 UTC

Because I am Anglo? @NateDahl76

2018-10-20 00:39:54 UTC


2018-10-20 00:40:51 UTC

@NateDahl76 Oh reference to my Choctaw friend? lel

2018-10-20 00:41:52 UTC

Happy friday brothers

2018-10-20 00:42:31 UTC

aight normies call.

2018-10-20 00:42:32 UTC


2018-10-20 00:42:44 UTC

@Wood-Ape - OK/MN Don’t your feet stick out or something

2018-10-20 00:44:17 UTC

@NateDahl76 oh a tall thing. Nah. At my family home I have a queen-sized bed and sleep diagonally. XL Sleeping bags are usually okay. The employee housing I have made use of are usually twin bunks. I am used to sleeping curled up.

2018-10-20 00:47:01 UTC

My backpacking tent (a 2012 Eureka spitfire 1) is comically small. People don't know how my gear and I fit in there.

2018-10-20 00:50:00 UTC

Small tents are good, trap the heat effectively. I have a small tent as well, but I can fit another person in it πŸ˜‚

2018-10-20 00:50:14 UTC

Not a big person for sure

2018-10-20 00:50:30 UTC

nice. Yah thru-hikers call small 2man tents "divorce palaces"

2018-10-20 00:51:59 UTC

Ha! That’s great. Just googled your tent, would be comfy for me. IDK how you’d fit either πŸ˜‚

2018-10-20 00:53:32 UTC

In heavy rain I have to be careful about placement for sure

2018-10-20 00:56:17 UTC

I bet

2018-10-20 00:56:54 UTC

They say if you can hike 2,000 miles with GF, you should either marry or break up immediately

2018-10-20 00:57:20 UTC

end-of-trail proposals are cliche by this point but still poignant

2018-10-20 01:18:34 UTC
2018-10-20 01:18:56 UTC

You must look like a baby being born getting out of that thing.

2018-10-20 01:19:01 UTC

Based and red pilled.

2018-10-20 01:20:38 UTC

"black student union" - enpowering
"white student union" - *CALL THe POLICE!!!!*

2018-10-20 01:24:26 UTC

@Deleted User it's because I tune in when I'm not home and I can't close the YouTube app like I can in discord. Its not convenient for me so I voted no.

2018-10-20 01:28:38 UTC

@Deleted User bruh you meming on my Twitter handle?

2018-10-20 01:33:03 UTC

My mic does not work on these headphones @Deleted User

2018-10-20 01:36:42 UTC


2018-10-20 01:37:42 UTC

@Sam Anderson Congrats on being followed by a convicted felon

2018-10-20 01:37:57 UTC


2018-10-20 01:38:30 UTC

We're doing great on Twitter but I feel like there's an untapped tech-savvy base on Tik Tok we could pull some great numbers with. It's the future of Western youth culture

2018-10-20 01:42:50 UTC

we should have an IE HAM radio/shortwave club

2018-10-20 01:45:06 UTC

@Koba play

2018-10-20 01:45:47 UTC

I love ham

2018-10-20 01:46:02 UTC

@johnnyc its downloading

2018-10-20 01:46:04 UTC


2018-10-20 01:46:11 UTC

nvm 12%

2018-10-20 01:46:29 UTC

I like bacon too haha

2018-10-20 01:49:20 UTC

No Ham emoji

2018-10-20 01:49:41 UTC

yeah i noticed but bacon is a good replacement haha

2018-10-20 01:49:46 UTC

I like listening to fortnite voice chat. It is like pro white twitch

2018-10-20 01:50:05 UTC

fortnite is pro white?

2018-10-20 01:50:09 UTC
2018-10-20 01:50:47 UTC

@Sam Anderson the Virgin followed by David Duke vs the Chad Blocked by David Duke

2018-10-20 01:50:49 UTC

Big if true! @hbutzer0511

2018-10-20 01:51:17 UTC

a good whitepill

2018-10-20 01:54:27 UTC


2018-10-20 01:54:33 UTC


2018-10-20 01:54:35 UTC


2018-10-20 01:54:39 UTC


2018-10-20 01:54:54 UTC

We should threaten to militarize and tax remittances 90% if Mexico doesn't agree to 30% remittance tax to fund wall.

