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2018-04-15 21:49:44 UTC

Probably too upscale for me then.

2018-04-15 21:49:53 UTC

Do you need exact models or just trustworthy brands?

2018-04-15 21:49:53 UTC

Tbh what kinda shits are you dealing to, that you need a counting machine?

2018-04-15 21:50:17 UTC


2018-04-15 21:50:22 UTC

I like this version more

2018-04-15 21:50:25 UTC

Random shit my dad imports and sells to chinks in chinatown

2018-04-15 21:50:33 UTC

they pay only in cash

2018-04-15 21:50:44 UTC

Well obviously

2018-04-15 21:51:50 UTC

Though its also his fault partly because he also refuses to take checksas they always kept bouncing or weren't real '

2018-04-15 21:52:09 UTC

I meant more from my experience small buyers are looked upon here, hence no small notes

2018-04-15 21:53:25 UTC

I mean, most times its in 20s but even that gets unreasonable if it's a busy day

2018-04-15 21:55:25 UTC


2018-04-15 21:55:43 UTC

What do you get for 20$?

2018-04-15 21:55:54 UTC

I have no idea, he's a wholesaler

2018-04-15 21:56:02 UTC

I just help deliver boes and stuff to stores

2018-04-15 21:56:15 UTC


2018-04-15 21:56:16 UTC

You can get some really neat money counters, there are ones that check the legitimacy of every note while it's counting normally and even does multiple currency and automatically detects it

2018-04-15 21:56:53 UTC

Yeah, that would be ideal but the minute currency counting is included it goes way up in price

2018-04-15 21:59:04 UTC

You could find a company that sells the machines locally and buy a used one tbh

2018-04-15 21:59:11 UTC

Most of the time it's in 20s <-> he's a wholesaler
i just help deliver boes and stuff to stores <-> need a note counting machine

May I ask what you're actually up to, here?

2018-04-15 21:59:33 UTC

Weed wholesale <:alismirk:230784726615588865>

2018-04-15 22:00:02 UTC

If he was in drugs the margins would be a lot better

2018-04-15 22:00:13 UTC

Chinks just like having money

2018-04-15 22:01:06 UTC

Once my dad took like 1000 in slightly charred bills because a store owner's house burned down and the bills got roasted in the safe

2018-04-15 22:02:16 UTC

I'm a bit flipping here, I thought you were selling drugs..?

2018-04-15 22:03:40 UTC

No, just general merch, makeups, snacks, random gadgets

2018-04-15 22:05:31 UTC

I wish it was drugs sometimes. They are very light per unit making delivery easy and the margins are probably way better

2018-04-15 22:07:46 UTC

@turnerturing what's stopping you <:alismirk:230784726615588865>

2018-04-15 22:08:25 UTC

No contacts, heavily saturated market and beheading

2018-04-15 22:08:52 UTC

so are you from the UK or...

2018-04-15 22:09:34 UTC


2018-04-15 22:09:52 UTC

hmmm, what about the beheading tho

2018-04-15 22:10:04 UTC

I thought that was a thing all drug dealers did

2018-04-15 22:10:47 UTC

I would if I was a drug dealer, not much time spent on it and it sends a clear message.

2018-04-15 22:10:50 UTC

Nah a 9mm to the dome is quicker

2018-04-15 22:10:52 UTC

it's a British tradition, I got confused

2018-04-15 22:11:15 UTC


2018-04-15 22:11:39 UTC

@Julian >not double tapping

2018-04-15 22:11:49 UTC

you always double tap when sending a message

2018-04-15 22:12:22 UTC

@Julian It's quicker but at the same time it's not as viceral or attention grabbing as beheading. Also getting shot in a major urban center in the US is pretty high chances of survival

2018-04-15 22:12:25 UTC

I'll double tap your parents

2018-04-15 22:12:47 UTC

Doctors and surgeons have lots of practice patching up gunshot wounds.

