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2018-06-17 02:36:25 UTC

Not gonna lite

2018-06-17 02:36:39 UTC

It is but funny

2018-06-17 02:36:43 UTC

I have a 2L bottle

2018-06-17 02:36:51 UTC

Drink 2 a day atleast

2018-06-17 02:36:53 UTC

not recommending to drink a full gallon cause that shit is gonna cause more weight

2018-06-17 02:36:55 UTC

2L in America = soda

2018-06-17 02:37:05 UTC

@shinjitsu stop being jealous of our superior units of measurements Amerikaner, you guys are already superior when it comes to certain types of weaponry, Bourbon, muscle cars and other things americans are the best at

2018-06-17 02:37:07 UTC

Yeah around that size

2018-06-17 02:37:13 UTC

Of a large soda bottle

2018-06-17 02:37:17 UTC

Your units are gay

2018-06-17 02:37:28 UTC
2018-06-17 02:37:36 UTC

Simon get back to vids niggga

2018-06-17 02:37:38 UTC

We only use your units for math because it’s for low iq who need powers of 10

2018-06-17 02:37:54 UTC

I want those Thot Patrol videos NOW @Simon Scola

2018-06-17 02:38:06 UTC

Don't drink more than what your kidneys can handle and only drink when you have to, not because you feel like it

2018-06-17 02:38:10 UTC

@shinjitsu True, your units are so complicated and only big nibba brain tier, they don't make much sense but they're more complicated, agreed

2018-06-17 02:38:30 UTC

It’s called being sophisticated

2018-06-17 02:38:32 UTC

Ok that means I drink atleast a gallon

2018-06-17 02:38:38 UTC

A day

2018-06-17 02:38:46 UTC

I usually never drink a gallon a day

2018-06-17 02:38:46 UTC

@shinjitsu sophisticated americans... hm

2018-06-17 02:38:55 UTC

As well as some tea and coffee

2018-06-17 02:39:07 UTC

Coffee drains your body of water

2018-06-17 02:39:09 UTC

ban these metricfags

2018-06-17 02:39:15 UTC

And if I need a boost an energy drink like before an exam

2018-06-17 02:39:25 UTC

I drink 2 liters of water a day which is 0.5 gallons in american units

2018-06-17 02:39:27 UTC

New Englishmen are prime trans-Atlantic sophistication.

2018-06-17 02:39:29 UTC

Ikr literally only for math should you use a metric unit

2018-06-17 02:39:41 UTC


2018-06-17 02:39:48 UTC

@Punished Scaredd What european nation hurt you and when?

2018-06-17 02:39:58 UTC

fuck off

2018-06-17 02:40:00 UTC

None ever because they’re too WEAK

2018-06-17 02:40:02 UTC

Fick dich

2018-06-17 02:40:11 UTC

shut the fuck up EURO

2018-06-17 02:40:14 UTC


2018-06-17 02:40:16 UTC


2018-06-17 02:40:19 UTC


2018-06-17 02:40:24 UTC

Once i hear back from the appeal.

2018-06-17 02:40:30 UTC

Your women get raped by North Africans and you Cucks let it happen

2018-06-17 02:40:34 UTC

Imagine being a eurofag

2018-06-17 02:40:39 UTC

That can take like month

2018-06-17 02:40:46 UTC

Ban these 24hour clockfags already

2018-06-17 02:40:54 UTC

You have 2 more strikes give it a try

2018-06-17 02:41:02 UTC

I got a nice wooden clock

2018-06-17 02:41:11 UTC

lmao american women willingly fuck noggers. rape isn't neccessary

2018-06-17 02:41:14 UTC

Why are all american nationalists i ever met in person nice and respectful but on the internet they are super edgy? No need to be scared of a german meine amerikanischen Freunde

2018-06-17 02:41:17 UTC


2018-06-17 02:41:21 UTC

I i don’t hear in a week, I’ll start again. Might make a backup channel just to upload on

2018-06-17 02:41:31 UTC

fuck off euroshit

2018-06-17 02:41:37 UTC

I really don’t want my liked videos to disappear

2018-06-17 02:41:45 UTC

You promise the thot patrol you’d better deliver !!!

