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2018-10-08 22:28:05 UTC

There he is

2018-10-08 22:28:20 UTC

The glorious thing about IE is that we all have a common goal, even though we really are _diverse_ in the sense that religion, politics, and that sort of stuff is all over the spectrum within the org. As Admin said, some topics just lead down a road that are distracting from the common goal and better left to discussing elsewhere.

2018-10-08 22:28:37 UTC

I feel like these discussions are okay if you keep it civil and people who might be offended can opt out, so reviving that might work. Ultimately though, I doubt anyone will change their religious beliefs based on a discord chat and it might just be counter-productive

2018-10-08 22:28:56 UTC

Sorry guys, i thought that as long as it did not get heated we were good... but it was a good reminder. I appreciate you reminding me of rule 3. We are all in this together, i consider you guys all family

2018-10-08 22:29:27 UTC

You're all good, brother. Thank you for understanding @Grayson. Much respect

2018-10-08 22:29:44 UTC

@TMatthews They are, thing is, all it takes is one person to come along with an inappropriate remark and then we're cleaning up a big mess. Easier to just not have it here.

2018-10-08 22:30:53 UTC

I personally think such topics are fascinating, so if you wanna discuss, bug @JohnStrasser for invites.

2018-10-08 22:31:15 UTC

How about that sports ball gents

2018-10-08 22:31:27 UTC


2018-10-08 22:31:28 UTC

@MrDefault I changed my AVI! sheesh!

2018-10-08 22:31:56 UTC


2018-10-08 22:32:25 UTC

I really like how number 3 runs the sports ball

2018-10-08 22:33:06 UTC

School is cancelled for the rest of the week here due to the hurricane coming, and ya my 2 oldest daughters decided to fight over who got to sleep downstairs tonight and watch movies on the big tv instead of the one in their room. It was a big mess there for a few minutes.

2018-10-08 22:33:33 UTC

@Phillip Wiglesworth - FL, a moderator both on and off the server.

2018-10-08 22:33:51 UTC

lol kids! so i was in Ocala FL over the weekend... i flew out of Tampa late last night and it was raining like heck

2018-10-08 22:34:01 UTC

I unplugged the tv in the living room and sent them to their room...to watch movies together. @sigruna14

2018-10-08 22:34:31 UTC

Ocala FL; horse capital of the world !!

2018-10-08 22:34:41 UTC

i wanted to see alligators but all i saw was horses.

2018-10-08 22:35:35 UTC
2018-10-08 22:36:35 UTC

They _will_ learn to love each other

2018-10-08 22:37:19 UTC

How old are they?

2018-10-08 22:39:20 UTC

give them a book

2018-10-08 22:39:56 UTC

The Fourth Political Theory would make excellent bedtime reading

2018-10-08 22:41:17 UTC

@TMatthews 9 and 8

2018-10-08 22:43:13 UTC

My sister and I got along well at that age, but I doubt that would have been the case if we shared a room

2018-10-08 22:44:20 UTC

For kids, if you plan to have 3+, you need at least three bedrooms (parents, boys, girls), and that's IF you nursery in the parental room (rough). So that's four if a separate nursery?

2018-10-08 22:44:26 UTC

Let me know if I'm off-base.

2018-10-08 22:46:12 UTC

Ideally, they'd at least get their own room as teenagers, but we shouldn't let not being able to afford a mansion stop us from having large families

2018-10-08 22:48:08 UTC

Yeah my little brother would not sleep in a separate room from me until he was around 8. Kids do not need their own room until they are teens.

2018-10-08 22:49:06 UTC

@TMatthews ya, those 2 share a room currently. They begged to when we moved to this house, but that was 5 years ago and they're now growing into the age that they want time away from each other. Fighting is not the way to earn it, so we're teaching them to either compromise politely, or we choose for them.

2018-10-08 22:51:02 UTC

@Phillip Wiglesworth - FL That's smart. At least they're close in age. I have a teenage cousin who's 8-10 years older than her sisters and she can barely stand sharing the house with them

2018-10-08 22:51:39 UTC

"You're the meanest daddy in the world!"
_Ya, you won't say that later when you figure out you can take turns tonight, tomorrow, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday._

2018-10-08 22:51:54 UTC

> tfw only child and has no clue what sharing is ๐Ÿ˜ณ

2018-10-08 22:53:48 UTC

I'd hate to be an only child

2018-10-08 22:54:30 UTC

Soooo...now I'm waiting for them to come down and tell me they figured out they can take turns, (I can hear them upstairs discussing it right now ๐Ÿ˜‚ ๐Ÿ˜‚ ) and ask me to plug the TV back in.

