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2017-04-12 15:00:37 UTC

That's awesome

2017-04-12 15:00:49 UTC

I'm going to be a damn Hulk with my frustration pent up

2017-04-12 15:01:33 UTC

I'll need help with putting on a condom.

2017-04-12 15:01:46 UTC


2017-04-12 15:01:46 UTC


2017-04-12 15:01:52 UTC

Could be a lady of the night

2017-04-12 15:01:57 UTC


2017-04-12 15:02:21 UTC

What if she says she's on the pill?

2017-04-12 15:03:44 UTC

Should I go with it or wear protection?

2017-04-12 15:05:22 UTC

I'd say go for protection. There's always the possiblity that she's lying. It happens far more often than feminists are willing to admit. Also, even if it is being taken, it's not 100% guarenteed. So doubling up on protection can help.

2017-04-12 15:05:38 UTC


2017-04-12 15:05:45 UTC

Thanks Emma

2017-04-12 15:06:41 UTC

What if is a grill

2017-04-12 15:07:02 UTC

You need different protection then

2017-04-12 15:07:16 UTC

Also, does it matter if I'm on top or bottom?

2017-04-12 15:07:44 UTC

Not really.

2017-04-12 15:07:50 UTC


2017-04-12 15:08:09 UTC

I'd always go for protection either way

2017-04-12 15:08:12 UTC

Better safe than sorry

2017-04-12 15:08:19 UTC

Good point

2017-04-12 15:08:36 UTC

I love the fugg but hate the kids

2017-04-12 15:08:49 UTC

Penis flavored condoms for that complete "like it's not even there" experience.

2017-04-12 15:08:59 UTC

I like kids, but not babies

2017-04-12 15:09:18 UTC

You are a kid

2017-04-12 15:09:35 UTC

Wait, why would a condom have flavouring?

2017-04-12 15:09:40 UTC


2017-04-12 15:09:48 UTC


2017-04-12 15:09:49 UTC

Why not

2017-04-12 15:09:51 UTC

Kids and sex talk in the same conversation. Nice.

2017-04-12 15:09:52 UTC


2017-04-12 15:10:02 UTC

The puss has taste budds

2017-04-12 15:10:09 UTC

Funny that I am a kid. Lol

2017-04-12 15:10:13 UTC

Doesn't it cause thrush if you go in the puss puss with a flavored condom

2017-04-12 15:11:16 UTC


2017-04-12 15:11:19 UTC

They're real

2017-04-12 15:11:41 UTC

I wanted to know how they taste for the future

2017-04-12 15:11:50 UTC

Bacon flavored condoms!!!!

2017-04-12 15:11:52 UTC

Getting more advice on a Discord server than sex ed in school

2017-04-12 15:11:53 UTC

I need these.

2017-04-12 15:12:34 UTC

Who doesnt

2017-04-12 15:12:57 UTC

When you are too full to eat but need some beacon

2017-04-12 15:12:59 UTC

I'd imagine a banana flavored condom is pretty nice

2017-04-12 15:13:05 UTC

Emma, you have any more sex advice?

2017-04-12 15:13:22 UTC

Have sex is the best one

2017-04-12 15:14:28 UTC


2017-04-12 15:14:47 UTC

I'm talking to a girl now that I could booty call

2017-04-12 15:14:51 UTC

But I don't like that

2017-04-12 15:14:54 UTC

I'd rather be with someone

2017-04-12 15:15:03 UTC

Dont rape is in the top 10

2017-04-12 15:15:04 UTC


2017-04-12 15:15:35 UTC

actually top 50 at best

2017-04-12 15:16:03 UTC

Good advice

2017-04-12 15:16:04 UTC

No rape

2017-04-12 15:16:12 UTC

Why not?

2017-04-12 15:18:31 UTC


2017-04-12 15:18:39 UTC

I think that's pretty obvious

2017-04-12 15:18:48 UTC


2017-04-12 15:19:32 UTC

Geez, 2-D, go find a hooker already!

2017-04-12 15:19:45 UTC

I'm 13...

2017-04-12 15:20:15 UTC

Three years to go

2017-04-12 15:20:47 UTC

Take a trip to Amsterdam

2017-04-12 15:20:52 UTC

I'm sure you could still find a willing hooker somewhere.

2017-04-12 15:21:13 UTC

I'm not gonna put someone in prison

2017-04-12 15:21:17 UTC

I went, didn't fuck a hooker though

2017-04-12 15:21:56 UTC

She'd only go to prison if you went to the police and told them you fucked a hooker.

