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2018-10-08 03:24:15 UTC

I'd say it's that and maximum population density

2018-10-08 03:24:43 UTC

the decision of filling that area was already made

2018-10-08 03:25:39 UTC

who needs forests or nature when you have highrises and developments tho, amirite?

2018-10-08 03:28:23 UTC

More votes and consumers

2018-10-08 03:28:44 UTC

Who cares about the environment when the Midterms are coming up?

2018-10-08 03:28:54 UTC

I need to get reelected!

2018-10-08 03:29:09 UTC

Democracy big gae

2018-10-08 03:34:45 UTC


2018-10-08 03:34:47 UTC


2018-10-08 03:34:51 UTC


2018-10-08 03:36:39 UTC


2018-10-08 03:37:34 UTC

such an enriching experience

2018-10-08 03:46:57 UTC

@Deleted User Vibrant and diverse!

2018-10-08 03:50:17 UTC

Mods are on point tonight

2018-10-08 03:51:36 UTC


2018-10-08 03:53:01 UTC
2018-10-08 03:54:50 UTC

RedElephants is great

2018-10-08 03:55:43 UTC

@Valaska Maybe once I get a motorcycle license we'll do a big postering road trip and some of the Washington guys could travel out to Idaho or Montana

2018-10-08 03:56:34 UTC

You'll need an IE bomber...

2018-10-08 03:56:43 UTC

or patch

2018-10-08 03:59:48 UTC

IE California making a banner. What'd you do for IE today?

2018-10-08 04:00:24 UTC

designed a poster, a banner, a label...hmm what else did i do for IE today? ๐Ÿค”

2018-10-08 04:01:36 UTC

I babysat niece. I am still waiting on a neck injury so my lifting is in week 2 of pause (muh gains...). It rained a wonderful amount today.

2018-10-08 04:01:38 UTC

Editing wiki articles rn

2018-10-08 04:03:34 UTC

@FACINEMA I put up stickers in cities across the state

2018-10-08 04:03:40 UTC

I watched football come at me

2018-10-08 04:04:23 UTC

Iโ€™m in Utah now boys

2018-10-08 04:04:31 UTC

Goodbye 3rd world demographics

2018-10-08 04:04:59 UTC

@Jacob do you ride?

2018-10-08 04:05:32 UTC

I have 06 zx6r 636

2018-10-08 04:05:41 UTC

muh sportsball

2018-10-08 04:06:07 UTC

@Myndrian moved or visiting?

2018-10-08 04:06:32 UTC


2018-10-08 04:06:57 UTC

Nice! Lets get you plugged into the UT chapter. Great guys out there

2018-10-08 04:07:02 UTC


2018-10-08 04:07:21 UTC

That sounds great

2018-10-08 04:07:30 UTC

@Valaska I actually never have, but a local member has two motorcycles and suggested I get a license so we can do a trip

2018-10-08 04:08:24 UTC
2018-10-08 04:09:00 UTC

Provo area. So about 45 minutes away from SLC

2018-10-08 04:10:59 UTC
2018-10-08 04:12:18 UTC

@Jacob we could always meet in ID since its so low activity there IE wise. Or up in the Missoula MT area

2018-10-08 04:13:26 UTC

Brazilian election memes are popping fresh

2018-10-08 04:13:49 UTC

So we are gonna have to remember how to spell his name now?

2018-10-08 04:14:33 UTC
2018-10-08 04:14:51 UTC


2018-10-08 04:15:13 UTC

wojak memes are so visceral

2018-10-08 04:15:49 UTC

@Valaska I could try and make that happens eventually. May work in Idaho eventually

2018-10-08 04:16:48 UTC

@Myndrian that was directed at Jacob, but you're always welcome to join

2018-10-08 04:17:11 UTC


2018-10-08 04:18:05 UTC


2018-10-08 04:19:31 UTC

@Myndrian I hear that you are moving to us.

2018-10-08 04:19:39 UTC

that's good to hear

2018-10-08 04:20:14 UTC

Ya glad to be away from CA

2018-10-08 04:21:22 UTC

Happy Columbus Day, IE!


2018-10-08 04:22:48 UTC

I'm sorry I'm gonna have Leif Erikson post


2018-10-08 04:23:54 UTC

It's not Leif Erikson day though

2018-10-08 04:23:56 UTC

Meds have Columbus, Nords have Erickson, Anglos have Cook.

