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2017-10-20 22:23:17 UTC

Google is a CIA front

2017-10-20 22:24:24 UTC

Take the discussion to general.

2017-10-20 22:25:02 UTC

Yes sorta but cia is pretty incompetent. Our saving grace is the incompetence of our corrupt institutions

2017-10-20 22:41:21 UTC

I fully redpilled my best friend of 10 years. Whitepill for me, but I reckon it should be for everyone too. Hard working lad with a based waifu and 2 young boys.
We *are* going to win.

2017-10-20 22:50:16 UTC

I just found out one of my libertarian friends is redpilled now. It was after he was in Britain for a semester. It told me all about how London is a caliphate now.

2017-10-20 23:05:36 UTC

He was kind of already there beforehand but this seemed to have helped seal the deal.

2017-10-21 02:23:27 UTC

@Perihelion - CA Nope, I did on incognito

2017-10-21 04:26:09 UTC
2017-10-21 06:09:01 UTC

This morning I dropped a banner with my local group. My first time doing this. Later I met up with a local business owner who had some trouble after word got out that he gave to david duke's campaign. He's an awesome guy and plans on opening his bar back up .... but needs staff he can trust. Then took him to a bbq at a member's house. great time had by all. I then articulated my plan to use the 2018 election as a platform for our group to advance white identity. The ethnostate starts in Minnesota.

2017-10-21 06:11:29 UTC

you mean your neighbor *cough cough*

2017-10-21 06:13:06 UTC

you guys had a meet up yet?

2017-10-21 06:17:35 UTC

As a group? Weve had several throughout the year

2017-10-21 06:20:17 UTC

Good work @Joe-MN

2017-10-21 18:04:07 UTC

H o l y s h i t ^

2017-10-21 18:27:05 UTC

I'd love to start doing that with the flyer confetti

2017-10-21 18:49:57 UTC

"Gaining support and close to taking power"

2017-10-21 21:58:19 UTC

Anyone know what track that is in the IB video?

2017-10-22 21:27:52 UTC


2017-10-22 22:11:02 UTC

Hell yeah

2017-10-22 22:11:49 UTC

Trump is making the distinction "Real Americans"


2017-10-22 22:30:33 UTC

I went to church today for the first time in a long time, and one of the other members was casually racist and no one even batted an eye. I think I found the church for me. ⛪

2017-10-22 23:05:31 UTC

@Deleted User Not a white pill

2017-10-22 23:05:51 UTC


2017-10-22 23:07:16 UTC

I thought I was on another channel <:avtism:359037377919844352>

2017-10-22 23:07:30 UTC

It delet

2017-10-23 00:41:16 UTC

Video of the march to commemorate Ukrainians that fought against the soviets

2017-10-23 00:41:38 UTC

Nationalist from all over Europe came to take part

2017-10-23 01:02:23 UTC

First, Trump talked about releasing the JFK files.
Now, Trump talks about ending the federal reserve.

2017-10-23 01:42:12 UTC

No he said some tell him to end the fed. he said that he thinks its 'very important' who is at the head of the fed

2017-10-23 01:42:47 UTC

Is that a super subtle dogwhistle? Because it sounds like one! /our prez/

2017-10-23 02:06:31 UTC

end the fed

2017-10-23 02:16:05 UTC

@reactionarytree cool it with the anti-semitic remarks.

2017-10-23 02:58:24 UTC

White pill: I wear my IE pin to work and received compliments not only its awesome aesthetic by also a pat on the back from our Vice Principal who knows who we are and what we stand for

2017-10-23 03:02:37 UTC

You wear this to a school? What kind of school is like that?

2017-10-23 03:02:47 UTC

very cool

2017-10-23 03:02:48 UTC


2017-10-23 03:13:09 UTC


2017-10-23 03:13:36 UTC

I'm a long term sub and they just offered me a full time spot

2017-10-23 03:14:02 UTC

Debating on ditching my sales career for said job.security

2017-10-23 03:14:06 UTC

Haven't decided yet

2017-10-23 03:14:33 UTC

I couldn't imagine wearing an ie pin into a school. amazed that he likes it.

2017-10-23 03:14:51 UTC

yeah, that's a whitepill alright.

