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2017-01-18 14:17:37 UTC

oh ok

2017-01-18 14:17:50 UTC

so we're an underground Republican arm?

2017-01-18 14:18:09 UTC

na i am a republican consiultant?'

2017-01-18 14:18:41 UTC

You are the leader of the most prominent new Republican book club

2017-01-18 14:18:51 UTC

oohhh impressive

2017-01-18 14:19:03 UTC

if only we coudl get mroe than 10 peopel to show up to the disucssions

2017-01-18 14:19:47 UTC

i'll have you all know that next month( feb) we will be reading/discussion THe Master and Margarita. one ofn the most important russian/slaciv novels eve created

2017-01-18 14:19:55 UTC

i'm drunk execuse my spelling

2017-01-18 14:20:14 UTC

I have read it

2017-01-18 14:20:33 UTC

How come you are drunk, it has to be like 10 in the morning over there ?

2017-01-18 14:20:35 UTC

it is th eorigin of "magical realism" not th dindus of south american as is often claimed

2017-01-18 14:20:55 UTC

na it: 8:30 here, i started drinking at 7am b/c i had a rough night

2017-01-18 14:21:19 UTC

i have manic depressive dosorder and it was really actiing up al night so i went and go some beer

2017-01-18 14:22:13 UTC

mental disorder and I are old friends. but i battle them dailyusually w/o alcohol, but somtimes i have to invoke the liquid jew

2017-01-18 14:22:37 UTC

I wouldn't recommend alcohol though

2017-01-18 14:23:28 UTC

sigh. i onw. it is dangerouisn to ouir peopel and has created problems for germans, dutch, russian, irish alike. i wish i had another tool to deal with th eparanoia with, but i dont

2017-01-18 14:23:29 UTC


2017-01-18 14:24:21 UTC

they give me vitamins and tell me to spend time outisde. haha liek i cn afford to do that

2017-01-18 14:26:17 UTC

sometimes I think, i f anything can bring down the european it will not be islam or invasion, but iwll be alcohol

2017-01-18 14:26:23 UTC

Alcohol makes depression worse especially in the morning

2017-01-18 14:27:44 UTC

this is true, i cn confirm. but when you are drinking it, it mke all your problems go away. like muy disseerartation dirrector who yesterdya said "nothing about whie genocide" in you rdissertation. and i'm like... FUCK that' slike 1/3 of my disserttaion

2017-01-18 14:28:05 UTC

so what to do now

2017-01-18 14:28:13 UTC

dinrka a little, then think a little

2017-01-18 14:28:34 UTC

how do i approach ewhite genocde without naming it"

2017-01-18 14:28:36 UTC

i think i may have manic depressive disorder too

2017-01-18 14:28:58 UTC

although maybe that's just because i don't workout much these days

2017-01-18 14:34:10 UTC

Hard not to get depressively self-absorbed these days

2017-01-18 14:34:37 UTC

Constantly wondering what's wrong, what's the point of everything and whether anything is worth it at all

2017-01-18 14:34:55 UTC

Whether the problems you have are really important at all, or do you invent every struggle to give yourself purpose

2017-01-18 14:34:57 UTC

nah i never get like that

2017-01-18 14:35:24 UTC

i get mood swings

2017-01-18 14:35:27 UTC

But the best possible approach to life, is to appraoch it as if you were a God that was banished temporarily to Earth

2017-01-18 14:36:02 UTC

And you are essentially doing nothing but curiously and eagerly awaiting what kind of challenges will this earthly life put in front of you

2017-01-18 14:36:40 UTC

i just imagine that life is a simulation

2017-01-18 14:36:46 UTC

which i guess it could be

2017-01-18 14:36:51 UTC

Struggles that you find here on earth, are not your depressive bruden, but you simply *join* them, happy to take part

2017-01-18 14:37:18 UTC

in the end it matters less how you think about it vs what actual chemicals get produced in your brain

2017-01-18 14:37:24 UTC

i need to start working out again

2017-01-18 14:37:29 UTC

and ill be in tip top mental shape

2017-01-18 14:38:20 UTC

Workout is something that's either an essential part of your life or not

2017-01-18 14:39:23 UTC

@The Enlightened Shepherd It's important for me, since my shitty pancreas can't function on its own.

