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2018-09-29 02:08:10 UTC

goodevening my fellow blackpillers

2018-09-29 02:08:31 UTC

Good to hear you still have it. Impala bros

2018-09-29 02:09:12 UTC

There are no blackpills today only hyper accelerationist whitepills from the kavanaugh circus

2018-09-29 02:09:51 UTC

Impala bros

2018-09-29 02:09:54 UTC

Don't forget...


2018-09-29 02:10:56 UTC

I made a liberal girl sperg out when I explained that metoo was culturally self destructive and unsustainable.

2018-09-29 02:11:18 UTC



2018-09-29 02:15:22 UTC

@Procella Eques I was very pleasantly surprised how well my more liberal friends took my political views after hearing stories like this

2018-09-29 02:15:56 UTC

I'm very open with those who know and I never really get backlash

2018-09-29 02:19:46 UTC

All my friends are local IE guys now, so life is much better

2018-09-29 02:21:06 UTC

@Flint That is a goal, for sure

2018-09-29 02:22:10 UTC

@Flint My life has been moving in that direction for a while, too

2018-09-29 02:23:32 UTC

I know that seems to contradict what I literally just said, so let me explain

2018-09-29 02:30:22 UTC

My pre-IE friends are still friendly with me and haven't cut contact or anything, it's just that we don't talk as much as we used to. They know my political beliefs and they take it reasonably, but they're not really into politics, while I am, so we don't always have a lot to talk about. To some extent this is a problem from my end, since ideally I *should* be able to hold conversations with people outside my particular passions. And I've gotten a bit better about this recently. I've made a good amount of new friends recently who I can bond with on non-political topics. That being said, IE continues to be a fairly dominant portion of my social life, largely because even if I can bond with people for non-political reasons, this is a community that I can come to and vent whenever I need to and people get it.

2018-09-29 02:33:06 UTC

I guess I didn't do myself any favors by spending ten years befriending almost exclusively leftists and then moving to more than two states from any of them, and then getting red pilled, leaving nearly all communication via social media

2018-09-29 02:46:15 UTC

The stuff people tell me from California is crazy

2018-09-29 02:46:36 UTC

Like, Washington is a liberal state, too, but it's not like it's super hard to find Trump supporters

2018-09-29 02:57:03 UTC

Most of the guys I work with who are under 20 males seem to like Trump at the very least

2018-09-29 03:00:00 UTC

I don't know what to say. Blackpilling

2018-09-29 03:00:33 UTC

The ones who don't like him/don't have an opinion on him just don't pay attention to politics in general, the one kid said to me today "I don't care about politics I'm focused on sports" 🀒

2018-09-29 03:01:29 UTC

@Chaos Dionysia thanks for sharing that video bro

2018-09-29 03:02:18 UTC

The ignorance of most people is the biggest problem. They know only what they here in clips and soundbites and are caught up in their own social lives or tv

2018-09-29 03:03:03 UTC

Even getting to the MAGA kids I know is hard in my experience

2018-09-29 03:03:05 UTC

If you get young college students alone they open up and vent

2018-09-29 03:03:47 UTC

My whole office (75% women) has been using the Kavanaugh hearings to take snipes at men. They are just swallowing what everyone but Fox is saying

2018-09-29 03:05:01 UTC

But IE and general white identity will inevitably arise when we're being swamped and attacked

2018-09-29 03:05:17 UTC

The one understands races are different but doesn't care because "I'm going to marry a korean girl"

2018-09-29 03:05:21 UTC

Exciting news: I'm getting my own printer. This means that now I can print my own posters instead of sneaking around in the school library.

2018-09-29 03:07:07 UTC

There is one friend who's 100% woke on everything though, watches Allsup even, he's my white pill when I want to talk about my true feelings on what's going on without getting looked at like "Here he goes again with his crazy theories"

2018-09-29 03:08:12 UTC

I'm referring more to the natural conservatives. As soon as small town white people get a little approval from the mainstream conservatives (e.g. Tucker, Trump), they will stop hiding their group preferences

2018-09-29 03:08:16 UTC

@fgtveassassin regarding those obsessed with sports, i always hit them back with "you know that will leave no future for you or you children, right?"

