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2018-07-25 14:07:11 UTC

Implying non Jews work for the ADL

2018-07-25 16:39:06 UTC

@here we need you to help with the C-Ville 2.0 effort

2018-07-25 17:01:43 UTC

Is there any way to hack powerball to get us perfect funding

2018-07-25 17:02:56 UTC

Anyone creating games for the Roblox?

2018-07-25 17:05:15 UTC

@CC96 cease

2018-07-25 17:07:05 UTC

@Excalibur @CC96 or you could support our anti Zionist effort in DC

2018-07-25 17:26:30 UTC

@Excalibur don't play 4.5.6 numbers on powerball it only comes up 4 times in 2 years or 96 plays in 2 years

2018-07-25 17:30:04 UTC

Good math

2018-07-25 17:30:25 UTC

@everyone let me know when you receive your patches

2018-07-25 17:32:09 UTC


2018-07-25 17:32:39 UTC

im going full gook mode on this powerball

2018-07-25 17:36:06 UTC

@gambler joe let me know when you get going screen printing

2018-07-25 17:36:16 UTC

ok i will

2018-07-25 17:38:10 UTC

my next step in the powerball is to look for correspondence in the numbers to determine the best outcome of numbers to play

2018-07-25 17:42:06 UTC

if i pin down the correspondence of numbers i can narrow down the outcome of the next played numbers

2018-07-25 17:45:32 UTC

What you going to do with the money?

2018-07-25 17:46:08 UTC

give it too everyone

2018-07-25 17:47:59 UTC

move over soros <:Kekler:467111212853886986>

2018-07-25 17:48:54 UTC

@here I’m in vc. 11pm est vc is still on

2018-07-25 17:53:14 UTC

buy a chunk of the milk industry and give everyone a percentage of shares in the company so the money can keep flowing to everyone

2018-07-25 17:54:32 UTC


2018-07-25 17:54:39 UTC


2018-07-25 17:54:45 UTC

the alt-kike will not win the milk wars

2018-07-25 17:55:06 UTC


2018-07-25 17:57:33 UTC


2018-07-25 17:57:51 UTC

this is what they cut out from that picture

2018-07-25 18:06:06 UTC


2018-07-25 18:35:49 UTC
2018-07-25 18:35:55 UTC


2018-07-25 19:11:07 UTC

Goat of Mendez

2018-07-25 19:28:04 UTC


2018-07-25 21:51:26 UTC


2018-07-25 21:51:42 UTC

Turning communist into natsocs are always fun

2018-07-25 22:08:54 UTC


2018-07-25 22:08:59 UTC

This should help

2018-07-25 22:09:21 UTC

Put it in the same directory as numbers.txt and execute and it'll show the frequencies of each number per-slot.

2018-07-25 22:10:36 UTC

I also sorted by frequency, so most frequent will be first and it will show in descending order from most frequent to least.

2018-07-25 22:14:10 UTC

One set of the most frequent powerball numbers is: 1 17 33 61 28

2018-07-25 22:15:30 UTC

Your odds of winning something by playing those numbers might be substantially increased if done enough times in a row.

2018-07-25 22:16:14 UTC

Our tech wizard Jack!

2018-07-25 22:17:00 UTC

In contrast a set of the least probable numbers are: 34 11 24 51 2

2018-07-25 22:17:10 UTC


2018-07-25 22:20:49 UTC

It would be amazing if someone played those numbers and won something.

2018-07-25 22:21:04 UTC

i will play them

2018-07-25 22:23:28 UTC

Are these Powerballs drawn daily or weekly?

2018-07-25 22:23:47 UTC

its today until 7

2018-07-25 22:23:57 UTC

is it every day?

2018-07-25 22:24:20 UTC

every 2 weeks 96 times in 2 years

2018-07-25 22:24:54 UTC

Should probably keep record just to keep the results up to date, because the probabilities will change.

2018-07-25 22:25:51 UTC

Add each new set to the top of numbers.txt in the format the others are listed in

2018-07-25 22:25:58 UTC

What are the odds of a random win against the calculated odds of this projecte odds with the adjusted numbers drwan?