2017-01-18 14:39:45 UTC


2017-01-18 14:40:06 UTC

I have been working out since like i finished my elementary school

2017-01-18 14:40:24 UTC

and i have never "started woring out" or started bodybuilding before summer

2017-01-18 14:40:38 UTC

I could take a week break or something for whatevr reason

2017-01-18 14:40:41 UTC

well you started in elementary school

2017-01-18 14:40:47 UTC

but never had periods of break, then starting all over etc etc

2017-01-18 14:41:01 UTC

and i dont work out much at all, never more than 1 hour

2017-01-18 14:41:03 UTC

i had a break period because i got sick and couldn't workout

2017-01-18 14:41:08 UTC

then i kind of fell out of routine

2017-01-18 14:41:16 UTC

my gym buddy couldn't go as well

2017-01-18 14:41:24 UTC

so a month turned into a few months

2017-01-18 14:41:25 UTC


2017-01-18 14:41:42 UTC

lol, i have been avoiding going with my friends to the gym at all costs

2017-01-18 14:42:16 UTC

i like to go with friends on hiking trips etc. but never to the gym our on an outdoors workout

2017-01-18 14:42:22 UTC

it immediatelly prolongs it for 30 minutes

2017-01-18 14:43:15 UTC

im not really jacked much either, never took supplements or cared to adjust diet for proteins etc

2017-01-18 14:43:42 UTC

that kind of defeats the purpose of the workout then

2017-01-18 14:43:47 UTC

though i did get muscular and made my stomach flat at least

2017-01-18 14:43:49 UTC

i mean if you have a shit diet its gg

2017-01-18 14:44:01 UTC

it's not shitty

2017-01-18 14:44:07 UTC

it's just that i don't adjust it for the gym

2017-01-18 14:44:15 UTC

i eat like normal people do

2017-01-18 14:44:21 UTC

well what's normal

2017-01-18 14:44:24 UTC

you eat bread?

2017-01-18 14:44:36 UTC

not too much

2017-01-18 14:44:39 UTC

once daily

2017-01-18 14:44:43 UTC

@The Enlightened Shepherd There's always the Paleolithic diet to follow, if you want to.

2017-01-18 14:44:59 UTC

@randellgary It made me too thin

2017-01-18 14:45:00 UTC

paleo sounds too pretentious to me

2017-01-18 14:45:01 UTC


2017-01-18 14:45:18 UTC

paleo shrinked me down to 72 kg and i never went over again even when i abandoned it

2017-01-18 14:45:29 UTC

but again, i can't bother to eat more

2017-01-18 14:45:36 UTC

i cant stuff food in my mouth no matter what

2017-01-18 14:45:52 UTC
2017-01-18 14:46:00 UTC

i used to be 76 kg

2017-01-18 14:46:12 UTC

how tall are you?

2017-01-18 14:46:19 UTC


2017-01-18 14:46:25 UTC

Except for me, it's more or less for survival.

2017-01-18 14:46:44 UTC

well it's not too bad then

2017-01-18 14:47:00 UTC

@TheSlavPill yes, i don't appear thin at all

2017-01-18 14:47:40 UTC

you have some digestion problems @randellgary ?

2017-01-18 14:47:42 UTC

but extra kilos are needed for weightlifting for example

2017-01-18 14:47:54 UTC

extra kilos of muscle doe

2017-01-18 14:48:28 UTC

weightlifting is a godsend for losing weight

2017-01-18 14:48:36 UTC

people thinks it's all cardio if you want to cut

2017-01-18 14:48:37 UTC

@TheSlavPill No, it's related to my endocrine.

