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2018-03-06 20:57:04 UTC

i think he knows trump is serious

2018-03-06 20:57:29 UTC

hes isolated them from china

2018-03-06 20:57:38 UTC

and upped the troops in that region

2018-03-06 20:57:49 UTC

with aircraft carriers and tons of stuff

2018-03-06 21:00:08 UTC

and another powerful move was the theatre he pulled a while back when everyone thought he was cucking

2018-03-06 21:00:29 UTC

He was meeting with Xi and bombed Syria while Xi was there with him

2018-03-06 21:00:45 UTC

total theatre

2018-03-06 21:11:18 UTC

honestly all these cucks saying "7d hungry hungry hippos" really are closing themselves off from appreciating Trump's abilities

2018-03-07 01:02:54 UTC

Just say an ad for a shirt brand that wants to make shirts look good untucked.

2018-03-07 01:02:57 UTC


2018-03-07 01:48:27 UTC

@Solipsistic Vinarchy We'll be fighting wars in africa soon, one of the reasons why we're in Niger is because of the uranium deposits they have

2018-03-07 01:53:39 UTC

Back to jungle fighting we go

2018-03-07 01:54:10 UTC

I'm more comfortable fighting to control the supply of uranium than I am oil

2018-03-07 01:54:22 UTC

But fuck it never ends

2018-03-07 02:07:32 UTC

@(((The George Borjas))) This would line up with a decision made by the marine commandant to switch default camouflage back to forest green.

2018-03-07 08:14:09 UTC

Why do blacks feel the need to shout "oh yeeeah, mhmmmm, yes suh" and others when listening to another nig preach/give a speech?

2018-03-07 09:20:38 UTC

@Broseph Can't contain their love for their brothers speaking man

2018-03-07 09:21:08 UTC
2018-03-07 18:49:46 UTC

It comes from how they act in mass. Its them saying that there is a some kind of religious notion to what is being said @Broseph

2018-03-07 18:50:14 UTC

Ooops blacks dont go to mass I meant church

2018-03-07 21:01:23 UTC

@🎭🎡 lol this guy on my Facebook

2018-03-07 21:03:13 UTC

Yea yea

2018-03-07 21:03:24 UTC

Is it a lie or a GDP nationalist

2018-03-07 21:03:30 UTC

I mean is he a lib

2018-03-07 21:03:39 UTC

GDP Nationalist my guy

2018-03-07 21:03:43 UTC


2018-03-07 21:04:16 UTC

Muh country was built off of buying toys with lead paint and dumping goods with an 50 percent tariff

2018-03-07 21:04:39 UTC

America was and great off of getting in trillions of debt cuz muh toy cars

2018-03-07 21:06:38 UTC

Yeah me and him worked for on a campaign for a kind of libertarian with nationalist leanings and since trump got elected he has been a token young never trumper gdp nationalist

2018-03-08 02:21:59 UTC

This shit is just embarrassing. Do they even read what they are saying?


2018-03-08 02:24:32 UTC

publicly embarrassing myself and potentially racking up a criminal record to trigger the AnComs


2018-03-08 02:25:53 UTC

Genuinely glad the alt right brand is in the tubes. There is no constructive vision. Even the name implies a permanent state of being on the fringe of the mainstream

2018-03-08 02:28:12 UTC

I just want there to be a vessel to get republican voters racially aware so they don't cuck

2018-03-08 02:28:17 UTC

Don't know what it would be

2018-03-08 02:28:25 UTC

Also talmudically aware tbh

2018-03-08 02:28:31 UTC

We gotta stop Ben Shapiro 2024

2018-03-08 02:28:43 UTC

Ben will never get elected

2018-03-08 02:28:53 UTC

Some guys like this held a rally not too far from where I am and literally like 3 people showed up. The headline picture was a guy with a fuckin totenkopf t-shirt screeching as he was getting hauled off by the cops. its just spergbait

2018-03-08 02:29:05 UTC

Ben will never run

2018-03-08 02:29:10 UTC

Hes only popular with the youth. Hes basically Rand Paul

2018-03-08 02:29:21 UTC

But he holds view boomers can like

2018-03-08 02:29:25 UTC

Gets way more money and clout than he can reach running for office

2018-03-08 02:29:36 UTC

No one wants to vote for a Short Jewish Republican

2018-03-08 02:29:43 UTC

mostly the short part thouh

2018-03-08 02:30:08 UTC

But we need rand 2024 ;(

2018-03-08 02:30:19 UTC

We need to make Ben Shapiro viewed as center left as the commies push everyone farther right

2018-03-08 02:30:50 UTC

We need to make pat Buchanan a household name again

2018-03-08 02:31:05 UTC

Allsup has more youtube followers then Shapiro

2018-03-08 02:31:13 UTC

Idk the views DailyWire gets

2018-03-08 02:31:21 UTC

How about Daily Wire though?