2018-09-29 03:09:20 UTC

good evening gents

2018-09-29 03:09:32 UTC

This kid is an autist though, like actually, I don't think anything will get to him for a while. he's still really young though so I won't go too hard

2018-09-29 03:10:15 UTC

I don't expect a 16-17 year old to be 100% involved in what's going on

2018-09-29 03:10:40 UTC

you know how groups of narcissistic lefties dismiss your opinions an laugh as if they're superior?
the same tactic works on them from my experience

2018-09-29 03:11:56 UTC

Most of my friends have a pretty good idea of my views and they think I'm the odd one so whenver I try that like I mentioned, I get looked at like I have 3 heads, I'm more so worried about just planting some seeds and activating those almonds

2018-09-29 03:11:59 UTC

they aren't used to people confidently espousing opinions that contradict their own

2018-09-29 03:12:14 UTC

I tend to focus of the "demographics are destiny" talking point with conservatives. Bringing up California is kryptonite for civnats

2018-09-29 03:12:54 UTC

The vast majority will reluctantly admit that a US with the demographics of California won't vote like Kentucky

2018-09-29 03:13:09 UTC

@Nemets that explains why they flee to places like texas and all over the south <:really:453005408064241674>

2018-09-29 03:13:18 UTC

@Nemets 1. Peer pressure. If it's one lefty against 2+ IE, the illusions will dissolve

2018-09-29 03:13:26 UTC

leftists are no different than locusts

2018-09-29 03:13:30 UTC

This is only for conservatives. Libs require a different and much slower approach

2018-09-29 03:13:35 UTC

I know I seem like I'm jumping over with how other close to me see the world, but some even realize the demographics are destiny thing but just don't care, Its so frustrating when someone is right there but won't take the jump

2018-09-29 03:13:49 UTC

all of my friends from Northern California tell me that they hate southern California because of the Mexicans and they all want to build a wall dividing the State into two separate states.

2018-09-29 03:14:02 UTC

2. Comedy. Sam Hyde is our greatest asset

2018-09-29 03:14:02 UTC


2018-09-29 03:14:28 UTC

3. Mockery. Mock the idea that races are equal and the illusions dissolve

2018-09-29 03:14:37 UTC

@Chaos Dionysia that's why you need a good attitude when presenting this stuff

2018-09-29 03:14:40 UTC

"If jews see themselves as their own ehtnicity they're dumb because they're not" <:sad:366743316475281408>

2018-09-29 03:15:01 UTC

nobody listens to the crazy guy on the corner with the "THE END IS NIGH!" sign

2018-09-29 03:15:30 UTC

Humor is huge. Every comedian is basically a left wing activist today, but mocking SJW culture is a good in with apolitical (and thus liberal leaning by default) white guys

2018-09-29 03:15:39 UTC

Yeah I shouldn't sperg about it as much as I do

2018-09-29 03:16:05 UTC

don't bring up jews, but instead bring up outside interference from other nations like china, russia, and israel

2018-09-29 03:16:40 UTC

I do always bring it up humor at least and odn't go all Patrick Little on them

2018-09-29 03:16:59 UTC

it's fairly easily to attack the banking cartel when you talking about them being "greedy capitalists"

2018-09-29 03:17:30 UTC

Okay scientist IE: What the HELL causes that sort of atmospheric weather anomaly???


2018-09-29 03:18:00 UTC

Most likely a hill

2018-09-29 03:19:02 UTC

i work with a Muslim from Iran and a Jew from Buffalo NY. and those two talk crap behind their backs all the time. They are a perfect example of how stupid people are to think that that in their diverse multicultural Utopia everybody is going to get along and there won't be any tension. The Iranian also mocks the femminist movemement; the other day he told me that "women are only good at one thing: laying on their backs...... and opening their.... well i can't say the rest..)

2018-09-29 03:19:23 UTC

*Forgotten History of America*
i like it, sounds "woke"

2018-09-29 03:20:11 UTC

how ironic; they don't accept refugees

2018-09-29 03:20:15 UTC

Iranians are?

