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2018-07-16 22:14:16 UTC


2018-07-16 22:14:23 UTC

I was making fun of maxon

2018-07-16 22:15:04 UTC

likely story

2018-07-16 22:46:19 UTC

I was watching the interview with Putin and he said โ€œwhat happened to the Westโ€

2018-07-16 22:47:18 UTC

I was watching the interview with putin and he said "what happened to the west" I think thats a good damn question

2018-07-17 00:03:09 UTC

2018-07-17 00:03:09 UTC


2018-07-17 00:06:56 UTC

I made it so that you can play youtube videos in the fashbook group chat.

2018-07-17 00:09:25 UTC

M8s! I have a 7.35 Carcano!

2018-07-17 00:09:31 UTC

Not a 6.5 Carcano!

2018-07-17 00:29:39 UTC

That sounds like it is rare as fuck

2018-07-17 00:30:36 UTC

oh shit, and a $1.65 a bullet

2018-07-17 00:31:57 UTC

not only rare as hell, hard to find but, not as good as a 7.62x54

2018-07-17 00:32:03 UTC

Good job...

2018-07-17 00:42:05 UTC


2018-07-17 00:42:22 UTC

Eh might have it re-chambered for 7.62 NATO

2018-07-17 00:45:46 UTC

So, cover your face.

2018-07-17 00:45:59 UTC

Got it.

2018-07-17 00:47:41 UTC

Where we are going there will be no need to cover your face

2018-07-17 00:47:49 UTC

there is no retreat back to the system

2018-07-17 00:47:56 UTC

there is no going back

2018-07-17 00:48:28 UTC

the founding fathers stood boldly against the king of England and knew, it was VICTORY OR DEATH

2018-07-17 00:48:34 UTC


2018-07-17 00:49:29 UTC

Once a man declares with a full heart that he will no longer be a slave to the jew, shall he crawl on his belly and lay supinely upon his back and beg forgiveness to that same system?

2018-07-17 00:50:43 UTC

Train your mind like you would train your body. A mind set in stone to be able to handle the stresses of the deeds done by a hard heart for the good of all that is decent.

2018-07-17 01:38:12 UTC

2018-07-17 02:02:51 UTC

White power.

2018-07-17 02:11:17 UTC


2018-07-17 02:11:51 UTC

Hell yeah, we must become the fasces.

2018-07-17 02:12:27 UTC


2018-07-17 02:18:05 UTC


2018-07-17 02:19:31 UTC


2018-07-17 02:46:04 UTC

Here for meeting

2018-07-17 02:47:17 UTC

hi all

2018-07-17 02:52:14 UTC

What are we having a meeting about

2018-07-17 03:00:13 UTC

@urrbody VC

2018-07-17 03:01:14 UTC

<@&463858377437609997> vc

2018-07-17 03:04:42 UTC

im kinda busy

2018-07-17 03:05:11 UTC

This might be super important.

2018-07-17 03:05:32 UTC

If @Epic Pardner *tips* even gets on

2018-07-17 03:24:11 UTC


2018-07-17 03:24:28 UTC
2018-07-17 03:36:59 UTC

Well, Ego's on now, should we get things going?

2018-07-17 03:37:09 UTC

My power fucking went out

2018-07-17 03:37:11 UTC


2018-07-17 03:37:14 UTC

Ah that sucks.

2018-07-17 03:40:23 UTC

As soon as discord loads on my pc I'll be in vc <@&463858377437609997>

2018-07-17 03:41:54 UTC

Still here nig

2018-07-17 03:41:56 UTC

<@&463858377437609997> I'm in VC

2018-07-17 03:44:22 UTC
2018-07-17 04:15:06 UTC

gimme me a little can't vc rn

2018-07-17 04:15:13 UTC

yes u can u gay

2018-07-17 04:15:27 UTC

women are temporary, liberty is forever

2018-07-17 04:22:12 UTC

I'm at work rn I might miss vc but I don't see one rn

2018-07-17 04:25:21 UTC

@Deleted User I'll dm you what it was about when I wake up tomorrow morning

2018-07-17 04:36:42 UTC

Ok thanks

2018-07-17 04:37:53 UTC

I may be able to hop in at some point we'll see

2018-07-17 05:59:01 UTC


2018-07-17 05:59:11 UTC

I just started thinking about the afterlife

2018-07-17 05:59:29 UTC

What is the meaning of the afterlife if there is no life after the afterlife?

2018-07-17 05:59:36 UTC

What does eternity feel like?

2018-07-17 05:59:46 UTC

This is hurting my brain

2018-07-17 05:59:53 UTC

What does nothingness feel like?

2018-07-17 06:00:00 UTC

How does eternity exist?

2018-07-17 06:00:13 UTC

I guess time to read the vedas

2018-07-17 06:00:14 UTC

I too have thought about this many times, you will never truly be able to imagine it.