2018-03-08 02:31:26 UTC

that is his real platform

2018-03-08 02:31:26 UTC

Alt light ppl like Gavin love PJB. It's a doable thing

2018-03-08 02:31:51 UTC

Daily wire doesn't get their views from YouTube

2018-03-08 02:34:41 UTC

Share this article everywhere you can

2018-03-08 02:59:17 UTC

@BottomoftheNinth That was the worst thread I think I've ever read

2018-03-08 02:59:26 UTC

On twitter dot com

2018-03-08 03:03:25 UTC


2018-03-08 03:03:37 UTC

It really speaks as to why they are getting nowhere

2018-03-08 03:25:54 UTC

Trump "hire American" visa policies lead Indian outsourcers to start hiring Americans for US jobs, altho many Indians in India have been laid off: While Indian techies struggled with layoffs, Infosys hired 2,500 Americans in 2017

2018-03-08 03:37:11 UTC

@BottomoftheNinth "Become who we are" So fat unhinged retards?

2018-03-08 03:41:51 UTC

the negging of the alt right has become so tiresome

2018-03-08 03:42:10 UTC

I want a new paradigm instead of the same negs

2018-03-08 03:52:56 UTC

My biggest neg with spencer is him shitting on the Immigration reform movement. CIS and FAIR have done more for white working class people than Spencer ever has

2018-03-08 04:03:05 UTC

but without dickie how are they supposed to become who they are?? :^(

2018-03-08 13:46:06 UTC

How about we get Trump to force the Mexicans to hand over the voter rolls for people living outside Mexico? It would give us the location of virtually every politically active illegal

2018-03-09 02:18:53 UTC

fellas my neighbor is so dumb πŸ˜‚ i keep telling him it’s a good thing he is losing his job because the factory he works at is moving to mexico! i tell him that means we are following the principles of free trade and that he can save $4 on a new refrigerator now but he just doesn’t get it πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

2018-03-09 21:03:03 UTC

Richard Nixon is such an interesting character

2018-03-09 21:03:24 UTC

I was watching a documentary on him last night

2018-03-09 21:59:39 UTC

free trade faggotry

2018-03-09 21:59:56 UTC

before the fed 95% of government income was tariffs

2018-03-09 22:06:54 UTC

nixon was JQ woke

2018-03-09 22:07:09 UTC

but bush was the best president

2018-03-09 22:07:12 UTC


2018-03-09 22:08:20 UTC

speaking of the fed

2018-03-09 22:08:35 UTC


2018-03-09 23:25:51 UTC

@BottomoftheNinth i see you joined the POWER game

2018-03-09 23:26:05 UTC


2018-03-09 23:26:05 UTC

and i see you're in indiana

2018-03-09 23:26:11 UTC

so am i :^)

2018-03-09 23:26:12 UTC

Proud hoosier

2018-03-09 23:26:16 UTC

ye boy

2018-03-09 23:26:17 UTC


2018-03-09 23:26:28 UTC

im sam edwards ingame btw

2018-03-09 23:26:42 UTC

They want me to cuck and come back from my Extreme Right social policies

2018-03-09 23:26:52 UTC

but Im literally George Lincoln Rockwell

2018-03-09 23:26:56 UTC

i have mine as "very right wing"

2018-03-09 23:27:49 UTC

I think Ill stop at Right wing

2018-03-09 23:28:29 UTC

I believe you get extra power points if you're closer to the party's positions

2018-03-09 23:28:36 UTC


2018-03-10 00:40:21 UTC

most of them likely dont know what sanctuary city means

2018-03-10 02:41:53 UTC

Mhm. When you hear sanctuary cities you think of ppl taking shelter in churches

2018-03-10 03:32:22 UTC

@(((The George Borjas))) why are you in undesirables/degenerates/miscegenation?

2018-03-10 04:00:58 UTC

I see

2018-03-10 15:35:44 UTC

based tbh

2018-03-10 15:35:59 UTC

hard to neg florida theyve been good lads lately

2018-03-10 16:23:59 UTC

Lets shrink that prison population

2018-03-10 16:30:47 UTC

I think theres many good things to come for NS, many policies and ideals that arent just limited to german idealism, just as mosley isnt limited to only anglos.

But adopting it 100% or even trying to convert its luggage would be a tremendous waste of energy and forward motion.

