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2018-06-11 02:13:05 UTC


2018-06-11 02:20:42 UTC

Nice work to everyone who has recently flyered! The extra work is always appreciated. I want to say I see all your content and it will be posted in the upcoming days.

2018-06-11 02:38:43 UTC


2018-06-11 02:38:49 UTC


2018-06-11 02:38:52 UTC

Campbell, CA

2018-06-11 03:21:58 UTC


2018-06-11 03:22:00 UTC


2018-06-11 03:22:02 UTC


2018-06-11 03:22:09 UTC


2018-06-11 03:22:23 UTC


2018-06-11 03:22:41 UTC

Campbell Library, Campbell, CA

2018-06-11 03:52:23 UTC

How do I go about getting a stack of stickers or flyers in the most economical way possible?

2018-06-11 04:15:26 UTC


2018-06-11 04:15:29 UTC

@Tesna1999 You can order stickers from @Deleted User or through your IE online member profile.

2018-06-11 04:15:45 UTC

These are the prices^

2018-06-11 04:16:37 UTC

As for posters, DM your state coordinator

2018-06-11 04:17:12 UTC

Thank you very much

2018-06-11 04:18:23 UTC

Thanks @Henrik. Yeah. Ask your coordinator first. But if he's run through his stack, I can ship you some (note, you may recieve significantly more than what you pay for!)

2018-06-11 04:18:39 UTC
2018-06-11 04:22:16 UTC

Any time πŸ‘ŒπŸ»

2018-06-11 18:11:07 UTC

What is my member profile?

2018-06-11 18:25:38 UTC

@Tesna1999 Go to members.identityevropa.com and register if you haven't done that and you should be set to go.

2018-06-11 18:34:39 UTC

Will I be okay to screenshot the prices for the merch?

2018-06-11 19:01:01 UTC

I think as long as you don't take a photo of the messages in discord servers you should be good.

2018-06-11 19:01:52 UTC

Thanks man

2018-06-11 19:28:32 UTC


2018-06-11 20:37:46 UTC

Am I clear to have non-members go help me flyer?

2018-06-11 20:43:09 UTC

I'd clear that with Wayne unless it's addressed in the activism materials

2018-06-11 20:49:35 UTC

Activism materials?

2018-06-11 20:52:28 UTC

activism/postering guides in the activism server

2018-06-11 20:53:30 UTC

I’m not in it

2018-06-11 20:57:13 UTC

@Sam Southern - TN @Tesna1999 it's actually a pinned message in this channel

2018-06-11 20:58:32 UTC

I’m sorry I’m trying to get used to Discord, I just joined last night

2018-06-11 20:58:38 UTC

My take is that if it isn't expressly forbidden in an exhaustive list like that, it is permitted.

2018-06-11 20:59:28 UTC

@Tesna1999 this is a really good question and as often as not the pinned messages feature is underutilized by most discord groups so I can hardly fault you for not knowing.

2018-06-11 21:01:56 UTC

I would say if you take a non-IE member your coordinator should be there or at least have some knowledge of the non-member.

We took my brother in law's girlfriend with us and she isn't a member but that's a little different.

If your buddy isn't in IE it could be for good reason. Is he pudgy, unkempt, a member of a Bad Optics crew, etc.

@Deleted User

2018-06-11 21:14:54 UTC

Not at all, they’re just worried of being doxxed

2018-06-11 21:41:52 UTC

That's always a real risk when doing any sort of activism. There are public cameras everywhere, even in places you least expect. We've had members get their pics posted by university PD "looking for persons of interest" in flyering campaigns. If he's worried about being doxxed, it's best he not go.

2018-06-11 21:55:33 UTC

@Tesna1999 I appreciate your enthusiasm. I would wait until you meet and link up with some other members in your chapter before going flyering,

2018-06-11 22:00:25 UTC

We plan on making some sort of masks or paint to hide our identities at night

2018-06-11 22:01:16 UTC

@Phillip Wiglesworth - FL the way I look at is that we can lose our families, money, jobs, etc. however if we do nothing we lose everything. I’d rather lose and have others keep what they have then have everyone lose everything.

