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2018-05-24 00:55:03 UTC

they get paid to go to uni

2018-05-24 00:55:04 UTC

(((european style socialists)))

2018-05-24 00:55:16 UTC

There is just no way to sustain a country with this many takers and so little givers.

2018-05-24 00:55:26 UTC

I want to slaughter the poor. Fuck they trigger me lol.

2018-05-24 00:55:34 UTC


2018-05-24 00:55:42 UTC

i found this great study from the nyt of all places

2018-05-24 00:56:02 UTC


2018-05-24 00:56:05 UTC

Do they realize what they said

2018-05-24 00:56:10 UTC


2018-05-24 00:56:11 UTC

maybe because black boys are niggers

2018-05-24 00:56:14 UTC

i love this graph too

2018-05-24 00:56:31 UTC

These fucking redpills courtesy of the nyt

2018-05-24 00:56:34 UTC

remember when jontron said wealthy blacks commit more crime than poor whites and destiny called him crazy?

2018-05-24 00:56:40 UTC

yeah he was right the whole time lmao

2018-05-24 00:56:40 UTC


2018-05-24 00:56:43 UTC

that's a literal fact tho

2018-05-24 00:56:45 UTC

And he got ran off the internet

2018-05-24 00:56:50 UTC

He cucked though

2018-05-24 00:56:51 UTC

like I knew that for years

2018-05-24 00:56:53 UTC

He was weak

2018-05-24 00:56:54 UTC

he didnt get ran off the internet

2018-05-24 00:56:59 UTC

he's still on

2018-05-24 00:57:04 UTC

he just never uploads videos that was always his thing

2018-05-24 00:57:08 UTC

I dont know how he does it tbh

2018-05-24 00:57:09 UTC

i tried googling that claim right after he said it because i was like holy shit is that true and couldnt find anything

2018-05-24 00:57:17 UTC

but this study is from 2018 and literally confirms everything he said

2018-05-24 00:57:21 UTC

I found it on /pol/ way back in the day

2018-05-24 00:57:43 UTC

but wypipo is why tyrone shoots darius fam, the nyt told me

2018-05-24 00:57:52 UTC

yeah that statistic has been around for a while. they call it "regression to the mean"

2018-05-24 00:58:09 UTC

i've known this since trayvon martin and i'm from Australia lmao

2018-05-24 00:58:18 UTC

Well the thing you have to take into account is that stupid ass normies equate incarceration rate with discrimination.... Not the massive over representation we see with blacks concerning the crime rate.

2018-05-24 00:58:25 UTC

u have to live with nigs this should be obvs

2018-05-24 00:58:35 UTC

So a shit lib will look at that graph and say it's because of racism

2018-05-24 00:58:39 UTC


2018-05-24 00:58:53 UTC

i like how a single graph destroys the socioeconomic argument tho

2018-05-24 00:58:55 UTC

thats pretty good

2018-05-24 00:59:04 UTC

*Stop and Frisk did this*

2018-05-24 00:59:17 UTC


2018-05-24 00:59:19 UTC

They act like black people are incapable of committing crimes

2018-05-24 00:59:21 UTC

this also makes me laugh

2018-05-24 00:59:29 UTC

That's a good one

2018-05-24 00:59:31 UTC

Got it

2018-05-24 01:00:15 UTC

When you sneeze


2018-05-24 01:00:27 UTC

Dirt poor white kids score 3 points less on average than the richest black kids, literally probably 0.1% of blacks make over 200k

2018-05-24 01:00:36 UTC

But race is just pigment fam

2018-05-24 01:00:52 UTC

u rite

2018-05-24 01:00:58 UTC


2018-05-24 01:01:00 UTC


2018-05-24 01:01:04 UTC

just look at this caucasian fellow here

2018-05-24 01:01:13 UTC

clearly this man is white

2018-05-24 01:01:34 UTC

Knife the poor


2018-05-24 01:01:47 UTC

If you're over 30 and poor you should be executed

2018-05-24 01:02:00 UTC

im 18 and not poor

2018-05-24 01:02:09 UTC

how hard is it not to be poor just work nigga lmao

2018-05-24 01:02:36 UTC


2018-05-24 01:02:53 UTC

Get a fucking minimum wage job and a part time job, don't spend like an idiot, you can work shit jobs your whole life and be fine. You can be a retard and sustain a life.

