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2017-12-12 02:25:14 UTC

We're doing an environmental clean up day soon.

2017-12-12 04:17:48 UTC

Everyone should go leave good google reviews for OG Analytical.

2017-12-12 04:20:51 UTC

Community service 👍

2017-12-12 05:31:31 UTC

Omg lol

2017-12-12 05:38:42 UTC

ICYMI, our brothers in Germany opened an Identitarian Haus! https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=1498374606955393&id=746224155503779

2017-12-12 06:37:31 UTC

One day

2017-12-12 13:18:49 UTC

Trump signing the most implicitly white directive to date.


2017-12-12 16:15:56 UTC

We wuz astronauts. 🚀

2017-12-12 19:23:12 UTC

This has been the case for a while now. Everyday more Germans wake up.

2017-12-12 19:23:56 UTC

C'mon Deutschland!!

2017-12-12 19:25:41 UTC

I have been using "The whole world is laughing at you" narrative on my German friends. It is working. I figured it worked on our liberals.

2017-12-12 23:20:56 UTC
2017-12-12 23:22:56 UTC

GI has a Denmark chapter now?

2017-12-12 23:53:39 UTC

They’d be using the lambda if it was GI, but still cool.

2017-12-13 01:04:26 UTC

They’re identitarian, but not GI (yet)

2017-12-13 01:06:14 UTC

Great music. Good aesthetics. The video Leaves one wanting more, which is good.

2017-12-13 01:12:20 UTC


2017-12-13 01:12:30 UTC

That type of railing looks ideal to hang a banner from.

2017-12-13 01:26:42 UTC
2017-12-13 01:57:10 UTC

She's right about how memes work but it'll never get through to them. The curse of being that one smart black woman among her own people.

2017-12-13 01:59:36 UTC

We have to get past the 'but you're calling for genocide.' No, we're providing the only honest and peaceful solutions to the catastrophe of racial integration and the internationalization of culture.

2017-12-13 04:17:27 UTC

Need some posts on here tonight....

2017-12-13 04:20:14 UTC


2017-12-13 04:20:18 UTC

I think we all need some whitepillls tonight. So, on the bright side, Christmas shopping went very well this year. And when she says “yes,” it will be even better.

2017-12-13 04:21:04 UTC

My ni🇧 🇧 a

2017-12-13 04:21:59 UTC


2017-12-13 04:22:10 UTC


2017-12-13 04:40:00 UTC

@Tim - NH Beautiful ring. Very classy.

2017-12-13 04:54:08 UTC

Great ring.

2017-12-13 04:56:11 UTC

How did you decide which ring to get?

2017-12-13 05:03:11 UTC

She has round features and a bubbly personality, so I wanted to go with a rounded cut for the stone and setting to complement that. I tried to think of what would catch her eye first.

2017-12-13 06:46:28 UTC
2017-12-13 06:48:06 UTC

the time for ahguments is ovah

2017-12-13 08:48:19 UTC

Applicant says: "I was motivated to apply after seeing the banner drop near GA Tech. I was hoping to get more involved around my campus in some way, but I had no idea where to go for more information or how to get involved. People have such a negative view of all of this, I saw the posters up about the white supremacists around my campus and it made me angry, but I had no way to do anything about it. This was my way of reaching out to know more."

2017-12-13 12:28:50 UTC

@Logan what state?

2017-12-13 15:40:34 UTC

Georgia right?

2017-12-13 17:54:35 UTC

This was an Atlanta applicant.

2017-12-13 18:49:28 UTC


2017-12-13 18:49:33 UTC

excited to meet him

2017-12-13 20:39:57 UTC

Retweeting AmRen

2017-12-13 22:15:46 UTC


2017-12-13 22:39:34 UTC

The muslim cries out in pain as he suicide bombs you

2017-12-13 22:48:41 UTC

A little old school punk rock

2017-12-13 22:48:57 UTC

I found this to be a major white pill especially at the gym.

2017-12-14 00:37:23 UTC

I dig it

2017-12-14 00:37:55 UTC

I saw them with Avenged Sevenfold when I was like 15.

2017-12-14 00:51:52 UTC


2017-12-14 00:52:16 UTC

Spotted in Sonora, CA

2017-12-14 00:53:13 UTC

Don’t repost, the guys license plate is in the picture

2017-12-14 06:38:25 UTC

Sonora is very nice

2017-12-14 06:52:29 UTC

Makes me happy I live there

2017-12-14 06:59:09 UTC

My friend Matt lives there last i heard. I always love going to their celtic faire and the small town life, the folk are sooo nice. It feels more natural to the way i originally grew up in small town & how i miss it. Really like it there

2017-12-14 07:01:37 UTC

Haha yeah its neat with all the events we have. I love going to Murphys for St Patricks day here and theres usually a Scottish festival that comes through alot.

