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2019-09-12 23:20:53 UTC

I've got pictures of a G6-*35* power pack, nothing on the 45.

2019-09-12 23:23:18 UTC

With SQUAD's vaulting and climbing. Players will be able to climb in and out in a similar manner to how it was done in reality.


2019-09-12 23:26:28 UTC

Angolan village


2019-09-12 23:27:09 UTC

That's before it's razed to the ground for hiding FAPLA troops

2019-09-12 23:29:54 UTC

or SWAPO. As they were the primary enemy. FAPLA just got in the way. Which led to contact with them as well. Although there were many instances where FAPLA was directly targeted but the end goal was always to undermine SWAPO and thus stop their yearly cross border infiltrations.

2019-09-12 23:30:57 UTC

Parabats with the m83 helmet and wood grip galil.


2019-09-12 23:32:16 UTC

I prefer the m87 helmet personally.




2019-09-12 23:32:57 UTC


2019-09-12 23:33:09 UTC

Is this the M87? If so this is actually my favorite military helmet

2019-09-12 23:33:21 UTC

Yes m87

2019-09-12 23:33:51 UTC



2019-09-12 23:34:30 UTC

Similar to a pasgt really

2019-09-12 23:34:33 UTC

How well were they liked by the people who had to wear them?

2019-09-12 23:35:27 UTC

All I know is the troops preferred wearing the bush hat whenever possible. Wearing a helmet in such heat and for long periods wasn't glamorous.

2019-09-12 23:36:11 UTC

Makes sense. It's a shame really, I just don't like the aesthetics of the bush hat.

2019-09-12 23:36:46 UTC

Best aesthetic of the SADF imo sure the pat 70 and R1 were great too but I prefer the 80's aesthetic


2019-09-12 23:37:30 UTC

Never seen that picture but I have to agree with you

2019-09-12 23:37:34 UTC


2019-09-12 23:38:17 UTC

Pat 70 kit and R1


2019-09-12 23:39:50 UTC

Americans will recognize this vehicle as it was adopted by the US.


2019-09-12 23:39:56 UTC

Yeah, I prefer the '80s look.
Also thanks to you and the Armscor discord my South African photo archive has tripled

2019-09-12 23:40:12 UTC

You're welcome

2019-09-12 23:40:19 UTC

Not familiar with that vehicle, looks like something from Mad Max. What is it?

2019-09-12 23:41:27 UTC

It was called chubby by us

2019-09-12 23:41:36 UTC

Americans call it husky

2019-09-12 23:42:05 UTC

Somehow I've never heard of this before, thanks for the picture!

2019-09-12 23:43:21 UTC

Used extensively in the Border War and Afghanistan War. It eats mines and ieds for breakfast

2019-09-12 23:51:39 UTC

I hope the performance won't be too bad with how thick the bush will be as seen here.


2019-09-12 23:52:05 UTC

Unsung pulled it off, right?

2019-09-12 23:52:37 UTC

There are more open spaces as well though.


2019-09-12 23:52:50 UTC


2019-09-12 23:53:01 UTC

Oh shit right forgot what server I was on

2019-09-12 23:53:09 UTC


2019-09-12 23:53:48 UTC

Is SQUAD more prone to lag with environments than ArmA?

2019-09-12 23:55:19 UTC

It depends on your specs. SQUAD definitely runs better then ARMA but also suffers from lag in regards to too many assets on screen

2019-09-12 23:55:54 UTC

But it is being continueously optimized

2019-09-12 23:56:30 UTC

What are good specs to run it at a somewhat consistent framerate? I recently got a new PC and I think it'll be up to the challenge

2019-09-12 23:58:18 UTC

Alouettes would spot and shoot the shit out of SWAPO whenever they were in a chase. The descriptions I've read of what the 20mm could do were pretty grotesque.


2019-09-12 23:58:40 UTC


2019-09-12 23:59:10 UTC

Is there a way to tell the difference between a Rhodie Alouette and a South African one?

