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2018-05-19 01:45:58 UTC

And with red pills we shall expose liberal hypocrites

2018-05-19 01:46:42 UTC

Our Slandering of our image by the media and their ignorance of our discrimination shall end!

2018-05-19 01:46:49 UTC

We have been nought, we shall be all!

2018-05-19 03:40:57 UTC

*Ungrateful for the Blood I Shed*


2018-05-19 15:15:27 UTC


2018-05-19 17:41:35 UTC


2018-05-19 18:45:19 UTC

And he looks like a pedophile.

2018-05-19 19:40:56 UTC

Here's Jordan Peterson trying to teacher a monkey a new trick :)https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=chP_xFklSjQ

2018-05-19 23:12:03 UTC


2018-05-20 01:01:23 UTC

Good video from vice (i know right).

2018-05-20 01:22:38 UTC

Vice doing something I agree with...wut? 🤔

2018-05-20 03:16:51 UTC
2018-05-20 04:43:55 UTC

Apparently Zionist Christians that I personally know cannot fathom the fact that the Covenant between the Jews and God was broken after they denied Jesus as the Messiah. They will always go back to the old testament in Genesis when God declares Israel the land of the Jews. When that covenant was broken later in the bible in the New Testament.

2018-05-20 07:06:18 UTC

They are brainwashed by the modern media, but they'll know the truth eventually, the truth has a good staying power.

2018-05-20 07:33:17 UTC

"Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me." John 14:6

2018-05-20 07:34:36 UTC

Nowhere there does Jesus ever say "Oh yeah, but the Jews can still get to heaven by trying to fulfill the law which literally couldn't be filled by them and was the reason why I had to come here"

2018-05-20 07:35:12 UTC

But the issue is that the media has created the "stand with Israel" shit by using the whole "those who abandon israel" stuff in Revelations to fearmonger them

2018-05-20 07:35:50 UTC

The Israel spoken of there is of the New Israel, God's Sheep (Christians), not the Jews

2018-05-20 12:18:40 UTC

Ban Zio-Christians specially envangelicals

2018-05-20 12:18:52 UTC

they are only "christians" for the shekel grabbing

2018-05-20 13:37:15 UTC

You know, as much as I can appreciate the *concept* of evangelism, you’re completely right

2018-05-20 13:37:26 UTC

Theyre all in it for the money and the business

2018-05-20 13:38:45 UTC

Pat Robertson, Joel Osteen, Jerry Falwell, etc.

2018-05-20 15:05:49 UTC

Joel Osteen is a heretic

2018-05-20 15:06:04 UTC

His sermons make me sick

2018-05-20 15:06:20 UTC

A watered-down bible for more popularity and larger crowds

2018-05-20 15:06:28 UTC

Preach the truth or don't preach at all

2018-05-20 15:32:01 UTC


2018-05-20 15:50:43 UTC

this is why i’m proud to be chinese

2018-05-20 15:54:30 UTC


2018-05-20 17:33:59 UTC

I wish we could have speeches like this in Congress

2018-05-20 19:48:38 UTC

“Increase Diversity”

2018-05-20 19:48:58 UTC

Such inclusity, much diversity, so progressive.

2018-05-21 01:39:26 UTC

The tickets urged students to “party like it’s 1776” during the event at the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia.

But that prompted complaints from students who noted “not all communities can celebrate what life was like in 1776,” Principal Dennis Perry said in a letter to the community Friday.

