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2018-04-11 21:47:42 UTC

(((They))) control most media around the globe as well

2018-04-11 21:47:46 UTC

@Usukkaka no retard we are just giving this guy information

2018-04-11 21:47:47 UTC

except i actually changed my mind

2018-04-11 21:48:11 UTC

I'm the retard? You blame the Jews for literally everything unironically omegalul

2018-04-11 21:48:19 UTC

you are the retard

2018-04-11 21:48:31 UTC

@Usukkaka no faggot im blaming them for this

2018-04-11 21:48:34 UTC

which is true

2018-04-11 21:48:37 UTC

and they even admit it

2018-04-11 21:48:39 UTC

For what exactly?

2018-04-11 21:48:46 UTC

destabalizing the middle east

2018-04-11 21:48:52 UTC

if you'd been paying attention

2018-04-11 21:49:01 UTC

god im sick of you fucking new fag brainlets

2018-04-11 21:49:06 UTC

They want money and power.

2018-04-11 21:49:13 UTC

and oil.

2018-04-11 21:49:14 UTC

they want this


2018-04-11 21:49:22 UTC

They're not solely responsible. But are a major part sure.

2018-04-11 21:49:36 UTC

It's Israel

2018-04-11 21:49:47 UTC

They've leached onto our country

2018-04-11 21:49:54 UTC

okay so shut up i dont know why youve been interjecting here without actually contributing to the convo

2018-04-11 21:49:55 UTC

Middle East has been unstable even before modern Israel was formed don't lie to yourselves they just made the shit show even bigger

2018-04-11 21:49:56 UTC

go to gen

2018-04-11 21:50:00 UTC

infected the government and control us

2018-04-11 21:50:14 UTC

were talking about now, not before

2018-04-11 21:50:18 UTC

This has been going on for longer than Israel has existed

2018-04-11 21:50:46 UTC

Ever looked into Mayor Nathan Rothschild and what he did at the Battle of Waterloo?

2018-04-11 21:51:15 UTC

What happened before is important because it lays waste to your claim that Israel is themselves solely responsible for Middle East Destabilization

2018-04-11 21:51:18 UTC

What happens if Israel does destabilize and take control over the middle east, then what?

2018-04-11 21:51:22 UTC

The Rothschilds were some of the founders and advocators for Israel to exist

2018-04-11 21:51:48 UTC

Big Jew Nation less Muslims.

2018-04-11 21:51:56 UTC

@Usukkaka prior to the arab spring all of these countries were more stable

2018-04-11 21:51:59 UTC

now they arent

2018-04-11 21:52:02 UTC

You guys should be for that then shouldn't you?

2018-04-11 21:52:03 UTC

fucking retard

2018-04-11 21:52:05 UTC

The Rothschilds and others like them have been profiteering off of European wars and nations for centuries

2018-04-11 21:52:21 UTC

nope would rather have muslims and no jew nation

2018-04-11 21:52:26 UTC

no jews period

2018-04-11 21:52:36 UTC


2018-04-11 21:53:05 UTC

Somehow I doubt that. Jews don't bomb people or try to implement Sharia law or rape. They've got that going for them.

2018-04-11 21:53:10 UTC

@liqhts then they gain more power money and influence and keep meddling in the U.S

2018-04-11 21:53:11 UTC

I don't care if the jews declared war on every middle eastern nation and kid any musilman they could. None of my business

2018-04-11 21:53:17 UTC


2018-04-11 21:54:02 UTC

>jews dont bomb people or rape


2018-04-11 21:54:32 UTC

Jews funded ISIS, they start wars to make money, they force multiculturalism everywhere they go, and they erase history to better fit their ideals.

2018-04-11 21:54:41 UTC

You could say that about any lobbying group being successful

2018-04-11 21:55:11 UTC

>jews wont rape or bomb people

2018-04-11 21:55:14 UTC

Take a good look at who all major lobbyists are in the West

2018-04-11 21:55:17 UTC


2018-04-11 21:55:22 UTC

You're a brainlet

2018-04-11 21:55:25 UTC

Think about this

2018-04-11 21:55:29 UTC

Look at who owns the media

2018-04-11 21:55:35 UTC

Who has high levels of power?

