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2018-10-03 17:28:46 UTC

@TMatthews Again, you're very hung up on "the media" and "labeling" - Right now they can DIRECTLY tie us to David Duke, and a leader who glorified killing minorities and the nazification of america - they don't even have to lie - why make their job easy? Trump has been defamed as a "Fascist" a "Nazi" and God knows what else. Why does that claim not stick with him? Because they have no evidence (also he's not). Seeing that we too are neither of these things, it's not unreasonable to think that we have a chance at a more charitable reception, if not with the media, then the American public.

And again, for the fifth or sixth time, the way we are labeled by the media ranks pretty low on a reason for a rebrand, but it's still a net benefit in my mind.

2018-10-03 17:29:24 UTC

@TMatthews We wouldn't change our idealogy, just our aesthetics so we can distance ourselves from mistakes made in the past.

2018-10-03 17:29:24 UTC

I'm in no way saying we drop our mission. I'm Saying americans don't want to be preached about the meta political concept of Collective identity. But they want to hear "OUT OUT OUT" and "BUILD THE WALL". They want hard rhetoric that is explicitly Nationalist and *implicitly* Identitarian.

2018-10-03 17:31:13 UTC

@Asatru Artist - MD with proper vetting, we'd still ensure the people being accepted are pro-white

2018-10-03 17:31:24 UTC

The left completely seized our institutions by the implementation of leftist theory. Did they tell us this? No. They said "peace and love" all the way to the bank.

2018-10-03 17:31:26 UTC

@Deleted User It's not just the media. Try explaining why we don't allow Jews to the ordinary conservative who hates "the fake news MSM" and they won't be convinced. I don't know what the solution is, but I do know that so long as we remain a white gentile exclusive organization they will have evidence enough to justify their definitions

2018-10-03 17:31:50 UTC

Honestly, American identity never really appealed to me growing up. By the time I was born, this country was already subverted and I was taught that America = diversity. I know that that isn't true, but it was hard to get that image out of my mind. I just don't feel any sentimental attachment to the flag and that kind of stuff. I don't mean to offend anyone who does have that, but it's just not something I could develop after going to a minority white high school and being taught for 13 years that the flag symbolizes diversity. I'm sure a lot of younger guys could relate to what I'm saying.

I was excited when I found posters for this group 2 years ago because it was finally something about *European*-American identity. It was such a relief.

2018-10-03 17:32:58 UTC

As someone Deeply attached to my Italian heritage as well, I can agree. But I think the unfortunate truth is that it's simply not how most Americans think

2018-10-03 17:33:09 UTC

I think we can still promote an explicit bond between Euro-Americans, if we word it properly. I don't think anyone really wants to be in heterogenous social circles, they just know they aren't allowed admit it.

2018-10-03 17:33:09 UTC

@Asatru Artist - MD Slippery slope fallacy, it would be aesthetic, not ideaological. By the same logic you could say, not embracing a swastika logo will make us civnats 15 years down the line

2018-10-03 17:33:10 UTC

@Nemets Curious. I'll have to check it out.

2018-10-03 17:33:19 UTC

Let's redirect their feelings in our direction rather than trying to completely change them.

2018-10-03 17:33:20 UTC

you guys have me designing logos now instead of doing my job πŸ˜‘

2018-10-03 17:33:48 UTC


2018-10-03 17:34:06 UTC

That *is* your job, White man... 😎

2018-10-03 17:34:38 UTC

@Kingfish This tbh when I end up having to explain to a security guard what IE is I dont really use the term Identarian I always refer to it as Pro-American/ Patriotic group and they understand that and support it at that level.

2018-10-03 17:34:45 UTC

@Jacob Same reason I joined... an organisation where other White Americans knew their roots

2018-10-03 17:35:14 UTC

@TMatthews Pretty easy to explain "We are an organization for Americans as defined by the great men who founded this nation, there are many organizations that myself as a white Christian gentile would be prohibited from joining, so it makes perfect sense that such an organization exists exclusively for us."