2018-10-08 04:24:05 UTC

Much to be proud of all around.

2018-10-08 04:24:43 UTC

I have them all. <:varg:359010745192808449>

2018-10-08 04:24:45 UTC


2018-10-08 04:25:11 UTC

Just saying, firsts was firsts

2018-10-08 04:25:16 UTC

Slavs have Yuri Gagarin.

2018-10-08 04:25:22 UTC

tru ^

2018-10-08 04:25:29 UTC

absolute unit

2018-10-08 04:28:57 UTC

5'2 absolute unit

2018-10-08 04:29:32 UTC

well, still.

2018-10-08 04:30:03 UTC


2018-10-08 04:30:39 UTC

Canโ€™t forget Laika.

2018-10-08 04:31:16 UTC

say isn't that your pfp? or am I mistaken

2018-10-08 04:31:36 UTC


2018-10-08 04:31:56 UTC

Since we settled the DQ a few weeks ago.

2018-10-08 04:32:52 UTC

Must've missed that, sounds v important

2018-10-08 04:34:02 UTC

It was

2018-10-08 04:34:11 UTC

@Valaska That's definitely something I would like to do. Maybe during the next break from college I could get my motorcycle endorsement. Or we could organize some kind of event in Idaho or Montana.

2018-10-08 04:43:11 UTC

Huskies, Golden retrievers, & German shepherds > all else

2018-10-08 04:44:02 UTC

Donโ€™t forget Labs, bro.

2018-10-08 04:47:56 UTC

I suppose

2018-10-08 04:48:22 UTC

๐Ÿท You could get a piggo.

2018-10-08 04:48:42 UTC

I will never understand peoples fascination with pigs.

2018-10-08 04:48:58 UTC

Theyโ€™re delicious

2018-10-08 04:49:01 UTC

I don't find them cute at all

2018-10-08 04:49:06 UTC

but ye

2018-10-08 04:49:08 UTC


2018-10-08 04:49:13 UTC

They are fun and the walk weird.

2018-10-08 04:49:35 UTC

from what I've seen they sleep all day

2018-10-08 04:49:43 UTC

pet ones

2018-10-08 04:49:51 UTC

So does my Lab

2018-10-08 04:50:28 UTC

Pigs stink. They are cute as babies. That cannot be denied.

2018-10-08 04:53:03 UTC

I didn't they could smell too bad cause they don't sweat but I might be wrong.

2018-10-08 04:54:07 UTC

The farm red pill is chickens in sufficient numbers smell worse than pigs

2018-10-08 04:58:45 UTC

There is this one place with chicken farms all over where I used to live. You had to make sure you had your car windows up before you drove near there. The stink covered miles and miles.

the bad thing was that the area used to be only rich farms and old rich old, and now it's mostly illegals that work at the chicken places. They whole area is stench and crime ridden. I'd like to see the earth turned over and the whole place buried.

2018-10-08 04:59:51 UTC

I know what you mean.
Republican business owners are as guilty as Democratic politicians in facilitating illegal immigration.

2018-10-08 05:02:01 UTC

I sure am glad that the recent murdering illegal was working on a Republican owned farm. People were talking about that and that's a great thing.

I don't understand how these people can betray there communities for a little bit higher profits in the short term. They need to pay for these crimes someday.

2018-10-08 05:02:01 UTC


2018-10-08 05:05:59 UTC

There was a massive turkey farm in the county where I grew up. It smelled far worse than cows, pigs, or chickens ever did. Wouldn't be surprised in they used illegal labor. I wonder if leaving ICE a tip would make a difference

2018-10-08 05:21:06 UTC

I'll just leave this here...


2018-10-08 05:21:22 UTC

I just put up some stickers in Wenatchee but it's too dark to post them on activism photos

2018-10-08 05:21:45 UTC

@Jacob Go there and take some photos on your morning run.

2018-10-08 05:21:50 UTC

I'm coming back from the other side of the state so I'm trying to get as many cities as possible

2018-10-08 05:21:55 UTC


2018-10-08 05:22:32 UTC

I can't go on my morning run because this city is 2 hours from home. But when I get home I can do that.

2018-10-08 05:23:26 UTC

I'll probably end up hitting like 5 cities today. When I get home I will send out emails to the news stations in all 5 cities posing as a very concerned citizen.