2017-12-14 13:50:03 UTC

There's an identitarian subreddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/Identitarians

2017-12-14 14:36:04 UTC
2017-12-14 15:27:19 UTC

James Brighton was born this morning. 9lbs 2oz. Mom and baby are both happy and healthy.

2017-12-14 15:27:41 UTC

Congrats brother

2017-12-14 16:00:12 UTC

@Deleted User hell yeah man congrats

2017-12-14 16:26:49 UTC

@Deleted User Congratulations!!!! We are very happy for you. Future IE leaders!

2017-12-14 16:39:57 UTC

@Deleted User congrats man.

2017-12-14 16:58:25 UTC

All IE babies must have a dragon's eye tattoo at birth.

2017-12-14 17:02:51 UTC

congrats bro

2017-12-14 17:32:35 UTC

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uX-m6PNtoCs This could redpill many people.

2017-12-14 17:35:48 UTC

@Deleted User Congrats!

2017-12-14 18:13:44 UTC

I think he’s just stepping down as speaker.

2017-12-14 18:13:56 UTC

Not the house

2017-12-14 19:04:14 UTC

They wouldn’t say retirement though.

2017-12-14 19:12:32 UTC

Yeah. Politico is claiming it is in fact retirement from the house

2017-12-14 19:37:54 UTC


2017-12-14 19:38:19 UTC

He has a literal chance beyond anything I ever expected tbh

2017-12-14 19:46:17 UTC

Ryan is scared of Nehlen. We need guys phone banking, volunteering and donating to him.

2017-12-14 20:50:11 UTC
2017-12-15 00:30:51 UTC

Our guy

2017-12-15 00:44:16 UTC

Yeah she's terrible. The world is waking up. Molyneux just had an anti-Israeli on his show, and he was talking about how they denied the Palacetinians clean drinking water.

2017-12-15 00:58:17 UTC

Israel is doomed. You cant lay that type of foundation without creating horrible karma (blowback) for yourself.

2017-12-15 03:08:30 UTC

@Deleted Usercongratulations!!!

2017-12-15 04:31:41 UTC

https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=dbp4bjaiwjo 1000s of Italian soccer fans sing anti communist song about the Hungarian uprising.

2017-12-15 21:08:39 UTC

i'm re-watching *The Promise* (2011), it's a British miniseries about Israel, split between today and in 1948, it's woke af to the problems of Zionism and even sometimes the JQ in general--director is an antizionist Jew though--but still...it's a fucking great film (or rather short series, 3episodes)...if you haven't seen it you should check it out, it's also a good tool to show people some of what went on during the foundation of Israel

2017-12-15 22:45:03 UTC


2017-12-15 23:02:12 UTC

Excellent! Now Kurz should agree to HC Strache's plan for Austria to join the Visegrad states.


2017-12-15 23:07:24 UTC

Huge white pill

2017-12-15 23:08:40 UTC


2017-12-16 01:38:33 UTC

Hell yes!!! The Germanic people will live on!

2017-12-16 01:44:41 UTC


2017-12-16 01:59:28 UTC

American Civil War veterans from the North and South shake hands at a reunion commemorating the 50th anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg. Soldiers met men from the other side who saved their lives, and bragged and boasted about their times in war. President Woodrow Wilson's July 4 reunion address summarized the spirit: "We have found one another again as brothers and comrades in arms, enemies no longer, generous friends rather, our battles long past, the quarrel forgotten—except that we shall not forget the splendid valor."


2017-12-16 02:00:21 UTC

A New York Times article detailed an encounter between a Confederate soldier who was shot at the Bloody Angle, and would have died, were it not for a Union soldier who came to his rescue. A Union soldier who heard this story told the Confederate that he had saved a Confederate at the Bloody Angle that day, describing exactly what he had done. The Confederate examined the Union soldier more closely and declared, “But my God, that’s just what the Yankee did for me. There couldn’t have been two cases like that at the same time. You are the man.”

2017-12-16 02:23:13 UTC

Back when men were men.

2017-12-16 03:16:39 UTC

@Brunswick excellent post. True American history needs to be instilled forever within this countries society. Never forget.

