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2017-09-21 20:48:27 UTC


2017-09-21 20:49:19 UTC

more Mossy Rock


2017-09-21 20:49:27 UTC


2017-09-21 20:49:33 UTC


2017-09-21 20:49:48 UTC


2017-09-21 20:49:58 UTC


2017-09-21 20:50:20 UTC

nice rivers

2017-09-21 20:50:21 UTC


2017-09-21 20:50:24 UTC

Looks like old Europe

2017-09-21 20:50:36 UTC

a little bit

2017-09-21 20:50:43 UTC

plus we'll be somewhat close to civilization right

2017-09-21 20:50:50 UTC

which'll be a plus

2017-09-21 20:50:51 UTC


2017-09-21 20:51:09 UTC

It's about balance, far enough for probably it close enough for logistics

2017-09-21 20:51:50 UTC

Before we're self sufficient we'll all be stocking up on canned food and other provisions the first year or so

2017-09-21 20:51:56 UTC


2017-09-21 20:52:15 UTC

i sorta see this new opportunity as a chance to re-build manhood as we know it

2017-09-21 20:52:31 UTC

also it has perfect natural obstacles


2017-09-21 20:52:43 UTC

As long as we hold ourselves to a high standard our there

2017-09-21 20:52:44 UTC

create a new generation of strong, intelligent, willful men who understand hardship and work ethic

2017-09-21 20:52:46 UTC

to get in you only have 2 bridges to shoose from

2017-09-21 20:53:19 UTC

easily defendable

2017-09-21 20:53:36 UTC

A bunch of us have mentioned we're former military. Although our plans aren't military, it does mean more than a few of us know a thing or too about hard work, survival, leadership, and organization

2017-09-21 20:53:40 UTC


2017-09-21 20:53:42 UTC

Which are all very good things

2017-09-21 20:53:50 UTC

i'm planning to head into the military

2017-09-21 20:53:55 UTC

but i want to stay here and help build

2017-09-21 20:53:59 UTC

the few can teach the rest

2017-09-21 20:54:04 UTC


2017-09-21 20:54:20 UTC

which should come first: my duty to my race or my country?

2017-09-21 20:54:33 UTC

In a perfect world they would be the same

2017-09-21 20:54:37 UTC

feeding people is expensive, so will probably want to go in early spring when sleeping in a tent doesn't suck. then we can grow our own food and sell excess produce to raise funds for further expansion.

2017-09-21 20:54:54 UTC


2017-09-21 20:54:56 UTC

potentially ranching

2017-09-21 20:55:03 UTC

should we actually build a farm + buy animals

2017-09-21 20:55:11 UTC

And there's always the family hens and hundreds of cans of soup

2017-09-21 20:55:14 UTC

@dmac100 you can just rent an apartment

2017-09-21 20:55:43 UTC

you dont have to be survivorman from day 1

2017-09-21 20:56:00 UTC

Ideally, it'd be a hotel for a week till a log cabin is built.

2017-09-21 20:56:07 UTC

As much as a lot of you will hate this, I suggest getting some cheap trailers on the site

2017-09-21 20:56:12 UTC


2017-09-21 20:56:20 UTC

Until we build some cabins and what not

2017-09-21 20:56:26 UTC

i wouldn't mind sleeping in maybe a hammock or something

2017-09-21 20:56:30 UTC

during construction

2017-09-21 20:56:33 UTC

of the first cabin

2017-09-21 20:56:53 UTC

We could do shipping contanors.

2017-09-21 20:57:11 UTC

that would cost a lot though

2017-09-21 20:57:22 UTC

much more than a week's worth of sweat in building a house

2017-09-21 20:57:37 UTC

perhaps two weeks, though

2017-09-21 20:58:41 UTC

@ram3n that's my point. 6 men should be able to build a log cabin in a week. Then we keep clearing land to plant crops and grow a pasture.