2018-04-11 21:55:37 UTC


2018-04-11 21:55:39 UTC

who rapes?

2018-04-11 21:55:44 UTC


2018-04-11 21:55:44 UTC

people in high levels of power

2018-04-11 21:55:45 UTC

look at who controls international finance

2018-04-11 21:55:57 UTC

Jews make up about 2% of the American population, about 0.5-1% in Europe, yet they own like 90% of the media and banks And this is in no way a secret, yet most people don't know this because the media does not mention it seeing how they control said media. And when you tell them this they don't see the problem with this monopoly, and call you a "racist" and an "anti-semitic" Those two words are just ways to silence people from speaking the truth. They silence the truth because they are afraid they are a cowardly and alien race.

2018-04-11 21:56:00 UTC

as a minority pushing for a more cosmopolitan area whereever you go is a good idea for survival as you will be less likely to be singled out and eliminated by a united populace. If you aren't a minority already pushing for a cosmopolitan country is a terrible idea as it destroys national unity. That is what the jews do and why the do it.

2018-04-11 21:56:05 UTC

@Usukkaka then how come muslims without power in european countries rape too

2018-04-11 21:56:22 UTC

It's too bad Asians are still the highest per capita income in the US

2018-04-11 21:56:24 UTC

Because they rape

2018-04-11 21:56:27 UTC

its what they do

2018-04-11 21:56:44 UTC

which has nothing to do with anything, just felt like mentioning lmao

2018-04-11 21:56:47 UTC

general population statistics for a normal jewish person is the same if not less than average american

2018-04-11 21:56:48 UTC

you're the dumbest person i've encountered in this chat

2018-04-11 21:56:52 UTC


2018-04-11 21:56:55 UTC


2018-04-11 21:57:07 UTC

Name calling doesn't get you very far

2018-04-11 21:57:19 UTC

^100% jew confirmed

2018-04-11 21:57:33 UTC

(((Ashkenazi IQ)))

2018-04-11 21:57:35 UTC

just not though

2018-04-11 21:57:42 UTC

sure schlomo

2018-04-11 21:57:56 UTC

I guess we should kill all Catholics too after all their religion was founded off of judaism

2018-04-11 21:58:00 UTC

this guy is about as arrogant as a jew

2018-04-11 21:58:42 UTC

Your talk about jewish people owning all the media sounds like black lives matter talking about how white people own everything it's retarted

2018-04-11 21:58:54 UTC

It's true

2018-04-11 21:58:56 UTC


2018-04-11 21:58:58 UTC

take a look

2018-04-11 21:58:59 UTC


2018-04-11 21:59:04 UTC

open your eyes

2018-04-11 21:59:07 UTC


2018-04-11 21:59:10 UTC

dems are the real racists goys

2018-04-11 21:59:17 UTC

I mean isnt christianity just a washed up judaism and islam as i said earlier?

2018-04-11 21:59:20 UTC

But Jews do control the media

2018-04-11 21:59:24 UTC

Yeah no shit

2018-04-11 21:59:38 UTC

White people control a lot of things too

2018-04-11 21:59:38 UTC

So is it really crazy to call them out?

2018-04-11 21:59:47 UTC

@Usukkaka do you unironically enjoy jeff dunham?

2018-04-11 21:59:52 UTC


2018-04-11 21:59:55 UTC

it's irony

2018-04-11 21:59:56 UTC

you sure?

2018-04-11 21:59:59 UTC

and I like walter's face

2018-04-11 22:00:05 UTC

I bet you do

2018-04-11 22:00:09 UTC


2018-04-11 22:00:16 UTC

k is for kikel

2018-04-11 22:00:16 UTC

Here is a thought

2018-04-11 22:00:18 UTC


2018-04-11 22:00:22 UTC

you are a jew

2018-04-11 22:00:33 UTC

Are you a troll?

2018-04-11 22:00:43 UTC

Or maybe both?

2018-04-11 22:00:46 UTC

@Usukkaka what do you think of Adolf Hitler?

