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2019-09-08 21:49:40 UTC

Repeatedly i hope

Hell yeah man, I always wanted to do some airborne type shit

2019-09-09 01:19:38 UTC

I seenit

2019-09-09 01:19:46 UTC

Where daddi did the big thing

2019-09-09 01:20:53 UTC

2019-09-09 01:20:53 UTC

(Obviously a joke but I'm still skeptical )

@tacticaltrap Je was hired by the gov't... most likely FBI, I think it was revealed

2019-09-09 16:08:08 UTC


2019-09-09 22:34:09 UTC

stop sleeping the guy was hired by the hotel manager to check how secure the windows are but the windows were not secure at all and instead of taking the shame and admitting that their windows are shit he just told him to go ham on the folks and call it a mass shooting

2019-09-09 22:34:36 UTC

the truth is right there we just need to read between the lines

2019-09-09 22:39:14 UTC

That doesnt make sense but a plot to instal more "security" at cost of liberty at the hands of the fbi is plausible.

2019-09-09 22:39:27 UTC


2019-09-10 02:07:09 UTC

I'm definetely determined to talk to the girl I like

2019-09-10 02:07:13 UTC


2019-09-10 02:07:39 UTC

She's always close to her friends, and thats a bump

2019-09-10 02:07:51 UTC

Bump a line of confidence

2019-09-10 02:14:08 UTC

What do you mean?

2019-09-10 02:14:13 UTC

I mean

2019-09-10 02:14:23 UTC

She's usually with her friends

2019-09-10 02:15:49 UTC

So you probably wanna go up chad as fuck to ward off the thots and then talk to her normal.

2019-09-10 02:30:50 UTC

Looks like I don't have another choice

2019-09-10 02:30:51 UTC


2019-09-10 17:46:33 UTC

Guys I have a problem

What's up man?

2019-09-10 17:48:41 UTC

So I am an adrenaline junkie, I used to do a lot of bullshit nonsense and real dangerous actions to make myself feel super alive for a bit

Now I work from.home and have a business and shit so I don't have time to do that

But it's super stressful, which wouldn't be an issue except for how I cope with it

I don't do drugs or get drunk a lot or anything, I don't step out on my wife or nothing

But when I feel really stressed and need that dopamine magic I turn to porn and it's not good

2019-09-10 17:49:30 UTC

Last night I had sex with my wife and like, I just couldn't finish and that's never happened before and I'm 99999% because I watch way too much of the shit

tbh, porn us one of the worst things imo. it's bad for the sex life, even worse for the psyche of a man. It takes a toll bro Trust me

As dor the adrenaline junkie thing, mad respect

2019-09-10 17:51:38 UTC

I am experiencing this. Totally feel it

2019-09-10 17:52:35 UTC

Short is right, its no good. But I doubt most of us could part with it. I'd suggest finding a balance, maybe talking with your wife about it? Idk, I'm pretty open with my girlfriend and we watch it together sometimes.

2019-09-10 17:53:17 UTC

She watches it too so it's not an issue but I'm at like 3x a day ish like 10minutes at a time if I start getting bored or anxious

2019-09-10 17:54:07 UTC

Ok, so maybe find a positive habbit to replace it. Like pushups or putting in work on a heavy bag

Exercise helps like a motherfucker, good shit to get that burn

I'm a Fatboy, but I'm doing good at working through it

Already lost 152lbs these past few

I used to be skinny and athletic, but for some reason I became a slob in high school, and a bit after. now I been busting ass to get my shit.

2019-09-10 17:56:44 UTC

Replacement is what needs to happen

2019-09-10 17:57:01 UTC

I need something to replace my dopamine needs

that's a tough one bro.

2019-09-10 17:59:28 UTC

I know your pain bro. Yes the failure to eject was because if the ferocity of meat beating

2019-09-10 17:59:44 UTC

1 we are at war. Stop letting the low hanging fruit of the enemy tempt you.