2017-09-21 20:58:48 UTC


2017-09-21 20:58:56 UTC

I'm telling you, call me white trash all you want but holding your nose and getting a cheap trailer will keep you alive long enough to build permanent housing lol

2017-09-21 20:59:27 UTC

white trash aren't going to go out in the wilderness and forge a life for themselves

2017-09-21 20:59:45 UTC


2017-09-21 21:00:11 UTC

Just don't want the first wave of us to freeze to death out there in tents

2017-09-21 21:00:13 UTC

Or get sick

2017-09-21 21:00:31 UTC

@K_Wagner if our ancestors could build a house that lasted the winter without modern tecnology we should be able to do it too.

2017-09-21 21:00:52 UTC

We would be starting during the spring.

2017-09-21 21:01:01 UTC

yeah we'll probably need a *lot* of insulation

2017-09-21 21:01:52 UTC

That's more reassuring

2017-09-21 21:01:59 UTC

or I don't know, a fire place.

2017-09-21 21:03:14 UTC

unfortunately, because of how we've modernized as a society, we haven't really needed to pass down the knowledge of building homes that will last

2017-09-21 21:03:22 UTC

so it'll be interesting

2017-09-21 21:04:39 UTC

mossy rock has an average winter low of 20F. That's 40F warmer than my home of wisconsin.

2017-09-21 21:04:52 UTC

20f isn't that bad

2017-09-21 21:04:58 UTC

i've had worse in indiana

2017-09-21 21:05:07 UTC

what's the average high?

2017-09-21 21:05:16 UTC

Remember also that our construction will need a degree of permanence, since we're not just building a camping lodge for a bunch of bros, we're going to bring in our wives and families as well

2017-09-21 21:05:30 UTC

And 20f is nothing, I'm glad to hear that

2017-09-21 21:05:40 UTC

Grew up in Illinois lol by the lake

2017-09-21 21:05:55 UTC

@ram3n 90 F in july and august.

2017-09-21 21:06:00 UTC


2017-09-21 21:06:07 UTC

i think i'm gonna love it at mossy rock

2017-09-21 21:06:13 UTC

Mossy Rock really sounds great

2017-09-21 21:06:34 UTC

Is there any hunting?

2017-09-21 21:06:42 UTC

Or trapping?

2017-09-21 21:07:03 UTC

i'm sure there's tons of animals around

2017-09-21 21:07:34 UTC

@K_Wagner log cabins are gonna be temporary while we clear land and plant crops. We probably wont have modern housing, but we could do old world manors.

2017-09-21 21:07:45 UTC

What a beautiful looking place

2017-09-21 21:07:57 UTC

@dmac100 that would be outstanding

2017-09-21 21:08:01 UTC

i wouldn't mind living in a permanent log cabin

2017-09-21 21:08:06 UTC


2017-09-21 21:08:07 UTC

i love the rustic feel

2017-09-21 21:08:32 UTC

>digging out a basement to brew ales and ferment stuff

2017-09-21 21:08:49 UTC

Damn I love this plan

2017-09-21 21:08:52 UTC


2017-09-21 21:09:08 UTC

The idea of log cabins is that they are cheap and an okay type of housing.

2017-09-21 21:09:30 UTC

After we get better housing we can still use the cabins for storage too

2017-09-21 21:10:18 UTC

@K_Wagner check out the finnish log house in the other channel.

2017-09-21 21:12:12 UTC

The rustic feel is quite nice. Calls back to our ancestor's days in Europe.

2017-09-21 21:13:07 UTC


2017-09-21 21:13:07 UTC

@dmac100 I'm having trouble finding it, which channel was it under again?

2017-09-21 21:13:53 UTC

brb for a bit

2017-09-21 21:13:55 UTC

grilling with my dad

2017-09-21 21:14:20 UTC


2017-09-21 21:14:26 UTC

So who gets to run the Bavarian tavern?

2017-09-21 21:14:46 UTC

@K_Wagner homestaeading near the top.

