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2017-10-14 01:21:25 UTC

So I got thrown under him I belive

2017-10-14 01:21:37 UTC

Once a region has 5-10 people we make sure they have a coordinator. Not sure how many MT has.

2017-10-14 01:21:50 UTC


2017-10-14 01:21:59 UTC


2017-10-14 01:34:54 UTC

@JesseJames They might just be taking a while

2017-10-14 01:45:04 UTC

It's been since last time you posted about it

2017-10-14 01:45:34 UTC


2017-10-14 01:45:43 UTC

Try again

2017-10-14 01:47:43 UTC

Someone posted about this group maybe a week ago or something and I tried to join then.

2017-10-14 01:47:52 UTC

Thought it was you

2017-10-14 02:45:35 UTC

It was me

2017-10-14 07:51:49 UTC

Whoever charles crosby is really hurt our image on that thread

2017-10-14 07:52:19 UTC


2017-10-14 08:48:07 UTC

Charlie dindu

2017-10-15 23:35:42 UTC

@everyone See above

2017-10-15 23:36:18 UTC

check out that based white banner

2017-10-15 23:36:40 UTC

So B A S E D

2017-10-15 23:46:47 UTC

We /patriotgroup/ now

2017-10-16 02:40:38 UTC

The ever changing Overton Window.

2017-10-16 02:49:54 UTC

We need to shut the cucks down in the comment section that scoff at identity politics.

2017-10-16 02:51:26 UTC

post a comment

2017-10-16 05:40:18 UTC

Here's a good opportunity to do some recruiting. Check it out.

2017-10-16 05:40:55 UTC

A lot of Americans are in the comments looking for ways to fight back.

2017-10-16 05:41:06 UTC

Let them know they aren't alone.

2017-10-16 22:44:05 UTC

Leave some red-pills in the comment section.

2017-10-16 23:04:57 UTC

anyone on facebook? the guy who doxxed me is in the comments section if anyone wants to have some fun

2017-10-17 16:03:20 UTC

I do, which guy?

2017-10-17 16:06:34 UTC
2017-10-17 16:49:16 UTC

@Deleted User Thanks, Sorry to hear about the dox

2017-10-17 16:50:05 UTC

@Fancy Poseidon white people bounce back ๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿผ

2017-10-17 16:53:17 UTC

I'll see what I can dig up on this guy.

2017-10-17 17:08:44 UTC

@Fancy Poseidon thanks fam, heโ€™s got quite the unique name eh

2017-10-17 17:53:30 UTC

@Deleted User that guy is with an immigration support organization through Macauly College

2017-10-17 17:55:01 UTC

oh my god why am i not surprised @Deleted User

2017-10-17 17:56:16 UTC

he has terrible opsec for someone who feels comfortable doxing people.

2017-10-17 18:02:53 UTC

meh. he knows there's nothing we can do.

2017-10-18 23:45:40 UTC

Jump in the comments people

2017-10-19 03:01:04 UTC

Oh I can't stand that guy...

2017-10-19 03:27:58 UTC

Murdock was 100% right about him

2017-10-20 01:22:28 UTC

Sorry to post something that may be considered too "overt", but if anyone has wiki credentials, this needs to be edited:

2017-10-20 01:23:50 UTC

^ Notice the vast downplay of Soviet actions, and no mention of communist China.

2017-10-20 03:31:43 UTC

https://twitter.com/WGME/status/921051803541794816 this poll is from this morning but let's blow it up anyway if we haven't already

2017-10-20 04:21:36 UTC

Previously unseen white awareness on /r/TheNewRight (they're usually civnat). Please upvote and leave a comment https://www.reddit.com/r/TheNewRight/comments/77h0h4/sorry_liberals_but_the_founding_fathers_were_not/

2017-10-20 04:32:14 UTC

The normie cons are trying to distance. Hit this! @everyone https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=120&v=pUKfuHUFmXA

2017-10-20 04:33:17 UTC

this makes alt right look like the coolest thing ever

2017-10-20 04:35:21 UTC


2017-10-20 04:36:03 UTC

That music.