2018-04-11 22:00:51 UTC

Great guy fantastic

2018-04-11 22:00:56 UTC


2018-04-11 22:01:00 UTC

Glad to see we're on the same page.

2018-04-11 22:01:01 UTC

but ur being sarcastic

2018-04-11 22:01:03 UTC


2018-04-11 22:01:03 UTC

Hitler was right

2018-04-11 22:01:12 UTC

Real shit though he wasn't horrible if you forget the holocaust thing

2018-04-11 22:01:14 UTC

excellent speaker

2018-04-11 22:01:18 UTC

I wish the holocaust had been real

2018-04-11 22:01:22 UTC

I dunno guys, hitler was a vegan... so like 96% right rather than 100%

2018-04-11 22:01:22 UTC

@Usukkaka holocaust didnt happen

2018-04-11 22:01:25 UTC

im done with you

2018-04-11 22:01:32 UTC

It did though.

2018-04-11 22:01:36 UTC


2018-04-11 22:01:36 UTC

no faggot

2018-04-11 22:01:37 UTC

it didnt

2018-04-11 22:01:37 UTC


2018-04-11 22:01:42 UTC

muh 6 Gorillian

2018-04-11 22:01:44 UTC

Maybe not to the extent they claim

2018-04-11 22:01:52 UTC

So what if like

2018-04-11 22:01:55 UTC

but def happened

2018-04-11 22:01:56 UTC

not one kike was ever gassed

2018-04-11 22:02:00 UTC

200,000 jews died?

2018-04-11 22:02:20 UTC

real shit though Eisenhower wasnt horrible if you discount the whole Death Camps thing

2018-04-11 22:02:27 UTC

it was a fucking war faggot

2018-04-11 22:02:33 UTC

never say the word holocaust again

2018-04-11 22:02:48 UTC

dresden did tho

2018-04-11 22:02:53 UTC

Apparently only 20,000 jews even died in Auswitchz and only like 12% of the population was Jewish

2018-04-11 22:03:01 UTC


2018-04-11 22:03:10 UTC

Is this a conservatard server?

2018-04-11 22:03:13 UTC

@Usukkaka are you even white?

2018-04-11 22:03:19 UTC

February 14, 1942: The Führer once again expressed his determination to clean up the Jews in Europe pitilessly. There must be no squeamish sentimentalism about it. The Jews have deserved the catastrophe that has now overtaken them. Their destruction will go hand in hand with the destruction of our enemies. We must hasten this process with cold ruthlessness.

2018-04-11 22:03:24 UTC

Did i join a conspiracy theory server?

2018-04-11 22:03:30 UTC

I guess Hitler was just speaking out of his ass then

2018-04-11 22:03:37 UTC

nah he did what he promised

2018-04-11 22:03:41 UTC


2018-04-11 22:03:43 UTC

Heil Hitler

2018-04-11 22:03:46 UTC


2018-04-11 22:04:01 UTC

Never Forget Dresden

2018-04-11 22:04:07 UTC

Sieg heil

2018-04-11 22:04:17 UTC


2018-04-11 22:04:28 UTC

God i hate retards

2018-04-11 22:04:33 UTC


2018-04-11 22:04:34 UTC

I know

2018-04-11 22:04:40 UTC

Most conservatives are useful idiots rather than retards.

2018-04-11 22:04:48 UTC

not useful anymore

2018-04-11 22:04:52 UTC

they dont conserve shit

2018-04-11 22:04:54 UTC

Imagine thinking Jews are just t the same as anyone else

2018-04-11 22:04:56 UTC

Why do you think the holocaust didn't happen genuine question?

2018-04-11 22:04:59 UTC

@Usukkaka what are you even? Are you white?

2018-04-11 22:05:07 UTC

*Former useful idiots

2018-04-11 22:05:11 UTC

@Usukkaka because it didnt

2018-04-11 22:05:21 UTC

Yeah the Conservatards are beyond useful

2018-04-11 22:05:25 UTC

Because surely if the testimonies all lined up exactly, that would lead to more evidence of a greater Jewish conspiracy would it not?

