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2018-10-07 22:18:37 UTC

Another lefty argument btfo

2018-10-07 22:18:50 UTC


2018-10-07 22:20:26 UTC

Brave man

2018-10-07 22:27:33 UTC

@Wood-Ape - OK/MN I just find it funny that the NYT writer of that quote literally draws a line from "patriatchy" to "cannot [...] choose a partner but must mate with all of [the males]." Then implies we live in such a patriarchy. Careful reading reveals women actually hold all the cards...

2018-10-07 22:28:20 UTC

@Sam Anderson "The parents are second cousins..."

2018-10-07 22:29:15 UTC

Lol yeah there ya have it.

2018-10-07 22:29:31 UTC

They are making this way more important sounding than it really is.

2018-10-07 22:30:44 UTC

Yeah, some backwoods family had inbred children...but these idiots call it "the missing link". <:really:453005408064241674>

2018-10-07 22:38:44 UTC

Here is data on the prevalence of first cousin or closer mating. Use this for when Kangz posters try to call whites "inbred." And note much of subSahara doesn't even have data. The near uniform, singular physiognomy of Somalis and their record low IQ leads me to think they surpass even Pakistan and Sudan.


2018-10-07 22:42:41 UTC

Canada is try-harding though... <:teehee:381917632359563264>

2018-10-07 22:56:03 UTC

The Cult of White Genocide


A video I made about Great Millstone Hebrew Israelites.

2018-10-07 22:58:41 UTC


2018-10-07 23:09:36 UTC

How we feeling about Jair.

2018-10-07 23:16:29 UTC

look like he might win in the first round

2018-10-07 23:16:53 UTC

He's at 48% last time I checked needs 50% to win

2018-10-07 23:17:04 UTC

85% reporting

2018-10-07 23:18:54 UTC

He’s not gonna pull out 50% I don’t think

2018-10-07 23:19:23 UTC

I think he actually dropped form 49.1 to a pretty solid 48. There’s gonna have to be a round 2

2018-10-07 23:19:55 UTC

Just checked and how he’s down to 47.2 so yeah there’s gonna have to be a second round

2018-10-07 23:20:05 UTC

If he pulled 48% in the first round, the second round is pretty much a sure thing.

2018-10-07 23:21:45 UTC

If I was an opponent and saw he got the close I would just concede and save everyone a bunch of time.

2018-10-07 23:21:55 UTC

seems just a bit odd that he gets 2% less then he needs to win outright

2018-10-07 23:22:40 UTC

Is there a good chance he'll win after round 2?

2018-10-07 23:22:52 UTC

very strong chance he will win the 2nd round

2018-10-07 23:23:46 UTC

I never thought the new-right wave would reach all the way to Brazil to be honest

2018-10-07 23:33:32 UTC

We're talking about Brazilian politics? I haven't been following it at all, I just keep hearing "the Brazilian Trump is going to win"

2018-10-08 00:08:11 UTC

Had an actual journalist from New York come up to us at the Columbus action and support what we were doing

2018-10-08 00:08:19 UTC

Was ... unexpected

2018-10-08 00:13:57 UTC

No, trust me, they do not support.

2018-10-08 00:14:04 UTC

Nevertheless it was a good action.

2018-10-08 00:15:52 UTC

@NITRODUBS dont believe them friend. journalists are liars & overwhelmingly likely to play your emotions to get you to speak to them.

2018-10-08 00:16:26 UTC

unless theyre explicitly defined as within our 'camp' you shouldnt speak to them

2018-10-08 00:17:10 UTC

I didn’t really talk to her, but what was said to her was nothing bad

2018-10-08 00:18:34 UTC

For sure

2018-10-08 00:20:32 UTC

If a journalist approaches you, sprinkle a line of salt on it to freeze it in place for five seconds. Also, they can’t cross running water during daytime.

2018-10-08 00:22:36 UTC


2018-10-08 00:30:13 UTC

A journalist from NY flew out to Ohio to see what IE was doing? How did they know? @NITRODUBS

2018-10-08 00:30:39 UTC

noooo she wasn’t there specifically for that

2018-10-08 00:30:42 UTC

She was just in town

2018-10-08 00:31:34 UTC

Often journalists pretend to like you to get you to open up to them. Sneaky creatures

2018-10-08 00:31:37 UTC

who does she work for @NITRODUBS

2018-10-08 00:43:36 UTC

Dunno actually didn’t ask

2018-10-08 00:47:13 UTC

She just came up and said, "hey I'm a journalist from New York and this is based and redpilled as well"?

