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2018-09-30 21:49:06 UTC

Baby making time. @CarletonJ

2018-09-30 21:50:33 UTC

Thank you so much, everyone. We will be sure to have many children!

2018-09-30 21:50:44 UTC

@John O - haha yeah

2018-09-30 21:51:12 UTC

Congratulations, though, bro. She's a qt

2018-09-30 22:08:30 UTC

So the experts made a 3D model of what they believe Cleopatra looked like--which is a Ninja Turtle


2018-09-30 22:11:49 UTC

Ayy lmao

2018-09-30 22:14:58 UTC

It's funny how "woke blacks" think they get one over via Kangz posting. Egyptians surely weren't sub-Saharan (and certainly not from the Ivory Coast/Camaroon/Nigeria area like most North American blacks), but they weren't white either. And that's fine. Europe has Greece, Rome, Byzantium, the HRE, England, Sweden, The Polish-Lithuanian Common Wealth, Russia, America... etc, etc.

2018-09-30 22:15:20 UTC

Ancient Egyptians were most related to Coptics.

2018-09-30 22:15:33 UTC

Cleopatra was Greek, though

2018-09-30 22:17:02 UTC

Above reconstruction doesn't look subsaharan or Hellenic. It looks la creatura. Which I suppose is the point of the exercise.

2018-09-30 22:19:57 UTC


2018-09-30 22:20:10 UTC

Oh gwaad!

2018-09-30 22:20:34 UTC

Is there a problem with bots on Gab? I have a Gab account, which I almost never use and yet I receive notifications that I have new followers about once a week.

2018-09-30 22:20:49 UTC

Do they... not think we also have the internet? πŸ€”

2018-09-30 22:31:49 UTC

sorry for no archive, but the Jewish accuser has been found out to have been sued for false allegations before (As well as accused herself)


2018-09-30 22:35:15 UTC

mY shOcK

2018-09-30 23:22:51 UTC

@CarletonJ Congrats, man!

2018-09-30 23:24:06 UTC

What else to call that but conquest / colonization?

2018-09-30 23:24:35 UTC

@Wood-Ape - OK/MN "Enrichment?"

2018-09-30 23:24:48 UTC

Vibrant and Diverse!

2018-09-30 23:30:05 UTC

At what point should I just stop caring about Germany/Sweden?

2018-09-30 23:30:25 UTC

Like...they know this is happening and keep voting in traitor parties.

2018-09-30 23:31:39 UTC

@Asatru Artist - MD Never stop caring... But yes, Norway and Finland need to build walls. Poland and Austria too...

2018-09-30 23:32:11 UTC

Austria has plenty of their own invaders iirc

2018-09-30 23:32:17 UTC

True, but less.

2018-09-30 23:32:46 UTC

@Asatru Artist - MD When natives become 50% -1 of the electorate, and they lose control of their armies' general staffs. At that point, it'll just be a matter of getting the natives out.

2018-09-30 23:32:50 UTC

They need to remigrate those scum before they get full citizenship and have even more invaders from within like the Turks that never left.

2018-09-30 23:34:03 UTC

White pill <:whitepill:439924104406106113> of the day: Yellow jacket stings 🐝 don't phase me much...

2018-09-30 23:34:20 UTC

That's when you lose the right to be a German, and you become a Pole, Czech, Slovak, Hungarian, etc. of German extraction.

2018-09-30 23:34:20 UTC

@Asatru Artist - MD I gues you're more bear than wolf!

2018-09-30 23:34:42 UTC

little bastard hurt like a bugger for a few seconds though!

2018-09-30 23:35:02 UTC

but i finger isn't swollen or anything. 😎

2018-09-30 23:35:40 UTC

I was at a nature place with my wife enjoying the sites, went to reach into my pocket for my phone....BAM!

2018-09-30 23:35:54 UTC

Like dude, if you wanted to use my cellphone, you could have just asked. πŸ˜’

2018-09-30 23:36:21 UTC

If european countries cut welfare that might be nearly as good as walls. We all know the invaders 'nation shop' they go to Germany and Sweden and France and UK becasue those four have the best gibs.