2017-10-23 03:14:54 UTC

thats brave dude

2017-10-23 03:14:59 UTC

Will take a pic tmrw if you all want

2017-10-23 03:15:02 UTC


2017-10-23 03:15:17 UTC

do it 📸

2017-10-23 03:15:30 UTC

Ok <:chad:359013583469805568>

2017-10-23 03:19:23 UTC

We need more of our guys in the elementary system. The university system is on rocky ground atm, and the market for it may burst in a few years. Meanwhile, elementary schools will always exist in stable numbers and regardless of what happens to the universities we can redpill these kids at an early age and make them skeptical of their professors if they go the uni route.

2017-10-23 03:19:39 UTC

undercut the serpent before it rears its head

2017-10-23 03:20:28 UTC

I would say elementary is better because white males are a rarity with younger students, the female teachers also like me too hahahah

2017-10-23 03:20:33 UTC

Frankly, I think you're lying. You just got a new job supposedly and you're saying you're wearing an IE pin around and the administrators support it?

2017-10-23 03:20:42 UTC

Not the admins

2017-10-23 03:20:57 UTC

The Vice Principle is an administrator.

2017-10-23 03:20:59 UTC

Just the one vice principal gave me a little wink and nudge

2017-10-23 03:21:04 UTC


2017-10-23 03:21:27 UTC

If he actually supported you he would tell you to immediately put that away when at work.

2017-10-23 03:21:27 UTC

I do wear it though and he knew what it was thought it was cool

2017-10-23 03:21:37 UTC

It's my.home town

2017-10-23 03:21:39 UTC

I think that's bullshit.

2017-10-23 03:22:19 UTC

An elementary school?

2017-10-23 03:22:20 UTC

Yeah no.

2017-10-23 03:22:28 UTC

This is another colorful lie.

2017-10-23 03:22:38 UTC

Except that it isn't

2017-10-23 03:22:56 UTC

Why be hostile to me about something I thought you guys would appreciate ?

2017-10-23 03:23:42 UTC

I feel if it weren't my home town the outcome would indeed be much different

2017-10-23 03:23:52 UTC

Because I don't want people already at great risk of dox, already encountering employment issues, either putting themselves at more risk or getting in the direction of encouraging other members to put themselves at great risk of dox for no benefit.

2017-10-23 03:25:39 UTC

I was basically not offered a continuation of my contract for my previous job due to my flyering at stockton being on the local news. The district reached out to me and was aware of what happened but due to my previous history knew I am proud of who I am not a hater

2017-10-23 03:26:01 UTC

They were unaware but also aware.

2017-10-23 03:26:03 UTC


2017-10-23 03:26:22 UTC


2017-10-23 03:26:38 UTC

Or they were aware but brought you in to teach kids?

2017-10-23 03:26:38 UTC

Take it out of <#359019358204198926>

2017-10-23 03:27:11 UTC

Ok @Matthias let us move discussion to general then

2017-10-23 03:27:21 UTC

No, @⚡Clark⚡ I'm excercising mod power right now to demonstrate that this should never have been done and not promoted in whitepill.

2017-10-23 03:28:37 UTC

So no wearing IE pins in our normy jobs?

2017-10-23 03:28:42 UTC


2017-10-23 03:28:55 UTC

So yes, that VP was the one who asked me to come back to work at the district I worked at before working my summers.sales job.

2017-10-23 03:29:21 UTC

So.of course he was happy to see me wearing the pin how is that hard to believe

2017-10-23 03:29:37 UTC

I would say almost always no. @Alexander-IA

2017-10-23 03:30:14 UTC

I know you don't like me as a person @Matthias but I would appreciate if you didn't call me a liar with regard to my actual experiences

2017-10-23 03:30:33 UTC

If you're not lying, then your friend/VP does not have your best interests at heart whatsoever, which either makes him a complete idiot or a really dangerous guy. @Themistocles

2017-10-23 03:30:42 UTC

Why do you say that

2017-10-23 03:30:47 UTC

That is what I am confused about

2017-10-23 03:32:02 UTC

I don't understand how you don't get this still. A white nationalist in public education especially with young kids is the biggest red meat for antifa.

2017-10-23 03:32:49 UTC

And you have been at elevated risk.

2017-10-23 03:33:04 UTC

So doing this is extremely reckless.

2017-10-23 03:33:11 UTC

I don't see how wearing a pin would get antifa to come protest me at my suburban school

2017-10-23 03:33:20 UTC


2017-10-23 03:33:32 UTC

You just said the VP knew who we are.

2017-10-23 03:33:37 UTC

So it's not just a pin.