2017-12-16 03:53:58 UTC


2017-12-16 04:18:40 UTC

Denmark has some great identitarians with some awesome activism happening: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9EMg5EM66zg&feature=youtu.be

2017-12-16 04:19:12 UTC

They dressed up as pilots and stewardesses and handed out "plane tickets" for Syrians to return home

2017-12-16 04:22:30 UTC


2017-12-16 04:28:23 UTC

That's great

2017-12-16 04:29:11 UTC


2017-12-16 05:25:26 UTC

What a badass. This is a great video

2017-12-16 12:36:45 UTC

Lol I’m with her t-shirts

2017-12-16 13:09:05 UTC

Black youtuber talking about anti-white rhetoric on the Rubin Report. Whitepill?

2017-12-16 13:09:38 UTC

talks about it's ok to be white

2017-12-16 14:38:05 UTC

Welfare and food stamps overwhelmingly give money to browns, Social Security is largely paid to Whites

2017-12-16 14:47:02 UTC

@_AltRight_Anew -AZ they are bribes paid so they dont go to war.

2017-12-16 21:19:04 UTC

Here is the source article that Tim Pool is referencing, but didn't link.

2017-12-16 21:22:29 UTC

>The Wrath of Apollo has yet to come on an unarchived link

2017-12-16 23:36:19 UTC


2017-12-16 23:36:28 UTC


2017-12-16 23:36:32 UTC

30 people at the Georgia IE Christmas party! Happy Yule!

2017-12-17 01:07:30 UTC


2017-12-17 01:45:45 UTC

We should all aspire to be like Georgia, nice job fellas.

2017-12-17 03:40:41 UTC


2017-12-17 03:45:21 UTC

"The deal will make Austria the only Western European state with a governing far-right party, which is opposed to migration and the European Union."

2017-12-17 03:58:52 UTC


2017-12-17 03:59:08 UTC

The winner of the 88th edition of Miss France is actually French, Maëva Coucke.

2017-12-17 07:33:45 UTC

SoCal Christmas. 22 humans: not pictured



2017-12-17 07:34:24 UTC

Samsung galaxy loves to flip those pictures for no reason. Sorry all.

2017-12-17 08:37:54 UTC

I never thought I would see something as awesome as this. It feels as if there is a cultural revival occuring amongst our people. This vide has a million and a half views. Reguardless of these groups political leaning, they will have a profound effect on our people. Everyone should look for ways to get creative and contribute to our people's cultural awakening.

2017-12-17 09:26:47 UTC

this is like what people who have only seen the tv show "vikings" think ancient scandinavians were like

2017-12-17 09:27:16 UTC

it's heartening to see that european culture is becoming hip i guess

2017-12-17 10:07:31 UTC

It does not matter if it is not like the original. Culture is not, nor ever will be, static. It evolves borrowing various elements from previeous times and encorporates them with the modern.

2017-12-17 11:00:08 UTC

Feckin A. It’s a 100 percent of the time occurrence whenever a cultural group feels threatened - a revival period always happens.

2017-12-17 14:50:31 UTC

Watch the whole concert on YT. It got me pumped up right before the gym. Great stuff.

2017-12-17 16:13:20 UTC

Groyper Nehlen 😂😂😂

2017-12-17 21:34:43 UTC

I put up about 30 Steinle "She Had Dreams Too" posters. The majority of them are still up and someone, probably local magapedes, put up a bunch more!

2017-12-17 21:35:12 UTC


2017-12-18 04:01:35 UTC

Should we donating to this?

2017-12-18 04:03:27 UTC

some kind of general resettlement fund for such cases would be lulzy

2017-12-18 04:03:33 UTC

but i'm just sharing it as a whitepill

2017-12-18 04:13:31 UTC

shitlib/altright alliance

2017-12-18 05:24:06 UTC

we were just talking about you in general

2017-12-18 05:24:11 UTC

looking good, bro

2017-12-18 05:27:31 UTC

great video

2017-12-18 05:28:30 UTC

need more right wing fight clubs

2017-12-18 05:46:28 UTC

Thanks man yeah they keep "censoring" us but we made a few changes and put this out. We have another on the way that will be a real step above

2017-12-18 05:47:36 UTC

are you guys only in socal for now?

2017-12-18 05:53:42 UTC

Yeah we're not really trying to grow but more take part in setting up a counter culture to that of left wing degeneracy ,in hopes that others will train and get active

2017-12-18 18:47:03 UTC

This is good news for white South Africans. The woman running up against him would have been complicit in the slaughtering of white South Africans.


