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2018-10-03 18:33:58 UTC

@Jacob It was rough post utr, so I can't blame guys.

2018-10-03 18:33:59 UTC

Now he's just screwin' with people, lol...

2018-10-03 18:34:06 UTC


2018-10-03 18:34:15 UTC

More identitarians inbound

2018-10-03 18:34:27 UTC


2018-10-03 18:34:28 UTC

@Jacob I didn't attend UtR, never liked the idea from the start. I feel like things have gotten **so** much better since then. Growing pains are a necessary part of evolving

2018-10-03 18:34:35 UTC

Nothing stops the math game like saying only whites should immigrate

2018-10-03 18:35:21 UTC

UtR was unfortunate, but it was going to happen eventually with Spencer's strategy of irl activism

2018-10-03 18:35:24 UTC

the: if you don't want America to be a democratic hellhole MAWA tactic

2018-10-03 18:35:25 UTC

lol we had some crazy channels in the old Discord server

2018-10-03 18:35:36 UTC

We had channels like #purityresults where people posted the results of their genetic tests.

2018-10-03 18:35:42 UTC

and #fashyFashion

2018-10-03 18:35:43 UTC


2018-10-03 18:35:44 UTC

@The Eternal Anglo They have gotten better overall, but waiting to get doxxed after that sucked.

2018-10-03 18:35:45 UTC

purity results, HBD autism

2018-10-03 18:35:45 UTC


2018-10-03 18:35:57 UTC

In a world of Richard Spencers, be Jared Taylor

2018-10-03 18:35:57 UTC

FashyFashion still gets me lmao

2018-10-03 18:36:15 UTC

lol I remember fashy fashion

2018-10-03 18:36:21 UTC

I remember the # Fashcut channel, lol

2018-10-03 18:36:27 UTC

@The Eternal Anglo No dummy. In a world of Richard Spencer's be TRUMP

2018-10-03 18:36:41 UTC


2018-10-03 18:36:43 UTC

Be Salvini. Be Orban.

2018-10-03 18:36:45 UTC

don't be Trump

2018-10-03 18:36:51 UTC

Be someone with power

2018-10-03 18:36:57 UTC

ya, that

2018-10-03 18:37:06 UTC

Isnt Trump pro Israel...

2018-10-03 18:37:08 UTC

We need a rocket channel where I can shoe poast.

2018-10-03 18:37:10 UTC

@Jean-Baptiste It's just what it sounds like. Trump can send you a message at anytime to all phones. It's like Amber Alerts

2018-10-03 18:37:13 UTC

Maybe be Steve King

2018-10-03 18:37:26 UTC

Be Senator Lindsay Graham

2018-10-03 18:37:27 UTC

Salvini is a much better candidate to imitate, love the guy

2018-10-03 18:37:31 UTC

@The Huwhyte Ulf - VA i'm probably the only believer it's a long con

2018-10-03 18:37:31 UTC

Honestly, there's so many better examples of good politics than Trump

2018-10-03 18:37:48 UTC

Be Salvini for sure. The way in which he completely co-opted Lega is an example of what we have to do to GOP institutions

2018-10-03 18:38:06 UTC

Trump is kind of a "I'll reluctantly take him" kind of guy

2018-10-03 18:38:07 UTC

Trump has turned out to be a high energy Jeb. Sad but true.

2018-10-03 18:38:15 UTC

@Goose You are not alone...

2018-10-03 18:38:38 UTC

i can't imagine trump being on board with giving israel billions with nothing in return

2018-10-03 18:39:10 UTC

honestly, "be James Allsup" might be the best example

2018-10-03 18:39:36 UTC

Be: what works

2018-10-03 18:39:39 UTC

I don't think most of these things are his decision. Congress sends the bill and his advisers convince him to sign it to save the military or something like that

2018-10-03 18:40:18 UTC

@Deleted User Become Who You Are

2018-10-03 18:40:18 UTC

Unpopular opinion: Lauren Southern is a great promoter of our ideas

2018-10-03 18:40:25 UTC



2018-10-03 18:40:29 UTC


2018-10-03 18:40:32 UTC
2018-10-03 18:40:50 UTC

oh god IE gang signs

2018-10-03 18:41:08 UTC

In a world of Richard Spencers, be 6ix9ine.

2018-10-03 18:41:40 UTC

honestly a world of Richard Spencers sound like an upgrade to the shit we have now

2018-10-03 18:41:40 UTC

In a world of Richard Spencers, don't be Greg Conte.

