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2018-10-13 04:48:27 UTC

@Deleted User I just worry about fracturing and implosion. Every day. That's a personal fear of mine, not reflective of I.E.'s dynamic.

2018-10-13 04:48:30 UTC

We need people at all levels of explicitness. What I take issue with, is I see people sometimes arguing that promoting civic nationalism is somehow *more* effective than promoting identitarianism. No, it really isn't, because it's ultimately useless, and no one is promoting the next step, people will never reach the next step. If we play this silly game of "oh, we'll just promote identitarianism *after* we've turned the whole country civnat", then by the time you're ready to promote identitarianism, their won't be any identitarians left to promote it.

This is why civic nationalism can be destructive if taken too far. It just makes people complacement. It tells them they have a solution and they can just end right there.

2018-10-13 04:48:32 UTC

@Jacob Pretty much all the friends I still associate with know I'm in IE, never had an issue.

2018-10-13 04:48:47 UTC

So i agree, pretending to be civnat is lame.

2018-10-13 04:49:58 UTC

Is this path more difficult? Ya, I guess. But this is the only path to victory. Becoming civnats isn't victory, it's moving the goalpost.

2018-10-13 04:50:00 UTC

busy day tomorrow, boys. Good chat. Don't be retards in my absence.

2018-10-13 04:50:17 UTC

@Jacob moving that post toward victory.

2018-10-13 04:50:35 UTC

Good chat, disagree on strategy, but good chat none the less.

2018-10-13 04:50:41 UTC

Good night

2018-10-13 04:50:42 UTC

Love ya, brotha.

2018-10-13 04:50:50 UTC

haha you too

2018-10-13 04:51:45 UTC

IE and identitarianism as a whole is growing. I'm not too concerned about people like us suddenly deciding that demographic transformation is okay because of "muh based Kanye"

2018-10-13 04:51:58 UTC

CivNats just slow the bleed, we need the bleed stopped or our descendants become the Indians on reservations. ๐Ÿ˜•

2018-10-13 04:52:27 UTC

muh based Kanye is so easily debunked with 92% of blacks voting for Dems...

2018-10-13 04:52:39 UTC

and 70%+ of Hispanics

2018-10-13 04:53:06 UTC

@Asatru Artist - MD Going off of your metaphor, slowing the blood loss is still a good first step until you can get to sewing the wound back shut

2018-10-13 04:54:33 UTC

Anyways, good debate and goodnight friends

2018-10-13 04:54:38 UTC

Which is why we should vote for Republicans, maybe help their campaigns either, but still have people pushing for the next step

2018-10-13 04:54:43 UTC

One last point, perhaps missed in chat. I'm arguing that America/GOP/Our social order being CivNat is preferable to the way things currently are. It is by no means ideal or a final destination and is up to us entirely to harness that energy.

If IE were to become a CivNat org, I would probably leave tomorrow.

My point felt hazy and worth clarifying. goodnight lads.

2018-10-13 04:55:06 UTC


2018-10-13 04:57:31 UTC


2018-10-13 05:00:51 UTC

Good night. Sleep tight. Stay white, keep up the fight.

2018-10-13 05:02:49 UTC

I'm thinking about doing my first flyering this weekend.

2018-10-13 05:02:53 UTC

I'm a bit spooked.

2018-10-13 05:03:40 UTC

I missed my opportunity


2018-10-13 05:04:29 UTC

I was thinking about putting up some posters today

2018-10-13 05:04:30 UTC

@Deleted User Last thing one sees before one dies?

2018-10-13 05:04:36 UTC

But I have like 5 right now lol

2018-10-13 05:04:43 UTC

my pack should be coming in soon, though

2018-10-13 05:06:11 UTC

There's a local state college. But I worry about being recognized. The womens' basketball coach is a family friend (and black).

2018-10-13 05:06:29 UTC

Gonna do some postering tomorrow

2018-10-13 05:07:34 UTC

@Wood-Ape - OK/MN You going alone?