2018-10-03 17:35:16 UTC

Easy as

2018-10-03 17:35:37 UTC

I'm more than willing to help other Whites get connected to their roots. It's hard to deny someone their culture

2018-10-03 17:35:48 UTC

@Jacob Same. America isn't a nation anymore. It's an economic zone and the only thing binding us together is a vast bureaucracy. I wish that wasn't the case. I don't expect the US to survive the century intact and if it does, we end up in a South Africa situation. I feel a strong connection to the land where my ancestors have lived since the 1600s, but the institutions have pretty all been subverted

2018-10-03 17:36:48 UTC

Generally the people on a completely basic level want three things. Safety, money, and as little change as possible. Appealing to their safety, the economic consequences, and radical changes that are being forced upon Them is what will stir them Into action.

2018-10-03 17:37:31 UTC

@Virgil Is slippery slope really a fallacy though? Accepting gays -> to gay marriage -> accepting trannies -> men in womens bathrooms -> tranny children and now the next step seems to be acceptance of pedos (*rebranded* as minor attracted persons)

2018-10-03 17:37:58 UTC

@Deleted User That's the exact explanation I'd use, but I simply don't think it would be enough. Just think about how conservatives support Zionism but think "anyone should be able to become American if they share our values"

2018-10-03 17:38:14 UTC

@TMatthews It wasn't always like that, for 99% of our history we were an extension of Europe and a European people. Just like the Germans, Italians or Poles. The whole reason why IE exists is so that we can reclaim our birthright and our nation.

2018-10-03 17:38:55 UTC

We could frame it as: "Promoting policies that favor a more homogeneous America akin to Japan"

2018-10-03 17:39:09 UTC

Making an emergency retreat for an outlet to Continue this convo brb

2018-10-03 17:39:52 UTC

i always say IE is an American heritage organization like Descendants of the Mayflower or Sons of the American Revolution

2018-10-03 17:40:01 UTC

@Virgil Barring mass deportation though, it's not going back. We can't even get politicians to stop immigration and even if we did tomorrow we'd still become a minority

2018-10-03 17:40:28 UTC

@TMatthews OK, what does that show? - that our views are natural and a complete system, more or less - to be a Establishment Conservative is to deeply embrace hypocritical positions on a daily basis.

They might have the airwaves now, but they didn't always, and won't in the future - if the rising nationalist sentiment here and abroad is anything to show for.

2018-10-03 17:40:38 UTC

@Asatru Artist - MD Right but that can work both ways, if embracing a more marketable name is cucking than using slippery slope logic in reverse, one could say that having s swastika logo would make us idealogically pure and uncucked

2018-10-03 17:41:23 UTC

Swastika =/= race though. It's is a symbol of power.

2018-10-03 17:41:27 UTC

IMO, getting attached at the hip too much to the Trumpian movement could put us in for a wild ride. If we have to be Trump apologists at retcon stuff like TPUSA it may very well get us in a different manner of guilt by association. I like Trump as much as the next Identitarian, but I do not trust him enough to tie ourselves too close to the Trumpian phenomenon.

2018-10-03 17:41:55 UTC

Trump is absolutely not someone we should be tied to

2018-10-03 17:42:13 UTC

Trump is but temporary, our people's existence should be forever, if we can help it

2018-10-03 17:42:24 UTC

@Deleted User I certainly hope you're right. It just seems a shame to me for us to throw away the whole brand because of one stupid interview by a guy who's no longer in the organization. Maybe my perspective is different because I played close attention to what Patrick did to distance IE from that before I joined

2018-10-03 17:42:28 UTC

Instead we are gonna grab the normie by the optics

2018-10-03 17:42:30 UTC

@TMatthews Non-whites have always existed in America but they were seperate. Until the very late 20th century. They weren't considered part of our nation just a foreign people occupying our land.

2018-10-03 17:42:33 UTC

as someone who was 100% on the Trump Train in 2015/16, i agree @Jacob

2018-10-03 17:42:42 UTC
2018-10-03 17:42:49 UTC

Aptly put.

2018-10-03 17:43:06 UTC

We shouldn't be tied to him no. But his base and his movement which his campaign created is an untapped resource.

