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2018-08-20 14:11:32 UTC

No the other color , the main background what color is that ? @AllFather

2018-08-20 14:14:38 UTC

Green, looks brown.

2018-08-20 14:14:44 UTC


2018-08-20 14:14:47 UTC

And what about the grommets , if not I think if there is enough space in the loops we can attach grommets ourself if the sleeve is at least slightly larger 1/16" on either side of the grommet

2018-08-20 14:15:44 UTC

@White Eagle what is the dia. Of the sleeve ?

2018-08-20 14:41:23 UTC

About 3cm wide, 1m long. Ur supposed to use nails to attach it to the stick. Thats how we do it here for the most part

2018-08-20 14:41:35 UTC

We didnt add hoops

2018-08-20 14:41:47 UTC

I wasnt notified on that

2018-08-20 14:41:55 UTC

We added a string to tighten it

2018-08-20 14:46:39 UTC

the best thing to do is attatch the grommets top and bottom, makes it more universal. Can use it more in many different applications. If Grommets can not be added, I would be sure to leave enough room for us to add them ourselves leaving the sleeve

2018-08-20 14:46:43 UTC


2018-08-20 14:49:28 UTC

If I was told you wanted them, I would have added them. If you want I will in the future. But its too late now.

2018-08-20 14:50:02 UTC

yeah i get that

2018-08-20 14:50:08 UTC

should have been mentioned

2018-08-20 14:50:15 UTC

how many did you make?

2018-08-20 14:50:19 UTC


2018-08-20 14:50:30 UTC

oh okay awesome

2018-08-20 14:50:42 UTC

what is the colors of the flag?

2018-08-20 14:50:42 UTC

To address the color issue, its the lighting. Its green and red

2018-08-20 14:51:03 UTC

got it, what material did you make it out of?

2018-08-20 14:51:11 UTC

No idea :DDD

2018-08-20 14:51:15 UTC


2018-08-20 14:51:29 UTC

did you print one side and its reverse image see trhough on the other?

2018-08-20 14:51:41 UTC

Some standard flag material import, it was an experiment

2018-08-20 14:51:53 UTC

looks poly to me which will be great

2018-08-20 14:52:04 UTC

I printed it on one side and the paint went through.

2018-08-20 14:52:13 UTC


2018-08-20 14:52:33 UTC

Same shine-through but its gonna be asymetrical

2018-08-20 14:53:06 UTC

I could make it symetrical, but that would mean extra material, paint, and weight. Wouldnt be viable for carrying in marches

2018-08-20 15:10:10 UTC

also easier to tear apart from weight because of the wind

2018-08-20 15:11:25 UTC

@D3VISTAT0R @AllFather Should I go in another direction artistically with the DC footage?

2018-08-20 15:12:52 UTC

We should talk ideas, I want this to look good.

2018-08-20 15:29:10 UTC

wanna post some innawoods?


2018-08-20 15:50:54 UTC

@White Eagle wat is dis

2018-08-20 15:51:17 UTC

just smth where you put clothes and gear on

2018-08-20 15:51:53 UTC

can be memed

2018-08-20 15:53:06 UTC

We got culcasian in our vetting server, this guy loves to poster.

2018-08-20 16:39:21 UTC

He does

2018-08-20 16:39:26 UTC

It's crazy

2018-08-20 16:49:42 UTC

I think I wake up too early

2018-08-20 17:18:02 UTC

Antifa are fascists, this guy said so.


2018-08-20 17:18:07 UTC

<:Nigger:466634566002540554> <:Nigger:466634566002540554> <:Nigger:466634566002540554>

2018-08-20 17:31:32 UTC


2018-08-20 17:34:10 UTC

I've been looking at Antifa lately as some weird system of hippy fascism

2018-08-20 17:34:21 UTC

They do achieve some sort of fascism.

2018-08-20 17:34:26 UTC

hippy jew fascism*

2018-08-20 17:34:55 UTC

Washington DC is a form of an organic state in the way it operates as a whole

2018-08-20 17:36:40 UTC

Only issue is that it's incredibly jewish

2018-08-20 17:36:48 UTC

We saw lots of jews in DC

2018-08-20 17:37:08 UTC

I saw hooknoses like I've only ever seen in jew memes dude

2018-08-20 18:49:46 UTC

@White Eagle is the flag brown or am I colorblind

2018-08-20 18:53:56 UTC

its the light

2018-08-20 18:53:57 UTC


2018-08-20 18:54:00 UTC

its green and red

2018-08-20 18:58:17 UTC

@Epic Pardner *tips* don't listen to @White Eagle, you're colorblind. I am an eye doctor and am so gifted in my field that I can diagnose people on text chat basis.