2018-04-11 22:05:29 UTC

im not going to debate this whole thing with you but if you arent retarded you can look it up

2018-04-11 22:05:34 UTC

You can't win either way

2018-04-11 22:05:35 UTC

we are a reaction to who they shouldve been

2018-04-11 22:05:45 UTC

@Usukkaka the nuremberg trials were a sham look into it

2018-04-11 22:05:48 UTC

When the kikes come for our guns the conservatards would be the first to hand in their firearms

2018-04-11 22:06:05 UTC

Yes the Nuremberg trials were just proof of the saying

2018-04-11 22:06:13 UTC

Victors write the history books

2018-04-11 22:06:18 UTC


2018-04-11 22:06:22 UTC

the holocaust is a myth started before WWII even started, and actually was spread before Hitler was even elected. After the war it was used as an excuse to give Palestine to the Zionists

2018-04-11 22:06:33 UTC


2018-04-11 22:06:43 UTC

look into the havara agreement

2018-04-11 22:06:46 UTC

Read “The First Holocaust”

2018-04-11 22:06:50 UTC

Anti Hitler propaganda said that 6 million jews would die if he was elected

2018-04-11 22:06:57 UTC

I think that’s what it’s called

2018-04-11 22:07:05 UTC

But what should be done with the Jews? Do you think they will be settled down in the 'Ostland' [eastern territories], in [resettlement] villages? This is what we were told in Berlin: Why all this bother? We can do nothing with them either in the 'Ostland' nor in the 'Reichkommissariat.' So liquidate them yourself.

Gentlemen, I must ask you to rid yourself of all feeling of pity. We must annihilate the Jews, wherever we find them and wherever it is possible, in order to maintain the structure of the Reich as a whole. ...

We cannot shoot or poison these 3,500,000 Jews, but we shall nevertheless be able to take measures, which will lead, somehow, to their annihilation....

That we sentence 1,200,000 Jews to die of hunger should be noted only marginally.

Himmler's speech at Posen on October 4, 1943

2018-04-11 22:07:07 UTC

if alot of jews were killed it was because they starved when allies bombed germanys supply lines

2018-04-11 22:07:14 UTC

There were only 3 million kikes before Hitler came to power

2018-04-11 22:07:18 UTC

So why was Hitler lying about everything

2018-04-11 22:07:26 UTC

he was pretty consistent everywhere else

2018-04-11 22:07:44 UTC

so 6 million jews just dissapeared out of no where and hitler decided to kill himself because he lied to the whole world?

2018-04-11 22:07:53 UTC

I wish the Holocaust happened don’t get me wrong

2018-04-11 22:07:56 UTC

Jews lied about the Holohoax? Holy shit who would have thunk?

2018-04-11 22:08:07 UTC


2018-04-11 22:08:10 UTC

lol like hitler killed himself because of the holocaust

2018-04-11 22:08:23 UTC

killed himself because sub human bolshevik kikes would have eaten him alive

2018-04-11 22:08:26 UTC

and raped ihm

2018-04-11 22:08:27 UTC


2018-04-11 22:08:27 UTC

There were only millions kikes in Europe at the time

2018-04-11 22:08:33 UTC

He still lives in our hearts

2018-04-11 22:08:39 UTC

Yeah America’s Soviet allies

2018-04-11 22:08:45 UTC

Sieg Heil!

2018-04-11 22:08:54 UTC

Hail Victory

2018-04-11 22:08:56 UTC

They werent all burned dumbass

2018-04-11 22:09:01 UTC

nor gassed

2018-04-11 22:09:06 UTC

where are bodies

2018-04-11 22:09:07 UTC


2018-04-11 22:09:11 UTC

just sent you a link bud

2018-04-11 22:09:13 UTC

Hitler is immortal

2018-04-11 22:09:13 UTC

one example

2018-04-11 22:09:17 UTC

Because the numbers are constantly fluctuating, the lampshade and gas chamber myths have either been revised or debunked multiple times. If i'm not mistaken, their initial plan was to resettle the Jews in Madagascar.

2018-04-11 22:09:21 UTC

So there was an entire war effort, concentration camps and disarmament and battles, but hitler didnt actually take any of the jews he just pretended he was going to?