2018-10-08 00:47:59 UTC

Yeah, she said her name was Ms. Tifa, first name Ann

2018-10-08 01:00:30 UTC

The new Ben Shapiro show is especially awful

2018-10-08 01:03:07 UTC

@Rick Flair Does he respond to Allsup's brutal takedown?

2018-10-08 01:07:18 UTC

Remember when Allsup called out Shapiro for taking down the satirical Columbus cartoon?

2018-10-08 01:15:13 UTC

Was an older woman, definitely not a political journalist (she told us she was doing a story on fashion designers in Columbus), seemed a bit ignorant, but hey we’ll see I guess

2018-10-08 01:17:04 UTC

She just asked us what we were doing, told us she read a bunch of journals from Christopher Columbus, then said she basically agrees with identitarianism as long as everyone from every culture can practice it, after we explained what it was to her

2018-10-08 01:17:07 UTC

> fashion design journalist
> /ourviews/

2018-10-08 01:17:43 UTC

yeah, they can practice Identitarianism ***in their own country***

2018-10-08 01:18:00 UTC

Yeah we didn’t get into that lmao

2018-10-08 01:20:00 UTC

@TMatthews Find me a fashion design journalist who agrees with our views and I'll retract that statement. :-p

2018-10-08 01:20:47 UTC

I can guarantee that lady was saying what she did from a civnat perspective...

2018-10-08 01:21:17 UTC

Fashion industry has just as many lefty buzzwords as the politicians do

2018-10-08 01:21:18 UTC

"as long as everyone can practice it" (in the melting pot of America <:really:453005408064241674>)

2018-10-08 01:21:45 UTC

"This piece is fashion forward, made for the strong, independent woman in the workplace"

2018-10-08 01:22:24 UTC

Fashion industry = degeneracy that is worn

2018-10-08 01:23:24 UTC

Yeah I'm pretty sure that's not our prime demographic. I'm skeptical of the whole story she gave. A fashion journalist who happens to love Columbus? I've seen stranger, but still

2018-10-08 01:24:22 UTC

Fashion design in the Middle East: 😂

2018-10-08 01:25:29 UTC

Man Sept-November is always roach season :-/

2018-10-08 01:27:11 UTC

They're always out on late summer / fall nights

2018-10-08 01:27:22 UTC

Actual roaches? Or is that a euphemism?

2018-10-08 01:27:46 UTC

@Wood-Ape - OK/MN actual roaches

2018-10-08 01:28:26 UTC

Not in my apartment thankfully

2018-10-08 01:28:47 UTC

But on the roof, which is a pretty nice place to hang out otherwise

2018-10-08 01:29:25 UTC


2018-10-08 01:29:41 UTC

"is that a euphemism" 😂

2018-10-08 01:29:44 UTC


2018-10-08 01:29:53 UTC

They're ok, they mostly stay in one spot just twitching their antenna. But sometimes they scurry and that makes me jumpy

2018-10-08 01:30:53 UTC

Insects are disgusting. I know they are a necessary part of the eco system, but the site of them triggers my disgust.

2018-10-08 01:31:48 UTC

@Rick same

2018-10-08 01:32:03 UTC

Haha insects aren’t disgusting you blessed urbanites.

2018-10-08 01:32:07 UTC

Doesn't NYC also have cat-sized rats?

2018-10-08 01:32:13 UTC

Roaches tho

2018-10-08 01:32:27 UTC

@ThisIsChris Gotta deal with those roaches before they build a state embassy in your home


2018-10-08 01:32:32 UTC

roaches will outlive us all.

2018-10-08 01:33:04 UTC

hopefully not Anglo's roaches...

2018-10-08 01:33:10 UTC

@Rick yeah, thankfully not inamy building I've lived in. You'll see them on the subway way rails or around sewers and construction sites

2018-10-08 01:33:11 UTC

but Europe is trying...

2018-10-08 01:33:37 UTC
2018-10-08 01:33:43 UTC

@ThisIsChris Have you always resided in NY?

2018-10-08 01:34:51 UTC

@Rick I grew up far out on Long Island, never saw a roach out there. Then I moved around a bit but ultimately came to NYC to be closer to my family

2018-10-08 01:37:02 UTC

I like Long Island...NYC, not so much.