2018-10-08 22:56:37 UTC


2018-10-08 22:56:54 UTC

My sisters were six years apart and shared a room for three years. Luckily though my mom was clever and set up dividers and furniture that smartly bisected the room as much as possible (older still had to walk through part of youngers' to get to her zone.)

2018-10-08 22:59:06 UTC


2018-10-08 23:01:12 UTC

Oh yeah, dm me if you want an invite, I'm actually probably gonna give control of that server to someone else. Baby on the way and work is crazy.

2018-10-08 23:12:20 UTC


I'm going on record saying that if Russia ever invades I'm going to surrender instantly.

2018-10-08 23:13:00 UTC

Water doggo

2018-10-08 23:15:08 UTC

Russians spending millions just to troll America

2018-10-08 23:17:13 UTC

@Procella Eques They're a more serious people than we are.

2018-10-08 23:17:28 UTC

Are we any more efficient? Lets spend billions on more diversity training, thatl show em.

2018-10-08 23:17:54 UTC

@Sam Anderson I can think of more uses for a trained seal, though.

2018-10-08 23:19:25 UTC

I was gonna say. The seals are probably more obedient and reliable than some black women in the military.

2018-10-08 23:19:54 UTC

More athletic too.

2018-10-08 23:19:57 UTC

My buddy, who is Latino, lefty, and a vet even admitted to me that blacks get away with so much in the military.

2018-10-08 23:27:49 UTC

Ethnostate Navy (literal) Seals when? ๐Ÿ˜ฉ

2018-10-08 23:39:58 UTC

can I get a hand from someone here whoโ€™s good with excel/google sheets? in dms

would be much appreciated

2018-10-08 23:50:58 UTC

really? Serbia?

2018-10-08 23:51:06 UTC

Kosovo je Srbija

2018-10-08 23:51:29 UTC

Stay mad bosnians

2018-10-08 23:51:38 UTC


2018-10-08 23:51:51 UTC

are there any Bosnians even in ie

2018-10-08 23:52:05 UTC

We donโ€™t allow brown people

2018-10-08 23:52:47 UTC


2018-10-09 00:24:56 UTC


2018-10-09 00:26:21 UTC

wait what exactly

2018-10-09 00:26:52 UTC

this is Tariq Nasheed level

2018-10-09 00:27:21 UTC

@Deleted User You mean musical artist K-Flex, maestro of the perennial opus "Wash yo ass"?

2018-10-09 00:27:51 UTC

my eyes have been opened to, uhm, *that*

2018-10-09 00:30:26 UTC

โ€œis the future of hate multiculturalโ€

2018-10-09 00:41:10 UTC

If anyone has a nice newish unlocked android smart phone that they'd want to get rid of or sell for cheap, please DM me.

2018-10-09 00:41:48 UTC

Mine crapped out and I'm not looking forward to spending several hundred bucks on a replacement.

2018-10-09 00:52:57 UTC

Your best be is likely WALMART.

2018-10-09 00:54:52 UTC

Or online. just thought that perhaps someone just bought an upgrade and have a paperweight sitting on their dresser.

2018-10-09 00:57:55 UTC

I had a nice phone that was hacked and held hostage. I pitched it. I'm the kind of guy who shoots hostages. I prefer if they cost lest than $40.00.

2018-10-09 01:01:12 UTC


2018-10-09 01:01:27 UTC

@Deleted User If you have little luck, I use a Motorola Moto E4 Plus. Paid $120 for it and find it fantastic.

2018-10-09 01:02:19 UTC

The phone I broke was a g4 +

2018-10-09 01:02:29 UTC

Probably get that 200 dollar honor whatever

2018-10-09 01:03:29 UTC

@Gene I know Game of Thrones is top bugman, but I can't help but feel like this https://youtu.be/ggUsmxtYOE4?t=86
"We're not doing it you're way."

