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2018-08-24 04:42:50 UTC

Anyone see that piece about South Part contributing to far right culture

2018-08-24 04:43:14 UTC

No. Is it good?

2018-08-24 04:44:06 UTC

I didn’t go past the headline but I think South Park has been pretty based for a long time. They give a Little here and there tho. I don’t know much about the creators

2018-08-24 04:44:56 UTC

ay greychak!

2018-08-24 04:44:58 UTC

The creators are doper libertarians and one is a jew

2018-08-24 04:45:05 UTC

Well there’s that

2018-08-24 04:45:09 UTC

I’ve been subverted

2018-08-24 04:45:14 UTC


2018-08-24 04:45:26 UTC

Yeah they push some fringe-ish ideas sometimes

2018-08-24 04:45:32 UTC

Maybe that’s why the show is so comfortable talking negatively about Jews

2018-08-24 04:45:34 UTC


2018-08-24 04:45:52 UTC

Trey parker is the goy that does all the work. (((Matt stone))) is the merchant that gets them on tv

2018-08-24 04:46:59 UTC

Do you still think it appeals more to the right wing type?

2018-08-24 04:47:38 UTC

I’ve just wondered how they’ve gotten away with a lot of what they do.

2018-08-24 04:51:57 UTC

I'm guessing if it makes *them* money, *they* let it slide.

2018-08-24 04:56:11 UTC

@Albo Greychak - MI going with the suit? That's good. We need to bring back suits and proper attire. That or armor and bracers.

2018-08-24 04:56:36 UTC

^ #2.

2018-08-24 04:57:14 UTC

My preference also but I don't think anyone else agrees

2018-08-24 04:57:38 UTC

They always say something about larp or whatever

2018-08-24 04:58:56 UTC

@Asatru Artist - MD you here Texas recently did away with blade length laws? Swords are legal here now to carry around!

2018-08-24 05:00:14 UTC

It's not larping if you are actually doing it. <:usinnoodle:420778112226164736>

2018-08-24 05:00:30 UTC

Good point

2018-08-24 05:00:40 UTC

no more calvary sword loicense fee

2018-08-24 05:01:31 UTC

Good god. Spending a few minutes reading the responses to our Youtube deletion tweet. These are the people we're fighting for?

2018-08-24 05:02:07 UTC

I'd say they've forfeited their right to call themselves white, so that answers that.

2018-08-24 05:02:11 UTC

What's your opinion on revelatory/experienced paganism vs. study book recreation paganism? @Asatru Artist - MD

2018-08-24 05:02:45 UTC

wait, there are book worm pagans? <:really:453005408064241674>

2018-08-24 05:02:50 UTC


2018-08-24 05:03:04 UTC

"don't just talk (read) about it, be about it"

2018-08-24 05:03:08 UTC

that's big ghey

2018-08-24 05:03:42 UTC

I've been a practicing Heathen for longer than some of the guys in IE have been alive. 😳

2018-08-24 05:04:21 UTC


2018-08-24 05:04:34 UTC


2018-08-24 05:04:44 UTC

Gen X...

2018-08-24 05:04:56 UTC

@JC yeah easy to get frustrated with that sometimes. Smarter people than me say "we're a vanguard, we can't expect everyone to accept our ideas"

2018-08-24 05:04:57 UTC

I take that back then

2018-08-24 05:06:08 UTC

I never push my religious views on anyone. That's even bigger ghey than book worm paganism.

2018-08-24 05:06:30 UTC

Gen x unity. Member when mtv brainwashed us? That was cool...err... evil

2018-08-24 05:07:19 UTC

The only thing I watched on MTV was Beavis and Butthead...and Headbangers Ball. 🤘🏻

2018-08-24 05:07:28 UTC

Hell yeah!

2018-08-24 05:07:45 UTC

Steady decline?

2018-08-24 05:08:29 UTC

The opening riff...Prong... Steady Decline?

2018-08-24 05:09:08 UTC

I feel like there's this awkward gap between gen X-ers and millennials. There are many shared experiences, but the fact we grew up with Internet and social media kind of sets us apart in some ways.

2018-08-24 05:10:18 UTC

It does. But if the interwebs ever fails we remember how to do stuff without it. Well, barely, but still.

2018-08-24 05:12:23 UTC

But I know what you mean, I have often thought the same thing. Nonetheless I still make an effort to get some of the dynamics of the way millennials communicate and language and stuff, I think a lot of it is cool.