2018-08-20 19:07:31 UTC
2018-08-20 19:07:41 UTC
2018-08-20 21:03:36 UTC

my grandfather lost his job

2018-08-20 21:03:38 UTC


2018-08-20 22:03:31 UTC

Holy shit, a satanist hacked the PUBG discord server of over 9000 people, and put read siege by james mason as the chat names and nuked the whole thing after spamming his website

2018-08-20 22:03:41 UTC

Why the fuck do satanists do this shit

2018-08-20 22:04:01 UTC

They have the options of being productive and trolling gamers

2018-08-20 22:04:05 UTC

and they troll gamers

2018-08-20 22:04:31 UTC

Because theyre betas with too much free time?

2018-08-20 22:04:38 UTC

well that's a given

2018-08-20 22:04:46 UTC

but ffs

2018-08-20 22:05:37 UTC

Its not especially hard to fuck around on shitty Discord

2018-08-20 22:05:45 UTC

and they have a lot of free time

2018-08-20 22:06:01 UTC

I thought I had a lot of free time until I saw this

2018-08-20 22:36:41 UTC

the only decent thing this fucking puke has ever done

2018-08-20 22:40:46 UTC

They are the lamest of lame

2018-08-20 22:41:23 UTC

***bad things*** should happen to them

2018-08-20 22:41:47 UTC

<:Rope:466634561162575873> <:Rope:466634561162575873> <:Rope:466634561162575873>

2018-08-20 22:42:00 UTC

2018-08-20 22:42:00 UTC


2018-08-20 22:42:58 UTC

2018-08-20 22:42:58 UTC


2018-08-20 22:43:05 UTC

August is indeed a good month to commemorate our honored dead. Not only Rockwell and Tommasi, but all of them.

2018-08-20 22:43:41 UTC

Not cool of them to appropriate both figures in order to push an agenda

2018-08-20 22:44:19 UTC

In white power, no one thinks that Rockwell nor Tommasi would have tolerated the bullshit that Mason pulled

2018-08-20 22:44:29 UTC

he is not appropriating anything at all

2018-08-20 22:44:51 UTC

My minds page has more reach and influence than james fucking charlie manson mason

2018-08-20 22:45:02 UTC

@everyone be careful about what you post. I just got booted from discord and had to rejoin

2018-08-20 22:45:03 UTC

The retards are appropriating the legacy of Rockwell and Tommasi

2018-08-20 22:45:13 UTC

it is not possible

2018-08-20 22:45:22 UTC

Attempting to at any rate

2018-08-20 22:46:17 UTC

It is like the nigger narrative, "We wuz kangz and sheit"
Rockwell would never have tolerated Mason, any real white power knows this.

2018-08-20 22:46:26 UTC

Masonite fags are ass-backward. They celebrate Stalin too.

2018-08-20 22:46:47 UTC

Of course

2018-08-20 22:47:00 UTC

They’re not misguided National socialists

2018-08-20 22:47:23 UTC

They have their own beliefs that are contrary to national socialism

2018-08-20 22:47:42 UTC

And while their old line used to be that they were edgy or whatever

2018-08-20 22:47:54 UTC

They are no clear in their rejection of national socialism

2018-08-20 22:48:07 UTC

Having been called out on their shit

2018-08-20 22:48:29 UTC

National-Socialists want this, not Iron Gates or SIEGE.


2018-08-20 22:52:13 UTC

Whew, that 10 minute waiting time feels like forever

2018-08-20 22:52:38 UTC

Feels good to be back

2018-08-20 22:53:07 UTC

Anyway, kikat is right, someone else I know got shoahed too

2018-08-20 22:53:19 UTC

There’s a purge going on

2018-08-20 22:53:24 UTC

Yeah man

2018-08-20 22:59:22 UTC

This is why I built fashbook

2018-08-20 23:03:12 UTC


2018-08-20 23:03:14 UTC

There we go

2018-08-20 23:05:56 UTC


2018-08-20 23:06:12 UTC

Right on

2018-08-20 23:14:16 UTC

@The GUNNY Did one of your accounts get shoahed too?

2018-08-20 23:14:41 UTC

Oh he's off

2018-08-20 23:16:58 UTC


2018-08-20 23:17:11 UTC


2018-08-20 23:17:21 UTC

Yeah both of those guys are me

2018-08-20 23:17:26 UTC

My account got shoahed earlier

2018-08-20 23:17:53 UTC


2018-08-20 23:18:03 UTC

Hopefully mine won't be

2018-08-20 23:18:22 UTC

I'm one of three who I know got shoahed on here

2018-08-20 23:18:42 UTC

Apparently they got Kitkat earlier too

2018-08-20 23:18:45 UTC

Kitkat got shoah'd too?

