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2018-11-13 22:07:03 UTC

That's one thing I like to bring up when explaining racial differences, along with higher skin surface area to volume being an adaptation to heat

2018-11-13 22:07:29 UTC

"skin surface to volume being an adaptation to heat" huh that's interesting

2018-11-13 22:08:49 UTC

Yeah Nilotes and such are tall and very thin, have a lot of skin surface. Dissipate heat into the air faster than us

2018-11-13 22:09:16 UTC

Some of their more isolated tribes still practice persistence hunting

2018-11-13 22:09:36 UTC

Do subcons have similar ratios since it's hot there too?

2018-11-13 22:11:51 UTC

I'm not sure. Nilotes and East Africans are also identifiable by a less significant curve in their femur, which is interesting. A measureable racial difference used by forensic scientists

2018-11-13 22:13:56 UTC

I learned that in a class, will look for a source

2018-11-13 22:15:20 UTC

I thought I knew what subcons were earlier but know I’m doubting myself....

2018-11-13 22:15:50 UTC

I assume in this context it means Indian subcontinental peoples

2018-11-13 22:16:15 UTC

Yeah Southern Indians, who also tend to be black

2018-11-13 22:17:22 UTC


2018-11-13 22:17:25 UTC

Looked it up and subcon is a species of animal in super Mario lol

2018-11-13 22:19:10 UTC

Forensic anthropology is pretty awesome for proving racial differences to those who would otherwise deny them

2018-11-13 22:19:57 UTC

I saw that too, Vince. Pretty cute enemy.

2018-11-13 22:20:43 UTC

India has both a caste based and north-south divide in terms of skin tone and other features, likely due to Aryan admixture being more common in the north, and made dominant in the upper class by the Hindu caste system.

2018-11-13 22:21:52 UTC

Also, a linguistic divide too. The north speaks Indo-European languages derived from Sanskrit while the south speaks Dravidian languages. It's amazing a country that diverse can hold together.

2018-11-13 22:24:38 UTC

now that the elections are over, i expected to see the constant "nazi" articles fade.
why is the media acting like there's an impending doom?

2018-11-13 22:26:56 UTC

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Dtv8ibI1vk JRE currently has some dude on talking about how important genetics are.

2018-11-13 22:34:36 UTC

@Goose "why is the media acting like there's an impending doom?" I think they just like writing them

2018-11-13 22:35:48 UTC

@Nemets @ThisIsChris Simple. There is an impending doom. If we win, their entire livelihoods are at risk.

2018-11-13 22:36:10 UTC

no one likes loosing a war

2018-11-13 22:37:37 UTC

Part of the media acting so erratically is that is gets clicks which sells adds. These people are struggling to survive.

2018-11-13 22:39:02 UTC

I don't think there is an impending doom for them that we represent. At least I hope "doom" isn't what comes to mind when they think of us, if so we might be doing something wrong.

2018-11-13 22:39:48 UTC

Which gets more views, "neo-nazis are holding rallies across America" or "some white guys like teal and dislike immigration"

2018-11-13 22:40:04 UTC


2018-11-13 22:40:25 UTC

Teal is real!

2018-11-13 22:40:34 UTC


2018-11-13 22:41:45 UTC

Can my dog join IE? /joke


2018-11-13 22:42:01 UTC


2018-11-13 22:42:22 UTC

@Selma does he intend to have a white gf/wife and only have white children?

2018-11-13 22:42:23 UTC

He has a bad right optic

2018-11-13 22:42:49 UTC

hes blind in one eye and can't have babies because his liberal parents got him fixed 16 years ago.

2018-11-13 22:43:14 UTC

He can pay dues and be quiet.

2018-11-13 22:43:19 UTC

thanks freiheit.

2018-11-13 22:43:59 UTC

One yelp about chocolate labs in public and he's gone.

2018-11-13 22:46:54 UTC

@Goose Probably because the Chinese and Japanese foreign students' parents are sick of their kids coming home and preaching all that diversity indoctrination they received here in college

2018-11-13 22:48:16 UTC

They probably also aren't too happy about sending their daughters off to college and having a son come back home.

2018-11-13 22:49:09 UTC


2018-11-13 22:49:17 UTC

Im confused on why police departments do this.

2018-11-13 22:49:39 UTC

What laws does hanging "Paper signs" break?

2018-11-13 22:49:59 UTC


2018-11-13 22:50:03 UTC

Isn't the Police blotter just the radio anyone can tune into?