2018-08-24 05:12:38 UTC

Eh, I've been on the internet since like early high school, and had a computer long before that.

2018-08-24 05:12:59 UTC

So it's not like Gen X'ers are complete web retards.

2018-08-24 05:13:01 UTC

At least not me.

2018-08-24 05:13:05 UTC

Of course

2018-08-24 05:13:10 UTC

I just started college when internet came

2018-08-24 05:13:25 UTC

I'm glad I didn't grow up with the internet and smart phones and all that.

2018-08-24 05:13:31 UTC

I had to go out irl and play with real kids.

2018-08-24 05:13:43 UTC

And get real sunlight.

2018-08-24 05:13:57 UTC

without my face buried in that stupid device 24/7

2018-08-24 05:14:18 UTC

My nephew (13) just sits on the couch playing on his ipad all the time.

2018-08-24 05:14:39 UTC

I played outside, rode bikes, skateboarded, etc.

2018-08-24 05:15:20 UTC

@FACINEMA refrain from echoing.

2018-08-24 05:17:40 UTC

@Asatru Artist - MD you have Woden statue? Make offerings?

2018-08-24 05:18:30 UTC

My house didn't have a computer till I was 12, so most of my childhood was pretty normal. I had how often my little sister is online though. I'm glad she has sports to tether her to real friends

2018-08-24 05:20:54 UTC

Cell phones changed alot about the world too. It's very different now. Before when your friend wasn't home you'd just have to drive around and hope you find them.

2018-08-24 05:21:32 UTC

That was the fun part!

2018-08-24 05:21:45 UTC

Just go knocking on friends doors until one could come out and play. 😃

2018-08-24 05:22:04 UTC

Cell phone addiction in youths is a real and common thing. Got a cousin who would classify as a poster child for literal phone addiction, sad.

2018-08-24 05:25:36 UTC

I wouldn't consider myself a primitivist by any means, but if I eventually hadchildren they would be taught to view technology as a tool rather than an integral part of life.

2018-08-24 05:27:17 UTC

I'm addicted to hanging out with people who look like me. Am I crazy?

2018-08-24 05:27:35 UTC

Define "people who look like you"

2018-08-24 05:27:37 UTC

Yeah, it was fun. Usually able to use looking for friend as excuse to look for girls

2018-08-24 05:27:53 UTC

Nice try @Ben Rainsford - OH I mean EUROPEAN

2018-08-24 05:28:26 UTC

Yeah cell phone addiction is real

2018-08-24 05:29:47 UTC

Phones are bad though, yeah, that 5G is going to fry us.

2018-08-24 05:30:39 UTC

I just hope exposure to cell phones doesn't become the "turns out smoking is bad" of our era

2018-08-24 05:32:25 UTC


2018-08-24 05:32:34 UTC

I just laughed hella loud

2018-08-24 05:42:45 UTC

There's some data suggesting that might be the case, unfortunately

2018-08-24 05:50:46 UTC

ive seen iffy stuff about 5G...no clue about the older tech though.

2018-08-24 05:51:10 UTC

don't worry, once they get AI working properly, it will take over and enslave us all anyways. 👌🏻

2018-08-24 06:07:15 UTC

Identity Hominibvs when?

2018-08-24 06:11:26 UTC


2018-08-24 06:11:47 UTC

that's what Trumps Space Force is for. save us from SkyNet

2018-08-24 06:11:55 UTC


2018-08-24 06:12:46 UTC


2018-08-24 06:19:59 UTC

@Asatru Artist - MD re: your post in cyberstrike - i have has the “It will never end” discussion with a black friend. It was one of the final red pills to realize that he didn’t even think that was a problem. I asked what incentive did I then have to try to appease them if the debt will always be due. He had no answer.

2018-08-24 06:22:39 UTC

I was honestly shocked and a bit disturbed by his "never" answer.

2018-08-24 06:23:23 UTC

(this was an asian Doctor, btw)

2018-08-24 06:23:46 UTC

so not unintelligent by any stretch of the imagination, making it that much worse.

2018-08-24 06:38:54 UTC

Is it possible that he was making a factual statement vs a claim to the morality of our never ending debt?

