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2017-06-06 18:42:33 UTC

It was mainly a joke

2017-06-06 18:42:59 UTC

Didnt vault try?

2017-06-06 18:46:12 UTC

A bit I suppose, I do indeed remain inconvinced. Especially after going to the boxing gym and seeing everyone getting along and not giving a shit about race. If the black guys at my gym were white then I wouldn't see anything odd in their behavior. So the whole races can't live together thing rings a bit hollow for me. Sure it's true that you're gonna get shit when you've got two different groups, like say the Morrocans and the ethnic Dutch living in different neighbourhoods, especially if those Morrocan neighbourhoods are closed off and go Islamic schools. However many of the guys that went to normal Dutch public schools are mostly decent to society and to just kick in their door and be like "You're the wrong race, GTFO, go to a country where you don't speak the language, don't know anyone" is pretty abhorent to me.

2017-06-06 18:46:41 UTC

We should definitely work on getting new migrants back to their old countries, get those old Morrocans back to Morroco

2017-06-06 18:46:51 UTC

and definitely not let in new waves of migrants

2017-06-06 18:47:18 UTC

and strengthen our education system by having more male teachers and more traditional and conservative upbringings. And we'll do fine

2017-06-06 18:47:42 UTC


2017-06-06 18:48:00 UTC

I'll leave this to @vaultright

2017-06-06 18:48:03 UTC

We're all gonna be friends n stuff πŸ˜„

2017-06-06 18:48:21 UTC

Yeah you're still missing the point here clearly

2017-06-06 18:48:32 UTC

Civic Nationalism Ho

2017-06-06 18:48:40 UTC

How do you mean? Like racial?

2017-06-06 18:57:08 UTC

@Lord Shaodeus race realism is based on averages within ethnic populaitons. obviously there are outliers for all races

2017-06-06 18:58:45 UTC

What I don't like about it is how you throw much nuance, like childhood, culture etc. out of the window pretty much. Blacks and whites can just get along fine, I see examples of this on a daily basis. Black people will do fine as long as they're not raised in the zoo by a alcoholic baboon.

2017-06-06 18:59:06 UTC

Though of course black people have a very big problem when it comes to being raised in the zoo by a alcoholic baboon

2017-06-06 18:59:30 UTC


2017-06-06 18:59:55 UTC

Muh culture

2017-06-06 19:00:08 UTC

Lets not throw the word "cuck" around as it provides nothing to the debate.

2017-06-06 19:00:16 UTC


2017-06-06 19:00:21 UTC

sorry I got a bit mad hehe

2017-06-06 19:00:23 UTC

But flooz is right.,

2017-06-06 19:00:27 UTC


2017-06-06 19:00:27 UTC

No i get that

2017-06-06 19:00:41 UTC

I see blacks or turks and germans get along too

2017-06-06 19:00:42 UTC

Not cucked towards Islam, crack down on that shit. Islam is a real legitimate threat to Dutch Culture right now.

2017-06-06 19:00:54 UTC

You know what else is?

2017-06-06 19:00:55 UTC

and European culture in general

2017-06-06 19:00:57 UTC


2017-06-06 19:01:14 UTC

Is it? Aren't people generally more attracted to members of their own race?

2017-06-06 19:01:56 UTC

You put far too much stock in culture and not racial and genetic differences it seems.

2017-06-06 19:02:27 UTC

of course culture and "nuture" are factors

2017-06-06 19:02:29 UTC

Granted I agree that the demographic of Ethnic Dutch is dangerously low at 80% and ethnicity definitely has a large role to play in culture

2017-06-06 19:02:37 UTC

but genetic disposition is very important

2017-06-06 19:03:09 UTC

when predicting recidivism and IQ

2017-06-06 19:03:15 UTC

However if we stop cucking to Islamic bullshit, stand up against the radical bits. Encourage them to leave, close the borders, work on culture and good upbringing for people. Then it's going to be like biscuits and gravy

2017-06-06 19:03:31 UTC


2017-06-06 19:03:37 UTC

"encourage them to leave"

2017-06-06 19:03:39 UTC

but that's one half of it

2017-06-06 19:03:41 UTC

That means one of two things

2017-06-06 19:03:49 UTC

1. Cutting welfare
2. Violence

2017-06-06 19:03:54 UTC

"encouragement" by bullets :^)

2017-06-06 19:03:58 UTC

It means close down Islamic schools, cutting welfare, etc.