2018-10-13 05:08:20 UTC

@fgtveassassin I dunno. I feel bad I've been in the org over a month and haven't flyered.

2018-10-13 05:09:10 UTC

I've thought that too but I'm too nervous to go out alone, even if like I did it at night or something I just don't feel comfortable doing it, even though I doubt anyone in the area knows what IE is

2018-10-13 05:09:12 UTC

I might wait until Tuesday or Thursday to flyer a better target, possibly with back-up.

2018-10-13 05:09:23 UTC

We're not supposed to poster at night IIRC

2018-10-13 05:09:38 UTC

I though early morning / dawn. Fewest college kids up. lol

2018-10-13 05:09:45 UTC

@Wood-Ape - OK/MN I recommend morning or late afternoon, and wearing a hat. Act and dress like a student, walk like your ambling to class or killing time between classes. Put up your materials calmly and confidently like theyre totally normal and boring. Most people are NPCs with zero situational awareness.

2018-10-13 05:09:52 UTC

lol I was also nervous when I first joined IE

2018-10-13 05:10:29 UTC

It's honestly funny to see the new guys talking about putting up posters like it's some kind of secret agent activity

2018-10-13 05:10:38 UTC

I do live near a Penn State campus though so I feel that'd be some good media attention "Neo-nazis at Penn State"

2018-10-13 05:10:49 UTC

I'm just very memorable (6'9")

2018-10-13 05:11:17 UTC

It IS a secret agent activity

2018-10-13 05:11:24 UTC


2018-10-13 05:11:25 UTC

I did buy a dedicated flyer outfit (new grey t-shirt, grey zip-hoodie, no-logo camo ball cap)

2018-10-13 05:11:25 UTC

If you are accosted, calmly walk off campus. If they become violent, trust in your ability to outrun libtards.

2018-10-13 05:11:37 UTC

@Jacob I'm just nervous about activism as a whole, I wouldn't go at night, just using as an example of even more aninomity but still having nerves about it

2018-10-13 05:11:56 UTC

@TylerHess Around here there's no Antifa, but Jamal does ostensibly have to get to morning practice.

2018-10-13 05:12:10 UTC

I've put up stickers at my own college during the day alone

2018-10-13 05:12:16 UTC

I would not recommend that though

2018-10-13 05:12:17 UTC

But local Tyrones probably don't know I.E.

2018-10-13 05:12:25 UTC

unless you've been in this for a while

2018-10-13 05:12:41 UTC

'It's a classical book club'

2018-10-13 05:13:02 UTC

Yeah, I wasn't even considering my own uni. The considered area is a closer community college.

2018-10-13 05:13:24 UTC

Itโ€™s pretty unlikely to be caught in the act by people you know

2018-10-13 05:13:30 UTC

I once postered with a friend and he would pick a target, run up, and run away

2018-10-13 05:13:36 UTC

That's how *not* to do it tbh

2018-10-13 05:13:46 UTC

though it seemed reasonable at the time

2018-10-13 05:13:50 UTC

Draws way too much attention

2018-10-13 05:13:50 UTC

literally just act normal

2018-10-13 05:14:09 UTC


2018-10-13 05:14:33 UTC

*checking maps to make sure I don't flyer near diversity center by accident*

2018-10-13 05:15:04 UTC

Need IE posters with Koba on it so we can just say its a lost dog ad

2018-10-13 05:15:08 UTC

I had some Mexican guy actually become really afraid when he saw what we were putting up, which was silly because we had politely given him help in locating his lost car seconds earlier.

2018-10-13 05:15:43 UTC

Videos and pictures of IE members tend to not spread far. If it happens, continue acting normal, donโ€™t cause a scene that would increase engagement on the internet

2018-10-13 05:17:02 UTC

Plus if they get scared for whatever reason they wonโ€™t act in a level headed manner, and are unlikely to take pictures of you anyway

2018-10-13 05:18:20 UTC

I guess I'm particularly spooked of that one target. My mom was high up in that large town / small city's school district. Boomer women gossip.
I think I'll just resolve to hit the higher reward / lower risk two universities Tuesday and/or Thursday.

