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2018-05-08 21:57:52 UTC


2018-05-08 21:58:02 UTC

It was that polical test right

2018-05-08 21:58:05 UTC


2018-05-08 21:58:05 UTC


2018-05-08 21:58:07 UTC

4th position politics is basically fascism.

2018-05-08 21:59:02 UTC

Imagine supporting accelerationism yet your against what's happening in ME between Israel, Syria and Iran

2018-05-08 21:59:46 UTC

imagine supporting accelerationism

2018-05-08 21:59:58 UTC

bibi is an accelerationist

2018-05-08 22:00:05 UTC

bibi is my bb

2018-05-08 22:00:07 UTC


2018-05-08 22:00:11 UTC

imagine being a woman

2018-05-08 22:00:25 UTC

Im a big fan of Bibi

2018-05-08 22:00:27 UTC

good guy

2018-05-08 22:00:29 UTC

i can't imagine having no thoughts thats a contradiction

2018-05-08 22:00:36 UTC

I'm only a domestic accelerationist. I want riots and the national guard on the streets of America.

2018-05-08 22:02:04 UTC

Im in support of everything Israel is doing rn tbh

2018-05-08 22:02:50 UTC

Gotta put an end to this bullshit somehow

2018-05-08 22:03:45 UTC

I mean

2018-05-08 22:03:52 UTC

we all know who's going to win

2018-05-08 22:05:20 UTC

LMAO so I'm on Catholic match and I click my state and on the front page is some dude using Nick Fuentes as his avatar

2018-05-08 22:05:24 UTC

protip: its not going to be Iran and Syria

2018-05-08 22:07:44 UTC

I wouldnt mind bibi tbh if he got his grubby hands away from us

2018-05-08 22:08:34 UTC

@SLUG that's probably Nick

2018-05-08 22:11:21 UTC

>talking to ginger qt with blue eyes

2018-05-08 22:11:28 UTC

>prefers they/them pronouns

2018-05-08 22:11:34 UTC


2018-05-08 22:14:37 UTC

I like what Bibi has done for Jerusalem

2018-05-08 22:15:08 UTC

You can like the man and not be a Zionist

2018-05-08 22:15:23 UTC

It doesn't go one way fellas

2018-05-08 22:18:32 UTC

@SLUG post proofs

2018-05-08 22:18:47 UTC


2018-05-08 22:29:16 UTC

Bibi is a fag and liar

2018-05-08 22:29:58 UTC

Iran is gonna get pozzed

2018-05-08 22:31:39 UTC

No way

2018-05-08 22:35:38 UTC

How do I get an invite link to add someone?

2018-05-08 22:36:10 UTC

*you don't*

2018-05-08 22:36:37 UTC

Lol it gets posted in the live chat all the time. I just don't want to dig for it.

2018-05-08 22:36:52 UTC

I've actually done that before

2018-05-08 22:37:42 UTC

Lol nvm it's on his patreon page

2018-05-08 22:38:42 UTC

Whos patreon...

2018-05-08 22:38:50 UTC
2018-05-08 22:40:06 UTC


2018-05-08 22:40:16 UTC

But it's actually expired nevermind

2018-05-08 22:41:34 UTC

Nick doesnt have a patreon

2018-05-08 22:41:41 UTC

Oh the fake one right

2018-05-08 22:41:44 UTC

Hes banned from it

2018-05-08 22:41:47 UTC

who is nick

2018-05-08 22:41:47 UTC

Forgot he mentioned that

2018-05-08 22:41:52 UTC

Can you link it actually

2018-05-08 22:41:55 UTC

I want to see it

2018-05-08 22:42:05 UTC

You should probably report it tbh

2018-05-08 22:42:26 UTC

Check "realpolitik" channel for live primary results

2018-05-08 22:42:35 UTC

Yeah i was just checking

2018-05-08 22:42:44 UTC

Only one state has results up

2018-05-08 22:42:55 UTC

Oooh nah it's actually just the "America First" patreon

2018-05-08 22:43:13 UTC

Probably some James Allsup sheit

2018-05-08 22:43:15 UTC

Ahhh lol

2018-05-08 22:43:22 UTC

Yeah its james allsups

2018-05-08 22:43:30 UTC

I dmd you a link

2018-05-08 22:43:31 UTC

I'll report it anyway lol

2018-05-08 22:43:37 UTC

Thanks m8

2018-05-08 22:43:38 UTC


2018-05-08 22:44:57 UTC

The absolute madman tbh

2018-05-08 22:45:02 UTC


2018-05-08 22:45:09 UTC


2018-05-08 22:45:37 UTC

81% of journalists killed in 2017 were men.

