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2018-08-17 21:30:35 UTC

3 days

2018-08-17 21:31:01 UTC


2018-08-17 21:31:47 UTC

nvm i say kick them all

2018-08-17 21:32:47 UTC

@gambler joe you obviously don't understand what is happening right now

2018-08-17 21:33:19 UTC

I mean it's self explanatory.

2018-08-17 21:34:32 UTC

if you've done something or are doing something, you are activism. if you havent or arent then youre a lazy nigger

2018-08-17 21:34:57 UTC

if you've been inactive too long then dawg house

2018-08-17 21:40:48 UTC

i need a drink.

2018-08-17 21:42:13 UTC

There is no excuse for lazy niggers

2018-08-17 21:43:39 UTC

especially when they been here for 2 days.

2018-08-17 21:44:24 UTC

no excuses. if you have an issue you're part of the problem. @gambler joe

2018-08-17 21:45:10 UTC


2018-08-17 21:46:07 UTC

so your going to kick me ?

2018-08-17 21:46:47 UTC

because i was telling you the dude been here for 2 days

2018-08-17 21:46:51 UTC


2018-08-17 21:47:00 UTC

this getting out of control

2018-08-17 21:49:55 UTC

He's been here for 2 days and hasn't done anything, lazy nigger is the base state of new members, they get the tag taken off by doing something

2018-08-17 21:50:24 UTC

Not by simply joining do they not become a lazy nigger

2018-08-17 21:51:07 UTC

You can be here for an hour and be a lazy nigger because you have yet to do anything, which isn't a bad thing

2018-08-17 21:51:23 UTC

But complete inactivity is when you get kicked and we use lazy nigger to keep track of this

2018-08-17 21:52:57 UTC

shit like this makes me want to go gang banging or go full skin head.

2018-08-17 21:53:26 UTC

then do it

2018-08-17 21:56:34 UTC

I may have to take a different approach to voice chat than I have been, not done with the approach I'm using but it's beginning to appear futile.

2018-08-17 21:58:10 UTC

my opinion doesn't count here medic fucking hate me.

2018-08-17 21:59:25 UTC


2018-08-17 21:59:43 UTC

Medic hates two main things: inactivity, and traitors

2018-08-17 21:59:52 UTC

Have you committed one of these acts?

2018-08-17 22:00:26 UTC


2018-08-17 22:01:21 UTC

then why say medic hates you

2018-08-17 22:01:55 UTC

hell im one of the people that talked the most shit on the satanist and that put a target on me.

2018-08-17 22:02:27 UTC

you do realize i get death treats from them

2018-08-17 22:02:36 UTC

i do too

2018-08-17 22:03:00 UTC

I think I speak for all of us when I say that satanists get the rope

2018-08-17 22:03:26 UTC

If they don't rope themselves.

2018-08-17 22:03:53 UTC

I wish they could be like Jonestown or something... just get together and partake of the Kool-Aid

2018-08-17 22:03:54 UTC

Medic they know where i live because of old strongside

2018-08-17 22:07:33 UTC

they can try to get me idgaf because my uncle is a big timer.

2018-08-17 22:07:42 UTC

If they show up shoot them

2018-08-17 22:08:48 UTC

they will not show up

2018-08-17 22:09:14 UTC

Then what are you worried about?

2018-08-17 22:09:21 UTC

Who's got a burner facebook account?

2018-08-17 22:09:45 UTC

im not scared of them not getting me at my house its when im out and about.

2018-08-17 22:09:55 UTC

Lets do some internet activism

2018-08-17 22:10:30 UTC

Lets infiltrate cuckservative fb groups

2018-08-17 22:12:58 UTC

there is things i can't talk about on here.

2018-08-17 22:13:05 UTC

or we could infiltrate lefty groups as socialists.

2018-08-17 22:13:51 UTC

Get a throwaway facebook account and lets do some subversion.

2018-08-17 22:14:39 UTC

Got nothing to lose, only the potential for gain.