2018-10-03 17:43:36 UTC

We don't have to rebrand to tap into the source, though, (imo)

2018-10-03 17:43:45 UTC

I'm sorry, but, in a lot of people's minds, Trump just comes off as dumb, it's not entirely unreasonable. There's a lot of friends who actually seen to understand my anti immigration arguments, but nothing I say will make them like Trump.

2018-10-03 17:43:47 UTC

@Virgil I don't disagree, but this foreign people used to be 12% of the population, not almost 40% and climbing

2018-10-03 17:44:10 UTC

I don't disagree. I don't personally think he's brilliant either.

2018-10-03 17:44:47 UTC

Im saying the people like tucker Carlson and anne Coulter have become very intelligent and well spoken people who align with the America first agenda

2018-10-03 17:44:57 UTC

And these are powerful allies as are their viewers and fans.

2018-10-03 17:45:05 UTC

And right now I don't think we can court them.

2018-10-03 17:45:42 UTC

Likewise Ann Coulter is great, but she went so far hard on the Pro-Trump bit that she has to kind of ride the tiger so to speak. The Trump forever people are all boomers. While I would not mind them cutting some checks for us, they are not gonna be central to our message.

2018-10-03 17:46:21 UTC

We have enough people and agency to be our own thing. Not ride the coattails of another.

2018-10-03 17:46:23 UTC

Trump needs to pull all the strings to have a chance at helping our cause, which he hasn't done in 2 years. He's going to lose the house and might lose reelection in 2020. Not looking good. Democrats won the 2016 popular vote by 3 million votes, we just squeaked through the electoral college. The Dems dominate the normies. Texas is expected to go blue by 2024. The Republican party will likely return to a "win over the Hispanics" party soon after Trump leaves office.

2018-10-03 17:46:30 UTC

Blue Triangle gang gang forever.

2018-10-03 17:46:45 UTC

@TMatthews Doesn't really matter if they're 12 or 40 percent. The core genetic stock if the American people still exists regardless. Should Greeks have given up on Greece because it was occupied by Turks. Should the Castillians have given up on Spain because of the moorish demographics?

2018-10-03 17:47:18 UTC

I don't necessarily agree we have the people or the power to stand alone right now.

2018-10-03 17:47:20 UTC


2018-10-03 17:48:04 UTC

We're still Fledgling and we have baggage. Pair that with a rather obscure academic concept and it loses interest

2018-10-03 17:48:16 UTC

I agree that our message and methods aren't specifically pro-Trumpians... but we never even tried to target them, either.

2018-10-03 17:48:54 UTC

Our demographic are the Whites who can help fight for our future, not saturday night beer drinkers while they watch football

2018-10-03 17:49:30 UTC

Do we have any musicians in IE? I have an idea to suggest if so.

2018-10-03 17:50:21 UTC

@Kingfish no offense of course

2018-10-03 17:50:22 UTC

those are literally the same people


2018-10-03 17:50:33 UTC

Tucker Carlson is great. He has a different target audience, though. His whole routine is about appealing to boomers and nudging them towards us.

I do support co-opting civic nationalism, but we need to have groups ready for people who've decided they want to go beyond that.

What James Allsup does is really great with his appeal to American nationalism, but we need variety. We can't have *just* James Allsups. We need Jared Taylors, we need Red Ices, etc. We need to have a whole system going Diversity of skills and methods is our strength.

2018-10-03 17:50:33 UTC

@John Riggs Is it Identitarian boy bands?

2018-10-03 17:51:33 UTC

@Virgil The Greeks actually did give up Ionia and agreed to population transfers. As for Spain, it took centuries of war to expel the Moors, and they were primarily just a ruling elite that was small in number.
I'm increasingly of the opinion that America is headed towards civil war, but I sure am not looking forward to it or advocating it. At the end of the day, those aren't good optics comparisons

2018-10-03 17:51:54 UTC

Check this shit out. Boomers lol.


