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2017-03-10 02:38:40 UTC


2017-03-10 02:38:53 UTC

enjoy that dock-scratched screen

2017-03-10 02:39:08 UTC

That is the one everyone will see.

2017-03-10 02:39:10 UTC

It's called not being a dumbass

2017-03-10 02:39:12 UTC

and the high pitched whining when it shuts down forever

2017-03-10 02:39:18 UTC

The screen is probably the worst one Nintendo's made

2017-03-10 02:39:27 UTC

That's like 2% of people that actually got the Switch

2017-03-10 02:39:34 UTC

They usually use much tougher stuff for their screens than cheap plastic.

2017-03-10 02:39:49 UTC

The PS4 and Xbox 360 totally didn't have any issues at launch

2017-03-10 02:39:51 UTC

You can scratch the Switch screen with your fingernail.

2017-03-10 02:40:00 UTC

it still happens, that's a giant red flag

2017-03-10 02:40:54 UTC

it shouts from the roof tops that they weren't willing to wait until the major bugs were worked out whatsoever and just shit it out

2017-03-10 02:40:59 UTC

The PS3 and 360 both had severe overheating issues. That's what the red ring was about. However what a lot of people didn't realize, was that the Wii had the exact same overheating problems because it was just an overclocked GameCube and they didn't improve the cooling so it ran way too hot.

2017-03-10 02:42:03 UTC

they had years to learn from PS4 and XB1. they didn't. and if they did, they didn't care because release date and $$ > product stability

2017-03-10 02:42:48 UTC

It wasn't talked about much because most Wii owners were casual players who used it a few times and then let it collect dust. Most of the rest were diehard fanboys who would never say anything against Nintendo so refused to admit it had a heating problem.

2017-03-10 02:43:03 UTC

funny enough

2017-03-10 02:43:16 UTC

i had a wii for 7 months until i could get a new PS3

2017-03-10 02:43:24 UTC

My PS4 and Xbox One are basically dust magnets

2017-03-10 02:43:29 UTC

I sold my Xbox One recently though

2017-03-10 02:43:44 UTC

90% of my use of my Xbox One is media streaming.

2017-03-10 02:44:30 UTC

prop cuz console games suck septic cok

2017-03-10 02:44:30 UTC

Sell the PS4 then

2017-03-10 02:44:43 UTC

The problem is my mom uses it for Hulu

2017-03-10 02:44:56 UTC

Hulu in 2017 <:kaceyHaha:284220035411476480>

2017-03-10 02:45:06 UTC

What would people use then?

2017-03-10 02:45:10 UTC

she could watch it on a laptop

2017-03-10 02:45:10 UTC


2017-03-10 02:45:13 UTC

I do

2017-03-10 02:45:21 UTC

She said it didn't work on her laptop

2017-03-10 02:45:29 UTC

I don't think Hulu worked on my computer either

2017-03-10 02:45:42 UTC

that's weird

2017-03-10 02:46:36 UTC

I kind of want to get an Xbox 360 because of all the good games it had

2017-03-10 02:46:59 UTC

And the used games are probably cheap as fuck at gamestop

2017-03-10 02:47:37 UTC

they have xbox pass now too bad u sold your xbox one

2017-03-10 02:48:16 UTC

nothing is stopping you mr. death squad

2017-03-10 02:48:21 UTC

do it bro

2017-03-10 02:48:45 UTC

Eh..... Better with an Xbox One and waiting for backwards compatibltiy. unless you're willing to mod it.

2017-03-10 02:48:54 UTC

The fan on the 360 is just...... beyond horrible.

2017-03-10 02:48:57 UTC

I believe you can get pirated games for the 360

2017-03-10 02:49:08 UTC

that's what I did for a while

2017-03-10 02:49:09 UTC

If you modded it to swap out the fan for a larger one, it'd be able to function without melting itself.

2017-03-10 02:49:19 UTC

Not larger, just more powerful.

2017-03-10 02:49:29 UTC

I swear they put the weakest fan they could find there.

2017-03-10 02:49:38 UTC

You could cool it down more by blowing on it.