2018-05-08 22:45:40 UTC

im gearing up for cpac. wearing a safari hat, hawaiian shirt and cargo shorts

2018-05-08 22:45:58 UTC

Im not gonna waste my time going to cpac tbh

2018-05-08 22:46:10 UTC

Surrounding yourself with a bunch of neocon faggots

2018-05-08 22:48:03 UTC

Lets get that number up fellas

2018-05-08 22:51:07 UTC


2018-05-08 22:51:11 UTC


2018-05-08 22:51:16 UTC

Whats going on big guy

2018-05-08 22:52:38 UTC

This is the new head of the NRA

2018-05-08 22:52:45 UTC


2018-05-08 22:57:48 UTC

The DemoKKKrats are the REAL racists

2018-05-08 22:59:28 UTC


2018-05-08 23:01:15 UTC

anyone want to play fortnite

2018-05-08 23:02:45 UTC

also Oliver North is a CIA nigger

2018-05-08 23:02:57 UTC

along with the rest of the Bush acolytes

2018-05-08 23:04:53 UTC

He helped kill commies tho

2018-05-08 23:05:07 UTC

yeah one squad of commies versus the other

2018-05-08 23:05:47 UTC

he literally went to jail for literally funding RW death squads

2018-05-08 23:06:37 UTC

its a indicator the NRA has decided to stop being pussies

2018-05-08 23:06:47 UTC

they could have found a based black

2018-05-08 23:06:57 UTC

or a gun toting soccer milf

2018-05-08 23:07:03 UTC

I don't think you understand the level of subversion that is likely to happen

2018-05-08 23:07:06 UTC

if it hasn't happened already

2018-05-08 23:07:07 UTC

He took the fall for Reagan, the guy could've been shot for treason

2018-05-08 23:07:08 UTC

Vote Blankenship

2018-05-08 23:07:13 UTC

Reagan should have been shot for treason

2018-05-08 23:07:39 UTC


2018-05-08 23:07:43 UTC


2018-05-08 23:07:45 UTC

he should have been shot for not nuking Iran

2018-05-08 23:07:50 UTC

Contras were as much as "right wing death squads" as they were the hitmen of drug cartels and multinational corps

2018-05-08 23:07:51 UTC

Why can we rescind the Iran deal but not DACA

2018-05-08 23:07:59 UTC


2018-05-08 23:08:05 UTC

not my kind of RWDS tbh

2018-05-08 23:08:14 UTC

Polygraph s are bullshit

2018-05-08 23:08:15 UTC

He should have been shot for the 1986 Simpson Mazzoli Amnesty.

2018-05-08 23:08:16 UTC

replace one authoritarian dickhead with anohter

2018-05-08 23:08:38 UTC

^ my doxx

2018-05-08 23:08:39 UTC

They already have dana loesch tho

2018-05-08 23:08:46 UTC

it was over for Reagan by the time he was forced to nominate Poppa Bush as his VP

2018-05-08 23:08:58 UTC

definitely by the time he was nearly assassinated

2018-05-08 23:09:05 UTC

go ahead and repeat sandinista commie propaganda 2 decades later if you want

2018-05-08 23:09:16 UTC

@PalinPower I bet you think Israel is our greatest ally too

2018-05-08 23:09:21 UTC

get your talking points from leftist professors

2018-05-08 23:09:22 UTC

How about neither sides were good?

2018-05-08 23:09:45 UTC

You're a fucking dimwitted faggot who probably thinks we have real, palatable choices in every election

2018-05-08 23:09:48 UTC

how about seeing it for what it is

2018-05-08 23:09:51 UTC

I am

2018-05-08 23:10:00 UTC

We should have never been involved in Latin America to the extent that we were

2018-05-08 23:10:09 UTC


2018-05-08 23:10:25 UTC


2018-05-08 23:10:29 UTC


2018-05-08 23:10:29 UTC

Putting a CIA nigger in charge of the most important gun lobbying organization is not what I call a white pill

2018-05-08 23:10:40 UTC

"We gotta take over the drugs!!!" <:brainlet:402673657391874059>

2018-05-08 23:10:49 UTC

How about... enforce the border and stop importing drugs?

2018-05-08 23:10:57 UTC

Fucking CIA nigger mindset

2018-05-08 23:11:20 UTC

Oh fuck ollie north is the head of the nra

2018-05-08 23:11:23 UTC

Sounds simple enough

2018-05-08 23:11:25 UTC

Fuck us

2018-05-08 23:11:39 UTC


2018-05-08 23:11:40 UTC

This is fucking horrible

2018-05-08 23:11:44 UTC

I only know who that nigga is because of American Dad

2018-05-08 23:11:50 UTC

is oliver north good?

2018-05-08 23:12:01 UTC

@PalinPower the Ruskies that were literally one shove away from collapsing, right?

2018-05-08 23:12:07 UTC

Neocons now control our gun rights.