2018-10-03 17:52:00 UTC

rise and shine evro-peans

2018-10-03 17:52:05 UTC

I tried to get a couple of our AZ guys to do that. We failed to get it off the ground

2018-10-03 17:52:08 UTC

what are you doing for your people today

2018-10-03 17:52:09 UTC

The late stage Roman Republic is full of good anecdotes to compare the two.

2018-10-03 17:52:18 UTC

Apparently drugs make you more xenophilic.

2018-10-03 17:53:00 UTC

So smoking dope WILL make you a dirty hippie. Red Foreman did nothing wrong.

2018-10-03 17:53:12 UTC


2018-10-03 17:53:43 UTC

I forget who said it, but essentially the logic was, becoming explicitly right wing and doing explicitly right wing policies and stances like immigration and cultural conservatism will *implicitly* push our Identitarian interests forward.

2018-10-03 17:53:46 UTC

Apparently, those who are heavily drugged by opiods are generally more accepting towards an outgroup. Opiod crisis anyone?

2018-10-03 17:53:53 UTC

Might have been alt hype

2018-10-03 17:54:40 UTC

@Rabbidsith Oxytocin is different than Opioids.

2018-10-03 17:54:46 UTC

@John Riggs you called?

2018-10-03 17:54:56 UTC

Not exactly. More of a folk song. But there's a great Swedish identitarian song that I think could be easily translated into English and recorded. This translation is not perfect:

2018-10-03 17:55:10 UTC

@Sam Anderson Fair enough. However, I would argue that opiods cause similar effects.

2018-10-03 17:55:24 UTC

Soma takes many forms

2018-10-03 17:55:36 UTC

@TMatthews That's not quite what I was getting at. The point was that if the Greeks and the Spanish had given their nations up and accepted multiculturalism as integral parts of those nations, they wouldn't exist today.

2018-10-03 17:55:45 UTC

I do think presenting ourselves as part of the broader right-wing coalition is a good thing, but I would hesitate to take stances on issues that don't pertain directly to demographics or identity

2018-10-03 17:56:22 UTC

Well, I can't sing. Sorry

2018-10-03 17:56:27 UTC

@TMatthews Minimal consensus ftw

2018-10-03 17:56:30 UTC

Doing that would be nice, but even when Laura Ingrham talks about demographics she is immediately berated as a White Nationalist soo

2018-10-03 17:56:48 UTC

@Virgil While that is true, Reconquista America is questionable optics, imo

2018-10-03 17:56:58 UTC

And then the left is hated more and more as agitators and their words of derision lose Merit.

2018-10-03 17:57:39 UTC

This goes back to the whole "they are gonna call you a Nazi anyways". Now that does not mean break out the armbands. But just let their accusation fall flat.

2018-10-03 17:58:08 UTC

Yeah we can combine the unapologetic attitude with a more America first directed rhetoric

2018-10-03 17:58:10 UTC

refuse to accept the framing, be offensive not defensive

2018-10-03 17:58:33 UTC

Because frankly we're trying to normalize a concept more radical than simply America first, when America first hasn't even been Normalized

2018-10-03 17:59:20 UTC

Implicitly pushing stuff works best when there's something to be pushed towards. Setting up front groups could be a good idea. Literal communists do it all the time, and they're doing great in the culture war.

2018-10-03 17:59:32 UTC

Our name and logo are not gone in the slightest, in my opinion

2018-10-03 17:59:50 UTC

Smaller front groups would be great, thought of that earlier

2018-10-03 18:00:10 UTC

@Jacob When we have tons of Jewish money to waste on expendable people let me know

2018-10-03 18:00:16 UTC

The key for me is to simply focus on saying "the left is anti-white" and "nonwhites will always practice identity politics"
Once the normie accepts those, you can make the case for why white identity politics is inevitable and necessary

2018-10-03 18:00:52 UTC

@Jacob this is what I mean. We make far more progress entering already established groups or groups with different ideas and shifting them to us. We need to direct already established infrastructure and influence not try to start with nothing I agree with you 100% this is why every member should be in every political group or cultural group they can be in.