2017-06-06 19:04:02 UTC

Crack down on crime

2017-06-06 19:04:06 UTC

Violence seems likelier than cutting welfare

2017-06-06 19:04:18 UTC

if a criminal has a Marrocan passport then you ship his ass to Morocco with a *good*bye

2017-06-06 19:04:44 UTC

Only morrocans i would allow on my turf are tourists and diplomats

2017-06-06 19:04:50 UTC

Get rid off dual citizenship!

2017-06-06 19:05:02 UTC

And i am a dual citizen myself.

2017-06-06 19:05:04 UTC

Nah, duel citizenship will work wonders for getting their asses out of here

2017-06-06 19:05:09 UTC


2017-06-06 19:05:14 UTC

But muh rule of law

2017-06-06 19:05:34 UTC

Dual citizenship is something they take advantage of a lot

2017-06-06 19:05:39 UTC

Just like another ethnic group πŸ˜ƒ

2017-06-06 19:06:44 UTC

Lets first get rid off everyone having dual citizenship.

2017-06-06 19:06:56 UTC

Yeah actually that's a good plan, fuck em

2017-06-06 19:06:56 UTC

Then of everyone that is entirely of non european descent.

2017-06-06 19:07:07 UTC

Eh, nah lets not do that

2017-06-06 19:07:12 UTC


2017-06-06 19:07:32 UTC

Tell me one thing that will be beneficial of us if we keep them.

2017-06-06 19:07:48 UTC

I am not even talking about deporting mixed race people.

2017-06-06 19:07:48 UTC

Because you've got good hard working people that are not entirely of European descent and just booting their asses out of here would be shit.

2017-06-06 19:07:58 UTC

Read again what i wrote

2017-06-06 19:08:21 UTC

Yeah you've got a point there

2017-06-06 19:08:26 UTC

How would we propose that in law anyway

2017-06-06 19:08:37 UTC

Mexico has it in their law

2017-06-06 19:08:42 UTC

Why cant we

2017-06-06 19:08:50 UTC

What does it say in Mexican law?

2017-06-06 19:08:59 UTC

Well they have a law to maintain a ethnic majority in their country

2017-06-06 19:09:04 UTC

So its not exactly the same thing

2017-06-06 19:09:05 UTC


2017-06-06 19:09:14 UTC

The legalities don't even matter that much

2017-06-06 19:09:17 UTC

So what do you want instead?

2017-06-06 19:09:26 UTC

And there are enough dutch people that are looking for work and so o

2017-06-06 19:09:31 UTC

Law to maintain ethnic majority makes a lot of sense, good for perserving muh culture

2017-06-06 19:09:39 UTC

And i think with less workers automatio will just progress further

2017-06-06 19:09:42 UTC

tfw whites actually improved parts of their country with tourism <:Thonkang:243513506358362112>

2017-06-06 19:09:47 UTC

mexico, that iw

2017-06-06 19:09:49 UTC


2017-06-06 19:09:57 UTC

I am dreaming of a second industrial revoloution once europe is completely free from these people.

2017-06-06 19:10:10 UTC

Who wants to go to Mexico? They ride donkeys and cows and live in shacks made out of coca cola billboards

2017-06-06 19:10:40 UTC

the coast i believe

2017-06-06 19:10:45 UTC

Because as soon as we have a high demand in workers that CAN NOT be nurtured by importing millions of foreigners, because it will not be allowed either by law or mob rule, then we will have to find other ways to produce, manufacture etc.

2017-06-06 19:10:46 UTC


2017-06-06 19:10:50 UTC

>What did the FBI mean by this?

2017-06-06 19:10:57 UTC


2017-06-06 19:11:05 UTC

What cha got there goyim ?

2017-06-06 19:11:13 UTC

Yeah, like growing up without a father is really, really bad.

2017-06-06 19:11:25 UTC

I grew up without both of my parents most of my life

2017-06-06 19:11:26 UTC

So what?