2017-10-23 03:33:39 UTC


2017-10-23 03:34:04 UTC

Our optics are meant to assure that we are normal upstanding white citizens

2017-10-23 03:34:42 UTC

So having the VP come to that conclusion on his own accord seems like a fantastic white pill

2017-10-23 03:35:16 UTC

We are not a secret society

2017-10-23 03:35:26 UTC

In many ways, many of our members are.

2017-10-23 03:35:38 UTC

And there's nothing wrong with that.

2017-10-23 03:36:02 UTC

Well then they can continue to do so I am not going to be against that

2017-10-23 03:36:04 UTC

You are correct that we should be normalizing, but we've encountered this phenomenon with some members on occassion.

2017-10-23 03:36:36 UTC

But I for one am happy my community accepted me even after the local news exposee and security footage of me

2017-10-23 03:36:43 UTC

You are not considering the consequences of what you are doing and the potential results that won't be reversible.

2017-10-23 03:37:04 UTC

"What's the worst that can happen?"

2017-10-23 03:37:18 UTC

Doxxed, protestors at work, ostracized, car vandalized...

2017-10-23 03:38:06 UTC

That'd only occur if a literal 5 year old told his antifa mom that his teacher was in IE

2017-10-23 03:38:11 UTC


2017-10-23 03:38:12 UTC

Even if your entire administration were 100% alt-right, if the parents ever found out, they wouldn't have any choice but to fire you.

2017-10-23 03:38:17 UTC

That.chain of events doesn't seem plausible

2017-10-23 03:38:22 UTC

To you.

2017-10-23 03:38:28 UTC

Because you are being reckless.

2017-10-23 03:38:38 UTC

And thinking it's a whitepill.

2017-10-23 03:38:43 UTC

Which is extremely damaging.

2017-10-23 03:39:05 UTC

a fellow teacher could out you.

2017-10-23 03:39:11 UTC

but if you're in the union....

2017-10-23 03:39:22 UTC

I am indeed in the.NJEA

2017-10-23 03:39:23 UTC

prob don't have tenure yet though

2017-10-23 03:39:38 UTC

Or a parent, or another admin, or a teacher, or a kids older sybling...

2017-10-23 03:39:42 UTC

But no tenure

2017-10-23 03:40:06 UTC

Its a pin

2017-10-23 03:40:23 UTC

Or simply, as it typically occurs, you get doxed from something else which nearly happened to you, and they find where you work.

2017-10-23 03:40:27 UTC

Not a giant billboard or.me yelling blood and soil

2017-10-23 03:40:40 UTC

You've literally had photos of you on CCTV published.

2017-10-23 03:41:23 UTC

Yeah so it's nice to see a school that accepted me even after the fact

2017-10-23 03:41:26 UTC

Which so have I tbh, but that doesn't mean I bring my politics anywhere near the workplace.

2017-10-23 03:41:35 UTC

That's extremely suspect that they are.

2017-10-23 03:41:40 UTC

A pin is not politics I don't talk about alt right stuff

2017-10-23 03:41:46 UTC

Yes it is!

2017-10-23 03:41:48 UTC

I just wear it

2017-10-23 03:41:51 UTC

Good god.

2017-10-23 03:41:53 UTC

I give up.

2017-10-23 03:42:09 UTC

Is a swazi pin just a pin?

2017-10-23 03:42:21 UTC

I'm not saying our pin is that just to be clear.

2017-10-23 03:42:26 UTC

But obviously emblems matter.

2017-10-23 03:42:36 UTC

And someone knows it's more than just a pin.

2017-10-23 03:42:38 UTC

Exactly I wear it to normalize it

2017-10-23 03:42:39 UTC

As you admitted.

2017-10-23 03:42:49 UTC

Okay so you admit it's more than a pin.

2017-10-23 03:43:18 UTC

But I see it as a positive

2017-10-23 03:43:22 UTC

You're argumentation is frankly very avoidant. It's like trying to hold jello.

2017-10-23 03:43:41 UTC

I think we can agree that while it was a nice thought, in reality it is a pointless risk. It's good to not be ashamed of what you stand for, but at the same time you must think about the consequences that can occur each time you make it known that you are in an organization that in the mainstream is thought to be akin to white supremacy.

2017-10-23 03:43:43 UTC

So clearly it's not worth continuing.

