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2018-10-14 01:14:46 UTC

Can see him reading his "prompter"...

2018-10-14 01:14:53 UTC

That dude seems a little unhinged.

2018-10-14 01:15:10 UTC

Yeah, how did he make it through first interview?

2018-10-14 01:15:22 UTC


2018-10-14 01:17:00 UTC

He interviewed well apparently

2018-10-14 01:17:01 UTC

28 views...it's like we're thirsty...

2018-10-14 01:17:13 UTC

Well enough I guess.

2018-10-14 01:45:13 UTC

@StevePines -WA Here we go again...

2018-10-14 01:45:16 UTC

Caravan 2.0

2018-10-14 01:45:17 UTC
2018-10-14 01:45:23 UTC

Didn't the last caravan just split up and enter as individuals?

2018-10-14 01:45:44 UTC

That's what I heard.

2018-10-14 01:45:51 UTC

That's what I heard.

2018-10-14 01:46:32 UTC

@hbutzer0511 Never stop the enemy when they're making a mistake.

2018-10-14 01:47:05 UTC
2018-10-14 01:47:26 UTC

White women will remain uncomfortable as long as the White man remains cucked by globohomo

2018-10-14 01:47:54 UTC


2018-10-14 01:48:06 UTC
2018-10-14 01:50:41 UTC

@hbutzer0511 They lowered standards for women, they'll do the same to brown up special forces. The military is very diverse and pozzed in support roles, but elite combat troops are still very white (specifically Appalachian and Rocky Mountain whites), Globalists hate that because they can't for-sure count on being able to use the US military on whites until they change that. That's the goal, make no mistake.

2018-10-14 01:50:55 UTC

Latest Ben Garrison comic


2018-10-14 01:51:07 UTC

Look at how he drew Marx

2018-10-14 01:55:46 UTC

@Grossly Incandescent "Uh, Alex, I'll take 'Agreeing With George Soros for the Wrong Reasons' for $500."

2018-10-14 01:56:18 UTC
2018-10-14 01:56:23 UTC


2018-10-14 01:56:52 UTC

Pulled it right from his verified twitter account

2018-10-14 01:57:10 UTC

I thought the same thing at first tbh

2018-10-14 01:57:11 UTC

They're all in the jew pose lol

2018-10-14 01:58:42 UTC

That’s how he got away with making Marx the full on Jew caricature

2018-10-14 01:59:11 UTC

Marx is an aggressively Jewish caricature in this one lol

2018-10-14 01:59:57 UTC

@Wood-Ape - OK/MN Oh yeah..for sure. That is the game plan. In the meantime.....πŸ€”

2018-10-14 02:00:03 UTC


2018-10-14 02:00:25 UTC

Bennie is on the precipice over there

2018-10-14 02:03:55 UTC

<:whitepill:439924104406106113> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vs6tB-UCFtk

2018-10-14 02:07:20 UTC

@Bjorn - MD "the world will simply collapse" Yeah lady, I'm sure.

2018-10-14 02:07:29 UTC


2018-10-14 02:07:46 UTC

I remember we used to have a guy in IE who always shilled for the EU

2018-10-14 02:07:53 UTC

How will people live without fresh new Somali / Afghan rapists?

2018-10-14 02:08:33 UTC

@Jacob Eheh.

2018-10-14 02:10:21 UTC

@Jacob There's a Spencer-ite take that an altered EU, or something like it, is needed to compete with China. I'd prefer a looser mutual defense pact and preferred trading among white nations, but every nation (especially European ones) are different and should put themselves first. Shared currency and shared borders and massive bureaucracy leads to the dysfunction and internal sabotage we witness in the EU as well as US.

2018-10-14 02:10:46 UTC

I agree

2018-10-14 02:11:47 UTC

For sure, but it needs to be a confederation, requiring the consensus of all national governments in order to implement policy changes.

2018-10-14 02:12:42 UTC

@Bjorn - MD True. As is, it's France + Germany and some rootless cosmopolitans throwing their weight around.

2018-10-14 02:12:51 UTC


2018-10-14 02:13:49 UTC

Hopefully we can get Italeave (sounds better than Italexit) as the biggest domino.