2018-08-17 22:15:57 UTC

@johnolithicsoftware I have an account named Treighvon Martin

2018-08-17 22:15:59 UTC


2018-08-17 22:16:09 UTC

Nice, wanna join me in an operation?

2018-08-17 22:16:10 UTC

It wouldn't let me make my name trayvon

2018-08-17 22:16:14 UTC


2018-08-17 22:16:27 UTC

Awesome, cool so we're two guys strong now, lets see if we can get some more aboard

2018-08-17 22:16:50 UTC

I want at least 5, 10 would be awesome

2018-08-17 22:17:02 UTC

We got 30 guys here

2018-08-17 22:17:06 UTC


2018-08-17 22:17:09 UTC

I'm gonna just go ahead and make a new facebook so I don't immediately seem like a troll or some shit

2018-08-17 22:17:15 UTC

All right

2018-08-17 22:17:48 UTC

my name is gonna be Harry Johnson

2018-08-17 22:17:52 UTC

LOL nice

2018-08-17 22:17:56 UTC

Looks legit

2018-08-17 22:17:57 UTC

so I'll send you a request when I make it

2018-08-17 22:18:00 UTC

All right

2018-08-17 22:18:12 UTC

@everybody Join in

2018-08-17 22:18:53 UTC

wire not fashbook

2018-08-17 22:19:10 UTC

Oh, I don't go on Wire really

2018-08-17 22:19:29 UTC

Lets do some fb infiltration though

2018-08-17 22:19:41 UTC

It'll be something potentially worth doing

2018-08-17 22:21:21 UTC

@Cobra Join our operation

2018-08-17 22:21:37 UTC
2018-08-17 22:21:38 UTC


2018-08-17 22:21:50 UTC

We're making burner facebook accounts and infiltrating groups

2018-08-17 22:22:22 UTC

Sure, and what groups are these?

2018-08-17 22:22:48 UTC

I'm thinking it'll be cuckservative groups, the aim is to cleverly push them towards natsoc

2018-08-17 22:22:56 UTC

good idea

2018-08-17 22:22:58 UTC

I'm gonna look for an easy one to join

2018-08-17 22:23:22 UTC

no point in doing that with ANTIFA so yea

2018-08-17 22:23:32 UTC

I want at least 5 guys, got three so far who are willing including yourself. We should get one more

2018-08-17 22:24:22 UTC

When you've got your account ready add https://www.facebook.com/jill.offington.3

2018-08-17 22:26:09 UTC

Make a cuckservative-friendly account.

2018-08-17 22:26:22 UTC

Something with an American flag or pic of Trump or some shit

2018-08-17 22:27:03 UTC

I did

2018-08-17 22:27:18 UTC

Excellent, now add my account

2018-08-17 22:27:43 UTC

Whoever Felkin Troller is, might wanna get a less trolly name

2018-08-17 22:28:02 UTC

Although, probably won't matter

2018-08-17 22:29:06 UTC

All right, got two of you added.

2018-08-17 22:29:11 UTC

That makes three of us

2018-08-17 22:30:07 UTC

Just make sure to have a boomer-tier profile pic

2018-08-17 22:30:22 UTC

We wanna look like the MAGA crowd

2018-08-17 22:31:13 UTC

Patriot Front profile pics

2018-08-17 22:33:34 UTC

I think that might be a bit far to the right for cuckservative groups

2018-08-17 22:33:39 UTC

We're trying to infiltrate those

2018-08-17 22:33:46 UTC

Not appear as real nationalists

2018-08-17 22:33:54 UTC

Not at first sight anyway

2018-08-17 22:37:34 UTC

The next step would be to join conservative groups until we find one which lets us all in.