2017-09-21 21:15:46 UTC

@dmac100 I got it now, thanks

2017-09-21 21:18:27 UTC


2017-09-21 21:18:50 UTC

Would be nice to recruit some Scandabros in Minnesota to give us some cabin plans

2017-09-21 21:19:43 UTC

Nordic immigrants in the Northern part of the US were the masters of settling the Mossy Rock type of environment

2017-09-21 21:28:09 UTC

how about this place? http://www.landwatch.com/King-County-Washington-Land-for-sale/pid/25060914
it is close enough to seatle that we can get jobs in the city and far enough away that nig-nogs wont be able to find it.

2017-09-21 21:34:19 UTC

I'll be back in an hour guys.

2017-09-21 21:35:36 UTC


2017-09-21 21:36:55 UTC


2017-09-21 21:37:48 UTC


2017-09-21 21:37:55 UTC

where is mossy rock located?

2017-09-21 21:37:58 UTC

like, which state?

2017-09-21 21:38:07 UTC


2017-09-21 21:38:13 UTC

oh okay

2017-09-21 21:40:06 UTC

Are Leaf's invited"

2017-09-21 21:40:12 UTC


2017-09-21 21:40:27 UTC

if you can get a green card

2017-09-21 21:40:40 UTC

just fuck my shit up fam

2017-09-21 21:40:53 UTC

ironically near impossible because I'm not a Jihadi nigger

2017-09-21 21:41:40 UTC

just say you're a dreamer

2017-09-21 21:41:42 UTC

and you'll be fine

2017-09-21 21:42:01 UTC

You can come for summers on a visa to help out and stay for periods of time, can't you?

2017-09-21 21:42:08 UTC

Fuck yea

2017-09-21 21:42:10 UTC

can do that

2017-09-21 21:42:18 UTC

idk if that'll be affordable though

2017-09-21 21:42:20 UTC

unless you save up

2017-09-21 21:42:22 UTC

for the entire fuckin year

2017-09-21 21:42:48 UTC

I feel like dreamers from Mexico to USA would have an easy in, but a Canadian dreamer trying to go from Trudeaus liberal hellscape into Trump's America might raise some eyebrows

2017-09-21 21:42:58 UTC

Is it that expensive for a Canadian to take a vacation in America on a bordering state?

2017-09-21 21:43:47 UTC

I knew Trudeaustan was hellish but that really takes the cake.

2017-09-21 21:44:21 UTC

Idk how expensive it would be

2017-09-21 21:44:30 UTC

just the variance between our dollars would probably fuck me up

2017-09-21 21:44:50 UTC

There is no Canadian side to this project is there?

2017-09-21 21:45:07 UTC

we're all burgers here i think

2017-09-21 21:45:08 UTC

besides you

2017-09-21 21:46:09 UTC

fuck my shit up fam

2017-09-21 21:46:14 UTC

I cant imagine the northern border is nearly as well defended as the southern

2017-09-21 21:46:34 UTC

you guys should come to canada, lowest population density in the world

2017-09-21 21:46:39 UTC

besides antarctica

2017-09-21 21:47:44 UTC

i'm sorry

2017-09-21 21:47:47 UTC

but america

2017-09-21 21:47:48 UTC

is better

2017-09-21 21:48:04 UTC

What if you marry an American gal?

2017-09-21 21:48:14 UTC


2017-09-21 21:48:16 UTC

or just come over and forget to go back

2017-09-21 21:48:22 UTC

thats a good idea

2017-09-21 21:48:24 UTC


2017-09-21 21:48:24 UTC

both good ideas

2017-09-21 21:48:54 UTC

Come for the summers to help us build and farm and try to find a nice girl

2017-09-21 21:49:07 UTC

Repeat until citizenship

2017-09-21 21:49:44 UTC

Then build a cozy cabin and misgender all the trannies you like without being arrested

2017-09-21 21:49:46 UTC

i might be sold on that, the northwest is majority white and outside of the city hellscapes, i imagine people are relatively traditional too

2017-09-21 21:50:00 UTC

πŸ‘ŒπŸ» glad to hear it

2017-09-21 21:50:24 UTC

My grandpa was a Swede Canadian from Vancouver, he did the same thing

2017-09-21 21:50:48 UTC

Met my grandma in Minnesota while preaching at a revival tent

2017-09-21 21:50:56 UTC

Married her and got his citizenship

2017-09-21 21:51:25 UTC

i love this guy

2017-09-21 21:51:56 UTC

yep, i know hes bluepilled on race, but his videos are high quality

2017-09-21 21:53:15 UTC

Anybody remember when I told yall about the degenerates at Walmart, and the girl laying down telling her coworker to kill herself?