2017-06-06 19:11:29 UTC

Along with a shitty gang culture

2017-06-06 19:11:31 UTC

I wasnt bix ooding

2017-06-06 19:11:34 UTC


2017-06-06 19:11:38 UTC

ITs engrained in their DNA

2017-06-06 19:11:42 UTC

Never talk to me or my son ever again @Lord Shaodeus

2017-06-06 19:11:43 UTC

Too much stock in culture

2017-06-06 19:11:44 UTC

that apart from a strong in group preference

2017-06-06 19:11:45 UTC

and shitheads riling you up being like "Oh, dem whities be racist against you"

2017-06-06 19:11:47 UTC

That we al have

2017-06-06 19:11:53 UTC


2017-06-06 19:12:04 UTC

Groups are easily made to fight each other,

2017-06-06 19:12:27 UTC

These are basic facts of human nature that we can not "overcome" like the liberals want to and can not ignore

2017-06-06 19:12:45 UTC

Even if these people werent muslim, theyd still be making problems

2017-06-06 19:12:59 UTC

But muh Persian Empire

2017-06-06 19:13:09 UTC


2017-06-06 19:13:18 UTC

Why is it that third generation migrants are a lot worse than 1st generation, you can't claim everything is socio-economic.

2017-06-06 19:13:35 UTC

Its simple

2017-06-06 19:13:41 UTC

I think I have found a cuckhold station for you @Lord Shaodeus https://discord.gg/rSRajK

2017-06-06 19:13:43 UTC

In group preference, Out group hostility.

2017-06-06 19:13:46 UTC

Didn't people that are genetically similair to modern day people from the Middle east build this shit?


2017-06-06 19:14:08 UTC

Thats like niggers saying we wuz kangs.

2017-06-06 19:14:20 UTC

So who did build Babylon? πŸ€”

2017-06-06 19:14:40 UTC

People who were a lot less inbred than the people living there nowadays.

2017-06-06 19:14:45 UTC

And so what?

2017-06-06 19:14:52 UTC

Isnt that an argument for sending them back?

2017-06-06 19:14:55 UTC

Shit, yeah Islamic inbreeding. That's a thing

2017-06-06 19:14:58 UTC

So they can build more hanging gardens and shit

2017-06-06 19:15:02 UTC


2017-06-06 19:15:11 UTC

Why Islam? 😭 Why do you have to shit over everything?

2017-06-06 19:15:22 UTC

Not Islam. Arabs

2017-06-06 19:15:27 UTC

Say it with me Arabs

2017-06-06 19:15:32 UTC

not even Arabs

2017-06-06 19:15:38 UTC

All Levantine/semites.

2017-06-06 19:15:45 UTC


2017-06-06 19:15:57 UTC

There is a common theme among semitic cultures

2017-06-06 19:15:59 UTC

Why is the Hagia Sophia surrounded by four turds?


2017-06-06 19:16:03 UTC

Its subversion

2017-06-06 19:16:26 UTC

Wasnt the hagia sophia built by europeanz?

2017-06-06 19:16:32 UTC


2017-06-06 19:16:50 UTC

Look how ugly those symbols are. Like they just flinged shit at the wall


2017-06-06 19:16:57 UTC

the taj mahal <:Thonkang:243513506358362112> too bad poo in loos are shitting around it by trying to sell shit to tourists, and generally being skeevy

2017-06-06 19:17:28 UTC

nah, islamic geometric design is one onf the only things they did right

2017-06-06 19:17:35 UTC

Liberation of Anatolia when? πŸ€”

2017-06-06 19:18:04 UTC

And you dont even have to hate or dislike to the outgroups to be in favour of deporting them

2017-06-06 19:18:13 UTC

But Flooz, look at how it just hangs there. It just doesn't mix well with the Byzantine majesty

2017-06-06 19:18:20 UTC

I dont have to hate chinese people to want them not dumping billions of people in tibet.

2017-06-06 19:18:52 UTC

i kinda like it. but yeah, ti's not really incorporated welll

2017-06-06 19:19:21 UTC

exactly. you can appreciate other cultures but not want them to be mixed in with your own culture

2017-06-06 19:19:21 UTC

For hundreds, some thousands of years, european tribes have been in their homelands, sure there were wars, territory was transferred back and forth, there was mixing, but this is something much different.

2017-06-06 19:20:28 UTC

I know, but still, kicking all of the foreigners out? Cut off their wellfare, shut down their terrorist recruitmen....I mean ehm, Islamic Educational centres and the majority of undesirables will take a hike

2017-06-06 19:20:59 UTC

They have a lot more children than we do

2017-06-06 19:21:07 UTC

You cant just force a "reformation of islam" either

2017-06-06 19:21:27 UTC

It took hundreds of years and one of the bloodiest wars in history for christianity to do so

2017-06-06 19:21:29 UTC

Those are indeed two big problems πŸ€” I hate two big problems

2017-06-06 19:22:16 UTC

Listen, i dont even "love" or really "like" most of my fellow germans but i still dont want their grandchildren to be a minority in their own country.