2018-10-14 02:14:23 UTC

...but no flag, no anthem, no constitution, no fully unified military structure. Just limited duplication of existing structures to facilitate enforcement and defense of the external border.

2018-10-14 02:15:14 UTC

Yeah, Salvini and Conte seem to be working in that direction.

2018-10-14 02:17:02 UTC
2018-10-14 02:17:16 UTC

Yall see Gavin running around with a samurai sword?

2018-10-14 02:17:23 UTC

Not to balkan-post, but I think a post-USA confederation of states (Cali, Cascadia, Midwest, Mormons, Texas, South, New England) could be a good solution to prevent civil war. Keep a common currency and mutual defense pact, but immigration and internal laws can be independent. That would unironically solve Left vs Right tension.

2018-10-14 02:19:35 UTC

Can states not individually vote on immigration now?

2018-10-14 02:19:42 UTC

@Wood-Ape - OK/MN Yeah, but unfortunately, as it is, there's no shortage of good ideas. It's a question of divergent interests and will. They won't allow us to conduct a Czechoslovakia-esque velvet divorce, because everyone else has a parasitic relationship with regard to us, and one group in particular seems to possess a sense of outright malevolence.

2018-10-14 02:19:48 UTC

But the powers that be will never let that happen of course

2018-10-14 02:19:56 UTC
2018-10-14 02:20:11 UTC
2018-10-14 02:21:04 UTC

@Nemets That's a feature, not a bug!

2018-10-14 02:21:18 UTC


2018-10-14 02:23:54 UTC

@Nemets Jazzhands and Ethnarch actually did a really awesome deep-dive a while back on the machinations behind the initiation of the constitutional convention, as well as the drafting and ratification: http://fashthenation.com/2018/07/ftn-focus-we-the-people-an-american-coup-detat/

2018-10-14 02:24:00 UTC

lmao that video of gavin just pulling a sword out in the middle of like 10 cops, wonder what he screamed

2018-10-14 02:25:03 UTC

@Bjorn - MD LoL, I almost mentioned that. Yeah, Charles Beard's book really dampens sentimentality about the Constitution.

2018-10-14 02:25:27 UTC

I have yet to read it, but it's on my list.

2018-10-14 02:25:40 UTC

Ethnarch is the biggest brain. He should be in I.E. He's very straight-laced and proper for TRS contributors.

2018-10-14 02:26:31 UTC

@Wood-Ape - OK/MN He should be writing for Tucker 😏

2018-10-14 02:27:01 UTC

Eric Striker is my fave TRS affiliate at this point

2018-10-14 02:27:03 UTC

@Bjorn - MD Even better. thirteen months until we hear Tucker refer to "the Tyrant Lincoln!"

2018-10-14 02:27:22 UTC

How long until Tucker supports secession from the Sodom below

2018-10-14 02:27:33 UTC

@Ald That's a bridge too far.

2018-10-14 02:28:06 UTC

The filter seems to be Dissident Right > Red Ice > Steve King > Anne Coulter > Tucker >Trump

2018-10-14 02:28:11 UTC

@Wood-Ape - OK/MN Holy crap, dude, I was literally just going to say that, lol.

2018-10-14 02:29:09 UTC

@Wood-Ape - OK/MN *Chews gum and twirls imaginary hair* Oh, my God... It's like we're, like, the same person and stuff..." *Pops gum*

2018-10-14 02:29:35 UTC

My open official policy to shill for Calexit. Let the left secede peacefully and have their gay ethnic orgy forever. I'm sure as heck not going to put on the union blue and march to stop them.

2018-10-14 02:29:49 UTC

Oh, and Calexit means the rest of the US becomes 70% white OVERNIGHT.

2018-10-14 02:30:21 UTC

@Nemets I see that point. I also see where Identity Dixie is coming from.