2017-12-18 21:52:16 UTC

Alfred Thomas, the police chief of Charlottesville, Va., announced Monday he is retiring effective immediately, roughly two weeks after a report found his department responded poorly to a violent white supremacist rally in August.

2017-12-18 21:57:21 UTC


2017-12-18 21:57:26 UTC


2017-12-19 04:07:00 UTC

Here is a playlist of European music I've compiled. Other playlists can be found on the channel and include Traditional Gaelic Classical/Folk Music, Irish Rebel Songs, General Self Improvement.


2017-12-19 13:50:48 UTC

@everyone For our newer members, the <#359019358204198926> channel is for posting good *news*, as opposed to good *stuff.* Propo videos and playlists (much appreciated), should go in the <#358403210618339338> channel, and leave this channel for posting news and events that are whitepilling. Thanks.

2017-12-19 13:57:46 UTC

2017-12-19 15:58:56 UTC

https://twitter.com/pip_news/status/943057036849352704 Members of German Generation Identity movement build monument at Brandenburg Gate for the victims of Islamic Terror

2017-12-19 17:33:37 UTC

Is GI beginning to take inspiration from us?

2017-12-19 17:33:56 UTC

As we once took it from them?

2017-12-19 17:49:05 UTC

Nice, but I'd really like these guys to testify about who ordered them to do what.

2017-12-19 18:10:56 UTC


2017-12-19 18:12:41 UTC

Got your iphone, abdul!

2017-12-19 18:21:53 UTC

Eine Weiße Pille aus Österreich. 😃

2017-12-19 18:27:14 UTC

Is this Austria stuff real? If so it’s yuge.

2017-12-19 18:27:21 UTC


2017-12-19 18:55:45 UTC

Dang, Did someone beat me to it?

2017-12-19 18:56:09 UTC

Glad you posted it. I missed the previous post, bud

2017-12-19 18:57:56 UTC

Get prepared to be rustled fellas

2017-12-19 18:58:24 UTC

Do you know what a white pill is?

2017-12-19 18:58:35 UTC
2017-12-19 18:58:41 UTC

Yea lol I just notic d I wasn't in general

2017-12-19 18:59:08 UTC

My bad. Deleted it immediately

2017-12-19 19:55:25 UTC

Very nice

2017-12-19 22:31:32 UTC

Well boys, it's safe to say I finally redpilled my gf to the max.


2017-12-19 23:07:55 UTC


2017-12-20 00:02:04 UTC

Just came from the bookstore. Girlscouts were there doing giftwrapping. Turned down the service, but then the girl wished me a Merry Christmas. So that was refreshing

2017-12-20 00:41:27 UTC

Cop from em! They’re a potential hotbed of future recruitment.

2017-12-20 02:25:43 UTC

Yes they are,gotta watch for future recruitment

2017-12-20 04:02:16 UTC

Too bad he won’t live that long

2017-12-20 15:24:43 UTC


2017-12-20 15:25:17 UTC

"We cant do 1488. It's too obvious."
"Never fear, I have an Idea."

2017-12-20 15:27:56 UTC

Lmao yes 😂

2017-12-20 17:30:49 UTC

The new Austro-Hungarian Empire.


2017-12-20 19:11:26 UTC


2017-12-20 20:12:39 UTC
2017-12-20 22:50:46 UTC

not sure if this was shared yet. But great idea https://twitter.com/pip_news/status/943057036849352704

2017-12-20 23:08:57 UTC

Yep yesterday but it's still good news

2017-12-21 08:10:31 UTC


2017-12-21 08:10:35 UTC


2017-12-21 08:10:40 UTC


2017-12-21 08:11:07 UTC

College Republicans planning major action on immigration!

2017-12-21 13:56:30 UTC

Growing a pair!

2017-12-21 15:08:24 UTC


2017-12-21 18:23:23 UTC

Hungary is now Full

2017-12-21 18:50:04 UTC


2017-12-21 18:50:25 UTC

Have you ever seen a more smug look in your life?

2017-12-21 18:59:03 UTC

Rumors flying in Arizona that John McCain will be resigning in January.

2017-12-21 19:01:23 UTC

Is the tumor resigning too?

2017-12-21 19:02:56 UTC

The tumors press secretary was unavailable for comment

2017-12-21 19:03:59 UTC

The tumor is running for office.