2017-06-06 19:22:18 UTC

Also weren't there several wars for Christian reformation, it kind of was a ongoing thing of interlocking wars gradually changing Europe

2017-06-06 19:22:30 UTC

As i said

2017-06-06 19:22:42 UTC

And i was especially referring to the 30 years war

2017-06-06 19:22:47 UTC

Yeah I know

2017-06-06 19:22:51 UTC

Which took over 1/3rd of every germans lives back then

2017-06-06 19:22:56 UTC

that was some shit, Gustavus though ❀

2017-06-06 19:23:19 UTC

In a hundred year there will be no more gustavos

2017-06-06 19:23:35 UTC

Only mohammeds and Shaniquas

2017-06-06 19:24:04 UTC

What do you like about dutch culture?

2017-06-06 19:24:09 UTC

Or european virtues or morals

2017-06-06 19:24:18 UTC

Why do you even think they should be preserved

2017-06-06 19:24:37 UTC

And do you seriously think if the minority became the majority, these would be upheld?

2017-06-06 19:24:49 UTC

I dont care about your based black boxing teacher, he's an outlier

2017-06-06 19:25:04 UTC

Yes there are intelligent blacks and hard working africans that dont have shit for brains.

2017-06-06 19:25:05 UTC

I like the rule of law a lot, I like freedom of speech a lot, choosing your own lot. And no they wouldn't be upheld by Morrocons and Turks, they'd just smear their shit over national treasures

2017-06-06 19:25:13 UTC

But standards, norms and averages exist for a reason.

2017-06-06 19:25:42 UTC

Another reason for that too is that their ancestors dont have any connection to those national treasures

2017-06-06 19:25:55 UTC

even if they acknowledge them, they wont care too much, nor will they really feel any connection.

2017-06-06 19:26:04 UTC

So how can we purify our nations without becoming authorative dicatorial maniacs?

2017-06-06 19:26:28 UTC

I am of (very) mixed european and very mixed regional backgrounds too, but there is a limit and i'll be damned if i let blackies run over my country.

2017-06-06 19:26:40 UTC

Mob rule

2017-06-06 19:26:50 UTC

Mob Rule? 😱

2017-06-06 19:26:50 UTC

there will come a time when most europeans will by themselves take measures

2017-06-06 19:27:02 UTC

You see, we are being ruled by very authoritarian regimes

2017-06-06 19:27:06 UTC

But mobs have a habit of being retarded and driven by their dicks

2017-06-06 19:27:08 UTC

we have very limited free speech

2017-06-06 19:27:14 UTC

Our governments do NOT represent our interests

2017-06-06 19:27:23 UTC

Well, ehm, yeah, that's all true

2017-06-06 19:27:35 UTC

I love liberty

2017-06-06 19:27:53 UTC

But i'll take a maniacal dictator over some faceless globalist oligarchy any day of the year

2017-06-06 19:27:56 UTC

but we can restore it to a beautiful bastion of liberty and excellence 😁

2017-06-06 19:28:15 UTC

What if we became more like Russia? πŸ€”

2017-06-06 19:28:36 UTC

Russians know what's up

2017-06-06 19:33:29 UTC

@happzboz why don't you like your fellow germans?

2017-06-06 19:33:43 UTC

Hehe have you ever been to Germany?

2017-06-06 19:34:04 UTC

Many of his fellow Germans


2017-06-06 19:34:56 UTC

fashaesthetics need to make a comeback in germany

2017-06-06 19:35:12 UTC

I wonder what Arminius would think


2017-06-06 19:35:25 UTC

and yeah, goddamn Germans had the best fashion ever

2017-06-06 19:36:59 UTC

Sharp, Authorative, proud and a loyal look

2017-06-06 19:37:37 UTC

@Lord Shaodeus Redpill me

2017-06-06 19:38:25 UTC

Eh, lift weights, read books, be social and outgoing, never, ever marry a chick in her 30s who has been travelling around a lot, never ever marry any chick that has inferior cooking skills then yours

2017-06-06 19:38:56 UTC

Not bad.

