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2018-08-25 07:07:39 UTC

Many of us are.

2018-08-25 07:29:00 UTC

I think we all fell asleep in a theater and 9-11 was this loud part of the movie, most of us woke up, but we are the only ones who stayed until the end of the credits to see who directed it...the movie that is...not 9-11

2018-08-25 13:27:41 UTC

But kind of 9/11 too

2018-08-25 13:30:11 UTC

Good article on NYT humanizing the man who ALLEGEDLY killed Mollie Tibbets. He was an honest worker, a romantic, simply trying to provide a good life for his child, with no previous criminal history.

2018-08-25 13:30:39 UTC

Yes they really printed "he was really romantic"

2018-08-25 13:32:05 UTC

He’s an “all-American guy” according to his lawyer

2018-08-25 13:33:03 UTC

Yep I saw that 🤔

2018-08-25 13:39:07 UTC

What I noticed from the news on the crisis in South Africa is that every single news source is about Trump’s tweet and not the situation

2018-08-25 13:41:19 UTC

Happy Saturday boys, hope the weekend treats everyone well

2018-08-25 13:45:16 UTC

@Wotan Klan-GA in their apologetics for the SA government, the WSJ actually quotes the ADL. What exactly do the ADLs feeeeeeelings about white Americans have to do with anything. No quotes from any of the prepper groups in SA. Has anyone seen an article that quotes Simon Roche or anyone on the ground there?

2018-08-25 13:45:37 UTC

@Wotan Klan-GA The Young Turks already proved the genocide against whites is a hoax

2018-08-25 13:47:05 UTC

@TV oh reeeaaallly

2018-08-25 13:47:11 UTC

How did they do that?

2018-08-25 13:47:58 UTC

They used Turkish wisdom

2018-08-25 13:48:02 UTC

lol wow

2018-08-25 13:48:39 UTC

I meet South Africans once in a while, including one dude who worked as a private security guard just like Jayoh

2018-08-25 13:48:57 UTC

We always discuss this situation and every time they are amazed that I know about it

2018-08-25 13:49:00 UTC

TYT is a neo-ottoman organization

2018-08-25 13:49:45 UTC

I remember one cute one I had a fling with refer to it as a genocide

2018-08-25 13:49:56 UTC


2018-08-25 13:50:11 UTC

Every time

2018-08-25 13:51:13 UTC

“Guilt + +”

2018-08-25 13:51:19 UTC

@Wotan Klan-GA when did they come to America?

2018-08-25 13:51:29 UTC

What is this meme of Jewish guilt I keep hearing of?

2018-08-25 13:51:57 UTC

@TV it was a lady on a business trip, she currently lives in London I think

2018-08-25 13:52:49 UTC

These are mostly from people I met at bars. I’m surprised how many South Africans I have met in GA

2018-08-25 13:53:24 UTC

Interestingly enough, for them the term “Boer” is actually derogatory if you aren’t a farmer

2018-08-25 13:54:22 UTC

I've never met anybody from SA here. That band Die Antwoord came through one time but I stayed far away

2018-08-25 13:55:48 UTC

Good morning Western man (and Women)

2018-08-25 13:56:00 UTC

Oh man fuck those people @TV

2018-08-25 13:56:06 UTC

South Africans HATE them.

2018-08-25 13:56:37 UTC

I’ve got a slight personal history with them

2018-08-25 13:56:53 UTC

That’s all I’m gonna say on that lolol

2018-08-25 13:57:23 UTC

A SA friend of mine’s father had his car shot up while he and his daughter were in it. The cops came and tracked down and shot the would be robbers. He told me the one white cop, who got shot, is in jail for being white and involved in the killing of black people

2018-08-25 14:03:14 UTC

If you guys wanted 30 minutes of buzzwords and anti white rhetoric, here’s this.


2018-08-25 14:04:14 UTC

It baffles me how these people can infiltrate our government with popular vote, and then still whine that there is some disadvantage for them in society.

