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2016-12-11 07:20:41 UTC

so it looks like hes not even going to be passing off those business connections to his kids

2016-12-11 07:21:30 UTC

Look, if the Saudis are found funding ISIS, and their involement in 9/11 is significant enough, I'm willing to say we would have every right to gut them alive.

2016-12-11 07:21:45 UTC

That's just me though.

2016-12-11 07:23:00 UTC

might have their own people do it to them

2016-12-11 07:23:16 UTC

thats what id hope because im tired of the wars in the middle east

2016-12-11 07:23:38 UTC

i came of age under bush II and i NEVER wanted to serve in the military under that douche

2016-12-11 07:23:53 UTC

but under trump i would consider it just for the structure itd give me

2016-12-11 07:24:03 UTC

but not if we're still starting wars over there

2016-12-11 07:24:31 UTC

im not saying id be too chickenshit to fight in a war but i had buddies fight over there and it messed some of them up terribly

2016-12-11 07:24:51 UTC

like they killed innocent families by mistake but they were following orders as they were taught, so thats how they get fucked up in the head

2016-12-11 07:25:24 UTC

i heard about one of my buddies who came back, said some guy was out running in his garden or something and for some reason they had to open fire on him. when his family came running out to help him they gunned them all down too

2016-12-11 07:25:33 UTC

it makes me about sick to even hear about shit like that

2016-12-11 07:26:05 UTC

and i know my buddy was a good dude, but that was a nasty fucking war over there

2016-12-11 07:27:02 UTC

i hate to say it but that way of operating is up there with nazi shit as far as im concerned

2016-12-11 07:27:28 UTC

whoever set the rules for engagement was a sick dude

2016-12-11 07:28:04 UTC


2016-12-11 07:35:54 UTC

I ended up crashing.

2016-12-11 08:05:17 UTC

Slav, you're on?

2016-12-11 08:06:51 UTC

Hi All, just came over from gab.

2016-12-11 08:07:10 UTC

Most everyone is off tonight, just me that's 'online' right now.

2016-12-11 08:07:46 UTC

It shows 4 online but they may be away from their computers

2016-12-11 08:09:04 UTC

So this app says it's secure. I am on Brave browser anyway.

2016-12-11 08:09:14 UTC

It should be secure.

2016-12-11 08:10:40 UTC

I am an old time internet dude, so It takes a little time before I trust anything.

2016-12-11 08:11:07 UTC

Well, that's understandable.

2016-12-11 08:14:00 UTC

I'm a big Alex Jones, Vox Day and Stepfan Molyneux fan

2016-12-11 08:16:13 UTC

I clicked on a link in Gab and found this app

2016-12-11 08:16:13 UTC

Forgive me, I'm exhausted from my day right now. I have /just/ learned about Alex Jones, and it's going to take awhile for me to digest all of this.

2016-12-11 08:16:25 UTC


2016-12-11 08:17:47 UTC

I've been listening and watching his you tube for years. He is kind of out there but, very entertaining.

2016-12-11 08:18:38 UTC

Yeah, I'm not getting into watching all of his stuff tonight, going to wait till after work tomarrow.

2016-12-11 11:20:25 UTC


2016-12-11 18:09:45 UTC

Found this link on gab.ai, I assume this is a right-wing disccusion group of some sort?

2016-12-11 18:13:14 UTC

we'll be having a voice chat sometime this week

2016-12-11 18:13:47 UTC

you can add your availability & suggest discussion topics on gab using the tag #GabberHangout

2016-12-11 18:14:25 UTC


2016-12-11 18:14:30 UTC

What timezone are you in?

2016-12-11 18:14:34 UTC


2016-12-11 18:15:18 UTC

Ah niec Amsterdam here so it's the same

2016-12-11 18:15:23 UTC


2016-12-11 18:16:16 UTC

It's going to be an awkward time for me no matter what time is chosen.