2018-06-11 22:02:52 UTC

@Tesna1999 no definitely can't do stuff with masks.

2018-06-11 22:03:11 UTC

One sec I'll pull up the policy paper on this

2018-06-11 22:05:16 UTC

Please read everything in <#371705962224025610> especially this.

Moving to <#358403210618339338>


2018-06-11 22:05:52 UTC

Thanks @Logan. With that bit about masks covered and noted here in photos channel, we can discuss this further in <#358403210618339338>.

2018-06-11 23:46:24 UTC

@everyone read <#371705962224025610>

2018-06-12 03:19:40 UTC

<@&358437309076602912> Are lamp posts that are big acceptable? They've been the only public object I can find lately...they are curved, but on busy walk paths.

2018-06-12 03:22:03 UTC
2018-06-12 03:23:44 UTC
2018-06-12 03:26:58 UTC


2018-06-12 03:27:06 UTC


2018-06-12 03:27:17 UTC


2018-06-12 03:27:18 UTC

I know these may not be used, but I'll post.
Morgan Hill, CA

2018-06-12 03:27:38 UTC

wow I like the ones with the sun beam!

2018-06-12 03:28:18 UTC


2018-06-12 03:28:27 UTC


2018-06-12 03:35:27 UTC

In the flyering guide says we can if I’m not mistaken

2018-06-12 03:48:42 UTC

I checked after I taped them up, like a dummy, curved surfaces are discouraged, may not make it online, but we'll see.

2018-06-12 03:48:50 UTC
2018-06-12 03:50:58 UTC

Still is doing its purpose.

2018-06-12 03:51:44 UTC

I'd say as long as the "curved surface" is large enough to not distort the image, it's probably fine. I'd say that poll is plenty large enough that the sign is plenty readable.

2018-06-12 03:51:56 UTC

But obviously, flat surfaces are best.

2018-06-12 03:53:19 UTC

I think so too. My next oversight...I need to get CLOSER

2018-06-12 03:53:33 UTC

Oh well.

2018-06-12 03:53:55 UTC

You live and you learn. It's all good.

2018-06-12 04:25:31 UTC

The occasional pole isn’t a problem. The stickers can work very well on them for some variety in your photo set.

2018-06-12 04:26:35 UTC



2018-06-12 04:27:23 UTC

That wasn’t one I submitted because I had the background in focus instead of the foreground but you get the idea.

2018-06-12 05:08:52 UTC

Damn. I need to focus too.

2018-06-12 06:30:34 UTC


2018-06-12 06:31:51 UTC

@Brunswick I submitted this photo yesterday, but do NOT post it, it's a gov. (FBI) building, and we don't need any unwanted attention.

2018-06-12 06:34:38 UTC


2018-06-12 12:51:37 UTC

Gibs book suggestions for me to place IE business cards in

2018-06-12 12:55:53 UTC

I don't read books I throw rocks so I'm gonna have to small brain post here.

2018-06-12 12:57:54 UTC


2018-06-12 12:58:03 UTC

Put them in fitness books

2018-06-12 12:58:07 UTC
2018-06-12 12:58:17 UTC

Powerlifting, martial arts, etc

2018-06-12 12:58:35 UTC

Was probably gonna toss a few there and a few in a few biology books

2018-06-12 12:58:46 UTC


2018-06-12 16:57:33 UTC

I need to order some cards for books (or just print some off.) I live in a college town with a ton of book stores that still have well-fished out right-wing politics section. The cards would fit in well there.

2018-06-12 17:16:35 UTC

>flyering the FBI HQ

2018-06-12 17:18:11 UTC

@Freiheit - CA and @Henrik I noticed that a lot of your shots are from very far away. I can't use content where the posters are barely visible.

2018-06-12 17:18:58 UTC

Heres an example of a good picture, the IE material is front and center and is the main focus of the picture.