2018-10-14 02:30:33 UTC

It's history now, and we're in the same boat as White North Americans

2018-10-14 02:32:18 UTC

@Nemets I struggle with that as well. I tend to identify more with the Bloody Kansas types who wanted to prevent the spread of slavery, partially for moral reasons, but also to prevent the spread of the types of people who were usually the slaves. That said, though, by 1861, those kinds of voices were about as prominent among unionists as rational centrists are among Democrats today.

2018-10-14 02:32:35 UTC

It was a brother war and didn't need to happen. And Reconstruction was also the prototype of USA imperialist foreign occupation and Poz-injection that took place elsewhere since then.

2018-10-14 02:34:19 UTC

Musonius Rufus is an unapologetic neoConfederate, but I like his big brain take that the American Revolution and Failed War of Southern Independence were both simply cultural continuations of the previous English Civil Wars. Cavaliers vs Roundheads/Puritans.

2018-10-14 02:34:21 UTC

I obviously agree, though, that it would've been best if it hadn't happened. They should have just followed through with the American Colonization Society in Liberia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/American_Colonization_Society

2018-10-14 02:36:05 UTC

I always liked revolutionary war history better than Civil War history

2018-10-14 02:36:35 UTC

@ThisIsChris It's less fraught, that's for sure.

2018-10-14 02:36:48 UTC

better outfits too

2018-10-14 02:36:48 UTC

Revolutionary War = brothers war, too πŸ˜”

2018-10-14 02:36:54 UTC

We still exist with national/cultural animosity within the empire.

2018-10-14 02:37:19 UTC

I'd like to know more about the Revolutionary War. It's overshadowed by the Civil War.

2018-10-14 02:37:24 UTC

@Bjorn - MD True. And Ethnarch and Beards' takes make me wonder if it was as.... merchantile as WWI & WWII

2018-10-14 02:38:12 UTC

@Danimal876 let me know if you come up to NY sometime, Revolutionary war is more prevalent here since we don't really have any action from the civil war that happened up here but quite a few interesting things around to see from the revolutionary war

2018-10-14 02:38:20 UTC

@Wood-Ape - OK/MN Not to the same extent, but said interests were FAR more prominent than one would initially believe, and it's NEVER talked about.

2018-10-14 02:39:06 UTC

@ThisIsChris Yeah, that was one of the great things about growing up in New England. We ate, drank, slept, and lived colonial/revolutionary history.

2018-10-14 02:39:43 UTC

Washington was the second-wealthiest man in the colonies. Morris was the weathiest, and Jon Hancock was up there as well.

2018-10-14 02:39:51 UTC

@Bjorn - MD yep, one of my favorite things. That book "Spy on the Devil's Belt" took place near where I grew up

2018-10-14 02:40:26 UTC

My roots are deeply Confederate and I sympathize that way in spirit but there's the case to be made that it was a rich man's war and poor man's fight for the protraction of slavery which hurt average White families and the development of the South. And it's a real question what the racial outcome in an independent CSA would have been. On the one hand slavery would have bred many more negroes on the land for decades longer but on the other hand Southerners were more racially woke and would have kept them suppressed if not deported all of them, which honestly I question the physical possibility of

2018-10-14 02:40:49 UTC

@Wood-Ape - OK/MN One really interesting episode to read about is the interactions of the Dutch governor Stuyvesant of New Netherlands (modern-day New York state) with said elements. Suffice to say that there was no love lost...

2018-10-14 02:40:54 UTC

@Ald Exactly, there's no clear answer.

2018-10-14 02:42:01 UTC

@Bjorn - MD oh yeah that's neat. we learn a bit about Stuyvesant in school, important figure in the history of the state

2018-10-14 02:42:52 UTC

A lot of places still have their dutch names, or dutch derived names

2018-10-14 02:42:58 UTC

Brooklyn for example

2018-10-14 02:43:14 UTC

@ThisIsChris The title sounds familiar, but I'm not sure that I've read it. I'd really like to see Sleepy Hollow one day, though.


2018-10-14 02:43:17 UTC

Lond Island, Manhattan

2018-10-14 02:43:22 UTC


2018-10-14 02:43:38 UTC

@Bjorn - MD oh yeah I went there once with my family as a kid

2018-10-14 02:44:14 UTC

@ThisIsChris Yeah, I lived in the city for a few years, and a lot of the Dutch place names still remained. I always liked that...