2018-04-11 22:09:24 UTC

How can you ever even prove anyone died outside of the camps

2018-04-11 22:09:25 UTC

*none were gassed or burnt

2018-04-11 22:09:26 UTC

His name and soul will never die

2018-04-11 22:09:32 UTC

Tell me

2018-04-11 22:09:38 UTC

***O Y V E Y***

2018-04-11 22:09:44 UTC

"Gas Chambers"

2018-04-11 22:10:03 UTC

"This video contains content from BBC Worldwide, who has blocked it in your country on copyright grounds"

2018-04-11 22:10:08 UTC


2018-04-11 22:10:13 UTC

get a vpn

2018-04-11 22:10:17 UTC

When they evacuated the camps, why didn’t they just smoke the kikes with machine guns and make their escape quicker? Instead of making them run

2018-04-11 22:10:27 UTC

Why didn’t they do that anyways?

2018-04-11 22:10:34 UTC

@Usukkaka I bet you never knew Hitler's driver(an SS officer) was a jew

2018-04-11 22:10:37 UTC

@liqhts use a vpn and watch

2018-04-11 22:10:41 UTC


2018-04-11 22:10:41 UTC

so the general populous wasn't aware of the atrocities

2018-04-11 22:10:56 UTC


2018-04-11 22:11:02 UTC

and yeah you probably also didn't know that Hitler used the Jews as a scapegoat

2018-04-11 22:11:14 UTC

Wait next are you gonna tell me 9/11 never actually happened?

2018-04-11 22:11:16 UTC

cause they were the problem

2018-04-11 22:11:19 UTC

At most maybe 1.5 million jews died over the course of the war in and out of the camps

2018-04-11 22:11:19 UTC

lol impying they didnt deserve ut

2018-04-11 22:11:21 UTC


2018-04-11 22:11:22 UTC

Jews created communism

2018-04-11 22:11:23 UTC

Scapegoat for what?

2018-04-11 22:11:25 UTC

jews were the problem

2018-04-11 22:11:26 UTC

God this just makes me wish the Holocaust happened

2018-04-11 22:11:29 UTC

they ruined the country

2018-04-11 22:11:40 UTC

This guy is a jew, a parasite wasting our time

2018-04-11 22:11:40 UTC

he didn't truly believe it then did he

2018-04-11 22:11:52 UTC

@Usukkaka <:kys:388539722210738177>

2018-04-11 22:11:54 UTC

Have you even read Mein Kampf?

2018-04-11 22:11:55 UTC

considering he had a jewish ss driver

2018-04-11 22:12:02 UTC

he did but he wasnt a mass murdering animal like u say

2018-04-11 22:12:04 UTC

The unabridged version

2018-04-11 22:12:10 UTC


2018-04-11 22:12:13 UTC

Jews disproportionately influenced The Treaty of Versailles 🤔 🤔 🤔

2018-04-11 22:12:21 UTC

Did you not check any of the links i sent lol'

2018-04-11 22:12:22 UTC

Jews created the USSR

2018-04-11 22:12:28 UTC

You do realize the Jews declared war on Germany twenty years before they were expelled from the country?

2018-04-11 22:12:30 UTC

Hogg you’re just retarded as the guy you’re named after

2018-04-11 22:12:36 UTC


2018-04-11 22:12:38 UTC

Jews controlled the banks in Germany 🤔 🤔 🤔

2018-04-11 22:12:47 UTC

Just like they do here

2018-04-11 22:12:49 UTC

@Usukkaka some jews were given "Honorary Aryan" status due to their honorable sacrifices/commitment to the reich

2018-04-11 22:12:49 UTC

ironic name I know you don't understand comedy pipe down

2018-04-11 22:13:13 UTC

>Humor isn't subjective

2018-04-11 22:13:14 UTC

You dumbass I know that I’m saying your comedy is backfiring

2018-04-11 22:13:17 UTC

Really? statues vs mass graves?

2018-04-11 22:13:30 UTC

good evidence

2018-04-11 22:13:38 UTC

Ahh the graves of poles killed by the Soviets

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