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2018-06-12 16:43:56 UTC

don't believe me?

2018-06-12 16:44:02 UTC


2018-06-12 16:44:16 UTC

all explained in there

2018-06-12 16:44:20 UTC

*vvvvvoooooooooooooooooooooooooossssssshhhhhhhhhhh* “get this, blacks get reparations. Now support me, white brothers”

2018-06-12 16:44:21 UTC

Frankfurt school and shit

2018-06-12 16:44:24 UTC

all that vaping could be why he said he gets 4-5 hours of sleep

2018-06-12 16:44:59 UTC

i have to be honest, full disclosure, i used to smoke cigars, and they started making me sick.... i still get the craving and i've vaped when i do... NEVER in public

2018-06-12 16:45:19 UTC

You’ve gotta have some already wrong with you to quit work at that point

2018-06-12 16:45:25 UTC

ha ha

2018-06-12 16:45:27 UTC

Why do low iq WN feel the need to assume that every white wants to be apart of this "movement"? Quit associating all whites with your dumb movement that no one cares about.

2018-06-12 16:45:38 UTC

Since then he’s also read Duke since

2018-06-12 16:45:49 UTC

That send Nehlen off the deep end

2018-06-12 16:45:59 UTC

well, actually he was bragging about his minority support, especially in MOSQUES , like its a good thing

2018-06-12 16:46:17 UTC

Arabs are not our allies

2018-06-12 16:46:24 UTC

and his platform says, he wants to take money from ISRAEL and give it to the NOGZ.... I agree with the first part, but second? Are you for real?

2018-06-12 16:46:49 UTC

Yeah exactly. Nogs or zog, I choose neither

2018-06-12 16:46:50 UTC

Well his argument is transatlantic slavery was mostly Jews

2018-06-12 16:46:55 UTC

Which is true

2018-06-12 16:46:57 UTC

its like you want cancer or aids?

2018-06-12 16:47:00 UTC

That was his little trick to get mainstream support

2018-06-12 16:47:07 UTC

But you don’t need reparations

2018-06-12 16:47:47 UTC

White nationalists posses the lowest iq statically that non-white nationalists. Race worshippers are for the most autistic.

2018-06-12 16:47:59 UTC

yes, agreed on transatlantic slave trade and jewish involvement - that's undeniable, but that has absolutely nothing to do with TAKING MY MONEY and giving it to Tyrone

2018-06-12 16:48:04 UTC

how about I keep my money?

2018-06-12 16:48:06 UTC

would that be ok?

2018-06-12 16:48:17 UTC


2018-06-12 16:48:40 UTC


2018-06-12 16:48:44 UTC

Critique is fine @DeplorablePapa Habe you read Duke do you think that’s the problem

2018-06-12 16:48:56 UTC

WN are the worst of society and are no different than black nationalists etc

2018-06-12 16:49:09 UTC

I've not read Duke, no

2018-06-12 16:49:10 UTC

Wouldn't go that far

2018-06-12 16:49:11 UTC

should I?

2018-06-12 16:49:21 UTC


2018-06-12 16:49:24 UTC


2018-06-12 16:49:34 UTC

Nehlen and Little both love him

2018-06-12 16:49:45 UTC

Nehlen was nowhere near as bad as Little

2018-06-12 16:49:52 UTC

granted he went a little crazy

2018-06-12 16:49:54 UTC

At first yeah

2018-06-12 16:49:56 UTC

Black nationalists are race worshippers
White nationalists are race worshippers
Theres no different

2018-06-12 16:49:57 UTC

but he is nowhere near as bad

2018-06-12 16:50:07 UTC

I didn’t play much attention to Nehlen before the doxxing

2018-06-12 16:50:13 UTC

i liked him before

2018-06-12 16:50:20 UTC

i even like him now... to be honest

2018-06-12 16:50:26 UTC

Little just repulses me

2018-06-12 16:50:26 UTC

Race is the most important thing in electoral politics

2018-06-12 16:50:31 UTC


2018-06-12 16:50:35 UTC

And God

2018-06-12 16:51:02 UTC

God created the Nations at the Tower of Babble, if this was not his will, he would not have done so

2018-06-12 16:51:07 UTC

Tradition in general really

2018-06-12 16:51:11 UTC

But what is white tho

2018-06-12 16:51:28 UTC

There's your question lol

2018-06-12 16:51:36 UTC

Is Lawrence Fishburne white?