2018-09-29 03:20:32 UTC

Maybe dumb, but aren't Iranians arab or am I missing something

2018-09-29 03:21:09 UTC

but Iranians are Persians right ?

2018-09-29 03:21:34 UTC

i've heard about iranians being "white" but in all honestly i think sides are easily made between those who are under attack vs those who seek destruction of entire peoples

2018-09-29 03:21:43 UTC

my Colleague likes to say he is persian

2018-09-29 03:22:36 UTC

@TMatthews that’s where Jacksonville airport is at, dead center. Would their radar be interfering with the weather radar stations?

2018-09-29 03:22:39 UTC

Syria protects Christian strongholds while our "greatest ally" wants to destroy them πŸ€”

2018-09-29 03:22:42 UTC

well this guy has fought in that war they had between Iran and Iraq and he hates people form iraq

2018-09-29 03:23:24 UTC

I've actually worked with the Crowned Prince of Iran years ago. They are obviously not (European style) "white"...they resemble Arabs, but lighter and don't seem nearly as dumb.

2018-09-29 03:24:00 UTC


2018-09-29 03:24:13 UTC

super nice guy that wanted Iran to go back to pre 1970s Westernized Iran.

2018-09-29 03:24:17 UTC

skin colour aside, their facial features are definitely not white..

2018-09-29 03:24:36 UTC

Their language is Indo-European and a lot of them identify with the ancient Aryan people. But they're not white

2018-09-29 03:24:51 UTC

@ThisIsChris so we really should accuse Feinstein of groping us?

2018-09-29 03:24:52 UTC

Yeah, but they don't look European either...they look "more" like Arab...I didn't say they were Arab.

2018-09-29 03:25:41 UTC

They’re Persian, which is distinctly different from β€œArab”

2018-09-29 03:25:46 UTC

@Goose what do you mean?

2018-09-29 03:25:54 UTC

Persians are (or were) way more westernized than most of the middle east.

2018-09-29 03:25:57 UTC

@TMatthews i guess you could say we "rubbed off" on them a little?

2018-09-29 03:25:58 UTC

and they want to be more so.

2018-09-29 03:26:24 UTC

@ThisIsChris i mean make false allegations against the left

2018-09-29 03:26:28 UTC

Even Arab is a broad spectrum. The Lebanese can almost pass for white

2018-09-29 03:26:30 UTC

hmm, i guess your idea of "arab" is different than mine. πŸ€”

2018-09-29 03:27:07 UTC

when i think of "arab", i think of the invaders in Germany, not Jamal down the street...

2018-09-29 03:27:09 UTC

Iranians would be called Arabs too, except that Persia was strong enough to maintain its language, unlike Syria, Egypt, et al

2018-09-29 03:27:18 UTC

@Goose not sure if the article says that, though personally I'd agree with it

2018-09-29 03:27:33 UTC

that's how i took it lol

2018-09-29 03:28:44 UTC

ah, that adds on to why tariq made that video about coptic egyptians being white supreeemists

2018-09-29 03:29:06 UTC

i remember that episode of " Anthony Bourdain parts unknown" in Iran and he was dining with this Iranian Family and they sure looked arabs to me, maybe slightly more Europeanish perhaps but still Arabs.... but they do seem to take pride in their heritage and history.

2018-09-29 03:29:34 UTC

Persians are a very proud people from what I've seen.

2018-09-29 03:29:42 UTC

Ive met Iranians who look super white around here

2018-09-29 03:30:46 UTC

interesting.... so do we accept Iranians in IE then ?

2018-09-29 03:31:00 UTC

ima go with no lol

2018-09-29 03:31:10 UTC

LOL ok just wondering

2018-09-29 03:31:44 UTC

actually semi-serious question, would we allow in actual Europeans (who live in the US)? or would we refer them to GI?

2018-09-29 03:31:49 UTC

Patrick said no to Armenians so .... i would hope we say no to iranians LOL

2018-09-29 03:33:31 UTC

we have several European born members

2018-09-29 03:33:58 UTC


2018-09-29 03:34:11 UTC

Identity EvropAmericans

2018-09-29 03:34:32 UTC

also, genetically speaking, all of our members should be europeans

2018-09-29 03:34:41 UTC

Huwhite not Huoffwhite

2018-09-29 03:35:28 UTC

Any Koreans? Might as well toss some yellow in the mix!