2018-10-09 01:06:37 UTC

If that fat communist bastard doesn't finish the book series before he dies I am going to be pissed tbh

2018-10-09 01:07:56 UTC

@Kingfish I've let go. Post season 4 filler foolery made it easy.

2018-10-09 01:08:03 UTC

did he publish book 8 yet?

2018-10-09 01:08:13 UTC

@Deleted User He hasn't published book SIX yet

2018-10-09 01:08:14 UTC

Dude book 6 hasn't even come out yet

2018-10-09 01:08:17 UTC


2018-10-09 01:08:18 UTC

it's a 7 book series

2018-10-09 01:08:23 UTC

Oh, right

2018-10-09 01:08:30 UTC

been years since ive read them

2018-10-09 01:08:40 UTC

@Wood-Ape - OK/MN I mean yeah the show is trash but the books still have a hint of good content imo

2018-10-09 01:08:42 UTC

Not trying to soy up the place. Just thought it was a good response to the above tweet.

2018-10-09 01:08:49 UTC

@Kingfish True.

2018-10-09 01:09:15 UTC

While my main manz Stannis lives, I will keep sending him my soybucks

2018-10-09 01:10:01 UTC

Stannis Baratheon would have a GAB account

2018-10-09 01:10:45 UTC

Stan the Man. Check out HBO's "John Adams." Stephen Dillane (stannis) Plays Jefferson

2018-10-09 01:10:59 UTC

They're strangely similar. Broody sperg geniuses.

2018-10-09 01:11:06 UTC

I have it on DVD

2018-10-09 01:11:09 UTC

really good series

2018-10-09 01:11:13 UTC

GRRM doesn't have to work for a living anymore, he's been writing short novels and going to conventions. He hates the main storyline now. Best case scenario is like LOTR where he gives his unedited work to someone competent when he dies to give us a good ending

2018-10-09 01:11:54 UTC

Wheel of Time would have been great if it was shorter

2018-10-09 01:11:59 UTC

I think he's got manuscripts done but realized that in his sick (and incredibly entertaining) process of subverting the European heroic story, he wrote himself into a knot he can't untie

2018-10-09 01:12:53 UTC

@Patrick True. He grew up poor and nerdy in Bayonne, NJ. Had shit luck with feminist GFs, labored in obscurity writing sci-fi for his life. Now he's a wealthy celebrity. It's sad, and I don't approve him letting another man (((HBO))) raise his child (he has no real children), but one can understand how it happens.

2018-10-09 01:13:19 UTC

@Kingfish The Poz Button episode on GoT is really good. They mention Stannis being the closest thing to an Indo-European king hero.

2018-10-09 01:13:28 UTC

Yeah I've listened to it

2018-10-09 01:13:35 UTC

really well thought out episode

2018-10-09 01:14:06 UTC

Stannis is the only character who (in the books) embodies the tropes of heroism and duty

2018-10-09 01:14:26 UTC

by doing what they did in the show they sabotaged him.

2018-10-09 01:14:26 UTC

Jon doesn't?

2018-10-09 01:15:05 UTC

Eh honestly I suppose, but he's more like the guy who was special from the start

2018-10-09 01:15:22 UTC

true. He's a 'secret chosen one'

2018-10-09 01:16:41 UTC

I'd argue he's also in the television series submitted himself as a hero to who the Showrunners see as their hero

2018-10-09 01:17:18 UTC

Yeah. Daenerys is not *my* hero, that's for sure.

2018-10-09 01:17:46 UTC

She's a bit of a dumb thot

2018-10-09 01:17:54 UTC

yeah certainly. She's a weak character in the books, and a terrible show character.

2018-10-09 01:23:57 UTC

I for one, am proudly full GoT bugman. I just went to the live concert, sat in the front row, and met the damn composer. And yep, my vote was always for Stannis, the One True King.

2018-10-09 01:24:42 UTC

I wonder if the dissident Right / pro-whites are usually pro-Stannis... ๐Ÿค”

2018-10-09 01:24:59 UTC

It seems so

2018-10-09 01:25:17 UTC

Probably so - he's all for order and discipline.

2018-10-09 01:25:24 UTC

The Methnostate crowd maybe likes Euron. I wouldn't bother asking.

