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2018-05-07 10:10:28 UTC


2018-05-07 10:10:40 UTC


2018-05-07 10:10:57 UTC

Feel like pure shit just want him back


2018-05-07 10:11:15 UTC

didnt he kill his dog or is that another lie

2018-05-07 10:11:25 UTC

i think they did kill it

2018-05-07 10:11:34 UTC

it was either that or the soviets get it

2018-05-07 10:11:38 UTC

i guess

2018-05-07 10:11:43 UTC

or it burns to death in the bunker

2018-05-07 10:11:51 UTC

because i doubt it was about to leave dead hitler's side

2018-05-07 10:12:13 UTC

yea and Goebbels killed his kids its a better fate then what the soviets would have done to them

2018-05-07 10:12:28 UTC

hitler didnt kill himself tbh

2018-05-07 10:12:37 UTC

he went to Argentina

2018-05-07 10:12:38 UTC

i bet hitler is in heaven

2018-05-07 10:12:42 UTC


2018-05-07 10:12:50 UTC

God knows the truth

2018-05-07 10:13:06 UTC

mosley is in heaven

2018-05-07 10:13:09 UTC

Better capitalize that G, bro.

2018-05-07 10:14:05 UTC

Jesus was ripped

2018-05-07 10:15:00 UTC

Archers are basically niggers

2018-05-07 10:17:23 UTC


2018-05-07 10:18:37 UTC

Archers get the gas

2018-05-07 10:21:15 UTC

Imagine all those in Heaven looking down at the state of our society, right now.

2018-05-07 10:22:16 UTC

Banging down the gates of Heaven from inside, yearning to rectify the problems. Wanting to reconquer what was theirs.

2018-05-07 10:22:45 UTC

nah I think they be like "*point* haha dese niggas GAY"

2018-05-07 10:22:47 UTC

Anyone else dream of heaven every single night

2018-05-07 10:22:52 UTC

Sometimes it really do be like that

2018-05-07 10:23:01 UTC

Not as much as I used to, Hiding.

2018-05-07 10:23:04 UTC


2018-05-07 10:23:07 UTC

I daydream about heaven mostly

2018-05-07 10:23:20 UTC

when i sleep i mostly have nightmares

2018-05-07 10:23:28 UTC

Bless You @cutchie

2018-05-07 10:23:44 UTC

I had the most Chad sleep paralysis experience like 3 hours ago

2018-05-07 10:23:50 UTC


2018-05-07 10:23:51 UTC

I woke up to piss, and then I went back to bed

2018-05-07 10:23:57 UTC

and when I was asleep

2018-05-07 10:24:02 UTC

I woke up and I couldnt move

2018-05-07 10:24:12 UTC

did u see any ghosts??

2018-05-07 10:24:13 UTC

that has happened to me a few times

2018-05-07 10:24:16 UTC

You know that thing when you're half asleep and are kind of dreaming?

2018-05-07 10:24:29 UTC

every time i see ghosts or experience scary shit

2018-05-07 10:24:34 UTC

Well that happened, I saw this thing sticking it's head aroun the corner

2018-05-07 10:24:40 UTC

the black figure?

2018-05-07 10:24:42 UTC

So my dream self went up to it and beat the shit out of it

2018-05-07 10:24:47 UTC

Absolute chad

2018-05-07 10:24:49 UTC


2018-05-07 10:25:00 UTC

did ur dream self rape it

2018-05-07 10:25:07 UTC

Idk I woke up after that

2018-05-07 10:25:09 UTC


2018-05-07 10:25:10 UTC

I can only hope so

2018-05-07 10:25:19 UTC

teach that dumb monster

2018-05-07 10:25:22 UTC

what did it look like?

2018-05-07 10:25:47 UTC

Just a shadowy head peeking around a corner

2018-05-07 10:26:07 UTC

My dream self just walked up and punched it in it's face and it exploded

2018-05-07 10:26:07 UTC

was he (dare i say it ? ) human?