2018-06-12 16:51:50 UTC


2018-06-12 16:51:54 UTC

Is Michael Jordan white

2018-06-12 16:52:03 UTC

Is lebraaaaawn white

2018-06-12 16:52:10 UTC
2018-06-12 16:52:11 UTC

WN hurt Sargn

2018-06-12 16:52:13 UTC

Gay questions

2018-06-12 16:52:20 UTC

Answer them

2018-06-12 16:52:23 UTC

The answer is no

2018-06-12 16:52:25 UTC

Is natalie Portman white?

2018-06-12 16:52:28 UTC

so not only are we judged as individuals, but as Nations, according to the Holy Scriputres

2018-06-12 16:52:32 UTC

She’s a jew

2018-06-12 16:52:35 UTC

Lol she's a jew

2018-06-12 16:52:41 UTC

But is she white?

2018-06-12 16:52:45 UTC


2018-06-12 16:52:50 UTC

Why not?

2018-06-12 16:52:52 UTC


2018-06-12 16:52:54 UTC

She looks very white

2018-06-12 16:53:07 UTC

Find the genes

2018-06-12 16:53:07 UTC

Jews are not white by their own admission and wishes. They do not wish to be classified as white

2018-06-12 16:53:10 UTC

Unless it suits them

2018-06-12 16:53:12 UTC


2018-06-12 16:53:15 UTC

Spot the nose

2018-06-12 16:53:21 UTC

What about the millions of people like that? They look white but apparently arent?

2018-06-12 16:53:30 UTC

How would you know?

2018-06-12 16:53:31 UTC


2018-06-12 16:53:31 UTC

FG says this there white passing and will use that to their advantage

2018-06-12 16:53:50 UTC

What about italians?

2018-06-12 16:53:52 UTC

Ashkenazi Jews converted to Judaism, they aren't semitic people and have similar DNA makeup as Italians, having said that 99.9% are ANTI - WHITE and do not consider themselves WHITE

2018-06-12 16:54:13 UTC

I have them in my family.... I have some ((()))) blood

2018-06-12 16:54:25 UTC

I thought Ashkenazic have a little Semitic dna

2018-06-12 16:54:29 UTC


2018-06-12 16:54:33 UTC

they have intermingled

2018-06-12 16:54:35 UTC

Then mixed with E Europeans

2018-06-12 16:54:38 UTC

You can't nationalize race here. Despite living in a shir neighborhood, if a black person lived across from me, I'm not gonna dismiss him and say he's just like all of them. As long as they're working and have a stable family, I don't care about the skin color. Skin color doesn't matter. Theres plenty of blacks id rather side with

2018-06-12 16:54:39 UTC

This is the question that trips up everyone usually, obviously white would never be 100% defined, or enforced, how could they? Do as Israel does and do DNA tests? Not plausible for this country anymore.

2018-06-12 16:54:40 UTC

exactly right

2018-06-12 16:54:48 UTC

So why is it theres no checkbox for Jewish in the race category when applying for a job?

2018-06-12 16:54:55 UTC

there should be

2018-06-12 16:54:56 UTC

Implying race is skin color

2018-06-12 16:54:58 UTC

many would check it

2018-06-12 16:55:13 UTC

in Ukraine, where I was born if you were a JEW your nationality SAID JEWISH

2018-06-12 16:55:23 UTC

and no1 had a problem with that

2018-06-12 16:55:28 UTC

always check the hispanice

2018-06-12 16:55:33 UTC

Jew is a protected ethnicity in UK law

2018-06-12 16:55:43 UTC

Lot of blacks in this country that are better than most whites

2018-06-12 16:55:45 UTC

Like blacks Pakis wtc

2018-06-12 16:55:46 UTC

Who are these potato chip fags lol. Race is just skin color?