2018-06-12 17:20:00 UTC

Heres another example


2018-06-12 17:37:06 UTC

same thing for the NY guys, the pictures are so small it is hard to see our content. Even if people can't see it it isn't the focus of the picture and makes the entire image look unprofessional.

2018-06-12 18:00:00 UTC


2018-06-12 20:45:22 UTC

@Tesna1999 you can’t print them off yourself. Please read and understand everything in guidebook.

2018-06-12 20:54:17 UTC

@JesseJames yes I just realized that. After my next interview I will speak to my state coordinator about obtaining some flyers.

2018-06-12 20:57:32 UTC

Your coordinator will get you all squared away man. In the meantime just read as much about it as you can to help you be more prepared to follow our strict guidelines.

2018-06-12 22:03:53 UTC


2018-06-12 22:04:01 UTC


2018-06-12 22:04:06 UTC


2018-06-12 22:04:18 UTC


2018-06-12 22:04:18 UTC


2018-06-12 22:04:40 UTC


2018-06-12 22:04:40 UTC


2018-06-12 22:04:42 UTC


2018-06-12 22:04:49 UTC


2018-06-12 22:05:08 UTC


2018-06-12 22:05:11 UTC


2018-06-12 22:05:51 UTC

Clinton-Macomb Public Library - Clinton Township Michigan

2018-06-12 22:06:41 UTC

Sorry if a few photos ain’t the best lot of kids running around and the lighting wasn’t too good in there.

2018-06-12 22:07:28 UTC

Jeez these uploaded in random order whoops on that one.

2018-06-12 23:12:40 UTC

Beautiful work.

2018-06-12 23:13:43 UTC

@Jawa<:deye:359010025223618570> ⚑ πŸ‘

2018-06-12 23:14:14 UTC

I did the polish for @Jacob

2018-06-12 23:15:02 UTC

Figured it was either polish or Italian and since we all know about them pesky Italians I had to go polish.

2018-06-12 23:26:59 UTC


2018-06-13 01:51:17 UTC

libraries are excellent--great work!

2018-06-13 12:38:20 UTC


2018-06-13 20:25:34 UTC


2018-06-13 20:25:48 UTC


2018-06-13 20:26:05 UTC

**A E S T H E T I C**

2018-06-13 20:26:05 UTC


2018-06-13 20:26:24 UTC


2018-06-13 20:26:39 UTC


2018-06-13 20:26:54 UTC


2018-06-13 20:27:14 UTC


2018-06-13 20:27:27 UTC


2018-06-13 20:27:41 UTC


2018-06-13 20:27:53 UTC


2018-06-13 20:28:03 UTC


2018-06-13 20:28:19 UTC


2018-06-13 20:28:46 UTC


2018-06-13 20:28:56 UTC


2018-06-13 20:29:07 UTC


2018-06-13 20:29:13 UTC

Somerville, NJ

2018-06-13 20:31:23 UTC


2018-06-13 20:31:31 UTC


2018-06-13 20:31:54 UTC


2018-06-13 20:32:07 UTC


2018-06-13 20:32:26 UTC


2018-06-13 20:32:39 UTC


2018-06-13 20:32:56 UTC


2018-06-13 20:33:12 UTC


2018-06-13 20:33:37 UTC


2018-06-13 20:33:51 UTC


2018-06-13 20:34:07 UTC


2018-06-13 20:34:13 UTC

Somerville Public Library

2018-06-13 20:34:15 UTC

(Somerville, NJ)

2018-06-13 21:56:02 UTC

Just finished reading that Theodore Roosevelt book in there. From that book: β€œCowardice in a race, as in an individual, is the unpardonable sin.” -Theodore Roosevelt