2018-08-20 23:18:48 UTC


2018-08-20 23:19:14 UTC

Do we need Marx avatars to not get shoah'd?

2018-08-20 23:19:36 UTC

Wouldn't shock me if we did

2018-08-20 23:20:24 UTC

I'm listening to a particular podcast right now, I think we should all listen to it and podcasts like it, just to see what the enemy is saying about us.

2018-08-20 23:21:00 UTC

We weren't mentioned but a particular big group which did exist at the time was.

2018-08-20 23:21:18 UTC

The things they call disgusting really aren't at all, they really do seem to be anti-white.

2018-08-20 23:21:29 UTC

It's always good to learn about the enemy

2018-08-20 23:22:11 UTC


2018-08-20 23:22:12 UTC

The way Antifa talk about our movement as a whole is like how we would talk about pedophiles, it's crazy shit man.

2018-08-20 23:22:32 UTC

I feel like I'm living in fucking clown world man

2018-08-20 23:22:44 UTC

Nope, I limit my exposure

2018-08-20 23:22:49 UTC

I am 2 servers

2018-08-20 23:22:53 UTC

Communists must have severe autism

2018-08-20 23:23:02 UTC

mine and this one

2018-08-20 23:23:04 UTC

Ah, cause I see you got two of your names in your server

2018-08-20 23:23:17 UTC

Task Force Odin is our back-up server

2018-08-20 23:23:24 UTC

Just made that

2018-08-20 23:23:29 UTC

always prepared

2018-08-20 23:23:32 UTC

Right on.

2018-08-20 23:23:34 UTC

In the YT comments, there was a commie that legit believed in gay space communism

2018-08-20 23:23:39 UTC

when they fuck a dude who is the server owner

2018-08-20 23:24:09 UTC

they fuck the server by locking out his privileges, so naming an ALT keeps it open

2018-08-20 23:24:21 UTC

Smart move.

2018-08-20 23:24:40 UTC

I'm leaving most of my servers

2018-08-20 23:24:59 UTC

I'm only in NSL servers now

2018-08-20 23:25:05 UTC

have been for 2 weeks

2018-08-20 23:25:08 UTC

anyone who wants into Werewolf Ops let me know

2018-08-20 23:25:21 UTC

used to be a rather large server

2018-08-20 23:25:31 UTC

I'm down to join Werewolf Ops

2018-08-20 23:25:32 UTC

but I have weeded it out and it has gone pretty quiet

2018-08-20 23:25:39 UTC

PoG dudes are alright, but the servers are a waste of time

2018-08-20 23:25:39 UTC

I’m down

2018-08-20 23:25:56 UTC

I want to keep it open because of the information already there

2018-08-20 23:26:18 UTC

@AllFather what’s with this new nickname lol

2018-08-20 23:26:51 UTC

Between PoG and Fagtulians there's a gay ass feud and you can't always tell who's cool or an infiltrating, liber 333 loving idiot.

2018-08-20 23:28:13 UTC

I hate how Antifa calls blacks "people of color", shit sounds so gay and wrong.

2018-08-20 23:28:21 UTC

They're literally only one color

2018-08-20 23:28:22 UTC

@H8 I didn’t change it

2018-08-20 23:28:50 UTC

niggers were called "people of color" during "negro" times, right?

2018-08-20 23:29:04 UTC

They're called that today that's for sure.

2018-08-20 23:29:14 UTC

I don't know why we ever called them "colored folks"

2018-08-20 23:29:22 UTC

Might have been a PC term of the day

2018-08-20 23:29:30 UTC

We're the ones who are colorful

2018-08-20 23:29:59 UTC


2018-08-20 23:30:13 UTC

There we go

2018-08-20 23:30:37 UTC

Those grey eyes are interesting, I have never seen those before

2018-08-20 23:30:44 UTC

50s : "look at that colored feller peekin' in the bush"
2010s : "black is racist! you must say people of color!"

retarded ain't it? it's the same shit.

2018-08-20 23:31:00 UTC


2018-08-20 23:31:33 UTC
2018-08-20 23:32:06 UTC

My server, Werewolf Ops, has survived 3 purges

2018-08-20 23:32:13 UTC


2018-08-20 23:32:16 UTC

I fully intend to keep it that way

2018-08-20 23:32:18 UTC

Fucking fed

2018-08-20 23:32:33 UTC

Who keeps changing my shit

2018-08-20 23:32:50 UTC


2018-08-20 23:35:30 UTC


2018-08-20 23:37:59 UTC

Communists should pay us reparations

2018-08-20 23:38:26 UTC


2018-08-20 23:56:29 UTC

Gab is under another attack

2018-08-20 23:58:25 UTC

404 again

2018-08-20 23:58:41 UTC

the kikes really hate gab.