2018-10-13 05:19:00 UTC

Yeah, I'm not a confrontational guy. I'm more likely to run than fight (although I know one shouldn't run either)

2018-10-13 05:19:04 UTC

a great rule to live by when postering is to look like a normal well adjusted person

2018-10-13 05:24:09 UTC

I'm pretty stoic externally. And I am quite plain other than my height. I think I will try to just have a chapter mate tag along my first time.

2018-10-13 05:24:23 UTC

@fgtveassassin got you covered


2018-10-13 05:28:09 UTC

I really like the term โ€œdiversity taxโ€ Allsup used in his latest video

2018-10-13 05:46:58 UTC

The meme that keeps on giving.


2018-10-13 05:49:55 UTC


2018-10-13 05:50:33 UTC
2018-10-13 05:51:28 UTC

I'm reading it backwards to spite you

2018-10-13 05:52:35 UTC


2018-10-13 05:52:43 UTC

Dude this is an insane amount of self awareness

2018-10-13 05:52:49 UTC

>mfw Star Wars propagandists get theirs'


2018-10-13 05:53:08 UTC

Lord, make me an instrument of your will. Where there is injustice against my people may I bring right. Where there is error may I bring truth. Where my people despair may I bring hope. Grant that I may comfort my people rather than to be comforted - to serve them rather than to be served. For it is by putting the needs of my people before my own that I may best serve to secure the existence of my race and a future for White children. Good night, and peace be with you.

2018-10-13 05:53:23 UTC

@Singleton Mosby WV Blessed and Breadpilled. Good night, sir!

2018-10-13 05:56:03 UTC

I'll give Cernovich this, he helped derailed Marvel fanboys' hopes and dreams.
It needed doing.

2018-10-13 05:56:32 UTC

@Wood-Ape - OK/MN what was Cerno's role?

2018-10-13 05:57:13 UTC

Didn't he coordinate the campaign to uncover James Gunn's creepy tweets, leading to his firing from Guardians of the Galaxy 3?

2018-10-13 05:57:20 UTC

Maybe "single handedly" is too strong.

2018-10-13 05:57:41 UTC

I honestly have no idea, so I'm just wondering

2018-10-13 05:59:18 UTC

I'm ready for bugman religion replacement (star wars, marvel, etc) to go down in flames. And I say this as someone who spent thirty years of life hooked on the stuff.

2018-10-13 06:04:53 UTC

in middle school I had a lot of friends into that stuff but I couldn't keep up with it all. that stuff is expensive and requires a lot of time

2018-10-13 06:05:07 UTC

they read the books and would have the lego models and all that kind of stuff

2018-10-13 06:07:06 UTC

Yeah, it really does consume you. I can't blame anyone but myself for putting the energy of my youth into it. I did have Boy Scouts too, at least.

2018-10-13 06:09:09 UTC

I think I took it as a deracinated substitute for culture.

2018-10-13 06:09:10 UTC

I lucked out in that I was just naturally interested in some stuff that turns out to be kind of useful

2018-10-13 06:10:49 UTC

I was told to "follow your passion and the money will follow" which now i know is kinda nonsense but luckily my passion was math so I'm doing OK. A lot of kids I went to school followed their passion into trying to spin up acting careers and they spent most of their 20s on that and then gave up.

2018-10-13 06:11:06 UTC

Nothing wrong with settling but they had wasted so much time and energy on a futile effort

2018-10-13 06:11:20 UTC

because of bad advice

2018-10-13 06:11:40 UTC

@ThisIsChris Anthropology is nearly as bad as acting. It creates 95% Cultural Marxists, 5% Human Biodiversity Spergs.

2018-10-13 06:12:15 UTC


2018-10-13 06:48:04 UTC

@Wood-Ape - OK/MN Did we get the 5% HBD sperg in @Reinhard Wolff ? ๐Ÿค”

2018-10-13 06:48:48 UTC

@Asatru Artist - MD I was speaking for myself. I won't put the boss in a box.