2018-08-24 06:55:07 UTC

no, it was emotional, not factual

2018-08-24 06:56:48 UTC

the really messed up part is his parents were (actual) refugees from Vietnam...and (white) America took them in, gave them a safe place to live...and they go and raise a Socialist son that thinks whites can never live down slavery. 😒

2018-08-24 07:18:11 UTC

Ugh. This is like Jeong. She would be starving in the best Korea right now if White men hadn’t saved her family.

Sobran said it best. Our existence is a humiliation to them.

2018-08-24 07:53:19 UTC

The Zulu and the Xhosa were both Bantu migrant groups, and were not native to the region.

2018-08-24 10:49:40 UTC

Good morning IE! Time to get out redpilling! Happy fishing 😉

2018-08-24 10:54:47 UTC

@Bjorn - MD Just "farmers", huh?

2018-08-24 10:57:51 UTC


2018-08-24 11:08:56 UTC


2018-08-24 11:17:06 UTC

reposting this


2018-08-24 11:17:24 UTC

@Bjorn - MD Trump tweeted one, deleted it, then tweeted the other.

2018-08-24 11:17:24 UTC

Too surreal not to double post

2018-08-24 11:23:24 UTC

We know that the left can't meme, but did you know they also can't play poker?

2018-08-24 11:23:46 UTC

*Always show your hand: A Leftist guide to life*

2018-08-24 11:57:59 UTC

@Bjorn - MD it is a rarity for credit and fame to go to the deserving. If Southern is the tool that gets the drop down so be it. It is frustrating though.

2018-08-24 12:44:08 UTC

Is there a channel for potential new members/references? I found a cool dude on Lauren Southern’s South Africa post on Instagram

2018-08-24 12:54:25 UTC


2018-08-24 13:07:45 UTC

In a way South Africa is one of the best things that could have happened to America.

2018-08-24 13:07:49 UTC

@Bjorn - MD That Kin preview made me want to puke. It already has 5k upvotes.

2018-08-24 13:08:54 UTC

So many people around me that are self blinded to the concept of white identity and shocked and appalled by what is happening in South Africa.

2018-08-24 13:09:40 UTC

The stark racial lines and hatred are impossible even for the most cucked to ignore.

2018-08-24 13:17:43 UTC

@AP there is not. slide into dms and encourage him to apply. I've recruited a number of people this way.

2018-08-24 13:18:11 UTC

Normie step father is already watching a vid about South Africa

2018-08-24 13:37:41 UTC

I would be interesting if Trump's comments on South Africa caused the msm and the rest of the establishment to openly condone and encourage the land grabs and farm murders.

2018-08-24 13:44:14 UTC

@Bjorn - MD How so? From what I've observed, they are just trying to sweep the issue under the rug so far.
The left has been going through a consecutive psychotic episode ever since Trump's election. So at this point I can see them justifying anything, no matter how evil.

2018-08-24 13:47:34 UTC

@Deleted User done and done. He seems enthusiastic about it. Looks like a good guy. In the Richmond VA area

2018-08-24 13:51:51 UTC

@Bjorn - MD Maybe, but I wouldn't be surprised if the Guardian or some other outfit publishes an article soon, condoning the murders as a response to White ownership over the South African economy and their disproportionate influence in South African culture.

2018-08-24 13:55:26 UTC

Agreed, they are insane, depraved and very out of touch, so nothing they do surprises me any more.

2018-08-24 14:04:47 UTC

The WSJ has implicitly apologized for the murders by showing stats saying the farm murders have dropped over the years.

2018-08-24 14:05:16 UTC

They quoted the ADL, but not the Suidlanders.

2018-08-24 14:05:46 UTC

They use every euphemism possible to downplay the horrors there.

2018-08-24 14:06:45 UTC

This manipulation of language is far more dangerous than if they actually came out and endorsed the situation.

2018-08-24 14:13:06 UTC

To kill a man for the sake of your greed is one thing, but to claim moral justification in the matter infuriates me beyond my capacity to convey it linguistically. Globalists want to erase all European peoples along with their rich plethora of cultures, and they claim moral justification in doing so. I could almost bear to see it happen if they would just admit to the malevolence and immorality with which they do it.

2018-08-24 14:15:13 UTC

@Bjorn - MD yes. And as usual, the Left doesn’t recognize that some crimes are so horrific that they warrant their own category. I think Trump was referring to the gruesome nature of the attacks/murders.

2018-08-24 14:16:09 UTC

Yes, it sucks to be robbed and killed in say Chicago. But the hellish torture that the SA farmers are subjected to is beyond our understanding.