2018-05-24 01:03:10 UTC

It's so fucking easy in this country to just skate by with the minimum

2018-05-24 01:03:18 UTC

@everyone Nick hit 15k YouTube sub's RT

2018-05-24 01:03:31 UTC

@Nicholas J Fuentes congrats fella

2018-05-24 01:03:34 UTC

he shud have 6 gorillion

2018-05-24 01:03:35 UTC

Why do nigger need to make the whole street smell like fucking weed

2018-05-24 01:03:53 UTC

black potpourri

2018-05-24 01:03:54 UTC


2018-05-24 01:04:01 UTC

Same reason they have to blast that music that keeps us up at night

2018-05-24 01:04:12 UTC

Tired of this shit

2018-05-24 01:04:19 UTC


2018-05-24 01:04:38 UTC
2018-05-24 01:05:04 UTC

pitbulll advocate "DAB ON TODDLERS"

2018-05-24 01:05:04 UTC

I didn't elect to live around these people

2018-05-24 01:05:30 UTC

I'll be so fucking happy when I get my house next year and live in a 90% white suburb

2018-05-24 01:05:33 UTC


2018-05-24 01:06:09 UTC

Go down like one block from where I live and there's a shit ton of African and Cuban flags

2018-05-24 01:06:22 UTC

How many wakanda flags?

2018-05-24 01:06:29 UTC


2018-05-24 01:07:01 UTC


2018-05-24 01:07:32 UTC

*takes pic of pitbull looking innocent* "it's just the owners!" okay bitch well tell me who raises pits to fight because it sure isn't white people

2018-05-24 01:07:53 UTC

pitbulls are raised just like how black babies are

2018-05-24 01:07:59 UTC

Without a dad?

2018-05-24 01:08:06 UTC

and theyre beaten and shit

2018-05-24 01:08:10 UTC

and abused

2018-05-24 01:08:28 UTC

you ever see any videos of sheboons screaming at their kids and beating them?

2018-05-24 01:08:40 UTC


2018-05-24 01:08:49 UTC

genetics plays a role but goddamn no wonder theres so many little violent criminal niglets

2018-05-24 01:08:51 UTC

I hate pit bulls but they are chad. They can kill anyone without any feelings and they know they can get away with it because women think they're cute

2018-05-24 01:09:01 UTC

I gotta stay off Facebook when I start drinking or my credit score is gonna get a visit from mossad.

2018-05-24 01:09:16 UTC

@WOMP WOMP boi genetics determine how they raise their kids too

2018-05-24 01:09:25 UTC

think about it

2018-05-24 01:09:29 UTC

@Punished Scaredd you can literally substitute pitbulls for black males in any scenario and it's the same thing

2018-05-24 01:09:47 UTC

i know genetics determine it

2018-05-24 01:10:01 UTC

hell black kids raised by white families have the same iq as their parents lmao

2018-05-24 01:10:16 UTC

I hate black males but they are so Chad. They can kill anyone without feelings and know they can get away with it because women think they're cute.

2018-05-24 01:10:24 UTC


2018-05-24 01:10:34 UTC

muh dicc

2018-05-24 01:10:45 UTC


2018-05-24 01:11:21 UTC


2018-05-24 01:11:26 UTC

baiste moderate brown pipo

2018-05-24 01:12:39 UTC


2018-05-24 01:12:51 UTC

Thinking about getting a Siberian husky or a Alaskan malamute

2018-05-24 01:13:07 UTC

Crop fail

2018-05-24 01:13:10 UTC

But you get it.