2018-08-25 14:41:29 UTC

>also comes from far away land with a totally different religion and culture than the abos

2018-08-25 14:41:40 UTC

>sides with fellow brown people

2018-08-25 14:52:19 UTC

"They all need to go back."

2018-08-25 15:03:34 UTC

A blue checkmark

2018-08-25 15:03:37 UTC


2018-08-25 15:06:32 UTC

"how to do so constructively" how can They control the conversation

2018-08-25 15:08:17 UTC

yeah, I caught that too

2018-08-25 15:08:23 UTC

Somebody better grab the guy and tell him how to do it constructively

2018-08-25 15:09:23 UTC

Somebody just comment "look no further: [Link to IE]"

2018-08-25 15:10:04 UTC

Quick! Flash the Patrick Casey sign!

2018-08-25 15:11:52 UTC

<:patrickvikernes:423301225749151744> 🔦

2018-08-25 15:34:01 UTC

Me: ready for my Facebook ban.

2018-08-25 15:34:10 UTC

Thought you guys might like this.


2018-08-25 15:36:03 UTC

I see a pattern developing.

2018-08-25 15:36:42 UTC

does anyone know about this cato study that says immigrants commit less crimes than avg americans?

2018-08-25 15:37:09 UTC

i keep seeing the MSM citing it, but haven't had the chance to look into it

2018-08-25 15:37:11 UTC

Legal or illegal?

2018-08-25 15:38:19 UTC

And I’m willing to bet that’s mostly in comparison to a ... specific demographic of African origin.

2018-08-25 15:38:40 UTC


2018-08-25 15:39:36 UTC

do blacks skew the native born stats that much??

2018-08-25 15:41:17 UTC

They commit nearly 50% of violent crimes, so it’s pretty significant.

2018-08-25 15:42:18 UTC

yeah i think ur right....blacks are skewing the native born stats...we need to see it broken out by race and immigration status

2018-08-25 15:42:35 UTC

So you could basically split the homicide stat in half and it would be a more accurate representation in comparison to white Americans and immigrants.

2018-08-25 15:44:08 UTC

Also wait... these stats are going by the number of convictions, instead of proportion of the demographic. So that could mean they’re hiding the fact illegal immigrants, though technically committing less crime, still are more likely to commit it.

2018-08-25 15:44:53 UTC

no they have it against proportion of population too

2018-08-25 15:45:12 UTC


2018-08-25 15:45:17 UTC

Ahhh read that wrong.

2018-08-25 15:46:20 UTC

It’s a crazy concept to me that we can understand how many illegal immigrants are in our country yet we don’t go out of our way to actually deport them.

2018-08-25 15:49:29 UTC

We’re constantly being baited by statistics. We don’t have to prove why we are working towards taking this country back. They started this, and now are telling us why we shouldn’t participate.

2018-08-25 15:50:29 UTC

We could go off like our ancestors and take any country we wanted without any justification. I want Trump to just annex Canada.

2018-08-25 15:51:43 UTC

Also, did they include warrants in this study and not just convictions? Because there are several warrants for immigrants that basically never get fulfilled. Such would be the case with several vehicular man slaughter cases that illegal immigrants commit, and they never alert authorities about these cases because well, to them, their immigration status means more than the life of a native born American.

2018-08-25 15:52:24 UTC

I don’t know, maybe I’m trying a little hard to debate these stats, but it just doesn’t sound right to me.

2018-08-25 15:53:57 UTC

Yeah and some of these stats are only accounting for Texas.

2018-08-25 15:54:03 UTC

So that makes more sense now

2018-08-25 15:54:51 UTC

This is a pretty good article

2018-08-25 15:56:28 UTC

That article reminds me of this


2018-08-25 15:57:40 UTC


2018-08-25 15:59:44 UTC

I read something a while ago that said that a majority of people thought blacks made up around 30% of the population. It's because so many black people are shown in tv and advertising.

