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2019-07-24 05:21:34 UTC

Highly debatable in the case of private convention

2019-07-24 05:21:46 UTC

That's where the line starts to blur

2019-07-24 05:22:14 UTC

In Texas there was a fat dude dressed as Chie Satonaka, so I don’t think crossplay is illegal here

2019-07-24 05:22:16 UTC

bringing your child, who is dressed in drag

2019-07-24 05:22:19 UTC

to a gay bar

2019-07-24 05:22:33 UTC

where the age limit is clearly 18-21+

2019-07-24 05:22:46 UTC

and having them "simulate stripping"

2019-07-24 05:22:52 UTC

where they dance

2019-07-24 05:23:05 UTC

and remove articles of clothing while having money thrown at them

2019-07-24 05:23:06 UTC


2019-07-24 05:23:09 UTC


2019-07-24 05:23:20 UTC

when the child is 11-12

2019-07-24 05:23:53 UTC

My point; tons of ppl crossplay with the purpose of being cheeky or campy and sometimes YES there's an element of sexual energy deliberately charged into it. Even I'd like to have fun tweaking ppl like this with my trappy bf who can pass in certain costumes, but the idea that "kids might be there" throws a wrench into the fun

2019-07-24 05:23:57 UTC

first off it's a bar so there's alcohol involved, which children cannot be around

2019-07-24 05:24:18 UTC

Most people just ignore that when it comes to certain cons, and then others have to address the elephant in the room

2019-07-24 05:24:42 UTC

secondly adult oriented bars typically have sexual activity involved, no matter how discreet it is

2019-07-24 05:24:50 UTC

which also constitutes child endangerment

2019-07-24 05:24:53 UTC

We're talking two separate things

2019-07-24 05:25:08 UTC

these are things that constitute child endangerment

2019-07-24 05:25:20 UTC

The things you mentioned maybe

2019-07-24 05:25:31 UTC

Nothing to do with what I'm talking about though

2019-07-24 05:25:40 UTC

Which was originally about drag culture

2019-07-24 05:26:12 UTC

it is having to do with drag culture

2019-07-24 05:26:33 UTC

Crossdressing in general doesn't necessarily have the same stigma and i was trying to establish this point so ppl got it

2019-07-24 05:26:42 UTC

considering the main subject is a 12 year old boy who prominently dresses in drag, and is enabled by his parents

2019-07-24 05:26:46 UTC

2019-07-24 05:27:05 UTC

Particularly in specific contexts the issue can be about as clear as mud

2019-07-24 05:27:41 UTC

furries think its bad because they want snouts

2019-07-24 05:33:56 UTC

point is idgaf if its adults dressing up and doing pride theater

2019-07-24 05:34:32 UTC

just let the kids be kids, don't force or persuade kids into taking part

2019-07-24 05:35:06 UTC

and don't enable the toxic predatory shit

2019-07-24 05:35:26 UTC

Certainly don't fucking put it in times square

2019-07-24 05:35:55 UTC


2019-07-24 05:36:34 UTC

That's what they should call it when big media takes money to peddle pedophile apologia

2019-07-24 05:37:01 UTC

They're epsteining it

2019-07-24 05:38:48 UTC

or bidening it

2019-07-24 05:39:09 UTC

speaking of

2019-07-24 05:39:39 UTC

i think the reason he sniffs kid hair is so he can steal their life essence

2019-07-24 05:43:02 UTC

I'm setting that meme on the back burner until he gets metoo'd

2019-07-24 05:43:11 UTC

Until then it's too partisan to touch

2019-07-24 05:45:22 UTC

have there been any takers on when he gets metoo'd?