2018-11-13 22:50:13 UTC

They'll report something about that even if someone just made a call

2018-11-13 22:50:39 UTC

Correct @ThisIsChris

2018-11-13 22:50:48 UTC

"Checking out some posters someone said are encouraging people to attack minorities"
"ok found 'em, it's just those Identity Evropa guys again"

2018-11-13 22:50:49 UTC

They keep making a big deal about our posters and flyers.

2018-11-13 22:51:02 UTC

Ah ok Chris

2018-11-13 22:51:14 UTC

That makes more sense.

2018-11-13 22:51:16 UTC

Yes. If someone reports it, a police record must be made and that report is a part of public record. That's the "police blotter"

2018-11-13 22:52:00 UTC

It's not the police making a big deal about them, it's someone hearing the posters being checked out on the radio. Then they spin together an article that says "these posters were investigated by police. You know what was on the posters? 'Identity Evropa'. You know what the SPLC says about Identity Evropa? Let me tell you"

2018-11-13 22:52:06 UTC

very little to do with the police themselves

2018-11-13 22:52:37 UTC

I worked as a police dispatcher many years ago and we always made sure to ask people who were reporting really mundane things, "Would you like to make an official report on this and have an officer contact you?" Their answer, yes or no, determined whether or not it went on the blotter.

2018-11-13 22:53:50 UTC

The "officer contact you" bit usually deterred people from wanting to make an official report. But sooooooooooooooooome times...you got those people who just wanted attention and needed to report every damn dog barking

2018-11-13 22:54:57 UTC

IE flyers are the new "I hear a loud dog barking at 11pm" 9-1-1 call.

2018-11-13 22:58:13 UTC

The police said they launched an investigation in the past but noting came of it.

2018-11-13 22:58:37 UTC

This has happened to me numerous times before... Over the last 3 years before i was even involved in IE.

2018-11-13 22:58:59 UTC

And noting has ever come about because of posters.

2018-11-13 23:03:13 UTC

True story: we had a fraternity whose pet rooster got loose one night, and it was wreaking havoc and mayhem for several city blocks, running all over the damn place attacking people walking their dogs, jogging, etc. We got 9-1-1 calls for hours. We literally had like 6 officers chasing this damn thing for an hour and a half until they finally gave up...they couldn't find it. So, the Sergeant on duty had one of the rookie officers put out a BOLO (Be on the Look Out) warning over the radio...as required by department procedures. Of course, he had to describe this damn rooster over the police radio...ya know...it was complete hilarity.

2018-11-13 23:03:54 UTC

We laughed about that for days and days

2018-11-13 23:04:06 UTC

frickin' Rooster BOLO

2018-11-13 23:04:29 UTC


2018-11-13 23:04:49 UTC

@Phillip Wiglesworth - FL LOL. I had a neighbor who had one of his chickens stolen so he put up "LOST CHICKEN" signs with a photo and I always wondered if the photo was of that particular chicken or not.

2018-11-13 23:05:51 UTC

What kind of lowlife guttersnipe would pilfer someone's beloved chicken?

2018-11-13 23:08:01 UTC

This was in Lawrence, KS...my original hometown. Ya know...where KU is. Fraternity named their rooster "Jayhawk"

2018-11-13 23:08:18 UTC

Still makes me laugh thinking about that night

2018-11-13 23:09:41 UTC

@Selma There was a satanist cult in town, the police said it was probably them. other animals had gone missing too

2018-11-13 23:10:05 UTC

What is worse, vegans or satanists?

2018-11-13 23:10:28 UTC

Definitely satanists

2018-11-13 23:10:38 UTC

I feel bad I haven’t been active lately. How’s everyone been lately and what’s your guys plans for thanksgiving! Also bird.


2018-11-13 23:10:44 UTC

@Sam Anderson no vegan ever called me privileged cisgender white male

2018-11-13 23:11:42 UTC

Vegans are much better. Hell I was vegan for a while, I don’t blame people for practicing it, it made me feel pretty light while I did it.

But I do blame people who practice satanism. Literally no excuse.

2018-11-13 23:11:55 UTC

OMG I just remembered...the Sergeant had the rookie cop draw a "WANTED" poster of the rooster based on witness description. We photocopied that thing and pasted it EVERYWHERE in the department

2018-11-13 23:12:48 UTC

That sounds like the hwitest police department ever.