2018-10-14 02:44:31 UTC

Great Kills, Catskills, etc.

2018-10-14 02:49:25 UTC

Also, the Tappan Zee Bridge 😎

2018-10-14 02:50:55 UTC

@Bjorn - MD You mean the Mario Cuomo bridge?

2018-10-14 02:52:17 UTC

Do you all believe that the lands of North America can ever be enchanted for us and our blood the way Europe is or will we always essentially be wandering Europeans

2018-10-14 02:52:57 UTC

@Wood-Ape - OK/MN No <:varg:359010745192808449> πŸ‡±πŸ‡Ί

2018-10-14 02:53:16 UTC

@Ald Maybe. Turks are from central Asia not too long ago, and yet Greek Anatolia is considered "Turkey"

2018-10-14 02:53:49 UTC

New England and the Old south are almost there, I think.

2018-10-14 02:53:56 UTC

Maybe another Hundred years.

2018-10-14 02:54:03 UTC

@Ald They already are enchanted. We just need to get our people to stop pussyfooting around and be explicit about whose they are.

2018-10-14 02:56:08 UTC

Immigration, even European, did not help with a blood and soil ethnogenesis. Right now we might be living the cataclysmic origin story of the American folk who come to be

2018-10-14 02:56:22 UTC

Who knows

2018-10-14 02:57:21 UTC

@Ald Nah, I'd say the Southron, the Yankee, and the Amerikaner (midwest) have fulfilled ethnogenesis.

2018-10-14 02:58:00 UTC

They have dialect, cuisine, political customs, fashion differences, genetic differences.

2018-10-14 02:58:17 UTC

The Quebecois and Mormon as well.

2018-10-14 02:59:26 UTC

Fair, I am speaking from a deracinated point of view. I'm just White and my region is just a zone. Anglo-Americana resonates but it's gone from here now

2018-10-14 02:59:56 UTC

True, lots of "just Whites" caught in the mess.

2018-10-14 03:02:01 UTC

I know that every era has to have its own symbols, but I really wish that there were a way to somehow use or incorporate the Grand Union Flag:


2018-10-14 03:02:38 UTC

Maybe if the UK is less messed up than America for a change...

2018-10-14 03:03:58 UTC

It's just cool, because there's explicit representation of the New World (the stripes) and our cultural and linguistic identity (the canton).

2018-10-14 03:04:24 UTC

True. I liked the Pre-Trudeau1 Canadian flag

2018-10-14 03:04:49 UTC

There. Image format sucked:


2018-10-14 03:05:51 UTC

Yeah, that are a couple of guys up there who use it, and Faith Goldy does, too.

2018-10-14 03:06:17 UTC

Better than the leaf, that's for sure...

2018-10-14 03:06:25 UTC

The coat of arms symbolizes Scotland, England, Ireland, France, and Canada itself

2018-10-14 03:07:02 UTC

Ultimately, though, the QQ (Quebec Question) is gonna have to be addressed, so the above flag might have to drop the fleurs de lis, lol.

2018-10-14 03:07:50 UTC

Quebecois stand far and above in intact organic identity amongst Euro-North Americans

2018-10-14 03:08:06 UTC

Probably because they speak another language, primarily

2018-10-14 03:08:11 UTC

Yeah, but their getting drowned in moo-slims.

2018-10-14 03:08:50 UTC

Yes, the Quebecois is definitely an ethnicity. But I guess the French cuck acorn falls straight down. (see also Swede-descended Minnesotans as Somali-loving as old world Swedes)

2018-10-14 03:08:52 UTC

...and Haitians, and other sub-Saharans.