2018-10-13 06:49:02 UTC

It was my first major, long ago.

2018-10-13 06:50:29 UTC

I've got a Bachelor of Fine Arts, so I'm certainly not one to talk...

2018-10-13 06:50:41 UTC


2018-10-13 06:53:41 UTC

I love how Wendig's avatar went from happy soyboy to unamused and irritated over those course of events.

2018-10-13 06:56:42 UTC

Who knows, maybe he'll wake up one day.

2018-10-13 06:59:28 UTC

It's too bad Rick & Morty now is operating autonomously beyond Dan Harmon... I was hoping it'd go down when he had his meltdown

2018-10-13 07:31:18 UTC

> Israel has a guarded wall
> calls whites that want a wall "white supremacists"

2018-10-13 07:31:23 UTC


2018-10-13 08:59:29 UTC

Seeing white chads with Asian girls almost makes me as mad as seeing white Staceyโ€™s with black guys at this point.

2018-10-13 08:59:50 UTC

One of my old buddies got with a fat Asian girl. Not even top tier man....

2018-10-13 09:04:12 UTC

It's kind of worse in a way

2018-10-13 09:04:33 UTC

Men are supposed to be less susceptible to social pressure

2018-10-13 09:16:07 UTC

https://youtu.be/S1km0W8y9jU 7:25 it gets interesting. This is big.

2018-10-13 12:38:22 UTC

Wake up, turn on fox, see Dave Rubin shilling against White Americans, angrily yell at TV, irritate parents, go make more coffee

2018-10-13 12:39:04 UTC

The level of audacity to shill like that with a straight face is insane to me

2018-10-13 12:39:25 UTC

What is Jewish taqiyya called

2018-10-13 12:46:41 UTC

Jesus now its Omar Navarro, baste Latino in California

2018-10-13 12:47:33 UTC

I didnโ€™t watch fox or tv at all for so long after waking up. I assumed it would be better than this. No wonder even the normie conservatives are so limp wristed wew

2018-10-13 13:02:51 UTC

@Sam Southern - TN
Calm down big fella ๐Ÿ˜‰

2018-10-13 13:04:58 UTC

Drinking morning coffee while shouting at the news...
@Sam Southern - TN


2018-10-13 13:05:18 UTC

I'm only on my first coffee, I'll get there

2018-10-13 14:08:19 UTC

Was doing some overtime today, cleaning robots and listening to red elephants. Coworker comes over to me and says, โ€œarenโ€™t you 19? And you listen to talk radio?โ€

Itโ€™s almost as if caring about your country falling apart isnโ€™t specific to age or something.

2018-10-13 14:51:55 UTC

We are all old people at heart with our beliefs.

2018-10-13 14:58:43 UTC

Good morning!

2018-10-13 15:07:41 UTC

Med gang flexing lately

2018-10-13 15:10:54 UTC

Oh another <#359019358204198926>

2018-10-13 15:11:40 UTC

Zulu gang has apparently drawn out the mysterious correlation between not having farms, and starvation. Its learning.

2018-10-13 15:11:44 UTC


2018-10-13 15:31:17 UTC

Zulu King wants to protect his inherited land from expropriation

2018-10-13 15:33:26 UTC

Yeah, the Zulu care nothing for the whites, this is a move to protect themselves.

2018-10-13 15:46:46 UTC

The Zulu were way more into colonization than the Boer

2018-10-13 16:08:47 UTC

I just saw a voting matters ad on YouTube, it's funny how they are supposed to be bipartisan but everyone in the ad said they were voting for things like "common sense gun laws" and the lgbtqaaxkxnsid+ community

2018-10-13 16:10:23 UTC

"The Jewish connection with modern Freemasonry is an established fact everywhere manifested in its history. The Jewish formulas employed by Freemasonry, the Jewish traditions which run through its ceremonial, point to a Jewish origin, or to the work of Jewish contrivers . . . . Who knows but behind the Atheism and desire of gain which impels them to urge on Christians to persecute the Church and destroy it, there lies a hidden hope to reconstruct their Temple, and in the darkest depths of secret society plotting there lurks a deeper society still which looks to a return to the land of Judah and to the re- building of the Temple of Jerusalem?"
Pope Leo XIII

2018-10-13 17:41:03 UTC

So guess who's looting up Panama City and shooting people who are defending their families and homes from invaders?