2019-09-12 23:59:31 UTC

Yes and no

2019-09-13 00:00:04 UTC

Look out for SAAF or Rhodie roundel

2019-09-13 00:01:22 UTC

Though sometimes there would be no roundel usually with SAAF helicopters operating in Rhodesian ops in order to conceal SA support.

2019-09-13 00:02:55 UTC


2019-09-13 00:03:12 UTC

Saaf roundel seen there

2019-09-13 00:03:41 UTC

Oh yes, I believe I saw that as an entry in HAH's last patch poll

2019-09-13 00:03:51 UTC

I prefer the Rhodesian one personally

2019-09-13 00:05:31 UTC

Saaf roundels as seen in op Uric


2019-09-13 00:05:51 UTC

Ja our roundels used to look cooler

2019-09-13 00:06:05 UTC

Round with a springbok inside

2019-09-13 00:06:56 UTC

Or like that without the springbok

2019-09-13 00:07:21 UTC

I think they're all good, but something about a lion & tusk on green is really nice.

2019-09-13 00:08:11 UTC

SAAF P51 Korean War

2019-09-13 00:09:11 UTC

Agreed Rhodesian airforce roundel is nicer

2019-09-13 00:09:55 UTC

That said, I prefer Oryx > Alouette

2019-09-13 00:12:17 UTC

Interesting how the Rhodies never got any of our pumas

2019-09-13 00:13:10 UTC

They got our elands, alouettes, r1's and a few buffels and fn mags but that's about it.

2019-09-13 00:13:27 UTC

If they held out a bit longer they may have got some. Maybe even ratels

2019-09-13 00:14:10 UTC

I thought SA pulled support after Operation Eland?

2019-09-13 00:14:52 UTC

At least, that's what Wikipedia says, and they've *never* been wrong, *ever*

2019-09-13 00:14:56 UTC


2019-09-13 00:15:46 UTC

Support ended in 1979 iirc. Hence Op Uric being a joint SA/Rhode op

2019-09-13 00:17:00 UTC

Remember that SA support of Rhodesia was clandestine. It had to be or the international community would condemn SA to hell. Which it did anyway

2019-09-13 04:45:39 UTC

Hey @Springbok, do you perchance have any pictures of the interior of a *Rhodesian* de Havilland Vampire?

2019-09-13 06:08:43 UTC

@Springbok lol a few FN Mags... rhodesia had more south aftican FN mags than the SADF

2019-09-13 06:11:34 UTC

@Colonel Clint rhodies also only wore shorts till 76 or 77 due to the fact they had to start camo creaming any exposed skin

2019-09-13 06:13:37 UTC

@Springbok I honestly dont think putting in the G6 is a good idea. Maybe as a unit that stays there and then automatically shoots when they implement arty

2019-09-13 06:18:36 UTC

But as a drivable vehicle...

2019-09-13 08:11:25 UTC

@Kooijpolloi there is no AI so it would have to be driveable. I'm not a fan of off map artillery to be honest

2019-09-13 08:12:50 UTC

Im not a fan of crew served arty in a fps

2019-09-13 08:13:23 UTC

We already have crew served arty in squad

2019-09-13 08:13:34 UTC

Mortars, and rocket truck

2019-09-13 08:13:36 UTC

Mortars are not that bad

2019-09-13 08:14:02 UTC

You fear it'll be too op?

2019-09-13 08:14:08 UTC

Not that

2019-09-13 08:14:27 UTC

I just dont think a lot of guys want to play arty

2019-09-13 08:14:39 UTC

But op will be a problem

2019-09-13 08:14:50 UTC

What will fapla get to counter?

2019-09-13 08:14:59 UTC


2019-09-13 08:15:01 UTC

What did they have IRL?