2017-04-12 15:22:05 UTC


2017-04-12 15:22:09 UTC

What's the point in that

2017-04-12 15:22:16 UTC

I might be a whore.

2017-04-12 15:22:22 UTC

But what if a friend of mine told them?!

2017-04-12 15:22:40 UTC

How would you be maybe a whore?

2017-04-12 15:23:03 UTC

If you're a whore, will you fuck me Emma?

2017-04-12 15:23:08 UTC

What? How would your friends know who the hooker was? Would take them with you? Geez!

2017-04-12 15:23:15 UTC

If a whore looks at you, you have a three in five chance of becoming one yourself.

2017-04-12 15:23:30 UTC

Whore's can only see movement, just stay still.

2017-04-12 15:23:30 UTC

I can't get out of my wheelchair @Katnipkitkat!

2017-04-12 15:24:00 UTC

So call a call girl when your parents aren't around.

2017-04-12 15:24:07 UTC

@Emma Oh... shit... am I a whore? I've seen many a whore, looked em right in the eye

2017-04-12 15:24:20 UTC

What's a call girl?

2017-04-12 15:24:57 UTC

No just no

2017-04-12 15:25:01 UTC

A secret sex worker

2017-04-12 15:25:02 UTC

If you don't know then stop asking about dating/sex advice.

2017-04-12 15:25:02 UTC


2017-04-12 15:25:10 UTC

This needs to stop

2017-04-12 15:25:14 UTC

A female escort

2017-04-12 15:25:17 UTC

That fucks on the job

2017-04-12 15:25:44 UTC

@Katnipkitkat Can you explain what a call girl is in deep detail.

2017-04-12 15:25:51 UTC


2017-04-12 15:26:00 UTC

If you take payments in ramen packets, are you still a prostitute?

2017-04-12 15:26:05 UTC

Ha ha ha

2017-04-12 15:26:07 UTC

they probably make less money than reply girls

2017-04-12 15:26:08 UTC

A very desperate one

2017-04-12 15:26:16 UTC

@huell_Clover Can you explain?

2017-04-12 15:26:28 UTC

@Ian kek

2017-04-12 15:26:35 UTC

very kek

2017-04-12 15:26:37 UTC

Call girls are a simple concept

2017-04-12 15:26:54 UTC

Tell me then

2017-04-12 15:27:11 UTC

2-D, nobody here is your own personal Google.

2017-04-12 15:27:28 UTC

"A call girl or female escort is a sex worker who does not display her profession to the general public; nor does she usually work in an institution like a brothel, although she may be employed by an escort agency."

2017-04-12 15:27:28 UTC

I'm not gonna google it

2017-04-12 15:27:33 UTC

Google it

2017-04-12 15:27:37 UTC

|That was google

2017-04-12 15:28:03 UTC

How do I recruit a call girl?

2017-04-12 15:28:26 UTC

I'm not a degenerate so I can't answer that

2017-04-12 15:28:43 UTC

I am on a 27 year long dry spell.

2017-04-12 15:28:48 UTC

Am I a degenerate?

2017-04-12 15:28:59 UTC


2017-04-12 15:29:06 UTC

I was trying to make a joke

2017-04-12 15:29:16 UTC

I'm not funny

2017-04-12 15:29:35 UTC

Dry spell?

2017-04-12 15:29:36 UTC

Will the call girl fuck me?

2017-04-12 15:29:43 UTC

Degenerates are the only hope for humanity's long term survival.

2017-04-12 15:29:53 UTC


2017-04-12 15:30:00 UTC


2017-04-12 15:32:05 UTC

Seriously, how do I recruit call girls?

2017-04-12 15:32:12 UTC

this is getting old lol

2017-04-12 15:32:24 UTC

The easiest ones to get are always undercover cops.

2017-04-12 15:32:35 UTC


2017-04-12 15:32:38 UTC

You're 13 2-D

2017-04-12 15:32:45 UTC


2017-04-12 15:32:48 UTC

Take that tent you're pitching down

2017-04-12 15:32:55 UTC

1. not legal yet and 2. they cost

2017-04-12 15:33:01 UTC

What tent?

2017-04-12 15:33:13 UTC

The one so tall we can see it from here.

2017-04-12 15:33:22 UTC

2-D is totally a troll, right?

2017-04-12 15:33:33 UTC

I don't get the metaphor

2017-04-12 15:33:45 UTC

Hormonal teen with a boner. That's what it is.