2018-10-03 18:01:08 UTC

<:chad:359013583469805568> Chad dad Allsup firin' another shot across Lil' Ben's bow: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xXfnAMMpW_o?vq=hd1080

2018-10-03 18:01:11 UTC

@Sam Anderson Ever heard of thing thing called a "bizness" - I think that's how you spell it, pretty new concept.

2018-10-03 18:01:27 UTC

@Deleted User Late to the party perhaps, but I endorse a rebranding for all of the reasons you listed. But also, as we've both been in here for quite some time, I think we can agree that this isn't the same org that it was at the beginning. The political environment is different from then and the level of professionalism that we show is much greater. We have jettisoned everything else that didn't\stopped working, I feel as if we should move into the future with an identity that matches the times and where we want to be.

2018-10-03 18:01:27 UTC

Let me check what my major is again hol up

2018-10-03 18:01:40 UTC

I've been a college republican for 4 weeks and have already rubbed elbows with notable people who agree with us to a degree as well as individuals who could be convinced with the right rhetoric.

2018-10-03 18:02:48 UTC

@Sam Anderson You don't need a billion dollars to subvert a College Republicans chapter

2018-10-03 18:02:55 UTC


2018-10-03 18:03:05 UTC

It's way easier than I expected tbh

2018-10-03 18:04:04 UTC

Don't think of it as subverting. We are a growing faction within the Republican Party. We belong there, and our ideas are slowly getting more and more mainstream

2018-10-03 18:05:12 UTC

Changing the Republican party from the inside is our best bet of getting White identity politics into the WH

2018-10-03 18:05:25 UTC

@Goldstein Riots Tom is right. Too many people in here want to be ideologues, rather than win. We need to be pragmatic, realistic and forward looking - obviously we can't abandon our core values, ever, either - but appealing to powerful factions is the way forward.

Ideologues never win.

2018-10-03 18:05:44 UTC

@TMatthews our ideas are mainstream, but most white people know they will get fired and ostracized for them.

2018-10-03 18:05:46 UTC

It will be way easier to become a respected and powerful faction of the party using America first rhetoric than obscure meta political concepts

2018-10-03 18:06:11 UTC

@Kingfish Are you saying reading Neitszche obsessively is not gonna win?

2018-10-03 18:06:15 UTC

The GOP didn't really oppose affirmative action until after Duke nearly won the Louisiana senate seat and they co-opted that idea. Not a fan of his really, but the party can be made to change to suit its base

2018-10-03 18:06:31 UTC

@Sam Anderson will to power bro!

2018-10-03 18:06:40 UTC


2018-10-03 18:06:57 UTC


Like come on, that's a pretty good starting point.

2018-10-03 18:07:10 UTC

Why should we NOT court these people

2018-10-03 18:07:27 UTC

They also have funding, infrastructure, and influence

2018-10-03 18:07:27 UTC

I don't necessarily mind a rebrand, just please don't turn this into a civnat group. If we're going to rebrand, it should be to get away from Charlottesville and Eli and maybe make the name more intuitive, but not to make us look like civnats.

I support taking over other groups and having people like James appeal to civic nationalism, but we absolutely need to have explicit groups.

2018-10-03 18:07:44 UTC

We're gonna leave these resources by the wayside for ideological purity?

2018-10-03 18:07:52 UTC

Some of these boomers will get really FEDposty if given the chance. It channels their Bush era war mongering motives.

2018-10-03 18:08:13 UTC

We should court civnats, but we can't become them. That means convincing them that race matters

2018-10-03 18:08:21 UTC

Doing explicitly Nationalist action yields implicit Identitarian results.

2018-10-03 18:08:53 UTC

@Jacob Agreed. The issue isn't how the left sees us, it's how the average white sees us.

2018-10-03 18:08:59 UTC

We should never leave resources behind, but we shouldn't become civnats to speak to them

2018-10-03 18:09:33 UTC

When the Left tries to brand some huge TPUSA conference in FL as "The largest gathering of White Nationalists" or something like that. They kind of have a point, because that thing was 95% White and they were all Nationalists.

2018-10-03 18:09:48 UTC

@Deleted User Eh, civnats are like 20% of the way there. Some of them honestly do a lot more harm than good.