2018-05-24 01:13:13 UTC


2018-05-24 01:13:17 UTC

i had a malamute. good dogs if you know how to train a dog.

2018-05-24 01:13:27 UTC

bad dogs if u don't

2018-05-24 01:13:27 UTC

I'm gonna fix

2018-05-24 01:13:33 UTC

i had an english bulldog

2018-05-24 01:13:36 UTC

nice doggo

2018-05-24 01:13:48 UTC

Both are expensive as fuck tho

2018-05-24 01:14:02 UTC


2018-05-24 01:14:05 UTC

There we go

2018-05-24 01:14:08 UTC

here she is


2018-05-24 01:14:19 UTC

funny thing, my family had what was told to us to be a great dane mix

2018-05-24 01:14:46 UTC

it tried attacking my sister and mom, and had crazy mental issues, chewed out of his muzzle, chewed our carpet

2018-05-24 01:14:52 UTC

turned out to be a damn pitbull

2018-05-24 01:15:15 UTC

I want either a malamute or husky but dont got the space

2018-05-24 01:15:31 UTC

they need to exercise, A LOT!

2018-05-24 01:15:39 UTC

and training n stuff

2018-05-24 01:15:49 UTC

to keep them from getting bored

2018-05-24 01:15:51 UTC

I hear they shed a shit ton

2018-05-24 01:15:55 UTC


2018-05-24 01:16:02 UTC

gotta brush them

2018-05-24 01:16:11 UTC

at start ofsummer esp

2018-05-24 01:16:32 UTC


2018-05-24 01:16:33 UTC

u can just pull out chunks of shedded hair

2018-05-24 01:16:35 UTC

thinking with the wrong head

2018-05-24 01:17:24 UTC

Tazer had a white Christmas but instead of snow, he got dog hair

2018-05-24 01:17:45 UTC

Non-Whites ALREADY take huge sums of money out of the social safety nets. Socialism in American should be about getting the same gibs for White People.

2018-05-24 01:17:56 UTC

it was like shaving a sheep mang.

2018-05-24 01:18:01 UTC

yeah i agree

2018-05-24 01:18:03 UTC

so much floof

2018-05-24 01:18:06 UTC

then again

2018-05-24 01:18:16 UTC

is a welfare state necessary for an all white nation?

2018-05-24 01:18:36 UTC

limited safety net is good

2018-05-24 01:18:39 UTC

i agree

2018-05-24 01:18:40 UTC


2018-05-24 01:18:53 UTC

i think we should have basic health insurance coverage for emergencies and shit

2018-05-24 01:18:59 UTC

Yes, white people deserve security, especially in terms of health care.

2018-05-24 01:19:02 UTC

a car crash shouldnt cause you to be in debt the rest of your life

2018-05-24 01:19:11 UTC

Fucking romans

2018-05-24 01:19:16 UTC

Built the wall

2018-05-24 01:19:19 UTC

then again, if you smoke all your life, and get lung cancer, you deserve that shit

2018-05-24 01:19:24 UTC

we have free healthcare in Straya

2018-05-24 01:19:30 UTC


2018-05-24 01:19:34 UTC

i have private insurance tho

2018-05-24 01:19:54 UTC

better care with private

2018-05-24 01:19:58 UTC


2018-05-24 01:20:04 UTC

these jewish journalist scum

2018-05-24 01:20:40 UTC

If you smoke all your life and have no coverage, you will end up on Medicaid or in the ER (even LESS cost effective). So it really doesn't matter.