2018-06-12 16:56:00 UTC

Lots of blacks better than most whites? What does that even mean?

2018-06-12 16:56:07 UTC

Do you have a %

2018-06-12 16:56:12 UTC

It’s dna bones disease prone etc

2018-06-12 16:56:21 UTC

More than skin deep

2018-06-12 16:56:22 UTC

Do you have a data sheet <:brainlet:402673657391874059>

2018-06-12 16:56:29 UTC

I'd rather hang around an atheist black than a WN pagan

2018-06-12 16:56:29 UTC

Do you have anything?

2018-06-12 16:56:34 UTC

but ashken jews are the only jews who were considered white by the founding fathers and allowed to move from Western Europe, probably a mistake in retrospect...

2018-06-12 16:56:34 UTC


2018-06-12 16:56:37 UTC

I do

2018-06-12 16:56:40 UTC

Other than "race is just skin color huehueue"

2018-06-12 16:56:40 UTC

A job

2018-06-12 16:56:50 UTC

I thought even soy fags were past the skin color meme

2018-06-12 16:56:53 UTC

Guess not

2018-06-12 16:57:01 UTC

I never said skin color nigger

2018-06-12 16:57:05 UTC


2018-06-12 16:57:20 UTC


2018-06-12 16:57:26 UTC

Your chip friend did

2018-06-12 16:57:28 UTC

Fag boy

2018-06-12 16:57:31 UTC

Settle down

2018-06-12 16:57:33 UTC

Yeah that wasnt me faggot

2018-06-12 16:57:39 UTC

Yeah your boyfriend

2018-06-12 16:57:46 UTC

One of you chip faggots

2018-06-12 16:57:46 UTC

Hey hey do you have some more of those data sheets and statics that have no sources <:brainlet:402673657391874059>

2018-06-12 16:58:01 UTC

/say /kb @Punished Scaredd niggerlover

2018-06-12 16:58:15 UTC

These people why don’t they care who owns the media, who dominates academiawho controls AIPAC, who wants war in ME etc@Marcus Antonius

2018-06-12 16:58:18 UTC

You literally have nothing to back up your claim, nor does it even make sense. "lots of blacks are better than most whites"

2018-06-12 16:58:25 UTC

Okay well while you guys are larping in fantasy land focusing your hatred on people you dont even know I'm going to live a long happy life

2018-06-12 16:58:32 UTC

Sure thing faggot

2018-06-12 16:58:35 UTC

You go do that now

2018-06-12 16:58:54 UTC

How did civnat faggots sneak in here

2018-06-12 16:58:56 UTC

Let me try to rephrase that for ya. Some blacks are more civilized than others.

2018-06-12 16:59:05 UTC

idk but civ nats are a cancer

2018-06-12 16:59:06 UTC


2018-06-12 16:59:12 UTC

It's a generalized ssltatment for sure but I don't need data sheets, graphs, charts etc

2018-06-12 16:59:25 UTC

Sure go die for Israel or something

2018-06-12 16:59:30 UTC

I dont feel a connection with my "race"

2018-06-12 16:59:37 UTC

Because you're probably a mutt

2018-06-12 16:59:38 UTC

why not sour?

2018-06-12 16:59:47 UTC

That’s strange

2018-06-12 16:59:52 UTC

Your race is your biggest family

2018-06-12 16:59:58 UTC


2018-06-12 17:00:01 UTC


2018-06-12 17:00:02 UTC

Why not just focus on your family

2018-06-12 17:00:08 UTC

if you dont feel a connection to your race you are soy

2018-06-12 17:00:09 UTC

Yes race is extended family

2018-06-12 17:00:11 UTC

I do

2018-06-12 17:00:12 UTC

I'm a mutt, but i feel a connection not only to my GENETIC groups but to the group whose culture I grew up in and was raised...