2018-06-17 02:41:52 UTC

We’re not mean your country is just gay and so are you by extension

2018-06-17 02:42:05 UTC

@BavarianBarbarian dont lump us all in, bigot

2018-06-17 02:42:06 UTC

If not it’s the ultimate betrayal

2018-06-17 02:42:30 UTC

@BavarianBarbarian your country is the pinnacle of trash. Change my mind.

2018-06-17 02:42:33 UTC

Is bitchute big yet?

2018-06-17 02:42:38 UTC

@Deleted User I didn't mean to, most american nationalists i met are pretty smart and respectful

2018-06-17 02:42:45 UTC

I dunno how birchute works tbh

2018-06-17 02:42:58 UTC

Godwinson was on it

2018-06-17 02:43:30 UTC

But he cuts and runs every few weeks

2018-06-17 02:44:03 UTC

@shinjitsu Sure, but let me tell you first what's actually trash about Germany: Our politicians listen to your jewish american politicans demands, northern half of the country is controlled by lefty govs almost continuesly since 1968 and we only have one big politician who has balls: "Horst Seehofer" - now tell me what else is trash

2018-06-17 02:44:12 UTC


2018-06-17 02:44:20 UTC


2018-06-17 02:44:28 UTC

@Deleted User Good Point

2018-06-17 02:44:42 UTC

@BavarianBarbarian so you’re saying America is cucked?

2018-06-17 02:44:54 UTC

why does the average american have golden eyes in the future

2018-06-17 02:44:55 UTC

Germany is 93% white, but (((Breitbart))) tells me that "Germany is lost to da muslims"

2018-06-17 02:44:58 UTC

That would mean that your country is SO weak that it can get cucked by a country that’s cucked.

2018-06-17 02:45:00 UTC

is that some globo homo eye tech

2018-06-17 02:45:09 UTC

Next bad argument please

2018-06-17 02:45:18 UTC

@shinjitsu We are cucked by America since 1945 yes

2018-06-17 02:45:26 UTC

well your jewish politicians at least

2018-06-17 02:45:30 UTC

fuck off

2018-06-17 02:45:32 UTC

which you helped to jhave power over us

2018-06-17 02:45:35 UTC

And therefore you are objectively worse and more of s joke.

2018-06-17 02:45:35 UTC


2018-06-17 02:45:40 UTC


2018-06-17 02:45:43 UTC

can't argue with that

2018-06-17 02:45:44 UTC

fuck with your jewish bashing. its not edgy dude

2018-06-17 02:45:47 UTC

Ok as long as you admit that

2018-06-17 02:45:51 UTC

America ain’t as bad as Europe yet

2018-06-17 02:46:00 UTC

It’s not edgy it’s true

2018-06-17 02:46:07 UTC

Wow. I come back to jew bashing? Imagine my shock

2018-06-17 02:46:10 UTC

You have a chance to stop it realistically

2018-06-17 02:46:21 UTC

We have to turn it back

2018-06-17 02:46:31 UTC

i'd like to come back to jew bashing tbh

2018-06-17 02:46:38 UTC


2018-06-17 02:46:38 UTC

You have a generally better culture to stop this shit

2018-06-17 02:46:39 UTC

@Broseph im shocked we did anything else

2018-06-17 02:46:44 UTC

@Punished Scaredd It ain't jewish bashing when every american politician who put pressure on Germany and Austria since 1945 to force us to have no free speech, no public money spending on german WW2 graves etc was a jewish american

2018-06-17 02:46:47 UTC


2018-06-17 02:47:02 UTC

Imagine arguing that the Israel is not relevant to us foreign politics

2018-06-17 02:47:08 UTC


2018-06-17 02:47:09 UTC

oh my god, nobody cares who has a bigger dick

2018-06-17 02:47:25 UTC

@Punished Scaredd Go ahead, some day you might be able to accept criticism of your country like i accept criticism on mine