2017-04-12 15:33:49 UTC


2017-04-12 15:33:51 UTC


2017-04-12 15:33:57 UTC

Pitchin' a tent

2017-04-12 15:34:02 UTC

You've never heard that before?

2017-04-12 15:34:06 UTC


2017-04-12 15:34:27 UTC

I just can't believe anyone would know so little, got to be a troll.

2017-04-12 15:34:51 UTC

I'm not a troll

2017-04-12 15:35:14 UTC

I'm just a crippled teenager with a boner

2017-04-12 15:35:22 UTC

Who has a dream

2017-04-12 15:36:05 UTC

the boner's dream

2017-04-12 15:36:10 UTC


2017-04-12 15:36:32 UTC

For a hormonal 13 year old, actually knows more than I expected.

2017-04-12 15:36:51 UTC

Thank you

2017-04-12 15:37:18 UTC

I knew way more than that when I was 12, and most of that I just figured out from watching regular prime time TV shows.

2017-04-12 15:37:38 UTC

Like what?

2017-04-12 15:38:03 UTC

Sex is more taboo these days. Sex ed is even more of a joke and mainstream TV is more sanitized.

2017-04-12 15:38:10 UTC

@vegeta Join a vc

2017-04-12 15:38:15 UTC


2017-04-12 15:38:18 UTC


2017-04-12 15:38:29 UTC

Why should I?

2017-04-12 15:38:35 UTC

I bet you sex ed nowadays

2017-04-12 15:38:42 UTC

Is all about sexual identity

2017-04-12 15:38:47 UTC

I also used to sneak downstairs and watch the cable channels in the middle of the night when my parents were sleeping.

2017-04-12 15:38:50 UTC

Instead of actual sex education

2017-04-12 15:38:50 UTC

Pretty much

2017-04-12 15:38:53 UTC

Maybe in California

2017-04-12 15:39:02 UTC

I actually doubt it tho

2017-04-12 15:39:10 UTC

What about UK 2-D what kind of bullshit am I missing out on?

2017-04-12 15:39:24 UTC

Left school like 5 years ago no idea what I'm missing out on

2017-04-12 15:39:28 UTC

i forgot temperature regulation

2017-04-12 15:39:34 UTC

how could i forget temperature regularion

2017-04-12 15:39:47 UTC

i forigt......... twnperpature relguaelion......

2017-04-12 15:40:01 UTC

What the fuck

2017-04-12 15:40:03 UTC

Are you talking about

2017-04-12 15:40:13 UTC

I'm just learning about the Female reproductive system @huell_Clover

2017-04-12 15:40:27 UTC

i just took a tetst and it was "3 things the skin do" and i could only remember 2

2017-04-12 15:40:29 UTC

I had sex ed in the very early 2000s and literally all it was was "you're going to get boners" for the guys and "you're going to bleed every month from now on" for the girls. That's it.

2017-04-12 15:40:41 UTC

Nothing more.

2017-04-12 15:40:46 UTC


2017-04-12 15:40:51 UTC

We got to fuck around with condoms and shit

2017-04-12 15:40:52 UTC

Super fun

2017-04-12 15:40:57 UTC


2017-04-12 15:40:58 UTC

Threw a condom at my friend's face

2017-04-12 15:41:06 UTC

Got detention

2017-04-12 15:41:09 UTC

I just wanna know how to pick up hot girls

2017-04-12 15:41:13 UTC


2017-04-12 15:41:15 UTC

You're 13

School is bullshit

2017-04-12 15:41:19 UTC

Probably won't happen for a while

2017-04-12 15:41:25 UTC

@vegeta memes

2017-04-12 15:41:27 UTC

I can wait

2017-04-12 15:41:29 UTC

Didn't do it until I was almost 17

They only teach to have you pass a test, they don't teach you to learn

2017-04-12 15:41:56 UTC


2017-04-12 15:42:02 UTC


2017-04-12 15:42:04 UTC

I'd wanna get in a relationship when I'm 17

2017-04-12 15:42:17 UTC

This conversation is taking a better turn @Your Access to chat is suspended please carry on


2017-04-12 15:42:32 UTC


2017-04-12 15:42:33 UTC

thats true for the entirety of school up until uni, even then the professors just wanna make $ tho

2017-04-12 15:42:50 UTC


2017-04-12 15:43:01 UTC

I don't know whether I wanna go to college

Gotta make them greens, but at least make an effort in doing ur job

2017-04-12 15:43:05 UTC

Well depends some of them love it

2017-04-12 15:43:11 UTC

do it

2017-04-12 15:43:21 UTC

Up to you man

2017-04-12 15:43:24 UTC

I still remember learning how recessive and dominant genes work from school.