And then threaten to miltarize if ICE isn't expanded, and chain migration isn't ended.

And then when that's all done. Miltarize anyways.

2018-10-20 01:54:59 UTC


2018-10-20 01:55:01 UTC


2018-10-20 01:55:06 UTC


2018-10-20 01:55:09 UTC


2018-10-20 01:55:11 UTC


2018-10-20 01:55:12 UTC


2018-10-20 01:55:27 UTC


2018-10-20 01:55:33 UTC


2018-10-20 01:55:39 UTC


2018-10-20 01:55:43 UTC


2018-10-20 01:55:46 UTC


2018-10-20 01:55:46 UTC


2018-10-20 01:55:48 UTC


2018-10-20 01:55:50 UTC


2018-10-20 01:55:50 UTC


2018-10-20 01:55:51 UTC


2018-10-20 01:55:52 UTC


2018-10-20 01:55:53 UTC


2018-10-20 01:55:54 UTC


2018-10-20 01:56:05 UTC

lol let's chill.

2018-10-20 01:56:13 UTC

It's just optics bro

2018-10-20 01:56:20 UTC


2018-10-20 01:56:42 UTC

More like Opthiccs

2018-10-20 01:56:54 UTC

"lets all try to have good optics"


2018-10-20 01:57:50 UTC

wew lad

2018-10-20 01:58:59 UTC

About a third of Honduras's economy is estimated to come from remittances.

2018-10-20 01:59:10 UTC

β€œI have some free time, let’s see what everyone’s up to in National General chat!”

2018-10-20 01:59:15 UTC


2018-10-20 01:59:19 UTC


2018-10-20 01:59:23 UTC

Sounds like easy leverage @TylerHess

2018-10-20 01:59:47 UTC

@Grossly Incandescent Hey man, congrats on the baby!

2018-10-20 01:59:52 UTC

Does this count as activism?


2018-10-20 02:00:05 UTC

@Deleted User thanks brother!

2018-10-20 02:00:59 UTC

This baby is an absolute unit. 9 pounds 4 ounces. 21.5 inches long

2018-10-20 02:01:10 UTC

thats fantastic bro! congrats!

2018-10-20 02:01:10 UTC


2018-10-20 02:01:33 UTC

Fun fact, I joined IE when I found out my wife was pregnant

2018-10-20 02:01:54 UTC

Told my interviewer it was time to put in the work to make the world better for her

2018-10-20 02:02:18 UTC

hard to find a better reason than that

2018-10-20 02:06:14 UTC

-@Grossly Incandescent CONGRATS!!!!!

2018-10-20 02:07:12 UTC

@Grossly Incandescent Based brother congrats man

2018-10-20 02:08:32 UTC

@Grossly Incandescent Future Chad confirmed! Congrats

2018-10-20 02:11:45 UTC

I feel like I’ve been in a bubble the past three days. What’s happening in the world?

2018-10-20 02:13:07 UTC

Patrick did an outstanding interview and Trump has threatened to cut aid to Honduras et al if they don't get this new 'caravan' under control

2018-10-20 02:14:27 UTC

I saw the morning show interview. Haven’t watched the second one. Couldn’t get the video to work for some reason

2018-10-20 02:25:13 UTC

641...that's SIX HUNDRED AND FORTY ONE...arrests per day. 641 arrests of illegals crossing our border. That's just the number being apprehended.

This is over 15,000 arrested each month. EACH MONTH!

This is an invasion. The average U.S. Army battalion is about ~500 troops.

2018-10-20 02:36:10 UTC

@Grossly Incandescent Babby is cute

2018-10-20 02:52:04 UTC

@Undercover Academic - IL this channel for your article link πŸ˜ƒ

2018-10-20 02:52:43 UTC

Also, run it thru archive.is first, please πŸ˜ƒ

2018-10-20 02:54:38 UTC

@DairyMaxx @Valaska Montana is like Skyrim. Visually and in terms of gameplay.

I have been offered several side quests since embarking on the main intro mission. Most recently at someone's house in the course of my work and at Walmart minutes ago. The NPC who offered the last one was eminently believable. It may have been a PvP interaction.