2017-06-06 19:39:35 UTC

Oh and be sure to marry a nigger because white people are like super racist and oppresive, and be sure to flaggelate yourself before bed because you're white and you need to feel the suffering of the negro

2017-06-06 19:40:06 UTC

Oh Goddamn, I can actually see that becoming a thing with cucks


2017-06-06 19:40:18 UTC

Flaggelate yourself to feel the suffering that the white man has inflicted on the poor coloured folks

2017-06-06 19:40:25 UTC

coalburning is fun xD xD

2017-06-06 19:41:17 UTC

You boys can skip right to the AnHero pill

2017-06-06 19:41:24 UTC

skip all others

2017-06-06 19:41:50 UTC

I can see this turning into a wonderfully productive family. What's the worst that will, I mean ehm can happen?


2017-06-06 19:42:18 UTC


2017-06-06 19:42:46 UTC

What have you against love? Clearly these two are meant for each other right?

2017-06-06 19:42:57 UTC

Just look at his face, wouldn't you trust that face?

2017-06-06 19:43:05 UTC

@Lord Shaodeus cant tell if troll

2017-06-06 19:43:14 UTC

Yeah of course I'm trolling

2017-06-06 19:43:15 UTC

He's too good

2017-06-06 19:43:25 UTC

Which self respecting father wouldn't make that baboon dissappear?

2017-06-06 19:46:59 UTC

This is pretty good

2017-06-06 19:47:07 UTC

So you had one black dude that came to rob the store

2017-06-06 19:47:20 UTC

then you had two other robbers who came to rob at the same time and got into a fight

2017-06-06 19:48:23 UTC

and the black guy lost and eventually just steals the change

2017-06-06 19:51:45 UTC


2017-06-06 19:51:52 UTC

you finally getting redpilled?

2017-06-06 19:51:59 UTC

its civic memes

2017-06-06 19:52:01 UTC

they meme and shit

2017-06-06 19:52:16 UTC

but at the end of the day they just care too much about treating the black guy around the corner nice

2017-06-06 19:52:43 UTC

Eh, I still don't want a lot of decent coloured folk out of the country. So I wonder if there's a way to get rid of the shitheads specifically without us turning into some shitty dictatorship

2017-06-06 19:54:09 UTC

Almost half of people want them deported

2017-06-06 19:54:14 UTC

half of germans really

2017-06-06 19:54:17 UTC

According to statistics

2017-06-06 19:54:31 UTC

Big statistics

2017-06-06 19:54:36 UTC

Big sample size

2017-06-06 19:54:49 UTC

Keep in mind germany is 20% foreigner

2017-06-06 19:55:03 UTC

That includes EU, european, american, asian and african foreigners

2017-06-06 19:55:06 UTC

Netherlands too

2017-06-06 19:55:16 UTC

Most of our foreigners are turks tho

2017-06-06 19:55:26 UTC

closely followed by poles, italians

2017-06-06 19:56:32 UTC

I thought Germany was worse then 20% foreigner at this point

2017-06-06 19:57:54 UTC

Still won't like 10% of that fuck off when benefits get cut off? πŸ€”

2017-06-06 20:00:07 UTC

We just need to get a little bit more Russian

2017-06-06 20:00:29 UTC

And make someone like this guy Chancellor of Germany


2017-06-06 20:01:11 UTC

Then youΒ΄ve got that bitch giving her speech

2017-06-06 20:01:29 UTC

He comes running out of the woodwork, runs up to her, grabs her, supplexes her into flat concrete

2017-06-06 20:02:15 UTC

>mfw debatin shaodeus

2017-06-06 20:02:17 UTC

Aaaaah! Kill it! Kill it with flame

2017-06-06 20:03:27 UTC


2017-06-06 20:03:35 UTC


2017-06-06 20:03:42 UTC


2017-06-06 20:04:02 UTC

Personal responsibility, what have they done with you?

2017-06-06 20:04:37 UTC

oh god why


2017-06-06 20:04:44 UTC

>size 36

2017-06-06 20:04:55 UTC

I don't know what that means.

2017-06-06 20:04:59 UTC

I don't want to I think

2017-06-06 20:05:00 UTC

it means a tarp

2017-06-06 20:05:29 UTC

When I google size 36 I see decent looking tits πŸ€”

2017-06-06 20:05:46 UTC


2017-06-06 20:05:49 UTC

Oh god, I scrolled further down, oh god, that's fucking medical

2017-06-06 20:05:56 UTC

nah you're thinking of european sizes

2017-06-06 20:06:18 UTC

Yeah googled size 36 American, that's baaad

2017-06-06 20:07:31 UTC

How do you even get to that point where literally all you've got to do to lose weight is to do nothing and eat less

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