2018-10-09 01:25:31 UTC


2018-10-09 01:50:40 UTC

@Madbent I'm out of the loop a few seasons but the fire god seems pretty Abrahamic

2018-10-09 01:51:01 UTC

Or whatever the red colored god Stannis serves is

2018-10-09 01:52:03 UTC

@Logan Zorastrian, I'd say.

2018-10-09 01:52:13 UTC

The Faith of the Seven is the faux-Catholicism.

2018-10-09 01:52:42 UTC

@Logan The 'Lord of Light' vs the unnamed dark god is the closest that universe has to an Abrahamic religion.

2018-10-09 01:58:51 UTC

Moly's gettin' in on the livstream game: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=il2kxwtuVhQ?vq=hd1080

2018-10-09 02:01:00 UTC

@Matthias Yeah, Patriot Peer's gonna be YUGE. Can't help but think that it's gonna be a strong avenue for recruitment...

2018-10-09 02:01:40 UTC

Check out <#359019358204198926> , Lana is 4k upboats on r_theDonald

2018-10-09 02:02:23 UTC

She ain't wrong...

2018-10-09 02:02:37 UTC

@Asatru Artist - MD Of course not! She's right!

2018-10-09 02:02:45 UTC

Oh, God. Moly just described Lady Gaga as being extremely talented, and having a great singing voice...

2018-10-09 02:02:51 UTC

I'm stoked that more r_tD readers will check out RedIce

2018-10-09 02:03:29 UTC

Couldn't do anymore. Had to turn him off.

2018-10-09 02:04:08 UTC

Lady Gaga is an avatar of Weimar

2018-10-09 02:04:33 UTC

@Wood-Ape - OK/MN Steak dresses aren't wholesome? ๐Ÿค”

2018-10-09 02:05:22 UTC

@Asatru Artist - MD Bloody wasteful! And smells of Moloch!

2018-10-09 02:06:54 UTC

*hides his bacon cargo shorts...*

2018-10-09 02:07:57 UTC

@Asatru Artist - MD "Ewwwwwwww..."


2018-10-09 02:21:32 UTC



2018-10-09 02:23:29 UTC

Daily gondor is the best NormieBook page

2018-10-09 02:24:04 UTC

@Bjorn - MD I love Ernest! He is implicitly white lol! Earnest scared stupid was my favorite movie of his. I still watch it every halloween.

2018-10-09 02:24:40 UTC

@wayne peek Ernest can only exist in a high-trust society

2018-10-09 02:24:49 UTC


2018-10-09 02:24:49 UTC

Somalis would take advantage of him

2018-10-09 02:26:56 UTC

wholesome stuff. Jim Varny ๐Ÿ™ ๐Ÿ‘ผ <:rebel:377174991046967296>

2018-10-09 02:27:21 UTC

The Orc/Trolls in Earnest Scared Stupid can't handle milk... hmm...

2018-10-09 02:27:30 UTC

Wonder who they represent

2018-10-09 02:27:46 UTC

you mean authentic Bulgarian miak?

2018-10-09 02:30:41 UTC

>Troll has 2 noses...
๐Ÿค” <:4dchess:439923932062154782>

2018-10-09 03:07:46 UTC

@hbutzer0511 dude i was just catching up on posts and saw your post on 'young men of color joining white identitarian groups. very cool indeed. thanks for sharing.

2018-10-09 03:12:48 UTC

@Grayson LOL Whut?

2018-10-09 03:13:04 UTC

What groups are these nonwhite men joining?

2018-10-09 03:13:25 UTC

@Grayson You got it brother. I am positive there is a semite or two giving a helping hand two those fine "Identitarian" groups and driving them towards the dead end.

2018-10-09 03:13:38 UTC

@hbutzer0511 you may have to repost that article ! a lot of people missed it

2018-10-09 03:15:47 UTC

you think so ? well.... maybe... i don't know though.... maybe it is legit and there are a few who rise above the rest.... i had a black guy telling me he was embarrassed by the black lives matter movement and how black people behave.

2018-10-09 03:17:51 UTC

@Hakujin - CA according to the article they are joining Proud Boys

2018-10-09 03:18:16 UTC

@Grayson Lol. That's not even identitarian.

2018-10-09 03:18:51 UTC

IE is in desperate need of more diversity. Too many white cishet men.