2017-01-18 14:48:43 UTC


2017-01-18 14:48:47 UTC

well you need any kind of kilos first

2017-01-18 14:49:00 UTC

you weight lift in order to convert it into muscle

2017-01-18 14:49:08 UTC

and you always need surplus to go up

2017-01-18 14:49:12 UTC

i used to do like 20 mins of cardio and then straight to weightlifting

2017-01-18 14:49:18 UTC

i did 6 workouts a week

2017-01-18 14:49:24 UTC

3 days then one day break

2017-01-18 14:49:25 UTC

I do rope skipping and boxing for cardio pretty much

2017-01-18 14:49:28 UTC

then 3 days again

2017-01-18 14:49:33 UTC

i just run and cycle

2017-01-18 14:49:42 UTC

10 mins running and 10 mins cycle

2017-01-18 14:49:53 UTC

but it's high intensity interval

2017-01-18 14:50:03 UTC

meaning sprint

2017-01-18 14:50:11 UTC

small pause

2017-01-18 14:50:13 UTC

then sprint again

2017-01-18 14:50:22 UTC

For me, it's walking long distances and being on an elliptical bike.

2017-01-18 14:53:10 UTC

I'm sceptic about all this weightlifting and diet hobbysim though

2017-01-18 14:53:23 UTC

I mean, guys who have 5 full meals daily full of meat and stuff

2017-01-18 14:53:25 UTC

try it

2017-01-18 14:53:33 UTC

i never had 5 meals a day

2017-01-18 14:53:35 UTC

because i was cutting

2017-01-18 14:53:39 UTC

1. It's expensive 2. Food sucks anyway

2017-01-18 14:53:46 UTC

but 5 meals is important if you want to gain weight

2017-01-18 14:53:47 UTC

What passes for food today

2017-01-18 14:53:59 UTC

well you gotta get some healthy stuff then

2017-01-18 14:54:09 UTC

honestly just eggs and chicken meat is fine

2017-01-18 14:54:14 UTC

I pretty much do

2017-01-18 14:54:14 UTC

cant go wrong with fish either

2017-01-18 14:54:24 UTC

for bread get some dark bread

2017-01-18 14:54:31 UTC

that isn't made of white flour

2017-01-18 14:54:37 UTC

Chicken that sells today is pretty much the worst quality meat there is (thats why all websites say it's the best)

2017-01-18 14:54:43 UTC

eggs are as good as the chicken that lays them

2017-01-18 14:54:54 UTC

I like fish, my mostfavourite type of meat

2017-01-18 14:54:58 UTC

sea fish

2017-01-18 14:55:05 UTC

lake fish and river fish only if i must

2017-01-18 14:55:25 UTC

i don't like river fish or lake fish too much either

2017-01-18 14:55:38 UTC

i hate if it tastes muddy i guess

2017-01-18 14:55:42 UTC

yeah they smell bad and have too many bones you will eventually choke on

2017-01-18 14:55:46 UTC


2017-01-18 14:55:49 UTC

cant stand the bones

2017-01-18 14:55:54 UTC

it's like a project to eat them

2017-01-18 14:56:01 UTC

you just use your fingers

2017-01-18 14:56:07 UTC

and basically strip every little bone away

2017-01-18 14:56:12 UTC

until the fish just looks like minced meat

2017-01-18 14:56:22 UTC

yeah i grind them until i have only pinches of meat in my hands and somehow a bone STILL gets by

2017-01-18 14:56:32 UTC


2017-01-18 14:56:59 UTC

Take potatoes for example

2017-01-18 14:57:08 UTC

Folks, I had a small garden in my mother's village

2017-01-18 14:57:08 UTC

i just get fillet sea fish

2017-01-18 14:57:20 UTC

where we planted potatoes and onion, all using hand tools only

2017-01-18 14:57:29 UTC

fertilized them with natural fertilized only

2017-01-18 14:57:36 UTC

cow shit?

