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2018-09-26 21:46:38 UTC

and all this does is weakens the case for *actual* victims later... ๐Ÿ˜•

2018-09-26 21:47:13 UTC

s i p p p



2018-09-26 21:47:44 UTC

is he actually /ourguy/? ๐Ÿค”

2018-09-26 21:48:23 UTC

itโ€™s a DOG WHISTLE

2018-09-26 21:50:21 UTC

Boomer joke: Why can't Turkey make cheese?
There's Kurds in the way.

2018-09-26 21:50:48 UTC

actually that may be the opposite of how dairy works, heck if I know.

2018-09-26 21:58:23 UTC

"I wanna axe you."

2018-09-26 21:58:47 UTC

how hard is it? really? to say "aSk"?
(referencing PBS reporter question)

2018-09-26 22:01:54 UTC

^^^ that made me cringe hard when i heard it

2018-09-26 22:03:28 UTC

@Wood-Ape - OK/MN Did a PBS reporter AXE someone a question?

2018-09-26 22:05:58 UTC

No axe react. Settled for a pick.

2018-09-26 22:06:23 UTC

yeah, i looked for an axe for my reply to no avail. <:sad:366743316475281408>

2018-09-26 22:16:14 UTC

Trump is especially Boomer today. Telling Elton John anecdotes.

2018-09-26 22:17:38 UTC

Omg Alex Jones

2018-09-26 22:18:33 UTC

The man has nothing to lose.

2018-09-26 22:19:03 UTC

Going totally wild on BrainForce(tm)

2018-09-26 22:19:55 UTC

If Alex Jones is not a coke head I will eat my White Polo

2018-09-26 22:20:06 UTC

This Trump press conference is really dumb. What is Trump even doing.

2018-09-26 22:20:59 UTC

@Logan is he doing the whole anti Iran bit?

2018-09-26 22:22:32 UTC

Looks like Ford and Kavanaugh both had their prepared written statements released.

2018-09-26 22:24:12 UTC

@Sam Anderson to be fair, Iran did call him a Nazi and a racist at the UN, so he might be a little salty...

2018-09-26 22:25:30 UTC

@Sam Anderson he's doing the buffoon thing. I haven't thought he was low IQ since 2015 but he is really unimpressive today. It has shown me what the Trump haters think of him.

2018-09-26 22:26:28 UTC

i haven't seen it, but everyone has an off day.

2018-09-26 22:27:03 UTC

Trump just shows his off days more than the other contrived "leaders" (mostly traitors to the regular people).

2018-09-26 22:28:26 UTC

"I need to axe you a question"

2018-09-26 22:28:40 UTC

Trotsky: ๐Ÿ˜ณ

2018-09-26 22:32:02 UTC

Trotsky was killed with an ice pick tho

2018-09-26 22:35:45 UTC

ban Koba

2018-09-26 22:39:04 UTC


2018-09-26 22:42:07 UTC

Hi all

2018-09-26 22:42:31 UTC

You all been talking about Derek Black?

2018-09-26 22:43:09 UTC

This is like the white nationalist version of #walkaway

2018-09-26 22:43:31 UTC

@elizabethchristine who's Derek Black?

2018-09-26 22:43:59 UTC

There's Baked Alaska, Alt Hypothesis

2018-09-26 22:44:17 UTC

David Dukes godson

2018-09-26 22:44:50 UTC

Apparently his dad was also a KKK grand dragon and friend of Duke

2018-09-26 22:45:43 UTC

@elizabethchristine "This is like the white nationalist version of #walkaway" What does this mean?

2018-09-26 22:46:08 UTC

It's very interesting. The headlines seem to be, " Higher Education saved Derek Black from Hate"

2018-09-26 22:46:14 UTC

If I had to be David Dukeโ€™s godson I probably would have done the same

2018-09-26 22:46:42 UTC

There seem to be young men on our side, leaving the movement.

2018-09-26 22:47:03 UTC

Why do you say that @unclefesterr

2018-09-26 22:47:34 UTC

Because of the infamy?