2018-05-07 10:26:09 UTC

Is it illegal to say I have explicit plans to kill a crowd of living demons on earth

2018-05-07 10:26:16 UTC

walk in epic style and start shooting

2018-05-07 10:26:17 UTC

Idk man could have been a woman

2018-05-07 10:26:28 UTC

shoudlve raped it to be sure

2018-05-07 10:26:36 UTC

I REALLY hope my dream self punched a shadow woman's head so hard it exploded

2018-05-07 10:26:39 UTC


2018-05-07 10:26:46 UTC
2018-05-07 10:26:46 UTC

Thank you for your service, subconscience

2018-05-07 10:26:53 UTC

i dreamed about riple H

2018-05-07 10:26:59 UTC

did i tell u abouit tjhis

2018-05-07 10:27:03 UTC


2018-05-07 10:27:06 UTC

are u sure

2018-05-07 10:27:08 UTC


2018-05-07 10:27:13 UTC

ill draw it on paint

2018-05-07 10:27:16 UTC

at least when he save dme

2018-05-07 10:27:16 UTC


2018-05-07 10:28:32 UTC

Gonna start bulking again

2018-05-07 10:28:37 UTC

dont like black people

2018-05-07 10:28:45 UTC


2018-05-07 10:28:59 UTC

I’m down to 245

2018-05-07 10:29:12 UTC

300 here I come

2018-05-07 10:29:14 UTC

@Bloat MOGG Is that really you in the pfp`

2018-05-07 10:29:19 UTC


2018-05-07 10:29:26 UTC

@Bloat MOGG you Irish big fella?


2018-05-07 10:29:28 UTC

Dude you're big af

2018-05-07 10:29:35 UTC

No that’s Kyriakos Grizzly

2018-05-07 10:29:51 UTC

I am. I thought you knew that

2018-05-07 10:29:52 UTC

ik mang

2018-05-07 10:30:07 UTC

I can't keep track of changing avis

2018-05-07 10:30:10 UTC

I wish I was that bloated and aesthetic

2018-05-07 10:30:21 UTC

You a member of the NP?

2018-05-07 10:30:26 UTC

How are the Poles affecting the referendum?

2018-05-07 10:30:28 UTC

I used to be Dr. Autiste

2018-05-07 10:30:28 UTC

whatdo you think of stronglift 5x5

2018-05-07 10:31:03 UTC

Stronglifts is chad. But technique is everything

2018-05-07 10:31:11 UTC

Poles can't vote really @Alphonsus

2018-05-07 10:31:31 UTC

Those who are vocal and public are all pro abortion more or less

2018-05-07 10:31:44 UTC


2018-05-07 10:31:55 UTC

@IAmHiding there u go (it was long hair triple H)


2018-05-07 10:32:07 UTC

I dont get it

2018-05-07 10:32:14 UTC

ill annotate it

2018-05-07 10:32:14 UTC

okay this is fuckin epic

2018-05-07 10:32:22 UTC

Hell in a cell>

2018-05-07 10:32:24 UTC


2018-05-07 10:32:29 UTC

no rickety bridge

2018-05-07 10:32:33 UTC

or just a normal match with ldders

2018-05-07 10:32:37 UTC

okay now THAT is epic

2018-05-07 10:32:40 UTC

only thing to do with wwe was that triple h was there

2018-05-07 10:32:48 UTC

was just crossing a bridge somewhere

2018-05-07 10:32:53 UTC

fell off and he saved me

2018-05-07 10:33:01 UTC


2018-05-07 10:33:03 UTC

Give this man reddit gold!

2018-05-07 10:33:11 UTC


2018-05-07 10:33:19 UTC


2018-05-07 10:33:25 UTC

thanks for the gold kind redditor

2018-05-07 10:33:46 UTC

And how vocal are the Dioceses regarding the referendum?

2018-05-07 10:33:56 UTC

Are they doing their bit?