2017-03-10 02:50:10 UTC

gotta cut every corner bro

2017-03-10 02:50:32 UTC

Meh, I owned an Xbox that was made in 2005-2006 for 2 years and I never had a problem

2017-03-10 02:50:56 UTC

It's because people are irresponsible with their consoles

2017-03-10 02:52:08 UTC

My dumbass brother broke mine

2017-03-10 02:52:20 UTC

That's why I can't let him play my PS4

2017-03-10 02:52:30 UTC


2017-03-10 02:52:38 UTC

360 house fires

2017-03-10 02:52:44 UTC

One of the dumb things people usually did was put the system in an enclosed space.

2017-03-10 02:52:51 UTC

Remember the 6 gorillion

2017-03-10 02:54:21 UTC

Then there was the stupid advertising campaign for all three systems that gen having the systems on their sides. That was a huge contributor to this because of the poor cooling systems meant that when placed virtical, they all got pockets of hot air that got trapped and wouldn't be pulled out by their incredibly weak fans.

2017-03-10 02:54:58 UTC


2017-03-10 02:55:06 UTC

i never once even tried that

2017-03-10 02:55:14 UTC

Well most people are idiots.

2017-03-10 02:55:37 UTC

>vertical stands

2017-03-10 02:55:49 UTC

And Sony stupidly keeps placing their exhaust vents in the back, which almost everyone would cover up by shoving the unit into an enclosed space or against something. Not many setups offered open space behind it.

2017-03-10 02:55:56 UTC

people paying money to kill their syste,s

2017-03-10 02:56:22 UTC

The 360 was the worst with the vertical thing.

2017-03-10 02:56:38 UTC

Because it was a tray loader that had *nothing* to secure discs in the tray but gravity.

2017-03-10 02:56:38 UTC

i guess it was...

2017-03-10 02:56:44 UTC

top down

2017-03-10 02:56:53 UTC


2017-03-10 02:57:00 UTC

So just slightly tap the thing while vertical and then the disk bounces around and goodbye system.

2017-03-10 02:57:10 UTC

The PS4 and Xbox One disappointed me

2017-03-10 02:57:25 UTC

For their part they actually have decent cooling systems this time.

2017-03-10 02:57:41 UTC

Aside from Sony again stupidly putting the vents in the back where they would inevitably get covered up

2017-03-10 02:57:44 UTC

the one thing i'd change about consoles

2017-03-10 02:57:57 UTC

that BEEP when they turn on. Or being able to turn it off

2017-03-10 02:58:16 UTC

What I'd change is dropping those damn awful disk drives in favor of cartridges again. Something Nintendo is doing right for once.

2017-03-10 02:58:17 UTC

some people ive seen have made custom waterloops on their consoles

2017-03-10 02:58:40 UTC


2017-03-10 02:58:49 UTC

Game disks need to die in a fire. They suck so bad.

2017-03-10 02:58:57 UTC

that would mean zero chance ever of being BC

2017-03-10 02:59:00 UTC

idk id be the type of person to do that sort of thing

2017-03-10 02:59:15 UTC

changing formats always ruins backwards compat

2017-03-10 02:59:25 UTC

see PS3 > PS4

2017-03-10 02:59:42 UTC

Welll Sony backed themselves into a corner there.

2017-03-10 03:00:02 UTC

The PS3's format was killing them. It made all multiplats have shitty PS3 ports.

2017-03-10 03:00:06 UTC

Their own damn fault.

2017-03-10 03:00:16 UTC

They did it on purpose to discourage multiplats.

2017-03-10 03:00:21 UTC

Backfired in their face badly.

2017-03-10 03:00:27 UTC

i just went pc once the ps4 came out, might as well instead of buying the new gens

2017-03-10 03:00:35 UTC

explains why Wet and Lollipop Chainsaw never came to PC

2017-03-10 03:01:08 UTC

Yeah, the 8th gen might just be where PC killed consoles

2017-03-10 03:01:32 UTC


2017-03-10 03:01:39 UTC

*cough* hyperbole

2017-03-10 03:01:41 UTC

I'm building my own pc this August

2017-03-10 03:01:54 UTC

Yeah, but at this point consoles have nothing to offer

2017-03-10 03:02:01 UTC


2017-03-10 03:02:04 UTC

The PS4 has a few good exclusive, Xbone has basically none

2017-03-10 03:02:04 UTC

my friend is gonna help

2017-03-10 03:02:16 UTC

@Deleted User Do you know what parts you're getting?