2017-10-23 03:44:15 UTC

Ya'll let's take the convo to general.

2017-10-23 11:49:29 UTC


2017-10-23 11:50:08 UTC

GI just asserted itself in Great Britain. This happened just now

2017-10-23 12:18:48 UTC


2017-10-23 13:23:03 UTC


2017-10-23 13:32:00 UTC

Where is our banner that size going to go in the US? We should do a synchronized drop in all 50 states on an important Euro-American day

2017-10-23 13:32:42 UTC

Christmas possibly, July 4 possibly, some other significant date for a US-wide drop?

2017-10-23 15:53:12 UTC

I like that idea

2017-10-23 15:53:25 UTC

How about on FLAG DAY

2017-10-23 16:01:27 UTC


2017-10-23 16:13:18 UTC

No on Christmas. St Patty’s day.

2017-10-23 16:20:30 UTC

/our Rusty/

2017-10-23 16:24:19 UTC

Rusty shackleford memed into reality ?

2017-10-23 16:43:19 UTC

Good goy rusty

2017-10-23 18:42:13 UTC

Russia is more of an ally at this point than any other power in Europe, even if its an alliance of convenience.

2017-10-23 19:16:34 UTC

I heart that man.

2017-10-23 19:48:40 UTC

I read the Oliver Stone x Putin transcripts and was like "wow, a leader who's willing to stand up for his people and their sovereignty, this is so fresh."

2017-10-23 20:39:27 UTC

After Russian President Vladimir Putin called Donald Trump "very talented," the GOP frontrunner has defended Putin against suspicions that Putin kills journalists who don’t agree him.

It started on MSNBC’s Morning Joe last month when host Joe Scarborough asked about it.

Trump responded, "He’s running his country, and at least he’s a leader, unlike what we have going on this country. I think our country does plenty of killing also, Joe, so you know."

"I’m confused," Scarborough pressed. "You obviously condemn Vladimir Putin killing journalists and political opponents, right?"

"Oh sure, absolutely," Trump conceded.

A few days later, Trump defended Putin again, to ABC’s George Stephanopoulos. "You're supposed to be innocent until proven guilty, at least in our country. It has not been proven that he's killed reporters."


2017-10-24 00:54:13 UTC

Make no mistake Russia plays the game for their own benefit. But currently supporting nationalism abroad helps undermine the global cabal.

2017-10-24 04:14:48 UTC

This is a white pill if you let it be

2017-10-24 14:49:11 UTC

All those NCOs and officers defending us lol

2017-10-24 14:55:25 UTC

I am a Marine veteran. I was in the infantry. It was a fascist institution, not explicitly white, but highly implicitly.

2017-10-24 16:20:04 UTC

Just remember everyone we are winning and we have the momentum. It is apparent by the way our endeavors are faced with more opposition.

2017-10-24 17:03:26 UTC


2017-10-24 17:03:28 UTC

Whatcha doin' Tyrone?

2017-10-24 17:05:06 UTC

Another false flag fake racist charge.

2017-10-24 18:40:52 UTC


2017-10-24 19:31:44 UTC


2017-10-24 19:31:45 UTC


2017-10-24 19:31:47 UTC


2017-10-24 20:23:42 UTC

Now they just need that extra push

2017-10-24 20:36:34 UTC

Extra lols at the pissed off plebbit comments.

2017-10-24 21:02:36 UTC

I don’t see too many greenpills in here, but something about witnessing the Fall aesthetic really hits me to want to preserve the picturesque beauty of nature and treasure it (Pic taken on my cycling route today). Let’s get back to the natural order of things, and preserve the spectacular workings of Mother Nature for our children’s children before they, echo, destroy it for 3rd world housing developments.


2017-10-24 21:05:24 UTC

The Green Pill

2017-10-25 00:44:40 UTC

Hail Mother Nerthus

2017-10-25 13:54:38 UTC

This past weekend 5 IE guys and 3 ladies from three states conquered 23 miles in the mountains of WV. Heathen Hike 2017:

2017-10-25 13:54:52 UTC


2017-10-25 13:54:59 UTC


2017-10-25 13:55:07 UTC


2017-10-25 13:55:13 UTC


2017-10-25 13:55:26 UTC


2017-10-25 13:55:34 UTC


2017-10-25 13:55:43 UTC


2017-10-25 14:10:50 UTC

Love the greenpills @Havamal Stunning! I'll post some greenpills later today also!