2017-10-20 04:36:25 UTC

Did my part fam

2017-10-20 04:36:45 UTC

Theyโ€™re not trying to distance. The owner of Fox is pro immigration.

2017-10-20 04:36:50 UTC

wow. awesome!

2017-10-20 04:38:33 UTC

Rupert Murdoch the owner of Fox News who is a jew. Founded and sits on the board of the largest pro immigration lobby in the US. Michael Bloomberg sits on it with him.

2017-10-20 04:38:56 UTC

That video was cool

2017-10-20 04:42:02 UTC

The comments on that video are pretty whitepilling for the most part

2017-10-20 04:42:48 UTC

Everyone wonders why boomers are so cucked they donโ€™t even know Fox is Jewish and pro immigration.

2017-10-20 04:42:56 UTC

"who is richard spencer", this is great its like one of /our guys made it

2017-10-20 05:21:54 UTC

@Matthias I'm so confused. Am I supposed to like or dislike that video?

2017-10-20 05:22:09 UTC

Comments section.

2017-10-20 05:24:52 UTC

No, I mean is it supposed to make me think, "grrrr they made him look bad", or "wow, they made him look badass"

2017-10-20 05:32:37 UTC

When was the last time a speaker, artist or anybody put an entire State in a state of emergency?

2017-10-20 05:35:09 UTC

Police escorted IE in and out. It looked cool.

2017-10-20 05:44:33 UTC

Footage? @Deleted User

2017-10-20 06:30:18 UTC

Towards the end. They left at the last question

2017-10-20 13:56:10 UTC

I don't think Murdoch's Jewish. You sure about that?

2017-10-20 14:01:30 UTC

Same idk if he is but he's definitely a pro Israel/Zionist.

2017-10-20 14:10:58 UTC

Yeah I looked it up once. Nothing indicating he is although he could be crypto. More likely just your basic cuckservative.

2017-10-20 14:45:04 UTC

I've seen a writer I trust insist he's not jewish

2017-10-20 14:45:19 UTC

I'm really sick of people just saying anyone/anything they don't like is jewish.

2017-10-20 14:45:56 UTC

don't get me started on (((rideshare lanes))) on hiways...

2017-10-20 14:52:25 UTC

I tried finding how manny Jewish people where on that cnn Jew meme

2017-10-20 14:52:38 UTC

I couldnโ€™t find out if he was Jewish or not

2017-10-20 16:29:07 UTC

The comments on most YouTube videos now are pretty whitepilling, almost as if we control comment sections

2017-10-20 17:04:52 UTC

We really should continue to "troll" the hell out of Mike Signer and Wes. For those on Twitter. UF made them look like fools for their intolerance of free speech. Blood on their hands and comment the heck outta their posts!!!

2017-10-20 17:18:03 UTC

Just don't do that from accounts linked to IE. Our org doesn't want to be seen as harassing public officials.

2017-10-21 02:14:36 UTC
2017-10-21 19:32:00 UTC

#racetalk2 is trending on twitter right now

2017-10-21 21:00:12 UTC

I can't share the post (facebook is horrible at not allowing for sharing posts outside FB) but an hour ago they had a livestream about battling the alt-right. I would reccomend posting on there

2017-10-22 22:33:04 UTC

They're doxxing our boys and their families, trying to get everyone fired

2017-10-22 22:40:18 UTC

Report to Twitter. I just did

2017-10-22 22:40:38 UTC

I believe doxxing is against their terms

2017-10-23 14:20:43 UTC

https://twitter.com/BaruchPletner likes to talk about "Eurotrash," sure would be shame if <#359892798071373824> let him know how unwelcome his slurs are

2017-10-23 15:00:06 UTC

I'm not seeing anything anti-white on there.