2018-09-30 23:36:49 UTC

And cutting welfare would be harder for the EU to meddle in and stop. Although they would certainly try.

2018-09-30 23:39:50 UTC

These countries just need to return to their natural state of being already (caudillo-centric military dictatorships).

2018-09-30 23:44:12 UTC

Dictators are the only way to control those people.

2018-09-30 23:44:22 UTC

Same with Arabs.

2018-09-30 23:45:14 UTC

>Socialist third -world economy collapses

2018-09-30 23:45:24 UTC

>Asks for asylum in first world

2018-09-30 23:45:29 UTC

Like pottery

2018-09-30 23:45:45 UTC


2018-09-30 23:47:34 UTC

Uh-oh: Assad's gassing his own people in Aleppo with colored paint 😱: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TZqQO1_HUc4?vq=hd1080

2018-09-30 23:51:42 UTC

@John Bud - IL They (Discord) don't have the billion dollar budget with 10 (or 20 or 30 thousand?) sweatshop employees, full backing of the democrat party, every super media organization on the planet helping them, and...last, but not least I'll say it again: the organization (IE) has full control over who has access to our discord server; can remove people at any time and ensure they are gone; anything "deleted" and moderated here is no longer visible to anyone else here for screenshotting and leaking elsewhere.

2018-09-30 23:52:23 UTC

Bring the conversation here, as it's no longer appropriate for that channel.

2018-09-30 23:53:41 UTC

@Phillip Wiglesworth - FL Yeah, as I was saying. Decentralizing comms in Slack and Rocket Chat (chad?) will make IE communication anti-fragile

2018-09-30 23:56:03 UTC

True, there is a modicum of more control when it comes to this platform when compared to twitter. That said, I don't trust a goddamn thing online until we have actual political power and support to regulate these pieces of shit

2018-09-30 23:56:16 UTC


2018-10-01 00:07:57 UTC

Metoo hysteria will only stop when the accused start to strike back

2018-10-01 00:10:38 UTC

@John Bud - IL not to virtue signal, but I just deleted my Amazon account (which I had to jump through several hoops to do).

2018-10-01 00:11:17 UTC

Good work brother @CarletonJ

2018-10-01 00:15:38 UTC

Broke: cat lady owns cats
Woke: cat lady becomes cat


2018-10-01 00:20:38 UTC

Germany: It's hard to care about a People that no longer care about themselves...but I have to believe the embers still glow there somewhere! When they rise, we need to be there for them.

2018-10-01 00:24:23 UTC

Wife is in labour folks. Cross your fingers for us!

2018-10-01 00:24:42 UTC

@Gene if we don’t care about our people, we’ve already lost.

2018-10-01 00:25:33 UTC

@missliterallywho CONGRATS!!!!!

2018-10-01 00:28:19 UTC

Merkel is out the door soon

2018-10-01 00:28:35 UTC

@BigBadSaxon - ID we’re wishing both of you the best, stay strong πŸ‘

2018-10-01 00:33:08 UTC
2018-10-01 00:33:59 UTC


2018-10-01 00:34:13 UTC
2018-10-01 00:36:06 UTC

@Rogue I know that feel.

2018-10-01 00:38:15 UTC

I almost lost my only remaining friends just after I woke up. Luckily they told me I was overwhelming them, so I adjusted my behavior.

2018-10-01 00:41:25 UTC

@Deleted User Today, I deactivated face book (keeping the messenger in case anyone cares to find me) and mass deleted posts going back two years. I've alienated nearly every member of each of the social groups (some of which overlap) I've experienced life with for the last decade. I soldier on. I'm very thankful for I.E. for giving me something social to look forward to.

2018-10-01 00:43:41 UTC

@Wood-Ape - OK/MN it’s worth it in the end. All the people in the history of our movement are dead, in jail, maligned and disgraced. It’s still worth it.

2018-10-01 00:44:19 UTC

Genocide is forever

2018-10-01 00:44:31 UTC

@Rogue Awsome

2018-10-01 00:46:28 UTC

@Deleted User True. And who wants the diluted friendship of the entire world, when you can have the respect of those you respect? I haven't seen this show, and I'm sure it's pozzed and the protagonist cucks at the end, but I do love this scene.