2017-03-10 03:02:28 UTC

ive converted many freinds to pc lol

2017-03-10 03:02:29 UTC

I have a list

2017-03-10 03:02:33 UTC

unless console and game sales came to a dead halt in the past 4 years, that's a crock of shit

2017-03-10 03:02:42 UTC

which, y'know, they didn't

2017-03-10 03:02:48 UTC

@Deleted User Can you post it?

2017-03-10 03:04:16 UTC

I have to find it

2017-03-10 03:04:30 UTC

give me a few minutes

2017-03-10 03:04:50 UTC

my place is mess

2017-03-10 03:05:22 UTC


2017-03-10 03:13:03 UTC

@Deleted User Have you found it?

2017-03-10 03:14:23 UTC

Still looking

2017-03-10 03:21:11 UTC


2017-03-10 03:22:33 UTC


2017-03-10 03:23:10 UTC

ASRock Z270 KILLER SLI/AC LGA 1151 Intel Z270 HDMI SATA 6Gb/s USB 3.0 ATX Motherboards - Intel, EVGA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti SC GAMING, 04G-P4-6253-KR, 4GB GDDR5, DX12 OSD Support (PXOC), WD - Blueβ„’ 1TB Internal SATA Solid State Drive, PNY - Anarchy 2-Pack 16GB PC4-17000 DDR4 DIMM Desktop Memory Kit - Black

2017-03-10 03:23:46 UTC

I'm not doing water cooling

2017-03-10 03:29:48 UTC

Intel Core i7-6700 8M Skylake Quad-Core 3.4 GHz LGA 1151 65W BX80662I76700 Desktop Processor Intel HD Graphics 530

2017-03-10 03:33:58 UTC

@Deleted User buy a closed loop cpu cooler

2017-03-10 03:39:30 UTC

@Deleted User What games are you going to play?

2017-03-10 03:40:39 UTC

Fallout, some FPS games like Overwatch, Dragonball Xenoverse

2017-03-10 03:40:50 UTC

Gears of War 4

2017-03-10 03:41:01 UTC

I'm going to assume you'll do some editing/streaming or something like that then?

2017-03-10 03:41:42 UTC

I'm gonna work on my animated series

2017-03-10 03:42:11 UTC

And some editing but I use the built in video editor

2017-03-10 03:42:55 UTC

Okay, just know that that's a high end processor and that's a borderline mid range video card

2017-03-10 03:43:18 UTC

I'm on a budget

2017-03-10 03:43:24 UTC

Of how much?

2017-03-10 03:43:52 UTC

Actually I might get the high end video card instead it's only $30 more

2017-03-10 03:44:04 UTC

What card?

2017-03-10 03:44:10 UTC

I wanna spend a little over $1000

2017-03-10 03:44:26 UTC

the GTX1070

2017-03-10 03:44:48 UTC

Not exactly high end but it's pretty much bordderline high end

2017-03-10 03:44:54 UTC


2017-03-10 03:45:21 UTC

It's good for probably running everything maxed out or almost maxed out at 1080p or 2k

2017-03-10 03:45:29 UTC

Maybe 4k with turned down settings

2017-03-10 03:45:47 UTC

Also, how is it only $30 more?

2017-03-10 03:46:43 UTC

@Deleted User I also put the parts you listed into a part list, so you can just use that

2017-03-10 03:47:25 UTC


2017-03-10 03:47:56 UTC

I see it

2017-03-10 03:49:22 UTC

I'm so blind

2017-03-10 03:49:29 UTC

it's $200 more

2017-03-10 03:49:43 UTC

the video card is $200 more not $30

2017-03-10 03:49:49 UTC

so blind

2017-03-10 03:50:45 UTC

@Deleted User I don't think you need an i7, you could just use the best i5

2017-03-10 03:51:01 UTC

And instead you could get a better card

2017-03-10 04:03:27 UTC

an i5?