However i believe theres things lacking to just an american nationalistic or paleocomservative centeric party.

Would their be a way to marry the 2 per say? To cardy some ideals of fascism and ascended fascism into an American centric party?

I hope i got what im trying to say away, much more articulate speaking than typing.

2018-03-10 20:02:54 UTC

I reslly enjoy nicks takes on using minorities towards our cause. To start a white movement in this city would be impossible, but to get minorities to expell zionism would be effective

2018-03-10 20:17:22 UTC

life sentences are dumb

2018-03-10 20:17:25 UTC

just execute

2018-03-10 20:24:00 UTC

Divided on the execute question

2018-03-10 20:25:21 UTC

Execution is the judicial and societal equivalent of garbage removal and extermination.

2018-03-10 20:26:40 UTC

@(((The George Borjas))) Just tell them that God knows what's in their heart and he will judge them thusly

2018-03-11 06:02:11 UTC

holy fuck Tucker is WOKE on foreign policy too, not just immigration

2018-03-11 06:02:46 UTC

Tucker is virtually a Buchananite at this point

2018-03-11 06:03:02 UTC

the buchanan brigade

2018-03-11 06:16:13 UTC

John Bolton is resigned

2018-03-11 20:52:39 UTC

Whats a good WW1 documentary

2018-03-11 22:13:45 UTC

The YouTube channel the great war literally has done a week by week event break down of ww1 since 2014

2018-03-11 22:13:57 UTC

Plus tons of extra vids

2018-03-11 22:14:07 UTC

More WW1 than you could ever dream of

2018-03-12 01:28:08 UTC


2018-03-12 05:10:45 UTC

I disagree with this. Forcing children into unnecessary amounts of schooling has cemented a prolonged adolescence in our generation

2018-03-12 05:11:32 UTC

We need more trade schools not community colleges

2018-03-12 05:11:47 UTC

More importantly we need to destroy the dept of ed

2018-03-12 05:12:26 UTC

Our education system has to be completely overhauled from the ground up and take a more utilitarian approach to society.

2018-03-12 05:13:08 UTC

As of right now, I would assess that about 80% of our current curriculum in high schools could be completely removed with little or no difference to outcome.

2018-03-12 05:14:27 UTC

Idk if it's that extreme. But I feel that returning control of education to local municipalities will be the ultimate good

2018-03-12 05:14:59 UTC

End the federal govs policy of taking money from successful schools and pumping it into bloated public schools

2018-03-12 05:15:02 UTC

We hardly use things in our day to day life like biology, or calculus, or trigonometry.

2018-03-12 05:15:19 UTC

The fact that any of those are still taught is bordering on parody.

2018-03-12 05:15:30 UTC

Yes but learning those skills trains methods of thinking

2018-03-12 05:15:41 UTC

Those are of no use in a high school.

2018-03-12 05:15:49 UTC

We need to train citizens.

2018-03-12 05:15:54 UTC

There isn't always a 1:1 ratio of usability in the real world to things you learn

2018-03-12 05:16:13 UTC

We need to make our education more usable though is what I mean.

2018-03-12 05:16:20 UTC

Base knowledge of the core fields of mathematics is necessary

2018-03-12 05:16:48 UTC

There is just an unbelievable swamp of useless shit in our schools that could be replaced with things that could actually help these kids land on their feet after the fact.

2018-03-12 05:17:36 UTC

Algebra is incredibly useful, as is basic geometry. I wouldn’t be opposed to either of those. But I think everything else ought to be reserved for post-secondary education.

2018-03-12 05:17:54 UTC

my school offers a cte program where you can learn a trade. That starts at 11th grade though if we could do that starting at 9th grade that would be great

2018-03-12 05:18:18 UTC

It should teach things like Cooking, mechanics, carpentry, but JROTC should be mandatory to an extent

2018-03-12 05:18:43 UTC

Small engine repair, welding, finance, all of these things can help to run a household.

2018-03-12 05:18:54 UTC

I had to take two semesters of art. Absolute garbage.

2018-03-12 05:19:01 UTC

And in some cases help to prevent crippling debt that the modern youth faces.

2018-03-12 05:19:30 UTC

@Deleted User CTE is a great thing

2018-03-12 05:19:36 UTC

that should be in all schools

2018-03-12 05:19:43 UTC

mines really underdeveloped though

2018-03-12 05:19:46 UTC

I was retarded and didnt do it though

2018-03-12 05:20:24 UTC

the teachers didnt really have a plan for any of the CTE classes so we talked in most of them

2018-03-12 05:20:37 UTC

Now I have zero clue what to do for a career <:blackpill:402367968362758144>

2018-03-12 05:21:10 UTC

Im not even in JROTC but I had to do it in the CTE cycle

2018-03-12 05:21:10 UTC

damn is your education shitty in general or is it just the cte?