2018-10-13 17:43:01 UTC


2018-10-13 17:43:29 UTC

poor and disenfranchised?

2018-10-13 17:43:49 UTC
2018-10-13 17:44:01 UTC

"To the extent that it matters, I'm not gay."

2018-10-13 17:44:28 UTC



2018-10-13 18:04:17 UTC

Are they trying to say white ppl are invincible


2018-10-13 18:09:14 UTC

These Kanye West appearances on Kimmel and at the White House are great.

The media telling reddit-tier viewers that he is going insane is going to backfire not just with blacks but with whites who actually watch these.

Kanye is just a philosophically-inclined contrarian entertainer which is something people love.

2018-10-13 18:09:28 UTC

He sounds like he's really anxious on Kimmel and Kimmel is just bullying him openly.

2018-10-13 18:24:45 UTC


2018-10-13 18:27:28 UTC

I have way too much dairy

2018-10-13 18:46:37 UTC

No such thing.

2018-10-13 19:28:52 UTC


2018-10-13 19:29:55 UTC

FINALLY some good news!

2018-10-13 19:30:30 UTC

Can't wait to start pushing for federal anti-gamer legislation.

2018-10-13 19:31:45 UTC

gamers under attack again

2018-10-13 19:32:27 UTC

Console peasants will not replace us!

2018-10-13 19:35:26 UTC

"Back of the bus, **gamer**" growled leader of Identity Evropa @Reinhard Wolff , lips curled into a nasty snarl.

2018-10-13 19:39:53 UTC

@The Eternal Anglo Homeowner was shot?

2018-10-13 19:39:59 UTC


2018-10-13 19:40:13 UTC

Heโ€™ll yeah

2018-10-13 19:52:45 UTC

a wall would be nice. and the removal of H1b. and the opiod epidemic. and the immigrants.

2018-10-13 20:01:07 UTC

If illegals were voting for conservatives en masse, Dems would be holding hearings to impeach the entire DHS for not building a wall yet

2018-10-13 20:06:37 UTC

@Phillip Wiglesworth - FL how ya holding up Florida man?

2018-10-13 20:13:13 UTC

Everyone please welcome @Gumbo - AZ!

2018-10-13 20:13:50 UTC

Hello all

2018-10-13 20:18:11 UTC

Welcome to the finest Identitarian organization in the country @Gumbo - AZ ! <:deye:359010025223618570>

2018-10-13 20:29:51 UTC

@Gumbo - AZ welcome!

2018-10-13 20:31:40 UTC

23 and me was way off compared


2018-10-13 20:32:16 UTC

100% European

2018-10-13 20:32:36 UTC


2018-10-13 20:32:51 UTC

I sincerely hope we arenโ€™t discriminating against Gamers in this Discord server. That would be unfortunate.

2018-10-13 20:32:59 UTC

I still gotta do my 23&me now that I think of it

2018-10-13 20:34:46 UTC

@Sam Anderson doing pretty good now. Got a generator yesterday to run my fridge, deep freezer, and a window unit a/c for my kidsโ€™ room. Debris and trees are mostly all cleared from roadways, except the trees tangled in power lines and broken poles. Theyโ€™re working right now on the street that feeds my neighborhood, and power has flickered a few times today, so I suspect itโ€™ll be back on fully later. City says 70% should be restored today, and 90% tomorrow

2018-10-13 20:44:23 UTC

Greetings fellas

2018-10-13 20:50:05 UTC

Unlike Katrina, you won't be hearing much about the impact of Hurricane Michael soon. The year before Katrina, FL was hit 5x by hurricanes. I wonder what the difference was between New Orleans and C, SW, and NW FL?