2018-07-17 06:00:49 UTC

You'd literally have to shut down your mind somehow.

2018-07-17 06:00:49 UTC

Yeah, that's why I take the path of living righteously and any just Gods will reward me for doing so

2018-07-17 06:01:04 UTC

but I'm gonna hit the hay for now and try to get some sleep tonight

2018-07-17 06:01:09 UTC

gn all and 88

2018-07-17 06:01:14 UTC

88 borther

2018-07-17 06:06:50 UTC


2018-07-17 07:22:22 UTC

the zombies have landed in DC

2018-07-17 07:40:59 UTC

i smell the gun powder already

2018-07-17 07:52:41 UTC

I wonder why jews are setting up this big waste of time demonstration against one of their own puppets? Does anybody on the right even care what they're doing?

2018-07-17 07:53:14 UTC

Fuck The Hippies.

2018-07-17 07:53:23 UTC


2018-07-17 07:53:32 UTC

My father was one...

2018-07-17 07:53:32 UTC

They're all going to die from AIDS

2018-07-17 07:53:46 UTC

AIDS can't strike quick enough.

2018-07-17 07:53:48 UTC

And he was never much of a father.

2018-07-17 07:54:10 UTC

He died from his obese and diabetic state. Had congestive heart failure.

2018-07-17 07:54:26 UTC

Hmmm, I'm starting to notice a pattern here.

2018-07-17 07:54:44 UTC

A good portion of us ain't got no dads for one reason or another.

2018-07-17 07:54:45 UTC

He was obese due to basically accepting being forced into a loveless relationship w/ my fat ass THOT of a mom.

2018-07-17 07:55:14 UTC

Dad was never home and mom was (and still is) a Psychotic Manipulative Witch.

2018-07-17 07:55:16 UTC


2018-07-17 07:55:22 UTC

My dad stabbed a faggot and spent most of my life in prison.

2018-07-17 07:55:53 UTC

Dude was a psycho

2018-07-17 07:56:03 UTC

the russians are not backing up the democrats trump just lost them a big chunk of money

2018-07-17 07:56:13 UTC


2018-07-17 07:56:35 UTC

Hail Russia.

2018-07-17 07:56:56 UTC

Lol. Fuck The Dems.

2018-07-17 07:57:10 UTC

As well as Republicants.

2018-07-17 07:57:23 UTC

Both are AIPAC's bitches.

2018-07-17 07:57:30 UTC

Losercrats might end up being too poor to fight in the rahowa

2018-07-17 07:57:42 UTC

the kikes have money but just like all kikes they don't like to spend their own money so the dems are mad

2018-07-17 07:57:50 UTC

@johnolithicsoftware They have GRIDS. We have Iron Will.

2018-07-17 07:58:10 UTC

Yeah GRIDS, I keep forgetting that's the original name for AIDS

2018-07-17 07:58:35 UTC

I wonder how they're going to afford their GRIDS medication when they're poor.

2018-07-17 07:58:47 UTC

Lol. Get fucked Faggots.

2018-07-17 07:58:51 UTC


2018-07-17 07:59:31 UTC

It's gonna be fun watching them cry out to republifaggots for relief funds.

2018-07-17 08:00:02 UTC

Oy vey, it's gonna be anudda shoah

2018-07-17 08:00:55 UTC


2018-07-17 08:01:24 UTC

putin ousted a jew that launders money for the russian mafia


2018-07-17 08:01:40 UTC

Itโ€™s the Masonic โ€œOrder out of Chaosโ€ or โ€œOrder ab chaoโ€. The Masonic puppets will set up staged protests against Masonic puppets to keep the left vs right theatre going.

2018-07-17 08:02:40 UTC

Left and right have the same Jewish central banker puppet masters.

2018-07-17 08:03:01 UTC

these are the same kikes that control Ukraine

2018-07-17 08:05:24 UTC

Anyways. But yea @johnolithicsoftware I never really had much of a father in my life. Nor even a mother. Just my sis and I.

2018-07-17 08:05:40 UTC

And sadly my sis is dropping acid currently ๐Ÿ˜ฉ

2018-07-17 08:06:02 UTC

We all drop a few tabs before the red pill.

2018-07-17 08:06:13 UTC


2018-07-17 08:10:25 UTC

lol have fun

2018-07-17 08:16:41 UTC

is there a point to this?

2018-07-17 08:17:08 UTC

so dead

2018-07-17 08:17:12 UTC

No, just some retards gathered together to do something pointless.