2018-03-12 05:21:17 UTC

and think it should be mandatory

2018-03-12 05:21:27 UTC

its all shitty

2018-03-12 05:21:29 UTC

I don't mean it as a replacement, but as a viable option for people who would be inclined but feel pressured into getting a 4 year @(((The George Borjas)))

2018-03-12 05:21:35 UTC

but the cte specifically has no money

2018-03-12 05:21:54 UTC

or no plans

2018-03-12 05:22:39 UTC

that sucks, I dont know anything about education though. Why is education so trash in the US

2018-03-12 05:22:45 UTC

For example, in welding, they made you weld once and then you talked for the rest of the time you were in there until it cycled to a new class

2018-03-12 05:22:51 UTC

It wasnt taken seriously

2018-03-12 05:22:54 UTC

My issue is with socially demanding every child goes to college

2018-03-12 05:23:04 UTC


2018-03-12 05:23:08 UTC


2018-03-12 05:23:41 UTC

College feels like high school where you have irregular schedules and live away from home

2018-03-12 05:23:48 UTC

as if a college degree in anything is worth something

2018-03-12 05:23:54 UTC

Im pretty sure its in Finland where you decide in high school if you want to be a worker or go into a professional college needing job

2018-03-12 05:24:27 UTC

instead of just saying "you HAVE to go to college"

2018-03-12 05:25:55 UTC

Vocational schools should be encouraged more

2018-03-12 05:29:18 UTC

i think realistic careers should be encouraged more in general

2018-03-12 05:29:47 UTC

counselors in high school just say "you can do whatever" instead of giving realistic ideas

2018-03-12 14:13:05 UTC

@Thomas How is basic trigonometry not useful?

2018-03-12 21:21:41 UTC

Also Mueller wasn't even eligible for FBI director because he already served

2018-03-12 21:21:45 UTC

theres actually a conspiracy theory that mueller is actually helping trump

2018-03-12 21:21:52 UTC

its really complex

2018-03-12 21:21:57 UTC

and probably unlikely

2018-03-12 21:22:00 UTC

but interesting

2018-03-12 21:22:06 UTC

yeah the Q stuff

2018-03-12 21:22:26 UTC

idk if Q ever mentioned it but

2018-03-12 21:22:30 UTC

a lot of other peeps

2018-03-12 21:22:54 UTC

imagine if its true

2018-03-12 21:22:57 UTC

thatd be hilarious

2018-03-12 21:23:59 UTC

Actually you're right, I first heard the theory from @drawandstrike "Stealth Jeff" on twitter, not Q

2018-03-12 23:03:37 UTC

is the saccone vote tonight and can we expect results?

2018-03-13 02:17:25 UTC

Nope tomorrow

2018-03-13 02:35:08 UTC


2018-03-13 18:12:39 UTC

Guys thoughts on Tillerson being ousted as Sec of State? Could this be related to the depts. ultimatum to Poland??

2018-03-13 20:10:50 UTC

@(((The George Borjas))) so the spokesman quit because the admin used the 800 figure when 'not every target is always caught' ??

2018-03-13 20:11:26 UTC

If I'm reading that right, seems like a pretty ridiculous reason to quit. Probably not someone we'd want in the position anyway.

2018-03-13 20:28:03 UTC

@(((The George Borjas))) It says right in the snippet you posted that the spokesman quit because of frustration over the Trump admins statements on the event and that ICE (or at least that guy) is disputing the 800 number.

2018-03-13 20:35:54 UTC

Sure it is but that's not the point I'm making or what the article's about. This guy quit because he didn't like the Trump admin using the 800 number, not that the mayor cucked. That to me sounds like a traitor that was working on the inside, good riddance.

2018-03-13 23:36:55 UTC

Australia is becoming China's newly conquered province

2018-03-13 23:37:07 UTC

Canada may be the same

2018-03-14 00:00:41 UTC

Ever since I was a teen I had always wanted to visit Australia for an extended period of time, there has always been something appealing about it to me; it's a real shame some of the things I've heard about just how cucked they've become in recent years on immigration.

2018-03-14 00:01:03 UTC

I hope they're not too far gone yet. The world needs more shit posters.