2017-03-10 04:08:23 UTC

@Springband want to crusade the niggers?

2017-03-10 04:09:08 UTC
2017-03-10 04:09:27 UTC

Take back our white land

2017-03-10 04:09:30 UTC

Deus Vult

2017-03-10 04:09:39 UTC

Deus Vult.

2017-03-10 04:09:59 UTC

And the jews need to go too. I happen to like not being poor.

2017-03-10 04:11:38 UTC


2017-03-10 04:11:46 UTC

Templar ninja

2017-03-10 04:11:52 UTC

What an interesting combination

2017-03-10 04:11:54 UTC

Israel literally has gotten 3 billion from the US in economic aid

2017-03-10 04:11:58 UTC

And guess what?

2017-03-10 04:12:06 UTC

Israel is a fucking first world country

2017-03-10 04:13:28 UTC

I have a picture of how much the US gives to other countries, It's in <#231946987585404930>

2017-03-10 04:13:37 UTC

I thought I made all people equal.

2017-03-10 04:14:18 UTC

Everyone is equal, that's bullshit

2017-03-10 04:14:34 UTC

Except for niggers

2017-03-10 04:14:40 UTC

And feminist

2017-03-10 04:14:42 UTC

Whos god 2.4

2017-03-10 04:14:43 UTC

women have more rights then men

2017-03-10 04:14:47 UTC

And Isis.

2017-03-10 04:14:53 UTC

Yeah ffs

2017-03-10 04:14:56 UTC

Not really, they have a higher privilage

2017-03-10 04:14:58 UTC

But not more rights

2017-03-10 04:15:18 UTC


2017-03-10 04:15:22 UTC

I forgot to tell you
*their is no god*
I'm just better than that vast nothingness

2017-03-10 04:15:22 UTC

what are y'all going on about now

2017-03-10 04:15:36 UTC


2017-03-10 04:15:43 UTC

damn god you suck

2017-03-10 04:15:53 UTC

*whom'st've* is this *"god"*

2017-03-10 04:15:53 UTC

cant even get your grammar right

2017-03-10 04:15:53 UTC

*tips fedora*

2017-03-10 04:16:01 UTC


2017-03-10 04:16:04 UTC


2017-03-10 04:16:06 UTC

Have to upgrade now

2017-03-10 04:16:15 UTC


2017-03-10 04:16:35 UTC


2017-03-10 04:16:42 UTC

even better

2017-03-10 04:16:51 UTC

@Springband w r o ng

2017-03-10 04:17:09 UTC

*let's talk about milk*

2017-03-10 04:17:13 UTC

What's wrong?

