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2016-12-29 17:12:20 UTC

Big words, designed to "inform" public

2016-12-29 17:12:47 UTC

no more "anti-war" songs

2016-12-29 17:12:56 UTC

The reason culture sucks is because its apart of the agenda to dumb us down and control us

2016-12-29 17:12:59 UTC

No more lyricism of social grandeur such as The Queens and such

2016-12-29 17:13:06 UTC

Have no pride in your country

2016-12-29 17:13:08 UTC

Feel dumb

2016-12-29 17:13:08 UTC

No more rock bands and glam bands to inform us in opinions

2016-12-29 17:13:13 UTC

No culture whatsoever

2016-12-29 17:13:50 UTC

In Russia, culture is everything, history is everything, literature and art and music is everything

2016-12-29 17:13:59 UTC

I dont care for art but I love history

2016-12-29 17:14:39 UTC

So yeah the reason its all Kim Kartrashian and shitty music and constant garbage is just all part of the agenda to dumb us down and make us weak.

2016-12-29 17:14:49 UTC

Have no mond

2016-12-29 17:14:52 UTC


2016-12-29 17:14:53 UTC

trance, pop etc, it's just booze music

2016-12-29 17:15:12 UTC

yeah sure it has its purpose but it's designed to be forgotten about

2016-12-29 17:15:41 UTC

I like pop/dance music I listen to music most of my day honestly

2016-12-29 17:15:43 UTC

Another purpose of reenactment is reestablishing continuity with past

2016-12-29 17:16:01 UTC

Like say burzum

2016-12-29 17:16:29 UTC

Varg's story is typical of what I'm talking about

2016-12-29 17:16:39 UTC

Varg simply realized the vanity of black metal

2016-12-29 17:16:45 UTC


2016-12-29 17:16:50 UTC

the vanity of "rebellion", which is certainly because he grew older

2016-12-29 17:17:01 UTC

^^ Mr. Goat

2016-12-29 17:17:05 UTC


2016-12-29 17:17:08 UTC


2016-12-29 17:17:13 UTC

was showin the basds

2016-12-29 17:17:16 UTC


2016-12-29 17:17:32 UTC

the vanty of the music which contains "messasge"

2016-12-29 17:17:42 UTC

Idk Filosofem is still great though

2016-12-29 17:17:46 UTC

is that 70's fender

2016-12-29 17:17:55 UTC

What is on your head

2016-12-29 17:18:41 UTC

It's a good album sure, it sounds good, but i can completely relate on why he cannot record something like that again

2016-12-29 17:19:09 UTC

Why he can't force himself to put lyrics on the paper that should mean something to his audience and scream them in the microphone

2016-12-29 17:19:47 UTC

I think Umskriptar is comparable in lyrical content

2016-12-29 17:19:59 UTC

And so are his yt videos

2016-12-29 17:20:01 UTC

And all of this brings me to why people who brag about how they are great Wagner fans and actually are making some kind of an image of him, are funny and ridiculous

2016-12-29 17:20:21 UTC

Because these people have no idea WHAT they are after, WHAT do they appreciate

2016-12-29 17:20:30 UTC

If you asked them why exactly they like Wagner they have no idea

2016-12-29 17:20:52 UTC

Because he named his opera after a Germanic myth i suppose, and that's so "Volkisch"

2016-12-29 17:20:53 UTC

It's a cargo cult, sure

2016-12-29 17:21:17 UTC

Yeah, Varg has figured out he can tell what he wants in a YT video, and leave music to music

2016-12-29 17:21:19 UTC

He learns

2016-12-29 17:21:32 UTC

Because the basis for appreciating music on its own aesthetic merits has not been laid

2016-12-29 17:22:20 UTC

So people try to conjure up culture by reenacting what they have seen others call culture

2016-12-29 17:22:29 UTC

As far as I'm concerned, to modern audience, Wagner is unlistenable as far as his most known pieces are concerned

2016-12-29 17:22:43 UTC

Nobody can subject himsef to 1 hour of that cacophony of horns and drums

2016-12-29 17:23:01 UTC

Yes, he also has nice music, he was a prolific author

2016-12-29 17:23:14 UTC

And note that Wagner himself was reenacting

2016-12-29 17:23:22 UTC


2016-12-29 17:23:32 UTC

Auto complete

2016-12-29 17:23:35 UTC

Lauren Duca is so fckn annoying

2016-12-29 17:23:45 UTC


2016-12-29 17:24:21 UTC

Resurgence of interest in Germanic sagas in his time

2016-12-29 17:24:25 UTC

Hence Nietzsche has completely accurately, observed that Wagner had "profaned" those Myths by giving them a romanticist connotation

2016-12-29 17:24:42 UTC

Out of nothing but artistic vanity

2016-12-29 17:24:57 UTC

@RavishingRussian her twitter, tucker interview or...?