2018-10-01 00:50:15 UTC

Just paid my 2nd years dues to IE

2018-10-01 00:50:18 UTC

Weird feeling

2018-10-01 00:55:45 UTC

Welcome to the 2nd year club! @Brunswick

2018-10-01 00:56:10 UTC

My 2 year anniversary is in February

2018-10-01 00:56:35 UTC

I just have deja vu from sending in my first years dues

2018-10-01 00:58:03 UTC

I was very glad to see my cash mail-in got in and collected. It feels awesome to be in a civic / fraternal org. My father has been in Kiwanis as long as I can remember. Now we have our own thing.

2018-10-01 00:58:28 UTC

truth be told, I paid bi-monthly for like my first 7 months, then paid a year in February

2018-10-01 00:58:50 UTC

(although there is use to infiltrating and taking over Rotary/Kiwanis/Lions/Elks/KnightsOfColumbus and I definitely recommend it)

2018-10-01 00:59:29 UTC


2018-10-01 01:00:11 UTC

How bad of an idea would it be to buy a $500 car so I can drive it across the state a few times?

2018-10-01 01:00:22 UTC

Hmm... depends on how much money you have?

2018-10-01 01:00:24 UTC

And then just throw it away when it breaks lmao

2018-10-01 01:00:29 UTC

I have a few thousand

2018-10-01 01:00:42 UTC

I had like $17,000 before the Bitcoin crash lol

2018-10-01 01:00:47 UTC

And do you live in the inner city, or do you have a place to keep it, should it survive the trip?

2018-10-01 01:01:05 UTC

> inner city

2018-10-01 01:01:27 UTC

lmao I live in the outer rural

2018-10-01 01:01:27 UTC

Hrrmmm... Well it's cheaper than a 1,000$ uber

2018-10-01 01:01:35 UTC

Ah well then you'd have a car!

2018-10-01 01:01:53 UTC

You could learn how things work while you slowly replace piece by piece.

2018-10-01 01:02:01 UTC

My first car was about $500...it wasn't as bad as you might think:-) learn to work on cars..very useful skill

2018-10-01 01:02:31 UTC

how sketchy is this?

2018-10-01 01:02:58 UTC

Tauruses ironically have a lot of legroom for a car their size. At least the 98 did

2018-10-01 01:03:09 UTC

err that one was probably a police car...I'd pass lol

2018-10-01 01:03:21 UTC

My second car was a Taurus, I remember it fondly. Gas mileage was much better than SUVs...

2018-10-01 01:04:09 UTC

My only worry is that it's gonna break down right in the middle of Washington in some desolate area

2018-10-01 01:04:30 UTC

Possibility. Do you have a relative or friend that can give it a good appraisal?

2018-10-01 01:04:37 UTC


2018-10-01 01:04:53 UTC

Well you buy bitcoin, so you love gambling!

2018-10-01 01:05:07 UTC


2018-10-01 01:05:41 UTC

I actually don't buy Bitcoin

2018-10-01 01:05:58 UTC

I got rid of them a long time ago and transferred into other cryptocurrencies

2018-10-01 01:06:07 UTC

Bitcoin is stupid and useless

2018-10-01 01:06:18 UTC

It literally is only propped up because of first mover advantage

2018-10-01 01:06:26 UTC


2018-10-01 01:06:33 UTC

I'm a filthy no coiner, so I can't talk

2018-10-01 01:06:33 UTC

Can't I just look at the Carfax report?

2018-10-01 01:06:51 UTC

not on Craigslist obviously

2018-10-01 01:06:54 UTC

but in other places

2018-10-01 01:09:38 UTC

I mean, those don't ever show anything about what Jimjoebob Shlomo did with duct tape and bubble gum to the radiator.

2018-10-01 01:10:27 UTC

@Jacob Crown Vic at 127k isn’t bad, but it’s always a gamble.

2018-10-01 01:10:34 UTC

Or how many nuts and bolts he had left over after overhauling the engine

2018-10-01 01:10:49 UTC

I bought n old Toyota truck, and it’s excellent.