2017-10-23 15:01:21 UTC

Did he take down the "Eurotrash" tweet? He blocked me so idk

2017-10-23 15:01:33 UTC

Check tweets and replies, I think it was a reply

2017-10-23 15:02:07 UTC

I don't even know if the rest of his twitter is bad, I just can't stand the double standard on the Euro slur (acceptable) vs. Semitic slur (unacceptable.)

2017-10-23 15:10:54 UTC

I don't want to pile on a guy for one reply like that. what was the context anyway?

2017-10-23 16:18:44 UTC

They would pile on us for it, so we must pile on them for it. We cannot passively accept the anti-European double standards.

2017-10-23 16:19:36 UTC

He was referring to a European who commented negatively on Netanhyu, and since any criticism of a Jew/Zionist/Israelite is considered "anti-Semitism," he pulled out the "You're anti-Semitic, Eurotrash."

2017-10-23 16:20:14 UTC

They would never accept the phrase "You're anti-European, Semite trash." We cannot accept their degradation without a challenge.

2017-10-23 16:24:47 UTC

@here is that an overreaction? Or does that seem accurate/fair?

2017-10-23 16:29:05 UTC

I guess it's fair. I just didn't know the context.

2017-10-23 19:54:27 UTC

His pinned tweet appears to be anti immigration into Europe.

2017-10-23 22:33:08 UTC

@everyone alright, new account is up. Lets see if this gets removed. https://twitter.com/EliMosleyIE

2017-10-23 22:33:32 UTC

@Eli Mosley check spelling on Identity

2017-10-23 22:33:40 UTC

Follow backs, fam!

2017-10-23 22:33:46 UTC


2017-10-23 22:33:53 UTC

I fixed it. it takes a bit to update

2017-10-23 22:34:22 UTC

What did you say to get deleted

2017-10-23 22:34:26 UTC


2017-10-23 22:34:36 UTC

followed fam i hope it stays up

2017-10-23 22:34:39 UTC

He said: "I'm the leader of IE." Banned.

2017-10-23 22:35:18 UTC

I said nothing

2017-10-23 22:35:22 UTC

"I sometimes feel that, perhaps, the net benefit of diversity does not outweigh the net harm, and we may be better off without it."

2017-10-23 22:35:26 UTC

I was such a good boy on my last account

2017-10-23 22:35:28 UTC

you better follow back fam

2017-10-23 22:35:32 UTC

F4f ?

2017-10-23 22:36:05 UTC


2017-10-23 22:36:09 UTC

They banned me permanently after posting on president Fuchs response to you guys coming.

2017-10-23 22:36:58 UTC

Must have been mass reported.

2017-10-23 22:39:29 UTC

@Frederick This channel isn't for investing regrets.

2017-10-23 22:39:42 UTC

This is for targeted campaigning on social media and other platforms.

2017-10-23 22:39:44 UTC

Please take it to general.

2017-10-23 22:49:09 UTC

Can we post our Twitters here?

2017-10-23 23:34:01 UTC

Everyone, report this page. They are a page dedicated to posting lewd and nude pictures of underage girls. They also have gotten 1.2k followers without being taken down, while we get taken down the second we post an edgy tweet. Let's shoah the pedos.

2017-10-23 23:35:07 UTC

@everyone ty^^^

2017-10-23 23:35:20 UTC

Credit to @Deleted User for first asking us to shoah this in the KY/TN chat

2017-10-23 23:51:05 UTC

wtf twitter doesn't have an option to report for illegal activity / underage pornography?

2017-10-23 23:52:38 UTC

Not sure if we should be clicking and sharing that link...

2017-10-23 23:54:24 UTC

yeah, I was looking for that option too

2017-10-23 23:57:04 UTC

I tagged it with the [email protected]

2017-10-23 23:57:24 UTC

I find it funny that no one doxes the people that follow those accounts but the left takes the time to search through are pages constantly.