2018-10-03 18:10:15 UTC

I agree we should never be civ Nats. We should absolutely tap into their supporters, their money, their influence, and their infrastructure however.

2018-10-03 18:10:29 UTC

Civnats are also tied at the hip to Trump to the point of being unable to objectively analyze or criticize anything he does. Going to all in on MAGA imagery could push away the Bernie bros who deep down know the left doesn't want them around

2018-10-03 18:10:31 UTC

@Kingfish Right, do we agree on that

2018-10-03 18:10:47 UTC

Our continued existence gives meaning to the world. Imagine a planet filled with just NPCs. Losing the spark of Western Civilization would be the greatest shame in the universe.

2018-10-03 18:10:59 UTC

@Sam Anderson But the thing is, when the average White sees that coupled with the optics of the group, they don't buy it and their mistrust of such sources grows.

2018-10-03 18:11:05 UTC

Making fun of these people is great. But why not assimilate all of their progress on the political field?

2018-10-03 18:11:06 UTC

@Virgil I'm not saying we should pursue idealogical purity

2018-10-03 18:12:01 UTC

We can do far more then own the civnats online. We can completely dominate their institutions and movement with our own while maintaining our ideological core. It will require concessions to do however. @Jacob

2018-10-03 18:12:07 UTC

We must remember that we are the culmination of thousands of years of European progress, we want to preserve that. I'm personally not *all* against a rebrand, but we can very well save the name and logo we already have, Patrick is doing wonders for just that. It's not a puritan issue, it's a social capital issue

2018-10-03 18:13:07 UTC

@Kingfish Right. But should we be joining their groups while having our own, or should we turn our group into theirs?

2018-10-03 18:13:08 UTC

Media, flyers, interviews, posters, and banner drops all can do well in tapping the Trumpian attitude

2018-10-03 18:13:38 UTC

@Jacob Join and guide them in our direction.

2018-10-03 18:13:44 UTC

Unpopular opinion: We need to win over as many minds as possible, of all races. Identitarian is "pro" not "anti".

2018-10-03 18:13:58 UTC

At some point, you're not nudging civnats forward, you're just reinforcing them

2018-10-03 18:14:08 UTC

There's a middle ground though.

2018-10-03 18:14:13 UTC

I'm not saying we do either

2018-10-03 18:14:26 UTC

Im saying we softly dip in not go head first

2018-10-03 18:15:00 UTC

We have to try different things in little doses to see what yields results.

2018-10-03 18:15:51 UTC

Maybe we should wait until the Today show interview of Patrick comes out before we all have a spontaneous panic about scrapping everything?

2018-10-03 18:16:05 UTC

There's a Today Show interview?

2018-10-03 18:16:05 UTC

Everyone ready for the POTUS text?

2018-10-03 18:16:17 UTC

@Kingfish Provide an atmosphere where our people's survival instincts can be allowed to flourish. Just kicking them for being "cucks" will only drive them away.

2018-10-03 18:16:19 UTC

This is what I'm proposing: keep doing what we've been doing, maybe rebrand to get away from Charlottesville and Eli and the like, and start having guys run for PCO positions and join College Republicans and all that.

2018-10-03 18:16:22 UTC

@Eugene of Savoy I can agree to that. I think we should accept, Africans right to maintain a supermajority in Africa, ditto for every other group. We shouldn't exclude non-whites from the broader Identitarian scene. But they shouldn't be members of European and American Identitarian organizations.

2018-10-03 18:16:41 UTC

Who's panicking this has been a very long standing conversation

2018-10-03 18:17:04 UTC

@Wood-Ape - OK/MN The interview is old, we won't learn anything new

2018-10-03 18:17:05 UTC

Seemed to come out of nowhere today.

2018-10-03 18:17:28 UTC

@Kingfish Yeah heard you the first time

2018-10-03 18:17:34 UTC

Virgil the problem is they don't want Africa, they want what we've got.

2018-10-03 18:17:35 UTC

Eh, it's been kicked around for a while now.