2018-10-14 03:09:20 UTC

Yeah πŸ˜‘

2018-10-14 03:10:02 UTC

One of my favorite songs (actually a cover from The Band) is about Acadians

2018-10-14 03:10:05 UTC

Yeah, as 25% face Swede visiting MN anywhere near a major metropolitan area is blackpilling

2018-10-14 03:10:37 UTC

I used to know a real Acadian girl from Maine, her family lived in Washington County since the Grand Derangement. Had an accent slightly different than most Mainers

2018-10-14 03:10:41 UTC

Even the small town I visit now

2018-10-14 03:11:08 UTC

Has brown faces creeping in in greater numbers every year

2018-10-14 03:12:07 UTC

@Wood-Ape - OK/MN Wow. Yeah, I've read about Acadians, but I've yet to encounter one. Fascinating, though.

2018-10-14 03:13:20 UTC

@Bjorn - MD They're rare, rarer every year. Lots of small cultures out there. Yooper Finns are a favorite of mine as well (from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan)

2018-10-14 03:13:53 UTC

Huh. Crazy...

2018-10-14 03:14:38 UTC

Do you know of the disappearing Tangier Island accent?

2018-10-14 03:15:36 UTC
2018-10-14 03:16:20 UTC

I hate living in a majority black city

2018-10-14 03:16:22 UTC

@Ald I did not. I knew about Gullah Islanders, sort of a black analog.

2018-10-14 03:19:12 UTC

@Bjorn - MD In a decent country, we'd protect these people's future so they can endure or grow.
Every random splinter of native tribes get land and linguistic preservation funding.

2018-10-14 03:21:25 UTC

It is simultaneously whitepilling to see these little ethnies are extant and blackpilling because they are so fragile and will certainly go culturally extinct if this current order does not first

2018-10-14 03:21:31 UTC

Agreed. I mean, I don't know about institutionalizing dialects in public schools and whatnot in order to perpetuate them indefinitely, but I think that freedom of association and mercantilist/protectionist/economic nationalist policies would go a long way toward making that a reality.

2018-10-14 03:21:57 UTC

Yeah (about the fragility point) πŸ˜”

2018-10-14 03:21:59 UTC

Members of my family have Baltimore accents to the highest degree, which has been harmed because of white flight

2018-10-14 03:22:15 UTC

@Bjorn - MD I absolutely would fund rare language classes in their localities.

2018-10-14 03:22:28 UTC

Maybe not make street signs, but things to keep it going.

2018-10-14 03:23:56 UTC

For sure, and that's where subsidiarity comes it. They should be allowed to create the necessary laws and institutions at the appropriate level to make that a reality. Not terribly difficult to do. Lots of experience with it in Europe proper already.

2018-10-14 03:24:03 UTC

My grandfather had a sort of half way American half way Stockholm accent

2018-10-14 03:24:13 UTC

By way of being second generation

2018-10-14 03:24:37 UTC

I'd even be cool with bilingual street signs, provided none is in any dialect of Spanish, and English is always on top and larger.

2018-10-14 03:25:05 UTC

Spanish is kind of a weird thing

2018-10-14 03:25:16 UTC

My Grandma has a mix of a New Jersey and western Norwegian accent, kinda funny

2018-10-14 03:25:18 UTC

Ostensibly a European language, but it just does not have that connotation here anymore

2018-10-14 03:25:40 UTC

Right, the context is that Spanish is linguistic warfare

2018-10-14 03:25:53 UTC

My grandma had a weird mix of an English West-Country and a Massachusetts accent, my other grandma still has an extreme Jawjuh accent

2018-10-14 03:25:59 UTC

@ophiuchus French is majority African, or will be soon.

2018-10-14 03:26:12 UTC

My parents have virtually no accent and I definitely don't. Kinda disappointing.

2018-10-14 03:26:41 UTC

Montreal was passed by Kinshasa as the second largest francophone city recently iirc

2018-10-14 03:27:15 UTC

Yeah. I mean, Spaniards are obviously European, and after the initial moratorium, if we decide to make immigration a thing again, then they could be eligible, but the situation between us and Latin America is such that there can be no compromise on linguistic intrusion.

2018-10-14 03:27:42 UTC

Meh. If you call what the Congolese speak French.

2018-10-14 03:28:01 UTC

That's fair. Anything that has a proper Spanish root for a name was absorbed into English by now anyway. Santa Fe, etc.