2018-06-12 17:00:18 UTC

on a very basic level

2018-06-12 17:00:24 UTC

every1 should

2018-06-12 17:00:27 UTC


2018-06-12 17:00:27 UTC

I'm not gonna act like some douchebag is in the same category as my family because he's white

2018-06-12 17:00:32 UTC

I would say that the church congregation is your biggest family

2018-06-12 17:00:47 UTC

Extended family it’s a metaphor GOD

2018-06-12 17:00:55 UTC


2018-06-12 17:01:01 UTC

all blue eyed people are related

2018-06-12 17:01:04 UTC

few know this

2018-06-12 17:01:04 UTC

You don't have to act like anything smoothbrain

2018-06-12 17:01:11 UTC

Religion divides the masses into the ideology and I'd argue ideology effects values more than muh race

2018-06-12 17:01:19 UTC

no way

2018-06-12 17:01:20 UTC


2018-06-12 17:01:23 UTC


2018-06-12 17:01:29 UTC

These arguments tho

2018-06-12 17:01:31 UTC

Both are important but race has culture

2018-06-12 17:01:38 UTC

The only thing that matters if the person has faith, mores and values hard work, I don't give a shit about what he looks like. As long as he has a strong family and put food on the table daily, it doesn't matter if he's black, white, Asian, Hispanic. Why should it matter?

2018-06-12 17:01:40 UTC

Atheist soy boy invasion incoming

2018-06-12 17:01:43 UTC


2018-06-12 17:01:53 UTC


2018-06-12 17:01:55 UTC


2018-06-12 17:02:04 UTC

Race matters the least

2018-06-12 17:02:11 UTC

Black and white cultures are vastly different

2018-06-12 17:02:11 UTC
2018-06-12 17:02:19 UTC

soy goy

2018-06-12 17:02:31 UTC

I an not gonna pretend I have anything but contempt for Patrick little because hes white

2018-06-12 17:02:35 UTC

Go to Church on a given Sunday, people segregate even IN CHURCH because the Church is in fact your extended family, something THAT UNITES YOUR TRIBE. We can still share in the Body and BLood of Christ with different groups and that is fine, but your COMMUNITY is CONNECTED on both Spiritual and Genetic level

2018-06-12 17:02:46 UTC


2018-06-12 17:02:52 UTC

black churches are military targers

2018-06-12 17:02:58 UTC

dylann did nothing wrong

2018-06-12 17:03:17 UTC

Wew this is some weird pseudo science guys have you even read Locke?

2018-06-12 17:03:25 UTC


2018-06-12 17:03:34 UTC

you sound like that faggot from england

2018-06-12 17:03:35 UTC


2018-06-12 17:03:38 UTC

i forgot his name

2018-06-12 17:03:39 UTC

Muslims hate Christmas and every other holiday but who cares because they work hard

2018-06-12 17:03:43 UTC

Chills stop being a fag. I'm pretty sure you're trolling because I don't think you're this retarded

2018-06-12 17:03:45 UTC

ya sargon go away you cuck

2018-06-12 17:03:46 UTC

You too scarred

2018-06-12 17:03:46 UTC

What's sargon

2018-06-12 17:03:51 UTC

"Only us race realists and nationalist are intellectuals, trying to reason with other races is prohibited and low iq." <:brainlet:402673657391874059> <:brainlet:402673657391874059> <:brainlet:402673657391874059>

2018-06-12 17:04:08 UTC

I thought you were being serious til you said LOCKE lol

2018-06-12 17:04:10 UTC

Try to reason with a cow

2018-06-12 17:04:12 UTC

@ChillS - I wouldn't call it pseudo science. I would call it BIBLICAL

2018-06-12 17:04:14 UTC

And there you go

2018-06-12 17:04:19 UTC

and scientific

2018-06-12 17:04:35 UTC

The Lord created the Nations

2018-06-12 17:04:40 UTC

think he did that by mistake?

2018-06-12 17:04:41 UTC

Bible isnt empirically valid tho it's not the same as science

2018-06-12 17:04:51 UTC


2018-06-12 17:04:56 UTC


2018-06-12 17:05:03 UTC

The race shit is science tho

2018-06-12 17:05:03 UTC

Like the bill nye kind?