2016-12-11 18:16:28 UTC

haha, we'll do our best

2016-12-11 18:16:39 UTC

it's not easy with us being so distributed though

2016-12-11 18:16:48 UTC

but I'm fine doing this in the middle of the night

2016-12-11 18:16:53 UTC

don't need much sleep πŸ˜ƒ

2016-12-11 18:16:57 UTC

'Central Standard Time' (Smack-dab in the middle of America)

2016-12-11 18:16:58 UTC

I'll keep myself stocked up on coffee just in case.

2016-12-11 18:17:15 UTC

ok, cool

2016-12-11 18:19:24 UTC

Fuck, I can talk right now if you want to chit-chat.

2016-12-11 18:19:52 UTC

Sure why not

2016-12-11 18:22:06 UTC

You can hop on now, yeah?

2016-12-11 18:24:05 UTC

uh no idea what happened there. i didn't type that last message :X

2016-12-11 18:24:15 UTC

but i'm currently busy, sorry

2016-12-11 18:25:09 UTC


2016-12-11 18:42:02 UTC

Sup everyone

2016-12-11 18:42:37 UTC

This is rather handy, we can chat on and off Hangout times

2016-12-11 18:48:21 UTC

We're chatting right now if you're interested.

2016-12-11 18:52:06 UTC

Oh? I'm not hearing anything.

2016-12-11 18:52:22 UTC

click 'General' on the voice Channels to the left

2016-12-11 21:45:17 UTC

How do I get into gab.ai?

2016-12-11 22:09:05 UTC

Waiting in line is pretty much your only option

2016-12-11 22:13:36 UTC


2016-12-11 22:14:28 UTC

`yea there is a queue to get an invite. I think Andrew Torba said about a week ago that it's around 400,000 people long. I may be mistaken but I think that's what he said.

2016-12-11 22:17:45 UTC

gab is so much more efficient in spreading info than twitter is

2016-12-11 22:18:05 UTC

pluw the hashtags dont get manipulated by the staff

2016-12-11 22:18:08 UTC


2016-12-11 22:18:39 UTC

Ye a I'm agree with sampletext, Gab is efficent. I'm not sure if that will change once the site is out of beta, but I hope it doesn't change

2016-12-11 22:18:52 UTC

andrew torba only wants to make it better

2016-12-11 22:19:00 UTC

it doesnt have image sharing yet because of the high cost

2016-12-11 22:19:12 UTC

but itll probably swallow twitter whole

2016-12-11 22:19:18 UTC

no one will want to use it anymore

2016-12-11 22:19:27 UTC

and them threatening to ban trump's twitter = LOL

2016-12-11 22:19:38 UTC

twitter's crack down on the alt right and on free speach in general has destroyed their brand

2016-12-11 22:20:22 UTC

I think images and the app release will bring in so many users over time if twitter keeps it up

2016-12-11 22:20:38 UTC

twitter is ripe for destruction

2016-12-11 22:20:54 UTC

also the fucking shadow bans...please.

2016-12-11 22:20:55 UTC


2016-12-11 22:21:07 UTC

how is gab going to make money though? purely via donations?

2016-12-11 22:21:28 UTC

i love it but i can't yet see how it will work

2016-12-11 22:21:37 UTC

yea I think my account was shadowbanned, but i'm not sure how to prove it aside from the fact that no one seems to see my tweets. But whatever. Fuck twitter. and Jack can suck a bowl of dicks

2016-12-11 22:21:48 UTC

I'd imagine theyll be able to get some advertisers who support free speech

2016-12-11 22:22:04 UTC

hope that's enough to cover operating costs

2016-12-11 22:22:09 UTC

or dont care whats on the site

2016-12-11 22:22:56 UTC

i really hope Torba doesn't take it public and pick up venture capital. If he does that the money will insist on censorship of dissident ideas and people saying the wrongthink to too many people

2016-12-11 22:22:57 UTC

it may just end up being video game ads and such. Since gamergate I'd imagine their marketing teams have realized who would be interested in them

2016-12-11 22:28:53 UTC

Has anyone seen the poll for our next discussion topic? I was looking for it on Gab but didin't find it anywhere on anyone'

2016-12-11 22:28:57 UTC

anyone's account

2016-12-11 22:29:12 UTC

i didn't make one yet

2016-12-11 22:29:19 UTC

oh ok, that explains it then

2016-12-11 22:29:32 UTC

so far it's just the <#257600537753550848> channel and the #GabberHangout hashtag

2016-12-11 22:42:16 UTC

does anyone know a good open-ended poll service?