2018-09-29 03:35:41 UTC

@Nemets Not everyone is going to pick up on your upper tier irony here. just an fyi

2018-09-29 03:36:03 UTC

@Nemets are you a white identifying Gujurati?

2018-09-29 03:36:41 UTC


2018-09-29 03:37:11 UTC

What about >51% Neanderthals?

2018-09-29 03:37:15 UTC

@Grayson buy permanently live in the US right?

2018-09-29 03:38:29 UTC

i should've specified Eruo citizens vs American citizens

2018-09-29 03:39:03 UTC

@Grayson dual citizenship? πŸ‘€

2018-09-29 03:39:10 UTC

@Goose Non-citizens are not allowed membership, regardless of their ancestry.

2018-09-29 03:39:31 UTC

IMHO, Iranians and Central Asians and Khazars (Jews) are NOT White people. Europeans are a very specific breed. In Europe proper, they will identify as their specific ethnicity. Here in the U.S. Whites are so intermixed that we will simply identify as those of European descent. I imagine that I am somewhat rare in that my very-well documented ancestry is about 90 percent British Isles with a slight admixture of French Protestant. And those Protestants lived in Britain for several decades before they sailed for Virginia in the 1690s. As for mixed White/nonWnite residents of the U.S. we should accept very, very few of those into our ranks. Hell, Obama was half White, but not only didn't he look it, but he as a stuttering faggot of a Leftist traitor.

2018-09-29 03:40:03 UTC

@Deleted User thanks for clearing that curiosity up

2018-09-29 03:40:50 UTC
2018-09-29 03:41:09 UTC

Yeah there was a funny thing showing Obama and Bush are like sixth cousins

2018-09-29 03:41:42 UTC

my sister in laws husband is a leftist mulatto (self professed SJW) πŸ™„ <:sad:366743316475281408>

2018-09-29 03:43:00 UTC

that must have been some good...

2018-09-29 03:43:21 UTC

what a traitor

2018-09-29 03:43:35 UTC

just lol

2018-09-29 03:43:49 UTC

@Nemets Well both the Bush family and Obama's mother were sanctimonious twits from a very prissy New England. Of course, once the Old Stock Northeasterners are converted to out cause, they be among the most rabid. But they do tend to have a need to virtue signal that is truly pathological.

2018-09-29 03:44:59 UTC

Obama never talked about his white side (you know...the side that *didn't leave him*).

2018-09-29 03:45:17 UTC

And anytime he's talking about whites, it's talking down to them. Anti-white pile of garbage.

2018-09-29 03:45:24 UTC

Wasn't his mom unironically a Secretary for the CIA?

2018-09-29 03:45:42 UTC

yeah there were some weird things going on in that family.

2018-09-29 03:46:06 UTC

i watched a video about his dad (and step dad). Muslim commies. Unsurprisingly.

2018-09-29 03:46:10 UTC

Yeah, Obama was and is a disgusting affirmative-action parasite. The way those charlatans get leverage is by identifying with the Leftist race de jour.

2018-09-29 03:46:36 UTC

Obama is the anti-American, moca-future dystopia the left wants.

2018-09-29 03:48:13 UTC

What πŸ€”

2018-09-29 03:48:34 UTC

The worse the behavior of the race of ethnicity the more that they are sanctified as morally-superior victims. Jews, Blacks, Mexicans, Asians; they are ALL bad for us and that means that the more they are portrayed as superior to us.

2018-09-29 03:49:30 UTC

Yeah I am no fan of Stalin, but his purge of Trotskyites was smart

2018-09-29 03:50:09 UTC

@Nemets And yet Stalin himself was not White. He was Georgian. If he embraced Russian Whites it was only because he needed allies against the Bolshevik Jews.

2018-09-29 03:50:34 UTC

Hard times makes strange bedfellows

2018-09-29 03:51:41 UTC

Everybody eventually hates the Jews. They are like a cancer that mestasticizes and kills its host nation.