2018-10-08 05:24:18 UTC

They're gonna freak out. Every region of Washington hit in one day. Must be a massive group behind this!

2018-10-08 05:30:15 UTC

The hubris

2018-10-08 05:46:13 UTC

Everything is so obvious...

2018-10-08 05:47:20 UTC

She's so smug and matter of fact about being a pile of garbage.

2018-10-08 06:20:32 UTC
2018-10-08 07:19:45 UTC





2018-10-08 07:20:41 UTC

Today, California IE members painted a banner for a banner drop. After painting we had dinner and chatted while enjoying the company of a full fledged family. What did you do today for your fellow countrIEman?

2018-10-08 07:20:50 UTC


2018-10-08 07:27:35 UTC

Screens grabs from the video captured of us painting


2018-10-08 07:27:38 UTC


2018-10-08 07:27:38 UTC


2018-10-08 07:27:40 UTC


2018-10-08 07:27:40 UTC


2018-10-08 07:27:40 UTC


2018-10-08 11:27:27 UTC

Flyering meets Prussian-tier autism: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2tVn7zDC3rQ&t=21s

2018-10-08 11:40:52 UTC

<:really:453005408064241674>: http://archive.li/g2Jej

2018-10-08 11:51:37 UTC

how do we get on their level guys?

2018-10-08 12:46:17 UTC

This is from League of the South I believe. Obviously we would not use these, but I like the idea:



2018-10-08 13:59:38 UTC

Has anyone heard about Columbus being a Crypto Jew?

2018-10-08 14:00:02 UTC

@FACINEMA A1 photos

2018-10-08 14:03:03 UTC

@The Huwhyte Ulf - VA Heard it, but haven't seen it substantiated.

2018-10-08 14:06:22 UTC


2018-10-08 14:11:55 UTC

I went to her concert at Soldier field and she went on a pro LGBT rant

2018-10-08 14:13:29 UTC


2018-10-08 14:16:02 UTC

@Undercover Academic - IL Couldn't let my have my moment, could ya...? ๐Ÿ˜‘

2018-10-08 14:18:38 UTC

Are they insinuating that there might be some kind of correlation between racial identity and voting patterns...? ๐Ÿค”

2018-10-08 14:20:46 UTC


2018-10-08 14:38:58 UTC

This stuff is poetry

2018-10-08 14:40:43 UTC

Apparently more than 70% of Hispanics have oral herpes. Gross.

2018-10-08 14:42:57 UTC

@Procella Eques Yeah, their stuff is great.

2018-10-08 14:50:31 UTC
2018-10-08 14:51:08 UTC
2018-10-08 14:53:26 UTC

@Sam Anderson that's nasty.

2018-10-08 14:54:05 UTC

Man that's messed up

2018-10-08 14:54:19 UTC

I feel encouraged by AfD

2018-10-08 14:54:35 UTC

I'd almost want to move there if AfD won a majority

2018-10-08 14:54:49 UTC

50 percent of Mexicans are in gangs? Or is it the majority of gang members in general are Mexicans?

2018-10-08 14:54:58 UTC

Or Hispanic or whatever

2018-10-08 14:55:11 UTC

@NITRODUBS the blue line is latinx

2018-10-08 14:55:11 UTC

The latter, lol

2018-10-08 14:55:26 UTC


2018-10-08 14:55:27 UTC


2018-10-08 14:55:57 UTC

@Procella Eques For sure (about the encouragement). It's hard telling how things'll play out, but for the time being, at least, our place is here, trying to ride the U.S. tiger into the ground, so it doesn't destroy our people everywhere else...

2018-10-08 14:56:33 UTC


2018-10-08 14:56:39 UTC

Ooooh yeah you're right

2018-10-08 14:57:11 UTC


2018-10-08 15:14:08 UTC

@Bjorn - MD America is the leader of the West. What we do here in America Europe will follow

2018-10-08 15:14:52 UTC

Thats why they let in all those fucking people from different countries

2018-10-08 15:14:55 UTC

because we did it here

2018-10-08 15:31:43 UTC

This is why we love Trump

2018-10-08 15:58:49 UTC



2018-10-08 15:59:22 UTC

@Procella Eques I don't know that we're ahead of them. I think we're just enjoying the last bit of metapolitical inertia from having the freest speech laws in the world, but at the same time, the German-speaking Identitarian Movements have been able to attend numerous pre-announced rallies, culminating in Chemnitz, and even civic nationalist political figures sometimes appear alongside them in public, and often actively defend their actions, if not their character outright, whereas we still have to keep our heads down, and with the exception of Allsup, who was one of ours beforehand, there isn't a figure in the Republican Party today who would pi$$ on us if we were on fire. Not blackpilling, but the fact is that, while the Alt Right was conquering YouTube, shortly before committing ritual suicide, and irradiating everyone around them, identitarians movements on the other side of the pond were conquering the streets. If anything, it's we who need to learn a bit from them.