2016-12-11 22:46:00 UTC

i've pre-entered some of the suggestions from the other channel

2016-12-11 22:47:21 UTC

argh, doesn't seem like you can select multiple answers...

2016-12-11 22:53:34 UTC

how about this one: https://answergarden.ch/402318 ?

2016-12-11 23:45:23 UTC

btw, remember to post & repost the hangout link so that we get a good crowd going πŸ˜ƒ

2016-12-12 00:21:31 UTC

@Jossi, you on?

2016-12-12 02:05:55 UTC

i'm on now, what's up?

2016-12-12 02:06:20 UTC

and i was on a little while ago. I just had the window closed out, but I was receiveing messages

2016-12-12 03:04:00 UTC

I'm sure he'll get financing.

2016-12-12 03:04:48 UTC


2016-12-12 03:17:41 UTC

Sorry, Limor. You mean my comment?

2016-12-12 04:16:30 UTC


2016-12-12 05:05:49 UTC

I meant the head guy at Gab.

2016-12-12 05:06:53 UTC

If I was an angel, I'd be all over Gab. Gab has perfect timing in the market.

2016-12-12 06:15:06 UTC


2016-12-12 06:15:22 UTC

I agree about Gab timing in the market.

2016-12-12 06:33:02 UTC

Thanks for setting up this Discord chat, HFT!

2016-12-12 07:11:39 UTC

I agree - this is great! Thanks, HFT

2016-12-12 10:02:33 UTC

sure, you're welcome

2016-12-12 10:03:17 UTC

remember to sign up for our "official" voice hangout on the doodle http://doodle.com/poll/b43933pkutzh2vs3 πŸ˜ƒ

2016-12-12 10:03:35 UTC

and of course feel free to propose discussion topics on https://answergarden.ch/view/402318

2016-12-12 14:13:30 UTC

Hello Goyim

2016-12-12 14:19:50 UTC


2016-12-12 14:24:34 UTC


2016-12-12 14:31:55 UTC


2016-12-12 14:50:28 UTC


2016-12-12 14:51:10 UTC

hey HFT what's going on in Germany today?

2016-12-12 15:07:02 UTC


2016-12-12 15:20:47 UTC

Was on a flight this morning and didn't read the news yet

2016-12-12 16:12:25 UTC

Ah what the he'll, why are my messages doubled?

2016-12-12 16:15:56 UTC

No idea mate, all fine here.

2016-12-12 16:16:27 UTC


2016-12-12 16:17:36 UTC

Hehe, welcome mate.

2016-12-12 16:17:42 UTC

Carmine from Gab I presume?

2016-12-12 16:17:47 UTC

Yeah dude

2016-12-12 16:18:27 UTC

We'll have a chat later today I assume. When the yanks wake up or come back from work.

2016-12-12 16:19:17 UTC

If you want to suggest some topics for our next official hangout (probably this Wednesday), check this out

2016-12-12 16:20:15 UTC

K dude

2016-12-12 16:20:55 UTC


2016-12-12 16:24:51 UTC


2016-12-12 16:25:29 UTC


2016-12-12 16:26:54 UTC


2016-12-12 16:27:02 UTC


2016-12-12 16:27:02 UTC


2016-12-12 16:31:29 UTC


2016-12-12 16:41:32 UTC


2016-12-12 16:46:19 UTC

Guys, I'm picking Wed & Sun as the hangout dates

2016-12-12 16:46:22 UTC

all ok with this?

2016-12-12 16:49:19 UTC

Sounds good to me. Any thoughts on the time though?