2019-09-13 08:15:13 UTC

And D-30

2019-09-13 08:15:19 UTC

Grads and d 30 yea

2019-09-13 08:15:21 UTC

Also migs

2019-09-13 08:15:50 UTC

Also players will be able to ambush the g6

2019-09-13 08:16:09 UTC

Fapla in reality wasn't that competent. Players won't have that problem

2019-09-13 08:16:34 UTC

I can imagine AT teams will be searching for the g6

2019-09-13 08:17:08 UTC

Ok bru gotta get to work. Will chat more this afternoon.

2019-09-13 08:17:25 UTC

Was that a no on Vampire pictures?

2019-09-13 08:17:28 UTC

See ya, talk later

2019-09-13 08:17:43 UTC

I will send you some soon Colonel

2019-09-13 08:17:54 UTC

Just got work to do atm

2019-09-13 08:18:11 UTC

Of course, much appreciated. I just wanted to know if you had any, no rush.

2019-09-13 08:18:29 UTC


2019-09-13 08:18:33 UTC

The guys are gonna sit right outside base and spam it I can guarantee it

2019-09-13 08:22:39 UTC

Durin modular the G6 battery relocated up to 100km every night to hide their positions from migs

2019-09-13 10:14:23 UTC

@Springbok wooden stock R1's were only used in training since the wood was damaged easier than the plastic so onky the R1s with the plastic furniture saw action

2019-09-13 13:59:21 UTC

@Kooijpolloi the G6 won't have the same range as it does in reality. To avoid that very problem you stated.

2019-09-13 14:02:16 UTC

@Colonel Clint sorry bru couldn't find any interior pics of the Rhodesian vampire

2019-09-13 14:02:48 UTC

@Bartender cheers bru. Where'd you find that info?

2019-09-13 21:40:25 UTC

Superfob anyone?


2019-09-13 21:40:51 UTC

8 days left of work 🀟

2019-09-13 21:41:13 UTC


2019-09-14 12:08:47 UTC

@Springboki just asked a couple of my dads friends and himself

2019-09-14 13:59:04 UTC

I purchased this documentary last year. Now its uploaded on youtube by some bloke 😬

2019-09-14 15:42:21 UTC

Interesting pic here. Mix of pattern 70 and 83


2019-09-14 15:44:09 UTC

Rhodesian with an austrian FN FAL? Looks like such with that fluted handguard furniture. Same one used in SQUAD


2019-09-14 15:46:40 UTC

Marines with the G3



2019-09-14 15:47:14 UTC

This oke lifts!


2019-09-14 15:57:29 UTC


2019-09-14 16:00:31 UTC


2019-09-20 14:32:09 UTC

@everyone Restaurant closes tomorrow evening. I'll be back home by monday. I'd like to get started on the Samil 100 logistics and transport truck asap. Though I lack a blueprint to model over. This may be a small chance but I'll ask anyway... anyone have a blueprint of the samil 100 kwevoel? I need mininum two angles to get the proportions right. Side and top or front view.


2019-09-20 14:48:46 UTC

The MLRS version will also have to be modeled it has an extended cabin though.


2019-09-20 15:05:20 UTC

Interesting prototype SADF vehicles

2019-09-20 16:41:22 UTC

There's that palm tree insignia again. Rather sinister reminder of the Afrika Corps insignia.


2019-09-20 21:04:53 UTC

@Springbok ill ask my dad if some of his mech-veteran buddies have some info and ill go theough some books for you

2019-09-20 21:47:18 UTC

@Bartender shot man 🀟

2019-09-21 06:47:46 UTC

The Veldskoen prototype mpv never seen it before til last night. Looks interesting


2019-09-21 19:41:28 UTC

I can see why

2019-09-21 19:41:47 UTC

A couple of high calibre rounds to the front and that engine is royally screwed

2019-09-21 22:29:35 UTC

@Bartender same could be said for the Buffel and Casspir to be fair

2019-09-22 06:05:27 UTC

Ehh i guess but their radiatot grills werent as huge as this tbh

2019-09-22 06:07:07 UTC

True though the Buffel has an exposed engine

2019-09-22 06:07:45 UTC


2019-09-22 19:12:58 UTC

Easy to maintain and replace

2019-09-22 19:13:16 UTC

The same for the ratel and olifant

2019-09-22 19:39:48 UTC

Fun fact the tiffies (engineers in the army) could change a ratels engine on the move by driving the ratel onto a transport truck and taking out then droppong in a new engine and drive it off again and its good to go

2019-09-23 08:55:58 UTC

@Bartender ja that is mentioned by 61 Mech Roland de Vries in his memoir Eye of the Firestorm.