2018-08-24 14:17:33 UTC

The j-left knows that if average whites learn about the atrocities, there would be more interest in what’s going on. That’s why they are downplaying.

2018-08-24 14:19:06 UTC

What I want to know is: what, if anything, are whites NOT desensitized to?

2018-08-24 14:19:51 UTC

All that Eli Roth/Weinstein torture porn must’ve been part of the psyop.

2018-08-24 14:28:26 UTC

My mother was a reporter in the 90’s. Every morning the editors decide the news for the day. Every single day.

2018-08-24 14:30:37 UTC

that little goblin in the background is deciding our fate every day 😩

2018-08-24 14:32:50 UTC
2018-08-24 14:50:43 UTC

@Deleted User Is that statue in the back, staring down that lady... /Our statue/?

2018-08-24 14:53:21 UTC


2018-08-24 14:53:35 UTC

@Bjorn - MD ummm thanks!

2018-08-24 14:55:22 UTC

@Bjorn - MD you hit me with an @ saying 'nice' around 830 am.

2018-08-24 14:55:44 UTC

Just trying to be a respectful huwhite man.

2018-08-24 14:56:35 UTC

Ruth Ginsberg. Ugh.

2018-08-24 14:56:50 UTC

@Deleted User Goblin? No Ruth is a beautiful English woman


2018-08-24 14:57:16 UTC

That was not RBG

2018-08-24 14:57:23 UTC


2018-08-24 14:57:25 UTC

X doubt

2018-08-24 14:57:43 UTC

Is that some biopic?

2018-08-24 14:57:48 UTC


2018-08-24 14:58:00 UTC

That physiognomy

2018-08-24 14:58:54 UTC

Do any of you guys listen to Jim Goad’s Group Hug?

2018-08-24 15:01:10 UTC

@⚡Clark⚡ we cant all be beach volleyball gods.

2018-08-24 15:01:27 UTC


2018-08-24 15:04:01 UTC

@Bjorn - MD Well, hat's off to you, good sir. Have a great Friday.

2018-08-24 15:12:27 UTC


2018-08-24 15:12:33 UTC

Got my trusty fan blowing.

2018-08-24 15:22:10 UTC

@Deleted User Haha yeah I was listening to him the other day

2018-08-24 15:22:18 UTC

He has a wild story

2018-08-24 15:32:15 UTC
2018-08-24 15:37:46 UTC

Let me get a hand 🤚🏼 if u vape

2018-08-24 15:38:27 UTC

Now let me get a hand 🤚🏼 if you’ve had a boomer tell you “those ecigs are worse than cigarettes”

2018-08-24 15:42:50 UTC

They mess with my throat more than regular cigs did at least what I could feel, I never keep going on them that long

2018-08-24 15:42:56 UTC

It’s like they think they’re experts because they read an article in the paper condemning ecigs while citing a study funded by the cigarette company RJ Reynolds that tested their own ecig spoofs that they sell in gas stations and found they contain shitty chemicals

2018-08-24 15:43:53 UTC

Both are big ghey tbh.

2018-08-24 15:45:07 UTC

Yeah I’m not proud of it but big tabbacy caught me with that big gey

2018-08-24 15:45:24 UTC

@⚡Clark⚡ They think they are experts because they are boomers.

2018-08-24 15:46:47 UTC


2018-08-24 15:47:55 UTC

Yeah I’ve never seen someone try to confirm their own biases with what they read or watch more than boomers

2018-08-24 15:50:19 UTC

yeah, he needs to get away from the DR3. It's really not helpful.

2018-08-24 15:51:39 UTC

its still calling whites racists, just a different group of whites.

2018-08-24 16:03:56 UTC

^ Things that will never happen.

2018-08-24 16:06:08 UTC

Where as we are advocating for how societies have been structured for most all of human history where your nation is your extended family where someone’s people, their tribe matters deeply to them

2018-08-24 16:07:53 UTC

I can get down with that

2018-08-24 16:08:00 UTC

Sounds good to me. We would need to rewind before the brother wars happened.

2018-08-24 16:08:53 UTC

Well unless we get our act together the 23rd century is gonna belong to the Chinese.

2018-08-24 16:09:54 UTC

yeah they are exploiting Africa like no one else, and don't seem to be catching any flack for it

2018-08-24 16:09:56 UTC

And you know what? if we let in the Third World and think we can normalize pedos... we deserve it.