2018-10-03 18:42:02 UTC

I'm sorry but it's true

2018-10-03 18:42:29 UTC

I'm not sure I could deal with that

2018-10-03 18:42:40 UTC

Its Richard Spencer

2018-10-03 18:42:56 UTC

Things would be implicit that never should be.

2018-10-03 18:42:58 UTC

you solved one problem but made many more

2018-10-03 18:43:00 UTC


2018-10-03 18:43:12 UTC

Guys, I've had enough and I'm skipping class today

2018-10-03 18:43:28 UTC

I can't deal with this teacher who can't speak English

2018-10-03 18:43:28 UTC

@Goose But greatest ally!!! 😲

2018-10-03 18:43:57 UTC

@Jacob Just hold a sign that says "Speak English" in class.

2018-10-03 18:44:08 UTC

@Jacob if you go flyering your day would be x10s as productive compared to sitting in class

2018-10-03 18:44:20 UTC

In a world of @Deleted User 's, be @Brunswick .

2018-10-03 18:44:21 UTC

Fuck going to the gym would probably be a more productive way to spend your day

2018-10-03 18:44:23 UTC

Just ask the teacher to keep repeating himself.

2018-10-03 18:44:40 UTC

eggworld already exists

2018-10-03 18:44:43 UTC

>being 5,7 in a world of 6,1 people

2018-10-03 18:44:48 UTC

@DeusVolk Hey, watch it buddy.

2018-10-03 18:45:01 UTC

I'm thinking of just going to class every other day so I know when the quizzes are

2018-10-03 18:45:09 UTC

@Brunswick This is it.

2018-10-03 18:45:14 UTC

@Jacob Go flyering my boi

2018-10-03 18:45:20 UTC

I started something and it feels gΓΌd

2018-10-03 18:45:25 UTC

I'm out of posters

2018-10-03 18:45:28 UTC


2018-10-03 18:45:33 UTC

If we had a world of Ians or Brunswicks, IE wouldn't even be necessary

2018-10-03 18:45:48 UTC

I ran out of stickers way back

2018-10-03 18:45:53 UTC

dm Ian and get more

2018-10-03 18:45:57 UTC

@Jacob come help me swap out my alternator.

2018-10-03 18:46:32 UTC

on my way

2018-10-03 18:46:53 UTC

@Brunswick wait you can do that?

2018-10-03 18:47:03 UTC

I thought we were waiting for the new ones

2018-10-03 18:47:55 UTC


2018-10-03 18:47:57 UTC

@Jacob We have tons of stickers I believe

2018-10-03 18:48:27 UTC

Do you have business cards?

2018-10-03 18:49:16 UTC

@Logan :dab:

2018-10-03 18:50:04 UTC

I need stickers like water, B

2018-10-03 18:50:50 UTC

Are there any small stickers, like ~2 inches, or only the large ones?

2018-10-03 18:51:36 UTC

I think we are nearing the end of both stickers and posters.

2018-10-03 18:51:39 UTC


2018-10-03 18:52:13 UTC

So if one of you guys has a ton leftover, please either use it or mail it to the IE PO Box and we will make sure it gets used.

2018-10-03 18:52:30 UTC

I guess we are down to mass producing identitarian pumpkins

2018-10-03 18:52:34 UTC


2018-10-03 18:52:38 UTC

I'm sorry guys


2018-10-03 18:52:39 UTC

More are coming.

2018-10-03 18:52:45 UTC


2018-10-03 18:57:54 UTC

@Deleted User wtf are all these people doing sleeping in the middle of the day?

2018-10-03 18:58:13 UTC

Being on welfare must be exhausting

2018-10-03 18:59:26 UTC

Well night shifts are a thing... Lot of blue collar guys work such.

2018-10-03 18:59:31 UTC


2018-10-03 19:00:14 UTC

Any room left at the AirBnB?

2018-10-03 19:00:20 UTC

What's Defend the Rockies?

2018-10-03 19:00:26 UTC

idk. I guess I will find out soon

2018-10-03 19:00:35 UTC

>implying blue collar workers are the type of people who complain about trump on twitter

2018-10-03 19:00:53 UTC

@Grossly Incandescent you're not wrong

2018-10-03 19:00:54 UTC

@John Riggs Can somebody send this mans the email?

2018-10-03 19:01:09 UTC

It was sent out on Sept 7th

2018-10-03 19:01:17 UTC

Check your IE registered email

2018-10-03 19:01:37 UTC

I just joined today.