2018-04-15 22:13:31 UTC

@turnerturing and again, that's why you double tap

2018-04-15 22:14:08 UTC

stitching two GSWs to the heart and head isn't gonna be anything but stitching practice ( Ν‘Β° ΝœΚ– Ν‘Β°)

2018-04-15 22:14:51 UTC

or just fuck it and full auto drive by that fucker for selling in your neighborhood

2018-04-15 22:15:10 UTC

Most people who are in gangs don't really go to the range much, they just blast away at someone and drive off. though I think NYC is a lot safer now everything is gentrified.

2018-04-15 22:16:03 UTC

I wonder if chinese store owners want to buy guns, actually.

2018-04-15 22:16:15 UTC

Korean ones do <:alismirk:230784726615588865>

2018-04-15 22:16:16 UTC

kinda hard to go to the range with your illegally obtained fully automatic Uzi <:alismirk:230784726615588865>

2018-04-15 22:16:34 UTC

It's literally only euros that come to America and don't appreciate gun culture

2018-04-15 22:16:40 UTC

What's up Matt

2018-04-15 22:17:01 UTC

Nah fuck it, the amount of time and money spent is too high.

2018-04-15 22:17:04 UTC

Turns out that people with a history of oppression tend to see the value in having a right to arms

2018-04-15 22:17:15 UTC

I'll never be an international arms dealer at this pace

2018-04-15 22:17:23 UTC

Is this bait Matthew

2018-04-15 22:17:46 UTC

@Cole too much snow outside, no actual fool. Been eating rice and cookies for 2 days now.

2018-04-15 22:18:16 UTC

>middle of April

sheet nigga

2018-04-15 22:18:29 UTC

Running guns is only expensive if you try to do the whole thing illegally

2018-04-15 22:18:46 UTC

fuck thats terribel

2018-04-15 22:19:06 UTC


2018-04-15 22:19:11 UTC

@bentech that's so bad it should be illegal in the UK

2018-04-15 22:19:15 UTC

@Cole 16 inches yesterday, and it's coming down again now

2018-04-15 22:19:17 UTC

add it to the list

2018-04-15 22:19:35 UTC

@johnfrum my la Croix? I'm down to 3 Orange flavored cans. <:blobsweats:427568683003412505>

2018-04-15 22:19:41 UTC

@Matthew who flips burgers now

2018-04-15 22:20:09 UTC

Did you know that la croix and faygo is owned by the same company?

2018-04-15 22:20:09 UTC

Christ thats a lot of snow actually

2018-04-15 22:20:34 UTC

Is it doing the thing where the bottom half melts to slush and makes it really heavy

2018-04-15 22:20:45 UTC

@Cole luckily, I'm on vacation this week

2018-04-15 22:21:09 UTC

thats a shit vacation tbh

2018-04-15 22:21:20 UTC

N33T vacation

2018-04-15 22:21:27 UTC

@johnfrum#8811 I'm a filthy jersey fag so I'd need to drive all the way to PA and only be able to pick up long guns and shotguns

2018-04-15 22:21:27 UTC

fuck you snow is grate

2018-04-15 22:21:30 UTC

@johnfrum it is now, most of yesterday's was this weird, really granular type that wasn't too bad to shovel

2018-04-15 22:21:49 UTC


2018-04-15 22:21:51 UTC

@Cole sure, but almost a foot and a half of it?

2018-04-15 22:21:56 UTC

>John still can't be reliably mentioned

nothing changed

2018-04-15 22:22:03 UTC

@johnfrum no, it was still snow.

2018-04-15 22:22:29 UTC

@Matthew I'd love it if I still had winter tires on

2018-04-15 22:22:43 UTC

Y though

2018-04-15 22:22:52 UTC

snow good

2018-04-15 22:22:58 UTC

@Cole tire chains/spikes are illegal in MN, so my car is stuck.