2018-11-13 23:12:50 UTC

ahhhhh man...good times

2018-11-13 23:13:06 UTC

hazing the rookies

2018-11-13 23:13:48 UTC

Speaking of feminist garbage, lemme show you some real nonsense from my course taught by a male feminist Jewish professor... Its like these people observe the same world we do and are mad about it. A RetCon of reality.


2018-11-13 23:13:54 UTC

I wasn't ever a vegan, but I was vegetarian for a year or two and tbh if it wasn't for the all the protein in meat, I'd probably still be a vegetarian.

2018-11-13 23:14:52 UTC

@Selma Well...it *is* Kansas. Tho to be fair, Lawrence has a large Indian population due to Haskell Indian Junior College there, too.

2018-11-13 23:15:31 UTC

Yeah, I'm a vegetarian by my values, but meat is just too delicious.

2018-11-13 23:15:38 UTC

I always fail my values!

2018-11-13 23:18:09 UTC

@Phillip Wiglesworth - FL that's hilarious about the rookie hazing, I love those funny kinds of stories

2018-11-13 23:20:53 UTC

I was a vegetarian for about 4 months a few years ago. I did it for the animals, but they taste so good. <:sad:366743316475281408>

2018-11-13 23:22:29 UTC


2018-11-13 23:25:43 UTC


2018-11-13 23:27:58 UTC


2018-11-13 23:28:44 UTC


2018-11-13 23:35:04 UTC

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JIWg9HENMx0 lmao just like almost every other troop on deployment, Vice

2018-11-13 23:35:14 UTC

They literally know nothing just lol

2018-11-13 23:35:49 UTC

😂 that’s for sure lol

2018-11-13 23:36:21 UTC

At least they can grab a beer at night

2018-11-13 23:38:28 UTC

"There's no enemy to fight here" ah yes, I forgot that every soldier deployed abroad is in combat. My bad!

2018-11-13 23:38:51 UTC

I'm cracking up

2018-11-13 23:39:22 UTC

Most of what we did in the Army was standing around with absolutely nothing to do, waiting for end of day release formation...with intermittent naps and smoke breaks)

2018-11-13 23:40:14 UTC

“Trumps proposal to send the troops to the border would cost $200 million!” As opposed to costing $200 million wherever they otherwise would be

2018-11-13 23:40:23 UTC

If Vice had watched even the most basic of documentaries or asked any deployed soldier a basic question, they would know that 90% of what the Army does on deployment is sit and wait

2018-11-13 23:40:24 UTC

Repeat that 5 times a week, and sometimes on Saturdays and Sundays when we all got called in cause some jackwad got a DUI Friday night and the whole battalion had to suffer for it.

2018-11-13 23:41:38 UTC

Vice is literally gay.

2018-11-13 23:42:31 UTC

All my deployed friends and family say the same thing. At least these soldiers are guarding OUR borders and doing something relatively safe to earn that paycheck besides sitting around.

2018-11-13 23:44:13 UTC

Yeah we have a massive freaking military. Station them on the border where we have an actual threat

2018-11-13 23:44:57 UTC

In all seriousness tho...the entire purpose of having a standing army is to be there - ready in case there's something to do - but most of the time have absolutely nothing to do. This is a good thing.

2018-11-13 23:45:27 UTC

I agree, but right now there is a literal invasion coming north...

2018-11-13 23:45:49 UTC

Ya, so they're standing there with nothing to do until there _is_ something to do. That's the purpose.

2018-11-13 23:46:17 UTC

Vice is so bourgeois and disconnected, they're either dumb or just trying to create a narrative and relying on the ignorance of their viewers. I'd imagine it's mainly the former but clearly they're targeting Trump

2018-11-13 23:46:50 UTC

Yea, my point is they would be standing in another state doing nothing, so why not station them at the border, at least for now?

2018-11-13 23:47:10 UTC

True that

2018-11-13 23:47:26 UTC

I think they are both clueless and creating a narrative.

2018-11-13 23:47:28 UTC

In fact, the argument can be made that they're actually _doing something productive_ even with "nothing to do" at the border. Otherwise they'd just be back on base napping in stairwells, hiding from the cherry Lieutenant or Sergeant Major.

2018-11-13 23:48:09 UTC

And _nobody_ wants to get caught napping by the SMAJ!

2018-11-13 23:48:45 UTC

And it's not like VICE wants them to have anything to do at the border, or they'd be accused of racism/racial violence.