2018-09-29 03:52:35 UTC

every. single. time.

2018-09-29 03:55:12 UTC

How come people say that Georgians aren't white. I did a google image search and they look white to me.

2018-09-29 03:57:54 UTC

@Nemets Dude you are so knowledgeable! it's quite impressive

2018-09-29 03:58:46 UTC

i don't even know all those names you are using <:nervous:359009898115104770>

2018-09-29 03:59:35 UTC

good for you for researching all that stuff though. great knowledge to have

2018-09-29 04:00:10 UTC

@Nemets It's not useless at all. It's the history that has been repressed.

2018-09-29 04:02:16 UTC

@Nemets is not a serious guy.

2018-09-29 04:02:47 UTC

Georgians are essentially central Asian. They are not a part of our European civilization. The only reason Stalin was elevated by Lenin is because, since Stalin was a criminal, he was "authentic" to the essentially upper-class Lenin.

2018-09-29 04:10:14 UTC

@DeusVolk ban Nemets

2018-09-29 04:11:31 UTC

@Nemets Ha ha. I'm sure I would. Stalin, after all, was raised not far from the home of the Khazars. The thing that all these central Asians have in common (with other third-world races) is that the only effective government is a brutal tyranny. It's just the way they are. The entire Arab world is like this also. Most of Asian as well. Europeans are the only race to have a long history of government that is open to discussion, compromise and class mobility. Never forget that White people conquered the world while also fighting each other. The two fractricidal world wars were what caused our moral and material crisis. As well as Whites' capacity for empathy. The Day of Reckoning is at hand.

2018-09-29 04:11:48 UTC

There were Sogdian mercenaries in Total War Attila

2018-09-29 04:15:37 UTC

Tbh I learned European geography from Total War and HOI4

2018-09-29 04:16:18 UTC

Apples come from Kyrgyzstan, that's about all I know. Oh and the Epic of Manas

2018-09-29 04:19:35 UTC

The sarmatians have to go back

2018-09-29 04:20:27 UTC

Well lads, since I couldn't go to a local meet up tonight, I had my Wife watch Farmlands: the documentary with me

2018-09-29 04:20:49 UTC

What was wife's verdict?

2018-09-29 04:22:24 UTC

She started dozing off during the very end, we may have to rewatch it but I'll ask her tomorrow. It did take her by surprise that Orania town really is a gem among SA, and also how all people aren't equal

2018-09-29 04:23:50 UTC

@Wood-Ape - OK/MN I've told her about why we do activism to grow awareness to what's happening there. Seeing the actual testimonies is different though and she was much more engaged, compared to me talking it

2018-09-29 04:26:07 UTC

did someone say testimony?


2018-09-29 04:27:12 UTC

@Flint - that is great

2018-09-29 04:29:06 UTC

the chans are some funny pepo

2018-09-29 04:37:50 UTC

@The Eternal Anglo 2018, a time when white people fall asleep during a documentary about *current* white genocide and displacement. <:sad:366743316475281408>

2018-09-29 04:38:26 UTC

I'm thinking I'll show my Wife the I.E demonstration against the SA Boer genocide before we rewatch the documentary @Asatru Artist - MD

2018-09-29 04:39:06 UTC

I'm the tall one with teal polo on with the IE flag. <:teehee:381917632359563264>

2018-09-29 04:41:51 UTC

The eternal doxxing <:teehee:381917632359563264> <:teehee:381917632359563264> <:teehee:381917632359563264> She's come around since this crazy night, the "All cultures are equal" schtick is going to be gone soon. I'm compiling the migrant riot reports, videos, and effects of their invasion on France after we get done with this documentary

2018-09-29 04:42:42 UTC

The chains have broke loose, the red pills are non stop now. @Asatru Artist - MD

2018-09-29 04:45:01 UTC

Not to Liberalist post here, but Sargon has some great "all cultures are equal" videos his The Thinkery channel.