2018-08-24 16:10:35 UTC

"we" aren't doing that though, "we" are being dragged down by the mentally ill of our countries.

2018-08-24 16:12:20 UTC

All life is conflict and struggle between different powers and the Chinese still recognize that rather well unlike our “leaders”

2018-08-24 16:14:55 UTC

That’s called political realism

2018-08-24 16:15:06 UTC

The lense the west takes is humanitarianism

2018-08-24 16:16:12 UTC

If not constructivism and idealism

2018-08-24 16:16:36 UTC

I imagine that after we DO win in this struggle for our existence, the White people who are advocating for the normalisation of Pedophilia, third world replacement, and of the like, will no longer be a part of our people. We should emerge stronger than we were before

2018-08-24 16:17:10 UTC

Generally that’s not how it works imo

2018-08-24 16:17:34 UTC

Rome, Germany, many other examples

2018-08-24 16:18:34 UTC

Find one example where when a people get rekt they come back stronger

2018-08-24 16:19:37 UTC

Gods, Libertarians are pathetic: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WZlSn5GSV2U

2018-08-24 16:21:35 UTC

I'm talking about the other guy...

2018-08-24 16:21:48 UTC

I know Dave is a "classical liberal" (and former TYT host).

2018-08-24 16:22:06 UTC

He's the only sane TYT host...which is probably why he left.

2018-08-24 16:23:22 UTC

Yeah, I'm just talking about the guy he's interviewing as far as libertarian goes.

2018-08-24 16:24:22 UTC

You can tell he's a CivNat Libertarian. He strangely talks about praising our ancestors, then immediately goes into "multiculturalism is great!" without actually saying the term. -__-

2018-08-24 16:24:58 UTC

I’ve always associated “classical liberal” with a sort of American/French revolution patriotism. I’m not sure how accurate these peoples versions are with my view

2018-08-24 16:30:52 UTC

CivNat just conjures up cringe inducing imaginations of third world immigrants wearing maga hats while rioting and robbing liquor stores.

2018-08-24 16:50:07 UTC

There’s nothing more triggering and more offensive to our people than stealing our QTs

2018-08-24 16:56:49 UTC


2018-08-24 16:57:48 UTC

@⚡Clark⚡ I admit I cannot think of many examples, maybe except for the British Empire. Basically, Economic/societal decline can be rough, but so long as it is not a genetic decline, a people can come back., whether it back to their societal golden age can be debatable. Europe bounced back from the collapse of the Greek, and Roman Empire, to become the great Spanish/French/British Empires. Italy never got back to what it once was in ancient times, but Italy of still far out-paces the rest of the Non-White World. In my opinion, of course 👍

2018-08-24 17:08:13 UTC

Italy still had the Renaissance and was the wealthiest region of Europe until the industrial revolution. It just failed to achieve great political power because it wasn't unified

2018-08-24 17:12:15 UTC

trump brings attention to white genocide
mccain on his way out
silent sam being reinstalled
what a week!

2018-08-24 17:13:06 UTC

i have more sympathy for that statue than I do a neocon warmonger.

2018-08-24 17:23:06 UTC

Simon Roche is on infowars rn

2018-08-24 17:23:43 UTC

filled out the survey

2018-08-24 17:25:05 UTC

Is there a stream? @Freiheit - CA

2018-08-24 17:30:42 UTC

Hello Identitarians, I hope that we are all having happy, productive Fridays and are remembering to crank that Soulja Boy.

2018-08-24 17:36:40 UTC

On his app @Matthias

2018-08-24 17:37:37 UTC

Try that link

2018-08-24 17:38:13 UTC

That grassroots survey should be in cyberstrike with an @ everyone

2018-08-24 17:39:15 UTC

What if every member in the server filled it out and left an intelligent pro-white comment in the last box?

2018-08-24 17:39:43 UTC

Gotta get our message to Trump any way we can

2018-08-24 17:40:25 UTC
2018-08-24 17:40:31 UTC


2018-08-24 17:40:44 UTC

Someone found a google app that is being used by antifa to mass flag right wing videos

2018-08-24 17:42:29 UTC

Great app!

2018-08-24 18:18:20 UTC

Lol all the Cohens collectively gave money to Micheal Cohen?

2018-08-24 18:26:03 UTC

What a cohencidence. 🤔

2018-08-24 18:27:32 UTC

At first you don't believe it. Then through life you realize they are exactly as people have described.