2017-12-21 19:07:00 UTC

The tumor is to Mccain was jeb was to W.

2017-12-21 19:12:36 UTC

McCain was always a tumorous growth in Congress.

2017-12-21 19:18:44 UTC

Tumor is a national hero as far as I'm concerned. Tumor for Nancy Pelosi 2018

2017-12-21 19:36:05 UTC

The tumor is probably a shitlord

2017-12-21 19:36:11 UTC


2017-12-21 19:36:31 UTC

the tumor's our deep state inside the deep state

2017-12-21 21:30:07 UTC

This is good. This is one of the few times in recent memory in which an implicitly female concern manifests itself against an implicitly non-European threat. It’s a more clear rallying cry for Swedish men, who can come out and march with the women organically, instead of as an abstract political statements.

2017-12-21 22:09:05 UTC

If they don't understand that it is specifically browns raping whites, then they've really missed the plot. It's Sweden, so I assume they'll turn it into #YesAllMen or something

2017-12-22 03:24:16 UTC

The best whitepill is not the article, but the comments. There is one comment calling the other commenters racist, and it has 21 likes vs 1064 dislikes.

2017-12-22 18:30:32 UTC


2017-12-22 23:39:48 UTC

For nearly half a century, schoolchildren have been taught that the first human visitors to the New World belonged to the Clovis culture, known for chipped-stone spear points first discovered in New Mexico.
Archaeologists say these people crossed the Bering Land Bridge from Asia about 12,000 years ago.
To dispute Clovis-first by a few thousand years was controversial. Some archaeologists had won begrudging acceptance with a few scattered excavations.
But to propose a site more than 100,000 years older was professional suicide. It would undermine the research and reputations of most archaeologists now studying the New World.
“If you claim something is that old, you get blasted,” Cerutti said, “which is why some archaeologists stopped working on sites like this. They didn’t want to get blasted.”

2017-12-22 23:39:54 UTC


2017-12-22 23:40:01 UTC


2017-12-22 23:43:38 UTC

Cool stuff, but discoveries that blow away all previous science come along all the time, and then are quietly discredited and forgotten.

2017-12-23 00:47:23 UTC


2017-12-23 01:02:45 UTC

no blackpills

2017-12-23 02:50:07 UTC

it's not disproven

2017-12-23 02:50:33 UTC

modern science is mostly lies

2017-12-23 13:09:53 UTC

Anthropology and Archaeology took a "wrong turn" for *many*, but not *all*, practitioners at a certain point. And it became heretical to go against the "consensus" except when you had excellent evidence. 130,000 years is problematic for a couple of reasons. First and notably, the integration, admixture, and ultimate replacement of the Neandertals hadn't happened yet. If you're saying the group came from that population. So you'd need to have tools and artifacts that match the technology they'd have had at the time. Or skeletal evidence. If you're saying they were the non-mixed group, then the resultant population wouldn't have (obviously) the same Neandertal admixture and SNPs, most likely. If you're then saying that later on, the admixture happened with the second group that came over, then that's all well and good, but again you'd need evidence. If you're saying they all died out, which is the default position, you're up there at the start trying to explain how an archaic hominid from that long ago had technology that doesn't show up anywhere else for ~80-100K years.

2017-12-23 17:14:09 UTC


2017-12-23 17:14:54 UTC

Ok I suck at this trying to get a visual up but lol anyway you get the gist

2017-12-23 17:15:51 UTC

almost like there's another agenda out there. Good this is getting out there though.

2017-12-23 17:16:43 UTC


2017-12-24 17:52:27 UTC

@Pavel Cristović Kurz agrees.


2017-12-24 18:02:30 UTC

Austria-Hungary ftw <:chad:359013583469805568> @Deleted User

2017-12-24 22:10:24 UTC

I had a reunion party with half a dozen former high school peers last night and after a few drinks 5 of them were arguing with the one leftist kid for not being a WN and 3 expressed interest in Identity Evropa, one is already a member

2017-12-24 22:11:30 UTC

@Francisco Nuñez - CA did they all know you were a member?

2017-12-24 22:11:50 UTC


2017-12-24 22:12:00 UTC

I recruited one of them last month

2017-12-24 22:12:14 UTC

Text them links to the app link

2017-12-24 22:12:23 UTC

already did chief

2017-12-24 22:13:01 UTC

My goal is 4 recruits by the end of the year

2017-12-24 22:13:43 UTC

Who /spreadingthegoodnews/ here???

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