2018-06-17 02:47:34 UTC

When did this become the Israel first server is all I’m wondering

2018-06-17 02:47:45 UTC

Don’t say that

2018-06-17 02:47:48 UTC

Say ANYTHING about israel/jews and you’re Patrick little

2018-06-17 02:47:52 UTC

You’ll summon Eld

2018-06-17 02:47:55 UTC


2018-06-17 02:47:56 UTC

well it is America First

2018-06-17 02:48:00 UTC

Nice and quiet you have these low iq shits talking shit that doesnt matter and no one shitting on the US

2018-06-17 02:48:03 UTC

so israeli by default

2018-06-17 02:48:12 UTC

israel's interests are americas interests

2018-06-17 02:48:14 UTC

@Punished Scaredd Holy shit you sound like a Boomer right now

2018-06-17 02:48:31 UTC

No ones shitting on America

2018-06-17 02:48:39 UTC

"no one is shitting on theUS" "truth doesn't matter if it's not positive about muh country"

2018-06-17 02:48:51 UTC

RR/JQ is just common sense

2018-06-17 02:48:55 UTC


2018-06-17 02:48:59 UTC

@BavarianBarbarian is tho. He's bashing the part that isn't WN

2018-06-17 02:49:00 UTC

boomer voice: antifa riots? you should have seen the riots in the 1960s. You kids have it easy these days

2018-06-17 02:49:04 UTC

There’s no way you can’t see that

2018-06-17 02:49:23 UTC

Yeah to pretend that we are not partially compromised in terms of foreign policy is a joke. America still best country in the world.

2018-06-17 02:49:25 UTC

So you’re angry his talking trash on minorities lol

2018-06-17 02:49:43 UTC

That’s ridiculous

2018-06-17 02:49:55 UTC

No. idiot. I don't care about this shit. its meanlingless. theres a lot of blacks id side with than whites

2018-06-17 02:50:11 UTC

You should care man

2018-06-17 02:50:13 UTC

Didn’t you just get a black gf

2018-06-17 02:50:17 UTC


2018-06-17 02:50:19 UTC


2018-06-17 02:50:23 UTC

@Punished Scaredd I'm bashing jewish politicians in american congress and senate since 1945 who sadly had a weirdly huge influence on german laws and politics. That isn't me bashing the USA because the vast majority of the USA isn't anti-german and wants to control our laws

2018-06-17 02:50:25 UTC

Serious question

2018-06-17 02:50:27 UTC
2018-06-17 02:50:28 UTC

Nah. A hispanic one, yes

2018-06-17 02:50:29 UTC

Not accusation

2018-06-17 02:50:32 UTC

he has a blakk gf until he can get a jewish one

2018-06-17 02:50:33 UTC

get in vc

2018-06-17 02:50:55 UTC

Castizo or Mestizo @Punished Scaredd

2018-06-17 02:51:12 UTC

I have had Asian gfs and I still say race matters

2018-06-17 02:51:29 UTC

I’ll only ever go for white women

2018-06-17 02:51:32 UTC

I’m not saying “ethnostate now”. But to pretend it’s irrelevant is just as bad

2018-06-17 02:51:49 UTC

Can’t risk accidentally racemixing

2018-06-17 02:52:10 UTC

Its no one's business who i choose to date and have kids with

2018-06-17 02:52:17 UTC


2018-06-17 02:52:28 UTC

ur kids may say otherwise

2018-06-17 02:52:34 UTC

as they usually do

2018-06-17 02:52:41 UTC

The subjective morality strikes again

2018-06-17 02:52:43 UTC

Would you save Evropa with this girl as your brood mare?

2018-06-17 02:52:45 UTC

I’m saying white supermajority, strong Christian tradition and stopping Jewish influence @shinjitsu I think that’s just common sense

2018-06-17 02:52:45 UTC


2018-06-17 02:52:53 UTC


2018-06-17 02:52:54 UTC


2018-06-17 02:52:56 UTC


2018-06-17 02:53:08 UTC

One more ginger post and I race mix with an Asian

2018-06-17 02:53:20 UTC

Go ahead

2018-06-17 02:53:20 UTC

Nah. If they never see 4chan and these other stupid message boards, they won't

2018-06-17 02:53:24 UTC


2018-06-17 02:53:30 UTC

@shinjitsu dont like gingers???