2018-10-03 18:17:45 UTC

Sorry my internet is terrible so if it sends multiple times I'll delete them if mods don't get there first.

2018-10-03 18:17:50 UTC

@Goldstein Riots exactly. We need to promote an atmosphere that these people can slowly drift on their own for their own reasons.

2018-10-03 18:18:44 UTC

Just got my trump text.

2018-10-03 18:18:46 UTC

I was hoping there would be a redpill in the Trump text...

2018-10-03 18:18:46 UTC

Who here /presidential alert/?

2018-10-03 18:18:47 UTC

buzz buzz buzz

2018-10-03 18:18:54 UTC


2018-10-03 18:19:07 UTC

We are shifting the overton window with every flyer, every banner drop we do. Effectively, too

2018-10-03 18:19:08 UTC

my liberal coworker just called the presidential text a waste of money <:really:453005408064241674>

2018-10-03 18:19:12 UTC

Not gonna lie; this doesn't feel like business as usual...

2018-10-03 18:19:25 UTC

β€œThey’re sending drugs”

2018-10-03 18:19:54 UTC


2018-10-03 18:19:57 UTC


2018-10-03 18:20:11 UTC

Can you even imagine how many catladies are fuming rn

2018-10-03 18:20:13 UTC

That would be funny if Trump starts using the presidential texts as frequently as he uses Twitter.

2018-10-03 18:20:19 UTC

I want that soo bad

2018-10-03 18:20:27 UTC

@Sam Anderson all of them

2018-10-03 18:20:38 UTC

Hell yeah.


2018-10-03 18:20:44 UTC

He should have thrown in a MAGA

2018-10-03 18:20:49 UTC

Trump tryna chill

2018-10-03 18:20:55 UTC


2018-10-03 18:21:42 UTC

I haven’t gotten it but theres stuff on the tv

2018-10-03 18:21:57 UTC


2018-10-03 18:22:20 UTC

THIS IS A PRESIDENTIAL ALERT: "Congress and the Supreme Court are hereby dissolved. I iz da gubment now."

2018-10-03 18:22:28 UTC

trump just slid in a whole nations dm's

2018-10-03 18:22:33 UTC


2018-10-03 18:22:35 UTC



2018-10-03 18:22:40 UTC


2018-10-03 18:22:52 UTC

This is probably gonna be meme gold...

2018-10-03 18:23:11 UTC

I'd love to see the spike in Twitter traffic.

2018-10-03 18:24:12 UTC

This group is so much different from when I first joined

2018-10-03 18:24:18 UTC

Mostly for the better

2018-10-03 18:24:30 UTC

What was it like?

2018-10-03 18:24:38 UTC

Kinda crazy to think I joined when I was 19 and I'm 21 now

2018-10-03 18:24:57 UTC

@Jacob same boat I'll be 21 soon.

2018-10-03 18:25:14 UTC

@John Riggs I'd tell you, but the mods would jail me.

2018-10-03 18:25:19 UTC

Joined about a year and a half ago

2018-10-03 18:25:34 UTC

@Jacob What changed?

2018-10-03 18:25:38 UTC

I would love to get Trump's tweets as a text.

2018-10-03 18:25:39 UTC

A lot. Lol

2018-10-03 18:25:52 UTC

using the Presidential text

2018-10-03 18:25:54 UTC


2018-10-03 18:25:58 UTC

I'll be 24 very soon, I feel like i'm a boomer now

2018-10-03 18:25:58 UTC

2 years in a couple weeks...still no hoverboards.

2018-10-03 18:25:59 UTC

it would be fucking hilarious

2018-10-03 18:26:16 UTC

WN 3.0 incoming

2018-10-03 18:26:55 UTC

Almost exactly a year from today, I've been in IE

2018-10-03 18:27:13 UTC

I still remember when I first redpilled myself and all I could find online was 1.0 We've come so far these last few years

2018-10-03 18:27:20 UTC

if you're above 19 you're a boomer

2018-10-03 18:27:23 UTC


2018-10-03 18:27:24 UTC


2018-10-03 18:27:46 UTC

Oh, yeah. It's a year for me, too, this month.