2018-05-21 01:39:41 UTC


2018-05-21 01:40:26 UTC

i've been there. it's cool

2018-05-21 01:41:08 UTC

This HS is like 10 mins near me

2018-05-21 01:41:20 UTC

I know kids who go there

2018-05-21 01:41:42 UTC

Another "racist act" Happened near me also

2018-05-21 01:42:12 UTC

Some kid called a black girl a nibber

2018-05-21 01:42:22 UTC

This shit is so gay

2018-05-21 03:54:58 UTC

@Deleted User wait what

2018-05-21 03:55:14 UTC

I live a few minutes away from Cherry Hill

2018-05-21 03:55:51 UTC

No way

2018-05-21 03:55:54 UTC


2018-05-21 03:55:58 UTC

I assume you live in South Jersey then

2018-05-21 03:56:02 UTC


2018-05-21 03:56:06 UTC


2018-05-21 03:56:06 UTC

Go in dms please

2018-05-21 05:11:39 UTC

In order to fix our current society we must treat it as a patient plagued with cancer

2018-05-21 05:12:01 UTC

We must remove the tumors that lie in the subject and leave the others be

2018-05-21 15:19:07 UTC

Shall we discuss about the royal wedding gents?

2018-05-21 15:20:17 UTC

niggers stink 👌

2018-05-21 15:20:51 UTC

This is like the Edward Crisis

2018-05-21 15:21:22 UTC

A British Prince marrying an AMERICAN DIVORCE

2018-05-21 15:23:10 UTC

Quite disgraceful if you ask me

2018-05-21 15:30:17 UTC

@Alamo that’s a gud change

2018-05-21 15:30:20 UTC

I like that

2018-05-21 16:26:22 UTC

Yea. Good to see the panic of tariffs on our crops turn into this

2018-05-21 17:05:00 UTC

Al’s people are having a good today

2018-05-21 17:28:51 UTC

This is pretty embarrassing tbh

2018-05-21 17:56:20 UTC


2018-05-21 20:55:46 UTC

The 2008 recession dropped birthrates, especially among Hispanics.

2018-05-21 20:56:35 UTC

Before 2008, they had a birthrate of 2.7-2.8, in 2015 it's around 2.1. Whites went from 1.9 in 2006 to 1.76 in 2015.

2018-05-21 21:27:13 UTC

Solution: We need another Great Depression

2018-05-21 22:19:31 UTC

We need to do something about these doxing twitter pages...

2018-05-22 02:49:06 UTC

Generic ballot shows GOP +6 over dems for 2018 midterms. In February dems had more than twice the lead GOP has now

2018-05-22 03:01:51 UTC

If only our media would give trump enough mercy to criticize their relentless brutality and stress imposed onto him

2018-05-22 03:05:05 UTC

if trump did what Zemin did

2018-05-22 03:05:24 UTC

liberals would pounce so hard onto his back Mr. trump would probably have his spine broken

2018-05-22 04:21:33 UTC


2018-05-22 04:22:48 UTC

Might end up doing nothing, just like "the memo"

2018-05-22 04:23:34 UTC


2018-05-22 04:27:34 UTC


2018-05-22 12:54:20 UTC

they want your guns. https://youtu.be/9O35Isrik18

2018-05-22 12:59:00 UTC


2018-05-22 13:00:40 UTC
2018-05-22 14:25:35 UTC


2018-05-22 14:25:48 UTC

Due to the Shooter using a shotgun in the shooting

2018-05-22 14:26:00 UTC

Liberals want to ban all “Combat Weapons”

2018-05-22 14:26:04 UTC

Aka all of our guns

2018-05-22 14:45:34 UTC

How will i larp without combat weapons

2018-05-22 14:46:03 UTC

that would also include blades no?

2018-05-22 14:48:30 UTC

if i tried to larp i’d probably stab someone

2018-05-22 14:48:36 UTC

actually stab someone

2018-05-22 18:43:12 UTC

Dems are literally throwing the Midterms lmao they are really retarded

2018-05-22 19:28:18 UTC

Since i’m kinda late on this whole identity politics thing

2018-05-22 19:28:28 UTC



2018-05-22 19:28:32 UTC

Someone explain it to me please and why everyone is bickering over it

2018-05-22 19:29:08 UTC

Read it

2018-05-23 00:43:53 UTC

guys once they take your weapons it is over

2018-05-23 00:44:01 UTC

you will truthfully become a 3rd world country

2018-05-23 00:48:56 UTC


2018-05-23 00:49:01 UTC
2018-05-23 01:10:36 UTC

man if he was proposing to militarize the national guard to round up illegals, I'd be interested

2018-05-23 01:10:48 UTC

more tax kvetching is gay as fuck and does nothing about our demographic disease.