2018-06-17 02:53:31 UTC

@Punished Scaredd Chancellor Helmudt Schmidt (WW2 Wehrmacht Veteran but center-left) wanted to get rid of american influence on our country and get rid of american-implemented german laws like "no holocaust denial or questioning allowed" - 1974-1982 he tried it but certain (((americans))) prevented it - After 1982 the center-right Chancellor Helmut Kohl tried the same, same result. If you're american and think that's a "good thing" then something is wrong with you

2018-06-17 02:53:33 UTC


2018-06-17 02:53:40 UTC


2018-06-17 02:53:42 UTC

Nick's sis

2018-06-17 02:53:43 UTC

me likey

2018-06-17 02:53:51 UTC

look at the tweet tho

2018-06-17 02:53:58 UTC

Who is spirit chef

2018-06-17 02:54:01 UTC

It’s not even true lol

2018-06-17 02:54:08 UTC

@Deleted User nope not at all

2018-06-17 02:54:25 UTC

can't wait for later this week. i much need for new boots

2018-06-17 02:54:27 UTC

is it not true?

2018-06-17 02:54:32 UTC

Post your fav jewish tweets, here is mine


2018-06-17 02:54:47 UTC

what's his sis doing with the weird black dyke

2018-06-17 02:54:47 UTC


2018-06-17 02:54:53 UTC


2018-06-17 02:54:56 UTC

Maybe they’re friends

2018-06-17 02:55:10 UTC


2018-06-17 02:55:11 UTC

I hope red wings are good as most say they are

2018-06-17 02:55:22 UTC

My bro got them, they are

2018-06-17 02:55:37 UTC

The insta post implies they're more than friends

2018-06-17 02:55:42 UTC

I don't want to slander nick

2018-06-17 02:55:43 UTC


2018-06-17 02:55:52 UTC

just want to know if this is true or not

2018-06-17 02:55:57 UTC

>tfw you're german and because of american jews in US congress your tax money goes to Israeli Jews needing "therapy" for their inherited holocaust trauma

2018-06-17 02:56:02 UTC

Even if it is, who cares

2018-06-17 02:56:12 UTC

I thought Nick recorded in the basement so can’t be next room lol

2018-06-17 02:56:16 UTC

Idk it's just fucked

2018-06-17 02:56:18 UTC

Nick would care

2018-06-17 02:56:18 UTC

if true

2018-06-17 02:56:37 UTC

If that was my sis I'd take it into my own hands

2018-06-17 02:56:40 UTC

Obviously but he’s said before that his sister doesn’t care about politics

2018-06-17 02:56:51 UTC

He’s talking about the race mixing thing

2018-06-17 02:57:00 UTC

Oof banned

2018-06-17 02:57:04 UTC

Leftwing Boomers exist too. Exhibit 1:


2018-06-17 02:57:06 UTC


2018-06-17 02:57:10 UTC

Anybody else want to slander my family?

2018-06-17 02:57:11 UTC


2018-06-17 02:57:20 UTC


2018-06-17 02:57:28 UTC

Damn you got him outta there fast

2018-06-17 02:57:29 UTC

Good one nick

2018-06-17 02:57:36 UTC


2018-06-17 02:57:54 UTC

@Nicholas J Fuentes Depends, did any Hispanic in your family fight with my grandfather in the spanish civil war against the communists?

2018-06-17 02:58:05 UTC

How many different flavors of coke did you have at coke world?

2018-06-17 02:58:07 UTC

nick always lurking confirmed

2018-06-17 02:58:08 UTC

Shhh, *Big Nicker*'s watching

2018-06-17 02:58:12 UTC

Nick, how was your trip?

2018-06-17 02:58:13 UTC

slander? so it's an untrue statement?