2016-12-29 17:24:58 UTC

Matter of taste Imogen

2016-12-29 17:25:14 UTC

All of it! She has nothing to say

2016-12-29 17:25:16 UTC


2016-12-29 17:25:27 UTC

Typing on mobile sucks

2016-12-29 17:25:52 UTC

I read her articles on Trump, looking for an argument, she just said he was anti-women and went to talking about her feelings

2016-12-29 17:26:03 UTC

Her interview w tucker was so retarded too

2016-12-29 17:26:09 UTC

<@261192246999777280> I was like, "Shep's real name is Imogen?" "Sheps a girl?"

2016-12-29 17:26:11 UTC

And her tweets are so so dumb

2016-12-29 17:26:23 UTC


2016-12-29 17:26:45 UTC

So yeah, the way forward is indeed, "forward", not "backwards"

2016-12-29 17:26:57 UTC

Unfortunately, people think "forward" means dubstep

2016-12-29 17:27:11 UTC

you guys missing rock show

2016-12-29 17:27:17 UTC

fre3e concert

2016-12-29 17:27:42 UTC

@RavishingRussian I just ignore her altogether...but hey, she doesn't only do it to annoy...its her pay cheque too

2016-12-29 17:27:49 UTC

Damn dude hit those notes

2016-12-29 17:28:02 UTC

That shit sounds like geddy lee

2016-12-29 17:28:03 UTC

the only people who are going forward are people who just listen to whatever makes them feel good

2016-12-29 17:28:15 UTC

@MrGoat Sorry, listening to OutKast...

2016-12-29 17:29:06 UTC

@RavishingRussian Or make music themselves in a way that feels good to them...for this reason, I LOVE Kiiara...she is just being herself...

2016-12-29 17:29:21 UTC

I had an AmpMe party on twitter where people could listen to my music and they could see all the music I had on my phone bu scrolling through, and people actually got mad at me for having britney spears on my phone

2016-12-29 17:29:46 UTC

@MrGoat are you streaming?

2016-12-29 17:30:23 UTC

Is kiiara the girl who sings that song called gold

2016-12-29 17:30:49 UTC


2016-12-29 17:30:58 UTC

but I think that is one of her lesser songs @ rav

2016-12-29 17:31:03 UTC
2016-12-29 17:31:11 UTC

I havent heard any of her other music but i should

2016-12-29 17:31:24 UTC

I think Tennessee is her most poetic one yet @RavishingRussian

2016-12-29 17:31:36 UTC

I dont like the lyrics in her song gold

2016-12-29 17:32:01 UTC

I can like music and the beat and the sound but if the lyrics are like "yea i fucked your brother in the basement" i just...thats weird

2016-12-29 17:33:16 UTC

@RavishingRussian yes weird, but she felt that was a way to get back at her boyfriend...I don't agree with it...but I think its brave to put that out there...

As opposed to some pop stars who just say anything on a track to make a sale, her track seemed more genuine

2016-12-29 17:34:08 UTC

Well thats exactly why i didnt like the song is because she was just talking about how shes a skank

2016-12-29 17:34:17 UTC

I dont like skanks especially when they sing about being skanks

2016-12-29 17:34:31 UTC

But the beat was cool

2016-12-29 17:35:35 UTC

@RavishingRussian I don't mind skanks, I was one as a teenager...let me requalify...I don't mind skankiness if it is a phase...but skanks for life have something wrong with them upstairs...

2016-12-29 17:36:16 UTC

'your brother was a good substitute for you' yeeaaa i dont like that

2016-12-29 17:36:25 UTC

Keep in mind im conservative, traditional, etc

2016-12-29 17:36:32 UTC

As am I

2016-12-29 17:36:33 UTC

those are messed up lyrics

2016-12-29 17:36:36 UTC

they are

2016-12-29 17:36:39 UTC

but their honest

2016-12-29 17:36:47 UTC

im not gonna lie

2016-12-29 17:37:07 UTC

i listen to music from men like rap songs and r&b

2016-12-29 17:37:20 UTC

and they say some vulgar thinga but i like it

2016-12-29 17:37:33 UTC

i just dont like hearing a girl say shes fucking peoples brothers and stuff

2016-12-29 17:38:20 UTC


2016-12-29 17:38:22 UTC


2016-12-29 17:38:28 UTC


2016-12-29 17:39:16 UTC

I don't mind it. I am black and grew up in black communities...that language flies around all the time...black women spoke and acted like that growing up...only the toughest alphas tamed them...

so, when I see girls acting that way now, I pity them, but at least they are not bottling up their hurt inside.