2018-10-01 01:11:04 UTC

I might be carpooling the Okies to Denver in my 333,333 mile suburban. -__-'

2018-10-01 01:11:16 UTC

I missed the six-digit last month. I was sad.

2018-10-01 01:11:23 UTC

Don’t buy from Pedro. They fix their own stuff with bubble gum.

2018-10-01 01:13:53 UTC

@Patrick Please happen! (after confirmation)
Kavanaugh is going to be so Red Pilled.

2018-10-01 01:14:07 UTC

Remember the Black Hole Sun video by Soundgarden?

2018-10-01 01:14:15 UTC

Should I do it lads?

2018-10-01 01:14:38 UTC

I am in no position to give mechanic or automotive advice...

2018-10-01 01:15:03 UTC

What are you trying to get out of a car @Jacob ?

2018-10-01 01:15:06 UTC

Greyhound costs $85 round trip. If this car lasts me 5 trips, it'll pay itself off.

2018-10-01 01:15:19 UTC

I'm trying to get across the state for to see Patrick

2018-10-01 01:15:25 UTC

at the Northwest Forum

2018-10-01 01:15:38 UTC

and keep using it for a bit

2018-10-01 01:16:33 UTC

Offer the guy $150

2018-10-01 01:16:38 UTC

Then go for it

2018-10-01 01:16:39 UTC

ah shit manual transmission

2018-10-01 01:17:35 UTC

Even better. Teach yourself manual. Burn up the clutch and become a man lol

2018-10-01 01:17:57 UTC

"Been sitting awhile" means you're going to show up and it won't start

2018-10-01 01:18:22 UTC

Could need new battery, or starter, or alternator...

2018-10-01 01:18:35 UTC

All of the above

2018-10-01 01:18:47 UTC

@Jacob you can't drive a stick??? <:sad:366743316475281408>

2018-10-01 01:18:52 UTC

lmao should I buy it, drive it 5 times, and throw it away?

2018-10-01 01:18:55 UTC

man card...revoked

2018-10-01 01:18:59 UTC

dude I can barely drive period

2018-10-01 01:19:03 UTC


2018-10-01 01:19:07 UTC

no one wanted to teach me

2018-10-01 01:19:15 UTC

and driving lessons are crazy expensive

2018-10-01 01:19:15 UTC

Become who you are, in the car...

2018-10-01 01:19:22 UTC


2018-10-01 01:19:39 UTC


2018-10-01 01:19:48 UTC

I will teach you!

2018-10-01 01:19:59 UTC

IE Driving Instruction when?

2018-10-01 01:20:11 UTC

I'm an only child, no siblings, extended family lives in Poland. Who exactly is going to spend time teaching me to drive?

2018-10-01 01:20:21 UTC

Jeep trails outside Denver!

2018-10-01 01:20:29 UTC

i would say dad...but that might be a sore spot?

2018-10-01 01:21:37 UTC

@Jacob ok. Buy me a ticket out there. I will teach you. Remember... only children unite 😬

2018-10-01 01:21:44 UTC

Ya I rarely see my dad

2018-10-01 01:21:49 UTC

my dad showed me how to drive during a Xmas break at college when he bought me a stick shift VW and I had to drive it 11 hours back to Savannah like 2 days later <:nervous:359009898115104770>

2018-10-01 01:22:12 UTC

@Asatru Artist - MD Threw you in the pool, eh?

2018-10-01 01:22:23 UTC

hell yeah, best way to learn!

2018-10-01 01:22:39 UTC

Tear up someone else’s clutch

2018-10-01 01:23:14 UTC

needless to say, i destroyed the clutch on the trip down, got stuck in the middle of nowhere for a couple days, and then continued the trip 😳

2018-10-01 01:24:02 UTC

I love driving stick 😏

2018-10-01 01:24:07 UTC

Can't make it over the Oregon Trail without breaking a spoke.

2018-10-01 01:24:15 UTC

I want a Miata so bad.

