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2019-06-11 03:15:57 UTC

@Bibleman should become biblecyborg

2019-06-11 03:16:06 UTC

So, without them

2019-06-11 03:16:12 UTC

How do you test your own reality?

2019-06-11 03:16:15 UTC

[Genesis 1:21]

2019-06-11 03:16:16 UTC

2019-06-11 03:16:18 UTC

@Shekhar why do you doubt? do you not want to be saved?

2019-06-11 03:16:24 UTC

the scientific method

2019-06-11 03:16:35 UTC


2019-06-11 03:16:38 UTC


2019-06-11 03:16:43 UTC

@Bibleman I doubt because of lack of evidence

2019-06-11 03:16:43 UTC

βœ… **Check <https://rythmbot.co/features#list> for a list of commands**

2019-06-11 03:16:46 UTC

what if I told you,

2019-06-11 03:16:56 UTC

If I wanted to be saved I would be a Jehovah Witness

2019-06-11 03:17:05 UTC


2019-06-11 03:17:11 UTC

Genesis 1:21

2019-06-11 03:17:13 UTC

God does the saving, not us most people get that twisted

2019-06-11 03:17:17 UTC

That there is an under lying connection between every human, what they see, and the entire geometry of the world around you?

2019-06-11 03:17:18 UTC

you will notice, that the spirit of antichrist will always try to silence the truth, hear me out Shekar, you've been lied to your whole life by people

2019-06-11 03:17:22 UTC

We just point to the truth

2019-06-11 03:17:27 UTC

And it's not mentioned in any scripture?

2019-06-11 03:17:29 UTC

What then?

2019-06-11 03:17:32 UTC

its up to them to believe it

2019-06-11 03:17:35 UTC


2019-06-11 03:17:37 UTC

let me read

2019-06-11 03:18:02 UTC

Wait shekar.... how old are you?

2019-06-11 03:18:09 UTC

@Bibleman no, people have been telling me about god, but because of lack of evidence, I decided to nit believe in him.

2019-06-11 03:18:12 UTC


2019-06-11 03:18:19 UTC

Ignore everything I said.

2019-06-11 03:18:20 UTC

but we do have evidence

2019-06-11 03:18:24 UTC

You don't need to know it.

2019-06-11 03:18:27 UTC

Catholicism is the most corrupt form of Christianity change my mind

2019-06-11 03:18:33 UTC

evidence of the Ark, evidence of chariots at the bottom of the Red sea

2019-06-11 03:18:35 UTC
2019-06-11 03:18:45 UTC

@Bibleman provide them

2019-06-11 03:19:01 UTC

@Bibleman But is there evidence that all humans alive come from noah?

2019-06-11 03:19:03 UTC


2019-06-11 03:19:07 UTC

scroll up, citizen posted a lot of ARK evidence

2019-06-11 03:19:09 UTC

No DNA that links us all.

2019-06-11 03:19:09 UTC


2019-06-11 03:19:21 UTC

No evidence to show that there is ANY WAY

2019-06-11 03:19:31 UTC

1 family can produce 7 different races.

2019-06-11 03:19:40 UTC

full video

2019-06-11 03:19:51 UTC

@Bibleman according to study, we have a common mother of sorts. she lived in Africa about 150,000 years ago. before the universe was created by God

2019-06-11 03:20:08 UTC

@Shekhar mitochondrial eve

2019-06-11 03:20:12 UTC


2019-06-11 03:20:17 UTC

yes Hamburger

2019-06-11 03:20:20 UTC

100% right

2019-06-11 03:20:23 UTC

I love when they drop little truths,

2019-06-11 03:20:24 UTC


2019-06-11 03:20:28 UTC

and people remember them.

2019-06-11 03:20:29 UTC


2019-06-11 03:20:38 UTC

You guys are in the womb of creation.

2019-06-11 03:20:46 UTC

The Heart.