They are letting us know that something is wrong...time for men to sit them down and listen first, straightenn them up after.

2016-12-29 17:39:31 UTC

Note that rnb and rap are black culture

2016-12-29 17:39:54 UTC

Largely marketed by jews

2016-12-29 17:40:27 UTC

I like anything that makes me feel good i dont care what genre it is

2016-12-29 17:40:44 UTC

"Like Jews and Chinese,

I own your rap lease.

The wackness must cease, prepare for your release" Magoo, *Up jumps da boogie*

2016-12-29 17:40:52 UTC

We as Europeans should not be so dependent on it

2016-12-29 17:41:25 UTC

I like britney spears and other songs like you said girls talking about shit like that if its about 1 guy

2016-12-29 17:41:35 UTC

Like you know that song exes and oh's ?

2016-12-29 17:41:44 UTC

It came on the radio and it makes me mad honestly

2016-12-29 17:41:48 UTC

White men don't call their women birches

2016-12-29 17:41:58 UTC

I don't know that one but I can guess what its about...

2016-12-29 17:42:11 UTC

Not traditionally anyway

2016-12-29 17:42:12 UTC

Who calls their women trees @HeimatFreiheitTradition ...please lol

2016-12-29 17:42:15 UTC

i just get grossed out when girls sing about fucking a buncha guys and being a slut

2016-12-29 17:42:22 UTC

LOL @ "Birches" @HeimatFreiheitTradition

2016-12-29 17:42:35 UTC

that fucking birch

2016-12-29 17:42:38 UTC

betta shut up

2016-12-29 17:42:42 UTC

These days... sigh

2016-12-29 17:42:43 UTC

or imma whup its ass

2016-12-29 17:42:45 UTC

These days... sigh

2016-12-29 17:42:58 UTC


2016-12-29 17:43:02 UTC


2016-12-29 17:43:12 UTC


2016-12-29 17:43:12 UTC


2016-12-29 17:43:33 UTC

@RavishingRussian it's gross no matter who saves it...it wreaks moral decay...

2016-12-29 17:43:46 UTC

I feel bad for some black women cause they really do feel inferior and insecure

2016-12-29 17:43:55 UTC

some do

2016-12-29 17:44:44 UTC


2016-12-29 17:44:44 UTC

We're seeing this uprising of black girls making sure people dont see them as black

2016-12-29 17:44:54 UTC

No im hispanic and jamaican and

2016-12-29 17:44:56 UTC

Official hangout is for

2016-12-29 17:45:04 UTC

Official hangouts

2016-12-29 17:45:08 UTC
2016-12-29 17:45:15 UTC

im officially hanging out

2016-12-29 17:45:16 UTC


2016-12-29 17:45:18 UTC


2016-12-29 17:45:18 UTC

and then they say oh im so exotic

2016-12-29 17:45:22 UTC

Move to other channels

2016-12-29 17:45:56 UTC


2016-12-29 17:45:58 UTC

i didnt

2016-12-29 17:45:59 UTC


2016-12-29 17:46:00 UTC


2016-12-29 17:46:01 UTC

i was in

2016-12-29 17:46:04 UTC


2016-12-29 17:46:04 UTC


2016-12-29 17:46:07 UTC


2016-12-29 17:46:11 UTC


2016-12-29 17:46:19 UTC


2016-12-29 17:46:57 UTC

poor thing.

2016-12-29 17:47:03 UTC


2016-12-29 17:47:54 UTC

cya leter

2016-12-29 17:47:58 UTC


2016-12-29 17:47:58 UTC


2016-12-29 17:48:00 UTC

CIA later

2016-12-29 17:48:03 UTC


2016-12-29 17:50:44 UTC

Bye shep!

2016-12-29 17:53:55 UTC

whoops...bye shep...