2018-10-03 18:27:52 UTC

If you're below 19, you're also a boomer

2018-10-03 18:27:52 UTC

We need a monster energy emoji

2018-10-03 18:27:56 UTC

@TMatthews Yup. We have. Now let's meme the ethnostate into existence.

2018-10-03 18:28:14 UTC

20 year old boomer meme when?

2018-10-03 18:28:24 UTC

Yall need to stop being interesting so I can meme this paper into existience

2018-10-03 18:28:26 UTC

@John Riggs No. We need a SIPP emoji.

2018-10-03 18:28:49 UTC

I've been here for about a year and a half now

2018-10-03 18:28:53 UTC

I found my father's meme folder. It was pretty dank.

2018-10-03 18:29:15 UTC

it was sitting on the table right next to me lol

2018-10-03 18:29:18 UTC


2018-10-03 18:29:23 UTC

I just had directions on when that national alarm test thing went off. It was like β€œIn 1000ft, turn right on AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA”

2018-10-03 18:29:25 UTC

Ever since I became a boomer I've started unironically mowing my lawn...

2018-10-03 18:29:26 UTC

I would've joined like a month after I.E was created, but hesitated to join at first

2018-10-03 18:29:28 UTC

@Goldstein Riots That's exactly what we need.

2018-10-03 18:29:31 UTC


2018-10-03 18:29:43 UTC

lol vanilla

2018-10-03 18:29:45 UTC

Where's the IE brand SIPP when you need it?

2018-10-03 18:29:47 UTC

Early IE was a lot more meme-y and less professional. We weren't as strict, and members were a lot more into the TRS style humor. I won't lie, I do personally still like edgy humor in moderation in the right time and place, but this is mostly a change for the better. We're a lot more mature and serious about getting things done.

As for what is worse now, I miss the optimism. There's been a lot of blackpilling. It might have been easier back in the day to get a large group of guys out for a meetup. @John Riggs @TMatthews

2018-10-03 18:30:24 UTC

Right on time.


2018-10-03 18:30:29 UTC



2018-10-03 18:30:38 UTC

@Jacob I agree.

2018-10-03 18:30:41 UTC

@Jacob Do you think the Optimism heavily died down after UtR?

2018-10-03 18:30:45 UTC

I can't wait to see the articles saying this is harassment.

2018-10-03 18:30:55 UTC


2018-10-03 18:30:57 UTC


2018-10-03 18:31:01 UTC

I remember when my state chapter was half the size it is now and we could still get 8 guys out to poster downtown Seattle

2018-10-03 18:31:11 UTC
2018-10-03 18:32:04 UTC

@Jacob yeah it was pretty explicit too. Was definitely more shit posting. That's why it's probably best to keep the shit posting away from your actual professional outlook isn't it <:4dchess:439923932062154782> πŸ˜‰

2018-10-03 18:32:09 UTC

@micbwilli Whats the deal with that presidential alert system?

2018-10-03 18:32:13 UTC

No idea.

2018-10-03 18:32:17 UTC

Identity evropa IV: A new hope

2018-10-03 18:32:23 UTC

@NateDahl76 are you doing the same thing I did to get you to join lol

2018-10-03 18:32:26 UTC

My state's activism has improved, but that's largely because we have more members, and we have a small group of really active guys who have been here since the early days

2018-10-03 18:32:30 UTC

I guess it's a test in case Chainman Kim decides to screw with us...

2018-10-03 18:32:36 UTC

@Kingfish πŸ‘πŸΏ boi....

2018-10-03 18:32:39 UTC

@Deleted User A New *Hoppe 😎

2018-10-03 18:32:39 UTC

@Sam Anderson Yes πŸ˜‚

2018-10-03 18:32:50 UTC

@Deleted User The Doxxed Strike Back

2018-10-03 18:32:50 UTC


2018-10-03 18:32:58 UTC

@Deleted User Indeed. A new hope.

2018-10-03 18:33:08 UTC

Washington lost a lot of good guys during the blackpill of 2017

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