2018-09-26 22:47:41 UTC

In all seriousness Derek Black wasnโ€™t asked if he wanted to be in our movement, itโ€™s a lot of pressure and it seems like he wanted out

2018-09-26 22:47:48 UTC

Isn't David Duke a sperg? I don't know much about him but that's what I've heard

2018-09-26 22:47:55 UTC

@unclefesterr yeah that sounds like it

2018-09-26 22:48:04 UTC

almost predictable, honestly

2018-09-26 22:48:27 UTC

and I don't think David Duke is part of our movement

2018-09-26 22:48:29 UTC

Everyone is a sperg, really?

2018-09-26 22:48:53 UTC

Well wasn't David Duke in KKK?

2018-09-26 22:48:56 UTC

That's pretty spergy

2018-09-26 22:49:01 UTC

That would s absolutely ridiculous.

2018-09-26 22:49:49 UTC

I donโ€™t think heโ€™s a sperg, heโ€™s actually pretty reasonable to listen to. But a lot of people say heโ€™s really strange and I can see that

2018-09-26 22:49:52 UTC

Anyway just wanted to bring it up

2018-09-26 22:51:06 UTC

No need to worry about various alt- media personas shifting position. We have plenty left, in a vast array. From Counter Currents to Red Ice to TRS to Mr. Wang Lin's site.

2018-09-26 22:51:09 UTC

So people in the movement have to be so normal that no one would ever say they are even the slightest bit unorthodox. Hmmmm

2018-09-26 22:51:12 UTC

Founding the Louisiana KKK isn't good optics

2018-09-26 22:51:40 UTC

David Duke can get in the zone and talk to anyone

2018-09-26 22:51:40 UTC

Also not something we would agree with

2018-09-26 22:51:46 UTC

But he doesnโ€™t have composure

2018-09-26 22:51:55 UTC

I mean he is a bit off the hinges

2018-09-26 22:52:14 UTC

But his courage is admirable and he has done a lot of decent research

2018-09-26 22:52:58 UTC

It is possible to individually watch and consider his points (on say, JF's show) all the while keeping an IE party line of "well, he is doing his thing, IE does its thing." No need to either endorse or disavow. Just let others be.

2018-09-26 22:53:37 UTC

Yeah we really need to stay away from David Duke. Also reminder that he was covicted for gambling donation money

2018-09-26 22:53:58 UTC

Best comment is no comment

2018-09-26 22:55:14 UTC

Right wing has enough authors and commentators and pundits. So many one can't keep up with them all. What we need is more recruitment.

2018-09-26 22:56:45 UTC


2018-09-26 22:57:01 UTC

Does anyone still hold Bitcoin?

2018-09-26 23:02:24 UTC

Bitcoin seems like a digital commodity investment. Might be ok to hold onto some but its not good for long term growth

2018-09-26 23:02:35 UTC

Buy ETFs

2018-09-26 23:08:35 UTC

@Koba I need to pick you a question

2018-09-26 23:11:45 UTC


2018-09-26 23:11:50 UTC

@ThisIsChris I don't have Bitcoin buy I have a bunch of other cryptos

2018-09-26 23:11:58 UTC

*pick pick*

2018-09-26 23:12:09 UTC

I'm trying to forget about them so I can remember years later and be shocked when I have billions

2018-09-26 23:13:13 UTC

dont do that

2018-09-26 23:13:17 UTC

I was hoping @Koba would give his 2 cents on bitcoin

2018-09-26 23:13:18 UTC

youll forget your account info

2018-09-26 23:13:38 UTC

idk much about bitcoin other than the ledger is insecure

2018-09-26 23:14:06 UTC

insecure as in foundationally insecure at a conceptual level

2018-09-26 23:16:55 UTC

@Jacob They may not be worth much now anyway so might as well hold em. Do you have any good ones? LTC, ETH, Dash, XMR, Ripple?

2018-09-26 23:17:42 UTC

I heard you can trade Crypto on Robinhood, has anyone done this?

2018-09-26 23:17:47 UTC

Derek Black was sent as a young kid to one of the most, if not the most, liberal universities in the country -- New College of Florida. Don Black was cocky and said "he'll be the influencer". It takes a the strongest will, the strongest mind, an ethical commitment to your positions, and a rock solid background in the arguments of your opponents to sustain *anything* like being one person in a sea of opposition (and opposition from many different angles and strategies) for 4 YEARS, day in day out, night and day -- never mind for someone who is 18 or 19 years old. I don't care who you are -- that's a 1 in a million chance that you're not going to be Hanoi Hilton'd into submitting.