2019-09-23 21:49:48 UTC

Can see some SADF and SANDF vehicles used by AU troops in this documentary

2019-09-23 21:50:04 UTC

Namely casspirs, mambas and buffels

2019-09-23 21:51:50 UTC

And Samil trucks

2019-09-23 21:52:10 UTC

Soft skin versions though no kwevoels

2019-09-24 17:59:36 UTC

With helicopters now in SQUAD officially. I can't wait to start modeling the alouette III and Puma


2019-09-24 18:00:49 UTC

Will be back sometime after friday. Was supposed to be back yesterday but was invited to lunch at a winery. Couldn't pass on that πŸ€ͺ

2019-09-24 18:02:50 UTC

This must be one of the first batch of casspirs? Since later Mk I's did not have CASSPIR embossed on the front like this one.


2019-09-24 18:03:26 UTC

Or that's a custom job done by one of the Koevoet mechanics?

2019-09-24 18:10:30 UTC

Poor okes had bugger all to fight with yet still fought on despite the circumstances. An AU faction would be interesting in SQUAD imo.

2019-09-24 18:11:05 UTC

Mix of western, eastern and south african equipment and hardware.

2019-09-24 18:11:50 UTC

Perhaps something to look into after the Border War, SANDF and Rhodesian Bush War...

2019-09-25 19:02:07 UTC

Yup thats a really really early casspir

2019-09-26 19:32:31 UTC

The turbo wolf used by SWATF not many references for it sadly. Basically the brother of the Casspir. Casspir middle, Wolf top and bottom.



2019-09-26 19:33:02 UTC


2019-09-27 08:18:16 UTC

@Springbok get a copy if taming the landmine

2019-09-27 08:18:40 UTC

Has pretty much every southern african mrap

2019-09-27 08:19:04 UTC

Surviving the ride is apparently an updated version of that?

2019-09-27 08:19:06 UTC

Not always great pics but shows decent big differences

2019-09-27 08:19:12 UTC
2019-09-27 08:19:19 UTC

Didnt know that

2019-09-27 08:19:55 UTC

Heitmann is smoking crack though if he thinks id pay that price

2019-09-27 08:20:05 UTC

Ja its nuts

2019-09-27 08:20:18 UTC

1000 pages though.

2019-09-27 08:20:40 UTC

But still overpriced

2019-09-27 08:20:58 UTC

The Great Betrayal is an overpriced book too.

2019-09-27 08:26:13 UTC

@Kooijpolloi now if those books had blueprints for all the vehicles featured it would be godsend

2019-09-27 08:31:22 UTC

Making biltong on a Buffel


2019-09-27 08:35:15 UTC

@Springbok ja hey

2019-09-27 08:59:25 UTC


2019-09-27 09:00:12 UTC


2019-09-27 21:00:13 UTC

Ah the G6, the SPG that kicked the communists asses so badly at cuito cuanavale they deny the whole battle

2019-09-30 14:43:48 UTC

Buffel finally in graviteam tactics. Was missing in Op Hooper dlc and Op Moduler

2019-09-30 14:46:56 UTC

Still no Casspir or Eland though...

2019-09-30 14:47:14 UTC

Or G6

2019-09-30 16:19:17 UTC

Train ticket booked. Finally going home. Look forward to some art content popping up soon!

