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2018-03-03 21:11:49 UTC



2018-03-03 21:12:50 UTC

I'm going to start a new paper so we can get in on the meming action!

2018-03-03 21:13:16 UTC

Not with that logo

2018-03-03 21:13:18 UTC


2018-03-03 21:13:33 UTC

can you make a better one?

2018-03-03 21:13:39 UTC


2018-03-03 21:13:59 UTC

If I could get access to a computer

2018-03-03 21:14:05 UTC


2018-03-03 21:14:50 UTC

I mean, I couldn't find any logo editors that could work so I used paint

2018-03-03 21:44:21 UTC

@NCY1689 , what do you think of a new fed newspaper

2018-03-03 22:19:03 UTC
2018-03-03 22:28:22 UTC

idk how I feel about having it that obviously being attached to the party

2018-03-03 22:28:49 UTC

well other parties had papers before

2018-03-03 22:29:09 UTC

and it's not like Wells' Nyman Questioner is totally nonpartisan

2018-03-03 22:29:42 UTC

plus it would give the Feds some meme cred

2018-03-04 02:02:50 UTC

so we need to do this paper

2018-03-04 02:03:16 UTC

and give some completion to the others

2018-03-04 02:03:36 UTC

and present the evul fed swamp's point of view!

2018-03-04 02:05:32 UTC

I support a paper, but I would be concerned about comparisons to Fox News

2018-03-04 02:06:09 UTC

that should be the humorous aspect about it

2018-03-04 02:06:20 UTC

it's satire

2018-03-04 02:06:42 UTC

in the mold of the Questioner and Adam's Laborinth

2018-03-04 02:07:13 UTC

Adam's Laborinth was a serious partisan press

2018-03-04 02:07:23 UTC

very different from the questioner

2018-03-04 02:08:01 UTC

For instance, Adam tanked a proposal for a Liberal/Fed ticket

2018-03-04 02:08:12 UTC

by exposing it in the paper

2018-03-04 02:08:17 UTC

so let's make this paper more satirical rather than serious, but more serious than the Questioner

2018-03-04 02:10:05 UTC

My worry with the fox news comparison is that it will instantly be disregarded

2018-03-04 02:10:10 UTC

by those on the left

2018-03-04 02:10:25 UTC

and narrative needs to be managed with them as well

2018-03-04 02:10:35 UTC

because it impacts decision making on their part

2018-03-04 02:11:39 UTC

so what do you suggest we do to manage the narrative

2018-03-04 02:11:54 UTC

because the lack of a fed press is hurting the party

2018-03-04 02:12:24 UTC

since the opposition is going unchecked with their nonsense

2018-03-04 02:12:28 UTC

right now

2018-03-04 02:13:40 UTC

We need a press

2018-03-04 02:14:18 UTC

but we need to do it in away that people don't immediately close their minds too it

2018-03-04 02:14:24 UTC

We have tried this before

2018-03-04 02:14:32 UTC

Potus did the O'Riley Factor

2018-03-04 02:14:41 UTC

it didn't work out well

2018-03-04 02:14:58 UTC

how was it attacked

2018-03-04 02:15:27 UTC

the same way Fox News is attacked

2018-03-04 02:15:39 UTC

which would only be worse now since Fox has been hit with scandals

2018-05-06 21:40:23 UTC

Yenno what

2018-05-06 21:40:26 UTC

We do need a press.

2018-05-06 22:30:32 UTC

Federalist propaganda FTW!

2018-05-06 22:41:04 UTC


2018-05-06 22:41:29 UTC


2018-05-06 22:42:29 UTC

W e A r e T h e D e e p S t a t e

2018-05-06 22:58:45 UTC


2018-05-06 22:59:29 UTC

Potential logo.

2018-05-07 00:03:38 UTC


2018-05-07 00:04:02 UTC

@Deleted User congrats on D O M I N A T I N G

2018-05-07 00:17:20 UTC

It feels great to be WINNING again!

2018-05-07 00:22:53 UTC


2018-05-07 00:22:57 UTC

LT irl

2018-05-07 00:25:37 UTC


2018-06-20 03:13:20 UTC

I am proud to announce I am running for the Lincoln Assembly representing the Federalist party!

2018-06-20 03:14:07 UTC

Good Luck!

2018-06-20 03:22:01 UTC


2018-06-20 21:00:30 UTC


2018-07-16 21:57:20 UTC

Ya bois running for another senate term Ight that’s all the news I got

2018-07-17 21:37:44 UTC

Next convention city is Phoenix, AZ!

2018-08-24 13:09:46 UTC

Uhhh feds are winning the house election? That count as news?

2018-08-24 16:46:56 UTC

@Tyler0525 no thanks to your jimmy first preference

2018-08-24 16:47:01 UTC


2018-08-24 19:01:12 UTC

fhtagn (5)

Old School Republican (2)

Lechasseur (2)
Ben Kenobi

Young Texan (9)
Tea Party Hater

Vern (0)

Peebs (2)

weatherboy (2)

Pericles (7)
ON Progressive

Razze (0)

Jimmy (1)

adamevans (0)

WI: MB (1)

Unconfirmed WIs:

Invalid/Bad Juju Votes:
andjey (Registered too late)

2018-08-24 19:14:55 UTC

These the official results?