2018-10-03 19:01:43 UTC

Well thatl do it

2018-10-03 19:01:48 UTC


2018-10-03 19:01:51 UTC

@Wood-Ape - OK/MN πŸ‘‰πŸ»πŸ˜ŽπŸ‘‰πŸ»

2018-10-03 19:02:03 UTC
2018-10-03 19:02:22 UTC

@Brunswick I do have some business cards. I leave them in my school library sometimes.

2018-10-03 19:02:41 UTC

@John Riggs Welcome! Defend the Rockies is an upcoming action that will be taking place in Colorado. I believe it's Nov 9-11.

2018-10-03 19:02:49 UTC

Just imagine the Fonz going β€œEhhhh”

2018-10-03 19:02:51 UTC

Stickers are kind of expensive, aren't they?

2018-10-03 19:02:52 UTC

You can put those on bulletin boards and take pictures of them

2018-10-03 19:03:40 UTC

Any idea when the new packs are coming out?

2018-10-03 19:04:04 UTC

Leadership will reveal when they're ready.

2018-10-03 19:04:51 UTC

Conspiracy theory: leadership is intentionally withholding new posters to force us to use up the old ones

2018-10-03 19:05:06 UTC

What could they mean by this? @Bjorn - MD

2018-10-03 19:05:32 UTC

I mean, there's people who still have the 2016 design, so this wouldn't necessarily be a bad idea

2018-10-03 19:05:36 UTC

@Wood-Ape - OK/MN He's the Democratic Party governor of New Mexico, and a Senatorial candidate.

2018-10-03 19:05:38 UTC

@Jacob there's a bunch of designs making the rounds and being finalized, it won't be that long

2018-10-03 19:05:53 UTC
2018-10-03 19:06:12 UTC

I actually wouldn't be mad if leadership intentionally withheld them to force people to use old ones

2018-10-03 19:07:10 UTC

This week's "Exodus Americanus" is very high energy.

2018-10-03 19:08:09 UTC

🐷 πŸ– (no boar react)

2018-10-03 19:09:02 UTC

Is it whitepilled

2018-10-03 19:09:13 UTC

Yes and no.

2018-10-03 19:09:52 UTC

They seem much more optimistic about Midterms and 2020 than I am.

2018-10-03 19:09:59 UTC

Are there any IE neighborhoods? Places where ourguys have decided to move and live in close proximity?

2018-10-03 19:10:13 UTC

We have 10+ identitarians in New Brunswick, NJ

2018-10-03 19:10:31 UTC

10 IE guys that is then some others who aren't in IE just yet

2018-10-03 19:11:03 UTC

4 so far who go to Rutgers University and we've been scoping out good-fits for IE there

2018-10-03 19:12:35 UTC

@Wood-Ape - OK/MN I was tentatively pessimistic but there is a lot of polling out today showing red state Dems are going to lose reelection if they vote against Kavanaugh and win if they vote for him. Corker is saying they have the votes and may vote Friday

2018-10-03 19:13:51 UTC

@Logan Hope so, I am a worry wart. Voter ID in swing states is critical to prevent Alabama style 120% black turnout (aka fraud).

2018-10-03 19:14:15 UTC

Michigan, Ohio, PA, Indiana, NC at least

2018-10-03 19:14:20 UTC

Alabama is actually 120% black

2018-10-03 19:14:25 UTC

Can confirm

2018-10-03 19:15:03 UTC

Indians are dark skinned white people

2018-10-03 19:15:06 UTC

change my mind

2018-10-03 19:15:13 UTC

Go to India

2018-10-03 19:15:24 UTC

Boom mind changed

2018-10-03 19:15:28 UTC

@John Riggs North County San Diego is starting to grow. Georgia has a huge group

2018-10-03 19:15:30 UTC

Use the Russia hysteria. "We need voter ID to make sure russians don't hack"

2018-10-03 19:15:48 UTC

@Brunswick Been reading too much Savitri Devi

2018-10-03 19:16:12 UTC

Indians are reserve white people

2018-10-03 19:16:22 UTC

Indo-Aryan Brotherhood is a real thing

2018-10-03 19:16:30 UTC

I did think it was pretty funny that they were like β€œthe Russians hacked the election!!!” β€œOk let’s audit the election” β€œuhhh no... that’s ok...”