2018-08-21 00:08:19 UTC

Gab is run by a kike

2018-08-21 00:08:27 UTC

Who's jewing who?!

2018-08-21 00:09:14 UTC

Torba? They say he is a Greek

2018-08-21 00:09:26 UTC

He's not, look up the name Torba

2018-08-21 00:09:51 UTC

Did I post that I say?

2018-08-21 00:09:52 UTC

Whenever any sort of information/communication medium gets well known, it's always a kike who runs it.

2018-08-21 00:09:57 UTC


2018-08-21 00:10:02 UTC

Or rather did I post they say

2018-08-21 00:10:10 UTC

Oh I know

2018-08-21 00:10:16 UTC

I was just reaffirming.

2018-08-21 00:10:59 UTC

We have to seize the means of information.

2018-08-21 00:11:21 UTC

and production

2018-08-21 00:11:33 UTC

With the means of information, the rest will follow.

2018-08-21 00:11:37 UTC

some production

2018-08-21 00:11:56 UTC

Zorba... zorba....

2018-08-21 00:12:04 UTC


2018-08-21 00:12:10 UTC

more like... SIEGE the means of information!

2018-08-21 00:12:16 UTC

Haha yeah

2018-08-21 00:12:28 UTC


2018-08-21 00:12:33 UTC


2018-08-21 00:12:51 UTC


2018-08-21 00:12:53 UTC

I saw that

2018-08-21 00:12:58 UTC

why are you breaking up tejas

2018-08-21 00:13:05 UTC


2018-08-21 00:13:21 UTC

It was a map of the different regions within Texas

2018-08-21 00:13:28 UTC

Didn't mean to post it

2018-08-21 00:14:38 UTC

I bet it won't be long before gab is back up and running

2018-08-21 00:17:08 UTC

Even if it is they'll do this again

2018-08-21 00:17:17 UTC

However many times they feel is necessary

2018-08-21 00:17:44 UTC

Won't matter because in the mean time our guys are already working on all kinds of our social networking sites.

2018-08-21 00:17:49 UTC

Fashbook is just the beginning

2018-08-21 00:17:59 UTC

More are underway

2018-08-21 00:33:17 UTC

just remember, the gunny quotes are epic quotes

2018-08-21 00:33:24 UTC

for the days we are not living

2018-08-21 00:33:38 UTC

I never had any doubts.

2018-08-21 00:34:41 UTC

There's a few of our guys like that who have great quotes.

2018-08-21 00:50:33 UTC

I legit woke up at 7pm, the fuck happened

2018-08-21 00:50:44 UTC

I passed out earlier too.

2018-08-21 00:50:50 UTC

Woke up and my account was shoahed

2018-08-21 00:52:11 UTC

Skyking was one of us

2018-08-21 00:52:14 UTC

holy shit

2018-08-21 00:54:13 UTC

Medic, we got a guy in vetting we should get in here, dude loves to poster.

2018-08-21 00:54:26 UTC

"Nah, I'm white"

2018-08-21 00:54:38 UTC

He got that part correct

2018-08-21 00:56:30 UTC

this dude...

2018-08-21 00:56:34 UTC

he is back

2018-08-21 00:56:36 UTC


2018-08-21 00:56:49 UTC


2018-08-21 00:58:06 UTC

I guess he is living out of his truck and sneaking around on private property for food...

2018-08-21 00:58:21 UTC


2018-08-21 00:58:31 UTC

he did acquire a gun, so I guess that is progress

2018-08-21 00:59:03 UTC

but if your big aspiration is not jerking off to porn... that is a real low bar

2018-08-21 01:00:00 UTC

I question whether he's actually a parody of us from time to time, but then he'll do something so silly it makes me question if he's not again.

2018-08-21 01:01:41 UTC

oh dude, this guy is full blown nuts

2018-08-21 01:01:54 UTC


2018-08-21 01:02:08 UTC

this is no parody, I just hope he does not do anything to get attention

2018-08-21 01:02:20 UTC

Oh he got some attention.

2018-08-21 01:02:26 UTC

he is the young white weirdo trope, this guy is really white

2018-08-21 01:02:33 UTC

I heard he hangs out on ropeculture or something

2018-08-21 01:02:40 UTC

the media will shit their pissed panties over this guy going flip mode

2018-08-21 01:06:54 UTC

gab is back up.

2018-08-21 01:08:40 UTC

I knew it wouldn't be long, was quicker than I was thinking it would be.

2018-08-21 01:16:14 UTC

2018-08-21 01:16:14 UTC


2018-08-21 01:16:53 UTC

WHOMST is this?

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