2018-05-07 10:33:58 UTC


2018-05-07 10:34:23 UTC

so thats what dna looks like

2018-05-07 10:34:55 UTC

I’m in exile so I actually don’t know what it’s like in Ireland at the moment

2018-05-07 10:36:21 UTC


2018-05-07 10:36:46 UTC

EPIC! Tucker Carlson RAPES Linda Sarsour In Twain, She Didn't See This Comin

2018-05-07 10:37:57 UTC

Going out for a ride


2018-05-07 10:38:16 UTC

@Alphonsus a group in the church basically said vote with your conscience, but most of the clergy is obviously anti abortion, the church however fucked up so badly that they're essentially counterproductive, most Irish people are fanatically anti clerical after the pedophile scandals, so there's a lot of local campaigners who all know each other from their local mass, and most of the money for the anti abortion campaign comes from older mass goers

2018-05-07 10:38:41 UTC

The Anglican Church of Ireland came out as pro abortion

2018-05-07 10:38:46 UTC


2018-05-07 10:38:50 UTC


2018-05-07 10:38:51 UTC

The absolute state of micks

2018-05-07 10:38:59 UTC

Anglicans aren't Irish

2018-05-07 10:39:03 UTC

isn't the PM also pro abortion?

2018-05-07 10:39:09 UTC

The Church of Ireland, I assume.

2018-05-07 10:39:10 UTC

The PM is pro everything

2018-05-07 10:39:20 UTC

Of course the Tao is in favor.

2018-05-07 10:39:36 UTC

Dick head

2018-05-07 10:39:42 UTC

The PM is a gay Indian

2018-05-07 10:39:46 UTC

Varadkar is basically given his marching orders from Brussels

2018-05-07 10:39:54 UTC

Be assured of my prayers for the cause.

2018-05-07 10:40:04 UTC


2018-05-07 10:40:12 UTC

Our Minister for Children is a gay woman from America

2018-05-07 10:40:23 UTC

A Jew as well

2018-05-07 10:40:30 UTC

If shit really hits the fan around the world, I'l likely emigrate to Malta and just hunker down.

2018-05-07 10:40:37 UTC


2018-05-07 10:40:48 UTC

I knew there was another thing

2018-05-07 10:41:46 UTC

Minister for health is a waif with Crohn’s disea

2018-05-07 10:41:56 UTC

O'Duffy rolls in his grave

2018-05-07 10:42:01 UTC

It probably won't pass tbh, the pro repeal support has collapsed in the last week and they're relying on the college age vote which is the worst for voter turnout

2018-05-07 10:42:41 UTC

Just go out and hold a sign that reads "Down with this sort of thing!"

2018-05-07 10:43:12 UTC

They won’t let a loss go to waste. It will be an excuse for them to ramp up their attack on the Church and normality

2018-05-07 10:43:21 UTC

P much

2018-05-07 10:43:28 UTC
2018-05-07 10:43:55 UTC

They've already passed legislation detailing the new sex ed which will include being "educated" on abortion

2018-05-07 10:44:05 UTC

Mo fear gorm

2018-05-07 10:44:18 UTC

So they'll try again in five years time

2018-05-07 10:46:09 UTC

The prolonged collapse of Renua is feeding new members and funding towards the National Party, so far so good that way, whatever way it goes its been a net benefit to us

2018-05-07 10:46:40 UTC

Are you in NP?

2018-05-07 10:46:48 UTC


2018-05-07 10:46:54 UTC

Any good?

2018-05-07 10:47:03 UTC

Would seriously recommend joining

2018-05-07 10:47:10 UTC

I get a kick out of the tweets and news articles after Brexit detailing a "unified Ireland" because of the Northern Irish Brexit vote. Like that would happen.