2018-08-25 16:01:49 UTC

I was never really on board with diversity in TV/commercials, the black guy at the board meeting with the woman presenter etc, but I never really noticed how pervasive it is until recently, every commercial has to have some token

2018-08-25 16:02:02 UTC

Kinda about to go off on a tangent I guess, but man I really wish they would stop pushing this biracial narrative. My nephew is mixed (yeah I know s a d), and at only 5 years old he’s said multiple times to his dad (black) and my sister, “you don’t look like me!”, and hell literally go into a temper tantrum if you call him black. It’s inhumane to give your children an identity crisis for their rest of their life.

2018-08-25 16:03:04 UTC

The saddest thing about it is it isn't something you can just reverse either

2018-08-25 16:03:13 UTC

I mean hell I even feel odd being one of the only people on my family that doesn’t have green eyes and blonde hair. I can’t even imagine how my nephew feels.

2018-08-25 16:03:59 UTC

I feel that. Only one in my family with red hair and blue eyes. (My dad had them but he left)

2018-08-25 16:05:33 UTC

I’ve got like a naturally ash brown hair color and gray eyes, which no one else in my family has lmao. Plus I’m a good foot taller than any other girl in my family.

2018-08-25 16:06:12 UTC

Ha, tallest in my family by a long shot

2018-08-25 16:06:23 UTC

But geez, it’s like my nephew will say, “I don’t want to be black!” And my sister thinks it’s hilarious. It’s not funny at all and I don’t even know what I could do to make him feel better.

2018-08-25 16:09:15 UTC

@NITRODUBS My half-sister has this same issue, she looks pretty native compared to me and the rest of the family. She holds somewhat of a vendetta against Whites and blondes because she herself isn't blonde, or isn't blue eyed, not even hazle-eyed like our Mom. I feel really bad for bi-racial children, they feel so out of place within their own family

2018-08-25 16:10:36 UTC

Geez that’s so depressing. And of course it’s always pushed that “mixed babies are so cute!!”. Yeah, sure, have fun with children that will never actually view you as their parent

2018-08-25 16:14:57 UTC

Does anyone know where OP possibly got any of the information. I’m seriously intrigued.


2018-08-25 16:29:58 UTC


2018-08-25 16:30:00 UTC


2018-08-25 16:30:01 UTC


2018-08-25 16:30:03 UTC


2018-08-25 16:38:44 UTC

What exactly does “racial/ethnic population removed” mean? I mean how can they have a graph “without blacks” if the racial population was already removed?

2018-08-25 16:42:39 UTC

Black murders were removed from the total number of murders to highlight the racial impact of murder rates.

2018-08-25 16:43:37 UTC

Then what’s the difference between the red and the blue?

2018-08-25 16:46:15 UTC

Basically the denominator. The red is the more accurate as it only counts the population of the racial/ethnic groups remaining. The blue includes the entire U.S. population in calculating the murder rate, hence the lower numbers.

2018-08-25 16:47:59 UTC

@Deleted User Ya, Jeff is good guy. He has a lot of contacts that keep him pretty well informed of everything that's going on.

2018-08-25 16:52:14 UTC

So you’re saying the red doesn’t include white people? @Emil Kraepelin

2018-08-25 16:54:17 UTC

Sorry if I’m being retarded, but if in (b) the blue bar represents the total us population minus blacks, then what does the red bar represent?

2018-08-25 16:59:28 UTC

Hey, I'm trying to find a study referenced in a James Allsup video a while back. The one which showed that women had just under a 30% chance of being in a successful marriage after having been with 5 guys. Does anybody remember the title of the video or have a link to the study itself?