2018-11-13 23:50:01 UTC

Vice would rather the troops at the border actively defend white America and push back invaders confirmed

2018-11-13 23:50:04 UTC

Military life is just something the media will never understand. It's...different.

2018-11-13 23:50:52 UTC

"America's Troops in Japan have Nothing To Do"

2018-11-13 23:50:55 UTC


2018-11-13 23:52:12 UTC

Wish I could ping veterans

2018-11-13 23:53:04 UTC

Having "nothing to do" is inherent to military life. It's pretty much one and the same. Brief periods of excitement and chaos, followed by extremely prolonged periods of boredom and trying not to get into trouble for doing dumb stuff.

2018-11-13 23:53:26 UTC

For me it was either feast or famine with work load. Some days it was like trying to find kindergarten students something to do so they wouldn’t shout about Destiny 2 loot. And I’ll freely admit that I was oftentimes part of the problem lol

2018-11-13 23:53:45 UTC

We RAKED LINES IN DIRT because we had nothing to do, ffs.

2018-11-13 23:54:31 UTC

My air force recruiter loves Destiny 2

2018-11-13 23:54:32 UTC

"America's Troops at the Border of North and South Korea Have Nothing To Do"

2018-11-13 23:54:36 UTC

How ghastly.

2018-11-13 23:55:39 UTC

“Please stop shouting guys, I want to read my book on the job without attracting attention”

2018-11-13 23:59:31 UTC

Oof, looks like we are being invaded by the gays... <:nervous:359009898115104770>

2018-11-14 00:00:30 UTC

Based black guy everyone, CivNats are right, they will all be conservative soon! <:really:453005408064241674>

2018-11-14 00:00:52 UTC

And they will save us from the invasion too!

2018-11-14 00:01:17 UTC


2018-11-14 00:07:50 UTC

@Asatru Artist - MD , glad you made it home.

2018-11-14 00:12:22 UTC


2018-11-14 00:15:05 UTC

That's a weird looking dog.

2018-11-14 00:15:27 UTC

Dude something is wrong with that gecko

2018-11-14 00:16:09 UTC

What kinda fish is that?

2018-11-14 00:16:43 UTC

It's possibly a lesser eldritch abomination

2018-11-14 00:17:02 UTC

So it's a badger?

2018-11-14 00:17:06 UTC

Shocked no one's posted the Koba one yet

2018-11-14 00:20:01 UTC

Great job to everyone who participated in the Colorado action

2018-11-14 00:31:48 UTC

Thanks my dude. I was there and it was worth doing a hundred times over. @V.Balboa - PA

2018-11-14 00:36:34 UTC

Good evening Europeans and Slavs.

2018-11-14 00:37:30 UTC

Congrats on Colorado action.<:galaxybrain:366743669484683264> <:deye:359010025223618570> <:chad:359013583469805568>

2018-11-14 00:57:07 UTC

Is pledge chat in 3 minutes?

2018-11-14 00:57:17 UTC


2018-11-14 00:57:42 UTC

Good luck to all of you lovely pledges.

2018-11-14 00:57:49 UTC

Thank you sir

2018-11-14 00:57:55 UTC

Yes sir.

2018-11-14 00:58:19 UTC

Thanks Mrs.Obama it's been an honor.

2018-11-14 00:58:32 UTC

is that a reference to something

2018-11-14 00:59:36 UTC

It's just a dumb meme.

2018-11-14 01:00:45 UTC

Wow look at all those pledges

2018-11-14 01:01:18 UTC

Always nice to see

2018-11-14 01:01:35 UTC

Is this when the hazing happens?

2018-11-14 01:01:41 UTC

I’ve never sat in on a new member orientation so im in there too

2018-11-14 01:01:52 UTC

Obvi @Walt 😉

2018-11-14 01:01:57 UTC


2018-11-14 01:02:34 UTC

Whelp my workout was just ruined The cnn screen had an ad for a show called "this is life" and they were advertising an episode about furries

2018-11-14 01:04:14 UTC

Their non news shows (and their news shows) are the most disgusting and degenerate on tv

2018-11-14 01:05:51 UTC

I think that's just going to make CNN look worse to their 10 viewers.

2018-11-14 01:05:55 UTC

Tv in general is on a whole new level these days holy crap

2018-11-14 01:07:30 UTC

CNN even has some trash on their website trying to explain away the 'HARMFUL MYTHS' around furries.

2018-11-14 01:08:02 UTC

I was around for the Youtube Furry War of 2007/2008; there is nothing I misunderstand, thank you.