2018-04-15 22:23:01 UTC

It's pretty much summer here <:alismirk:230784726615588865>

2018-04-15 22:23:12 UTC

It's just cold and really windy here, think the south is getting tornados too

2018-04-15 22:23:14 UTC

23C tomorrow

2018-04-15 22:23:18 UTC

same Julian

2018-04-15 22:23:53 UTC

fuck summer

2018-04-15 22:24:05 UTC

@Matthew that doesn't sound right, doesn't Minnesota get a lot of snow?

2018-04-15 22:24:25 UTC

Why would things for driving in snow be illegal?

2018-04-15 22:24:36 UTC

@turnerturing they tear up the road.

2018-04-15 22:25:26 UTC

spikes are illegal here in Euroland too mostly

2018-04-15 22:25:33 UTC

chains are ok

2018-04-15 22:26:00 UTC

Other states are fine with it and its a safety thing. Is the safety of citizens lesser than that of a couple of overpaid union contractors?

2018-04-15 22:26:21 UTC

@turnerturing M I N N E S O T A

2018-04-15 22:27:06 UTC

Dynamite the roads and blame it on the somolis

2018-04-15 22:27:18 UTC

>safety of citizens


2018-04-15 22:27:28 UTC


2018-04-15 22:29:06 UTC

You'd think that with our outrageously high taxes to keep our roads nice, we'd be allowed to use them and put reasonable wear and tear on them.

2018-04-15 22:31:21 UTC

High taxes don't mean shit, think NYC and NJ have the highest taxes in the country and the roads are shit

2018-04-15 22:32:41 UTC

Only means more money for politicians to carpetbag their worthless relatives into bureau positions or whatever vanity project they want.

2018-04-15 22:46:12 UTC
2018-04-15 22:46:23 UTC

πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚

2018-04-15 22:55:23 UTC

AliExpress chokers

2018-04-15 22:55:26 UTC


2018-04-15 22:55:54 UTC

I'll choke you out bitch

2018-04-15 22:58:16 UTC

I have yet to find out whether the choker joke has any basis in real life

2018-04-15 23:00:56 UTC

just get your own choker and find out for yourself

2018-04-15 23:03:33 UTC

all I have is some rope @Mad Jack

2018-04-15 23:04:48 UTC

My slav gf wears chokers

2018-04-15 23:05:01 UTC

Dicksucking cosplay

2018-04-15 23:05:06 UTC

chokers are for basic bitches

2018-04-15 23:05:23 UTC

if I was a girl I'd never even touch a choker

2018-04-15 23:05:45 UTC


2018-04-15 23:05:50 UTC

Wear them now

2018-04-15 23:05:55 UTC


2018-04-15 23:05:59 UTC

they ugly

2018-04-15 23:06:06 UTC


2018-04-15 23:06:10 UTC


2018-04-15 23:06:19 UTC

haha ur pointing at ur own avatar

2018-04-15 23:06:28 UTC

pull the trigger

2018-04-15 23:06:30 UTC


2018-04-15 23:06:42 UTC


2018-04-15 23:06:43 UTC

Im threathening suicide then

2018-04-15 23:07:02 UTC


2018-04-15 23:07:15 UTC

what if the bullet ricochets on the walls of discord

2018-04-15 23:07:21 UTC


2018-04-15 23:07:23 UTC

πŸ’₯ πŸ”«

2018-04-15 23:10:48 UTC

Give your gf attention

2018-04-15 23:12:05 UTC


2018-04-15 23:13:16 UTC

Spring indeed

2018-04-15 23:13:21 UTC


2018-04-15 23:13:33 UTC

Cuckton of flies or something

2018-04-15 23:13:36 UTC


2018-04-15 23:13:41 UTC


2018-04-15 23:13:58 UTC

Get some raid up in that bitch

2018-04-15 23:14:11 UTC
2018-04-15 23:14:20 UTC

At work, but yea

2018-04-15 23:14:20 UTC

@Sapharanth why did you spray sugar water on yoir walls

2018-04-15 23:14:24 UTC

what faggot

2018-04-15 23:14:37 UTC

Sewage treatment facilities nearby

2018-04-15 23:14:45 UTC

if you do kill me please do so by noose

2018-04-15 23:14:45 UTC

Maybe that's why

2018-04-15 23:14:54 UTC


2018-04-15 23:15:15 UTC

the feeling of pressure against my sensitive, submissive little neck makes my _so hard_ nya~!