2018-10-08 01:37:03 UTC

Didn't see a roach ever until I moved into an apartment that turned out to be infested. That was a few years ago. Big crash course on how to deal with them though. It was a three prong approach: 1. Seal any cracks in any wall or floor. 2. Use a gel roaches love to eat to kill 90% of them. 3 use roach birth control to kill the rest

2018-10-08 01:37:39 UTC

Although the only parts of Long Island I visited were the Hamptons at a friends parents house, so... 😳

2018-10-08 01:38:46 UTC

@Asatru Artist - MD Long Island is pretty good in most parts. I grew up in a quiet hamlet on the shore, 6 acres of property all the way to the water front (mostly mud land lol but 2 acres were good for playing in the yard)

2018-10-08 01:38:47 UTC

I have lived in MN all my life. Only areas that have been overrun by unclean immigrants tend to get roach-infested. Ants, spiders, and centipedes can be problems, though.

2018-10-08 01:39:32 UTC

@Rick yeah a lot of immigrants I've met are just used to pests, that then lowers the standard of living for everyone around

2018-10-08 01:41:20 UTC

My sister was complaining today about the shoddy work performed on her by a dentist who obtained her license in India. I tried to explain as gently as I could that if you want good service, then make sure that your healthcare practitioner looks like you.

2018-10-08 01:42:59 UTC

@Rick Oof, my Wife and I almost missed our cruise because of two Black ubers who never showed up. I drove us there instead, and when she asked why the Black ubers didn't do their job right, I told her, "You can't rely on unreliable people."

2018-10-08 01:43:18 UTC

@Rick yeah that's basically it, if someone doesn't have the same cultural reference point as you then you will both have different expectations on the outcomes of things

2018-10-08 01:44:00 UTC

I just spent the weekend with 12 Proud Boys, and it was surprisingly refreshing. They were completely willing to discuss things like the JQ and White demographic/cultural replacement. They also criticized Gavin and the organization itself for promoting degeneracy and other things that might be considered "anti-Western."

2018-10-08 01:44:58 UTC

@Aleis⊕ccidentalis that's cool! did you meet any that you think ought to apply?

2018-10-08 01:45:42 UTC

We also sh*t g**s at the range, spared a bit and cooked German potato salad with elk meat.

2018-10-08 01:45:54 UTC

@Aleis⊕ccidentalis Interesting... How'd you know them, college days?

2018-10-08 01:46:01 UTC

@Aleis⊕ccidentalis you did what with gays??

2018-10-08 01:46:38 UTC

Explicitly condemning other reasonable and like minded groups fighting the leftist agenda is a bad tactic imo. Talking to Them and Understanding where they stand can lead to a far better outcome. These people are not our enemies but always potential allies. Cool to hear you've met some and got a bit of insight on where they stand

2018-10-08 01:48:08 UTC

@Wood-Ape - OK/MN - A few of them grew up in the next town over from me. It's a very rural area, and I've known them since high school. Others were from the Twin Cities.

2018-10-08 01:50:19 UTC

@Kingfish - Agreed. I highly recommend reaching out to them, or similar groups, so as to both pull them more towards a nationalistic mindset and get them to better understand Identitarianism more realistically.

2018-10-08 01:50:27 UTC

@Aleis⊕ccidentalis Good to know you're not alone in Mogadishopolis - Sudan Paul

2018-10-08 01:50:42 UTC

plus you might learn some things from them. I certainly did.

2018-10-08 01:50:46 UTC

Hm. Perhaps I will look into hanging with some local proud boys. They call themselves PB VA beach 2 because the other chapter got too alt right

2018-10-08 01:52:13 UTC

interesting! I know many PB chapters are still all about partying and doing drugs, but from experience they're becoming more self aware, organized and are beginning to actually learn some things about Western cultural values.

2018-10-08 01:53:11 UTC

Hopefully they'll learn that homosexuality and degeneracy shouldn't be part of those values...

2018-10-08 01:54:21 UTC

I'm glad IE has a no drug policy

2018-10-08 01:54:46 UTC

Stoners are insufferable.

2018-10-08 01:54:54 UTC

Yep. I think it's really important for people like us to network with them. Especially to show that nationalists and the Alt-Right aren't the scary boogymen that the TV tells them about.

2018-10-08 01:55:19 UTC

Don't the PBs know they are "alt right" as well, though? Are they that clueless?

2018-10-08 01:55:19 UTC

Proud Boys seem to be very into beer and cocaine more than anything else.