2019-09-10 18:00:01 UTC

Knowing that place the time and energy elsewhere

2019-09-10 18:00:20 UTC


2019-09-10 18:15:52 UTC

I never have this issue I watched alot of porn when I was stationed away from my woman, but beating my meat is nothing compared to beating up the wife's meat

2019-09-10 18:24:26 UTC

Wife has PCOS so sex isn't at regular intervals, unfortunately

2019-09-10 18:24:57 UTC

So it's hard to avoid porn when I gotta wait 2 weeks at a time cuz she's really sore from ovaries n shit

2019-09-10 18:33:32 UTC

Not trying to make excuses tho

2019-09-10 19:21:34 UTC

I mean that's understandable

2019-09-10 19:45:41 UTC

Man yesterday was shit. Showed up to the range 400 left at 2100

2019-09-11 16:24:25 UTC

One of the many reasons I got out

2019-09-11 18:27:35 UTC

Listen chief smoke some dank whenever you want to jerk off. It certainly ain’t a bad habit and it’ll help ur dopamine needs and give you some other minor health benefits but idk where you live so idk if you can

2019-09-11 20:28:14 UTC

I freaked out

2019-09-11 20:28:25 UTC

Jesus boy.

2019-09-11 20:28:37 UTC

My brother taunted me for no fucking reason

2019-09-11 20:28:46 UTC

And Im tired of this

2019-09-11 20:28:55 UTC

Drink a big glass of milk pray mahbe even beat off before u do it so you can go into it with post nut clarity

2019-09-11 20:29:08 UTC

Just dont give up

2019-09-11 20:29:09 UTC

I never screamed so angrily and so loud in my entire life

2019-09-11 20:29:28 UTC

He got scared and walked away

2019-09-11 20:29:32 UTC

What happened to you son

2019-09-11 20:30:30 UTC

I placed a bottle of alcohol in a table near his contact lenses

2019-09-11 20:30:35 UTC

Was cleaning some shit

2019-09-11 20:31:05 UTC

He saw that and taunted me saying to get that shit away from his contact lenses, like it was my intention

2019-09-11 20:31:20 UTC

I didn't see the god damn things

2019-09-11 20:31:20 UTC

Okay so?

2019-09-11 20:31:35 UTC

Why did you freak out about that

2019-09-11 20:31:45 UTC

He screamed at me like It was my intention

2019-09-11 20:31:50 UTC


2019-09-11 20:31:59 UTC

I didn't know he escalated it

2019-09-11 20:32:00 UTC

You know when people get angry with you with no reason?

2019-09-11 20:32:11 UTC

I hate it

2019-09-11 20:32:23 UTC

I screamed back

2019-09-11 20:32:25 UTC

Super loud

2019-09-11 20:32:57 UTC

My family had to intervene

2019-09-11 20:33:08 UTC

I mean I get it

2019-09-11 20:33:25 UTC

Not really a healthy response but I get it

2019-09-11 20:33:41 UTC
2019-09-11 20:33:44 UTC

Not healthy

2019-09-11 20:33:55 UTC

But I couldn't control myself

2019-09-11 20:34:01 UTC

Have to learn to

2019-09-11 20:34:19 UTC

It was worse before

2019-09-11 20:34:35 UTC

As men if we can't control our emotions it makes us bad providers and bad warriors

2019-09-11 20:35:05 UTC

I learned a lot how to control my emotions, but I've been soo sad and angry lately

2019-09-11 20:39:47 UTC

When I'm angry and/or sad, I tend not to talk to people 'cause I really dont want to be rude with no reason

2019-09-11 20:40:03 UTC

He doesn't

2019-09-11 20:40:45 UTC

I dont have to hear him talking garbage

2019-09-12 06:19:09 UTC

Why do you guys care? Why should you care? Who asked you to? Why doa bunch of strangers show more support than everyone around me? Why do I feel better telling you all about how pathetic I am, rather than just saying "i feel sad" to my parents. Im close with my mother, and ok with dad.
Ive fallen too far into the "men aren't supposed to feel anything" hole haven't i?

2019-09-12 06:19:30 UTC


2019-09-12 06:19:37 UTC

@PanzerWrecker, you good, King?

2019-09-12 06:19:41 UTC


2019-09-12 06:19:47 UTC

DM me tbh

2019-09-12 06:19:51 UTC

If i was good would i be here?

2019-09-12 06:20:25 UTC


2019-09-12 06:20:40 UTC


2019-09-12 06:20:56 UTC

You dont have to. You dont need to.