2018-08-25 17:01:00 UTC

Brazil seems like such a haunted country

2018-08-25 17:03:31 UTC

So is Instagram based? All the right wing people still has have their accounts, Pettibone got hers back, they have a Pepe as their humor thumbnail and Alex Jones is still doing his thing

2018-08-25 17:03:40 UTC

@Sherlock Say the US population is 100; blacks are 13 and whites 87 (ignoring other races). Further let's say blacks murder 2 and whites murder 3. The total murder rate would be 5 per 100. If we remove black murders, it would be 3 per 100 (blue bar; total pop) or 3 per 87 (red bar; black population removed). Does that make sense?

2018-08-25 17:06:16 UTC

Oh ok yeah i get it now

2018-08-25 17:06:18 UTC

Nvm it’s not just a Pepe it’s a screen cap of /pol/ 😂😂

2018-08-25 17:09:47 UTC

I think you're right about IG. There's a variety of right wing memes and accounts on there.

2018-08-25 17:15:15 UTC

lol what a timeline

2018-08-25 17:15:38 UTC

IG is going to the place for thots and thought criminals

2018-08-25 17:15:46 UTC

And thot criminals

2018-08-25 17:17:26 UTC

South Africa is too hot to ignore

2018-08-25 17:17:39 UTC

And Southern, for better or worse, is the face that people will attach to it

2018-08-25 17:17:46 UTC

It really is. I wonder how this is going to turn

2018-08-25 17:18:03 UTC

It'll be a storm for a week or so. Then it'll die down again.

2018-08-25 17:18:23 UTC

the gov't can't back down. And the world won't support the whites there.

2018-08-25 17:18:31 UTC

I wish I saved that photo!!! Apparently they are considering making Chinese citizens in Africa honorary blacks

2018-08-25 17:18:43 UTC

I saw a screen cap from this news article

2018-08-25 17:18:55 UTC

Because apparently Chinese people were hurt by Apartheid

2018-08-25 17:19:13 UTC

They're considered honorary blacks because of their treatment under Apartheid, so... the Chinese are now 'black' under SA law

2018-08-25 17:19:29 UTC

It'll be funny to see the country getting repo'd by the "black" Chinese

2018-08-25 17:19:31 UTC

Oh so it already happened

2018-08-25 17:19:43 UTC


2018-08-25 17:19:59 UTC

Oh boy....they gonna get it now

2018-08-25 17:20:42 UTC

They really know nothing and anything. They have NO IDEA how absolutely brutal Chinese people are

2018-08-25 17:49:00 UTC

@Deleted User I'll send you that after I get to my computer, it's one of those red pills that often go under the radar a lot

2018-08-25 17:53:19 UTC

@The Eternal Anglo would you send to me as well?

2018-08-25 17:57:21 UTC

That's a red pill too hot to discuss here

2018-08-25 18:32:31 UTC

Gents, we're going to win.

Keep chins up, and your eyes on the prize.

2018-08-25 18:34:44 UTC

Here it is my guy @TV


2018-08-25 18:46:20 UTC


2018-08-25 19:05:21 UTC

So, now how to go about drawing the connection between SA and the "browning of America" for normie friends?

2018-08-25 19:08:58 UTC

So longtime wsj readers will know that the saturday essay is usually globalist garbage. Imagine my surprise to read this morning that "The rise of Nationalism might actually be a good thing"
The article is certainly not where we would want it to be, but this is progress of a kind

2018-08-25 19:16:34 UTC

@Fox Maybe equating the horrible crimes Black commit here to the ones they do to SA, making the connection for them that "Blacks are like this everywhere it seems, but what if Blacks had the control of the whitehouse like they control the SA government?"

2018-08-25 19:21:39 UTC


2018-08-25 19:22:48 UTC

@Balbo I'll be glad when wsj is "hmm maybe democracy is dumb"

2018-08-25 19:27:15 UTC

Just a reminder.... Phalanx. 😂

2018-08-25 19:43:25 UTC

@The Eternal Anglo maybe also drawings some connections to Chicago and Detroit for examples?