2019-06-11 03:20:48 UTC

The egg cell when fertilized into a Zygote the mitochondria keeps the mother's DNA uunchanged so you can trace it back

2019-06-11 03:20:49 UTC

The mitochondrial DNA from a common ancestor could explain the diffrences in skin tone

2019-06-11 03:20:53 UTC

Genesis 1:21

2019-06-11 03:20:55 UTC

assuming I am understanding right

2019-06-11 03:21:33 UTC


2019-06-11 03:21:41 UTC

@Brian (Fourth Amendment) wth do you mean?

2019-06-11 03:21:42 UTC

I don't see the connection

2019-06-11 03:21:45 UTC

Bible bot is currently not working for some reason

2019-06-11 03:21:54 UTC

yes, stop please @Citizen Z

2019-06-11 03:21:54 UTC

Can use erasmus

2019-06-11 03:22:08 UTC

Just have to use brackets

2019-06-11 03:22:11 UTC

does Bbilebot have permissions?

2019-06-11 03:22:15 UTC


2019-06-11 03:22:16 UTC

@Shekhar You need to be a bit more respectful when you talk to people brother

2019-06-11 03:22:25 UTC

[Genesis 1:21]

2019-06-11 03:22:26 UTC

2019-06-11 03:22:31 UTC

i had to make Biblebot a mod in my server

2019-06-11 03:22:33 UTC

Did you set it to listen to this channel

2019-06-11 03:22:45 UTC

He isnt working currently

2019-06-11 03:22:50 UTC

He has permission

2019-06-11 03:22:52 UTC


2019-06-11 03:22:58 UTC


2019-06-11 03:23:00 UTC
2019-06-11 03:23:15 UTC


2019-06-11 03:23:17 UTC

Dont understand

2019-06-11 03:23:24 UTC


2019-06-11 03:23:24 UTC

_contemplates cracking a joke about praying for the bible bot._

2019-06-11 03:23:30 UTC

_decides agaisnt it._

2019-06-11 03:23:32 UTC


2019-06-11 03:23:35 UTC

$setversion kjv

2019-06-11 03:23:36 UTC

2019-06-11 03:23:45 UTC


2019-06-11 03:23:52 UTC

[Genesis 1:21]

2019-06-11 03:23:53 UTC

2019-06-11 03:23:56 UTC

there we go

2019-06-11 03:24:04 UTC

all I'm saying is, there needn't be a creator for life anywhere

2019-06-11 03:24:16 UTC

But there is

2019-06-11 03:24:22 UTC

And the evidence is all around you.

2019-06-11 03:24:26 UTC

I am already

2019-06-11 03:24:33 UTC


2019-06-11 03:24:36 UTC

abiogenesis and natural selection is good enough

2019-06-11 03:24:43 UTC

But is it?

2019-06-11 03:24:44 UTC

Impossible @Shekhar

2019-06-11 03:24:48 UTC


2019-06-11 03:24:52 UTC

Do you honestly feel that you are the "natrually selected?"

2019-06-11 03:24:58 UTC

@Shekhar i got a great video for you

2019-06-11 03:24:59 UTC


2019-06-11 03:25:01 UTC

Abiogenesis is nice but what about before the big bang

2019-06-11 03:25:02 UTC

You think you would last in your enviroment natrually?

2019-06-11 03:25:17 UTC

We aren't 1/4 of the men who came before us.

2019-06-11 03:25:17 UTC

us creatures are by no means perfect (which would be the case if a God made us)

2019-06-11 03:25:32 UTC

Each generation gets weaker

2019-06-11 03:25:33 UTC

I do gandalf because of my nature as a man to be in opposition to God, I am naturally selected for destruction. Thanks be to Jesus Christ for saving me from myself

2019-06-11 03:25:43 UTC

Arguing about whether got directly orchestrated biogenesis is ridiculous because he is ultimately the creator either way

2019-06-11 03:26:03 UTC

Your nature as a man to be in opposition to God?

2019-06-11 03:26:07 UTC

@Hamburger Guy the big bang from a singularity is nit the only hypothesis. there is also quantum tunneling and a theory that universe only contracts and expands

2019-06-11 03:26:13 UTC

Maybe for you friend.

2019-06-11 03:26:19 UTC

But I've always loved my father, no matter his name.