2018-10-08 01:55:29 UTC

It's almost like PB and other based degenerates think that their patriotism justifies indulgences like drugs and sodomy.

2018-10-08 01:55:32 UTC

no matter how many non whites or gays they allow in, they are the enemy of the left

2018-10-08 01:55:48 UTC

The pool of committed people to the color blind PB culture is probably really small. I mean Gav was buddies with Jared Taylor for a while

2018-10-08 01:55:56 UTC

PBs try desperately to disassociate as if that would change how they're covered by the media

2018-10-08 01:56:28 UTC

Yeah, it's a bit pathetic how they try to appeal to the Left and throw us all under the bus.

2018-10-08 01:56:54 UTC

Gavin followed the money. Most PBs don't have that financial incentive to stay civnat

2018-10-08 01:56:56 UTC

meanwhile they're condoning drug use and other types of degenerate behavior

2018-10-08 01:57:05 UTC

We'll be here when any of them want to discover their European identity, and actually fight against the degenerate World

2018-10-08 01:57:06 UTC

PBs be like "I'm not like those OTHER right-wing boys...."

2018-10-08 01:57:38 UTC

from the PB chapter leader: "Gavin is fag, and he sold out just to get more shekels."

2018-10-08 01:57:53 UTC

Fact check: true

2018-10-08 01:58:33 UTC

I didn't know they were pro-drug though. Guess it's not surprising given the libertarian lean, but excessive drinking is bad enough

2018-10-08 01:59:04 UTC

I have faith that groups like the PB are slowly gravitating towards our side, and will eventually begin to take themselves, and the general nationalist movement, much more seriously.

2018-10-08 02:00:09 UTC

Every day, the left proves that it is waging an all out war on whites and increasing this will force people to take their own side

2018-10-08 02:00:40 UTC


2018-10-08 02:00:53 UTC

they are so openly anti-white, my civnat friends are noticing

2018-10-08 02:00:58 UTC

If anything, the PB can be our shock troops (distract antifa) while we actually do the real work and restore Western Civilization back to health.

2018-10-08 02:01:06 UTC

some are even noticing a (((trend))) of where it's coming from

2018-10-08 02:01:30 UTC
2018-10-08 02:01:41 UTC


2018-10-08 02:01:44 UTC

yeah, they are the real racists!

2018-10-08 02:01:49 UTC

see, we all get it... 😉

2018-10-08 02:07:39 UTC

I'm shocked PBs would tolerate drugs because that's either 1 . funding mexican drug cartels, who of the invaders are the absolute worse or 2. giving money to 'legal' pot suppliers who are overwhelmingly hostile to anything rightwing.

2018-10-08 02:07:57 UTC

They are literally funding the enemy.

2018-10-08 02:08:16 UTC

i doubt most of them can think that far ahead...

2018-10-08 02:08:31 UTC

many of them are not smart enough, or simply don't care

2018-10-08 02:09:59 UTC

@TylerHess the banner pic for the PB national Facebook group is a scene from the Wolf of Wall Street where Leo DiCap is snorting blow out of a hooker's ass

2018-10-08 02:10:15 UTC

with his wedding ring in full view

2018-10-08 02:10:27 UTC

"Proud Western Chauvinists"

2018-10-08 02:13:48 UTC


2018-10-08 02:14:05 UTC

Yeah.. Hopefully if I drink with them they will be open to thinking the "bad thoughts". I can hold my liquor well enough to be able to redpill them and keep up.

2018-10-08 02:14:17 UTC

TSwift no.

2018-10-08 02:15:00 UTC


2018-10-08 02:15:04 UTC


2018-10-08 02:15:26 UTC

@Undercover Academic - IL But the wheat fields...

2018-10-08 02:15:40 UTC


2018-10-08 02:15:43 UTC

Looks like her (((handlers))) finally got to her. We all knew Murdoch^2 was never going to come true.

2018-10-08 02:17:13 UTC

She will die alone

2018-10-08 02:17:30 UTC

Das Vault

2018-10-08 02:18:58 UTC

I went to her concert at Soldier Field

2018-10-08 02:19:05 UTC

And she went on a pro LGBT rant

2018-10-08 02:19:08 UTC

I just shook my head

2018-10-08 02:19:17 UTC

I wanted to start booing her

2018-10-08 02:19:42 UTC

@Undercover Academic - IL Could have gotten away with it if you were Muslim

2018-10-08 02:19:47 UTC

I have to say that given her leftwing sympathies, I appreciate the amount of time she has resisted virtue signaling against us. If I understand her post correctly, she is still not attacking us directly but is just stating his electoral opinions. I don't agree with them at all, but as long as she keeps it a policy debate and doesn't make it about us then I don't find fault in her voicing her own views.