2019-09-30 22:03:33 UTC

Casspir wasnt used by sadf

2019-09-30 22:03:41 UTC

Only koevoet at that time

2019-09-30 22:03:59 UTC

And eland was already phased out by then

2019-09-30 22:08:48 UTC

I know, I would have liked it if they featured the COIN side of the conflict too

2019-09-30 22:09:58 UTC

Then we would have got Koevoet with their casspirs in. As for the Eland they could have included them for earlier ops such as Reindeer

2019-09-30 22:12:17 UTC

Anyway no worries as I'll be doing it with SQUAD.

2019-09-30 22:12:37 UTC

Keen to finally be back tomorrow... and get cracking

2019-09-30 22:13:43 UTC

Can't wait to see a screenshot like this in SQUAD. Not sure why that Buffel is green though.


2019-09-30 22:14:12 UTC

They did a good job on the Buffel



2019-09-30 22:18:19 UTC

Read somewhere the other day that 32Bn in Operation Moduler or Hooper had Ratels under their command and were painted in a different camouflage scheme

2019-09-30 22:33:33 UTC

Check the size of those shells.... πŸ‘€


2019-10-01 04:07:36 UTC

@Springbok ja but thats how graviteam operates they focus on one specific area of an operation

2019-10-01 08:07:01 UTC

That looks like a russian ZU-23-2

2019-10-01 08:27:25 UTC

It is one

2019-10-01 08:37:04 UTC

On the train reading LZ Hot! By Nick Lithgow



2019-10-01 08:46:25 UTC

@Kooijpolloi ja pretty much what I'll be doing too although I'm not just doing the large operations

2019-10-01 08:48:03 UTC

I'll be doing the smaller battles and contacts too. So on some maps you'll play as SWATF or Koevoet or 32Bn. Going up against SWAPO. Whereas other layers you'll be 61 Mech going against FAPLA

2019-10-01 08:49:20 UTC

Just passed a convoy of Italian army vehicles

2019-10-01 08:49:31 UTC


2019-10-01 08:50:03 UTC

Someone warn Ethiopia!

2019-10-01 08:50:42 UTC

Ethiopia doesn't have to worry πŸ˜‚

2019-10-01 08:52:10 UTC


2019-10-02 10:08:56 UTC

Photo taken from a Ratel viewblock during the battle of the Lomba.


2019-10-02 15:20:03 UTC

Koevoet casspirs with an extra gun mounted through the front passenger window


2019-10-02 18:02:33 UTC


2019-10-02 18:03:34 UTC

Preparing to get back into modding. Dl'd blender 2.80

2019-10-02 18:03:45 UTC

Going to buy Zbrush within the week

2019-10-02 18:03:58 UTC

Updating UE4 and the SDK

2019-10-02 18:04:36 UTC

Have to get used to Blender 2.80 though. Completely changed from 2.79

2019-10-04 16:08:03 UTC


2019-10-04 16:08:20 UTC

well sorta

2019-10-06 00:51:43 UTC

Special thanks to @Tillee for getting me the book Surviving the Ride by Steve Camp & Helmoed-RΓΆmer Heitman.

Tons of information about South African armoured vehicles with pictures as well. They'll be of immense help to the development of this mod.

2019-10-06 09:56:51 UTC

as i was saying i think the scouting ability would only allow ground troops and the eland/ratel to mark targets such as enemy vehicles or groups of soldiers

2019-10-06 09:57:47 UTC

like the system that war thunder implemented with their light tanks where you can scout/mark enemy vehicles accurately for the enemy team insteaqd of placing a marker on a map on the enemy vehicles general location

2019-10-06 09:58:09 UTC

this would also allow the G6 to deliver more effective fire onto the target

2019-10-06 09:58:33 UTC

We'll see when the mod gets to that stage πŸ˜‰

2019-10-06 09:58:44 UTC

but this is only an idea, i dont know if squad will allow that mechanic to work well

2019-10-06 10:00:08 UTC

Right now I'm not planning on changing anything of the core gameplay. Only new assets and maps.