2018-06-17 02:58:13 UTC


2018-06-17 02:58:16 UTC

My Hispanic ancestors fought in the Mexican Revolution

2018-06-17 02:58:22 UTC

With Pancho Villa

2018-06-17 02:58:23 UTC

@shinjitsu i mean the boots i got now aren't that expensive and just working at a warehouse, they didn't lass long

2018-06-17 02:58:30 UTC

Who kicked huwhite

2018-06-17 02:58:35 UTC

@Nicholas J Fuentes Okay so they've been over there for a long time, i respect them then

2018-06-17 02:58:40 UTC

Yeah I’m not a big boot person tbh so I wouldn’t know

2018-06-17 02:58:52 UTC

the dude is back

2018-06-17 02:58:54 UTC

The pink ginger ale is really good

2018-06-17 02:58:54 UTC

@Nicholas J Fuentes I hope they weren’t Trotskyists lol

2018-06-17 02:58:57 UTC

Yeah my Mexican side came over before the invasion

2018-06-17 02:59:01 UTC

@Nicholas J Fuentes huwhite is a guy I know, he's a decent guy, I think you read him wrong

2018-06-17 02:59:04 UTC

Welcome back nature boy

2018-06-17 02:59:08 UTC

They were just alcoholics pretty sure

2018-06-17 02:59:21 UTC

oh hey its a nick

2018-06-17 02:59:25 UTC

Cause now they’d be neocons

2018-06-17 02:59:34 UTC

@Nicholas J Fuentes I'm german and my maternal grandfather was in the Legion Condor and helped the Spaniards erradicate the Spanish communists between 1936-1938, i'll assume your ancestors would have done the same if still in Spain

2018-06-17 02:59:45 UTC


2018-06-17 02:59:50 UTC

Hey @Nicholas J Fuentes since you're here, I'm doing a Christianity vs atheism debate in regards to nationalism in a couple minutes. Can I post the link here to get anyone in to watch who is interested?

2018-06-17 03:00:04 UTC

Idk my family has a lot of mental illness, they’d probably just be spazzing out on the sideline

2018-06-17 03:00:07 UTC

My Great Geandfather shit down German aircraft Eternal Enemies @BavarianBarbarian

2018-06-17 03:00:12 UTC

Yeah broseph

2018-06-17 03:00:24 UTC

Much appreciated

2018-06-17 03:00:27 UTC

*Based* mentally ill ancestry

2018-06-17 03:00:35 UTC

indians are only alcoholic because they are denied the motive of nationalism and country. prove me wrong

2018-06-17 03:00:41 UTC


2018-06-17 03:00:51 UTC


2018-06-17 03:00:57 UTC

@Nicholas J Fuentes Elf keeps saying he will call in but never does so is ABRAHAMIC alliance With Muslims and Arabs against everyone else gay

2018-06-17 03:00:58 UTC


2018-06-17 03:01:08 UTC

If your body doesn't respond well to alcohol, why do you still go ahead and get addicted to it?

2018-06-17 03:01:09 UTC


2018-06-17 03:01:18 UTC

Elf will never call in because his neocon taking points would get btfo

2018-06-17 03:01:22 UTC

Is that stuff even legal to own?

2018-06-17 03:01:27 UTC

That’s a big reason why i dont drink

2018-06-17 03:01:32 UTC

Might call in for him then

2018-06-17 03:01:36 UTC

elf won't call in cuz he's actually mike tokes

2018-06-17 03:01:37 UTC

Just asking for trouble honestly

2018-06-17 03:01:41 UTC

ill never try a cig because i think ill get hooked

2018-06-17 03:01:43 UTC

@Nicholas J Fuentes Also let me say that Germany (especially here in Bavaria which is full of Catholics) has ALOT of Nick Fuentes America First Fans

2018-06-17 03:01:45 UTC

Because of your lineage?

2018-06-17 03:01:49 UTC

Only good drink once too degenerate

2018-06-17 03:01:50 UTC

Drinking is retarded

2018-06-17 03:01:59 UTC

That’s epic

2018-06-17 03:02:05 UTC

I’m a fan of the occasional drink

2018-06-17 03:02:07 UTC

People around me couldn’t handle the drink

2018-06-17 03:02:12 UTC

So weird how the America First show has so many international fans

2018-06-17 03:02:19 UTC


2018-06-17 03:02:20 UTC

But that’s okay, I like it

2018-06-17 03:02:23 UTC

Who bash America

2018-06-17 03:02:26 UTC

Drinking is alright. Not healthy but doing it responsibly wouldnt hurt

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