2017-10-25 14:23:46 UTC


2017-10-25 14:24:24 UTC

Our beliefs are not fringe or extreme. They are only censored from those who already agree with us

2017-10-25 14:32:27 UTC

Ah this was already posted. Whatever, deserves a second run

2017-10-25 16:31:06 UTC

Little whitepill: We got both of the NJ news outlets to update and back off the claim that we were behind anti BLM grafitti on Rutgers.

2017-10-25 19:08:43 UTC


2017-10-25 19:09:09 UTC

Healthy boy!

2017-10-25 19:35:16 UTC

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lgKCYSd2_zQ I realize now that POC already avoids the GOP. The party is ours for the taking if we choose to get involved in our local organizations. Let's make the Grand Old Party grand again.

2017-10-25 20:01:18 UTC

☝🏼 👆🏼

2017-10-25 23:20:33 UTC

So, i'll just gently place this vid here for those who want to watch/listen. Ignore the thumb nail that calls for 1 leader or whatever. Listen to the content. Its what we know we need to do but at times we just dont feel/think we have the numbers yet. Maybe we do have the numbers and they are waiting for a voice and presence to lead them in our direction. Each person becoming active and doing what they can helps ensure our future survival. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WSXLeOIEqfs

2017-10-25 23:26:09 UTC

As mentioned in <#358403210618339338>, a leader for the wider movement is a bit far off but the larger point about organization and professionalization is spot on. I hope this encourages people to find us.

2017-10-25 23:29:33 UTC

I think everyone should mimick themselves as the leader of the alt-right in my opinion. Leadership wins the day

2017-10-25 23:31:11 UTC

One last pic from the Heathen Hike this weekend

2017-10-25 23:31:14 UTC


2017-10-25 23:32:09 UTC

That flag is so flat and white that it looks photoshopped

2017-10-25 23:35:06 UTC

"Fresh and Pure"

2017-10-25 23:40:56 UTC

The helmets look photoshopped as well.

2017-10-25 23:41:09 UTC

Sorry couldn't resist.

2017-10-25 23:41:31 UTC

the grass and trees also look photoshopped in

2017-10-25 23:58:19 UTC

This is really great! Becoming the enviromentalist identitarians would really benefit us!

2017-10-26 05:24:28 UTC

Sent an email, inquiring about volunteering, to my local republican party today. They replied and I'm meeting with a small group to have coffee with a congressman this saturday. It's that easy everyone with time should reach out.

2017-10-26 05:26:03 UTC

It really is that

2017-10-26 05:26:05 UTC


2017-10-26 06:00:07 UTC

They are dying for young people to get involved.

2017-10-26 07:52:08 UTC

☝🏻Total Chad Move.

2017-10-26 10:13:19 UTC

Breakfast club nationalism ^^

2017-10-26 12:04:59 UTC

That reminds me of the good times in high school.

2017-10-26 13:48:34 UTC

I'm not totally sure, but I believe this counts as a white pill considering this heavily effects our people.


2017-10-26 13:53:33 UTC
2017-10-26 16:02:06 UTC


2017-10-26 16:37:07 UTC

@David Darnell - MT We need to monopolize "environmentalism". Memorize the argument that population growth creates all eco problems, and that growth is happening most among non-whites.
[I'll stop there before I get moved to general]

2017-10-26 17:07:05 UTC

Trump isn't ourgu-

2017-10-26 18:12:02 UTC

Whitepill that the responses to the Vandy Hustler tweet are overwhelmingly pro-AmRen

2017-10-26 18:12:14 UTC

And by extension pro-white

2017-10-26 18:57:44 UTC

It's like she listens to our people or something

2017-10-26 19:32:12 UTC

Will be a complete whitepill once they pick one and start building it.

2017-10-26 19:36:15 UTC

But will they be able to catapult drugs over? Where are the high intensity lasers to vaporize incoming packages?

2017-10-26 19:39:38 UTC

Machine gun nests every 500 feet

2017-10-26 20:03:40 UTC

To destroy inanimate objects

2017-10-26 20:04:27 UTC

T&E nationalism

2017-10-26 20:12:21 UTC

We gave it to Israel lol iron dome. Jk

2017-10-26 23:07:28 UTC

@Perihelion - CA traversing and elevation?

2017-10-27 01:30:23 UTC


2017-10-27 02:13:32 UTC

@William Russell good idea, just sent an email.

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