2018-10-13 20:50:06 UTC

@Ald welcome!

2018-10-13 20:50:19 UTC

Hey @Ald . The Maryland Empire grows!

2018-10-13 21:00:43 UTC

@Madbent I guarantee the dmg from Michael is worse than Katrina. Weโ€™re talking a 150-200 mile wide path of varying degrees of destruction...from TOTAL wipeout of coastal cities, down to just power grid destruction like here in Tally, with only minor degrees of building dmg.

The difference between Katrina and Michael is demographics. Here, everyone is generally just helping everyone else out with anything and everything, instead of sitting on our asses and demanding the govโ€™t show up to our doors and shower us with money and supplies

2018-10-13 21:02:24 UTC

@Phillip Wiglesworth - FL Precisely. Katrina's worst damage wasn't New Orleans anyway. Coastal towns like Pass Christian on the MS coast were completely obliterated. Yet, they rebuilt within 6 months. When you have the demographics of Haiti, you get outcomes like Haiti.

2018-10-13 21:07:20 UTC


2018-10-13 21:08:40 UTC

Thatโ€™s the street that feeds my neighborhood, and I can assure you itโ€™s a similar picture everywhere here in Tally where itโ€™s a canopy road

2018-10-13 21:10:12 UTC

Just told my parents about ie

2018-10-13 21:10:26 UTC

They referred to the media and everyone else

2018-10-13 21:10:33 UTC

Didnโ€™t believe a word I said

2018-10-13 21:10:53 UTC

Donโ€™t believe that white men like me are oppressed

2018-10-13 21:11:54 UTC

Eyo more DC area dudes. Yes

2018-10-13 21:13:13 UTC


2018-10-13 21:15:59 UTC

@Trashboat yeah, I know that feel

2018-10-13 21:17:13 UTC

I've gotten my mother to admit and basically spell it all out, she clearly understands what I'm talking about, but goes back to watching cnn 5 minutes later

2018-10-13 21:17:23 UTC

it's tiresome

2018-10-13 21:17:40 UTC

Really is

2018-10-13 21:19:06 UTC

@Trashboat my dad won't listen to any of it. He and my friends will pretend to listen but all the while they are thinking of the best talking point they can pull up to get us back on the reservation.

2018-10-13 21:21:20 UTC

I hope they come around once the power of the left completely breaks but it could linger on for years. Unfortunately I have to keep their negativity out of our lives until they are willing to think about someone besides themselves. The dedication the politically correct dogma is really a fundamentally selfish act.

2018-10-13 21:22:14 UTC

Things that never happened


2018-10-13 21:30:43 UTC

And then everyone clapped

2018-10-13 21:31:17 UTC

a Latinx woman came up and gave him a hug and said "I know."

2018-10-13 21:33:22 UTC

so brave ๐Ÿ˜ฉ

2018-10-13 21:33:41 UTC

Is that the gay version of the soyboy face?

2018-10-13 21:35:26 UTC

lmao he just walked up to him in a grocery store and said "hey bro I'm a Nazi"

2018-10-13 21:36:23 UTC

@Phillip Wiglesworth - FL I grew up in FL and lived in NOLA after Katrina. The agency difference between the two was pretty stark. Every time we had a hurricane or TS in FL, we knew the evac plan and what to do. All damage was cleaned up swiftly. New Orleans? Took a decade, and they whined about it and sucked in boatloads of cash the entire time. Complete and total replica of the corrupt African foreign aid regime.

2018-10-13 21:44:41 UTC

Yeh I donโ€™t know what the home situation is now

2018-10-13 21:44:50 UTC

I left like an hour ago

2018-10-13 21:46:24 UTC

I showed them the ie mission statement and that was dismissed

2018-10-13 22:15:27 UTC

Anytime I see shit like this it's so upsetting


2018-10-13 22:17:24 UTC

@StevePines -WA take all that frustration and go lift weights

2018-10-13 22:19:48 UTC

@StevePines -WA what part of Washington?