2017-04-12 15:43:26 UTC

Depends what you want to do as a job

2017-04-12 15:43:31 UTC

college is really the only way to get a job you'd want

2017-04-12 15:43:36 UTC

ive seen it around me

2017-04-12 15:43:49 UTC

even then its hard

Oh yeah and the whole tell a teacher if youre being bullied and it'l be handled is possibly the most absolute lie the schools will tell you lmao

2017-04-12 15:43:58 UTC

I don't know what job i want to get when I grow up

2017-04-12 15:44:20 UTC


2017-04-12 15:44:23 UTC



2017-04-12 15:44:28 UTC


das a good school

2017-04-12 15:44:44 UTC

What did he/she do?

My teacher bullied me for doing something I wasn't even doing

2017-04-12 15:45:00 UTC

Who the hell calls a kid a "sorry ass liar"? And the funny this is, this is the best school in the state.

2017-04-12 15:45:06 UTC

I don't care what job I get as long as it's full time and pays enough for me to eat, sleep somewhere and be happy with myself

2017-04-12 15:45:08 UTC

Then I'm good

2017-04-12 15:45:12 UTC

I ain't picky

2017-04-12 15:45:22 UTC

people in my school talk about an old teacher who got fired for saying her black students wouldve been slaves and her white students would have been owners in british colony times

2017-04-12 15:45:31 UTC

she was also a **science teacher**

2017-04-12 15:45:39 UTC


She thought I was drawing on my desk and she took me out of the classroom and started screaming and yelling at me like the fuck then she claimed I punched her when I didn't punch her and she took me into a corner where their were no cameras around so their would be no proof

2017-04-12 15:45:43 UTC

what the **fuk**

2017-04-12 15:45:49 UTC

if i went to a public school my teachers would all be sued

2017-04-12 15:46:13 UTC

i mean

She was getting all up in my face so I pushed her slightly out of my way because she was legit in my face screaming at me

2017-04-12 15:46:19 UTC

I've had both good and bad teachers.

2017-04-12 15:46:21 UTC

you could still sue them in a private school?

2017-04-12 15:46:24 UTC

itd just be harder

Lmao I had a teacher once say I picked up an entire desk and through it across the entire other side of the classroom

2017-04-12 15:47:04 UTC

I'm miserable as fuck right now so I'm watching The Darjeeling Limited to try and cheer up

2017-04-12 15:47:11 UTC

I got a C last year in math with a bad teacher, an A this year with a good one- could be a coincidence but Uhhh

2017-04-12 15:47:14 UTC

Wes Anderson has a way of charming me

2017-04-12 15:47:27 UTC

People need to care about education.

You know whats good with all my experiences tho? I never actually got in trouble lmao even with that detention slip

2017-04-12 15:47:34 UTC

my teachers have usually been pretty chill

2017-04-12 15:47:52 UTC

Don't be a teacher unless you want to teach???? Like????????????????

2017-04-12 15:47:59 UTC

Whats the point????????????

2017-04-12 15:48:00 UTC

worse ive had, i think ive said it before, me and a kid were late at the same time, the other kid doesnt have to go get a pass because hes special ed

2017-04-12 15:48:05 UTC

and even then thats somewhat reasonable

Some teachers just hand you packets and just go on their phones lmao

2017-04-12 15:48:12 UTC

still kinda shitty to do right infront of me

I had a teacher be on her phone when I was doing my regents and it was distracting as fuck like dude what the fuck

2017-04-12 15:48:40 UTC


2017-04-12 15:48:50 UTC

If you want a all pay no work job dont choose teaching

A test you need to pass in order to graduate

2017-04-12 15:48:55 UTC

thats children's future man

2017-04-12 15:49:01 UTC


2017-04-12 15:49:02 UTC


2017-04-12 15:49:07 UTC

One guy who bullied me in middle school later turned up at a gas station I was working at while in high school. I said fuck you, I'm not selling you any gas and I don't give a shit if you tell the manager, go buy your gas somewhere else, and he left.

2017-04-12 15:49:17 UTC



2017-04-12 15:49:32 UTC

you still shoulda sold him gas tho id take his money

2017-04-12 15:49:43 UTC

Sumbody holdssss a grudggggeeee

2017-04-12 15:49:59 UTC

I'm good with people who used to bully me

2017-04-12 15:50:01 UTC

I have grudges dating back to 1982.

2017-04-12 15:50:06 UTC

I don't hold grudges

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