2018-08-24 19:15:35 UTC

election isn't over until Sunday night

2018-08-24 19:15:39 UTC

just results so far

2018-08-24 19:15:50 UTC


2018-08-24 19:15:56 UTC

It's way too early

2018-08-24 19:17:06 UTC


2018-08-24 19:17:13 UTC

Jimmy can still pull off a win

2018-08-24 19:17:27 UTC

Who cares about jimmy

2018-08-24 19:17:35 UTC

not sure why you'd want him to lol

2018-08-24 19:18:00 UTC

A protest vote

2018-08-24 19:18:18 UTC

Protest vote?

2018-08-24 19:18:27 UTC

Against who

2018-08-24 19:19:00 UTC

Didn’t like the Fed Frontrunner. Young Texan, and if Old School Republican or Vern didn’t have a chance, then I’m protesting and voting for Jimmy

2018-08-24 19:19:14 UTC

They do have a chance

2018-08-24 19:19:31 UTC

Dont assume anything

2018-08-24 19:19:32 UTC

Nah, YT is gonna win and I hate it

2018-08-24 19:19:38 UTC

This early

2018-08-24 19:19:39 UTC

there's 9 seats, it's not like there's only one winner

2018-08-24 19:19:46 UTC


2018-08-24 19:20:08 UTC

Plus if jimmy wins and pupeace has a majority

2018-08-24 19:20:17 UTC

It will be much worse

2018-08-24 19:20:38 UTC

Meh. It’s like Trump vs Clinton

2018-08-24 19:20:50 UTC

House races are more complicated

2018-08-24 19:20:58 UTC

There are 9 winners

2018-08-24 19:25:53 UTC

Hey @Tyler0525 stop talking lol

2018-08-24 19:26:00 UTC


2018-08-24 19:26:15 UTC


2018-08-24 19:27:19 UTC

He’s a total peanut

2018-08-24 19:36:14 UTC

Bro at least I’m not a pathological liar

2018-08-24 19:50:50 UTC

I’m not a pathological liar

2018-08-24 19:50:56 UTC

My Christian faith stops me from being

2018-08-24 20:05:37 UTC

Dude I’m even more of a Christian than you

2018-08-24 20:05:43 UTC

Which is hard to do lol

2018-08-24 20:09:14 UTC


2018-08-24 20:10:20 UTC

And I think YT was implying that Jimmy is the pathological liar

2018-08-24 20:11:27 UTC

No @Deleted User tyler is the liar

2018-08-24 20:11:34 UTC

Jimmy just can own up to much

2018-08-24 20:19:33 UTC

I’m not a liar

2018-08-25 07:41:15 UTC

House is definitely wide open. Just because Fhtagn and YT are elected, doesn't mean that Vern et al are not. nine seats are up for grabs and the top nine will get there. If you don't want to vote for YT, please vote for Vern, OSR or Lechasseur.

2018-08-25 12:37:35 UTC

I’ll get people to vote for anyone of the other feds but not YT

2018-08-25 12:38:07 UTC

Thats fine

2018-08-25 12:38:18 UTC

YT has too many votes already

2018-08-25 12:38:55 UTC


2018-08-25 12:39:46 UTC

YT may be able to win with just the votes he has right now

2018-08-25 12:40:12 UTC


2018-08-25 12:40:30 UTC

I’d rather have a PUP majority then a congressman YT

2018-08-25 12:40:48 UTC

I need some votes haha

2018-08-25 12:41:24 UTC

YT will be congressman

2018-08-25 12:41:35 UTC

Everyone vote for Vern

2018-08-25 12:41:37 UTC

No matter who wins a majority

2018-08-25 12:41:43 UTC


2018-08-25 12:42:19 UTC

Because house races are about winning a large number of individual votes

2018-08-25 12:42:25 UTC


2018-08-25 14:44:58 UTC

@Tyler0525 can’t handle the fact I’ll be in office and I’ve called him on his shit

2018-08-25 19:21:40 UTC

Wow that’s petty

2018-08-25 19:45:00 UTC

I would like to issue an Apology to Young Texan. I was wrong in my actions and I know I did wrong. I want to publicly apologize and announce that YT has my full support in Congress

2018-08-25 22:37:36 UTC

after me of course πŸ˜›

2018-08-25 22:42:14 UTC

me during Atlasia drama: 🍿

2018-08-25 22:44:06 UTC


2019-01-07 04:44:25 UTC

does this count

2019-01-07 04:44:57 UTC


2019-01-07 04:45:19 UTC

We should make some attack ads

2019-01-07 04:45:23 UTC


2019-01-08 13:48:59 UTC

I have a speech saved, just needs a review

2019-01-08 13:49:09 UTC

And probably a bit of revision

2019-01-10 03:56:52 UTC

@Deleted User @Deleted User @Tea Party Hater please object to the final vote motion on the right to work bill. debate is obviously still ongoing

2019-01-10 03:57:02 UTC


2019-01-10 03:57:11 UTC

I'll make an amendment

2019-01-10 04:05:56 UTC

Don’t see how my amendments were unworkable

2019-01-10 04:15:11 UTC

psst you need to object to the motion for final vote still guys

2019-01-10 04:15:54 UTC

just making that clear since AZ has since posted to the thread

2019-01-10 04:18:33 UTC


2019-01-10 13:04:17 UTC

I just again stated my opposition to Pericles' "no child" act because it's ridiculously expensive. Why should we be using 90% of the Revenue Enhancement Act revenues on it? It's a waste of money and just plain stupid. I even said I would have voted for it if it were somewhat affordable but it's simply not fiscally responsible to use so much money on a project like that. It would be different if that money were being used for a real society changing initiative, but not for some tax credits

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