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2018-05-08 13:27:09 UTC

Is a squatty potty worth it guys

2018-05-08 13:27:33 UTC

I take most of my shits not at home but I'm shitty like 3-5 times a day

2018-05-08 13:27:45 UTC


2018-05-08 13:29:28 UTC

They emasculate men plus it looks like it supposed to help people like Ben Shapiro reach the toilet

2018-05-08 13:30:19 UTC

@sbbu yes

2018-05-08 13:32:05 UTC

@Jeff2 I was asleep

2018-05-08 13:32:16 UTC

I woke up at 5am

2018-05-08 13:32:20 UTC

But fell asleep again

2018-05-08 13:34:32 UTC

@ChillS do u know how to fix

2018-05-08 13:34:37 UTC

Allergy season 😩️

2018-05-08 13:34:42 UTC


2018-05-08 13:34:47 UTC


2018-05-08 13:34:54 UTC

@brohiemchillsef what browser are u talking about

2018-05-08 13:39:01 UTC

to those who aren't cut yet, there's still time

2018-05-08 13:39:19 UTC

do it before it's too late!

2018-05-08 13:41:26 UTC


2018-05-08 13:42:47 UTC


2018-05-08 13:43:14 UTC

>the lord gave me foreskin because he wants me to cut it off
Really makes you think

2018-05-08 13:45:26 UTC

Imagine mutilating your son for zog. Fucking boomers

2018-05-08 13:46:43 UTC


2018-05-08 13:47:07 UTC

This was posted yesterday, but it's still the best thot destruction of all time

2018-05-08 13:47:13 UTC


2018-05-08 13:47:17 UTC

i thought opera was a form of theatre

2018-05-08 13:47:18 UTC

not gay sex

2018-05-08 13:47:26 UTC

imma have my kids circumed

2018-05-08 13:47:36 UTC

and there's nothing anyone can do about it

2018-05-08 13:48:10 UTC

orbit handing

2018-05-08 13:48:23 UTC

you actually use opera? @sbbu

2018-05-08 13:48:41 UTC

yea : )

2018-05-08 13:48:49 UTC

The only thing Paul Ryan has the balls to grab is zog money

2018-05-08 13:48:51 UTC

chad opera vs the virgin chrome

2018-05-08 13:48:56 UTC

I will not cut my sons cock skin off

2018-05-08 13:49:01 UTC

im not an animal

2018-05-08 13:50:20 UTC

chads use firefox

2018-05-08 13:51:12 UTC

woke niggas use the internet mod on minecraft

2018-05-08 13:51:16 UTC

Mozilla are literally gay big guy

2018-05-08 13:51:44 UTC

if you dont use netscape navigator ur not trad

2018-05-08 13:51:45 UTC

not unless you know how to about:config properly, virgin

2018-05-08 13:51:59 UTC

here bud

2018-05-08 13:52:27 UTC

imagine using a web browser created by google

2018-05-08 13:52:33 UTC

the ultimate tech jew

2018-05-08 13:52:58 UTC

internet explorer is the way to do it

2018-05-08 13:52:58 UTC



2018-05-08 13:53:13 UTC

is that windows 8

2018-05-08 13:53:16 UTC


2018-05-08 13:53:33 UTC

chrome is literally spyware

2018-05-08 13:54:29 UTC


2018-05-08 13:55:17 UTC

firefox with proper about:config usage and correct addons is the way

2018-05-08 13:56:27 UTC

only chads are on windows version 1803


2018-05-08 13:56:44 UTC

Let's be honest, not using the internet and going full Dr. Ted primbol is the only trad way

2018-05-08 13:57:09 UTC

if you haven't gotten the april's update your pretty much gay

2018-05-08 13:58:21 UTC

does anyone know where nick btfoed pagans in the past 48 hours i saw it on his twitter i must see this

2018-05-08 13:58:23 UTC

anyone ?