2018-08-24 18:31:50 UTC

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Ex4YtmYCMw "Go practice politics in Africa!" HAHAHAHA

2018-08-24 18:35:45 UTC

Yeah Salvini is 💯 <:chad:359013583469805568>

2018-08-24 18:36:39 UTC

I'm guessing those hotels aren't 4 stars anymore...

2018-08-24 18:36:54 UTC

https://abcnews.go.com/Politics/sen-john-mccain-discontinue-brain-cancer-treatment-family/story?id=57379671 I wonder why John McCain is giving up? With the nearly unlimited resources I assume John McCain could get for this, I would guess you could almost live forever, or at least a few more years.

2018-08-24 18:37:23 UTC

I'd guess he's already dying and he knows it.

2018-08-24 18:53:30 UTC

Treatment for cancer is awful. He's got months at best.

2018-08-24 18:53:50 UTC

Coming to us all soon, normal Youtube!


2018-08-24 18:59:16 UTC

I'm sure it'll have family friendly cartoons like this: 👌🏻

2018-08-24 19:05:44 UTC

Am I the only one that thinks Trump is seriously hiding his power level? I get these clues that make me think. "I think there is a strong genetic basis for being an entrepreneur."

2018-08-24 19:10:30 UTC

Yes, he is 💯 hiding his power level. He is a white collar billionaire that appeals to the blue collar workers.

2018-08-24 19:10:52 UTC

You don't do that as "Cheeto Drumpf".

2018-08-24 19:16:06 UTC


2018-08-24 19:42:07 UTC

What the hell is this latest Alt Hype video? 🤔

2018-08-24 19:58:21 UTC

At the conference I ran into one of our members whose family owns a wristwatch company.

Any ideas who this member is? I'd like to buy from one of "our guys".

2018-08-24 19:59:31 UTC

@micbwilli It seems like he just got incredibly Black-pilled. 22:00-23:00 is all you need to see for why his recent video is the way it is

2018-08-24 20:00:27 UTC

@Tyler0317 I want one too!

2018-08-24 20:01:12 UTC

I have mixed feeling on the video.

2018-08-24 20:01:56 UTC

I've always had a lot of respect for Jim Brown, but it appears he's had the bad sense to say things in violation of the Agenda. So now they're blasting him.

2018-08-24 20:04:04 UTC

@micbwilli Seems like the lad is heavily Black-pilled, perhaps he is feeling down-trodden due to the fact that the huge momentum of the AR was killed by censorship, and bad management. This video is a prime example of why you shouldn't 100% rely on the hype for your motivation

2018-08-24 20:08:32 UTC

exactly why the mods do the job they do

2018-08-24 20:14:35 UTC

Why haven't you joined Rocket.Chat, Western man?


2018-08-24 20:29:16 UTC

So it seems that Unicorn Riot is both privately funded, and funded by Grants

2018-08-24 20:33:59 UTC

Antifa is funded by grants?

2018-08-24 20:35:34 UTC

Unicorn Riot is specifically, which is odd since they claim to be against the State, the Corporates

2018-08-24 20:36:36 UTC

They also "claim" to be anarchists, while holding their capitalist driven iPhone X's and paying for screen printers to put logos on their clothing and flags...

2018-08-24 20:45:19 UTC

The White pills are pretty abundant this week. Whereas the last few were slow.

2018-08-24 20:47:58 UTC

I know more about current affairs than you because I watch Conan Obrein, Seth Meyers, Jimmy Kimmel, John Oliver AND Trevor Noah. Plus I read r/politics and average 4 upvotes per post. How many upvotes do you have? Oh, you're banned? Haha that's what I thought.

2018-08-24 20:58:02 UTC

Congratulations @Voodoo! Welcome to the first day of the rest of your life.

2018-08-24 21:01:26 UTC

Not sure if anyone posted this:

2018-08-24 21:01:34 UTC

IE mentioned

2018-08-24 21:13:14 UTC
2018-08-24 21:15:34 UTC

> Trump joins Gab
> Trump leaves Twitter
> Twitter fails within the year.

2018-08-24 21:18:35 UTC

I would just like to say, IE was early on getting the word out about the Boer, and I am proud to have been a part of that action.
Now that Trump has talked about it, the media had no choice but to respond and...once again...show their anti-white bias and show zero regard for the lives of the South African whites.

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