2018-05-24 01:21:16 UTC

judge (((naomi reice buchwald))) who ruled on POTUS twitter


2018-05-24 01:21:24 UTC

we should break down coverage into unintentional and intentional

2018-05-24 01:21:43 UTC

if youre a fat fuck, weigh 400 lbs and you need some surgery, i shouldnt have to subsidize that

2018-05-24 01:21:55 UTC

@WOMP WOMP boi elective surgery shouldn't be free. ever

2018-05-24 01:21:59 UTC

if you get in a car crash and it was unavoidable and you need medical care, thats understandable

2018-05-24 01:22:01 UTC

yes totally

2018-05-24 01:22:32 UTC

Who is it a protected right to view a twitter accoint

2018-05-24 01:22:37 UTC


2018-05-24 01:22:56 UTC


2018-05-24 01:23:27 UTC

"well ya see trump's twitter is a public space because he's the president, even though its his personal twitter account, but all other personal twitter accounts are not public spaces because we want everything our way and fuck drumpf"

2018-05-24 01:23:28 UTC

Twitter is a private company when they want to censor you but suddenly it is a public utility when Trump wants to block retards

2018-05-24 01:23:29 UTC

It works

2018-05-24 01:24:38 UTC

i like how racism is the main justification for high black crime rates even tho the rate of black criminality increases if the crime is more severe

2018-05-24 01:24:45 UTC

52% of murders are done by blacks

2018-05-24 01:25:04 UTC

Saxon Twitter 🔥

2018-05-24 01:25:19 UTC

Saxon lol

2018-05-24 01:25:24 UTC

Nibba is a fruit sometimes

2018-05-24 01:25:29 UTC

@Marcus Antonius The higher the severity of the crime, the higher the rate at which blacks commit that crime

2018-05-24 01:25:41 UTC

Twitter is fire lately though

2018-05-24 01:25:46 UTC

Blacks are disproportionately committing more rapes and murders than they are other, less severe crimes

2018-05-24 01:26:03 UTC

Violent crime is particularly easier for them to shine in since they have zero impulse control.

2018-05-24 01:26:16 UTC

blacks excel at all crime bar drink driving

2018-05-24 01:26:20 UTC

but thats wypipo fault

2018-05-24 01:26:52 UTC


2018-05-24 01:27:06 UTC

Drunk driving is actually where they are lowest represented if I remember right, probably because they don't pull people over in fear of being filmed and branded a racist.

2018-05-24 01:27:47 UTC

probs stoned when driving

2018-05-24 01:27:51 UTC

not drunk

2018-05-24 01:29:43 UTC

Ahh true

2018-05-24 01:30:02 UTC

I've seen them drink straight from brown paper sacks at a red light

2018-05-24 01:30:10 UTC

Like fuck just get the fuck out already

2018-05-24 01:30:20 UTC

You're not adult people, you're not even children

2018-05-24 01:30:42 UTC

@Punished Scaredd rage with me

2018-05-24 01:30:52 UTC

I'm ragepilled rn

2018-05-24 01:30:58 UTC

I fucking hate it here

2018-05-24 01:30:59 UTC

me 24/7

2018-05-24 01:31:06 UTC

how do people live like this

2018-05-24 01:31:11 UTC
2018-05-24 01:31:22 UTC



2018-05-24 01:31:38 UTC
2018-05-24 01:31:43 UTC
2018-05-24 01:31:47 UTC

Dude marcus

2018-05-24 01:31:48 UTC

@Punished Scaredd when can you get the fuck out

2018-05-24 01:31:51 UTC

You missed it earlier today

2018-05-24 01:32:00 UTC

i'd go full bowlcut if i had to live near 'em tbqhwyfamalam

2018-05-24 01:32:04 UTC

once i get a better job

2018-05-24 01:32:09 UTC

Marcus, earlier today, a thot slipped in. People started to orbit her

2018-05-24 01:32:12 UTC

I'll pray for you my man

2018-05-24 01:32:13 UTC

for my AP lit class we had to read a book written by some sheboon written almost entirely in broken english