2017-01-18 14:57:37 UTC

no chemicals whatsoever

2017-01-18 14:57:37 UTC


2017-01-18 14:57:39 UTC

yeah, cow turd

2017-01-18 14:57:58 UTC

it's a completely whole different thing from potato you buy in the supermarket

2017-01-18 14:58:02 UTC

it actually has TASTE

2017-01-18 14:58:15 UTC

and i mean proper taste, like almsot fruity

2017-01-18 14:58:29 UTC

i should plant some stuff in my garden

2017-01-18 14:58:33 UTC

i had cherry tomatoes

2017-01-18 14:58:36 UTC

tons of them

2017-01-18 14:58:39 UTC

same goes for chicken

2017-01-18 14:59:03 UTC

i bought one once from a peasant dude who has chickens running around his yard

2017-01-18 14:59:16 UTC

it's nothing like that 3 euro thing you buy in the supermarket at all

2017-01-18 14:59:40 UTC

i used to buy chicken meat from this one dude i know

2017-01-18 14:59:46 UTC

then he moved to australia

2017-01-18 14:59:56 UTC

dude's an astrophysicist

2017-01-18 15:00:01 UTC

went to work there

2017-01-18 15:00:25 UTC

but yeah i don't usually get vegetables and fruit from the supermarket

2017-01-18 15:00:43 UTC

there is a small store close to my house that gets food directly from villagers

2017-01-18 15:00:52 UTC

well i do go to the market as well, but believe me, apart from couple of isolated vendors, they sell same shit

2017-01-18 15:01:05 UTC

they get some obviously gmo stuff too though

2017-01-18 15:01:16 UTC

like when an apple is half the size of your head

2017-01-18 15:01:18 UTC

I can get good beef and pork here in one supermarket that gets more quality stuff, but they also charge them more expensive

2017-01-18 15:01:19 UTC

and perfectly round

2017-01-18 15:02:10 UTC

Fruits are pretty much poison

2017-01-18 15:02:15 UTC

i find a certain comfort too knowing that you have food growing in your garden

2017-01-18 15:02:30 UTC

Though at least somewhat less poisonous are still available

2017-01-18 15:02:31 UTC

i can live off it even if society collapses

2017-01-18 15:02:36 UTC

Since lot of people still grow them

2017-01-18 15:02:38 UTC

although id have to shoot off invaders

2017-01-18 15:02:52 UTC

i have 2 cherry trees in my yard

2017-01-18 15:02:58 UTC

It's good thing to do even if society does not collapse

2017-01-18 15:02:58 UTC

tons of them still in my freezer

2017-01-18 15:03:02 UTC


2017-01-18 15:03:08 UTC

healthy and saves money

2017-01-18 15:03:20 UTC

My house has only 2 fig trees

2017-01-18 15:03:23 UTC

and wine around it

2017-01-18 15:03:30 UTC

garden is quite small

2017-01-18 15:03:44 UTC

though i had very large house and property in the village full of fruits that i eventually sold

2017-01-18 15:04:09 UTC

I do have land in the mountainside where i would like to build a modest but well designed hut though

2017-01-18 15:04:21 UTC

and plant sth there, even though my family thinks i should visit a doctor

2017-01-18 15:05:26 UTC

dont listen to them

2017-01-18 15:05:40 UTC

having a vacation home or mountain residence is very good

2017-01-18 15:06:23 UTC

imagine shit hitting the fan for whatever reason

2017-01-18 15:06:28 UTC

and you going up into the mountains

2017-01-18 15:06:31 UTC

to live in a log cabin

2017-01-18 15:06:35 UTC

till it blows over

2017-01-18 15:06:41 UTC

there's no water connection there though

2017-01-18 15:06:45 UTC

melt snow

2017-01-18 15:06:46 UTC


2017-01-18 15:06:51 UTC

funny thing is, it has a lot of natural springs around

2017-01-18 15:06:56 UTC

even better

2017-01-18 15:07:04 UTC

one is evern shelthered in the wood, under the stone, like in RPG games

2017-01-18 15:07:21 UTC

and when we were kids we spend 2 weeks there using only that water

2017-01-18 15:07:39 UTC

would pour it over us to take a bath

2017-01-18 15:07:59 UTC

and in winter it's almost unaccessible because of snow, except for really beefy jeeps

2017-01-18 15:08:20 UTC

this is something very similar to how it looks in the summer

2017-01-18 15:08:49 UTC

more wood though, like in this photo

2017-01-18 15:09:26 UTC

great place!