2018-04-15 23:15:26 UTC


2018-04-15 23:15:54 UTC

Youre a tall-let

2018-04-15 23:16:10 UTC

fuck w me papi

2018-04-15 23:16:12 UTC

Not little

2018-04-15 23:16:17 UTC

cannae be trap because too tall?

2018-04-15 23:16:28 UTC

But I have a totally twink body

2018-04-15 23:16:37 UTC

Traps are gross

2018-04-15 23:16:41 UTC

very slight

2018-04-15 23:16:43 UTC

God damn it guys keep those degenerate role plays in the private messages

2018-04-15 23:16:58 UTC


2018-04-15 23:17:13 UTC

@Mad Jack B-but what if I want you to join in uwu

2018-04-15 23:17:24 UTC

only one hole is being pushed in when im suffocating

2018-04-15 23:17:25 UTC

This guy is telling me he wants to trap

2018-04-15 23:17:28 UTC


2018-04-15 23:17:47 UTC

i have at least one more that I need to feel someone spurting inside uwu

2018-04-15 23:17:47 UTC


2018-04-15 23:18:00 UTC

traps r faggadocious

2018-04-15 23:18:08 UTC


2018-04-15 23:18:19 UTC

Traps r bad

2018-04-15 23:18:31 UTC

Gimme chads

2018-04-15 23:19:05 UTC

I only want chads

2018-04-15 23:19:42 UTC

Youll get @Deleted User and youll like it

2018-04-15 23:20:16 UTC

Hes more feminine than an actual girl

2018-04-15 23:20:37 UTC

Probably lisps

2018-04-15 23:22:07 UTC


2018-04-15 23:22:09 UTC

i do not fucking lisp

2018-04-15 23:22:15 UTC

why do some gay guys sound gay?

2018-04-15 23:22:19 UTC

i can be kinda giggly

2018-04-15 23:22:27 UTC

asking for a friend

2018-04-15 23:22:36 UTC

@Mad Jack because gay people usually do not produce as much testosterone lul

2018-04-15 23:23:09 UTC

@Shrimpf will posts nudes if u say furries are cool

2018-04-15 23:23:25 UTC

Dont threaten us boy

2018-04-15 23:23:40 UTC


2018-04-15 23:23:55 UTC

Now you knowo my demands, Senator.

2018-04-15 23:24:05 UTC


2018-04-15 23:25:40 UTC

Do you have any source on the testosterone thing?

2018-04-15 23:26:15 UTC

As weird as this sounds this is a matter of debate between me and friends

2018-04-15 23:26:20 UTC

No homo

2018-04-15 23:26:37 UTC

I got to the part of avatar TLA with the blind earth girl

2018-04-15 23:26:50 UTC

And her filthy feet

2018-04-15 23:26:51 UTC

if its no homo can i suck ur dick

2018-04-15 23:26:54 UTC


2018-04-15 23:26:57 UTC

this man hasnt watched avatar yet

2018-04-15 23:27:09 UTC

fuck off she sees with her feet faggot

2018-04-15 23:27:16 UTC

toph best waifu

2018-04-15 23:27:33 UTC

They make a point of showing her filthy feet

2018-04-15 23:27:37 UTC

Not just her feet

2018-04-15 23:27:44 UTC

The fact that they're caked in dirt

2018-04-15 23:27:46 UTC

because its part of her character

2018-04-15 23:28:00 UTC

she needs to have her feet in contact with the ground at all time

2018-04-15 23:28:04 UTC

also shes kinda crude

2018-04-15 23:28:13 UTC

thats what they're trying to show.