2018-10-01 01:24:29 UTC

So fun

2018-10-01 01:26:09 UTC

Why does it say "you haul" if the car supposedly drives? πŸ€”

2018-10-01 01:26:35 UTC

because it needs a battery & ECM

2018-10-01 01:26:40 UTC

will probably run with just the battery

2018-10-01 01:26:54 UTC

holy shit guys

2018-10-01 01:26:59 UTC

I just got a brilliant idea

2018-10-01 01:27:23 UTC

> buy one of these crappy $500 cars
> use it for 1 trip
> sell it

2018-10-01 01:27:29 UTC

Not having a battery is code word for "yo this thing is so much junk we had to scrap the battery for $8.75"

2018-10-01 01:27:44 UTC

yeah I would take a battery with you & take it for a spin before buying it

2018-10-01 01:27:44 UTC

It's not like a 20 year old car is gonna depreciate in one month, is it?

2018-10-01 01:27:52 UTC

it has 208k miles on it & its 30 years old

2018-10-01 01:28:09 UTC

worst comes to worst you can scrap it to probably break even

2018-10-01 01:28:30 UTC

eh I kinda don't wanna lug a battery around if I might not end up needing it

2018-10-01 01:28:47 UTC

how much work is it to scrap a car if I will no longer have a car to haul the scraps?

2018-10-01 01:28:48 UTC

Worst comes to worse, keep it in your backyard and slowly turn it into you War Rig

2018-10-01 01:28:50 UTC

you're definitely gonna need if you plan on buying that junker

2018-10-01 01:29:19 UTC

take it from a guy whos had way too many painful car experiences

2018-10-01 01:29:40 UTC

okay what's the minimum I should spend on a car to use a few times and flip it?

2018-10-01 01:29:51 UTC

I don't actually need a car, I'm just trying to avoid the Greyhound

2018-10-01 01:29:56 UTC

you cant really flip a car tbh thats very difficult work

2018-10-01 01:30:07 UTC

I don't mean flip as in try to make money

2018-10-01 01:30:15 UTC

look for biohazard cars that people killed themselves in & clean them out: those are probably your best bet for money makers

2018-10-01 01:30:16 UTC


2018-10-01 01:30:16 UTC

I mean use it a few times and sell it on Craigslist

2018-10-01 01:30:24 UTC

eh thats not really how a car works man

2018-10-01 01:30:30 UTC

better to have a reliable vehicle you use for 10 years

2018-10-01 01:30:36 UTC

wait, like clean out the brains? 😳

2018-10-01 01:30:44 UTC

ya but I'm a poor college student

2018-10-01 01:30:51 UTC

yeah most biohazard cars are garbage because theyre from accidents

2018-10-01 01:30:56 UTC

The greyhound is a great way to build character

2018-10-01 01:30:57 UTC

just dont get a car then man

2018-10-01 01:31:12 UTC

but how am I gonna get to the Northwest Forum?

2018-10-01 01:31:15 UTC

@Valaska It was a proto-redPill for me.

2018-10-01 01:31:28 UTC

cars are only money sinks. at the very least youre putting money into it in the form of gas, oil, tires, etc

2018-10-01 01:31:30 UTC

I did NOT enjoy the two-hour loiters in the stations... But was not honest why

2018-10-01 01:32:32 UTC

The cost to get a rental seems like it's gonna be just as much as the cost to buy a shitty used car and use it until it breaks

2018-10-01 01:33:01 UTC

@Jacob I used to work at a rental car place.

2018-10-01 01:33:11 UTC

yeah but a rental wont break down or if it does theyre almost always willing to help you out as long as you get whatever their "premium" is for the cost of the car youre getting

2018-10-01 01:33:13 UTC

What happened to that plan?

2018-10-01 01:33:37 UTC

@Koba is correct. Not to mention mandatory insurance.

2018-10-01 01:33:48 UTC

My first grey hound to Seattle at the age of 13 I witnessed a handful of misdemeanors and the beauty of diversity. #memories

2018-10-01 01:35:03 UTC

Amtrak is interesting. It's pretty diverse but has a hipster element as well. It takes SO LONG though.

2018-10-01 01:35:16 UTC

@Deleted User @Koba The rental for 3 days is pretty expensive. I'd have to go through Turo, which is kinda sketchy, since Enterprise requires either a credit card or references, bills, proof of income, etc.