2018-10-14 03:28:04 UTC

Mass media destroys accents

2018-10-14 03:28:17 UTC

Everyone under 30 sounds like they're from Burbank now

2018-10-14 03:28:28 UTC

If we make immigration a thing again it should be understood for the sake of cohesion and civilizational self confidence that we speak English and our core culture is English-derived

2018-10-14 03:28:45 UTC

Canada almost joined the union in the 1800s

2018-10-14 03:28:50 UTC

@NateDahl76 That's definitely true. We hardly even speak dialects anymore; just Broadcast English in varying accents...

2018-10-14 03:28:52 UTC

WASP culture is American Culture - Queen Ann

2018-10-14 03:28:54 UTC

What a superpower we would be...

2018-10-14 03:29:42 UTC

The Canadian provinces still have a standing invitation to join the union, and thus do not need the approval of congress to join. Fun fact.

2018-10-14 03:29:50 UTC

@ophiuchus White Anglo-Saxon Pagan? <:varg:359010745192808449>

2018-10-14 03:29:58 UTC

If the Pig War had popped off, Alaska would have perhaps be connected via Yukon and British Columbia.

2018-10-14 03:30:46 UTC

Huh. Never knew that (about the standing invitation for the provinces to join).

2018-10-14 03:31:04 UTC

Didn’t we try to invade them twice

2018-10-14 03:31:19 UTC

@Wood-Ape - OK/MN The area my grandparents are from in Poland has street signs in the original native language

2018-10-14 03:31:21 UTC

Also had a β€œwar plan red” in the 30’s

2018-10-14 03:31:22 UTC

@NateDahl76 Yep. 1775 and 1814.

2018-10-14 03:31:27 UTC

Yeah we did

2018-10-14 03:31:38 UTC

Yeah, I read about that (War Plan Red), too.

2018-10-14 03:31:38 UTC

Muh plains of abraham

2018-10-14 03:32:09 UTC

Quebec is kind of not really a part of our cultural continuum (as strongly obviously)

2018-10-14 03:32:15 UTC


2018-10-14 03:32:24 UTC

There's no meaningful difference between someone from Saskatchewan and someone from North Dakota

2018-10-14 03:32:38 UTC

There definitely is between someone from Upstate New York and Quebec

2018-10-14 03:33:03 UTC

Definitely a language thing, although there's a bit of the differing "origin myth" thing too

2018-10-14 03:33:28 UTC

Yeah, I honestly think that the long-term future of English-speaking (White) North Americans is probably going to be within a single polity.

2018-10-14 03:34:00 UTC

yeah, I'm inclined to agree

2018-10-14 03:34:06 UTC

Thanks Nemets, I'll have to check it out

2018-10-14 03:34:17 UTC

@Nemets I'll read it, might balance out what I got from Beard.

2018-10-14 03:34:57 UTC

A federation authoritatively united in outward policy but with a good measure of regional and local autonomy would be most desirable imo

2018-10-14 03:35:31 UTC

There was historically a lot of movement between the US and Canada anyway. For example, my great-grandfather was from an English speaking part of Quebec called Estrie. Moved to Connecticut in his teens, however, his family moved there from Massachusetts during the revolution. Hard to delineate.

2018-10-14 03:35:45 UTC

My automated Reddit trolling bot is coming along quite nicely

2018-10-14 03:36:18 UTC

When you field test it, be sure to get us screen shots

2018-10-14 03:36:29 UTC

I can explain what it does for those who don't know

2018-10-14 03:36:50 UTC

Right, and in international dealings the most immediate level is White North America which would justify a superstate united in military, trade policy, borders, etc

2018-10-14 03:36:58 UTC

@ophiuchus Yeah, it all started with a mass exodus of United Empire Loyalists, who headed up that way after losing the war and being expelled: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_Empire_Loyalist

2018-10-14 03:36:59 UTC

Retaining strong local autonomy

2018-10-14 03:37:19 UTC

Yep! They were definitely torries.