2019-07-24 05:47:08 UTC

Here's been facing some raw attacks for decades now but they always seem to be coming from a disingenuous place

2019-07-24 05:47:28 UTC

Especially the stuff about his wife and kids

2019-07-24 05:48:44 UTC

I think most ppl think he's got the creepy Uncle gene and hasn't been briefed on the optics

2019-07-24 05:49:57 UTC

As in, he's the Uncle at the party mixing cosmopolitans and making dirty jokes that he laughs at more than everyone else but didn't stop to consider if it's ever making ppl uncomfortable

2019-07-24 05:51:45 UTC

His inner monologue probably doesn't talk about stuff like "don't put your hands on someone else's kid like they're someone in your immediate family"

2019-07-24 05:52:20 UTC

Just no self awareness in that regard

2019-07-24 05:52:41 UTC

Which is also reflected in the "Uncle Joe" gaffes

2019-07-24 05:52:55 UTC

Famous during the early Obama years

2019-07-24 05:53:30 UTC

Just randomly saying shit that may be true but he wasn't supposed to say it straight

2019-07-24 05:56:13 UTC

Seemed like everyone loved him during Obama

2019-07-24 06:03:08 UTC


2019-07-24 06:03:43 UTC

I still can't find the one where its "dear liberals, where's my nose? give it back"

2019-07-24 06:04:01 UTC

that fucking broke me when I saw it but I can't find it again

2019-07-24 06:05:51 UTC

2019-07-24 06:10:54 UTC

2019-07-24 06:12:00 UTC

isnt ben's corporatist stance just liberalism but for companies? <:thinking_clown:590855640268668928>

2019-07-24 06:12:40 UTC

nah he just want his nose back

2019-07-24 06:12:52 UTC

it was stolen by the liberals when he was just a wee bab

2019-07-24 06:17:04 UTC

look at poor benny

2019-07-24 06:17:07 UTC

gib nose

2019-07-24 06:18:08 UTC

How is he supposed to smell the fear of liberals now?

2019-07-24 06:18:22 UTC

he listen for

2019-07-24 06:18:28 UTC

with ear

2019-07-24 06:18:37 UTC

a jew both has a physical and metaphysical nose

2019-07-24 06:20:38 UTC

that explains his no nose

2019-07-24 06:33:18 UTC

*insert command and conquer generals chinese faction quote*

2019-07-24 06:36:29 UTC

China is totally gonna invade Russia.

2019-07-24 06:37:24 UTC

Think about it: Russia has few allies, an ailing military, no war industry to speak of, a sparse population, and they're spread really thin. They're the perfect targetβ€”if not for the nukes.

2019-07-24 06:41:44 UTC

2019-07-24 07:05:01 UTC

damn lucky, that's more than 24 hours and you're not in jail

2019-07-24 07:50:13 UTC

oh gee

2019-07-24 08:02:28 UTC

to the barn with yee

2019-07-24 08:02:40 UTC


2019-07-24 08:08:48 UTC

"Barn" is Swedish for child. So it depends on it.

2019-07-24 08:20:07 UTC

It depends on the barn <:smugon:512048583806025739>

2019-07-24 08:39:28 UTC
i hate this show with a passion but why does art of this mollusk byproduct make me hard as **diamond**

2019-07-24 08:40:16 UTC

Godd stahp

2019-07-24 08:40:19 UTC

WTF is wrong with you tou sick fuck

2019-07-24 08:40:25 UTC

@Ayylmao gem lover

2019-07-24 08:40:29 UTC

In his defense, he's asian

2019-07-24 08:40:44 UTC

philipoinos are shit asains

2019-07-24 08:40:55 UTC
2019-07-24 08:41:05 UTC


2019-07-24 08:41:20 UTC

get harder over a single testicle crying for white purity

2019-07-24 08:42:03 UTC

@Ayylmao Yea, well, I counter with this

2019-07-24 08:42:07 UTC

Though that last picture is pretty good

2019-07-24 08:42:12 UTC

wtf is this garbage

2019-07-24 08:42:20 UTC

My favourite SU episode, when they ethnically cleansed Earth <:hyperthink:462282519883284480>

2019-07-24 08:42:28 UTC

mods are asleep
post rocks

2019-07-24 08:43:00 UTC

The best episode of SU is the part in the first one where I turned it off

2019-07-24 08:43:20 UTC

just plain no

2019-07-24 08:43:34 UTC

I love crystal geometry

2019-07-24 08:43:37 UTC

also, i cant believe the writers slapped fatfags across their blubbery faces with the pink diamond reveal

2019-07-24 08:43:55 UTC

I can't believe the show exsists

2019-07-24 08:44:07 UTC

You niggers actually watched it?