2018-10-08 16:00:42 UTC

Gets accused of sexual assault, surrounds himself with women. <:chad:359013583469805568>

2018-10-08 16:00:53 UTC

what the hell

2018-10-08 16:02:19 UTC

Fellow white weighs in on Columbus Day


2018-10-08 16:03:25 UTC

Crowder's a bit of a normie but this is spot on

2018-10-08 16:03:32 UTC

Do these idiots not know when they bring up native Americans, they make our point?
What happened to them is *exactly* what we don't want to happen to us... (demographic replacement and loss of our own destiny)

2018-10-08 16:06:24 UTC

Nah they got conquered. There was never an attempt at coexistence

2018-10-08 16:08:33 UTC

@Distracted There were attempts, but the Indians weren't having it: https://youtu.be/K84c7NlZzno

2018-10-08 16:08:33 UTC

I love how kavanaugh is hiring blacks so that they can undermine the effectiveness of SCOTUS until that old hag keels over

2018-10-08 16:09:22 UTC

Can't fix cuck.

2018-10-08 16:12:05 UTC

An interesting perspective from an American Indian: https://youtu.be/KT7MK13PyMw

2018-10-08 16:13:50 UTC

Iโ€™ve noticed something kind of weird when I walk by people. They say โ€œIโ€™m sorryโ€ for no reason. I donโ€™t know if itโ€™s just them trying to be submissive to me or what

2018-10-08 16:14:21 UTC

That's a feminine trait

2018-10-08 16:14:53 UTC

Men do it too

2018-10-08 16:15:02 UTC

Women do it more

2018-10-08 16:15:15 UTC

I say pardon me when I'm real close to some people.

2018-10-08 16:15:25 UTC

My beer for Brett just got warm all of the sudden.

2018-10-08 16:15:26 UTC

Crap, am I gay?

2018-10-08 16:15:43 UTC

Lol ๐Ÿ˜‚

2018-10-08 16:16:10 UTC

No I mean there is a difference of being polite versus just randomly saying โ€œIโ€™m sorryโ€

2018-10-08 16:16:54 UTC

Like theyโ€™re apologizing for their mere existence inconveniencing me

2018-10-08 16:17:08 UTC

Well, it's about time.

2018-10-08 16:17:29 UTC

If only the same behavior could be adopted by minorities.

2018-10-08 16:17:37 UTC


2018-10-08 16:17:45 UTC

I know right

2018-10-08 16:17:52 UTC

Mow my lawn... apologize because you smell

2018-10-08 16:17:57 UTC


2018-10-08 16:18:11 UTC

75 IQ cashier? yeah you had better be sorry

2018-10-08 16:19:01 UTC


2018-10-08 16:37:43 UTC

@Undercover Academic - IL That's the badly edited version, I'll find you the real one

2018-10-08 16:38:26 UTC
2018-10-08 16:39:13 UTC

This is the actual full version. Not sure why people feel the need to cut pieces out, add slides to it, and repost it.

2018-10-08 16:44:03 UTC

@Jacob good on ya, mate

2018-10-08 16:55:44 UTC

Will the Dems have so many critters come out of the woodwork they'll have to hold "junior varsity" debates before the main ones, like 2015 GOP?

2018-10-08 17:03:01 UTC

@Wood-Ape - OK/MN the article says this is very likely going to be the case, there will be "prime time" debates with Warren/Biden types and "kiddie table" debates late at night

2018-10-08 17:07:39 UTC

You think Warren, Biden, Harris and Booker are all going to run? @ThisIsChris

2018-10-08 17:11:03 UTC

My understanding is (Creepy Uncle Joe) Biden would have the best chance against Trump, but as anti-white as Dems have become, will they run an old, straight, white male as their candidate?

2018-10-08 17:12:21 UTC

@Asatru Artist - MD it wonโ€™t be Biden. They will go female.