2017-03-10 04:17:15 UTC

My dude I have more rights in court and actually have shelters

2017-03-10 04:17:34 UTC

i mean

2017-03-10 04:17:39 UTC

technically guys have shelters

2017-03-10 04:17:47 UTC

Right, but I would consider that privilege rather than rights

2017-03-10 04:18:09 UTC

haha where in the US for suicide and rape then @Husky

2017-03-10 04:18:12 UTC

We were much better off when women were stay at home

2017-03-10 04:18:25 UTC

But today, 2 incomes are needed

2017-03-10 04:18:30 UTC

I wonder why this is

2017-03-10 04:18:33 UTC


2017-03-10 04:18:39 UTC

Sorry I don't want to stay home and birth babies birtch

2017-03-10 04:18:53 UTC

someone sounds triggered

2017-03-10 04:19:03 UTC

you good fam

2017-03-10 04:19:19 UTC

>I don't want to be able to be at home all day instead of working a job

2017-03-10 04:19:27 UTC

Im so fucked

2017-03-10 04:19:29 UTC


2017-03-10 04:19:36 UTC

Im sooo fucked

2017-03-10 04:19:39 UTC

no one said you did

2017-03-10 04:19:42 UTC


2017-03-10 04:19:55 UTC

I thought my maths test was in 2 weeks but its next week

2017-03-10 04:20:00 UTC

Kill me

2017-03-10 04:20:03 UTC

Second wave feminism was bullshit, just as the 2nd

2017-03-10 04:20:04 UTC

what kind of maths

2017-03-10 04:20:12 UTC

It only happened to enable degeneracy

2017-03-10 04:20:12 UTC

you mean third wave

2017-03-10 04:20:16 UTC


2017-03-10 04:20:25 UTC

2nd and 3rd wave are both shit

2017-03-10 04:20:25 UTC

Financial maths and algebra its a small test but important as shit

2017-03-10 04:20:27 UTC

oh ok

2017-03-10 04:20:34 UTC

Algebra mmm

2017-03-10 04:20:36 UTC


2017-03-10 04:20:38 UTC

Algebra like overall

2017-03-10 04:20:42 UTC

mmm Taxes

2017-03-10 04:20:46 UTC

No fuck im bad at maths

2017-03-10 04:20:49 UTC


2017-03-10 04:20:58 UTC

2nd was basically "Women aren't equal! We should be able to act like whores!"

2017-03-10 04:20:59 UTC


2017-03-10 04:21:10 UTC

3rd is just a reincarnation of that

2017-03-10 04:22:10 UTC

3rd wave just kinda turned into women thinking their rights didn't exist

2017-03-10 04:22:33 UTC

It's people that are mind-boggled, they have a false idea of reality

2017-03-10 04:22:42 UTC

That's leftism in general

2017-03-10 04:25:22 UTC

Yeah 3rd wave is bs

2017-03-10 04:25:32 UTC

It gives me real cancer

2017-03-10 04:25:39 UTC

Cancer on the brain

2017-03-10 04:29:04 UTC

That's not all lefties

2017-03-10 04:29:15 UTC


2017-03-10 04:29:24 UTC

I'm just as annoyed by it

2017-03-10 04:31:54 UTC


2017-03-10 04:31:58 UTC


2017-03-10 04:33:19 UTC


2017-03-10 04:37:01 UTC

it should really be #notallliberals

2017-03-10 04:37:27 UTC

I love people on the right using liberal as an insult. lul

2017-03-10 04:38:42 UTC

Liberalism just means you think everyone is equal

2017-03-10 04:38:44 UTC

Which is bullshit

2017-03-10 04:40:25 UTC


2017-03-10 04:40:41 UTC

It's clear you don't understand what it means...

2017-03-10 04:40:53 UTC

*grabs popcorn*

2017-03-10 04:41:15 UTC

That's a simpler way to define it, but liberal and conservative is just a set of values

2017-03-10 04:41:42 UTC

Liberalism being equality, social justice, anti-social standards, pro-LGBT, ect.

2017-03-10 04:42:30 UTC

And Conservatism is economic freedom, tradition, pro-gun rights, family values, ect.

2017-03-10 04:42:39 UTC

the basis of liberalism is liberty. Free speech, freedom of association, etc. Anyone against any of those liberties is not actually a liberal. They're a LINO if you will.

2017-03-10 04:43:03 UTC

That's not what modern American liberalism is

2017-03-10 04:43:12 UTC

that's pretty black and white tbh

2017-03-10 04:43:21 UTC

When people use the term liberal, they are likely referring to the modern version

2017-03-10 04:44:17 UTC

no side has mutually exclusive values and beliefs.There are pro life, pro gun, pro death penalty liberals and pro choice, less traditional conservatives

2017-03-10 04:44:56 UTC

Liberals barely support any traditionalism

2017-03-10 04:45:30 UTC

Shit, readd that wrong

2017-03-10 04:45:40 UTC

But there aren't that many pro-life liberals

2017-03-10 04:45:50 UTC

Seems a lot like you're policing you're own interpretation of language, and generalizing people in order to keep your world view in tact.. I associate that behavior with SJWs

2017-03-10 04:46:13 UTC

Liberals: Dave Rubin, Gad Saad. Not liberals: anyone against any civil liberties

2017-03-10 04:46:17 UTC

Just a thought

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