2018-05-08 13:59:44 UTC

>using anything other than windows 7

2018-05-08 13:59:44 UTC


2018-05-08 13:59:59 UTC


2018-05-08 14:00:09 UTC

The pagan shit on last nights America First show was relentless

2018-05-08 14:00:43 UTC

>not using kali so you can hack kids on xbox live

2018-05-08 14:01:08 UTC

That is absolute Chad. Pitbull genocide when

2018-05-08 14:01:30 UTC

gas the dogs species war now

2018-05-08 14:01:46 UTC

gotta ban the pit bulls

2018-05-08 14:01:51 UTC

too dangerous!

2018-05-08 14:02:30 UTC

it doesnt matter if pit bulls are banned. criminals will still find a way to get them

2018-05-08 14:02:33 UTC

yeah im watching the show now

2018-05-08 14:02:36 UTC

White women who own pitbulls must also be forcefully removed.

2018-05-08 14:02:38 UTC

it only hurts law abiding dog owners

2018-05-08 14:02:40 UTC

every SINGLE time nick goes in on pagans

2018-05-08 14:02:44 UTC

ITS worth of a viral video

2018-05-08 14:03:05 UTC

someone shud clip them together

2018-05-08 14:03:08 UTC

I couldn't believe there were that many pagans tbh

2018-05-08 14:03:15 UTC

yeah they r

2018-05-08 14:03:24 UTC

i used to be one somewhat

2018-05-08 14:03:25 UTC

I assumed nobody actually took the larp seriously

2018-05-08 14:03:42 UTC

there r some serious ones but they r hard to find

2018-05-08 14:03:51 UTC

mostly its just fedora tippers looking to fill the void

2018-05-08 14:03:59 UTC

"kike ona stick " and so forth

2018-05-08 14:04:25 UTC

This is why not the movement is still stuck in its esoteric Bavarian symbolism phase

2018-05-08 14:04:26 UTC

even when i was wayward i was never agressive towards chrstians

2018-05-08 14:05:04 UTC

i was born and raised catholic so i know full well how often they are attacked

2018-05-08 14:06:09 UTC

im getting into fights with pagans every damn day now

2018-05-08 14:06:41 UTC

@Joe the boomer what happened with you

2018-05-08 14:06:48 UTC

You've been absent

2018-05-08 14:06:49 UTC

when ?

2018-05-08 14:06:52 UTC


2018-05-08 14:06:59 UTC

Were you courting girlsn

2018-05-08 14:07:13 UTC

He's been working on a new knife

2018-05-08 14:07:16 UTC

no nursing my back injuriy(running guns south of the border)

2018-05-08 14:07:19 UTC

joe the fed

2018-05-08 14:07:32 UTC

i dont think nick can level up anymore in the knife skill tbh

2018-05-08 14:07:42 UTC

ATF and proud

2018-05-08 14:08:00 UTC


2018-05-08 14:08:01 UTC

Chads use Waterfox

2018-05-08 14:08:23 UTC

Firefox but not filled with eternal jewry

2018-05-08 14:08:54 UTC


2018-05-08 14:08:56 UTC

Some hapa is trying to date me

2018-05-08 14:08:57 UTC


2018-05-08 14:09:09 UTC


2018-05-08 14:10:15 UTC

chads use firefox klar

2018-05-08 14:10:19 UTC

no debate

2018-05-08 14:10:43 UTC

ggggggoood morning niggers

2018-05-08 14:11:13 UTC

chads use IE

2018-05-08 14:11:41 UTC

i use chrome so i can feed zog my data

2018-05-08 14:11:49 UTC

You use klar because icshowed it to you nig

2018-05-08 14:11:59 UTC

Never use chrome

2018-05-08 14:12:03 UTC

bc who fucking cares, all your data is tracked anyways

2018-05-08 14:12:14 UTC

using chrome rn for discord lol

2018-05-08 14:12:21 UTC

Use Chromium or Vivaldi if you like chrome plugins

2018-05-08 14:12:43 UTC

I prefer Vivaldi since you can do a lot of shit with it, just gotta configure to your liking