2017-10-23 23:57:44 UTC

And also the owner of that account seems to be using their first and last name for their paypal

2017-10-23 23:58:03 UTC

When i got doxed they had screen grabs from "fascist" pages i had liked on my normie book.

2017-10-23 23:58:11 UTC

Yet these people operate freely.

2017-10-23 23:58:17 UTC

Really irritating.

2017-10-23 23:58:38 UTC

activates the almonds

2017-10-24 00:02:22 UTC

i bet you 10 bucks that twitter account is literally run by the FBI

2017-10-24 00:02:34 UTC

that's about as blatant a honeypot as you can get

2017-10-24 00:04:29 UTC


2017-10-24 00:50:38 UTC

Report www.twitter.com/โ€ชcanarymission

They engage in mass doxing of our guys

2017-10-24 00:50:43 UTC


2017-10-24 00:55:36 UTC


2017-10-24 00:56:09 UTC

already shoah'd

2017-10-24 04:05:34 UTC

Hey everyone, a stand-up guy and great activist for IE @Robtheroman is having his family targeted by this dirt bag on twitter. Please report this person/post so the information, and hopefully this account will be deleted. https://mobile.twitter.com/Racistsaroundme/status/922283698686394369

2017-10-24 04:13:44 UTC

Just reported him.

2017-10-24 04:14:23 UTC

Its amazing how vicious "anti racists" can be.

2017-10-24 04:14:24 UTC

That is what they do.

2017-10-24 04:14:56 UTC


2017-10-24 04:15:08 UTC

Linking on other servers as well.

2017-10-24 14:37:03 UTC

True story: I invented the term 'eurotrash' c. 1976. Completely different meaning. I am very old.

2017-10-24 15:12:46 UTC

Haha. Well put.

2017-10-24 18:31:13 UTC

@everyone please flood the comments section

2017-10-24 19:08:24 UTC


2017-10-24 19:08:32 UTC

That's a really impressive number holy crap

2017-10-24 19:08:54 UTC

and we're not even done!

2017-10-24 19:53:08 UTC

lol "were traced"

2017-10-24 20:01:39 UTC

"The posters reading 'Identity Evropa' were backtracked to the white supremist group, Identity Evropa"

2017-10-24 20:08:27 UTC

Genuises! They got us!

2017-10-24 20:42:26 UTC

How did they figure that out? <:thinkplant:359034245777457173>

2017-10-24 21:37:47 UTC

whew lads. And we would've gotten away with it, too, if it weren't for those meddling kids!

2017-10-24 23:35:04 UTC

Hey everyone. I made my first YouTube video. I think it's a pretty effective redpill for cuckservatives who don't understand why they keep losing. Let me know what you think, and if you like it, toss me an upvote. Thanks.


2017-10-25 00:37:20 UTC

@PicBoy very nice, very calm and collected

2017-10-25 00:37:31 UTC

strong points but not aggressive tone or optics

2017-10-25 00:40:37 UTC

@Perihelion - CA thanks bro, I really appreciate you taking the time to watch.

2017-10-25 01:04:22 UTC

I want @everyone to shill our Hatreon account on gun forums. Point out that we are natural allies since we are trying to stop mass immigration that in time will render the 2nd ammendment null through voting paterns. Tell them if they car about the second ammendmend, they should donate to us.

2017-10-25 01:04:47 UTC

Also, shill it other places as often as possible.

2017-10-25 01:04:54 UTC

Like Breitbart

2017-10-25 01:17:17 UTC

@Deleted User. Is there any place we shouldn't?

2017-10-25 01:17:50 UTC

Honestly asking. Not being sarcastic.

2017-10-25 01:21:37 UTC

@PicBoy nice video. Subscribed.

2017-10-25 01:24:45 UTC

@huwhite_id thanks for watching brother. I'll make it worth your sub.