2019-06-11 03:26:26 UTC

Never had a will to challenge him.

2019-06-11 03:26:42 UTC

why is god a humanoid figure

2019-06-11 03:26:44 UTC

@Shekhar and I'm supposed to believe nothing triggered that and it simply goes on forever

2019-06-11 03:26:51 UTC

Why are you assuming it's humanoid?

2019-06-11 03:26:53 UTC

why not be a multi-headed dragon

2019-06-11 03:27:04 UTC
2019-06-11 03:27:04 UTC

@GandalfTheGreen If we say we are without sin we are a liar and the truth is not in us

2019-06-11 03:27:07 UTC

Why even have a form, period?

2019-06-11 03:27:09 UTC


He is a synthetic chemist with 200 patents

Proves abiogensis, at least on earth is utterly impossible.

He has a few videosvery comprehensive.

He goes through the process of actually making a complex molecule. To say it is difficult is the understatement of the year.

HE invented the nanocar. A molecular car with actual rotating wheels.

The bottom line is NO abiogeneses ....organic matter from inorganic matter, you can't even get to evolution. rock babies... impossible.


2019-06-11 03:27:14 UTC

I am not claiming I am without sim

2019-06-11 03:27:15 UTC

2019-06-11 03:27:15 UTC


2019-06-11 03:27:22 UTC

the universe was always there and it just contracts and expands

2019-06-11 03:27:29 UTC

I am claiming that I don't intentionally oppose God, as you claim it's in your nature to do so.

2019-06-11 03:27:32 UTC

Just urging caution brother gandalf

2019-06-11 03:27:38 UTC

I do not find it natural at all to oppose the creator

2019-06-11 03:27:44 UTC

Watch that video. I know its long but its good. @Shekhar

2019-06-11 03:27:52 UTC

The bible says is ALL of our natures to be in oppostion to God

2019-06-11 03:27:54 UTC

Full stop

2019-06-11 03:27:55 UTC

Sin, is perspectivce.

2019-06-11 03:28:01 UTC

What is sin to the lion may not be to the wolf.

2019-06-11 03:28:03 UTC

@Citizen Z simple amino acids have been formed in labs without human interaction in early earth condition

2019-06-11 03:28:03 UTC

Not my words, Gods

2019-06-11 03:28:08 UTC

@Shekhar you can't say that with certainty nobody can physicists don't even pretend

2019-06-11 03:28:08 UTC


2019-06-11 03:28:16 UTC

The creator doesn't speak in words.

2019-06-11 03:28:19 UTC

Or write them.

2019-06-11 03:28:22 UTC

@Shekhar watch the video

2019-06-11 03:28:31 UTC

Everything the creator has ever said, is all around you.

2019-06-11 03:28:34 UTC

In his creation.

2019-06-11 03:28:37 UTC


2019-06-11 03:28:37 UTC

@Citizen Z I will.

2019-06-11 03:28:41 UTC


2019-06-11 03:28:49 UTC

He spoke to Moses did he not, Gandalf?

2019-06-11 03:28:49 UTC

can you DM that to me so it doesn't get lost in chat

2019-06-11 03:29:00 UTC

And gave him laws for the people of Israel

2019-06-11 03:29:02 UTC

The guy created a nano car

2019-06-11 03:29:07 UTC

I wasn't there Brian, and I'm not going to let the same people running the world today continue to deceive me.

2019-06-11 03:29:09 UTC

Its amazing actually

2019-06-11 03:29:13 UTC

I feel bad for thsoe that do.

2019-06-11 03:29:17 UTC

I'm going back to my roots.

2019-06-11 03:29:23 UTC

@Shekhar why are you opposed to the Bible, have you read it?

2019-06-11 03:29:25 UTC

nice song

2019-06-11 03:29:35 UTC

because the message the bible has is good

2019-06-11 03:29:48 UTC

@Bibleman I have read the Bible and have also read the Bhagavad geeta

2019-06-11 03:29:54 UTC

I understand Gandalf. The bible is the only thing I have from GOD so I have to trust in his Word

2019-06-11 03:29:58 UTC

all im saying

2019-06-11 03:30:06 UTC

How do you use the bot?