2018-06-13 21:56:31 UTC

@Brunswick damn nice selections

2018-06-13 22:45:20 UTC




2018-06-13 22:46:03 UTC





2018-06-13 22:46:24 UTC




2018-06-13 22:46:56 UTC




2018-06-13 22:51:12 UTC



2018-06-13 22:51:37 UTC

Sweetwater County Library, Green River WY

2018-06-13 23:47:10 UTC


2018-06-13 23:47:17 UTC


2018-06-13 23:48:02 UTC


2018-06-13 23:48:03 UTC


2018-06-13 23:48:08 UTC


2018-06-13 23:48:38 UTC


2018-06-13 23:50:00 UTC


2018-06-13 23:51:59 UTC


2018-06-13 23:52:04 UTC


2018-06-13 23:52:44 UTC

Bascom Library (San Jose, California)

2018-06-14 00:35:32 UTC

nice work @Roland and @Henrik !

2018-06-14 00:52:02 UTC

@Roland what you doing in California?

2018-06-14 00:53:44 UTC

@Chillbro Swaggins-CA That's @Henrik, we just happened to do the same thing at the same time.

2018-06-14 00:54:10 UTC

oh haha I missed you line of text @Roland

2018-06-14 02:34:43 UTC


2018-06-14 02:35:04 UTC


2018-06-14 02:35:20 UTC


2018-06-14 02:36:15 UTC


2018-06-14 02:36:55 UTC


2018-06-14 02:37:29 UTC


2018-06-14 02:38:27 UTC


2018-06-14 02:39:06 UTC


2018-06-14 02:39:56 UTC

Recycled Bookstore (Campbell, California)

2018-06-14 02:42:36 UTC

The owners of this store are really liberal, they have pro gun control signs in their windows and are pretty obviously part of the LGBTQIALMNOP+ community

2018-06-14 02:42:52 UTC
2018-06-14 02:43:21 UTC


2018-06-14 02:43:44 UTC


2018-06-14 02:43:58 UTC


2018-06-14 02:44:24 UTC


2018-06-14 02:44:50 UTC

Campbell Library (Campbell, California) @Brunswick

2018-06-14 02:45:52 UTC

Couldn't find any suitable books here, it was all children's books and foreign magazines.

2018-06-14 03:08:54 UTC

@Henrik thanks for the clarification. Lets not overdue the library idea, we want to have variety in our content

2018-06-14 03:18:42 UTC

Got ya πŸ‘ŒπŸ»

2018-06-14 03:19:08 UTC

Honestly putting cards in magazines at gas stations and pharmacies would be good

2018-06-14 03:19:18 UTC

Frequently bought items

2018-06-14 03:42:57 UTC

Put cards next to bottles of sunscreen. You will get conscientious athletic white people

2018-06-14 04:04:41 UTC


2018-06-14 04:05:00 UTC

That’s a hell of an idea.

2018-06-14 23:33:40 UTC

IE branded sunscreen?

2018-06-14 23:34:08 UTC

Also a good idea

2018-06-14 23:34:18 UTC

It would have to be free travel bottles

2018-06-14 23:34:52 UTC

A good idea is just to make a ton of free stuff to distribute and get the name out

2018-06-14 23:50:55 UTC

Damn that’s a good idea

2018-06-15 01:15:27 UTC


2018-06-15 01:15:58 UTC


2018-06-15 01:16:08 UTC


2018-06-15 01:16:26 UTC


2018-06-15 01:17:11 UTC


2018-06-15 01:18:44 UTC

Downtown Willow Glen
(Willow Glen, CA)

2018-06-15 01:18:50 UTC
2018-06-15 01:41:58 UTC

@Henrik is a wrecking ball this week

2018-06-15 03:02:20 UTC

BASED @Henrik

2018-06-15 03:03:48 UTC

branded sun screen is such a good idea

2018-06-15 06:01:32 UTC
2018-06-15 16:48:48 UTC

@Henrik Great work as always

2018-06-15 16:55:06 UTC

@HenrikπŸ‘ ⚑ <:deye:359010025223618570>

2018-06-15 20:37:17 UTC

Tulsa, OK

2018-06-15 20:37:25 UTC


2018-06-15 20:37:30 UTC


2018-06-15 20:37:38 UTC


2018-06-15 20:37:48 UTC


2018-06-15 20:37:59 UTC


2018-06-15 20:38:10 UTC


2018-06-15 20:38:19 UTC


2018-06-15 20:38:31 UTC
2018-06-15 20:55:27 UTC

@Conway - OK nice work!