2018-05-07 10:47:13 UTC

Seems to be the best we can hope for at the moment

2018-05-07 10:47:37 UTC

I’m in exile so I will when I’m back

2018-05-07 10:47:55 UTC

Thinking about running for TD tbh

2018-05-07 10:48:16 UTC

A united Ireland is just a matter of time anyway as the Catholic % is set to massively overtake the protestant one in the next ten to twenty years

2018-05-07 10:48:55 UTC

United Ireland isn’t even a priority for me

2018-05-07 10:48:56 UTC

The only question is whether Sinn Féin will split afterwards, which, anyone who knows the history of republicanism will know it definitely will

2018-05-07 10:49:32 UTC

I’m hoping Sinn Fein collapses much sooner

2018-05-07 10:50:29 UTC

@Alphonsus the Brexit thing refers to a border poll being triggered by Stormont on a vote for Irish unity which is outlined in the Good Friday agreement, they're just waiting for Brexit to actually happen first

2018-05-07 10:50:43 UTC

this pissed me off to no end

2018-05-07 10:50:56 UTC

But would that poll actually be binding?

2018-05-07 10:51:01 UTC


2018-05-07 10:51:12 UTC

Aw. That's too bad.

2018-05-07 10:51:35 UTC

Jim Jeffries is such a fag

2018-05-07 10:51:39 UTC

It'd only be binding if the answer is yes

2018-05-07 10:51:46 UTC

Of course.

2018-05-07 10:52:01 UTC

Loyalists are getting physically removed

2018-05-07 10:52:54 UTC

Morning kings

2018-05-07 10:53:52 UTC

Any prospects of it getting hot North of the border?

2018-05-07 10:54:46 UTC
2018-05-07 10:55:17 UTC

@Alphonsus if there's a hard border possibly but the loyalists have no fight left in them

2018-05-07 10:55:21 UTC

I hope not. We should see our common enemy by now

2018-05-07 10:56:28 UTC

The loyalists, West Brits and Castle Catholics are our enemy

2018-05-07 10:56:55 UTC


2018-05-07 10:56:58 UTC

fucking kill them all

2018-05-07 10:57:02 UTC

Loyalists in Ireland are like Pakistanis in London

2018-05-07 10:57:30 UTC

Uninvited, unwelcome, unwanted squatters

2018-05-07 10:57:40 UTC

I get that but our side are objectively more pozzed than them

2018-05-07 10:58:06 UTC

“Brits out, Blacks in” etc

2018-05-07 10:58:11 UTC

Sinn Féin might be but not the National Party

2018-05-07 10:58:40 UTC

Meh, I have no dog in that fight.

2018-05-07 10:58:40 UTC

And no the loyalists aren't based lmao they're as pro immigration as SF

2018-05-07 10:59:01 UTC

Well, besides financial contributions.

2018-05-07 10:59:12 UTC

The orange order is literally a Masonic order lol

2018-05-07 10:59:39 UTC

Of course, if I wanted Irish citizenship, I could have it. But I don't want it.

2018-05-07 11:00:27 UTC

And they'd likely not take me well.

2018-05-07 11:01:05 UTC

Moseley was pro united Ireland actually

2018-05-07 11:01:06 UTC

is there any credible party in ireland which is anti immigration?

2018-05-07 11:01:17 UTC

Define credible.

2018-05-07 11:01:22 UTC

it can gain power

2018-05-07 11:01:26 UTC

and isn't a joke

2018-05-07 11:01:35 UTC

I’m not that comfortable with NP’s stance on that to be honest. I think it will just attract RA head retards and they’ll just turn it into Sinn Fein 2.0

2018-05-07 11:01:54 UTC
2018-05-07 11:01:55 UTC

We won't, we filter the retards out

2018-05-07 11:02:11 UTC

Barrett is like that

2018-05-07 11:02:13 UTC

Tfw no marzia gf


2018-05-07 11:02:29 UTC

same here rn tbqh

2018-05-07 11:02:35 UTC

pretty sad situation for the irish

2018-05-07 11:02:51 UTC

fight for centuries for independence from the british just to be occupied by Pakis and nogs instead

2018-05-07 11:03:05 UTC

@Bloat MOGG if you can't call yourself an Irish nationalist if you don't want foreign occupiers out

2018-05-07 11:03:25 UTC

It’s not as dire for us yet but it will be worse because we have zero ability to fight back

2018-05-07 11:03:33 UTC

Within living memory loyalists have killed far more Irish people than Muslims have

2018-05-07 11:03:35 UTC

Priorities, Norman.