2018-05-08 14:12:46 UTC

its just a blackpill that you have to swallow

2018-05-08 14:12:46 UTC

chromium is no different from chrome

2018-05-08 14:12:54 UTC

all your data is still being tracked no matter what

2018-05-08 14:12:55 UTC

its still google spyware

2018-05-08 14:13:19 UTC

its in the hardware

2018-05-08 14:13:34 UTC

yeah true lol

2018-05-08 14:13:56 UTC

intel has a complete backdoor into every PC using one of their cpus

2018-05-08 14:14:01 UTC

only true way to not be spied on is passenger pigeons

2018-05-08 14:14:09 UTC

so i might as well have convenience because you're just fooling yourself if you think you are protecting yourself with these gay browsers

2018-05-08 14:14:11 UTC

no shitting you. using chrome


2018-05-08 14:14:14 UTC

Chromium is opensource so they take out a lpt of the tracking shit to not seem conspicuous

2018-05-08 14:14:15 UTC

that's why you gotta get the chinese chips so you dealing with chinese spies trying to figure out what the fuck t-posting is

2018-05-08 14:14:29 UTC

>not using the discord program

2018-05-08 14:14:32 UTC

why though?

2018-05-08 14:14:52 UTC

Reminder to buy an AMD cpu next time you upgrade

2018-05-08 14:15:08 UTC

i heard they have copromised chips too

2018-05-08 14:15:09 UTC

I am currently watching "Spongebob"

2018-05-08 14:15:13 UTC

i am never going to upgrade

2018-05-08 14:15:19 UTC

when this pc dies ill go anprim

2018-05-08 14:15:23 UTC


2018-05-08 14:15:24 UTC


2018-05-08 14:15:35 UTC

*zog be spying n sheeit*

niggas. they be spying you no matter what browser you're using

2018-05-08 14:15:38 UTC

T pose on blacks and japs

2018-05-08 14:15:44 UTC

that's why so many chinese-brand smart phones and motherboards, etc. are fucking illegal to import

2018-05-08 14:15:46 UTC

T Pose is dead. X pose will take over

2018-05-08 14:15:50 UTC

you read it here first

2018-05-08 14:15:52 UTC

yeah but u can choose which agent of ZOG spies on u

2018-05-08 14:16:00 UTC

Run tails distro on a usb

2018-05-08 14:16:02 UTC

google is the worst one to pick

2018-05-08 14:16:13 UTC

Its not perfect but non of it goes to google

2018-05-08 14:16:17 UTC

did some gardening today for the first time in whatmust be a YEAR felt great prayed for each little plant

2018-05-08 14:16:24 UTC

thanks joe

2018-05-08 14:16:25 UTC

Your ISP will know nothing

2018-05-08 14:16:37 UTC

D Rose>T Pose

2018-05-08 14:16:39 UTC

google is the big gay

2018-05-08 14:16:46 UTC

yeah but i cant play nier automata on tails

2018-05-08 14:17:03 UTC

Inagine not running a VPN

2018-05-08 14:17:11 UTC


2018-05-08 14:17:14 UTC

me not giving my data doesnt change the billions of normies still using googs

2018-05-08 14:17:26 UTC

vpns are pretty gay.

2018-05-08 14:17:29 UTC

lol Tails is bad because you instantly show up in the datastream as 'anomalous'

2018-05-08 14:17:34 UTC

Obama made me a racist

2018-05-08 14:17:45 UTC


2018-05-08 14:17:52 UTC


2018-05-08 14:17:54 UTC

windows 10 is so fucking bad lol

2018-05-08 14:17:59 UTC


2018-05-08 14:18:08 UTC

imagine using macs

2018-05-08 14:18:09 UTC

one of my fav videos rbh

2018-05-08 14:18:13 UTC

imagine being a win10 cuck

2018-05-08 14:18:14 UTC

can't one edit the hosts file in windows 10 to keep it from phoning home to microsoft?