2018-06-15 20:56:36 UTC

As a general request, lets avoid putting business cards in libraries for a while. It is a cool thing every once in a while but I think it should be auxillary to flyering actual towns. Postering towns has much more lasting power as opposed to the library idea.

2018-06-15 21:19:02 UTC

Are you sure? If it's convenient for someone, they might as well do it.

2018-06-15 21:19:19 UTC

I don't think pictures should be posted though.

2018-06-15 21:21:42 UTC

I'm not opposed to people doing it in their free time but I'll ask for them to not post it in <#359086234175275010>.

2018-06-15 23:25:54 UTC


2018-06-15 23:26:17 UTC


2018-06-15 23:27:45 UTC


2018-06-15 23:29:56 UTC


2018-06-15 23:32:52 UTC


2018-06-15 23:33:51 UTC

San Jose State University
(San Jose, California)

2018-06-15 23:33:56 UTC
2018-06-15 23:36:23 UTC

Pretty sure they're done with the school year, but there seemed to be a lot of people walking around and probably taking summer classes.

2018-06-15 23:42:21 UTC

10/10 work

2018-06-16 01:27:29 UTC

To continue what I was saying earlier, I don't think it's a good idea to brag on Twitter when we put business cards in a book in a library. The idea is that people who read those books find them naturally, not that some liberal goes on a hunt to dump them all out.

2018-06-16 01:33:41 UTC

It’s a good point made. Especially if the titles of the books are shown too

2018-06-16 02:15:21 UTC

@Jacob It's fine - the amount of work it would take people to find them becomes a non issue. A similar argument could be made for posters on a college campus

2018-06-16 02:15:34 UTC

Ideally you will be putting these cards in more books than what are pictured anyhow.

2018-06-16 02:15:38 UTC

and multiple copies

2018-06-16 06:39:32 UTC

I don't know about that. It's easy to figure out that we stuffed all the Ann Coulter books, for example. I disagree that a similar argument could be made for posters, since, with posters, it's expected that an arbitrary person finds it, and a good amount of people will probably see it before some leftist rips them off. While with books, the point is to target a specific audience, and whoever finds it probably takes it.

2018-06-16 07:09:24 UTC

Willow Glen is a district in San Jose, many think it's a town. But it's still a nice area. One of the only European communities in the San Jose area.

2018-06-16 07:09:59 UTC

@AmericanDave79 My mistake, thank you

2018-06-16 07:13:06 UTC

@Henrik thank you for your work. San Jose state is full of students who get brainwashed by marxism and so forth, so it's good to reform their twisted minds.

2018-06-16 07:15:14 UTC

@AmericanDave79 Thank you, yea SJSU is just a tad to the left. Just a tad πŸ™„

2018-06-16 07:32:58 UTC

@Henrik, very true. Just a tad bit. Haha.

2018-06-17 04:33:57 UTC

Do we have any IE approved pamphlets we can print out at home? You know, one page, folded in half making 4 sides? If not, we should

2018-06-17 04:45:38 UTC

I've also been suggesting that

2018-06-17 04:53:39 UTC

Nuh-uh me first

2018-06-17 05:29:00 UTC

there have been "un-official" ones posted before... don't kno if ne design has been blessed off by higher

2018-06-17 20:13:12 UTC


2018-06-17 20:13:20 UTC


2018-06-17 20:13:29 UTC



2018-06-17 20:13:49 UTC








2018-06-17 20:14:07 UTC

(sorry for the white IE sticker picture. We had a member sit on the shoulders of another to get it as high as possible.)

2018-06-17 20:19:07 UTC

We also have a bunch of pictures of us removing antifa/smash the fash signs. Cleaned up the city.

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