2018-10-08 02:20:54 UTC

She implied that Trump caused her to come out

2018-10-08 02:20:55 UTC

she used terms like "people of color" and "systemic racism"...she is totally against us.

2018-10-08 02:21:03 UTC

Dude people in Tenn love trump

2018-10-08 02:21:29 UTC

She's another out of touch champagne liberal.

2018-10-08 02:21:41 UTC

When she dropped “systematic racism” I wanted to throw my phone

2018-10-08 02:22:06 UTC

My wife loves Swift

2018-10-08 02:22:50 UTC

I was hoping she would have the Starchild too. <:sad:366743316475281408>

2018-10-08 02:23:17 UTC

I hope her betrayal is in the next Murdoch Murdoch

2018-10-08 02:23:29 UTC

damnit now I have to take down all the posters...

2018-10-08 02:23:36 UTC

Been a while since the last episode.

2018-10-08 02:23:41 UTC

I... I mean 👀

2018-10-08 02:24:51 UTC

One interesting thing is that she didn't mention anything having to do with Brett Kavanaugh

2018-10-08 02:24:55 UTC

Not even up 24 hours 😰 💔


2018-10-08 02:25:47 UTC

@Valaska It's a war of attrition.

2018-10-08 02:25:58 UTC

Nahtzees BTFO! <:really:453005408064241674>

2018-10-08 02:26:05 UTC

But now you're living rent-free in that person's head.

2018-10-08 02:26:08 UTC

They're haunted.

2018-10-08 02:26:10 UTC

Man I have had posters I put up in the morning last until only noon

2018-10-08 02:26:21 UTC

We need to do this. Victory pushups in the street

2018-10-08 02:26:59 UTC

I have a Swift calendar

2018-10-08 02:27:01 UTC


2018-10-08 02:27:08 UTC
2018-10-08 02:27:47 UTC

even with Brazil's likely incredibly corrupt "democracy", bolsonaro is faring well

2018-10-08 02:28:22 UTC

Its not surprising that a massive crackdown on crime is popular in Brazil.

2018-10-08 02:28:34 UTC

The racial dynamic in Brazil is interesting.

2018-10-08 02:28:49 UTC

Well, yeah. but I meant specifically with the election fraud angle

2018-10-08 02:29:01 UTC

@hbutzer0511 We need twenty more Orbans and Salvinis, yesterday.

2018-10-08 02:29:35 UTC

Press S for more Salvinis

2018-10-08 02:29:39 UTC


2018-10-08 02:29:40 UTC

How can anyone think the globalists want to protect the environment? That many africans and muslims will destroy all the forests of Europe!

2018-10-08 02:29:40 UTC


2018-10-08 02:29:50 UTC


2018-10-08 02:29:53 UTC

I broke my S key fam

2018-10-08 02:30:07 UTC

@Wood-Ape - OK/MN They don't even think about the Africans and Muslims having a bunch of nukes and nuclear reactors if they took over

2018-10-08 02:30:21 UTC


2018-10-08 02:31:06 UTC

@The Eternal Anglo Yeah, the international community discretely removed South Africa's nukes, right before the ANC victory. Will US and Russia and China do the same to France, Germany and UK?

2018-10-08 02:31:18 UTC

(I think SA's nukes went to Israel, tbh)

2018-10-08 02:31:53 UTC

I think they did too, but there's no telling man, I'd rather them not take us over at all. We **have** to win

2018-10-08 02:32:04 UTC

Cape Town is practically out of water because they can't maintain their desalination plants. There's going to be radiation all over Europe.

2018-10-08 02:32:55 UTC

@The Eternal Anglo Don't worry, they would have no clue how to work that equipment...

2018-10-08 02:35:13 UTC

So the Bluecheck Brigade seems upset about some anime named "Goblin Slayer." I think I will have to watch it...

2018-10-08 02:36:25 UTC

un oh...they are going after Anime 😱

2018-10-08 02:37:54 UTC


2018-10-08 02:38:05 UTC

it's like blood in the water

2018-10-08 02:38:24 UTC

*sighs in astronaught*

2018-10-08 02:38:47 UTC

>Disliking Churchill
Agreeing with turds for the wrong reasons...