2019-09-12 06:21:38 UTC

You are right he doesn't need to but he wants

2019-09-12 06:21:54 UTC

Why? Why would you want to help me?

2019-09-12 06:22:21 UTC

Like some waise mam said apes together strong

2019-09-12 06:22:25 UTC

Because we police our own homie

2019-09-12 06:22:28 UTC

Because we all need help sometimes, others have helped us and we want to give back

2019-09-12 06:22:33 UTC

Whats up?

2019-09-12 06:24:00 UTC

I help because once i was alone.

2019-09-12 06:24:11 UTC

Feeling worthless. Like a piss poor excuse for a man. Im always working,i have no hobbies, no time to find love which at this point feels like a waste of time in of itself. Work is only getting busier with Halloween coming up, my works busiest season.

2019-09-12 06:24:13 UTC

And i dont want anyone to feel that way.

2019-09-12 06:24:18 UTC

Among other things.

2019-09-12 06:24:37 UTC

Avarice is the root of all evil

2019-09-12 06:25:23 UTC

I feel stressed all the time and im wanting to move out of Illinois before this time next year and everything is eating away at me.

2019-09-12 06:25:30 UTC

I feel you panzer. I'm in a rut too, but I keep getting out of bed every day. Because I have hope I'll succeed, and I'm too stubborn to fail

2019-09-12 06:25:42 UTC

Hope is the first step towards disappointment

2019-09-12 06:25:51 UTC

@PanzerWrecker 100% that

2019-09-12 06:25:53 UTC


2019-09-12 06:25:59 UTC

we need you boi

2019-09-12 06:26:02 UTC

Alright, then lets be pragmatists about it

2019-09-12 06:26:15 UTC

2 hands?
2 legs?

can you carry and reload?

2019-09-12 06:26:21 UTC

yeah I thought so.

2019-09-12 06:26:29 UTC

walk back from the edge with me.

2019-09-12 06:26:32 UTC


2019-09-12 06:26:32 UTC

Why? Why does everyone say they need eachother? I could die tomorrow and nothing would change in your life.

2019-09-12 06:26:40 UTC


2019-09-12 06:26:55 UTC

But I'd know @PanzerWrecker rekt himself.

2019-09-12 06:27:08 UTC

and I'd feel bad if I felt like I could have done ANYTHING.

2019-09-12 06:27:11 UTC

Look at this. Im making a mess of things and wasting your time...

2019-09-12 06:27:25 UTC

Hope is the first step towards disappointment. I agree. World is shit, so you don't have nothing to lose. Take a few shots and see if you hit something

2019-09-12 06:27:25 UTC


2019-09-12 06:27:32 UTC


2019-09-12 06:28:10 UTC

Same here. We have to at least help all we can. I have too many names to drink to remember, and I wouldn't like to add to that list. I'd rather drink with them than in remberance of them

2019-09-12 06:28:24 UTC
2019-09-12 06:28:38 UTC

Suicide is not the answer i know that, im just fighting a war of attrition against the demon within thats telling me im worthless.

2019-09-12 06:28:48 UTC

Bruh you aint wasting anyones time. It aint wasted if we're doing good and can help you out

2019-09-12 06:28:51 UTC

I feel that, dude.

2019-09-12 06:29:27 UTC

Even if its you just saying what sucks and getting some of that stress out, we got you

2019-09-12 06:30:01 UTC

I sometimes get these moods right before falling asleep and my mind runs wild and the "voice" (i aint a scitzo) just repeats a lot of things in my head.

2019-09-12 06:30:13 UTC

The Ultimate Answer is Death.

But the In Between is Up To You.

Come build a Big Igloo.

2019-09-12 06:30:15 UTC

If you want to speak to someone hit us up we can't make your problems disaper but we Will try to help

2019-09-12 06:31:26 UTC

I guess im just conditioned to being "the strong one that everyone else goes to" to the point that I dont have anyone to talk to when i need help because ill look weak.