2018-03-14 00:34:04 UTC

Australia fell deeper than north america

2018-03-14 00:34:14 UTC

since it has a smaller population

2018-03-14 00:34:34 UTC

and rely too much on resource exportation

2018-03-14 00:34:49 UTC


2018-03-14 00:35:47 UTC

Chinese are literally manipulating Australian politics in all level and on both sides

2018-03-14 03:26:15 UTC


2018-03-14 03:26:18 UTC


2018-03-14 03:26:24 UTC

Really makes me think

2018-03-14 03:49:08 UTC

only low IQ retards are trying to spin the PA loss as a good/neutral thing. we got BTFO

2018-03-14 03:54:05 UTC

Yeah the Blue Wave is coming fast, and people should be scared, maybe that will get Republicans out to vote

2018-03-14 03:57:57 UTC


2018-03-14 03:58:23 UTC


2018-03-14 03:58:54 UTC

We may lose the House, but the Senate may gain GOP seats

2018-03-14 03:59:44 UTC

i think that’s the most likely outcome

2018-03-14 04:00:46 UTC

trump needs to be

2018-03-14 04:00:50 UTC

on the ground for these nibbas

2018-03-14 04:01:03 UTC

more than just

2018-03-14 04:01:04 UTC

1 rally

2018-03-14 04:01:13 UTC

hes a master campaigner

2018-03-14 04:01:19 UTC

Yeah if any of y'all live in Montana, Pennsylvania, Missouri, Florida, North Dakota, West Virginia, Wisconsin and Michigan, get everyone you know to get out and vote out the Democrats

2018-03-14 04:01:31 UTC

i live in one of those

2018-03-14 04:01:34 UTC


2018-03-14 04:01:49 UTC


2018-03-14 04:01:59 UTC

I may help out with some campaigns

2018-03-14 04:02:02 UTC

ik people

2018-03-14 04:02:11 UTC

Nice, which state?

2018-03-14 04:02:16 UTC

a certain one

2018-03-14 04:02:23 UTC


2018-03-14 04:02:28 UTC


2018-03-14 04:03:11 UTC

If it's Pennsylvania, Rep. Barletta is running for Senate and is rated A by Numbers USA, and one of the most nationalist pro Trump lawmakers

2018-03-14 04:03:42 UTC

I have a chalkboard in my room

2018-03-14 04:03:49 UTC

with all the possible flips for 2018

2018-03-14 04:03:55 UTC

i'll copy it in here

2018-03-14 04:04:13 UTC

Yeah please do

2018-03-14 04:05:07 UTC

I live in an extremely red district, not really worried for my district, but many historical red district may be flipping this year

2018-03-14 04:09:27 UTC

Indiana - Donnelly vs. Rokita/Messer
Missouri - McCaskill vs. Hawley/Sykes
Montana - Testor vs. Rosendale
West Virginia - Manchin vs. Morrisey/Evans
Pennsylvania - Casey vs. Barletta
Ohio - Brown vs. Renacci
Florida - Nelson vs. (Scott?)

Arizona - Ward
Tennessee - Blackburn
Utah - ?

2018-03-14 04:10:58 UTC

Whos running against Baldwin in Wisconsin?

2018-03-14 04:11:34 UTC

nvm I found him

2018-03-14 04:11:38 UTC

his name is Kevin Nicholson

2018-03-14 04:11:52 UTC

Is that the black guy that was in the Army?

2018-03-14 04:12:16 UTC

Never mind lol

2018-03-14 04:12:58 UTC

He doesn't look retarded like Rick Saccone

2018-03-14 04:14:04 UTC

Honestly Sykes is great, but Hawley is pretty good for a more Establishment guy. He said he is running as a conservative populist

2018-03-14 04:14:12 UTC

Great list btw....thanks

2018-03-14 04:59:24 UTC

sadly trump is blamed by many for the PA loss

2018-03-14 04:59:41 UTC

actually it is the GOPe establishment cucks that do not want to work hard

2018-03-14 04:59:59 UTC

or being too stupid to adapt to the change

2018-03-14 05:00:32 UTC

some "conservatives" literally can do nothing rather than existing with some little lables

2018-03-14 05:01:20 UTC

the left mobilize like crazy after Nov 8 2016

2018-03-14 05:01:52 UTC

but "conservatives" only know to chant "drink liberal tears"

2018-03-14 05:02:11 UTC

thinking we are too strong to take them seriously

2018-03-14 05:02:43 UTC

thinking we already won everything

2018-03-14 05:03:25 UTC

almost every special election after 2016 has a dem 20~30+ swing

2018-03-14 05:03:46 UTC

it cannot be simply explained away by ""

2018-03-14 05:03:58 UTC

by "muh soros money"

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