2018-04-15 23:28:16 UTC

This reeks of the same fetishbait that Totally Spies did

2018-04-15 23:28:30 UTC

s2g is not fetishbait

2018-04-15 23:28:36 UTC

fetishbait does not make sense

2018-04-15 23:28:51 UTC

unless product dev had a fetish for it

2018-04-15 23:28:58 UTC


2018-04-15 23:29:12 UTC

swear to god

2018-04-15 23:29:34 UTC

Are YOU a footfag?

2018-04-15 23:29:53 UTC

Nah, it's one of the few I've pieced apart thi

2018-04-15 23:30:05 UTC

my fetish is girls and cute boys peeing themselves

2018-04-15 23:30:16 UTC

as well as like 15 other things

2018-04-15 23:30:22 UTC

but i dont like feet no

2018-04-15 23:30:56 UTC


2018-04-15 23:33:25 UTC

Typical of someone who'd not only defend, but favor filthyfoot Toph over based Kitara.

2018-04-15 23:33:58 UTC

They're cartoons Matt. They're not real

2018-04-15 23:34:13 UTC

I've never seen you before, you're just as real to me

2018-04-15 23:34:33 UTC

I shitpost therefore i am

2018-04-15 23:34:38 UTC


2018-04-15 23:35:07 UTC

Your waifus cant even do that

2018-04-15 23:35:24 UTC

Unless you waifu an AI

2018-04-15 23:35:51 UTC

#1 waifu is and always will be Velma.

2018-04-15 23:36:02 UTC

But that implies intelligence, so shed be too smart to post in the same discord room as you

2018-04-15 23:36:43 UTC

This says a lot about you matt

2018-04-15 23:36:45 UTC

2. Is Peach. 3 is...ehhhh... Maybe Evangeline from Wakfu?

2018-04-15 23:37:21 UTC

I like animation! *a lot*.

2018-04-15 23:37:30 UTC

We can tell

2018-04-15 23:39:09 UTC

Note that liking characters aesthetic and personality isn't the same as literally wanting to fuck them IRL

2018-04-15 23:39:35 UTC

Is this the case tho

2018-04-15 23:40:14 UTC

Mmm, warmed mulled wine on a cold rainy night is comfy

2018-04-15 23:41:37 UTC

@Mad Jack well, women in turtlenecks with short skirts and glasses is attractive any way you slice it

2018-04-15 23:41:57 UTC

But one is literally an elf and the other is a fantasy princess

2018-04-15 23:42:15 UTC

Velma's like 15 you pedo

2018-04-15 23:42:24 UTC

Actually im not sure

2018-04-15 23:42:33 UTC

Youre still a pedo tho

2018-04-15 23:42:45 UTC

I thought they were like mid 20s

2018-04-15 23:42:57 UTC

But you are right according to wikipedia

2018-04-15 23:43:03 UTC

What? How the hell is a cross country mystery solving team that DRIVES underage?

2018-04-15 23:43:12 UTC

Boggles my mind

2018-04-15 23:43:58 UTC

Fred and Shaggy are 17

2018-04-15 23:44:13 UTC

They can drive in Burgerland

2018-04-15 23:44:21 UTC

They never presented them as minors in the original show. Weird.

2018-04-15 23:44:29 UTC

Japan rules

2018-04-15 23:44:31 UTC

Learn something new every day.

2018-04-15 23:44:46 UTC

They all look mid 20s but are actually highschoolers

2018-04-15 23:45:07 UTC

At least they arent 200000 year old dragon lolis

2018-04-15 23:45:45 UTC

>troll bidding
>actually might win the auction

2018-04-15 23:46:03 UTC

Mama always said to stay away from gambling

2018-04-15 23:46:29 UTC

What are you bidding on

2018-04-15 23:46:37 UTC

what happens if you don't pay

2018-04-15 23:46:40 UTC

I'm glad I don't have any stereotypical anime waifu

2018-04-15 23:46:40 UTC

A glock kit in fuddy five

2018-04-15 23:47:25 UTC

What exactly comprises a glock kit

2018-04-15 23:47:45 UTC

Barrel, trigger pack, slide

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