2018-05-08 23:12:11 UTC


2018-05-08 23:12:27 UTC


2018-05-08 23:12:32 UTC

I have no problems with non Soviet aligned communists because they're usually trying to deliver a giant FUCK YOU to the World Bank and the IMF

2018-05-08 23:12:40 UTC

as long as it's not in my country

2018-05-08 23:12:42 UTC


2018-05-08 23:12:46 UTC


2018-05-08 23:12:54 UTC

Look at what happened in Burkina Faso with Thomas Sankara

2018-05-08 23:13:07 UTC

became self sufficient, vaccinated everybody, raised literacy, and said fuck you to the world bank

2018-05-08 23:13:22 UTC

My country's nationalist movement was hijacked by commies (thank you MI5) and no, they don't give a shit about ending usury

2018-05-08 23:13:28 UTC

then he gets assassinated by his second in command, and within 3 months Burkina Faso takes in billions in World Bank loans, becomes a debt slave to Wall Street

2018-05-08 23:13:37 UTC


2018-05-08 23:13:40 UTC

@NormanLord sometimes communists are like that

2018-05-08 23:13:53 UTC

They're always like that

2018-05-08 23:13:54 UTC

Don't think in strict terms of ideology because usually ideology is a cover for something more practical

2018-05-08 23:14:12 UTC

The Cold war had it's own rules

2018-05-08 23:14:23 UTC

If the CIA thought that funding and subverting the communist party would gain them greater control over a nation's natural resources they will definitely do that

2018-05-08 23:14:46 UTC

but usually that doesn't happen unless the communist party happens to hate the Soviet Union

2018-05-08 23:15:06 UTC

and the ideology of people within the CIA often straddles too close to communism for comfort

2018-05-08 23:15:28 UTC

plus you have the whole project of left-wing globalism being pushed by the CIA and other powerful institutions

2018-05-08 23:15:41 UTC

so really, what is the meaningful distinction at the end of the day? violent communism or peaceful communism

2018-05-08 23:15:46 UTC

I want neither

2018-05-08 23:16:01 UTC

so fuck the communists, fuck anything backed by the CIA

2018-05-08 23:17:07 UTC

does promoting feminism aid in the government's attempt to control the population? then they will socially engineer feminism into society. and that's what they did

2018-05-08 23:17:21 UTC

Kill commies without discretion

2018-05-08 23:17:25 UTC

does promoting multiculturalism aid in the government's attempt to control the population? then they will socially engineer multiculturalism into society. and that's what they did

2018-05-08 23:17:50 UTC

and now you have major globalist proponents arguing that the "Laffer curve" @Nicholas J Fuentes is somewhere between 60% and 80%

2018-05-08 23:17:59 UTC

and I'm not talking random Jews either

2018-05-08 23:18:14 UTC

people like Larry-fucking-Summers, former treasury secretary under Clinton and national economic adviser under Obama

2018-05-08 23:18:22 UTC

and he considers himself to be a "moderate" among liberals nowadays

2018-05-08 23:19:17 UTC

Are you talking about the top marginal tax rate?

2018-05-08 23:19:21 UTC

I'm just not interested in serfdom under subverted capitalism (whether it's like a parody of ancapistan or the slow globalist push towards communism) or under revolutionary communism

2018-05-08 23:19:22 UTC


2018-05-08 23:19:33 UTC

I have no problem with 60-80%

2018-05-08 23:19:37 UTC

you're fucking crazy

2018-05-08 23:19:47 UTC

tax 80% of the highest earners and hand it to niggers

2018-05-08 23:19:47 UTC


2018-05-08 23:19:51 UTC

fucking hell

2018-05-08 23:19:53 UTC


2018-05-08 23:20:01 UTC

Did I say hand it to niggers?

2018-05-08 23:20:14 UTC

you wouldn't need that high of a tax rate if you didnt fund the social welfare state

2018-05-08 23:20:34 UTC

so yeah, unless you want to needlessly tax and waste money that could be better spent by the free market, then you're going to have to hand it to soebody

2018-05-08 23:20:38 UTC


2018-05-08 23:21:11 UTC

west virginia polls close in 10

2018-05-08 23:21:31 UTC

Fuck free markets. I want regulated markets.