2018-07-17 08:17:17 UTC

Probably an excuse to miss work

2018-07-17 08:17:19 UTC

theres not even a tune to this 'protest'

2018-07-17 08:17:21 UTC

or school rather

2018-07-17 08:17:26 UTC


2018-07-17 08:17:34 UTC

thats exactly it

2018-07-17 08:17:58 UTC

i reported some of the tweets as spam

2018-07-17 08:17:58 UTC

The kike knows how easy it is to get kids out of school to go to a pointless gathering

2018-07-17 08:19:06 UTC

Twitter won't even let me view anything people post from it.

2018-07-17 08:19:21 UTC

That site should be annexed.

2018-07-17 08:19:38 UTC

it was made for freedom of posting

2018-07-17 08:19:42 UTC

now its kike washed

2018-07-17 08:19:51 UTC

So much for freedom

2018-07-17 08:20:18 UTC

and why are people so triggered that Trump met up with Putin?

2018-07-17 08:20:33 UTC

Because the kikes are against Russia

2018-07-17 08:20:41 UTC

and people are stupid lemmings

2018-07-17 08:20:47 UTC

they call him a traitor because he agrees with Putin?

2018-07-17 08:21:03 UTC

These people always call the good guys traitors

2018-07-17 08:21:46 UTC

I hope they keep protesting until 2020

2018-07-17 08:22:00 UTC

Imagine how far behind they'll fall via this distraction.

2018-07-17 08:22:23 UTC

Meanwhile us nazis get rahowa-ready

2018-07-17 08:23:07 UTC

hahahahhaha RIGHT

2018-07-17 08:23:09 UTC

Maybe we'll even get lucky and they'll die from starvation

2018-07-17 08:23:15 UTC

let them waste their time

2018-07-17 08:23:25 UTC

the kikes right now dont have a choice

2018-07-17 08:23:43 UTC

they cant impeach their selection otherwise it will result in a full-out civil war

2018-07-17 08:23:56 UTC

Or worse, Mike Pence becomes pres

2018-07-17 08:24:14 UTC

the military will join the 'right' and they will put him back. the commie scum will then have to fight

2018-07-17 08:24:39 UTC

and yes, if they kill Trump somehow, obviously the VP always takes over

2018-07-17 08:24:53 UTC

*ECT intensifies*

2018-07-17 08:25:01 UTC

Yeah and Pence ain't gonna have none of this shit when he's pres.

2018-07-17 08:25:10 UTC

oh yea

2018-07-17 08:25:23 UTC

Harsh times await

2018-07-17 08:25:27 UTC

These faggots will all get shock treatment.

2018-07-17 08:26:33 UTC

I say put the 1st-wave fags in ECT (gays and dykes) and gas the other things

2018-07-17 08:26:53 UTC

I'm down with that.

2018-07-17 08:30:37 UTC

Lots of niggers will die if Yellowstone blows up

2018-07-17 08:30:51 UTC


2018-07-17 08:30:59 UTC

yea niggers will get confused

2018-07-17 08:31:17 UTC

they'll start climbing up into trees and ooga booga

2018-07-17 08:31:42 UTC

@gambler joe Might wanna come down here to FL

2018-07-17 08:32:16 UTC

I think that will be a safer area

2018-07-17 08:32:38 UTC

Every white should come to FL and take over

2018-07-17 08:32:48 UTC

Make Florida white again

2018-07-17 08:32:59 UTC

and avoid Yellowstone's volcano n sheeit

2018-07-17 08:34:10 UTC

bring all attack vans

2018-07-17 08:34:12 UTC

Heard of the northwest front

2018-07-17 08:34:26 UTC

Northwest Front's about to be covered in lava

2018-07-17 08:34:36 UTC

I heard about them.

2018-07-17 08:34:37 UTC

Time to become the Southeast Front

2018-07-17 08:34:53 UTC

They have potential.

2018-07-17 08:35:10 UTC

Lava? Last time that volcano erupted it just spewed some ash it wasn't too big of a deal

2018-07-17 08:35:26 UTC

I forget it's name. My st Helens? Maybe

2018-07-17 08:35:27 UTC

This is Yellowstone, the mouth of this volcano is 200+ miles wide.

2018-07-17 08:35:48 UTC

With a literal sea of lava under it

2018-07-17 08:35:51 UTC

I thought Yellowstone was in Colorado or something

2018-07-17 08:35:57 UTC

It's in Wyoming

2018-07-17 08:36:11 UTC

and even if it were in Colorado, that really wouldn't fare well for NW Front

2018-07-17 08:36:43 UTC


2018-07-17 08:36:44 UTC

Pack up and move to FL

2018-07-17 08:37:20 UTC

Too many kikes nigs and spics. And fags. New England is a good area too

2018-07-17 08:37:29 UTC

We can push the niggers, spics, faggots, and kikes out

2018-07-17 08:37:45 UTC

Florida will become an ethnostate

2018-07-17 08:39:23 UTC

Lol easier said than done. Appalachia, Midwest and new England are bastions. Florida and most of the south is infested. But maybe the south will rise again one day