2018-09-29 04:45:25 UTC


2018-09-29 04:45:45 UTC


2018-09-29 04:45:52 UTC

There ya go ^

2018-09-29 04:46:41 UTC

Richard Spencer may have created all kinds of a mess, but I'll always remember the time he and Woes broke Sarg'n

2018-09-29 04:47:54 UTC

Doesn't excuse the mess ofc

2018-09-29 04:48:02 UTC

"But think of the individual!"

2018-09-29 04:48:28 UTC

muh radical centrist individualists

2018-09-29 04:48:48 UTC

that collectivized into the "Liberalists" πŸ€”

2018-09-29 04:51:02 UTC

Adjective-ist. Not to Grammar sperm, but that annoys me

2018-09-29 04:51:11 UTC

@Asatru Artist - MD Ah, that's you? You may be tougher to put in a locker than I thought. I'll have to train more

2018-09-29 04:52:28 UTC

Do you think the massive waves of Africans running into Europe, with that one guy yelling "Mali! Mali! Mali!" Is too much at once? @Asatru Artist - MD

2018-09-29 04:52:49 UTC

yeah, ease her into it...don't go full chimp out...yet

2018-09-29 04:53:10 UTC

By "certain features" they mean all of them


2018-09-29 04:54:17 UTC

Start with all 13 hours of "Europa: The Last Battle." πŸ˜‰

2018-09-29 04:54:28 UTC

^(do not do that)

2018-09-29 04:54:52 UTC

the recent videos of the africans running up on the beach with white tourists could be good though.

2018-09-29 04:55:02 UTC

it looks like a literal invasion of blacks into Euriope

2018-09-29 04:55:06 UTC


2018-09-29 04:55:36 UTC

they are literally washing up on European shores.... we need more sharks

2018-09-29 04:56:49 UTC

Oh yeah, Spain yes! That's a good one. You know what, I should probably start small, break out the Mali guy at the end and huge waves of them... then introduce the C-star mission and G.I mission Alps and their training camp <:teehee:381917632359563264>

2018-09-29 04:57:13 UTC

Spain needs a Salvini!

2018-09-29 04:57:51 UTC

Every European nation needs a Salvini. that would make a difference.

2018-09-29 04:58:02 UTC

Or Orban

2018-09-29 05:00:36 UTC

I shudder at what a President Harris or Booker would do. Probably invade Hungary and Poland for the crime of "fascist racism."

2018-09-29 05:01:59 UTC

They would be even worse than Obama with the white shaming and race baiting. It would probably start an actual R-war.

2018-09-29 05:02:21 UTC

Hopefully not. Not trying to LARP post.

2018-09-29 05:02:42 UTC

But street chimpouts would be more common

2018-09-29 05:03:26 UTC

I wouldn't want it...but they would sure push the envelope to incite their side to do it.

2018-09-29 05:10:18 UTC

@Asatru Artist - MD you're the one on the right of the banner my dude? Noice tats

2018-09-29 05:10:30 UTC

How tall are you Las?

2018-09-29 05:10:35 UTC


2018-09-29 05:11:18 UTC

*lanklet squad*

2018-09-29 05:35:26 UTC

1:30am, latenite IE has begun


2018-09-29 05:35:47 UTC

Countermeasure for shitlib meme


2018-09-29 05:35:50 UTC

πŸ‘€ @Flint

2018-09-29 05:36:29 UTC

Kavanaugh has had 83 or 84 women write in his defense. *Believe Wahmen*

2018-09-29 05:42:02 UTC

I'm listening to a playlist on Youtube, every commercial for every product has hip-hop music..

2018-09-29 05:47:39 UTC

Our enemies have a disproportionate amount of many diseases


2018-09-29 05:49:58 UTC


2018-09-29 05:54:56 UTC

I think someone has some dirt on Flake, I just don't see how he pulls stunts like this without having his arm twisted

2018-09-29 05:58:49 UTC

They really don’t. He’s not running for re-election. He’s a lame duck Senator. What he’s vying for is more money in whatever lucrative media deal he can get

2018-09-29 05:59:57 UTC

In other words, if not for this kavanaugh stuff, the Senate session would be over and Flake would essentially have nothing more to do

2018-09-29 06:00:58 UTC

McConnell would have gaveled the session closed today, otherwise

2018-09-29 06:16:00 UTC

Flake is already a 'known' globalist, not running for reelection because the direction of the Trump Republican party being so nationalist, etc, what deals/ties does he not have already that he could gain from this?