2018-05-07 11:03:48 UTC

We'll be 4% Muslim in 2050

2018-05-07 11:03:52 UTC

I do want a United Ireland, I said it’s not a high priority at the moment

2018-05-07 11:04:17 UTC

yeah we're 4% muslim or thereabouts

2018-05-07 11:04:22 UTC

The biggest threat in Ireland demographically is from Eastern Europeans

2018-05-07 11:04:23 UTC

but we're still getting bombed to shit

2018-05-07 11:04:35 UTC

oh you're just talking about demographics nvm

2018-05-07 11:04:40 UTC

Fuck it, I'll register with foreign births, get over there and get shit done the American way.

2018-05-07 11:04:48 UTC

And we all decry that. I want Ireland for the Irish

2018-05-07 11:04:56 UTC

yeah they aren't an existential threat for ireland i suppose, or at least they won't be for a while

2018-05-07 11:04:58 UTC

Take the oil and leave?

2018-05-07 11:05:05 UTC

ireland for the anglos

2018-05-07 11:05:06 UTC

Which includes Irish unity @Bloat MOGG

2018-05-07 11:05:06 UTC

Right-o, Lanius.

2018-05-07 11:05:24 UTC


2018-05-07 11:05:31 UTC

Take the oil, create a puppet government, and leave, rather.

2018-05-07 11:05:41 UTC

But we have to factor in the radical change that shitskins bring even without crime

2018-05-07 11:05:41 UTC

You already have the oil

2018-05-07 11:05:58 UTC

and it isn't like they distribute themselves evenly across the nation

2018-05-07 11:06:04 UTC

they all congregate in a few urban centres

2018-05-07 11:06:12 UTC

and change them dramatically

2018-05-07 11:06:21 UTC

The Gentleman Minister from the Gaeltacht.

2018-05-07 11:06:31 UTC

There’s refugee centres in rural Clare and Roscommon

2018-05-07 11:06:32 UTC

I didn't make it clear that by 2050 Ireland will be 40% eastern European and only 49% Irish

2018-05-07 11:06:38 UTC

wew lad

2018-05-07 11:06:50 UTC

fucking poles tbqh

2018-05-07 11:07:05 UTC

Yeah the fuckin generation identity crowd completely poisoned the waters in those rural constituencies

2018-05-07 11:08:22 UTC

There was strong local resistance from ordinary people and when they came in with their banners and posters the media crushed the resistance by credibly labelling them Nazis

2018-05-07 11:08:26 UTC

The Gentleman Minister from Muskerry West, Stanislaus Kawcinski.

2018-05-07 11:09:07 UTC


2018-05-07 11:09:21 UTC

I’m sure they thought they were helping

2018-05-07 11:09:40 UTC

There’s a Sinn Fein councillor from the Congo

2018-05-07 11:09:46 UTC

They're literally all foreigners or crypto foreigners in GI

2018-05-07 11:10:00 UTC

Led by a woman who used to work for the CIA lmao

2018-05-07 11:10:17 UTC

You guys talk a lot

2018-05-07 11:10:21 UTC

"The Roads are TREACHEROUS! The Nazis have taken to the streets! Avoid the roads! Authorities say to avoid the roads! There have been sightings of people IN THE NAZI RALLY!"

2018-05-07 11:10:21 UTC

And now by her own admission works for Israeli intelligence as a contractor

2018-05-07 11:10:30 UTC

>50+ messages

2018-05-07 11:10:43 UTC

It’s not but they’d gleefully report shit like that

2018-05-07 11:10:44 UTC

@Triple Hernan it's as reliable as any other edition of the Times

2018-05-07 11:11:18 UTC

Oof really? I’m glad I was sceptical of GI

2018-05-07 11:11:40 UTC

Ya Egg this is an Ireland First server now

2018-05-07 11:12:06 UTC

All you Irish

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