2018-08-25 19:52:47 UTC

Oh possibly. We could use some maps of how Blacks vote Democracy overwhelmingly, taking away the narrative that Democrats cause high crime from failed policies, but those who "vote overwhelmingly democrat" instead, which are the Blacks themselves

2018-08-25 19:59:31 UTC

Here's another chart of partners vs stable marriage rate that might be a bit easier to read and has 3 different years surveyed


2018-08-25 20:00:41 UTC
2018-08-25 20:03:07 UTC

Also lads, I just got done with college orientation and it looks like I'm in for a year full of diversity

2018-08-25 20:05:52 UTC

It will make you strong.

2018-08-25 20:06:22 UTC

Either ignore everything you hear or believe the opposite.

2018-08-25 20:07:56 UTC

Anybody else here been seeing the helm of awe pop up. Like I see normies wearing pendants of it and ppl with tattoos of it

2018-08-25 20:31:35 UTC

Everyone please welcome our newest member @AWellesley769!

2018-08-25 20:34:06 UTC
2018-08-25 20:34:33 UTC

@AWellesley769 Good to have you

2018-08-25 20:37:33 UTC

Welcome to I.E! @AWellesley769

2018-08-25 20:37:42 UTC

Good to be here thanks everyone.

2018-08-25 20:38:14 UTC

@AWellesley769 Nice avatar, Anglos Unite 💪

2018-08-25 20:39:38 UTC

This pos, worth $80 million, complaining about how our society is fake and sucks.

2018-08-25 20:40:09 UTC

And all the Africans in the audience are whipped into a frenzy. Lapping it up.

2018-08-25 20:40:39 UTC

They can’t love themselves without hating us. This video is a good red pill for people in the edge.

2018-08-25 20:41:00 UTC

I mean that’s not entirely wrong but Africa is worse in literally every way

2018-08-25 20:42:10 UTC

It’s a good lesson to show naive whites.

2018-08-25 20:43:57 UTC

Look what I got to r/all

2018-08-25 20:46:11 UTC

@AWellesley769 Welcome aboard!

2018-08-25 20:48:30 UTC

I second that @The Eternal Anglo

2018-08-25 20:53:24 UTC

@Shwa If you're referring to the same CATO study that I'm thinking of, it's totally fabricated. They used self-reporting data. So, they asked immigrants. "hey bro do you do crime?" and the immigrants said, "nope no crime here" and CATO was like, "seeeeee?"

That being said, I believe data does show that immigrants do commit less crime. This does work against us in the way it might seem at first.

Immigrants have lower crime rates because (1) the ones that do commit serious crimes get deported, and (2) they are less likely to commit crime in the first place because of the fear of deportation. In other words, immigrant crime is low precisely *because* we have immigration laws in this country.

This can be proven by comparing the US to countries that don't have as strict immigration laws. For example, in Sweden, immigrants actually commit significantly *more* crime than natives, because that same fear of deportation doesn't exist and because they just kinda let anyone come in.


2018-08-25 20:55:15 UTC

Oh, and another problem with the "immigrants commit less crime" talking point is that it only applies to the first generation. Although immigrants themselves commit less crime, certain ethnic groups as a whole commit more crime. However, using this argument can drag you into an unnecessary discussion about race and crime whereas you could have responded in a far less controversial sounding manner.

2018-08-25 20:56:43 UTC

@bspon002 I post those images a lot on twitter. Surefire way to own the libs

2018-08-25 20:57:11 UTC

@unclefesterr I'm just surprised I got it to r/all

2018-08-25 21:00:00 UTC

@AWellesley769 are you in the SLC area?

2018-08-25 21:21:55 UTC

@Bjorn - MD he has 40k subs on his channel, that's quite a lot for a German specific channel!

2018-08-25 21:23:37 UTC

Went for a hike in the mountains today and traffic coming back was brutal.


2018-08-25 21:35:58 UTC

Damn Patrick’s still working on this lawn mower

2018-08-25 21:36:18 UTC

@Reinhard Wolff fixing up that lawnmower to hit blades to blades tomorrow at 6:30am sharp with a fresh sip.