2018-10-14 03:37:38 UTC

>had family on both sides of revolution and civil war
>tfw white mutt

2018-10-14 03:37:52 UTC


2018-10-14 03:37:55 UTC

> Scan Reddit for pro-immigration comments
> Find potentially relevant counterargument from a database
> Send me an email with links to the comments, the comment text, and recommended counterarguments for me to copy paste

2018-10-14 03:38:07 UTC


2018-10-14 03:38:22 UTC

Salt mining has come a long way

2018-10-14 03:38:25 UTC

I could respond to multiple people in minutes with minimal effort

2018-10-14 03:39:20 UTC

I'm picturing @Jacob in a room, struggling to keep his nostrils above the rapidly rising level of his big brains as they make their way toward the ceiling...

2018-10-14 03:39:27 UTC

The question is; is there a way to get the balance right and have a vast continental state without stepping on local toes or are the libertarians right that any state will expand itself maximally

2018-10-14 03:39:44 UTC

Once I get the basics down, I'm going to see if I can develop automated paraphrasing technology that will give me different paraphrased version of the counterarguments each time to make it less noticeable

2018-10-14 03:41:02 UTC

So far, the database will have the ability to detect and respond to 25 different pro-immigration arguments

2018-10-14 03:41:32 UTC

But! Have you gotten amazing restaurants covered?

2018-10-14 03:42:03 UTC

Yes, that one will be in the database

2018-10-14 03:42:21 UTC

Maybe once I'm done with the Reddit version, I could also automate Twitter trolling

2018-10-14 03:42:32 UTC

Eastern Washington will have a booming salt mining industry

2018-10-14 03:43:02 UTC

Agreeing with the local government in Chesapeake, Virginia for the wrong reasons: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1ZpMp5lbK30

2018-10-14 03:43:25 UTC

Greg GUTfeld-feld-feld-feld...

2018-10-14 03:44:06 UTC

Slutty Halloween costume-wearing THOTs BTFO.

2018-10-14 03:47:04 UTC


2018-10-14 03:47:42 UTC

@Deleted User who is Utah Headman? Utah come get ur man in <#358430131447922688>

2018-10-14 03:47:51 UTC


2018-10-14 03:48:01 UTC

Oh shoot. Montana! Sorry

2018-10-14 03:48:06 UTC

@Deleted User Brother Nathaniel's a Christian, too... 😏

2018-10-14 03:48:15 UTC

@Valaska we got one!

2018-10-14 03:48:35 UTC

He's a convert though

2018-10-14 03:49:09 UTC

@Logan It's fine. coordinator-less members will have their onboarding completed by @Danimal876

2018-10-14 03:49:54 UTC

@Deleted User such a good system. Interviewing and onboarding is so beautiful to watch.😒

2018-10-14 03:50:58 UTC

We've certainly made leaps and bounds improving it - no small thanks to @Matthias

2018-10-14 03:53:18 UTC


2018-10-14 03:53:47 UTC


2018-10-14 03:54:00 UTC

Rilly thinks ya make...

2018-10-14 03:54:16 UTC

Wow bro, epic. You proved someone is part jewish.

2018-10-14 03:54:28 UTC

White genocide is officially canceled

2018-10-14 03:54:30 UTC

Greg Gutfeld cannot join IE

2018-10-14 03:54:43 UTC

@Freiheit - CA nothing is going to make me think. Hard as they may try

2018-10-14 03:54:51 UTC


2018-10-14 03:54:53 UTC

@Deleted User Fair enough, but he's *visibly* so.

2018-10-14 03:55:33 UTC

...and in any case, just look at his politics.

2018-10-14 03:56:50 UTC

A libertarian?

2018-10-14 03:58:46 UTC

But is he woke?

2018-10-14 03:59:27 UTC

I'm admittedly not as well-versed in his work as that of other pundits, but I'm pretty sure he's advocated for some fairly neoconish positions over the years...

2018-10-14 04:01:17 UTC

Yeah, bro. I'm sure his potential 16-25% ashkenazi adimixture (despite being raised as a Roman Catholic) is the reason he runs a raunchy libertarian themed political roundtable show.

2018-10-14 04:01:36 UTC


2018-10-14 04:01:37 UTC


2018-10-14 04:01:40 UTC


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