2018-10-09 03:19:19 UTC

Yeah, we need more white cishet wamyn. ๐Ÿ˜‰

2018-10-09 03:22:28 UTC


2018-10-09 03:22:36 UTC

We need more white men and women

2018-10-09 03:22:57 UTC

anime girls count towards diversity

2018-10-09 03:23:15 UTC
2018-10-09 03:23:17 UTC

Iโ€™m sorry, I had to

2018-10-09 03:23:42 UTC

@The Eternal Anglo who said that? that seems like a reasonable thing to do

2018-10-09 03:24:06 UTC

@The Eternal Anglo no dude that is something an awful husband would do

2018-10-09 03:24:11 UTC

Like what were you thinking

2018-10-09 03:25:05 UTC

Is someone telling you otherwise?

2018-10-09 03:25:12 UTC

I don't plan on being cucked by a hurricane, but just wanted your thoughts

2018-10-09 03:25:17 UTC


2018-10-09 03:25:19 UTC


2018-10-09 03:25:31 UTC

Itโ€™s a hurricane

2018-10-09 03:25:36 UTC

Get everyone to safety

2018-10-09 03:26:04 UTC

yeah, having a dick-measuring contest with Mother Nature isnโ€™t the best idea

2018-10-09 03:26:11 UTC

@The Eternal Anglo Dude, people could die. There is no "cucking" here.

2018-10-09 03:27:14 UTC

do not be this guy


2018-10-09 03:28:37 UTC

We got plenty of water and all the other essentials, we should be okay ๐Ÿ‘Œ

2018-10-09 03:28:52 UTC

Going to hit the second best state tomorrow: Georgia

2018-10-09 03:29:57 UTC

@The Eternal Anglo you and your family and all other IE members in Florida are in our prayers .

2018-10-09 03:34:12 UTC

Tfw one of the leading right-wing italian politicians is a weeaboo


2018-10-09 03:35:11 UTC

Yep, Fratelli d'Italia (Meloni's party) is in coalition with Salvini but it's actually further right than he is

2018-10-09 03:43:17 UTC

@Grayson thank you for your prayers big gray

2018-10-09 03:48:34 UTC

I think theyโ€™re sort of the paleocons of Italy while Salviniโ€™s La Lega is the more modern nationalist party

all good people of course ๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡น

2018-10-09 03:54:21 UTC
2018-10-09 03:55:34 UTC

Interesting stuff!


2018-10-09 04:13:12 UTC


2018-10-09 04:13:19 UTC

But white genocide is a myth, goy

2018-10-09 04:16:06 UTC

The conservative Jew befriends the white gentile while the liberal Jew destroys him.

2018-10-09 04:21:19 UTC

More autism


2018-10-09 04:22:53 UTC



2018-10-09 04:23:43 UTC

Looks like I'm in a safe zone <:nervous:359009898115104770>

2018-10-09 04:25:01 UTC

Even more autism!


2018-10-09 04:27:38 UTC


2018-10-09 04:27:58 UTC

What will you do to prevent our demise?

2018-10-09 04:28:06 UTC

Its great that this is all out in the open tbh. Makes it that much easier to present our case

2018-10-09 04:28:51 UTC

West Virginia will be a future huuuuwhite fortress.

2018-10-09 04:30:09 UTC

I take that back. That's really cucky.

2018-10-09 04:30:43 UTC

Well they will be forced to awaken.

2018-10-09 04:32:04 UTC

Night I.E.๐ŸŒ

2018-10-09 04:32:05 UTC

@Roland So great to have a guy from Wyoming.

2018-10-09 04:32:55 UTC

@Hakujin - CA Thanks. I'm actually from CA originally. Lived here about 7 years.

2018-10-09 04:33:15 UTC

The Rockies are really taking off for IE.

2018-10-09 04:42:35 UTC

@Roland Great to hear! I'm not sure if I want to leave CA. If I do, it won't be for sheer racial reasons.

2018-10-09 04:47:05 UTC

Are there any guys in Vermont? If so they could easily do something with that headline if they didn't already when it came out

2018-10-09 05:51:16 UTC

@Hakujin - CA the solution is simple. Have lots of babies

2018-10-09 07:37:40 UTC

@bspon002 Don't forget about taking good care of our elderly, and ending premature death due to alcoholism, overdose, suicide, and obesity.