2018-07-25 22:26:07 UTC

drawn. bloody hell.

2018-07-25 22:26:25 UTC

Probably the same, if not increased.

2018-07-25 22:26:33 UTC

The odds likely will not decrease.

2018-07-25 22:26:46 UTC

unless it isn't updated regularly

2018-07-25 22:27:40 UTC

Also, there are multiple sets of the most likely numbers per-slot

2018-07-25 22:27:44 UTC

Right. but what I meant was say a regular draw was 1 billion to one. would this increase the odds as updated, and if so projected by how much? or is it still too early to ask?

2018-07-25 22:28:00 UTC

I know it is a theory.

2018-07-25 22:28:08 UTC

I'm unable to tell in practice honestly.

2018-07-25 22:28:31 UTC

Fair enough.

2018-07-25 22:28:33 UTC

In theory the odds of winning go up as more data is added, or at least will not decrease.

2018-07-25 22:28:58 UTC

right on. I did no know if anyone had run a projection or not.

2018-07-25 22:29:28 UTC

Only way to do that is basically to wait and see if selected numbers end up in the highest frequency slots or not.

2018-07-25 22:29:49 UTC

Over time we can go as far as to narrow it down to the most frequent frequency range.

2018-07-25 22:30:00 UTC

Stand Back we are going to attempt SCIENCE!!!

2018-07-25 22:30:05 UTC


2018-07-25 22:30:13 UTC

A very solid point well stated.

2018-07-25 22:31:25 UTC

I suspect that with more and more data over time it will be easier to calculate the most likely numbers to play for victory.

2018-07-25 22:31:36 UTC

The algorithm can then be evolved to further the odds.

2018-07-25 22:32:48 UTC

I'll be in VC for anyone bored and wanting to talk

2018-07-25 22:33:09 UTC

@AllFather I'm giving up on tinder

2018-07-25 22:35:44 UTC

im going to get a money order right now so i can pay my internet bill i will play these numbers

2018-07-25 22:36:20 UTC

will be back if it hits im give you half brother

2018-07-25 22:44:41 UTC

Right on

2018-07-25 23:01:19 UTC


2018-07-25 23:01:49 UTC

1 17 33 61 28

2018-07-25 23:02:14 UTC

it goes less to most

2018-07-25 23:02:39 UTC

Dude, the second set of numbers on the left were almost all of the most frequent

2018-07-25 23:03:37 UTC

i know i mixed them between all set of numbers to make the most set of numbers

2018-07-25 23:04:03 UTC

The one on the left were your guesses and the one on the right are the actual numbers of the powerball?

2018-07-25 23:04:26 UTC

quick pick the powerball number

2018-07-25 23:04:43 UTC

I'm trying to figure out the system based on what you've shown me

2018-07-25 23:04:55 UTC

Are the ones chosen on the left the ones you picked?

2018-07-25 23:07:50 UTC

the left one was a quick pick

2018-07-25 23:11:08 UTC

Most probable: 1 17 33 61 28 Least probable: 34 11 24 51 2

2018-07-25 23:15:02 UTC



2018-07-25 23:25:02 UTC

I made a anti faggot post on whisper and I’ve awoken the big gay.

2018-07-25 23:25:30 UTC

@The Haifisch ᛉ卐 post screenies in squirrel posting

2018-07-25 23:25:30 UTC

No regerts fam

2018-07-25 23:25:32 UTC

I wanna se this

2018-07-25 23:25:37 UTC


2018-07-25 23:35:53 UTC

I’m actually getting more praise than hate.

2018-07-25 23:36:25 UTC

What timeline is this? Where I’m getting praise for speaking against fags?