2018-10-20 02:55:11 UTC

I met the Jarl of Bozeman once

2018-10-20 02:55:14 UTC

Odd guy

2018-10-20 02:55:43 UTC

Do tell

2018-10-20 02:56:31 UTC

By Jarl of Bozeman I mean Native guy running a weird western hokey store we stopped at when we were moving here from Spokane

2018-10-20 02:56:38 UTC

He asked to pet our cat

2018-10-20 02:56:47 UTC

Then he gave us some milk duds

2018-10-20 02:57:23 UTC

wow you're a blue name now?

2018-10-20 02:57:41 UTC


2018-10-20 02:57:48 UTC

@Logan watch out for giant crabs if you go huntn

2018-10-20 02:58:08 UTC

I’m watching over Alabama for now

2018-10-20 02:58:35 UTC

It's not easy being green.

2018-10-20 02:59:11 UTC

Feels weird not seeing my name in green

2018-10-20 02:59:18 UTC

How big is the Alabama chapter?

2018-10-20 02:59:52 UTC

Not tremendously

2018-10-20 02:59:53 UTC


2018-10-20 03:01:19 UTC

@ophiuchus congrats!

2018-10-20 03:01:36 UTC

Remember us little people at your bigwig coordinator luncheons

2018-10-20 03:01:40 UTC

change your profile picture

2018-10-20 03:02:01 UTC

green profile picture with blue name is bad optics

2018-10-20 03:02:16 UTC


2018-10-20 03:02:21 UTC

True true

2018-10-20 03:02:39 UTC

All good things must come to an end, I guess.

2018-10-20 03:03:45 UTC

I kinda want to make it Tito from rocket power again

2018-10-20 03:04:36 UTC


2018-10-20 03:05:05 UTC

@ophiuchus whoa yeah that's a pretty epic avi

2018-10-20 03:06:22 UTC

Anyone watching sportsball right now?

2018-10-20 03:07:07 UTC

@ophiuchus that looks really cool

2018-10-20 03:08:09 UTC

@MrDefault I paid attention to ONE sportsball game so far this year...okay? OKAY! GOSH! Stop giving me such a hard time about it. *stomps out of the room*

2018-10-20 03:08:24 UTC

Increasingly more abstract β›Ž symbols

2018-10-20 03:09:19 UTC

My final form will be one drawn in windows 98 ms paint with the airbrush tool

2018-10-20 03:09:42 UTC

Why not Windows 3.11?

2018-10-20 03:09:55 UTC
2018-10-20 03:10:59 UTC

>Not using DOS ASCII art

2018-10-20 03:13:51 UTC

@ophiuchus Who was the last coordinator? Lincoln?

2018-10-20 03:14:30 UTC

>reminiscing of the days where we took 100kb ascii animated, colorized "loaders" (as we called them)...and hex edited them down to 5kb or less.

2018-10-20 03:14:31 UTC

I was actually just wondering if I could emulate Windows 98 for the nostalgia

2018-10-20 03:15:35 UTC

@Jacob yes

2018-10-20 03:15:56 UTC

80s would be better but 98 is the earliest I remember

2018-10-20 03:17:24 UTC

@Nemets I don't remember 80s stuff though

2018-10-20 03:17:43 UTC

80s stuff just seems weird

2018-10-20 03:18:02 UTC

Haunted Flash games on bonus.com and newgrounds were my digital childhood

2018-10-20 03:18:28 UTC

30's is the strongest time to be alive tbh

2018-10-20 03:18:33 UTC

Lot of good times there

2018-10-20 03:18:48 UTC

Dustbowl was a great time

2018-10-20 03:18:53 UTC

This tbh

2018-10-20 03:19:39 UTC

@Nemets well if we're gonna go by that standard, pre 1965 Immigration Act was the best time

2018-10-20 03:20:00 UTC

Ironically, I probably wouldn't be here without the 1965 Immigration Act

2018-10-20 03:20:12 UTC

I wonder what the best time for Poland was

2018-10-20 03:20:19 UTC

Best time to be alive was 1894

2018-10-20 03:20:28 UTC

Did Poland ever have a good time

2018-10-20 03:20:34 UTC

Probably commonwealth days

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