2018-05-24 01:32:15 UTC

I kicked her off the server

2018-05-24 01:32:31 UTC

Good job

2018-05-24 01:32:32 UTC

I wasn't going to allow the server's social cohesion get destroyed

2018-05-24 01:32:36 UTC

Dusty you nigger nobody was orbiting her

2018-05-24 01:32:37 UTC

Who the fuck was orbiting thots

2018-05-24 01:32:41 UTC

Prob breadpill

2018-05-24 01:32:50 UTC

@WOMP WOMP boi ye i've seen those books. written in ebonic style. laughed my ass off

2018-05-24 01:32:51 UTC

@Marcus Antonius her name was Desiree, she was from the baked Alaska server

2018-05-24 01:32:53 UTC

We fucked with her for 5 minutes

2018-05-24 01:32:54 UTC

So you already know

2018-05-24 01:32:58 UTC

What type of girl she is

2018-05-24 01:33:03 UTC

Is baked still a thing?

2018-05-24 01:33:10 UTC

All the girls in that server are mods

2018-05-24 01:33:21 UTC

Baked Alaska still has a server? Amazing

2018-05-24 01:33:27 UTC


2018-05-24 01:33:39 UTC

People are dumber than I thought

2018-05-24 01:33:44 UTC

was called "their eyes were watching god". the entire point of the book is that authority was bad, exploring your sexuality and being a whore is good, and it was written in ebonics

2018-05-24 01:33:47 UTC

I'm surprised he hasn't killed himself. Dude has serious mental issues.

2018-05-24 01:33:50 UTC


2018-05-24 01:34:15 UTC

i wanted to read Dostoevsky and good shit

2018-05-24 01:34:24 UTC

instead we got othello, ebonics, and feminist bullshit

2018-05-24 01:34:28 UTC

>American education

2018-05-24 01:34:33 UTC

Welcome to college

2018-05-24 01:34:33 UTC

>Expected quality

2018-05-24 01:34:37 UTC

All the blame is on **you**

2018-05-24 01:34:40 UTC

I'm glad I finished pre 2014

2018-05-24 01:34:49 UTC

lmao im mandated to go to high school buddy

2018-05-24 01:34:54 UTC

ok kid

2018-05-24 01:34:54 UTC

It was a fucking dumpster fire when I graduated

2018-05-24 01:34:56 UTC

What do you expect from a person that only has a marketing degree. He's not even employed lmao

2018-05-24 01:34:57 UTC

We had to read Anne Frank’s diary like 3 times starting in elementary school

2018-05-24 01:35:09 UTC

i read that too

2018-05-24 01:35:13 UTC

and night by elie wiesel

2018-05-24 01:35:19 UTC

I saw the fucking pianist 5 times in high school

2018-05-24 01:35:28 UTC

I have to read night next year

2018-05-24 01:35:31 UTC


2018-05-24 01:35:32 UTC

i think we started reading anne frank in a biology class for some damn reason

2018-05-24 01:35:48 UTC

Biology doesn't get to ignore the six gorillion

2018-05-24 01:35:50 UTC


2018-05-24 01:36:05 UTC

my "health" class was the worst

2018-05-24 01:36:13 UTC

degenerate fucking bullshit

2018-05-24 01:36:14 UTC

We were shown the most graphic holocaust footage in elementary school but needed a permission slip to watch a pg 13 movie

2018-05-24 01:36:23 UTC

My health class was pretty much pushing high-school kids to fuck eachother

2018-05-24 01:36:27 UTC


2018-05-24 01:36:30 UTC

Was your biology teacher named Dr. Mengele?

2018-05-24 01:36:34 UTC


2018-05-24 01:36:41 UTC

No way

2018-05-24 01:36:48 UTC

stupid shit about condoms, gender identity, weed (ayy lmao), and fags

2018-05-24 01:36:57 UTC

its all so tiresome

2018-05-24 01:37:10 UTC

and health class is needed to graduate...

2018-05-24 01:37:12 UTC

I was in high school health before it got this bad but yeah it was still pozzed

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