2018-08-17 22:37:54 UTC

Then we'll subvert that group by slowly and cleverly trying to push them towards natsoc

2018-08-17 22:40:25 UTC

The pages like https://www.facebook.com/conservatives/ have no vetting process, we should try subverting those

2018-08-17 22:40:51 UTC

Everyone with a burner facebook account join in

2018-08-17 22:41:04 UTC

Good idea. We use profile pics on facebooks of old men smoking cigars and wearing maga hats and we bring up the Jewish question and how we are infiltrated by Israel and treasonous Israel firsters.

2018-08-17 22:41:24 UTC

Very good Tyler, you're on the right page bro

2018-08-17 22:41:31 UTC

I think we should be very smooth at first though

2018-08-17 22:41:41 UTC

Seem like a conservative for a while

2018-08-17 22:41:55 UTC

Then slowly move onward towards basic white nationalism

2018-08-17 22:43:09 UTC

Start off posting basic bitch boomer tier Trumpian shit, like #BuildThatWall or something in order to seem like them

2018-08-17 22:43:38 UTC

Start talking about how you love Ben Shapiro and Shaun Hannity?

2018-08-17 22:43:43 UTC

If we can get enough of us in there then we become a big enough block of people to have some sway

2018-08-17 22:44:00 UTC

Nah, don't pretend to love the jews, keep it non-kosher but Trumpian

2018-08-17 22:44:44 UTC

Fuck CNN, I love Fox News! It's fair and balanced! Like that?

2018-08-17 22:44:47 UTC

Push the ideals which got Trump elected

2018-08-17 22:44:52 UTC

Yeah that'll work too

2018-08-17 22:44:58 UTC


2018-08-17 22:45:26 UTC

In this act of subverting for a good cause, we are becoming the fasces.

2018-08-17 22:45:33 UTC

Lying press

2018-08-17 22:45:58 UTC

Lying press, sure, but Fox news is acceptable boomer tier shit

2018-08-17 22:46:34 UTC

Stone and I saw Ted Cruz last week, most of the audience were old farts who loved Israel. How will we ease them into getting woke?

2018-08-17 22:46:50 UTC

Talk about the good old days of America, like the 80s

2018-08-17 22:47:39 UTC

We can innocently rekindle white nationalism in the boomers by talking about how great whiter times in America were.

2018-08-17 22:47:50 UTC


2018-08-17 22:48:20 UTC

At the same time, we must garner attention through these innocent tactics

2018-08-17 22:48:34 UTC

Become popular boomer actors

2018-08-17 22:49:06 UTC

The crowd loved the Regan talk.

2018-08-17 22:49:14 UTC


2018-08-17 22:49:38 UTC


2018-08-17 22:49:58 UTC

1980s America, at least in movies, looks dope.

2018-08-17 22:50:32 UTC

Cast a large net out there, go to every conservative group or page and attempt to garner attention using innocent boomer-tier posts.

2018-08-17 22:51:00 UTC

Sooner or later we will get attention, then we get conversation going, then more join in, try and get a large audience

2018-08-17 22:51:05 UTC

"Remember Regan?"

2018-08-17 22:51:10 UTC


2018-08-17 22:51:15 UTC

Oh I 'member!

2018-08-17 22:51:18 UTC

Gotta remind them of the good ol' days

2018-08-17 22:51:29 UTC

You 'membeh?

2018-08-17 22:52:21 UTC

Here's one that doesn't have vetting https://www.facebook.com/groups/NewConservatives2016/

2018-08-17 22:54:42 UTC


2018-08-17 22:56:00 UTC

Ok, I'll make a FB account for this.

2018-08-17 22:56:06 UTC

Right on man

2018-08-17 22:57:15 UTC

Is my discord Merican enough

2018-08-17 22:57:39 UTC


2018-08-17 22:57:52 UTC


2018-08-17 22:57:54 UTC

<:USA:467111210765254666> <:USA:467111210765254666> <:USA:467111210765254666>

2018-08-17 22:58:05 UTC


2018-08-17 22:58:18 UTC

Hail America!

2018-08-17 22:58:18 UTC


2018-08-17 23:11:39 UTC

Okay I'm back, my mom just learned that I actually joined this nazi group lol. So I explained to her some shit but wanted to say so much more than she gave me time for.