2018-10-03 19:16:31 UTC

@Logan I mean like walking distance from one another

2018-10-03 19:16:49 UTC

Fair Iranians and Cacusus mountains and maybe some Kazakhs...

2018-10-03 19:17:13 UTC

I’m going to new India later this month

2018-10-03 19:17:54 UTC

It’s lingo for London

2018-10-03 19:18:21 UTC

Stay safe lad, don't go in the red phone booths

2018-10-03 19:18:30 UTC

@John Riggs Atlanta in that case.

2018-10-03 19:18:41 UTC

I haven’t been since I was like 5

2018-10-03 19:18:47 UTC

Are the phone booths haunted

2018-10-03 19:19:17 UTC

When I was last there, they had piss n all in them, I think the migrants use them as bathrooms

2018-10-03 19:19:33 UTC

Personally speaking

2018-10-03 19:19:37 UTC


2018-10-03 19:19:44 UTC

@Brunswick You have 10 guys in a city of only 60,000?

2018-10-03 19:19:47 UTC

outhouses, phone booths, streets, what's the difference?

2018-10-03 19:19:51 UTC


2018-10-03 19:20:09 UTC

I always wanted Trafalgar to look like Mumbai

2018-10-03 19:20:31 UTC

There’s just no culture in a city if there aren’t people relieving themselves in public

2018-10-03 19:20:58 UTC

Vibrant and Diverse. Stunning and brave. Yas queen, slay. etc

2018-10-03 19:21:12 UTC

I'm so excited to finally meet Patrick this weekend

2018-10-03 19:21:20 UTC

And hang out with the guys

2018-10-03 19:21:33 UTC

@Jacob Did you find a way to NWForum?

2018-10-03 19:21:38 UTC

Give him a Minecraft figurine for his collection as tribute

2018-10-03 19:21:41 UTC

It’s customary

2018-10-03 19:21:55 UTC

I'm gonna pay an assload of money for AmTrak plus and Uber @Wood-Ape - OK/MN

2018-10-03 19:22:08 UTC

@Jacob Dang.

2018-10-03 19:22:20 UTC

My friend is storing is car at my house since I have a driveway and he lives in a dorm. Was kind of tempted to ask him if I can borrow it.

2018-10-03 19:22:28 UTC

@Jacob yea

2018-10-03 19:22:42 UTC

If I still lived by Gig Harbor I would have at least gone to Ellensburg to get ya.

2018-10-03 19:22:52 UTC

He just came this morning and dropped it off. If I knew earlier, I would have asked.

2018-10-03 19:22:52 UTC

@Jacob Lucky... have fun man!

2018-10-03 19:23:06 UTC

@Wood-Ape - OK/MN Oh, you lived in Washington?

2018-10-03 19:23:10 UTC

At least AmTrak is safer than Greyhound.

2018-10-03 19:23:17 UTC

The NW forum sounds like fun. Wish I lived up there still.

2018-10-03 19:23:21 UTC

AmTrak is great

2018-10-03 19:23:26 UTC

@ophiuchus Come visit

2018-10-03 19:23:26 UTC

@Jacob Yeah for a few seasons.

2018-10-03 19:23:41 UTC

I'm actually in Cheney not Ellensburg

2018-10-03 19:23:45 UTC


2018-10-03 19:24:01 UTC

Iron Horse brewery is breddy guud

2018-10-03 19:24:04 UTC

Man I wish

2018-10-03 19:24:10 UTC

I live in the United States #Doxxed

2018-10-03 19:24:10 UTC

Everyone already knows there's at least one IE member in Cheney, though, so I'm not making myself any less safe by saying that

2018-10-03 19:24:20 UTC

Got stranded in Ellensburg due to fog once

2018-10-03 19:24:21 UTC

@Deleted User you live in Virginia

2018-10-03 19:24:27 UTC


2018-10-03 19:24:41 UTC

People have warned me not to talk about where I live, but, I just don't think it makes it any easier to dox me than I already am

2018-10-03 19:24:56 UTC

Depends on how big your town is. I think

2018-10-03 19:25:02 UTC

good thing people can't guess where I live xd

2018-10-03 19:25:14 UTC

@Brunswick brick, New Jersey

2018-10-03 19:25:19 UTC

There's obviously a sizeable IE group in Spokane judging by the news stories, and it's reasonable to guess that at least one of those guys lives in Cheney.

2018-10-03 19:25:23 UTC

πŸ€” wtf

2018-10-03 19:25:32 UTC

@Wood-Ape - OK/MN Look up Cheney, Washington. It's not that big.