2018-05-08 14:18:15 UTC

ads in the fucking start menu

2018-05-08 14:18:20 UTC

The nigger blocked me on twitter cuz i called him fat

2018-05-08 14:18:23 UTC


2018-05-08 14:18:29 UTC


2018-05-08 14:18:29 UTC

oh shit. really? ads in the fucking start menu?

2018-05-08 14:18:36 UTC


2018-05-08 14:18:53 UTC

I use start10 but i want to go down to win7 so bad on my main

2018-05-08 14:18:59 UTC

imagine having ads inbuilt into your OS which you have to pay for and being ok with that

2018-05-08 14:19:00 UTC

I never used an apple product in my life. My first OS i ever using was windows 98

2018-05-08 14:19:01 UTC

the absolute state of computing

2018-05-08 14:19:01 UTC

Im fucking sick and tired of microshit

2018-05-08 14:19:27 UTC

osx sucks dick as well

2018-05-08 14:19:28 UTC

i just want vista back

2018-05-08 14:19:33 UTC

i will never upgrade from windows 7

2018-05-08 14:19:44 UTC

Reminder to use shut up 10 if you have windows 10 installed

2018-05-08 14:19:56 UTC

There is another one that is good too

2018-05-08 14:19:58 UTC

whats shut up 10

2018-05-08 14:19:59 UTC

if it becomes necessary to upgrade from win7 i will just stop using computers

2018-05-08 14:20:02 UTC

windows 10 isn't that bad.

2018-05-08 14:20:03 UTC

i feel like a brainlet for asking

2018-05-08 14:20:13 UTC

windows 10 is designed for retards

2018-05-08 14:20:34 UTC

It disables telementry and you can uninstall bloatware easily

2018-05-08 14:20:38 UTC

the only thing i don't like about windows 10 is the fucking updates

2018-05-08 14:20:47 UTC

yeah its cancer

2018-05-08 14:21:00 UTC

There is another app like shut up 10 also forget whats its called

2018-05-08 14:21:08 UTC

remember when microsoft forcibly installed windows 10 on peoples windows 7 and 8 machines

2018-05-08 14:21:10 UTC

You know what start10 is though right

2018-05-08 14:21:15 UTC

even if they had already said no to upgrading

2018-05-08 14:21:18 UTC

and disabled updates

2018-05-08 14:21:27 UTC

Replaces windows 10 start with the windows 7 one

2018-05-08 14:21:39 UTC

I had an endless jess moment

2018-05-08 14:21:54 UTC

i wanted to die

2018-05-08 14:22:08 UTC

I did a few weeks ago

2018-05-08 14:22:16 UTC

still have to edit win10 hosts file to keep it from calling home all your data?

2018-05-08 14:22:20 UTC

I come back from taking a piss and my shit is restarting

2018-05-08 14:22:26 UTC

No heruka

2018-05-08 14:22:34 UTC

Use shut up 10 it does it for you

2018-05-08 14:22:54 UTC

okay. awesome. thanks.

2018-05-08 14:23:11 UTC

Windows 10 has a new feature that it can see what other PCs are doing if its on the same network

2018-05-08 14:23:36 UTC

its called shared experiences

2018-05-08 14:23:55 UTC

Cant disable them taking a screenshot of your desktop every few minutes and sending it home though

2018-05-08 14:24:10 UTC

Makes me fucking paranoid knowing they do it

2018-05-08 14:24:35 UTC

is this gaslight? lol

2018-05-08 14:24:47 UTC


2018-05-08 14:26:31 UTC

There's a new feature to also have Cortana to save Credit cards, emails, passwords etc

2018-05-08 14:27:33 UTC

i do know that everything you do in Microsoft Office programs gets uploaded now for hate speech checking.