2018-07-25 23:43:34 UTC

facebook is dying

2018-07-25 23:43:40 UTC

holy shit

2018-07-25 23:48:30 UTC

lol nice

2018-07-25 23:50:01 UTC


2018-07-25 23:50:04 UTC


2018-07-25 23:50:07 UTC

got a new mouse

2018-07-25 23:50:54 UTC


2018-07-26 00:27:17 UTC

I promoted the fucking website. Forgot it was down

2018-07-26 00:27:21 UTC


2018-07-26 00:28:29 UTC

Kill pedophiles

2018-07-26 01:08:28 UTC

Communists are far more easier to redpill than Capitalists, because they understand one of the key things that makes us National-Socialist.
Life is a never ending physical, mental, emotional, philosophical, and spiritual struggle, and peace is never to be found.

Capitalists do not understand struggle, nor will they until struggle has torn them to shreds.

2018-07-26 02:03:19 UTC


2018-07-26 02:03:28 UTC

Can somebody send me some info about the Jews in the IRA

2018-07-26 02:16:14 UTC


2018-07-26 02:17:25 UTC

Facebook sucks. I don’t think I’ve been on in like a year.

2018-07-26 02:18:16 UTC


2018-07-26 02:18:25 UTC

So Is that a no

2018-07-26 02:21:22 UTC


2018-07-26 02:23:25 UTC

Robert Briscoe

2018-07-26 02:34:57 UTC


2018-07-26 02:35:21 UTC


2018-07-26 02:48:30 UTC

Dang, I really like IRA songs

2018-07-26 02:56:46 UTC


2018-07-26 02:56:58 UTC

Isnt this guy a commie

2018-07-26 03:00:14 UTC

@everyone meeting time

2018-07-26 03:08:40 UTC

@everyone meeting time

2018-07-26 03:15:41 UTC

Hoodies sound dank

2018-07-26 03:15:57 UTC

Zip or pull over ?

2018-07-26 03:24:26 UTC

Jack black is a Jew but doesn’t look like one

2018-07-26 03:24:42 UTC

I think he’s shabbos tho

2018-07-26 03:25:14 UTC

Is his real last name Blackowicz?

2018-07-26 03:25:34 UTC

I’m not sure. Probably not

2018-07-26 03:26:45 UTC

Kick ass at Charlottesville borther

2018-07-26 03:27:17 UTC

Daniel played a skinhead in a movie

2018-07-26 03:27:27 UTC

That doesn’t mean nothing but still

2018-07-26 03:27:41 UTC

Why would a Jew play a skinhead?

2018-07-26 03:28:08 UTC

They created skinheads to be a mockery of real nazis , or something

2018-07-26 03:28:17 UTC

That's said a lot

2018-07-26 03:29:06 UTC

Why pay to go in the Shoah museum?

2018-07-26 03:29:57 UTC

β€œUSHMM tickets 20% off goyim”