2018-09-26 23:18:49 UTC

@ThisIsChris I'm going to be completely honest, I don't remember what I have, and I kinda don't wanna check, because then I'll end up checking prices. I also don't remember my justifications for buying them, I just remember doing research and having good reasons.

2018-09-26 23:20:41 UTC

@Jacob interesting reasoning, the part on "I had good reasons in the past" reminds me of the Monty Hall problem

2018-09-26 23:25:03 UTC

The Monty Hall problem actually took me a while to understand lmao

2018-09-26 23:25:08 UTC

Itโ€™s. Not very intuitive.

2018-09-26 23:39:53 UTC

Really sad rn because the only other red pilled guy I work with basically just gave up on dating and imported a Philippino wife.

2018-09-26 23:40:17 UTC

Was trying to tell him about the divorce rates, he wouldnโ€™t budge

2018-09-26 23:50:38 UTC

well, there are worse countries to import waifus from... still, damn

2018-09-26 23:53:36 UTC


2018-09-26 23:56:36 UTC

These Maga boomers got jokes this week


2018-09-27 00:17:25 UTC

fireside in 13 min?

2018-09-27 00:18:23 UTC
2018-09-27 00:18:31 UTC


2018-09-27 00:18:32 UTC

๐Ÿ”ฅ ๐Ÿ”ฅ

2018-09-27 00:18:40 UTC

this moutain time has me all jacked up

2018-09-27 00:18:44 UTC


2018-09-27 00:19:18 UTC

Ah you're in CO?

2018-09-27 00:19:49 UTC


2018-09-27 00:20:11 UTC

got to meet some of the guys here too. Solid group

2018-09-27 00:29:57 UTC

Whatever happened to the elevator music, i miss those days...

2018-09-27 00:31:02 UTC

Thats rule 43, no elevator music

2018-09-27 00:31:11 UTC


2018-09-27 00:31:14 UTC

Stupid rule...

2018-09-27 00:31:15 UTC


2018-09-27 00:31:18 UTC

We on that thought elevator life now

2018-09-27 00:31:49 UTC

***Get your ice chips ready boys, fireside is about to begin!*** <:teehee:381917632359563264>

2018-09-27 00:31:54 UTC
2018-09-27 00:32:02 UTC

Copy will do

2018-09-27 00:32:17 UTC

when Patrick walks in we should all stand up

2018-09-27 00:32:18 UTC


2018-09-27 00:32:18 UTC

He's in charge of the elevator music.

2018-09-27 00:33:03 UTC

<@&358437309076602912>. please permanently ban anyone who is even suspected to be chewing ice.

2018-09-27 00:33:16 UTC

i have my ice cup ready

2018-09-27 00:33:22 UTC

i got xxxxl cubes

2018-09-27 00:33:22 UTC

@Reinhard Wolff Understood.

2018-09-27 00:33:23 UTC

I have ice in my whiskey

2018-09-27 00:33:28 UTC

To be clear i dont chew

2018-09-27 00:33:36 UTC

Not ice

2018-09-27 00:33:53 UTC

Give me some red man or stokers

2018-09-27 00:33:57 UTC

Can we chew ice if it's red?

2018-09-27 00:34:04 UTC

Copenhagen gang

2018-09-27 00:34:04 UTC

When Patrick walks in we should all ask for Fortnite burger! His reaction will be epic!

2018-09-27 00:34:12 UTC

@Koba If ice chewing is heard, consequences will be swift.

2018-09-27 00:34:14 UTC
2018-09-27 00:34:28 UTC

I have an amp hooked up to my mic

2018-09-27 00:34:35 UTC

its gonna be epic

2018-09-27 00:34:45 UTC

@Koba nice

2018-09-27 00:34:47 UTC


2018-09-27 00:34:48 UTC

๐Ÿ—ž <:koba:359010745112985611>

2018-09-27 00:34:51 UTC


2018-09-27 00:34:55 UTC

I hope it's worth it

2018-09-27 00:35:04 UTC

Oh gawd no ice chewing.

2018-09-27 00:35:08 UTC


2018-09-27 00:35:09 UTC

Really low!