2017-10-25 01:25:29 UTC

@MercurysCell912-GA I would advise against posting it anywhere that is far left and hence against us or anywhere that would give us a negative association (stormfront for instance)

2017-10-25 01:37:10 UTC

@Deleted User Thats a really good idea. Can I pass on what you said to non-IE members who sympathize with us?

2017-10-25 02:40:29 UTC

Not sure if this was posted yet but this business is getting hit by leftists because of one of their employee's Halloween costumes.
Smash the 5 star if you can!

2017-10-25 02:44:00 UTC

just did it.

2017-10-25 03:39:00 UTC

@Egozar done

2017-10-25 03:50:34 UTC

@Deleted User it's a great thing to point out to liberals also that the people they are importing do not hold any of their values and that they will soon be out breed also and their values will simply be voted away

2017-10-25 03:51:12 UTC

@PicBoy shoot I knew I forgot to do something

2017-10-25 03:51:14 UTC

I did one to that once on the subject of overpopulation

2017-10-25 03:51:16 UTC

Subscribing meow

2017-10-25 05:39:38 UTC

@MercurysCell912-GA Nope, put it everywhere fam.

2017-10-25 05:40:07 UTC
2017-10-25 16:07:41 UTC

Folks, I realize Wikipedia is terrible but it is pretty powerful for search hits. Anyone want to help out with fixing the page to not be so blatantly biased against us?

Sourcing extensively will help. Wikipedia's web presence and use as a resource by others is terribly large and important. It's probably the number one way that people hear from us that are normies.

Fixing that to be mildly positive would be an enormous boon and a good way to recruit and improve our presence.
"With a group of IE members focusing on it we can take it back. The article definitely breaks a lot of Wiki's rules. For example every group according to Wikipedia is supposed to be identified in the way the group identifies itself. ADL criticisms should go in a different "Criticisms" section filled with words like "alleges" and "claims""

2017-10-25 16:10:20 UTC

We've been working on this and did manage to get "identitarian" in.

2017-10-25 16:10:57 UTC

Started an edit war with some (((editor)))

2017-10-25 16:11:13 UTC

One way to defeat them is to find news sources that defend us and use those to our advantage

2017-10-25 16:11:23 UTC

Make a criticisms section and stuff all the hate in there

2017-10-25 16:12:11 UTC

Alternatively, I can reach out to an editor and coordinate* with them to shove our edits through if we rewrite the whole thing

2017-10-25 16:12:32 UTC

Assistance here is appreciated as it's quite a bit of work - sourcing, rewriting, compiling

2017-10-25 16:12:40 UTC

I can certainly handle the submission as i've done it before

2017-10-25 16:13:06 UTC

In talk, I addressed the WN/WS difference

2017-10-25 16:13:09 UTC

I'd talk to Server Admin.

2017-10-25 16:13:52 UTC


2017-10-25 16:14:01 UTC

Support there would be helpful, presumably

2017-10-25 16:14:43 UTC
2017-10-25 16:15:04 UTC


2017-10-25 16:17:58 UTC

Matthias#8369 Never contacted them prior but I'll go ahead

2017-10-25 16:26:28 UTC

Here on this server. @real bogs

2017-10-25 16:29:02 UTC


2017-10-25 22:25:42 UTC

How about that power Tie

2017-10-25 22:25:56 UTC

@real bogs Would you be willing to go and troll Mike Cernovich in NY today?

2017-10-25 22:41:12 UTC

Unfortunately I'm not in New York right now

2017-10-25 22:41:58 UTC

dang. Would be worth it

2017-10-26 00:03:13 UTC

Look at that bugman's profile pic. Lol @Alfred-22

2017-10-26 00:04:00 UTC

Watch out for that power tie

2017-10-26 00:46:36 UTC


2017-10-26 00:46:37 UTC


2017-10-26 00:47:48 UTC

No idea who they sat down with. Not us

2017-10-26 00:53:08 UTC


2017-10-26 01:06:13 UTC

@Deleted User Sam Dickson

2017-10-26 01:06:51 UTC

Are you asking me or telling ?