2018-07-26 03:30:56 UTC


2018-07-26 03:31:31 UTC

We should have a chat for VC

2018-07-26 03:31:38 UTC

Just a thought

2018-07-26 03:34:56 UTC


2018-07-26 03:34:59 UTC

B A S E D Yeager

2018-07-26 03:36:51 UTC

This isn’t watchdogs nigga

2018-07-26 03:37:11 UTC

Hack a fucking street light

2018-07-26 03:47:50 UTC
2018-07-26 03:51:06 UTC


2018-07-26 04:09:07 UTC


2018-07-26 04:09:20 UTC

@The AUNI the IRA was really good at what were going to have to do soon

2018-07-26 04:09:47 UTC

Their songs are the best as well

2018-07-26 05:12:05 UTC


2018-07-26 05:12:15 UTC

He’s pretty cool

2018-07-26 05:12:34 UTC

I ain’t say shit

2018-07-26 05:20:43 UTC


2018-07-26 05:20:52 UTC

What @kitkat can make @here

2018-07-26 07:30:53 UTC

seems ive missed quite a bit

2018-07-26 08:26:02 UTC

@Casper delete this

2018-07-26 08:26:51 UTC

@Crusade yeah you don’t join big VC’s you miss a fuck ton

2018-07-26 08:26:57 UTC

Stop missing VCs

2018-07-26 08:40:34 UTC


2018-07-26 08:41:48 UTC

Kill darkies

2018-07-26 10:35:13 UTC

Light is the way

2018-07-26 10:35:33 UTC

Reading Gaddafi's Green Book

2018-07-26 11:59:58 UTC

Dark is the way for certain people

2018-07-26 12:01:26 UTC

You can desensitize yourself in a defensive manner

2018-07-26 12:06:25 UTC

My god look at the time! It's BEE HOURS

2018-07-26 12:10:25 UTC


2018-07-26 12:26:59 UTC


2018-07-26 12:28:49 UTC

**Our main goal as National Socialists is to establish an organic state that *seeks* and *follows* the Truth, How can we aim to do this if we ourselves shy away from things that we *don't* like?**

2018-07-26 12:31:37 UTC

Its not about shying away from it. Just because you dont primarly focus on violence, genocide and warfare doesnt mean you wont resort to it

2018-07-26 12:31:45 UTC

You fell for the jewish trap

2018-07-26 12:32:06 UTC

You lost your way, that should be path of light

2018-07-26 12:32:26 UTC

You misjudge.

2018-07-26 12:32:53 UTC

If you wan't to defeat your enemy, you must understand them.

2018-07-26 12:33:02 UTC

This goes for everything "negative".

2018-07-26 12:33:15 UTC

Understand =/= become them

2018-07-26 12:33:22 UTC


2018-07-26 12:33:31 UTC

Let me give you an example

2018-07-26 12:33:47 UTC

Say a boomer NatSoc is alive in 2018,

2018-07-26 12:34:27 UTC

Hates gays, knows nothing about them, doesnt understand anything about them, doesnt know what certain things are like "gender dysphoria"

2018-07-26 12:34:44 UTC

But refuses to look into the topic of faggots

2018-07-26 12:35:06 UTC

Even though: It would benefit you

2018-07-26 12:36:13 UTC

So how does using left hand path imagery help you understand them exactly? Do you have to fuck a faggot to understand him?

2018-07-26 12:36:21 UTC

Left hand = negative

2018-07-26 12:36:28 UTC

Left hand doesnt equal muh satan

2018-07-26 12:36:34 UTC

its your enemy you dipshit

2018-07-26 12:37:12 UTC

Left hand path is primarly destructive and thats not what national socialism is about. Again, you didnt answer my question

2018-07-26 12:37:31 UTC

What was the original message

2018-07-26 12:37:43 UTC


2018-07-26 12:37:49 UTC

So how does using left hand path imagery help you understand them exactly? Do you have to fuck a faggot to understand him?

2018-07-26 12:37:54 UTC

It was a typo

2018-07-26 12:37:57 UTC


2018-07-26 12:38:08 UTC

Let me explain, also im not mad at you, bro

2018-07-26 12:38:15 UTC

I like to talk

2018-07-26 12:38:21 UTC

Lets do this

2018-07-26 12:38:33 UTC


2018-07-26 12:38:41 UTC

this is a big thinker

2018-07-26 12:38:49 UTC

Get to it already

2018-07-26 12:41:33 UTC

Left hand imagery such as those found in Iron Gates can be useful for when we fight in the Racial Holy War, by using left hand substance you have gained more knowledge than someone who hasn't

2018-07-26 12:41:47 UTC

No one should be purely one sided.

2018-07-26 12:42:01 UTC

In order to destroy the current kike system, we need our left hand.

2018-07-26 12:42:16 UTC

In order to build a future for our white children, we need our right hand.

2018-07-26 12:43:08 UTC

You'd be prepared,

2018-07-26 12:43:43 UTC

Its like trying to fight something when you dont understand yourself, you will consistently lose.

2018-07-26 12:44:40 UTC

Left hand isnt a part of us, THEY ARE THE LEFT HAND. We arent gentiles, we are aryans, the right hand. What kind if knowledge can you find in path of destruction? I know my enemy, that doesnt mean I will employ his tactics, because his tactics are what dooms him.