2019-09-12 06:31:41 UTC
2019-09-12 06:31:48 UTC

but that's why I'M

2019-09-12 06:31:49 UTC


2019-09-12 06:31:57 UTC

Then come here, thats what this is for. No judgement

2019-09-12 06:32:11 UTC

@PanzerWrecker most people in this channel is swimming in shit. Each individual may find itself a loser, but they still take care of each other. I may not take good care of myself, but surely take care of my buddies six

2019-09-12 06:32:15 UTC

I only joined this server *for this channel*

2019-09-12 06:32:24 UTC

@PanzerWrecker don't make me useless.

2019-09-12 06:32:50 UTC

Im a giant, and a supportive one. Im the oldest of 5 and am the 2nd oldest associate in my store. I have to be strong and hide the pain and stress. And when im most alone it all flushes out. I dont cry though. I wont allow myself to do that.

2019-09-12 06:33:02 UTC

We all a bunch of bamfs, but that don't mean that we cant share the load every now and then. And i know when Im down , one of you goons will be there to pick me up

2019-09-12 06:33:11 UTC

this is your place Panzer

2019-09-12 06:33:14 UTC

even with dry eyes

2019-09-12 06:33:20 UTC

talk to us, King.

2019-09-12 06:33:38 UTC

@thedarkness05 any. fucking. day, King.

2019-09-12 06:34:07 UTC

@PanzerWrecker don't be ashamed of requesting help. Everyone has its limits. Don't do this to yourself. I have a big problem telling my problems to my friends, and it screwed me

2019-09-12 06:34:11 UTC


2019-09-12 06:34:17 UTC

Panzer i know things look bad really bad but it Will get better it always does

2019-09-12 06:34:18 UTC

No soldier fight alone

2019-09-12 06:34:41 UTC

Thats the thing too. I dont have any friends. They either legitimately died or moved away...

2019-09-12 06:34:52 UTC

what timezone Panzer?

2019-09-12 06:35:06 UTC

No army if made by only one soldier. They always have their support. So you do

2019-09-12 06:35:10 UTC

Hey man remember were here.

2019-09-12 06:35:11 UTC

Illinois. Central i guess. Its 0135

2019-09-12 06:35:15 UTC

I already got a bugga itinerary - I got loads of stops to make.

2019-09-12 06:35:15 UTC

Aight, then reach out to us. I'm sure we all have a lot in common and can bullshit real good

2019-09-12 06:35:17 UTC


2019-09-12 06:35:17 UTC

Panzer make some friends here

2019-09-12 06:35:36 UTC

@PanzerWrecker what you do for work, my man?

2019-09-12 06:35:43 UTC


2019-09-12 06:35:45 UTC

Hell even if you dont make friends having outside inputs and being able to vent is big

2019-09-12 06:35:48 UTC

We actually are not that bad

2019-09-12 06:35:54 UTC

Department Store or Mall Shit?

2019-09-12 06:36:11 UTC

*Hell even if you dont make friends having outside inputs and being able to vent is big*

t h i s .

2019-09-12 06:36:17 UTC

Neither really.

2019-09-12 06:36:21 UTC

go on.

2019-09-12 06:36:35 UTC

Sounds like you need some resiliency training homie.

2019-09-12 06:36:40 UTC

Party city.

2019-09-12 06:36:47 UTC

@PanzerWrecker I have friends, but shit I talk here I wouldn't talk with irl friends

2019-09-12 06:36:53 UTC

We like to party

2019-09-12 06:37:00 UTC

No, we dont...

2019-09-12 06:37:06 UTC

Maybe not in store

2019-09-12 06:37:12 UTC

Trespassing laws n such

2019-09-12 06:37:24 UTC

Point is.

2019-09-12 06:37:29 UTC


2019-09-12 06:37:31 UTC


2019-09-12 06:37:35 UTC


2019-09-12 06:37:39 UTC

Everything from the helium shortage to not having our sections set up yet.

2019-09-12 06:37:51 UTC

Thats the big kicker is the helium shortage

2019-09-12 06:38:01 UTC

Is that in your hands?

2019-09-12 06:38:19 UTC

It may seems difficult to make friends, but its acctually thr easiest thing a man can do. Its in our instinct

2019-09-12 06:38:22 UTC

Also your strssing over some stuff that ultimately isnt your problem right?

2019-09-12 06:38:45 UTC

Like I do get how it affects your day to day

2019-09-12 06:38:48 UTC

@PanzerWrecker you innab00g or you Alphabetti?