2017-10-26 01:07:10 UTC

Well ther ewasn't a question mark there pal lol, but he was one of the people they talked to

2017-10-26 01:08:21 UTC

Iโ€™m just used to people not using proper grammar. Sorry. Oh well nice . I hadnโ€™t heard about it from our guys but Iโ€™m glad they got Sam on! So lucky to have him

2017-10-26 02:02:24 UTC

Lol that is some talmudic reasoning right there. Maybe we should do the same thing to them. We have 5 VA residents that could convene a special grand jury in IE

2017-10-26 02:15:40 UTC

I doubt the Communist Weasels will get very far. Just thought it should be shared...

2017-10-26 08:21:35 UTC

@PicBoy great video/content, well done!

2017-10-26 08:42:08 UTC

@David G. - WA Hey man, I really appreciate you taking the time out of your day to watch! Thanks.

2017-10-26 15:30:48 UTC

Everyone should downvote this video and hop in the comments section. <@&358429834633936896>


2017-10-26 17:56:59 UTC

"one of three core tenets of the alt-right is to reject God"...??

2017-10-26 17:58:15 UTC

Liberals' god is equality. So from a certain point of view....

2017-10-26 17:59:46 UTC

They are saying that from the angle of traditional boomer neocon sentiment as far as I can tell

2017-10-26 18:00:50 UTC

I've seen PragerU videos in my recommended feed it seems like easily digestable alt-lite content for Gen x and older or their casual dabbler children

2017-10-26 18:11:02 UTC

How do they even come up with this garbage? Itโ€™s like theyโ€™re lying about us on purpose. Even the atheists in our movement hate Mainline Atheism.

2017-10-26 18:47:43 UTC

There was some blatant lying in there

2017-10-26 19:00:56 UTC

I made sure to call him out as a complete idiot on his twitter post about this

2017-10-26 19:02:34 UTC

His misunderstanding of Nietzsche's quote triggered me

2017-10-26 19:03:57 UTC

Nietzche was a nasty individualist

2017-10-26 19:04:57 UTC

Whether or not you like his opinions I think it is important to understand the significance of his ideas

2017-10-26 19:05:22 UTC

Of course, he was one of the most important European philosophers of the modern age

2017-10-26 19:05:27 UTC

But he was nasty

2017-10-26 19:06:52 UTC

Just like how people should read Marx despite how much we hate his ideas. Gives you good insight into how others think and their motivations

2017-10-26 19:08:54 UTC

But yeah I don't feel particularly strong for Nietzsche either

2017-10-26 20:54:03 UTC

Loser cons just mad that their time is done.

2017-10-26 21:47:17 UTC


2017-10-26 21:48:01 UTC

Most of the comments are pro or at least sympathetic to us.

2017-10-26 22:09:06 UTC

Hahaha that was me dude I left that comment @The Good Goy

2017-10-26 22:10:02 UTC

@Matthias I was literally about to post that video ๐Ÿ˜‚

2017-10-26 22:11:00 UTC

"About a hundred at the torch rally." I counted some 250 in drone footage. /autism

2017-10-26 22:12:41 UTC

@David Darnell - MT Yeah, they're clawing desperately to keep their conservative base.

2017-10-26 22:12:52 UTC

"Prager Joo"

2017-10-26 22:21:09 UTC

@Brogan - FL A shekel for a good GOY.

2017-10-26 22:34:45 UTC

There had to be way more than 250 at the torch rally. That line stretched all the way across the park.

2017-10-26 22:37:08 UTC

Right. I'm just saying in the opening shot from drone footage, I literally counted about 250 torch lights.

2017-10-26 22:41:37 UTC

there 200-400 people friday night.

2017-10-26 22:41:58 UTC

Over 1000 on Saturday. He is just lying to make us appear fringe.

2017-10-27 00:48:23 UTC


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