2018-10-09 10:43:41 UTC

Good morning saviors of the West

2018-10-09 10:55:53 UTC

@wayne peek I know exactly whatcha mean, Vern!

2018-10-09 11:36:57 UTC

Man, Tucker's getting really close to the fire, calling *them* out left and right...

2018-10-09 11:37:46 UTC

That bit about Tom Steyer... <:nervous:359009898115104770>

2018-10-09 12:00:25 UTC

https://youtu.be/gWAgIVNzHKs came across this guy,lol nice

2018-10-09 12:45:35 UTC

Eesh...cat 2 now coming right for us in Tallahassee. Every autozone in town just called us to come board up each store. There ainโ€™t enough plywood left anywhere for that

2018-10-09 12:49:05 UTC
2018-10-09 14:44:18 UTC

Nicki Haley resigned?

2018-10-09 15:04:34 UTC

Well in true Trump fashion. Lets play the cabinet shuffle again.

2018-10-09 15:06:48 UTC

Finally! Ever since she removed the confederate flag in SC, she has gotten worse and worse. Its about time he removed her.

2018-10-09 15:07:03 UTC

Next is Bolton.

2018-10-09 15:21:25 UTC

Remove all the warmongers!

2018-10-09 15:31:20 UTC

They never thought she would lose...

2018-10-09 15:42:19 UTC

Ben Shapiro is mad. Am a happy boi.

2018-10-09 16:04:04 UTC

that's depressing, I didn't know so many people supported felons being able to vote

2018-10-09 16:15:39 UTC

Happy Leif Erikson day! The for sure European of non-semitic heritage who discovered America.

2018-10-09 16:17:49 UTC

14 Leif

2018-10-09 16:31:23 UTC

What kind of name is ๐Ÿƒ

2018-10-09 16:36:16 UTC

In a cordial discussion with a friend, Iโ€™m told โ€œChristopher Columbus and Hitler are parallelsโ€.

2018-10-09 16:45:56 UTC

"I call upon all Americans to celebrate the contributions of Nordic Americans to our Nation with appropriate ceremonies, activities, and programs."

2018-10-09 16:46:32 UTC

a c t i v i t i e s

2018-10-09 16:53:52 UTC

@Rick any of you MN guys near Duluth ๐Ÿ‘†

2018-10-09 16:54:39 UTC

Or St Paul

2018-10-09 17:00:03 UTC

Can't view the slides if archived.

2018-10-09 17:20:38 UTC
2018-10-09 17:20:51 UTC

Not good


2018-10-09 17:25:50 UTC

4 years... ๐Ÿ˜ฉ


2018-10-09 17:27:19 UTC

sharpie eyebrows

2018-10-09 17:28:24 UTC

She was a teacher, no less. Hopefully she didn't indoctrinate the kids too badly

2018-10-09 17:28:26 UTC

really starting to take the whole "liberalism is a mental disorder" meme literaly

2018-10-09 17:31:15 UTC

I'd pull my child out of school if that creature was teaching them every day

2018-10-09 17:50:40 UTC

It's atleast contagious

2018-10-09 17:59:30 UTC

They wonder why Gen Z whites are radicalized after demanding they feign respect for degenerates

2018-10-09 18:09:21 UTC

@Steve - NJ I can only make children so quickly. I need you all to pick up the pace with baby making

2018-10-09 18:13:19 UTC

See this map for the final day of voter registration!


2018-10-09 18:14:58 UTC

Time for this again I guess


2018-10-09 18:19:49 UTC

I've decided I will volunteer for Brian Kemp. We cannot afford Georgia to flip!


2018-10-09 18:21:05 UTC

@Hakujin - CA Good job. Ive got some guys on the inside there

2018-10-09 18:21:29 UTC

im going to vote early next Monday for him.

2018-10-09 18:22:29 UTC

Also he is the only person taking serious steps to stop gangs and sex trafficking that is plaguing our state.

2018-10-09 18:22:50 UTC

Abrams doesn't care at all.

2018-10-09 18:24:14 UTC

Not to sound like a conspiracy theorist or anything but Atlanta started going down hill after the first black mayor. People think the city is doing well because white people do a lot of business in the city but it is a absolute mess. Violence, crime, drugs, sex trafficking, its out of control.

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