2018-11-14 01:08:06 UTC

So disgusting

2018-11-14 01:08:26 UTC

One of my coworkers is a furry

2018-11-14 01:08:34 UTC

Anyone who thinks furries are ok has obviously never heard about kero the wolf

2018-11-14 01:08:34 UTC

It's rough

2018-11-14 01:09:02 UTC


2018-11-14 01:09:31 UTC

Hey CNN, wanna tell the viewers why 'Tony the Tiger' is never seen anymore?

2018-11-14 01:09:58 UTC

Why is the Tony the Tiger never seen anymore?

2018-11-14 01:10:04 UTC

Oh gawd I hate that I get that reference

2018-11-14 01:10:12 UTC


2018-11-14 01:10:16 UTC


2018-11-14 01:10:20 UTC


2018-11-14 01:10:23 UTC

Kellogs™ had a twitter account for him, and all the furries would do is post disgusting pictures and make lewd comments. Now he is never seen.

2018-11-14 01:10:44 UTC

It wasn’t great

2018-11-14 01:10:51 UTC


2018-11-14 01:11:33 UTC

We can never have anything good in this world

2018-11-14 01:11:57 UTC

Make Tony the Tiger Grrrrrreat again!

2018-11-14 01:20:53 UTC

Furries make me so unironically upset at the world

2018-11-14 01:21:46 UTC

>Last log in: 4am, talk of furries
>now 8pm, more talk of furries

Explain yourselves, IE

2018-11-14 01:22:08 UTC


2018-11-14 01:22:53 UTC

Shamfur dispray!!!

2018-11-14 01:22:53 UTC


2018-11-14 01:23:02 UTC

<:sad:366743316475281408> <:sad:366743316475281408> <:sad:366743316475281408>

2018-11-14 01:23:20 UTC

Yeah shitposting during pledge orientation in particular is frowned upon

2018-11-14 01:32:48 UTC


2018-11-14 01:34:38 UTC

Best of luck, pledges. Glad to have you

2018-11-14 01:35:12 UTC

To the pledges that might not want to get involved in public facing activism - the cyber strike team is an easy way to get involved and help IE! I’ve been involved w cyber strike for awhile and an rarely able to do public facing activism. Everything helps, also glad y’all are here.

2018-11-14 01:36:24 UTC

If you’re interested in getting involved, all it takes is a little time and effort at the computer. DM me or your SC if you want to get involved!

2018-11-14 01:38:44 UTC

I.E. does not acknowledge Sharia Law.

2018-11-14 01:39:19 UTC

I'm loving the new Orange County.


2018-11-14 01:44:21 UTC

Why, oh why, are there still votes being counted?

2018-11-14 01:44:34 UTC

This is ludicrous

2018-11-14 01:52:25 UTC

Between the muh-Russia investigation, false accusations against many Republicans, facebook ads being called 'cyber attacks', the fraudulent vote counting all over the US, and the inability to concede lost Governor races, it seems we're finally tipping over to the realm of 2nd world election integrity

2018-11-14 01:53:12 UTC

We've all seen it coming, but now we're having to deal with it. It's outlandish.

2018-11-14 01:55:18 UTC

This isn't the case in Florida, a witness has already signed an affidavit saying she witnessed Democrats filling in blank ballots

2018-11-14 01:56:11 UTC

High concentration of intelligence community retirees and J's...

2018-11-14 01:56:29 UTC

Doesn't that indicate that they voted, then?

2018-11-14 01:57:48 UTC

reminder, the enemy sees us all as white... and therefore evil

2018-11-14 01:57:59 UTC

Arabs are not white.

2018-11-14 01:58:23 UTC

^this triggers Nassim Taleb

2018-11-14 01:59:01 UTC

sorry, Nassim *Nicholas* Taleb

2018-11-14 01:59:38 UTC

@Nemets I agree about the investigation, problem is if done by Dem's--"no guilt found!" If done by Republicans, "Bullying! Witch hunt! Tyranny!"

We're in a really tough spot, here

2018-11-14 02:00:45 UTC

The only answer is for Republicans to fight back with all legal powers and positions while ignoring the media's spin on it all

2018-11-14 02:02:09 UTC

Any move the R's make will be portrayed as a tyrannical apocalypse by the media--the R's must get over that. Nothing effective can be done until the R's get over their media representation

2018-11-14 02:02:35 UTC

When the R's do nothing but roll over the people feel powerless--which is bad..