2018-07-26 12:45:52 UTC

I just think you are misunderstanding the left hand

2018-07-26 12:46:02 UTC

I had enough

2018-07-26 12:46:12 UTC

Okay, well it was a good discussion

2018-07-26 12:46:16 UTC

I saw enough of left hand path

2018-07-26 12:46:24 UTC

Oh i thought you meant

2018-07-26 12:46:27 UTC

My bad.

2018-07-26 12:46:41 UTC

I will not fight alongside someone who employs its tactics. Good luck to you, farewell

2018-07-26 12:46:50 UTC


2018-07-26 12:47:30 UTC

You don't have to kick me, I'll leave.

2018-07-26 12:47:43 UTC

Sorry for any trouble I may have caused

2018-07-26 12:47:47 UTC


2018-07-26 13:12:06 UTC


2018-07-26 13:12:11 UTC

2 ppl got shoad?

2018-07-26 13:55:46 UTC

Trying to justify reading gay porn

2018-07-26 13:56:01 UTC


2018-07-26 13:57:45 UTC

I think he completely missed the point. He showed a lack of Intelligence. That poilu did. You can entertain a thought or idea without accepting it if you are at a certain level of intelligence. To know your enemy and his tactics is to counter them as or before they employ them. Not engage in them whole sale. Smdh. This is why when I find a subversive I have no problem doxing them for who and what they are. However: I also show factual evidence of their transgretions so as to show that there is no paranoia. They always out themselves anyway. eventually your true self and agenda shines through the cracks.

2018-07-26 14:08:12 UTC

Seeing poilu's DF pfp I knew he was a fag. Bring Polski back.

2018-07-26 14:12:44 UTC

I'm wondering if what Poilu was trying to say, in short was: If you have an opportunity to jew the jew, take it.

2018-07-26 14:13:53 UTC

lol Maybe we set up a central bank with goy money in Israel one day, and inflate the shit out of it.

2018-07-26 14:14:22 UTC

Nah, he was making the same gay argument as Strong, Riefen and AWD.

2018-07-26 14:14:32 UTC

Good riddance.

2018-07-26 14:14:39 UTC

He was arguing for faggotry?

2018-07-26 14:14:48 UTC

I get the feeling that wasn't it.

2018-07-26 14:14:58 UTC

I could be wrong though

2018-07-26 14:15:16 UTC

"You gotta try to understand it n sheeeit" is always their argument and look where it leads.

2018-07-26 14:15:41 UTC

I don't think understanding the enemy would lead to Satanism or faggotry really.

2018-07-26 14:16:16 UTC

"Gotta understand ur enemy n sheeeit nigga" then end up arguing for homo fascism and riding dick.

2018-07-26 14:16:34 UTC

They manipulate.

2018-07-26 14:16:35 UTC

Was he arguing for homo fascism and riding dick?

2018-07-26 14:17:22 UTC

Nigger, they always say "gotta understand it n shit" then they hook you in with Liber 333 and IG. Ttyl.

2018-07-26 14:17:40 UTC

Shit, he actually was arguing for faggotry.

2018-07-26 14:17:43 UTC


2018-07-26 14:18:20 UTC

"Poilu ϟϟToday at 8:33 AM
Let me give you an example
Say a boomer NatSoc is alive in 2018,
Hates gays, knows nothing about them, doesnt understand anything about them, doesnt know what certain things are like "gender dysphoria"
But refuses to look into the topic of faggots
Even though: It would benefit you

2018-07-26 14:19:36 UTC

On the real though, understanding the enemy is kinda key to defeating it.

2018-07-26 14:19:59 UTC

The original natsocs understood the enemy

2018-07-26 14:20:29 UTC

Which isn’t wrong in principle

2018-07-26 14:21:02 UTC

But I don’t need to go to a gay bar to understand faggotry to a sufficient degree

2018-07-26 14:21:08 UTC


2018-07-26 14:21:10 UTC

It’s pretty obvious that it’s bad

2018-07-26 14:21:17 UTC

And there are stats to back it up

2018-07-26 14:21:28 UTC

I would have made a better argument for his point than the one he decided to go with.

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