2018-06-12 17:05:07 UTC


2018-06-12 17:05:11 UTC

Bill Nye

2018-06-12 17:05:17 UTC

Hey man I'm not saying science is the Truth but it's kinda weird that you said the bible is science

2018-06-12 17:05:26 UTC

Mu science and sourceless data is proof is to why we shouldnt reason with other races. Low iq nigga hours

2018-06-12 17:05:27 UTC

IQ, dna different etc

2018-06-12 17:05:36 UTC

The same science that says a perfectly well adjusted person would cut their dicks off and not have a mental health problem

2018-06-12 17:05:50 UTC


2018-06-12 17:05:51 UTC

It depends on whose research you are referring to.... Race Realism has been all but banned.... Go do research on it and you will be driven out of academia

2018-06-12 17:06:01 UTC

but if you look, you can find many great works on it

2018-06-12 17:06:11 UTC

Oh lord another youtube video about muh race

2018-06-12 17:06:18 UTC


2018-06-12 17:06:18 UTC

@Punished Scaredd so there are no biological differences in the races that contribute to different traits like intelligence?

2018-06-12 17:06:22 UTC

I’m talking Lynn, Taylor, Murray etc

2018-06-12 17:06:26 UTC


2018-06-12 17:06:55 UTC

I'm surprised we have so many Civ Nats in here.... I guess that is a good thing.... i think we should treat them nicely.... Many of us used to be Civ Nats, before we evolved

2018-06-12 17:07:04 UTC

We don't. They are trolling

2018-06-12 17:07:04 UTC

these SCIENCE and atheists are just projecting their FUCK YOU DAD IM GAY COMPLEX

2018-06-12 17:07:09 UTC


2018-06-12 17:07:23 UTC

heheh i'm kinda new here, so ....

2018-06-12 17:07:33 UTC

You're good. They are baiting

2018-06-12 17:07:37 UTC

Not all whites are the same. So. There's blacks in this world that are more intelligent than whites. This discussion were having is proof.

2018-06-12 17:07:37 UTC

FUCK YOU DAD IM A LGBTBBQ - @Punished Scaredd

2018-06-12 17:07:47 UTC

Scarred lives in a multicultural area and hates it

2018-06-12 17:07:58 UTC


2018-06-12 17:08:04 UTC

I don't go worshipping race

2018-06-12 17:08:07 UTC

I hate the whites in my area and my best friend is black and more racist than any of you

2018-06-12 17:08:08 UTC

Son why are you wearing panties? FUCK YOU DAD IM GENDERFLUID - @Punished Scaredd

2018-06-12 17:08:12 UTC

Get fukt whyte boi

2018-06-12 17:08:30 UTC

@Punished Scaredd per capita there are more whites at a gifted level than blacks, by HUGE margins

2018-06-12 17:08:35 UTC

Your argument is dog shit

2018-06-12 17:08:39 UTC

Per capita

2018-06-12 17:08:42 UTC

Per xapita

2018-06-12 17:08:49 UTC

Yeah, the thing that fucking matters

2018-06-12 17:08:55 UTC

As a whole too

2018-06-12 17:08:58 UTC

Dude no

2018-06-12 17:09:01 UTC

‘I don’t worship race’ no of us do, we just don’t want our people to die

2018-06-12 17:09:03 UTC

how often do you poast on r/lgbt @Punished Scaredd

2018-06-12 17:09:06 UTC

You are a moron

2018-06-12 17:09:12 UTC

Though art

2018-06-12 17:09:17 UTC

you're welcome 😄

2018-06-12 17:09:20 UTC

It's not bait retaed

2018-06-12 17:09:32 UTC


2018-06-12 17:09:35 UTC


2018-06-12 17:09:37 UTC


2018-06-12 17:09:37 UTC

If you're not trolling someone has hacked that account lol

2018-06-12 17:09:44 UTC

Or you fucked a black girl randomly

2018-06-12 17:09:50 UTC


2018-06-12 17:09:52 UTC


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