2018-11-14 02:03:26 UTC

Not to mention if the R's are constrained by media representation then our government has essentially failed in its duty and possibly its legitimacy

2018-11-14 02:05:09 UTC

@Reinhard Wolff regarding private universities: is non-invasive flyering like putting business cards in library books still off-limits?

2018-11-14 02:05:52 UTC

Eh, I'd just be careful with it honestly

2018-11-14 02:05:58 UTC

Wouldn't advise it

2018-11-14 02:06:07 UTC

understood, thanks!

2018-11-14 02:08:02 UTC

unless you wanna shell out for a lawyer like I did, I would personally heavily advise against it

2018-11-14 02:08:48 UTC

oof. good point

2018-11-14 02:09:47 UTC

@Flint A lot of California newspapers poke fun at how the Republican Party is virtually extinct in this state. What they fail to realize is that if all the white conservatives packed up their bags and left, California would collapse within a few years.

2018-11-14 02:09:53 UTC

ugh I guess I'll just have to redecorate all the neighboring towns again 😄

2018-11-14 02:10:08 UTC

@Alex Kolchak - NY you hit alot of the same cultural references I do in this movement.

2018-11-14 02:10:33 UTC
2018-11-14 02:10:34 UTC

You read alot of reactionary lit?

2018-11-14 02:10:39 UTC


2018-11-14 02:10:48 UTC

@Nemets Do you have any data on that?

2018-11-14 02:11:02 UTC

You've mentioned NRX stuff Talib, other things that I can't recall at the moment

2018-11-14 02:11:31 UTC

I dabble. I read Social Matter and Jacobite when I can, I like Myth20c, etc

wouldn't say I'm well-versed by any means

2018-11-14 02:14:09 UTC

also learned a lot from reading Christopher Lasch and James Burnham, who aren't NRx but touched on a few of the themes well before NRx was a thing

2018-11-14 02:15:26 UTC


2018-11-14 02:15:29 UTC

I should check it out

2018-11-14 02:15:40 UTC

Anything you might recommend?

2018-11-14 02:15:59 UTC

"The Culture of Narcissism" by Lasch

very famous book on the American mindset in the 1970s

2018-11-14 02:16:00 UTC

@Nemets I'm not sure if white people in California can be persuaded to vote Republican.

2018-11-14 02:16:07 UTC

which was very prescient in my opinion

2018-11-14 02:16:29 UTC


2018-11-14 02:16:46 UTC

NRx, eh? I like monarchism ironically. It is the least threatening of the LARPs, and therefore easiest to indulge in, and also the least fruitful. Beats MMOs I guess.

2018-11-14 02:16:50 UTC


2018-11-14 02:16:51 UTC

and then Burnham's "The Managerial Revolution"

2018-11-14 02:16:55 UTC


2018-11-14 02:17:28 UTC

@Wood-Ape - OK/MN It's not a fully fleshed out ideology, or a complete worldview in my mind.

2018-11-14 02:17:59 UTC

the general ideas and some especially some of the speakers are rather profound.

2018-11-14 02:18:14 UTC

~~speakers~~ * thinkers

2018-11-14 02:18:17 UTC

@Papa Pizzagate True. Japan and Ireland and Spain and India all had monarchs bit radically different systems.

2018-11-14 02:18:26 UTC

@Nemets We can only hope.

2018-11-14 02:18:51 UTC

I see your strikethrough

2018-11-14 02:20:31 UTC

I cited Social Matter in an essay about Culture of Narcissism and got a "this is interesting" from my liberal (but very smart) history professor

the fire rises

2018-11-14 02:21:02 UTC

I'll check it out. I'd heard the name before, but never read it myself.

2018-11-14 02:21:36 UTC

Anytime I come across an idea/book/person 3 times organically, I kinda feel obliged to take a deeper look

2018-11-14 02:22:01 UTC

you may not be blown away by the insights seeing as it's been 40 years, but I'd say it's still valuable

2018-11-14 02:23:11 UTC

also that's a pretty good rule of thumb

2018-11-14 02:35:42 UTC

she got redpilled

2018-11-14 02:41:24 UTC

There is a picture of my hometown at that museum.

2018-11-14 02:41:48 UTC

The food court there is overpriced but good. (sorry for pulling the "muh food")

2018-11-14 02:41:55 UTC


2018-11-14 02:41:59 UTC

who are you guys maining?

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