2019-07-24 08:44:10 UTC

Considering the extremely high skill levels of the writers, that was totally accidental, Todd

2019-07-24 08:44:10 UTC


2019-07-24 08:44:31 UTC

i only prowl threads looking for cute pictures

2019-07-24 08:44:36 UTC


2019-07-24 08:44:54 UTC

Cute pictures that involve disembodied pingases, I bet

2019-07-24 08:44:56 UTC

but i get some snippets and when im feeling extra suicidal, i do watch some episodes

2019-07-24 08:45:00 UTC

I saw the pink lion and thought "there has to be something good of him", and yet EVERYTHING is shit

2019-07-24 08:45:14 UTC

not a single good pic of that cotten candy fuck

2019-07-24 08:45:27 UTC
>the icon for fat acceptance was a petite loli all along

2019-07-24 08:45:36 UTC

Funny how they only care when upper middle class fags riot in the streets, not when the working class does

2019-07-24 08:46:00 UTC

because the middle class approach the high class

2019-07-24 08:46:11 UTC

low class plebs dont affect high class neighbors

2019-07-24 08:46:13 UTC

@Ayylmao That'S because fat is not acceptable <:smugon:512048583806025739>

It's nice that crazy people hate the show for not being their brand of crazy and normal people hate it well, for all the other things

2019-07-24 08:47:35 UTC

it takes a lot for people in a fandom where *some* fantasize about fucking horses to look at your fandom and make them go **thats a yikes from me dawg**

2019-07-24 08:48:07 UTC

i have to give it to them though, *some* character designs are actually good

2019-07-24 08:48:35 UTC

@Ayylmao Well, there was that one time I made a grave mistake and joined a brony forum.

2019-07-24 08:48:40 UTC

2019-07-24 08:48:48 UTC


2019-07-24 08:48:55 UTC

they wish

2019-07-24 08:49:28 UTC

>just joining
at one point in time i made brony conent. but im not telling any of you what things i made

2019-07-24 08:49:41 UTC


2019-07-24 08:49:45 UTC

it was porn

2019-07-24 08:49:51 UTC

nah just shitposting

2019-07-24 08:50:05 UTC

he was the guy who dated the plushie

2019-07-24 08:50:08 UTC

shitposting is fine, by virtue of being shitposting

2019-07-24 08:50:15 UTC

then killed himself because it wouldn't fuck him

2019-07-24 08:50:57 UTC

i know there was some other guy making clearly parodies of the plushie shit but for some reason all the le ebin cringe channels take him seriously

2019-07-24 08:51:14 UTC

It's because they are retarded

2019-07-24 08:51:24 UTC

Also those paraodies were cringe

2019-07-24 08:51:32 UTC

like that guy who did pickle rick in a maccas

2019-07-24 08:52:13 UTC

he was a hero of our generation

2019-07-24 08:52:19 UTC

*an hero

2019-07-24 08:53:37 UTC

but if were talking about woke cartoons, yall even steven universe has been outdone by star vs

2019-07-24 08:53:53 UTC

the story became an analogy to the israel-palestine conflict

2019-07-24 08:53:58 UTC


2019-07-24 08:54:00 UTC

and obviously palestine wins

2019-07-24 08:54:23 UTC


2019-07-24 08:54:32 UTC

@Ayylmao Well, my experiences on that forum were general normal peopleiness, but then one day I was told off for calling myself and some friends idiots in the shoutbox chat. Another day, the chat was delving into the specifics of which horse is best to fuck.

I did not feel the need to return.

2019-07-24 08:54:51 UTC

Well and other than that I know bronies mainly from deviantart autism

2019-07-24 08:55:00 UTC

brony forums, unless they are of the /mlp/ brand, are almost always hugboxes

2019-07-24 08:55:15 UTC


2019-07-24 08:55:28 UTC

they discuss things other than pony fucking on those boards?