2018-09-27 00:35:09 UTC

It's fine man.

2018-09-27 00:35:09 UTC


2018-09-27 00:35:10 UTC

youre fine'

2018-09-27 00:35:11 UTC

u gud

2018-09-27 00:35:12 UTC

I chew ice

2018-09-27 00:35:13 UTC

Sounds good to me

2018-09-27 00:35:13 UTC

Nope. You're good!

2018-09-27 00:35:14 UTC

Seems fine

2018-09-27 00:35:15 UTC

Sound good @Reinhard Wolff

2018-09-27 00:35:15 UTC
2018-09-27 00:35:16 UTC


2018-09-27 00:35:18 UTC

hear you

2018-09-27 00:35:35 UTC

Louder would be great, my volume is all the way up and its like your whispering

2018-09-27 00:35:37 UTC


2018-09-27 00:35:55 UTC


2018-09-27 00:35:59 UTC

This Kavanaugh thing is prime recruiting/redpill material

2018-09-27 00:36:14 UTC

Itโ€™s making normie/Conservatives very angry

2018-09-27 00:36:18 UTC

Zuck's days are numbered

2018-09-27 00:36:23 UTC

Kavanaugh dindu nuffin he respekt wamen

2018-09-27 00:36:29 UTC


2018-09-27 00:36:46 UTC

What's up with the mayor doxing us??

2018-09-27 00:36:56 UTC

friendly reminder that anti-trust laws actually helped the big monopolies make more money

2018-09-27 00:36:59 UTC

๐Ÿธ ๐Ÿšฌ

2018-09-27 00:37:01 UTC

โ€œWow this forecast has really changed me.โ€


2018-09-27 00:37:12 UTC

Cuomo took the bait

2018-09-27 00:37:20 UTC


2018-09-27 00:37:28 UTC


2018-09-27 00:37:31 UTC

More like Andrew GAYmo

2018-09-27 00:37:33 UTC


2018-09-27 00:37:43 UTC


2018-09-27 00:37:48 UTC


2018-09-27 00:37:51 UTC

@ThisIsChris I A M G A Y

2018-09-27 00:37:51 UTC

@andrew_Cuomo debate me COWARD!


2018-09-27 00:37:53 UTC

Womp, Womp Cuomo

2018-09-27 00:38:01 UTC

Not sure how anti-trust helps big corp. You'll have to educate me on that one.

2018-09-27 00:38:37 UTC

โ€œCries out as they strike youโ€

2018-09-27 00:38:43 UTC

@Deleted User Read it in Alex Jone's voice, imagine that doggo sprinting after said coward, inspirational

2018-09-27 00:38:48 UTC

Inoculous...new fav word

2018-09-27 00:39:54 UTC

You know we had to do it to em

2018-09-27 00:40:03 UTC

I think Alex Jones just really wanted a place to vent and we should give that to him.

2018-09-27 00:40:04 UTC

Not even Democrats like Cuomo

2018-09-27 00:40:07 UTC

Just so I'm clear: no one on Voice rn

2018-09-27 00:40:13 UTC


2018-09-27 00:40:36 UTC

@Asatru Artist - MD Good job m8.

2018-09-27 00:40:38 UTC

@elizabethchristine youre deafened

2018-09-27 00:40:43 UTC

@elizabethchristine looks like you have sound/speakers turned off as well?

2018-09-27 00:40:44 UTC

Any Univ Tex students here? Lol

2018-09-27 00:40:55 UTC

Cuomo is on the ropes. Let's push him off.

2018-09-27 00:41:04 UTC

Hmnnnnn, what could be different about New York?

2018-09-27 00:41:12 UTC

@Koba geez thanks

2018-09-27 00:41:13 UTC

@Reinhard Wolff This was one of the greatest victories for us.

2018-09-27 00:41:20 UTC

Middletown, NY. (South of the border, at the taco bell)

2018-09-27 00:41:38 UTC

I wish IE people were my neighbors

2018-09-27 00:41:42 UTC

Such a load of crapola

2018-09-27 00:41:46 UTC

Home made tendies for everyone 2nite


2018-09-27 00:41:48 UTC

@Reinhard Wolff Cuomo is the reason why I'm in support of free speech.