2018-08-25 21:36:31 UTC

I was using the lawnmower my landlord had at the house -- that one stopped working so I bought my own. This one won't start for whatever reason so I'm going to return it.

2018-08-25 21:36:58 UTC

Must be an affirmative action lawnmower

2018-08-25 21:36:59 UTC

But it was delivered and I'm not sure it will fit in my car, so I might be out of luck.

2018-08-25 21:37:12 UTC

Have you tried sipping on a monster energy?

2018-08-25 21:37:23 UTC

It’ll fit, just leave the trunk open, tie it down

2018-08-25 21:37:46 UTC

Just ride the lawnmower to the store that's what we do in Louisiana.

2018-08-25 21:37:51 UTC

Sounds like a bad starter, or of the lights aren't even turning on, it could be the battery

2018-08-25 21:38:01 UTC

@Reinhard Wolff Cut the grass with scissors

2018-08-25 21:38:15 UTC

Let's hope it doesn't come to that.

2018-08-25 21:38:23 UTC


2018-08-25 21:39:51 UTC


2018-08-25 21:39:54 UTC


2018-08-25 21:40:07 UTC

You could always try jumping the batteries, if it isn't cranking at all, it could be the battery

2018-08-25 21:41:25 UTC

So this guy is laying it down! The fact he even exists is phenomenal to me really

2018-08-25 21:41:36 UTC

Just pour monster on the lawnmower

2018-08-25 21:42:24 UTC

We should push to appropriate milk as our official beverage, and thus deny our enemies of much needed calcium

2018-08-25 21:42:49 UTC

Red Bull Italian Soda is as racist as it gets

2018-08-25 21:43:10 UTC

Contains Red Bull AND a milk product

2018-08-25 21:43:20 UTC

What are we going to do about Patrick’s lawnmower guys

2018-08-25 21:43:27 UTC

We gotta get this thing running

2018-08-25 21:43:38 UTC

And it's literally *Italian* soda, and Italians are white

2018-08-25 21:44:08 UTC

@Pinochetball you know anything about small engines?

2018-08-25 21:44:21 UTC

It’s within the realm of possibility that the 30 year old boomer meme is a marketing ploy from Monster, just to fool the goyim into buying their poison

2018-08-25 21:44:40 UTC

Whats up @⚡Clark⚡

2018-08-25 21:45:13 UTC


2018-08-25 21:45:22 UTC

@Pinochetball ask @Reinhard Wolff I’m guessing it’s a carb issue

2018-08-25 21:45:37 UTC

Naw. Pat has a keto lawnmower

2018-08-25 21:46:21 UTC


2018-08-25 21:46:49 UTC

This is our lawn mower

2018-08-25 21:47:24 UTC

Once Salvini stops the migrants Italy's export rate of high quality pasta sauce is going to explode their economy

2018-08-25 21:48:43 UTC

Whats wrong with the lawnmower

2018-08-25 21:48:47 UTC

Wont start?

2018-08-25 21:50:10 UTC
2018-08-25 21:50:47 UTC

I’m not quite sure, he hasn’t described it. I was mostly trying to meme

2018-08-25 21:52:56 UTC

No im not doing this

2018-08-25 21:53:00 UTC


2018-08-25 21:53:39 UTC

I dont even know the context of this bit

2018-08-25 21:53:39 UTC

Gotta get one of those 0-Turn lawnmowers for ultimate 30 year old boomerism

2018-08-25 21:54:11 UTC


2018-08-25 21:57:31 UTC

Anyone have thoughts on Alan Watts? Couple people have recommended him. I listen to this video and so far my initial impression of Watts is an of an arrogant babbling syncophant who sounds intelligent but says nothing in the end, while his Pavlovian audience of intellectually co-dependent retards laugh. I'll have to listen again and to more, but his lack of humility in his attitude reeks of shit to me. But that's just off this one video

2018-08-25 21:58:00 UTC

Patrick Casey is repairing his lawnmower? Perhaps... perhaps he's human after all... no! I will not be mislead!