2018-10-08 17:12:32 UTC

That's what I figured.

2018-10-08 17:12:45 UTC

Harris/Booker 2020? <:usinnoodle:420778112226164736>

2018-10-08 17:12:47 UTC

Question is, poc or not.

2018-10-08 17:13:04 UTC

Dems will get blacked fo sho.

2018-10-08 17:13:11 UTC

They'll start throwing more wamen in the ring until they're called implicitly racist for being white/not enough POC

2018-10-08 17:13:31 UTC

Such a catch 22

2018-10-08 17:13:43 UTC

They have the best chance to win with the people they hate the most

2018-10-08 17:13:45 UTC

So funny

2018-10-08 17:13:47 UTC

I can't wait for the Dems to eat each other alive.

2018-10-08 17:13:50 UTC

There are no magic ones around. Save Michael Obama.

2018-10-08 17:13:59 UTC

I figure the primary will be a contest of who can be the most anti white

2018-10-08 17:14:06 UTC

Cope posting neoliberals think Joe Biden can bring back independents. but the meme folders full of creepy joe photos and the overall anti white male sentiment make that unlikely.

2018-10-08 17:14:35 UTC

Trump will have Biden for an appetizer

2018-10-08 17:14:38 UTC

I don't mean to black pill, but I feel the GOP will follow suit eventually as well, I think it was on TDS one of telhe guys said "In 2036 both candidates will be gay black trans but one of them likes tax cuts"

2018-10-08 17:15:05 UTC

This alone should disqualify Creepy Joe https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UgrliuQW_-Q

2018-10-08 17:15:17 UTC

Thatโ€™s the campaign ad

2018-10-08 17:16:16 UTC

Yeah, GOP will cuck and start fielding non-whites just for the "look guys, we totally aren't racist!" angle.

2018-10-08 17:17:02 UTC

They really are just liberals that are 10 years behind the curve. ๐Ÿ˜’

2018-10-08 17:17:04 UTC

If they werenโ€™t so bat crap crazy, they could run her: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tulsi_Gabbard

2018-10-08 17:17:42 UTC

don't give them ideas...

2018-10-08 17:17:46 UTC

Sheโ€™s too moderate

2018-10-08 17:18:00 UTC

let them go full retard and run socialists and progressives

2018-10-08 17:18:14 UTC

She also went to Syria personally and called out the BS happening there.

2018-10-08 17:18:18 UTC

She could ask stretch her looks for 10 terms. F that

2018-10-08 17:18:29 UTC

She [gasp] isnโ€™t part of the resistance

2018-10-08 17:19:13 UTC

15-20 years from now we'll have ex antifa running for president and if they don't boast about how they fought against fascism in the streets they'll be seen as weak

2018-10-08 17:19:40 UTC

Anti-Resistance California bro checking in

2018-10-08 17:19:42 UTC

Barry O is basically ANTIFA

2018-10-08 17:19:49 UTC

If Biden run it would be great

2018-10-08 17:20:01 UTC

Trump could run an ad on how creepy he is

2018-10-08 17:20:12 UTC

Creepy Joe would def be the right angle

2018-10-08 17:20:14 UTC

We could me too him

2018-10-08 17:20:20 UTC

plus his anti-white statements would help

2018-10-08 17:20:49 UTC

it would wake up normie independents to the fact that he applauds our demise

2018-10-08 17:20:58 UTC


2018-10-08 17:21:36 UTC

"Creepy Joe Biden, think of it, President Creepy Joe, really think of it. You want Creepy Joe, forget it, you don't, believe me, you don't, never happen."

2018-10-08 17:22:22 UTC

I need to talk to @Procella Eques about a Trump emoji stat. ๐Ÿ˜’

2018-10-08 17:22:31 UTC

President for Life, Donald Trump

2018-10-08 17:22:52 UTC

Obama actually "joked" about a third term...

2018-10-08 17:23:04 UTC

and the psychos on the left creamed themselves at the thought

2018-10-08 17:23:09 UTC

I think he should pick DJ as running mate. Pence is not viable in the coming battle.

2018-10-08 17:23:29 UTC


2018-10-08 17:23:50 UTC

That'll be fun when some women do it to him...

2018-10-08 17:23:57 UTC

oh God, Biden would be an amazing candidate for us

2018-10-08 17:23:58 UTC

or children

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