2018-10-03 19:25:42 UTC

Good thing cardboard boxes don't have addresses 😎

2018-10-03 19:25:50 UTC

Allsup is on Spokane IIRC

2018-10-03 19:26:01 UTC

No, James lives in Pullman

2018-10-03 19:26:02 UTC

Are there many IE guys in northern Idaho?

2018-10-03 19:26:05 UTC

Or "Spokanistan" as they say in the wet half

2018-10-03 19:26:21 UTC

There's not a lot of guys in Northern Idaho @John Riggs

2018-10-03 19:26:23 UTC

Idaho is WN1.0 central

2018-10-03 19:26:34 UTC

I mean, lots to like about Idaho.

2018-10-03 19:26:35 UTC

@Wood-Ape - OK/MN I find it retarded when Seattle people call Spokane trashy

2018-10-03 19:27:01 UTC

It's funny because I've only lived here for like a year and I don't even live in Spokane proper but I actually get mad when people talk shit about Spokane

2018-10-03 19:27:05 UTC

@Jacob No place trashier than (((Capitol Hill))) in Seattle

2018-10-03 19:27:26 UTC

There’s not a lot of anyone in Idaho

2018-10-03 19:27:26 UTC

can confirm that Capitol Hill is trash

2018-10-03 19:27:41 UTC

I have never found so many sex shops as I did on Capitol Hill

2018-10-03 19:27:49 UTC

I support east WA and East OR combining and becoming the state of Lincoln (could use a better name but it is the one most often floated)

2018-10-03 19:28:02 UTC

Capitol Hill is like 5 points in Atlanta

2018-10-03 19:28:04 UTC


2018-10-03 19:28:09 UTC

Hipsters who go off about how nice and cultured Seattle while calling Spokane trashy are massive hypocrites. A ghetto in Spokane is like a nice neighborhood in Seattle

2018-10-03 19:28:23 UTC

I also found an overwhelming amount of anarchist and commie shit in Capitol Hill

2018-10-03 19:28:45 UTC

Yeah unironic gay Jewish black communism

2018-10-03 19:28:47 UTC

have to wonder if the Hugo House people are still hosting the anarchist flyers (they undoubtedly are)

2018-10-03 19:28:56 UTC

@Salo Saloson @Wood-Ape - OK/MN LMAO I don't think you guys ever heard about the drama that went down in Capitol Hill between IE and Antifa since you're fairly new members

2018-10-03 19:29:11 UTC

what, did you guys try flyering there or something?

2018-10-03 19:29:13 UTC

@Jacob No sir, a scuffle?

2018-10-03 19:29:20 UTC

I've been thinking West Virginia might be a nice place to start an identitarian community. It's the only state that is both over 90% European and supports Trump.

2018-10-03 19:29:25 UTC

*sips* I 'member @Jacob They don't make flyers like they used ta'

2018-10-03 19:29:50 UTC

@Salo Saloson dude we've put up posters in Capitol Hill more than once

2018-10-03 19:29:51 UTC

WV is very poor but a conference place there would be cool

2018-10-03 19:29:53 UTC

Washington chapter is hardcore

2018-10-03 19:30:02 UTC

Honestly some places are totally lost. I wouldn't go to Capitol Hill or some neighborhoods in Olympia.

2018-10-03 19:30:16 UTC

^ This happened in Capitol Hill

2018-10-03 19:30:23 UTC

Chinese food. Very diverse!

2018-10-03 19:30:24 UTC

>throwing chinese food

2018-10-03 19:30:34 UTC

God that night was hilarious

2018-10-03 19:30:39 UTC


2018-10-03 19:30:54 UTC

I guess they don't like the food that much after all

2018-10-03 19:30:56 UTC

I was worried it was an actual anCom militia.

2018-10-03 19:31:09 UTC

They wasted like 5 boxes of takeout

2018-10-03 19:31:27 UTC

They didn't even hit us, it just hit the ground and splattered

2018-10-03 19:31:27 UTC

Such economic privilege!

2018-10-03 19:31:39 UTC

It insults poor PoCs to waste food

2018-10-03 19:31:47 UTC

That actually is pretty wasteful

2018-10-03 19:32:08 UTC

Yeah I agree

2018-10-03 19:32:15 UTC

Shame on them

2018-10-03 19:32:23 UTC

Alinsky says: use enemy principles against them

2018-10-03 19:32:35 UTC

He was evil, but smart

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