2018-08-17 23:12:05 UTC

She's bluepilled, it'd be great to be able to red pill her.

2018-08-17 23:12:44 UTC


2018-08-17 23:13:11 UTC

my parents already know.

2018-08-17 23:13:17 UTC

how did she find out

2018-08-17 23:13:37 UTC

I told my brother where I was going and he told her.

2018-08-17 23:13:48 UTC


2018-08-17 23:13:56 UTC

first mistake

2018-08-17 23:14:01 UTC

His brown girlfriend was actually pretty cool with me going to UTR2, she high-fived me

2018-08-17 23:14:12 UTC

.... wut

2018-08-17 23:14:23 UTC

and my bro was just glad I got home safely

2018-08-17 23:14:31 UTC

Yeah he's a bit of a bluepilled guy

2018-08-17 23:14:33 UTC

πŸ‘ŒπŸΌ .

2018-08-17 23:14:40 UTC


2018-08-17 23:14:43 UTC


2018-08-17 23:14:57 UTC

My whole family are bluepilled, they accept me as a nazi though because I'm the good son.

2018-08-17 23:15:14 UTC

gosh a nazi and a good son

2018-08-17 23:15:15 UTC


2018-08-17 23:15:18 UTC

I wonder why

2018-08-17 23:15:36 UTC

Cause I always kept my word and did the right thing, and always let my mom borrow lots of money.

2018-08-17 23:16:04 UTC


2018-08-17 23:17:58 UTC

Pay attention

2018-08-17 23:18:00 UTC

@Eric_StrikerDS: 2 more people just got knocks from the FBI, entirely political.

One of them had an FBI agent leave a threat saying he will drop in on him at his job to talk about charlottesville.

KNOW YOUR RIGHTS. Listen to what they want but use your right to remain silent. Film them and collect all harassment.

2018-08-17 23:19:04 UTC

If you're a good person, from what I've experienced, they could give a shit about what your beliefs are. It's a tiny minority of these retarded "libtard sjw cucks" that would actually care.

2018-08-17 23:19:23 UTC

oh ik.

2018-08-17 23:19:40 UTC

Or people only know "Nazi" and don't know what the fuck a fascist is.

2018-08-17 23:19:41 UTC

I would know first hand

2018-08-17 23:20:01 UTC

Most don't.

2018-08-17 23:20:12 UTC

They probably got knocks on their door because they got into the event.

2018-08-17 23:20:28 UTC

We didn't even get news coverage.

2018-08-17 23:20:44 UTC


2018-08-17 23:20:56 UTC

because it was a bust we all know that

2018-08-17 23:20:57 UTC

Probably a good thing that we didn't get in

2018-08-17 23:21:15 UTC

no good thing

2018-08-17 23:21:16 UTC

Good thing we never gave anybody our real names too

2018-08-17 23:21:17 UTC

no warrant no entering of the house.

2018-08-17 23:21:20 UTC

"Ey (my name) yous uh Communi- nah a fasci' rahyt?"
"I'm not a god damn communist"
"Wus duh diffrenz"
Actual convo during lunch at work.

2018-08-17 23:21:24 UTC

So we're gonna be hard to track

2018-08-17 23:21:41 UTC

you guys are fine

2018-08-17 23:22:07 UTC

We should really be smarter about who sees us do what though.

2018-08-17 23:22:18 UTC


2018-08-17 23:22:21 UTC

really now..

2018-08-17 23:22:22 UTC


2018-08-17 23:22:28 UTC

What is happening?

2018-08-17 23:22:33 UTC

They just attacked the free market concept

2018-08-17 23:22:38 UTC

Look at what happen to goring

2018-08-17 23:22:47 UTC

they can't question you if you are not under arrest

2018-08-17 23:22:48 UTC

Bitchute got the jew cock up their ass

2018-08-17 23:22:55 UTC

Uh oh.