2017-09-21 21:53:25 UTC


2017-09-21 21:53:29 UTC

i don't think i was online for that

2017-09-21 21:53:52 UTC

Well uh, this was Sunday

2017-09-21 21:53:57 UTC

I saw her again, just now

2017-09-21 21:54:17 UTC

I live in a duplex and I'm guessing that she's related to my neighbor ;-;

2017-09-21 21:55:20 UTC

uh oh

2017-09-21 21:56:19 UTC


2017-09-21 21:56:24 UTC


2017-09-21 21:57:02 UTC

Just mowing the lawn, saw her, and hid on the otherside of the house to mow there instead

2017-09-21 21:57:19 UTC


2017-09-21 21:58:07 UTC

The north west is slow it becoming Mexican. We are getting a lot of beaners and muslums in my town. Its pretty bad

2017-09-21 21:58:55 UTC

@Ghostler nooooooooooooooooooo

2017-09-21 21:58:57 UTC

We cant be out past a certain time and can't go to certain areas do to the homeless and crime from the beans

2017-09-21 21:59:17 UTC

Which state in the Northwest?

2017-09-21 21:59:21 UTC

that fucker Obama etc had diversity quotas, so that they could fill white communities with nonwhites

2017-09-21 21:59:23 UTC


2017-09-21 21:59:57 UTC

thats my other question, when you guys got shit set up, whats stopping niggers from moving in an filing discrimination lawsuits against you

2017-09-21 22:00:34 UTC

if they trespass

2017-09-21 22:00:39 UTC

you can call the police

2017-09-21 22:00:50 UTC

and they will be arrested

2017-09-21 22:00:56 UTC


2017-09-21 22:00:56 UTC

or atleast detained

2017-09-21 22:00:58 UTC

i'm sure

2017-09-21 22:01:56 UTC

We wont turn them away because that will cause outlast and us gettijg burnd down. We will just let them live and them do them unless they start stuff

2017-09-21 22:02:11 UTC

that doesn'

2017-09-21 22:02:17 UTC

doesn't seem like much of a white settlement

2017-09-21 22:02:20 UTC

I know it sounds cutlery cuckery

2017-09-21 22:02:37 UTC

I'm sure blacks won't even come here

2017-09-21 22:02:43 UTC

but anyway i'm sure the no welfare will scare away the niggers

2017-09-21 22:02:50 UTC

Do to being forced tonprovife to the community

2017-09-21 22:03:03 UTC

because tbh what the fuck will niggers have to buy with food stamps in our territory lmao

2017-09-21 22:03:11 UTC


2017-09-21 22:19:06 UTC

No minorities are going to want to live in our rustic privately owned farm village lol

2017-09-21 22:19:19 UTC

Our rusticness will be our main line of defense

2017-09-21 22:20:38 UTC

>inb4 hipsters

2017-09-21 22:20:53 UTC

tbh we'll probably only need to worry about other white people

2017-09-21 22:20:58 UTC

hipsters, feminists, hippies, etc

2017-09-21 22:21:37 UTC

They will be forced tonprovide to the town and stuff

2017-09-21 22:22:12 UTC

help them integrate into our society

2017-09-21 22:22:20 UTC

hipsters are too scared of red-pilled views

2017-09-21 22:22:22 UTC

try to destroy what modern mind programming they have

2017-09-21 22:22:25 UTC

We won't have any Starbucks

2017-09-21 22:22:30 UTC

they won't want to stay

2017-09-21 22:22:34 UTC


2017-09-21 22:22:38 UTC

because they can't stand labor

2017-09-21 22:22:42 UTC


2017-09-21 22:22:53 UTC

And again, private land is private land

2017-09-21 22:23:00 UTC


2017-09-21 22:23:50 UTC

also since mossy rock has quite a few rivers

2017-09-21 22:23:58 UTC

would be nice to get a water wheel up and running

2017-09-21 22:24:05 UTC

for energy + milling

2017-09-21 22:24:09 UTC

I was thinking the same

2017-09-21 22:24:30 UTC


2017-09-21 22:24:33 UTC

Not to mention the aesthetic value alone lol

2017-09-21 22:25:16 UTC

water wheel + coil generator

2017-09-21 22:25:17 UTC

Is there a class I should take to learn about this or stuffbi should watch? I have no experience in wood working