2018-10-13 22:25:39 UTC

He's gonna be part of our team once you move up here

2018-10-13 22:29:45 UTC

She needs to change her name to @idiotlauren

2018-10-13 22:37:21 UTC

@Logan Eastern

2018-10-13 22:58:49 UTC

@StevePines -WA nice. moving to western Montana so we will be pretty close to guys near Spokane

2018-10-13 22:59:17 UTC

@Nemets interviewing to help with the Montana Senate race or Oregon Gubernatorial race as a paid rabble rouser

2018-10-13 22:59:36 UTC

They have jobs in Southern California too. Want me to email you?

2018-10-13 23:10:11 UTC

Ow gawd, imagine my shock who is financing the Dems for the midterms... ๐Ÿ‘ƒ๐Ÿป

2018-10-14 00:15:29 UTC


2018-10-14 00:21:34 UTC

oh gawd

2018-10-14 00:25:29 UTC

is anybody else having troubles with Discord acting up today ?

2018-10-14 00:26:51 UTC


2018-10-14 00:26:53 UTC


2018-10-14 00:26:57 UTC
2018-10-14 00:27:06 UTC

What is the meaning of the pledge role?

2018-10-14 00:30:25 UTC

@Ald Once you have attended a pledge meeting on Discord (Tuesday evenings I believe) and had your second interview, you'll be a full member. Until then, you'll have the pledge tag.

2018-10-14 00:30:53 UTC

Welcome, fellow MD'er, btw. <:deye:359010025223618570>

2018-10-14 00:31:10 UTC

Thanks bro, hail Odin ๐Ÿ‘€

2018-10-14 00:31:37 UTC

@Ald Welcome!

2018-10-14 00:34:24 UTC

Hail Jesus

2018-10-14 00:36:49 UTC

Oh, boy. Here we go...

2018-10-14 00:37:31 UTC

@Ald welcome to Identity Evropa

2018-10-14 00:37:58 UTC


2018-10-14 00:38:00 UTC

I'm here

2018-10-14 00:38:16 UTC


2018-10-14 00:39:58 UTC

Want to pay for DEFEND THE ROCKIES, but Zelle doesn't carry my local meme bank. What do?

2018-10-14 00:40:20 UTC

Send greenbacks @Wood-Ape - OK/MN

2018-10-14 00:40:35 UTC


2018-10-14 00:40:59 UTC

@Valaska It took a month when I did that with my dues.

2018-10-14 00:42:00 UTC

Not complaining, just worried that's not quick enough to get confirmed for DtR.

2018-10-14 00:43:43 UTC
2018-10-14 00:45:52 UTC

@Wood-Ape - OK/MN DM me a photo of the envelope and and dollar amount. We'll get you confirmed and then check on the P. O. Box later.

2018-10-14 00:46:32 UTC

@Argument of Perigee Thank you sir, will do Monday. What is the new address? I heard it changed.

2018-10-14 00:47:41 UTC

Identity Evropa
PO Box 660
New Market, VA 22844

2018-10-14 00:47:45 UTC
2018-10-14 00:49:25 UTC


2018-10-14 00:52:38 UTC

See you there ๐Ÿ’ช

2018-10-14 00:54:24 UTC
2018-10-14 00:55:13 UTC

hmmm, well, statistically there has to be one or two of them.

2018-10-14 00:55:29 UTC

Forgive my skepticism, however.

2018-10-14 00:56:17 UTC

What has two thumbs and doesn't care? This guy ๐Ÿ‘ ๐Ÿ˜‘ ๐Ÿ‘

2018-10-14 01:01:35 UTC

But if he's for real, I will support him in a bid for President of his nation, provided he hands over the red calf for goyish safe keeping. ๐Ÿ‚

2018-10-14 01:07:19 UTC

White pill : look at all the new guys in receiving

2018-10-14 01:14:11 UTC

Just watched some White Rationalist...needs work. He accused us of ๐Ÿ‘Ž๐Ÿป his videos, but there are like few views and fewer ๐Ÿ‘Ž๐Ÿป. Funny guy.

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