Though new game modes would probably be on the cards especially for the COIN aspect of the mod SADF vs SWAPO etc.

2019-10-06 10:16:02 UTC

i see

2019-10-06 11:39:06 UTC

Scouting is in the game

2019-10-06 11:39:14 UTC

You put down markers on the map

2019-10-06 11:40:15 UTC

Ja I know, Bartender was talking about an automatic marking system that places a marker on the map once you've spotted the enemy. It eliminates the need to manually place markers yourself but I can see it being too arcadey.

2019-10-06 11:40:38 UTC

You can use the T key when using the command circle thing as well

2019-10-06 11:40:48 UTC

Im not for a auto scouting thing

2019-10-06 11:40:53 UTC

Its a bit bs

2019-10-06 11:41:07 UTC

I've never liked the 3d marking system since v12?

2019-10-06 11:42:06 UTC

I'd rather you use your voice to specify where the enemy is than slap a marker on them and then everyone can see it.

2019-10-06 11:42:08 UTC

Auto marking is not how it should be

2019-10-06 11:42:21 UTC

Is all im saying

2019-10-06 11:42:46 UTC

Yes its slower to put a marker on a map but its way more realistic

2019-10-06 11:43:04 UTC

And you can get good with practice

2019-10-06 11:43:15 UTC


2019-10-06 11:44:27 UTC

I won't be touching the gameplay mechanics initially anyway

2019-10-06 11:45:00 UTC

Just custom maps and factions then we'll have a look at what can be changed or added or removed to better suit the theme of the mod.

2019-10-06 11:47:08 UTC

Im also really against a playable G6 but ill leave that one for later

2019-10-06 11:47:54 UTC

πŸ˜‰ If I were not to include a G6 I'd be begged at every opportunity to add one trust me on that.

2019-10-06 11:48:28 UTC

It'll only be available on large enough maps. It's artillery range won't be as it is in reality

2019-10-06 11:48:38 UTC

Yeah but its not gonna work like it should

2019-10-06 11:48:56 UTC

And is it only gonna be a driver and gunner?

2019-10-06 11:49:04 UTC

Thats way unrealistic

2019-10-06 11:49:16 UTC

It has a crew of 6-7

2019-10-06 11:49:41 UTC

When they add commander role just call it 155 G6 arty strike

2019-10-06 11:50:01 UTC

Itl be way too op as a in map unit

2019-10-06 11:50:51 UTC

I'd imagine that the final version would need 6-7 man squad to operate it. Manual reloading etc

2019-10-06 11:51:25 UTC

Then you take 6-7 guys off the line

2019-10-06 11:51:40 UTC

And manual loading is nice and all but its hella boring

2019-10-06 11:52:14 UTC

That's where 100 player servers come in.

The mod will desperately need 100 player servers due to the nature of the combat in that conflict involving mechanized infantry. Every squad had its own vehicle

2019-10-06 11:52:25 UTC

In SQUAD right now not every squad has a vehicle of its own.

2019-10-06 11:52:54 UTC

Yeah we'll speak balance and that shit down the line

2019-10-06 11:53:02 UTC


2019-10-06 11:53:23 UTC

Just my two cents for now

2019-10-06 11:53:51 UTC

Either way though there has to be more players. As minimum two players of your squad would be operating your squad's ratel. Same with the buffel, one in the driver's seat and one on the gpmg

2019-10-06 11:54:33 UTC

Also SADF vehicles can fit in more troops - Buffel can fit 11 people in it including driver

2019-10-06 11:54:48 UTC

Yeah but they are also a rolling resupply point for the rest of the squad

2019-10-06 11:54:48 UTC

maximum amount of players per squad right now is 9?

2019-10-06 11:55:04 UTC

And the squad sizes are gonna have to be gyppo'd

2019-10-06 11:55:18 UTC

Yeah only9

2019-10-06 11:55:44 UTC

Are you going to add swatf?

2019-10-06 11:55:48 UTC


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