2018-08-17 23:23:10 UTC

people who said, Free market? Capitalism?

2018-08-17 23:23:12 UTC

or detained.

2018-08-17 23:23:19 UTC

well they are being shown to be liars and frauds

2018-08-17 23:23:24 UTC

there is no free market

2018-08-17 23:23:38 UTC

oh knew...................... oh wait

2018-08-17 23:23:44 UTC

I always knew "free market" was a bullshit talking point.

2018-08-17 23:23:45 UTC

completely neutral organizations are being shut down

2018-08-17 23:23:54 UTC

this is very good

2018-08-17 23:23:58 UTC

This is why I never told the jew about fashbook

2018-08-17 23:24:08 UTC

keep it that way

2018-08-17 23:24:18 UTC

because we all will be fucked............

2018-08-17 23:24:35 UTC

not a joke ether

2018-08-17 23:24:49 UTC

They always talk about Israel, or "muh common sense conservative values"

2018-08-17 23:25:05 UTC

"Common sense" STFU FAGGOT

2018-08-17 23:25:10 UTC


2018-08-17 23:25:17 UTC

Both sides always say that shit

2018-08-17 23:25:27 UTC

that's true

2018-08-17 23:25:42 UTC

"Common sense gun regulation"
"Common sense family values"

2018-08-17 23:26:11 UTC

gay is not common sense.

2018-08-17 23:26:19 UTC

that's fuckin gay lol

2018-08-17 23:26:21 UTC


2018-08-17 23:26:49 UTC


2018-08-17 23:26:58 UTC


2018-08-17 23:27:20 UTC

or what they call white privilege

2018-08-17 23:27:21 UTC

it is happening, that is all we must be alert to

2018-08-17 23:27:28 UTC


2018-08-17 23:27:40 UTC

bank accounts are being closed, money seized illegally

2018-08-17 23:27:50 UTC

this is how our first revolution started

2018-08-17 23:27:51 UTC

oh uh

2018-08-17 23:27:51 UTC

This is why I don't use banks

2018-08-17 23:27:57 UTC

All my money is cash

2018-08-17 23:28:08 UTC

and I get it through proxy

2018-08-17 23:28:15 UTC

you know what buys whatever you want when ever you want...

2018-08-17 23:28:15 UTC

this is not good

2018-08-17 23:28:26 UTC


2018-08-17 23:28:34 UTC

Conquest is the answer.

2018-08-17 23:28:38 UTC


2018-08-17 23:28:52 UTC

BF4 anyone.............

2018-08-17 23:29:00 UTC

"Black and Latino unemployment is at the lowest it has ever been!" - Ted Cruz

2018-08-17 23:29:06 UTC

for the past 2 hours i been playing roblox

2018-08-17 23:29:16 UTC


2018-08-17 23:29:24 UTC


2018-08-17 23:29:26 UTC


2018-08-17 23:29:31 UTC

Playing Roblox or "Playing Roblox"?

2018-08-17 23:29:45 UTC

i bet he was really play roblox

2018-08-17 23:30:24 UTC

its a fun game i have roblox ps4

2018-08-17 23:30:41 UTC

The old coots cheered at how niggers and spics are getting their son's and daughter's jobs.

2018-08-17 23:31:06 UTC

They're so... BRAIN DAMAGED

2018-08-17 23:31:23 UTC

listening to Cruz like he spoke the Gospel!

2018-08-17 23:31:53 UTC

cruz a jew

2018-08-17 23:32:03 UTC

@Stonewall those old farts cheered at that black and latino employment shit, right?

2018-08-17 23:32:28 UTC

have any of you ever tell people online on what you are doning on roblox it's called commentary

2018-08-17 23:32:29 UTC

they boo'd at how Beto is so "anti Israel"

2018-08-17 23:32:48 UTC

brain dead

2018-08-17 23:32:59 UTC

Yep, that's cuckservatives for you, this is why we need to subvert them.

2018-08-17 23:33:12 UTC

will take a long time

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