2018-08-25 22:06:26 UTC

alt hype took down that spencer video he did

2018-08-25 22:06:31 UTC

and i wanted to watch that to

2018-08-25 22:10:12 UTC

@Zyzz tl;dr: The first half he goes full blackpill. Second half he ravages Spencer for hosting “retard rallies”

2018-08-25 22:10:33 UTC
2018-08-25 22:10:53 UTC

is there any known reason why he went full blackpill?

2018-08-25 22:13:03 UTC

Basically he thinks that what we’re doing is impossible, because he thinks white people don’t want it, and he makes the case that civic nationalism isn’t that bad if you control for IQ and political beliefs

2018-08-25 22:23:22 UTC


2018-08-25 22:25:46 UTC

White people don’t want separatism, genocide, apartheid, the resurrection of foreign ideologies, obsession over genetics, etc. but many do want to preserve this country’s historic demographics, that is a mostly White country.

2018-08-25 22:26:50 UTC

With that said, populism isn’t the only way to effect change.

2018-08-25 22:27:04 UTC

Top-down approaches have worked in the past.

2018-08-25 22:27:30 UTC

So I don’t think we should be too populist, but we also shouldn’t be too elitist/esoteric.

2018-08-25 22:28:51 UTC

Anyone else anxious for the Swedish election? The polls are showing mixed outcomes

2018-08-25 22:31:20 UTC

@Distracted Please avoid using racial slurs - including those directed at white people. It's really just vulgar language and we're much better people than that.

2018-08-25 22:33:05 UTC


2018-08-25 22:33:57 UTC

What racial slur did I say

2018-08-25 22:34:23 UTC

The term “goy” is an issue mostly because it’s a bit overused and crude at this point

2018-08-25 22:34:58 UTC

There’s a time and place for Chan rhetoric but we keep the IE general chat pretty clean

2018-08-25 22:36:31 UTC

It’s not a huge infraction or anything but many people join IE to get away from that

2018-08-25 22:36:58 UTC

Understood. Won't happen again

2018-08-25 22:37:35 UTC

Thank you 😃 I DM'd you as well.

2018-08-25 22:43:37 UTC

This is a Chad server. No slang.

2018-08-25 22:49:49 UTC

Isn't 'Chad' slang?

2018-08-25 22:50:07 UTC

Enjoy the gulag, dirty west coaster.

2018-08-25 23:05:37 UTC

Can people stop using the term “THOT” then?

2018-08-25 23:06:06 UTC

Not that many people do.

2018-08-25 23:18:22 UTC

Might be time to change my username then

2018-08-25 23:28:42 UTC

"Greetings fellow humans."

2018-08-25 23:30:31 UTC

@Deleted User definitely, if you see it please report it to mods

2018-08-25 23:35:39 UTC


2018-08-25 23:36:24 UTC

For a group that is against social media censorship, i sure see a lot of words being censored here lately. 🤔

2018-08-25 23:39:12 UTC

The Trs tropes of calling each other goy and all that stuff is played out

2018-08-25 23:39:20 UTC

Go out into the public and speak like that

2018-08-25 23:39:26 UTC

Whats the response

2018-08-25 23:39:35 UTC

People look at you like youre weird

2018-08-25 23:40:13 UTC

There's a difference between in-group discipline and out-group censorship.

2018-08-25 23:40:58 UTC

@Asatru Artist - MD It's a matter of choosing to speak, think, and act like a respectable, professional white person. Removing it from speech here is an educational step in learning to live as better people.

2018-08-25 23:47:52 UTC

Does anyone have experience getting involved in local (e.g. city, state) politics? Something I'm interested in doing, and I'm curious about what works well.

2018-08-25 23:52:28 UTC

Also, before the DM's come in: I'm only allowing it in Bryce's post, because he's making a good point for the discussion, as also touched on by Patrick.

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