2018-09-27 00:41:55 UTC

IE neighborhood would be ideal

2018-09-27 00:42:03 UTC
2018-09-27 00:42:11 UTC

Iโ€™d be down for a neighborhood

2018-09-27 00:42:11 UTC

Our enemies must censor us. Let's make ourselves too powerful to ignore.

2018-09-27 00:42:15 UTC

IE neighborhood "The green light district"

2018-09-27 00:42:24 UTC

โ€œThe old southโ€

2018-09-27 00:42:28 UTC

The teal light district

2018-09-27 00:42:31 UTC


2018-09-27 00:42:34 UTC


2018-09-27 00:42:49 UTC

@Arvon who is?

2018-09-27 00:42:49 UTC

@Deleted User We might be getting a neighborhood in Cincinnati

2018-09-27 00:42:57 UTC

@Reinhard Wolff I love it how the same sword that brought them into power is the same sword that fells them. Ergo, we shall be a legion against bigotry. ;)

2018-09-27 00:42:57 UTC

@Singleton Mosby WV Mute your mic.

2018-09-27 00:43:02 UTC

Newbie, hi there.

2018-09-27 00:43:23 UTC

what's popping?

2018-09-27 00:43:25 UTC

@Deleted User @Grossly Incandescent https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IsUxZC9dUgo watch this music video with wholesome hu-wite (Polish) music sometime soon for an idea of how great our neighborhoods would be

2018-09-27 00:43:28 UTC

@Arvon Hi Arvon

2018-09-27 00:43:34 UTC

Ill stop with vid links lol

2018-09-27 00:43:36 UTC

Nick is my name

2018-09-27 00:43:44 UTC

o boi

2018-09-27 00:43:52 UTC

welcome Nik

2018-09-27 00:43:54 UTC


2018-09-27 00:43:54 UTC


2018-09-27 00:44:02 UTC

It's lit in here huh?

2018-09-27 00:44:02 UTC

Friends with Attrition in the desert

2018-09-27 00:44:03 UTC

IRL bloodsports

2018-09-27 00:44:04 UTC

flat tire strategy...

2018-09-27 00:44:14 UTC

@Arvon welcome Nick

2018-09-27 00:44:17 UTC

*throws glove* I challenge, you, good sir!

2018-09-27 00:44:20 UTC

Laura loomer has the same strat as every other feminist

2018-09-27 00:44:23 UTC

Don't appropriate Laura Loomer's culture

2018-09-27 00:44:24 UTC

Thank you sir

2018-09-27 00:44:27 UTC

Loomer has certainly been liking Minnesota lately

2018-09-27 00:44:33 UTC

And our High IQs

2018-09-27 00:44:39 UTC

Loomer is based af.

2018-09-27 00:44:41 UTC


2018-09-27 00:44:42 UTC

Loomer milkies pls

2018-09-27 00:44:44 UTC

Sheโ€™s been here a lot and I didntknow i met her in person

2018-09-27 00:44:49 UTC

Loomer just hates shakespeare becuase of a certain play about Venice

2018-09-27 00:44:55 UTC


2018-09-27 00:44:59 UTC


2018-09-27 00:45:00 UTC

@Reinhard Wolff we should write a letter to him and force him to a public debate...โ€ฆ.debate is what they are afraid of

2018-09-27 00:45:06 UTC

IE debate team when

2018-09-27 00:45:07 UTC

@Reinhard Wolff Just be sure to be careful if you decide to drive up to him.

2018-09-27 00:45:14 UTC

make them react

2018-09-27 00:45:27 UTC

it's being >offensive

2018-09-27 00:45:29 UTC


2018-09-27 00:46:05 UTC

Weโ€™re gonna flyer OSU soon!

2018-09-27 00:46:15 UTC


2018-09-27 00:46:17 UTC

They have a teacher thatโ€™s written several anti white books

2018-09-27 00:46:25 UTC

Go TX!

2018-09-27 00:46:29 UTC


2018-09-27 00:46:40 UTC

I found her while listening to Jared tayler, looked into it a bit, definitely a good place to flyer haha

2018-09-27 00:46:57 UTC

Oi vey the Chutzpah

2018-09-27 00:47:00 UTC

You can also clean up parks while drinking.

2018-09-27 00:47:10 UTC


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