2016-12-12 16:50:11 UTC

im asleep by 9 pm eastern

2016-12-12 16:52:31 UTC


2016-12-12 16:53:32 UTC

we *could* do another doodle but that seems tedious

2016-12-12 16:53:41 UTC
2016-12-12 16:53:59 UTC

going by that 10pm+ Berlin time seems like a reasonable default

2016-12-12 16:54:01 UTC

Yeah but that's very individual day dependant

2016-12-12 16:54:41 UTC

But yes, not a bad time

2016-12-12 16:54:48 UTC

European evening, US afternoon

2016-12-12 16:55:20 UTC

Alternatively we could do European morning, US late evening/night, but ehh...might not be as good

2016-12-12 16:57:16 UTC

personally I'd prefer european evening

2016-12-12 16:57:27 UTC

let's see what the US guys think about it

2016-12-12 16:57:44 UTC


2016-12-12 16:58:33 UTC

10pm european would be 4pm EST and 3pm CST

2016-12-12 16:58:54 UTC

@Kenny Naicuslik : is Wed. evening fine with you?

2016-12-12 17:04:14 UTC

@Jossi: how is 4pm EST / 3pm CST for you?

2016-12-12 17:04:19 UTC


2016-12-12 17:04:20 UTC

on Wed & Sun

2016-12-12 17:04:21 UTC

that will work

2016-12-12 17:04:26 UTC


2016-12-12 17:04:42 UTC

what time will that be in Europe about 9pm?

2016-12-12 17:04:47 UTC

10pm, yeah

2016-12-12 17:04:51 UTC

here. anyway

2016-12-12 17:05:12 UTC

ok, as long as we can maintain our balance of Americans and Europeans I think we'll have a broad perspective

2016-12-12 17:05:28 UTC

so i think that time is good for everyone

2016-12-12 17:05:44 UTC


2016-12-12 17:05:48 UTC

i just set the doodle dates

2016-12-12 17:05:53 UTC

ill write an update on gab in a sec

2016-12-12 17:05:59 UTC

ok sounds good to me

2016-12-12 17:06:40 UTC

do you want to try to do a small hangout tonight by chance?

2016-12-12 17:06:50 UTC

sure, I'm up for it

2016-12-12 17:07:35 UTC

ok i'm available all day, school is out now so I'm pretty free everyday at whatever time we need to use for a hangout

2016-12-12 17:08:08 UTC


2016-12-12 17:08:16 UTC

i think today we should go over our schedule for Wed

2016-12-12 17:08:35 UTC

and make an outline like @Bloodborn proposed

2016-12-12 17:09:08 UTC

ok sounds good to me. it seems from what I have seen that a lot of people want to talk about ethnonationalism and the roadblocks it might face. would you agree with that assertion?

2016-12-12 17:13:18 UTC

yep, clear winner so far

2016-12-12 17:14:53 UTC

just posted (https://gab.ai/HeimatFreiheitTradition/posts/2759797) an update on gab, please repost πŸ˜ƒ

2016-12-12 17:15:03 UTC

ah shit, forgot the days

2016-12-12 17:15:09 UTC

good thing gab has editing

2016-12-12 17:16:35 UTC

fixed now

2016-12-12 17:17:20 UTC

i was wondering though, what is "alt-development"?

2016-12-12 17:18:14 UTC

I think of it like, alt-media or alt-technology. just something I sometimes use to talk about where the alt-right and alternative media are going.

2016-12-12 17:18:53 UTC

ok, cool

2016-12-12 17:18:57 UTC

reposted your invitation to the hangout

2016-12-12 17:19:02 UTC


2016-12-12 17:19:07 UTC

i hope we get a lot of people

2016-12-12 17:19:14 UTC

so alt-development is our little parallel society πŸ˜ƒ

2016-12-12 17:19:15 UTC

i'm curious, do i have moderator rights on this channel?