2018-10-01 01:35:33 UTC

That's why I'm saying for the same price maybe I should just get a shitty car and wait for it to break

2018-10-01 01:35:42 UTC

yeah theyre usually about 200-300 for 3 days for just the rental cost

2018-10-01 01:35:42 UTC

Or sell it back to Craigslist when I get bored of it

2018-10-01 01:36:07 UTC

but trust me, do not buy craigslist cars. theres a method to buying them and any car under 1000 is probably not going to check any of the boxes

2018-10-01 01:36:30 UTC

selling a car like that on craigslist takes a while too & youll have to store the car somewhere in the meantime

2018-10-01 01:36:34 UTC

its way more of a hassle than its worth

2018-10-01 01:37:00 UTC

I have a driveway

2018-10-01 01:37:04 UTC

so storing isn't an issue

2018-10-01 01:37:42 UTC

renting is a hassle too though

2018-10-01 01:37:49 UTC

>wait for it to break. C'mon man, a real huwhite man repairs things, doesn't wait for them to break and throw them away.

2018-10-01 01:38:24 UTC

trust me, renting is the better way to go

2018-10-01 01:38:37 UTC

especially if you have to insure it while its sitting in your driveway

2018-10-01 01:38:45 UTC

you're going to find lots of CL ads for really cheap cars that may seem like they'll get you really cheap transportation but you'll find surprises either as soon as you turn the ignition key or so many miles down the road. How many people will come pick you up in the middle of the night when you're broke down?

2018-10-01 01:38:54 UTC

In all honesty, yes rental is your best bet brother.

2018-10-01 01:38:57 UTC

youll also be physically safer driving a rental vs a 200 craigslist car

2018-10-01 01:39:47 UTC

ya probably not a good idea to risk breaking down in the dessert or mountains

2018-10-01 01:39:50 UTC

They think it really be that way


2018-10-01 01:39:54 UTC

cheapest option is often not the best option. usually for maximum cheapness you sacrifice a lot. getting a rental is the middle ground: its more expensive than a craigslist car but way cheaper than owning a vehicle.

2018-10-01 01:40:38 UTC

@NITRODUBS did you notice the dragons eye on the 3%? <:really:453005408064241674>

2018-10-01 01:40:58 UTC

in terms of the immediate cost anyway. in the long term a craigslist car is going to be much more expensive than a rental.

2018-10-01 01:41:16 UTC


2018-10-01 01:41:39 UTC

you think the left cares about reality πŸ˜‚ how cute...

2018-10-01 01:41:50 UTC

Wondering where I sign up for the IE militia.. πŸ€”

2018-10-01 01:41:51 UTC

@Koba Do you think Turo is sketchy?

2018-10-01 01:41:53 UTC

@Jacob can you rent a car at your age though?

2018-10-01 01:42:13 UTC

Also exactly what news outlet is taking the middle ground on this subject?

2018-10-01 01:42:23 UTC

yeah seriously

2018-10-01 01:42:40 UTC

Not even tucker

2018-10-01 01:42:45 UTC

Like I feel like they wish this is what their current situation was so they’d have an excuse to bitch more

2018-10-01 01:42:48 UTC

@NITRODUBS Yeah, even based Tucker will mildly throw right wing under bus even if he doesn't belabor it

2018-10-01 01:42:50 UTC

Fox is the closest thing we have to right wing, and it's basically neocons and rinos

2018-10-01 01:43:00 UTC

@Jacob Im not sure what you mean

2018-10-01 01:43:19 UTC

Anne is closest to the truth on Charlottesville, and even that's not totally on

2018-10-01 01:43:58 UTC

At least they noticed us enough to put us in a poorly drawn comic

2018-10-01 01:44:02 UTC

@⚑Clark⚑ if hes over 18 he can

2018-10-01 01:44:19 UTC

I thought it was 21 at the youngest @Koba

2018-10-01 01:44:24 UTC


2018-10-01 01:44:25 UTC

23 some places

2018-10-01 01:44:34 UTC

25 is cheapest.

2018-10-01 01:44:36 UTC

yeah I think it might depend on state

2018-10-01 01:45:03 UTC

but Im 21, with multiple minor accidents (3, 1 was my fault) & can get a top shelf rental for about 100 a day in pa + gas

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