2018-05-23 01:28:54 UTC


2018-05-23 01:29:00 UTC

they already are military

2018-05-23 01:29:06 UTC

but i agree lol

2018-05-23 01:29:15 UTC

I won’t say no to tax cuts though

2018-05-23 01:59:03 UTC

We need a Cultural Revolution

2018-05-23 01:59:28 UTC

End the Liberal Millennial influence on our society

2018-05-23 02:05:02 UTC

avoid Californication! https://youtu.be/-Hsmm1PKqGo

2018-05-23 02:11:56 UTC
2018-05-23 02:29:24 UTC

What if we can rewrite this to the Rio Grande?

2018-05-23 02:29:31 UTC

Protect the Rio Grande!

2018-05-23 02:34:01 UTC

I was wanting to rewrite Rhodesians Never Die to Americans Never Die or Europeans Never Die

2018-05-23 02:36:02 UTC

Many Socialist Songs can be rewritten for Right-Wing groups like us

2018-05-23 02:36:08 UTC

hell just look at the Internationale

2018-05-23 02:36:27 UTC

A change of a few lines and we'll turn a socialist song into a National Socialist one.

2018-05-23 02:37:20 UTC

Instead of the Rich oppressing us, it can be the liberal society and the corrupt Media slandering our image for a better future

2018-05-23 02:47:12 UTC
2018-05-23 05:44:08 UTC

Sweet Home Alabama

2018-05-23 05:44:12 UTC

Alabama Getaway

2018-05-23 05:44:15 UTC

Alabama Song

2018-05-23 11:00:37 UTC

Can't let this monkey win

2018-05-23 11:40:55 UTC


2018-05-23 11:41:42 UTC

And yes, don't let her ass win

2018-05-23 13:53:42 UTC

Andrew Dod’s story should be a wake up call for us

2018-05-23 13:55:16 UTC

How Leftist Terrorists can cause the death of one due to constant harassment against one who wants to express his political ideas

2018-05-23 13:55:33 UTC

**We have been nought, we shall be all!**

2018-05-23 16:15:36 UTC

learn about consent

2018-05-23 18:32:17 UTC

This was America’s Way since Washington’s presidency

2018-05-23 18:32:31 UTC

To keep foreigners Out!

2018-05-23 23:54:27 UTC

I don’t know if I shall become Oswald Mosley or a Right-Wing Mao

2018-05-23 23:55:21 UTC

begum who u is

2018-05-24 01:09:51 UTC


2018-05-24 01:17:34 UTC


2018-05-24 05:22:42 UTC

Its gettin hot in here bois: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tlNKIHGz3oo

2018-05-24 12:10:01 UTC

"the boer" are taking a stand. https://youtu.be/wAQLQslvI8k

2018-05-24 12:11:42 UTC

i wish them the best

2018-05-24 12:21:27 UTC

What a great video

2018-05-24 17:08:53 UTC

Civil War when?

2018-05-25 00:20:01 UTC

*My People can you stand it? Go Trump those stupid Dems! Will you be a Libtard scab, or will you be a man?*

2018-05-25 00:20:12 UTC

*Which side are you on boys... Which side are you on?*

2018-05-25 03:38:26 UTC

fucking gzay

2018-05-25 05:54:08 UTC

alternate lyrics: Will you be a virgin scab? Or will you be a *Chad?*

2018-05-25 15:18:29 UTC


2018-05-25 15:18:32 UTC


2018-05-25 15:18:39 UTC


2018-05-25 15:18:45 UTC


2018-05-25 15:18:52 UTC


2018-05-25 15:18:56 UTC


2018-05-25 15:19:12 UTC

how do we fix education?