2016-12-12 17:19:18 UTC


2016-12-12 17:19:21 UTC

green means mod

2016-12-12 17:19:22 UTC

yea that's kind of what i thinik

2016-12-12 17:19:40 UTC

oh ok. so yea i will invite some people I follow on gab who I think will be interested.

2016-12-12 17:20:52 UTC

oh and i just posted a #GabInterview with Melissa Meszaros. It's really good, but kind of short. She didn't want to answer several of the questions, but that's cool. I've been talking to her for a few days and she's really an awesome person

2016-12-12 17:23:19 UTC

cool, I'll check it out right away

2016-12-12 17:23:28 UTC

Alright cool, when are we having the hangout tonight?

2016-12-12 17:23:29 UTC

yea I think you'll like her

2016-12-12 17:23:45 UTC

@Jossi btw, you might get more hits on your site if you add the http:// in the link in your gab profile

2016-12-12 17:24:01 UTC

oh ok. i didn't know that. thanks dude

2016-12-12 17:24:02 UTC

@Slav we can start now

2016-12-12 17:24:12 UTC

otherwise it's not clickable

2016-12-12 17:24:13 UTC

yea i'm good with starating now

2016-12-12 17:24:14 UTC

just that

2016-12-12 17:24:45 UTC

alright, just a sec

2016-12-12 17:24:59 UTC

trying to find the best headphones in the house, have like 5 and all are broken

2016-12-12 17:25:13 UTC


2016-12-12 17:25:41 UTC

that sucks. I have really expensive headphones and a mic because I invested in it for 1. gaming purposes and 2. to record audiobooks and start a podcast

2016-12-12 17:27:02 UTC

yeah but I don't like using them for gaming personally

2016-12-12 17:27:14 UTC

and I'm a cheap asshole for everything non-nerdy

2016-12-12 17:27:29 UTC

haha okay, i understand that

2016-12-12 17:31:35 UTC

alright, I think I'm set

2016-12-12 17:35:20 UTC
2016-12-12 18:05:19 UTC

voice gone again 😦

2016-12-12 18:28:50 UTC

I just came up with an idea sitting here.

2016-12-12 18:29:28 UTC

What do you think about 'DNA manipulation'?

2016-12-12 18:29:43 UTC

as in, GMOs?

2016-12-12 18:29:49 UTC

What China is doing.

2016-12-12 18:41:37 UTC


2016-12-12 18:53:21 UTC


2016-12-12 19:02:53 UTC

btw if anyone wants to join in the discussion, you do that by clicking the General under VOICE CHANNELS

2016-12-12 19:05:15 UTC


2016-12-12 19:06:08 UTC


2016-12-12 19:10:47 UTC


2016-12-12 19:11:04 UTC

hey man

2016-12-12 19:11:09 UTC

hi there

2016-12-12 19:11:11 UTC

if you wanna chat, we're in the voice channel

2016-12-12 19:12:26 UTC

can't atm mic doesn't work

2016-12-12 19:13:28 UTC

I'll have to lurk and type like a pleb for now

2016-12-12 19:14:47 UTC

This looks almost the same as Slack: https://slack.com/ but with voice chat

2016-12-12 19:18:30 UTC

sure, no prob

2016-12-12 19:55:29 UTC


2016-12-12 19:55:32 UTC

mic isnt working for some reason

2016-12-12 20:06:01 UTC

Haha goy how are you supposed to speak the truth now

2016-12-12 20:08:12 UTC


2016-12-12 20:40:50 UTC

as promised


2016-12-12 20:54:44 UTC

No Heimat don't do that to Pepe. WTF are you thinking? You must be a Russian hacker

2016-12-12 21:18:03 UTC

too late, @Jossi

2016-12-12 23:23:00 UTC


2016-12-13 03:59:04 UTC

Is everyone in this discussion an anti-Semite?

2016-12-13 04:01:14 UTC

Rhetorical question. No need to answer. It's obvious the majority (not all!) are anti.

2016-12-13 04:01:59 UTC

no but i say anti semite things jokingly

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