2019-07-24 08:55:43 UTC

Yes, drawing horses or dressing as horses

2019-07-24 08:55:44 UTC

Also, horses

2019-07-24 08:55:49 UTC


2019-07-24 08:55:51 UTC


2019-07-24 08:55:52 UTC


2019-07-24 08:55:54 UTC


2019-07-24 08:56:07 UTC

I believe there was offtopic about movies, shows and *gasp* videogames

2019-07-24 08:56:31 UTC

And of course they discuss the show, but that's in like 8th season so at this point it's a doublecross retcon zombie I expect.

2019-07-24 08:56:32 UTC

i mean every forum does it

2019-07-24 08:57:13 UTC

stormfront , bodybuilding forums, furry forums, etc all have other sections where they discuss other things

2019-07-24 08:57:34 UTC

Also meetups, in case you don't have enough neckbeard in your life

2019-07-24 08:57:36 UTC

Does that count as NSFW

2019-07-24 08:57:38 UTC


2019-07-24 08:57:49 UTC

It's small but you can see it

2019-07-24 08:57:49 UTC

(It is not confirmed whether the local girls had neckbeards too)

2019-07-24 08:58:15 UTC

ther **are** girls in those meetups

2019-07-24 08:58:18 UTC

even ones in orgies

2019-07-24 08:58:23 UTC


2019-07-24 08:58:27 UTC

their sanity level is quite suspect though

2019-07-24 08:59:06 UTC

Especially the artist ones

2019-07-24 09:01:04 UTC

2019-07-24 09:01:18 UTC

2019-07-24 09:01:20 UTC

I like these kinds of shitposts

2019-07-24 09:01:23 UTC

I fucking hate this artstyle

2019-07-24 09:01:31 UTC

it gives me rage

2019-07-24 09:01:59 UTC

Bad news for you, it's half the internet

2019-07-24 09:02:04 UTC

I know

2019-07-24 09:02:07 UTC

The other half is knockoffs of Penny Arcade

2019-07-24 09:02:07 UTC

it pisses me off

2019-07-24 09:02:10 UTC

Including the red noses

2019-07-24 09:02:11 UTC

so fucking much

2019-07-24 09:02:55 UTC

Learn to read for plot not art

2019-07-24 09:03:14 UTC

If I can't stand the art I don't care about the plot

2019-07-24 09:03:43 UTC

i also love how you can be a maybe 5-6 out of ten looking girl, but since women in brony communities are so rare and how many guys are so thirsty that theyll fight over you like youre some primo instagram model coochie

2019-07-24 09:04:08 UTC

are you coming out as an ugly fat chick?

2019-07-24 09:04:41 UTC

im a manly 5 foot man descended from bronzed gods

2019-07-24 09:04:49 UTC

Primo instagram models are often 70 % makeup and botox

2019-07-24 09:04:58 UTC


2019-07-24 09:05:01 UTC


2019-07-24 09:05:07 UTC

Ah yes

2019-07-24 09:05:07 UTC

no need for that expensive shit

2019-07-24 09:05:11 UTC

The cheaper makeup

2019-07-24 09:05:17 UTC

just add it in post

2019-07-24 09:05:35 UTC

yall heard how some insta thots can afford basically being on vacation for the whole year?

2019-07-24 09:05:53 UTC

Their "job" is a vacation

2019-07-24 09:05:54 UTC

I don't care

2019-07-24 09:06:00 UTC

no theres something more spicy

2019-07-24 09:06:08 UTC

they can make money off shitting

2019-07-24 09:06:13 UTC

I don't care

2019-07-24 09:06:46 UTC

basically they get called up by rich saudi businessmen and princes, they get flied out to exotic hotels in saudi and for the small price of their personal dignity they can get some extravagant gifts and cash allowances

2019-07-24 09:06:59 UTC

Professional thots

2019-07-24 09:07:08 UTC


2019-07-24 09:07:22 UTC

also a lot of them being repressed sexually, make these thots do the most degenerate shit

2019-07-24 09:07:26 UTC

piss play, scat etc

2019-07-24 09:07:44 UTC

So an average German evening

2019-07-24 09:07:51 UTC


2019-07-24 09:08:14 UTC

You probably have very little dignity to start with to, er, work, in the thot sector, but actually prostituting yourself to rich guys...