2018-05-25 15:19:26 UTC

these are all seminars at my highschool

2018-05-25 15:19:30 UTC

literally hell

2018-05-25 16:02:22 UTC

I am assuming you are a highschooler?

2018-05-25 16:02:29 UTC

Due to the 10-12th in the slides

2018-05-25 16:03:43 UTC


2018-05-25 16:08:04 UTC


2018-05-25 16:08:51 UTC

Build a counter elite and retake the university system

2018-05-25 16:09:09 UTC

A reverse long march through the institutions

2018-05-25 16:17:14 UTC

If you are to change the education system then you also must change society as well

2018-05-25 16:17:22 UTC

*Cultural Revolution Intensifies*

2018-05-25 16:50:01 UTC

March into the school with a group of like minded teens. Make sure you’re all armed and ready. Taking over the school via a coup won’t be easy, so get some guys who’ll be prepared to possibly take and lose their lives

2018-05-25 16:51:10 UTC

>implying like minded teans exist

2018-05-25 16:53:10 UTC

Just kidnap a couple and lock them in your basement where you’ll forcefully indoctrinate them into supporting your cause. It’ll probably take a couple months and a lot of psychological and physical torture, but if some sand people from the Middle East can do it, so can you

2018-05-25 17:10:53 UTC

Does forceful indoctrination really work?

2018-05-25 17:12:07 UTC


2018-05-25 17:12:22 UTC

idk if it works on mentally stable adults

2018-05-25 17:12:44 UTC

but the Ottoman's janissaries were pretty much forceful indoctrination

2018-05-25 17:25:10 UTC

Yeah that’s why janissaries were taken as kids

2018-05-25 17:25:23 UTC

I don’t think adults are as susceptible to brainwashing

2018-05-25 17:33:14 UTC


2018-05-25 17:45:41 UTC

wow and breitbart took down their story on it

2018-05-25 18:28:35 UTC

well (((breitbart))) so

2018-05-25 18:46:14 UTC

Pansexualism doesn't exist for gender Identity isn't a thing

2018-05-25 18:46:44 UTC

thus Pansexuals are instead just bisexuals, or just people who would fuck anything that breathes

2018-05-25 18:55:20 UTC

Gentlemen, a Cultural Revolution is direly needed in such dire time. Liberalism and SJW Culture has plagued our Media, our schools, and our general Life. If we let these ideals plague our youth, then prepare for a terrible, Politically Correct future ahead of us.

2018-05-25 19:00:19 UTC

We must not let the Radical LGBT Community sink the ship of Biology that society has floated upon since the creation of Man!

2018-05-25 19:29:33 UTC


2018-05-25 21:23:28 UTC


2018-05-26 00:40:14 UTC

is it finally happening? https://youtu.be/XR97EgcihlU

2018-05-26 02:07:26 UTC

"An advocate"

2018-05-26 02:07:32 UTC

That's a funny way of saying "Shill"

2018-05-26 20:05:00 UTC


2018-05-26 21:33:55 UTC


2018-05-26 21:34:00 UTC

White Vote Percentage in Rust Belt States 2016

2018-05-26 21:35:13 UTC


2018-05-26 21:37:20 UTC

Get Iowa up Big Al

2018-05-26 21:45:32 UTC

I'll see what we can do

2018-05-26 21:51:37 UTC

<:FBI:388869634612527104> <:FBI:388869634612527104> <:FBI:388869634612527104>

2018-05-27 02:01:09 UTC

@everyone Good interview with our guy Patrick Little https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P9CIIJc4pk4

2018-05-27 02:17:46 UTC


2018-05-27 03:49:03 UTC


2018-05-27 11:52:57 UTC

tommy robinson and peter sweden are both freemasons

2018-05-27 11:53:07 UTC

so there goes all their credibility

the epic fence climbing.

2018-05-27 13:08:42 UTC

Glad everyone isn’t cucked to shit there

2018-05-27 13:11:12 UTC

the far right is polling very well rn

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