2018-05-08 14:27:38 UTC

guys, I think the mennonites were the woke ones the whole time.
>refuses to progress technology
>does not communicate with outside world

2018-05-08 14:27:49 UTC

this here will allow you to see what other PCs are doing


2018-05-08 14:27:59 UTC

they are the ultimate middle finger to the FBI

2018-05-08 14:28:35 UTC

the only bad thing about mennonites is they circumcise i think

2018-05-08 14:28:38 UTC

Microsoft will know what tabs you had open on any browser for like to a year.

2018-05-08 14:29:11 UTC

<:durr:392811221922873344>: "only wrongdoers need to be worried"

2018-05-08 14:29:13 UTC

@Haunted Future and what do they do if they find hate speech

2018-05-08 14:29:31 UTC

they SWAT your apartment @sbbu

2018-05-08 14:30:57 UTC

lol, guess i can't write the SEIGE sequel now. fuggg

2018-05-08 14:32:32 UTC

you still can

2018-05-08 14:32:51 UTC

just shoot it into a wall on a mw2 private server

2018-05-08 14:33:20 UTC


2018-05-08 14:34:14 UTC

time to jump to linux and openoffice

2018-05-08 14:34:16 UTC

i remember when, i think in the snowden batch?, that the IC community were worried about MMORPGs being used for secure comms by various groups and so needed to have a presence on WoW, etc.

2018-05-08 14:34:54 UTC

Edward Snowden is a chad trapped in a virgins body

2018-05-08 14:35:20 UTC

Snowden supports chelsea manning tho

2018-05-08 14:35:36 UTC

ok nvm then

2018-05-08 14:35:45 UTC

He is a virgin trapped in a virgins body

2018-05-08 14:35:54 UTC

snowden is problematic in a variety of ways

2018-05-08 14:36:00 UTC

Hard N word but soft R

2018-05-08 14:36:11 UTC

Soft N word but Hard R

2018-05-08 14:36:11 UTC

not to mention only 5-7% of what he grabbed has actually been released

2018-05-08 14:36:13 UTC

Snowden supports fellow leakers

2018-05-08 14:36:41 UTC

tbh I'm partial to the explanation that Bradley Manning underwent a forced gender change and then got MKUltra'd

2018-05-08 14:36:53 UTC

be a great way to fuck with enemies of the state

2018-05-08 14:36:57 UTC

have you heard some of the crazy antics they had with him in prison?

2018-05-08 14:37:01 UTC

but that's a bit sketchy anyway

2018-05-08 14:37:41 UTC

he reported they tried to "stage" a break out while he was in medical area. he didn't go along with it but relayed it through his lawyer. changed out the guards, everything.

2018-05-08 14:38:02 UTC

said there were shots fired, the works. some mk-movie shit.

2018-05-08 14:38:10 UTC

honestly it strikes me as asinine that we routinely violate the dignity of prisoners of war in many different ways, but when it comes to preferred gender identity, now *that's* where we draw the line and respect our prisoners

2018-05-08 14:38:21 UTC

lol true.

2018-05-08 14:38:39 UTC

to the point where I don't believe it

2018-05-08 14:38:51 UTC

what part?

2018-05-08 14:39:25 UTC

I don't believe that Chelsea Manning had gender dysphoria

2018-05-08 14:39:33 UTC

blue square or purple square?

2018-05-08 14:39:48 UTC

i know the political compass is useless but just for the sake of the question

2018-05-08 14:40:16 UTC


2018-05-08 14:40:23 UTC

I still get put into the border of green and purple square

2018-05-08 14:40:33 UTC

but that test doesn't really talk a lot about culture and immigration

2018-05-08 14:40:58 UTC

whenever I take other tests I get put into conservative, traditionalist, etc.

2018-05-08 14:41:38 UTC

this was my most recent result


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