2019-07-24 09:09:11 UTC

Then again, if you're a thot, you probably operate on the basic impulses of rich = good without having enough mental acuity to relate that to family prospects or otherwise furthering the species

2019-07-24 09:09:31 UTC

They have a scewed idea of what dignity is. They think a bank balance=dignity

2019-07-24 09:09:50 UTC

eh some of them have some good enough child birthing hips

2019-07-24 09:10:02 UTC

when the thot career dies down they can just settle down with a new idenitity

2019-07-24 09:10:20 UTC

and hope no one recognizes them

2019-07-24 09:11:24 UTC

If they stop being basic bitch for a second

2019-07-24 09:12:14 UTC

@Ayylmao Then again, biological clock is surprisingly helpful against thotness and they actually attempt to settle. Thots being thots, that'S how you get single moms, unfortunately.

>When satan is a blue checkmark.

2019-07-24 09:15:00 UTC

some of them have actually have sharp noggins in terms of foresight, people like belle delphine she legit has some business sense in knowing how to ride trends

2019-07-24 09:15:07 UTC

same goes to people like jake paul

Fuck that satan, this is the real nigga...

2019-07-24 09:16:11 UTC

the church of satan went from epic prank to big yikes

2019-07-24 09:17:19 UTC

started out by people who want to emphasize how exploitable it is to use religion to get tax excemption. and along the way, the grandson of the founder was a legit mall goth who thought he had actual demon powers

2019-07-24 09:18:15 UTC

Lucifer means lightbringer, he was an angel and wasn't punished, but charged with being the adversary.

2019-07-24 09:19:04 UTC

lucifer quite literally did and does nothing wrong

2019-07-24 09:19:35 UTC

From what I know, Satan or ha'satan or the accuser or whatever, is the office tasked with trolling people to see if they keep their belief in god

2019-07-24 09:19:47 UTC

thats right

2019-07-24 09:19:53 UTC

they are quite literally doing god's work

2019-07-24 09:20:03 UTC

Lucifer as the fallen angel and so on was something manufactured in ~~the middle ages~~ general post-Roman era going on from like two offhand sentences in the old testament

2019-07-24 09:20:54 UTC

its because it went from an ancient religion wth personable deities to when the orthodoxy wanted an unerring complete authority

2019-07-24 09:21:53 UTC

They couldn't have God and the one who questions God treated as moral equals

2019-07-24 09:22:08 UTC


2019-07-24 09:22:25 UTC

old testament you have people talking to god as if he was physically there

2019-07-24 09:22:36 UTC

almost on the level of greek gods

2019-07-24 09:23:23 UTC

based and shadpilled

2019-07-24 09:23:36 UTC

I'm pretty sure Church of Satan is a troll church

2019-07-24 09:23:45 UTC

it is

2019-07-24 09:23:47 UTC


2019-07-24 09:24:00 UTC

and it works

2019-07-24 09:24:24 UTC

american government : no taxes for churches
shitposters : what if we made a church about satan
american government : surprised pikachu face

2019-07-24 09:24:25 UTC

No it's serious

2019-07-24 09:24:28 UTC

it's just not theistic

2019-07-24 09:24:49 UTC

Some people suspect it's all a DMT trip, because acacia contains it like ayahuasca.

2019-07-24 09:25:09 UTC

Moses and the burning bush

2019-07-24 09:25:35 UTC

@Ayylmao @randomNPCno3 Here we go

So basically in that text someone metaphorically calls the babylonian king "the shining one", personified from Venus (which was common in ancient religions) and then someone mangled the translation several times.

2019-07-24 09:26:03 UTC

The word Haylel happens only once in the bible <:smugon:512048583806025739>

2019-07-24 09:26:15 UTC


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