2018-10-08 02:39:07 UTC

Sweeden has 9 million Sweedes and they want to send 400 million refugees there. @Wood-Ape - OK/MN

2018-10-08 02:39:27 UTC

They can fit, you bigot!

2018-10-08 02:39:37 UTC

@hbutzer0511 What will they EAT? I mean, even if they ate Swede, they'd run out in a month.

2018-10-08 02:39:42 UTC

Sweden has unlimited (white) resources, dontchaknow?

2018-10-08 02:39:49 UTC


2018-10-08 02:44:14 UTC
2018-10-08 02:44:26 UTC

Churchill, while a war monger and a degenerate. Was pretty based at times.

2018-10-08 02:45:33 UTC

Maybe they are stockpiling Spam as we speak for the southern hemisphere" people." @Wood-Ape - OK/MN

2018-10-08 02:45:59 UTC

> food

2018-10-08 02:46:01 UTC


2018-10-08 02:47:15 UTC

Swedes stopped believing in Him (or any other God(s) it seems), which is exactly why they are in the situation they are in now...

2018-10-08 02:47:23 UTC

*ends religious rant*

2018-10-08 02:49:47 UTC

Hey that recent white-pill is amazing

2018-10-08 02:50:34 UTC

I had a suspicion there was more to these figures than just that, this poor lad did the legwork


2018-10-08 02:51:38 UTC

but the thing is, even with the "actual capacity" sheet, sweden is still talking about outnumbering the native populous by 7-8x

2018-10-08 02:52:46 UTC

@Wood-Ape - OK/MN Just watched a clip from Goblin Slayer...holy intense violence and other things I won't mention in chat. 😳

2018-10-08 02:53:22 UTC

The capacity is zero more.

2018-10-08 02:54:28 UTC

They will send the whole world..and build high rises. Whatever it takes.

2018-10-08 02:54:37 UTC

The Titanic was sunk deliberately to prevent certain officials from reaching America to prevent the formation of the US Federal Reserve

2018-10-08 02:56:27 UTC

It all makes sense, Ice (((berg)))

2018-10-08 02:56:38 UTC
2018-10-08 02:56:45 UTC

Very based and redpilled as well @The Eternal Anglo

2018-10-08 02:58:15 UTC
2018-10-08 02:59:07 UTC

It's interesting that the population at threshold of 200, for some states, Germany for example goes down by 10million

2018-10-08 03:00:48 UTC

Boys. This girl I have been talking to is trad, but recently started a job as a waitress at a sportsbar. I must rescue her lest she become like the rest of the degenerate restaurant workers.

2018-10-08 03:00:57 UTC

Got a golf date with her tomorrow tho.,

2018-10-08 03:01:24 UTC

I've worked in the restaurant business...I can confirm how degenerate it is.

2018-10-08 03:01:33 UTC

Lol wait is Bolo strapped in that photo? haha

2018-10-08 03:01:46 UTC


2018-10-08 03:02:10 UTC

In Brazil...as a politician...i would be too.

2018-10-08 03:02:13 UTC

Yeah the place she works at has shirts the staff wears that are pro pot legalization. Luckily she is allergic to weed so that helps.

2018-10-08 03:03:15 UTC

When does the second round happen for the Brazilian presidency?

2018-10-08 03:03:41 UTC

November iirc

2018-10-08 03:03:53 UTC

So not really that bad.

2018-10-08 03:05:31 UTC


2018-10-08 03:11:35 UTC

people freaking out at that report are kind of cringey. come on I thought our side was supposed to actually read things lol

2018-10-08 03:12:56 UTC

It's just a report on absolute population density potential

2018-10-08 03:13:24 UTC

hence why some numbers go up, while some actually drop

2018-10-08 03:14:13 UTC

not saying I'm okay with any of it, given it was made in joint by the "European refugee fund"

2018-10-08 03:14:26 UTC

but c'mon, lol tell me if I'm missing something here

2018-10-08 03:21:02 UTC

I wonder how OK the "European refugee fund" would be with Europe flooding Africa and turning it white...

2018-10-08 03:21:33 UTC

oh yeah, they would call that "colonization" <:really:453005408064241674>

2018-10-08 03:23:10 UTC

Europeans have to much unused colonized land in Europe..I think that is the main point of the document.

2018-10-08 03:23:26 UTC


2018-10-08 03:23:32 UTC

Well, kinda

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