2017-09-21 22:25:28 UTC

take manufacturing and construction or something

2017-09-21 22:25:32 UTC

or electrical engineering

2017-09-21 22:26:05 UTC

Theres probably some in your nearest community college.

2017-09-21 22:26:50 UTC

Woodworking is pretty eassy to learn the basics of.

2017-09-21 22:27:34 UTC


2017-09-21 22:29:17 UTC

i once read somewhere that whaterwheels were historically a huge economic stepping stone when they were invented, we definitely have to look into building one

2017-09-21 22:31:50 UTC

I kind of imagine this whole project taking a rustic Germanic/Nordic folkish sort of aesthetic to it.

2017-09-21 22:32:05 UTC


2017-09-21 22:32:18 UTC

What I mean is be prepared for every white nationalist group in existence to be taking photos of us for propaganda lol

2017-09-21 22:32:31 UTC

Especially once we moving the families in

2017-09-21 22:32:36 UTC


2017-09-21 22:43:20 UTC

Guys, I hate to say it but mossy rock isn't gonna work. Just look at the prices per acre. We could buy one acre on the island or 20 on the mainland.

2017-09-21 22:43:53 UTC

I'd say too, if we're planning to try and expand, an island isn't the place to start.

2017-09-21 22:44:26 UTC


2017-09-21 22:45:46 UTC


2017-09-21 22:47:59 UTC

Do we have any comparable mainland locations?

2017-09-21 22:50:58 UTC

washington http://www.landwatch.com/King-County-Washington-Land-for-sale/pid/25060914 oregon http://www.landwatch.com/Lane-County-Oregon-Land-for-sale/pid/285365587
Both of these places are large enough to support a few people and close enough to a large city for jobs and supplies.

2017-09-21 22:54:28 UTC

Those process aren't bad

2017-09-21 22:54:31 UTC


2017-09-21 22:55:07 UTC

Yeah, if everybody chipped in a few grand we could move in next week.

2017-09-21 22:55:32 UTC

Let alone in a year once more people are ready to move in

2017-09-21 22:55:45 UTC

How are we gonna pool our money together by the way?

2017-09-21 22:56:23 UTC

Is there like a private version of pages like gofundme just so we can keep giving until we have enough?

2017-09-21 22:56:28 UTC

No idea, hoping someone else would figure that out.

2017-09-21 22:56:54 UTC

Where's our money goy in this group?

2017-09-21 22:56:57 UTC


2017-09-21 22:57:05 UTC

or we could maybe open up a joint account

2017-09-21 22:57:06 UTC

in a bank

2017-09-21 22:57:55 UTC

I'd like something more like a gofundme where we could have accountability and see the amount of money we have raised my the dollar

2017-09-21 22:58:16 UTC

What if we posted it as an "eco farm" project or some shit

2017-09-21 22:58:21 UTC

Somebody with a good credit score could buy it with a mortgage and as we show up we bring money to pay it off. If I understand correctly there isn't a downside to paying it off early.

2017-09-21 22:58:37 UTC

That's probably true

2017-09-21 22:59:30 UTC

I like it. We make a "fake" kickstarter project to raise money for buying land.

2017-09-21 22:59:42 UTC

I like that idea

2017-09-21 22:59:57 UTC

And categorize it as an organic farm community or something like that

2017-09-21 23:00:01 UTC

Nothing political

2017-09-21 23:00:19 UTC

giving back to mother earth

2017-09-21 23:00:42 UTC

In fact, we could use this as a cover A LOT

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