2016-12-29 17:55:56 UTC


2016-12-29 18:15:30 UTC


2016-12-29 18:19:40 UTC

that is awesome ^^

2016-12-29 18:21:45 UTC

horrible. what is wrong with people

2016-12-29 18:22:25 UTC


2016-12-29 18:23:42 UTC

lol sorry bout that

2016-12-29 18:24:06 UTC

muslims, arabs especially i wouldn't really call people

2016-12-29 18:24:46 UTC

i guess not.. they certainly act more like animals more than they dont

2016-12-29 18:26:14 UTC

vile pieces of shit

2016-12-29 18:27:26 UTC

They have no souls

2016-12-29 18:28:00 UTC

i can agree with that

2016-12-29 18:32:05 UTC

πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚

2016-12-29 18:36:06 UTC

No one can rely on this whitehouse...excluding all those who are against us. Like the Muslim Terroist.

2016-12-29 18:41:05 UTC

But ban waterboarding.... makes sense /sarcasm

2016-12-29 19:03:42 UTC


2016-12-29 19:04:00 UTC


2016-12-29 19:06:37 UTC


2016-12-29 19:10:26 UTC

for the record


2016-12-29 19:13:12 UTC

get mad

2016-12-29 19:13:14 UTC


2016-12-29 19:14:54 UTC

BS poll

2016-12-29 19:14:59 UTC

Mad now

2016-12-29 19:15:06 UTC

what u call german hillary clinton?

2016-12-29 19:15:08 UTC


2016-12-29 19:15:21 UTC

Danke Merkel

2016-12-29 19:15:28 UTC

It is a BS poll ...propoganda.

2016-12-29 19:15:28 UTC

that poll is a lie

2016-12-29 19:15:35 UTC


2016-12-29 19:15:52 UTC

Trying to gaslight people

2016-12-29 19:16:11 UTC

No connection my assignment

2016-12-29 19:16:15 UTC


2016-12-29 19:16:21 UTC


2016-12-29 19:17:01 UTC


2016-12-29 19:17:04 UTC

it's pure bs

2016-12-29 19:17:07 UTC

see my post on gab

2016-12-29 19:18:59 UTC

About time people are waking up to thruth.

2016-12-29 19:19:28 UTC


2016-12-29 19:20:49 UTC

We live in epic times friends...Obama making movies too...

2016-12-29 19:23:52 UTC

Lots are still believeing the lie... A delusional dream.

2016-12-29 19:24:04 UTC

obongo is doing what he can on his way out

2016-12-29 19:24:17 UTC


2016-12-29 19:24:28 UTC

And we will undo his "legacy".

2016-12-29 19:24:44 UTC

Just going to make for a little more work.

2016-12-29 19:24:49 UTC

i hope trump takes a giant dump on his ''legacy''

2016-12-29 19:25:19 UTC

Most of what he has put into place is reversible.

2016-12-29 19:25:28 UTC


2016-12-29 19:25:40 UTC

everything is reversible

2016-12-29 19:25:46 UTC

even demographics

2016-12-29 19:25:53 UTC

you just have to get your hands dirty is all

2016-12-29 19:25:58 UTC

just puking at my keyboard

2016-12-29 19:25:59 UTC

Kinda hard to put toothpaste back into the tube though . . .

2016-12-29 19:26:00 UTC

The UN thing is going to be a little harder to reverse.

2016-12-29 19:26:01 UTC


2016-12-29 19:26:16 UTC

who cares about the UN thing

2016-12-29 19:26:26 UTC

Trump does i think

2016-12-29 19:26:31 UTC

At least you're puking rainbows.

2016-12-29 19:26:42 UTC

Trump does....

2016-12-29 19:26:42 UTC

but yeah, he can't reverse it like he can an executive decision

2016-12-29 19:26:53 UTC

I care because it gives us a way out of the UN

2016-12-29 19:27:14 UTC

what, you're hoping that Trump says if you don't reverse this thing we'll leave?

2016-12-29 19:27:18 UTC

doubt it

2016-12-29 19:27:23 UTC

WE should appeal it and when they refuse to appeal...we yank our moneu out of the UN

2016-12-29 19:27:35 UTC


2016-12-29 19:27:41 UTC


2016-12-29 19:27:56 UTC

doubt it will happen

2016-12-29 19:27:56 UTC

But only time will tell.

2016-12-29 19:28:12 UTC

i mean the UN is on it's way down i think but i doubt it will happen like that

2016-12-29 19:28:30 UTC

Close all mosques & ban the Koran... I'd support it.

2016-12-29 19:28:55 UTC

If nothing else...the other countries need to pay their fair share.

2016-12-29 19:29:26 UTC

UN should not be subsidised by the US.

2016-12-29 19:29:54 UTC

if i was you i'd worry more about NATO than the UN

2016-12-29 19:30:01 UTC

that costs more i reckon

2016-12-29 19:30:33 UTC

although i suppose that NATO approval rating in the US is 95%

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