2019-09-12 06:38:56 UTC

I worked at a smoke shop big gey

2019-09-12 06:39:08 UTC

vape is big F E H G

2019-09-12 06:39:09 UTC


2019-09-12 06:39:17 UTC

I worked at a movie theater and 7-11

2019-09-12 06:39:27 UTC

Shit vape, bongs, crack pipe they had it all

2019-09-12 06:39:38 UTC

I worked at call center

2019-09-12 06:39:41 UTC

Helium is a non renewable natural gas that is used in a lot of medical and industrial uses that get prioritized over our stores and general public usage to the point that we run out on a weekly basis. Ive had things thrown at me, ive been taunted. A lot of shit in the past year

2019-09-12 06:39:54 UTC

Im sure I'll never be able to talk with half of this server face to face, but im grateful of being part of it

2019-09-12 06:40:04 UTC

By customer?

2019-09-12 06:40:04 UTC
2019-09-12 06:40:06 UTC


2019-09-12 06:40:08 UTC


2019-09-12 06:40:11 UTC

or a b00g

2019-09-12 06:40:14 UTC

or a b00l

2019-09-12 06:40:19 UTC

or H00tennanny?

2019-09-12 06:40:42 UTC

Aight but the shortage aint your fault. And boo on the customers for being shitty. I hope those karens get whacked first

2019-09-12 06:40:43 UTC

I don't know which of any of those, but i aint alphabettyboi

2019-09-12 06:40:51 UTC

all that matters.

2019-09-12 06:40:55 UTC

we have your 6.

2019-09-12 06:41:05 UTC

you stuck with us, now.

2019-09-12 06:41:13 UTC

One of us

2019-09-12 06:41:29 UTC


2019-09-12 06:41:30 UTC


2019-09-12 06:41:31 UTC


2019-09-12 06:41:32 UTC


2019-09-12 06:41:33 UTC


2019-09-12 06:41:34 UTC


2019-09-12 06:41:35 UTC


2019-09-12 06:41:37 UTC


2019-09-12 06:41:37 UTC

2019-09-12 06:41:38 UTC


2019-09-12 06:41:40 UTC


2019-09-12 06:41:40 UTC

Here and there its not a big deal and i can brush it off, but when its every fucking day 5 times or so a day for a year it really takes its toll

2019-09-12 06:41:40 UTC


2019-09-12 06:41:41 UTC


2019-09-12 06:41:42 UTC


2019-09-12 06:41:52 UTC

@PanzerWrecker if you ever need to talk to someone write here or dm someone here we have goons all around the World so someone will have your back at any time

2019-09-12 06:42:06 UTC

Come live in az thats where the kolony will be

2019-09-12 06:42:16 UTC

man, as someone struggling right now, I'm just glad you said anything, @PanzerWrecker

2019-09-12 06:42:20 UTC

because its fucking

2019-09-12 06:42:22 UTC


2019-09-12 06:42:26 UTC

asking for ANY advice

2019-09-12 06:42:28 UTC


2019-09-12 06:42:29 UTC


2019-09-12 06:42:50 UTC

@wendiko i will legitimately die from the heat, its 80 in my room and im in hell. Im a winter boi.

2019-09-12 06:43:02 UTC

We gonna live underground

2019-09-12 06:43:06 UTC

People here tend to help a lot

2019-09-12 06:43:13 UTC

I wear shorts and a sweatshirt in 10 degree weather

2019-09-12 06:43:15 UTC

I mostly just lurk

2019-09-12 06:43:19 UTC

but if I ever seen an SOS

2019-09-12 06:43:23 UTC

*in this channel*

2019-09-12 06:43:31 UTC

I'll drop my cock and grab my throttle

2019-09-12 06:43:34 UTC

i d g a f

2019-09-12 06:43:34 UTC

Well make sure your habitat is very cold

2019-09-12 06:43:50 UTC

They help me alot about my issues with talking to girls lel

2019-09-12 06:43:56 UTC


2019-09-12 06:43:58 UTC


2019-09-12 06:43:59 UTC


2019-09-12 06:44:06 UTC

Yee /k/old gang

2019-09-12 06:44:07 UTC
2019-09-12 06:44:14 UTC


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