2017-01-18 15:10:06 UTC

yeah it's the same region, but not my village in the photo

2017-01-18 15:11:07 UTC

i would like to flee in the countryside in France, but they start to send many immigrants there, it's becoming hell everywhere

2017-01-18 15:11:39 UTC

come to serbia

2017-01-18 15:11:51 UTC

immigrants get shot in the countryside here

2017-01-18 15:11:52 UTC


2017-01-18 15:12:00 UTC


2017-01-18 15:12:04 UTC

shitskin migrants

2017-01-18 15:12:08 UTC

not immigrants

2017-01-18 15:13:50 UTC

it's a shame that France bombed Belgrad because of the NATO

2017-01-18 15:14:30 UTC

Land in Serbia can be dirty cheap

2017-01-18 15:14:48 UTC

My favourite European region though as far as countryside goes is Carpathia

2017-01-18 15:15:04 UTC

and adjacent regions such as Bukovina, Maramures etc in Romania

2017-01-18 15:16:37 UTC

land is cheap because a lot of the villagers are moving to the cities

2017-01-18 15:16:42 UTC

and just want to get rid of the houses

2017-01-18 15:17:17 UTC

why do they go to the cities? if you want to be depressed all the time, go into the cities

2017-01-18 15:19:58 UTC

because they want to earn more money

2017-01-18 15:20:04 UTC

and get an education

2017-01-18 15:20:10 UTC

so they stay after i guess

2017-01-18 15:20:15 UTC

they get situated in an apartment

2017-01-18 15:20:17 UTC

and stay

2017-01-18 15:30:48 UTC

Paycheck basically

2017-01-18 15:31:07 UTC

Sure, villagers can survive in the village

2017-01-18 15:31:16 UTC

but they cant buy furniture, or commodities and such things

2017-01-18 15:31:25 UTC

because they simply have no surplus cash

2017-01-18 15:32:49 UTC

funny thing, my grandmother's fully functioning house in the village, has an oven, fridge and kitchen from the 70's

2017-01-18 15:32:51 UTC

still working

2017-01-18 15:33:10 UTC

and remainder of the furniture, apart from TV is also quite old

2017-01-18 15:34:25 UTC

found there an old record player and more importantly, an ancient collection of folk LPs, stuff you cant find on youtube or anywhere

2017-01-18 15:35:39 UTC

sah dudes

2017-01-18 15:38:34 UTC

hey there

2017-01-18 15:40:55 UTC

so there is this (((globalist))) in my group for a class

2017-01-18 15:41:03 UTC

and he says oy vey and shit

2017-01-18 15:41:07 UTC

it's funny af

2017-01-18 15:41:14 UTC

he is being saterical but still

2017-01-18 15:50:47 UTC

Throw dat

2017-01-18 15:50:49 UTC

(throw day)

2017-01-18 15:50:51 UTC

boy pussy

2017-01-18 15:50:53 UTC

throw dat

2017-01-18 15:50:56 UTC


2017-01-18 15:50:57 UTC


2017-01-18 15:51:01 UTC


2017-01-18 15:51:03 UTC


2017-01-18 16:21:46 UTC


2017-01-18 16:21:47 UTC


2017-01-18 16:21:50 UTC

Break it down whatt

2017-01-18 16:34:13 UTC

live trolling cnn @ http://mrgoat.ga

2017-01-18 17:24:32 UTC
2017-01-18 17:25:33 UTC
2017-01-18 17:26:53 UTC
2017-01-18 17:27:26 UTC
2017-01-18 17:28:03 UTC

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