2019-06-11 03:30:11 UTC

Just this { }

2019-06-11 03:30:12 UTC


2019-06-11 03:30:15 UTC


2019-06-11 03:30:23 UTC

{Job 2:3}

2019-06-11 03:30:23 UTC


2019-06-11 03:30:25 UTC


2019-06-11 03:30:31 UTC

[Job 2:3]

2019-06-11 03:30:32 UTC

2019-06-11 03:30:41 UTC

Great verse

2019-06-11 03:30:53 UTC

Yea, it's a great story how "God" destroy's Jobs life.

2019-06-11 03:30:56 UTC

I like this the best. I use it as a meme daily

2019-06-11 03:30:58 UTC

He was rewarded in the end.

2019-06-11 03:31:05 UTC

[genesis 1:3]

2019-06-11 03:31:05 UTC

2019-06-11 03:31:05 UTC

REgardless of how his wife and kids ended up.

2019-06-11 03:31:21 UTC

I made it a meme in my household

2019-06-11 03:31:21 UTC

[Hosea 13:4]

2019-06-11 03:31:26 UTC

God spoke everything into existance

2019-06-11 03:31:36 UTC

lol no

2019-06-11 03:31:39 UTC


2019-06-11 03:31:47 UTC


2019-06-11 03:31:47 UTC

why does god keep changing?

2019-06-11 03:32:01 UTC

[Hosea 13:4]

2019-06-11 03:32:02 UTC

it used to be the elements and not the god we know

2019-06-11 03:32:03 UTC

2019-06-11 03:32:07 UTC

God proved a point to Satan there, that our Father would continue to be worshiped because Job believed. No matter what satan or the world did it would not sway him. The bible tells us over and overf our faith will be tired, we will be tempted and each time we grow stronger

2019-06-11 03:32:08 UTC

There we go

2019-06-11 03:32:09 UTC

he doesn't change

2019-06-11 03:32:12 UTC

so I dont mind the trials

2019-06-11 03:32:17 UTC

I look at them as growth

2019-06-11 03:32:21 UTC

and there are hundreds of gods in Hindu belief

2019-06-11 03:32:24 UTC

Yea, it was a great point to Satan, but it was pretty bad for god's children. You know, Job's family

2019-06-11 03:32:30 UTC

Though he was a kind and loving God

2019-06-11 03:32:36 UTC

Seems like this jealousy thing goes a bit too far.

2019-06-11 03:32:40 UTC

I'm more of a family man.

2019-06-11 03:32:46 UTC

No torture pit for my kids

2019-06-11 03:32:59 UTC

No need to ruin anyones family.

2019-06-11 03:33:03 UTC

That's not love.

2019-06-11 03:33:11 UTC

But it's a great way to use fear as a tool for control.

2019-06-11 03:33:16 UTC

I'll be right back

2019-06-11 03:33:17 UTC


2019-06-11 03:33:19 UTC

Fear is actually one of the oldest driving needs for people

2019-06-11 03:33:22 UTC

Fear and Desire.

2019-06-11 03:33:30 UTC

The 2 things constantly stimulated by society

2019-06-11 03:33:38 UTC

Religion is the same.

2019-06-11 03:33:54 UTC

Fear the wrath of the divine, and desire to spend eternity with them at the same time

2019-06-11 03:34:19 UTC

hindu belief is false though

2019-06-11 03:34:35 UTC

I notice a lot of people tend to blame GOD. Diseases, natural disaster's, death etc. When Adam and eve Fell all of creation fell with them. Adams wrong choice caused this and the bad things happening are the effect of that choice, and adam and ever were the cause. GOD is not the cause WE are.

2019-06-11 03:34:41 UTC

Those are man's issues.

2019-06-11 03:34:44 UTC

But what God did

2019-06-11 03:34:47 UTC

we have to stop blaming God and start looking in a mirror

2019-06-11 03:34:49 UTC

or what the bible claims god did

2019-06-11 03:34:56 UTC

That's God taking accountability

2019-06-11 03:34:58 UTC

Not Man.