2018-09-29 06:16:35 UTC

@Nemets heh, I think it has to do with the crops not being a reliable staple to base your economy on

2018-09-29 06:16:39 UTC

his time as a Senator would have already secured him his illegit post-gov career

2018-09-29 06:17:16 UTC

A reminder that our people are our greatest enemy


2018-09-29 06:20:09 UTC


2018-09-29 06:20:14 UTC

at this point, I feel like even if we lose

2018-09-29 06:20:29 UTC

it would be divine justice

2018-09-29 06:20:35 UTC

Us winning would be divine mercy

2018-09-29 06:20:44 UTC

haha, true

2018-09-29 06:20:51 UTC

But mercy is good, no?

2018-09-29 06:20:57 UTC
2018-09-29 06:21:00 UTC

And so is grace

2018-09-29 06:21:02 UTC

We can only hope for mercy

2018-09-29 06:21:21 UTC

if white people would be judged fairly, we would be condemned to extinction

2018-09-29 06:21:51 UTC

I think enough people in America hate the evil in America that a merciful God would hear

2018-09-29 06:22:55 UTC

We're simply 'too good' to fight off the unimaginable evil plaguing us

2018-09-29 06:23:20 UTC

We can't comprehend the plans of the enemy bc normal people don't think like that

2018-09-29 06:24:35 UTC


2018-09-29 06:24:39 UTC

even we don't know the plans of the enemy

2018-09-29 06:24:45 UTC

we don't even clearly know who the enemy is

2018-09-29 06:28:27 UTC

Oh, we know who they are


2018-09-29 06:35:04 UTC

Interesting video. They're maybe not Identitarian, but still interesting. Good music too.


2018-09-29 06:37:01 UTC

@Wood-Ape - OK/MN I liked Matthew Melton's projects way before Dream Machine was a thing... interesting to see how they have shifted more and more to the right because of leftist rage

2018-09-29 06:37:55 UTC

He's got a QT Bosnian waifu too, who seems talented in her own right.

2018-09-29 06:38:58 UTC
2018-09-29 06:44:23 UTC


2018-09-29 06:47:18 UTC

The absurdity of the constituency of Hillary Clinton, who successfully defended a rapist (admittedly fooling a polygraph), demanding rape accusers be believed.

2018-09-29 06:57:28 UTC

Mark is the top English Nationalist in my mind. His show is small but comfy

2018-09-29 06:57:35 UTC

what's the tl;dr on that Sarg'n video?

2018-09-29 07:02:33 UTC

Hot new Grandpa Jared vid. This time with some Assie ladie.

2018-09-29 07:03:39 UTC

@Flint Sargon is apparently taking a break?

2018-09-29 07:03:46 UTC

God Bless this man really. If it were not for his clear and rational points like this I would still be listening to Ben Shapiro. Its a huge Whitepill he endorses us.

2018-09-29 07:04:17 UTC

Sargin is useless and means nothing. The UK is too far gone.

2018-09-29 07:04:22 UTC

I'm so lucky to have met him

2018-09-29 07:04:59 UTC

Exactly. Meeting JT was one of the greatest moments of my life.

2018-09-29 07:06:41 UTC

God I'm so excited to hear Patrick speak irl

2018-09-29 07:10:40 UTC

Have met him IRL many times. He has read a lot and honestly, is the perfect leader to take IE in the direction we need to go to win.

2018-09-29 07:10:50 UTC

Hell he has slept at my house.

2018-09-29 07:11:33 UTC

So thankful to be part of such a great org that constantly impresses me with the quality of its people.

2018-09-29 07:13:22 UTC

I think the same thing every day. I've met some of the highest quality people here and it's really comforting to know that we have such people fighting for the most important cause of our time.

2018-09-29 07:15:19 UTC

And thank God for Patrick. He could have been a really successful normie politician if he wanted but luckily we have him there.

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