2018-05-08 23:21:51 UTC

Vocational economy>market economy

2018-05-08 23:22:01 UTC

This is the Catholic position

2018-05-08 23:22:27 UTC

I don't have a problem with a market economy but it requires that society be more aware of its potential downfalls

2018-05-08 23:22:37 UTC

You can have Christian capitalism, or maybe something even more radical like distributism

2018-05-08 23:22:44 UTC

"Yeah, let's not tax people so the rootless elite can better distance themselves from us as their influence grows" fuck off

2018-05-08 23:22:46 UTC

Capitalism is antithetical to Catholicism, usury is creation of wealth ex nihilo and the use of deceit to profit

2018-05-08 23:23:00 UTC

@Papa Berb you do realize that the elite NEVER pays those tax rates

2018-05-08 23:23:17 UTC

We should force them to

2018-05-08 23:23:19 UTC

tax legislation always carries special arcane loopholes for billionaire tax boutiques

2018-05-08 23:23:35 UTC


2018-05-08 23:23:36 UTC


2018-05-08 23:23:38 UTC


2018-05-08 23:23:54 UTC

Having higher taxes doesn't mean more loopholes

2018-05-08 23:23:59 UTC

be real

2018-05-08 23:24:01 UTC

it always does

2018-05-08 23:24:30 UTC

I don't think it does. We're so used to things being fucked that we forget how things used to be

2018-05-08 23:24:31 UTC

You had millionaires and billionaires paying 5-10% under the latest tax system before Trump's tax plan

2018-05-08 23:24:57 UTC

and tbh given how hard it is to find out what's really happening now, I don't have a lot of faith that things weren't always this way

2018-05-08 23:25:10 UTC

I read a lot of history, but I think most of that knowledge is bullshit anyway

2018-05-08 23:25:16 UTC

AT LEAST high taxes make the welfare state fund itself as it goes

2018-05-08 23:25:18 UTC

Very hard to get real insight into what was going on

2018-05-08 23:25:50 UTC

I feel like wasting some money

2018-05-08 23:25:51 UTC

low taxes allow them to benefit from it but not pay for it

2018-05-08 23:25:55 UTC

What should I buy from Nike

2018-05-08 23:25:59 UTC


2018-05-08 23:26:02 UTC

A gf

2018-05-08 23:26:06 UTC


2018-05-08 23:26:18 UTC

Buy Adidas instead

2018-05-08 23:26:24 UTC

My brother just offered to pay me to write a paper for him arguing for or against life imprisonment for children

2018-05-08 23:26:31 UTC

I'm wanting underwear

2018-05-08 23:26:39 UTC

You know, I got a lot of shit for "being a communist" because I didn't support CIA nigger operations in foreign countries that we had no business being involved in, often in order to let some shitty company rampage over a bunch of nonwhites (and guess where they'll want to go once they lose everything? ... durr), and now I have to listen to all of you talking about how you want tax rates to skyrocket on high earners

2018-05-08 23:26:40 UTC

Nike makes better clothes than Adidas I think

2018-05-08 23:27:00 UTC

The slavs would disagree

2018-05-08 23:27:11 UTC

high earners are the drivers of big, restrictive govt little guy

2018-05-08 23:27:12 UTC

you really like nike, ulf

2018-05-08 23:27:20 UTC

Adidas is a discount brand tbh

2018-05-08 23:27:20 UTC

I know what kinds of high earners are going to get destroyed: doctors, lawyers, small businesses and entrepreneurs, the upper middle class that keeps this country moving

2018-05-08 23:27:26 UTC

did you miss your libertarian phase?

2018-05-08 23:27:34 UTC

Adidas >>> Nike

2018-05-08 23:27:35 UTC

you should already know these things

2018-05-08 23:27:45 UTC

What's something you'd recommend from adidss

2018-05-08 23:27:51 UTC

@PalinPower that's because they use their money and influence to create monopolies and favorable regulations in order to drive out competition

2018-05-08 23:28:12 UTC

big earners really hate competing

2018-05-08 23:28:20 UTC

Capitalists gotta get out tbh

2018-05-08 23:28:21 UTC

I have no problem with big earners, but I want them to compete hard for it

2018-05-08 23:28:33 UTC

Fuckin sick of hearing pro Capital shilling

2018-05-08 23:28:33 UTC



2018-05-08 23:28:42 UTC

You seem to miss the point where having a high top marginal tax rate is not communism

2018-05-08 23:28:56 UTC

@Papa Berb at what point does it end

2018-05-08 23:29:04 UTC

he existence of very rich bad actors doesn't make the idea of capitalism illegitimater

2018-05-08 23:29:09 UTC

@Ulf shoes

2018-05-08 23:29:09 UTC

they've been pushing marginal tax rates higher and higher and ever so higher for the past half century

2018-05-08 23:29:19 UTC

very rich people are pushing big govt

2018-05-08 23:29:21 UTC

People are reading @Gregory Malchuk propaganda


2018-05-08 23:29:29 UTC

All men go to heaven

2018-05-08 23:29:36 UTC

Adidas has the best shoes

2018-05-08 23:29:36 UTC

Everything else goes to he'll

2018-05-08 23:29:44 UTC

Adidas shoes are nice


2018-05-08 23:29:54 UTC

Return it to 50s levels

2018-05-08 23:29:54 UTC

But I prefer the brand of Nike so I buy their worse sboes

2018-05-08 23:29:56 UTC

nick is so wrong about converse all stars

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