2019-06-11 03:35:02 UTC

Job didn't ask for what he got.

2019-06-11 03:35:12 UTC

Nobody else to blame there but the big man.

2019-06-11 03:35:15 UTC

That is.....

2019-06-11 03:35:23 UTC

If you honestly think your creator would do that.

2019-06-11 03:35:30 UTC

The God of the bible is not effected by time, space or matter. If He is effected by time, space or matter, He is not God. Time space and matter is what we call a continuum, they all came into existence at the same instance. Because if there were matter with no space, where would you put it? If there were matter and space but no time, when would you put it? You cannot have time, space or matter independently, they have to come into existence simultaneous. The bible answers that in 10 words.

**In the beginning (time) God created the Heaven (space) and the Earth (matter)**

So you have time, space and matter created the trinities of trinities there just as:
Time is past, Present and Future.
Space is length, width and height.
Matter has solid, liquid and gas.

You have the trinity of trinities created instantaneously and the God who created them has to be outside of them. If He is limited by time, He is not God. The God who created this "computer", is not in the computer. He is not running around in there changing the numbers on the screen. The God who created this universe is outside of the universe. He is above it, beyond it, through it. He Is unaffected by it.

So for the concept that a spiritual force cannot have any effect on a material body, well then I guess you would have to explain to me things like emotions and love and hatred and envy and jealousy and rationality. If your brain is just a random collection of chemicals that formed by chance over billions of years, how on Earth can you trust your own reasoning process and thoughts that you think?

So the question, where did God come from, is assuming a limited God.

And that's your problem.

The God that I worship is not limited by time, space or matter.

If I could fit the infinite God in my three pound brain, He would not be worth worshipping, that's for certain. So that's the God that I worship.


2019-06-11 03:35:31 UTC


2019-06-11 03:35:43 UTC

2019-06-11 03:35:53 UTC

Gandalf your life here is over in a nano second, eternity with your creator is the goal....I wont live for the world and the things that perish I am interested in eternity with my creator

2019-06-11 03:36:03 UTC


2019-06-11 03:36:20 UTC

My life here is continuous, only I don't remember how many cycles I've been through.

2019-06-11 03:36:24 UTC

[Isaiah] 29:16

2019-06-11 03:36:25 UTC

Some people are lucky enough to remember.

2019-06-11 03:36:30 UTC

Me, not so much.

2019-06-11 03:37:02 UTC

That's how the elite keep coming back

2019-06-11 03:37:08 UTC

Its a personal choice brother and one that can not be forced on anyone. God gave us free will and does not force us, so who am I his creation to try and force anyone? Make sense

2019-06-11 03:37:15 UTC

I just point the way, God does the saving

2019-06-11 03:37:17 UTC

im just a servant

2019-06-11 03:37:28 UTC

Please understand, I very much believe in what you call "God"

2019-06-11 03:37:35 UTC

Just not in the way that you do at all.

2019-06-11 03:37:42 UTC

Read that argument i posted for the existence of God

2019-06-11 03:37:58 UTC

will do Citizen

2019-06-11 03:38:01 UTC

I copied it from a religious debate long time ago

2019-06-11 03:38:04 UTC

It's Ken's argument

2019-06-11 03:38:04 UTC


2019-06-11 03:38:07 UTC

It's a classic

2019-06-11 03:38:13 UTC


2019-06-11 03:38:13 UTC

I already believe but it will be edifying

2019-06-11 03:38:14 UTC

Because it invokes the trinity.

2019-06-11 03:38:20 UTC

Because reality itself invokes the trinity.

2019-06-11 03:38:25 UTC

Its good

2019-06-11 03:38:25 UTC

See, this is why I get so mad

2019-06-11 03:38:29 UTC

You guys are so close,

2019-06-11 03:38:33 UTC

to seeing a really big picture

2019-06-11 03:38:34 UTC


2019-06-11 03:38:46 UTC

But the book that binds, has got you BOUND GOOD.

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