2018-07-17 08:39:43 UTC

All a bunch of whites gotta do is move in

2018-07-17 08:39:48 UTC

The niggers will leave

2018-07-17 08:40:06 UTC

Just be as racist as possible

2018-07-17 08:40:11 UTC

and bring guns

2018-07-17 08:40:23 UTC

Outnumber the opposition

2018-07-17 08:40:30 UTC

Yeah if every pro white individual congregated in one state or a few counties we could drive out anyone against us or our goals

2018-07-17 08:40:39 UTC


2018-07-17 08:40:46 UTC

Become the fasces

2018-07-17 08:40:52 UTC

Time to start taking land back from niggers

2018-07-17 08:40:59 UTC

Time to gentrify

2018-07-17 08:42:10 UTC

What about the Canadian front?

2018-07-17 08:42:17 UTC

Good luck with that

2018-07-17 08:42:20 UTC

We immigrants now

2018-07-17 08:42:34 UTC

[shakes head]

2018-07-17 08:42:36 UTC

Fuck Canada

2018-07-17 08:42:59 UTC

The south is where real whites take over.

2018-07-17 08:43:23 UTC

Honestly give it another decade and I think enough people will be awakened for us to start some serious action or movements. And Canada is fucked... maybe there could be an ethnostate there but they are basically the USA but more liberal and cucked

2018-07-17 08:43:49 UTC

Even around 56%just like us!<:USA:467111210765254666> <:USA:467111210765254666> <:USA:467111210765254666>

2018-07-17 08:44:04 UTC

<:USA:467111210765254666> <:Unmasking:466634561594458112> <:USA:467111210765254666> <:Unmasking:466634561594458112>

2018-07-17 08:45:12 UTC

Yellowstone is the one thing which makes NW Front a stupid idea.

2018-07-17 08:45:42 UTC

Even nature stabs us in the back.

2018-07-17 08:47:31 UTC

The idea is a good one it can be replicated for other regions. At least Yellowstone would wipe out a bunch of Portland leftards

2018-07-17 08:47:47 UTC

Nah Maine would be safe.

2018-07-17 08:47:58 UTC

Only the western part will be torched.

2018-07-17 08:48:08 UTC

California won't fare well

2018-07-17 08:48:20 UTC

White's gotta move on outta there

2018-07-17 08:48:28 UTC

Portland Oregon. And damn Yellowstone would have that large an effect??

2018-07-17 08:48:41 UTC

It's 200+ miles wide

2018-07-17 08:48:48 UTC

That ain't no joke.

2018-07-17 08:48:51 UTC

washington state and oregon will be ok because the winds blow west to east

2018-07-17 08:48:58 UTC

Is it the largest volcano in the world

2018-07-17 08:49:09 UTC

Largest in the US at least

2018-07-17 08:49:43 UTC

Didn't some volcano erupt and spread ash all across the USA? I thought that was Mt st helens

2018-07-17 08:49:55 UTC

idk which one that was

2018-07-17 08:50:19 UTC

but here in Florida, the sky will turn black with ash and all that will happen is it will cool down, which will be refreshing

2018-07-17 08:50:30 UTC

Niggers might even leave based on that

2018-07-17 08:50:38 UTC


2018-07-17 08:50:58 UTC

They won't leave the gibs

2018-07-17 08:51:02 UTC

That'll be one reason for them all to go back to Africa.

2018-07-17 08:51:06 UTC


2018-07-17 08:51:21 UTC

They'll leave if they get too cold.

2018-07-17 08:51:30 UTC

Think of how much better Africa will be for them

2018-07-17 08:52:40 UTC

Nigs show how proud they are to be African yet they know Africa is a shithole so they keep sucking the white tit. Niggers in Scandinavia don't seem to be fazed..

2018-07-17 08:53:08 UTC

Niggers probably need sunshine

2018-07-17 08:53:22 UTC

Although I heard they have to take supplements as they can't absorb enough vitamins in the northerly climates

2018-07-17 08:53:26 UTC

With the clouds covering up the sunshine, they'll die probably

2018-07-17 08:53:29 UTC


2018-07-17 08:53:43 UTC

We'll just drink milk

2018-07-17 08:54:26 UTC


2018-07-17 08:54:36 UTC

Mfw no milk emoji

2018-07-17 08:54:53 UTC

<:Heimbach:466634560843677697> <:Heimbach:466634560843677697> <:Heimbach:466634560843677697>

2018-07-17 08:55:43 UTC

Niggers start dropping like flies all of a sudden, and shitlibs go insane over it, white power!

2018-07-17 08:55:52 UTC

Perhaps this is nature's way of solving the problem

2018-07-17 08:56:54 UTC

White might wanna start saving up for a boat

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