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2018-07-28 22:56:54 UTC

@Dina u so sweet, no one is complaining on u

2018-07-28 22:56:58 UTC


2018-07-28 22:57:09 UTC

Bookem Dan O

2018-07-28 22:57:16 UTC

@D3M0_Anon thanks a bunch

2018-07-28 22:57:22 UTC
2018-07-28 22:57:31 UTC


2018-07-28 22:57:40 UTC

@Coach Clay Sorry, but there is a HUGE difference between opinion and dictating, vulgar name calling and telling members here to FO

2018-07-28 22:58:48 UTC

@JonJon Thank you I appreciate it

2018-07-28 22:59:25 UTC

we get trolls here but rarely

2018-07-28 22:59:37 UTC

gettign weird lately lol

2018-07-28 22:59:37 UTC

@D3M0_Anon Thank you ❀

2018-07-28 22:59:52 UTC

@JonJon expect it to get worse

2018-07-28 23:00:04 UTC

More flak and strafing fire as we zero in

2018-07-28 23:00:17 UTC


2018-07-28 23:00:17 UTC

```over the target```

2018-07-28 23:01:18 UTC

from dude---> "Something to say faggot ? How long you been around ? What have you done for the movement ? What have you contributed ? How many acts and risk do you have built into the movement ? Shut the fuck up before you get some slap and tickle . This isn't a game or another social media platform bitch boy . Keep running that mouth and keyboard Jon ."

2018-07-28 23:02:17 UTC

WOW...this is NOT *CHAN BOARD....which I did remind him of

2018-07-28 23:02:38 UTC

i don't think that guy was a proper chan guy

2018-07-28 23:03:00 UTC

they have manners to some extent, unlike him

2018-07-28 23:03:01 UTC

No...or he got booted from there lol

2018-07-28 23:03:14 UTC

πŸ‘€ That was interesting to watch 😬

2018-07-28 23:03:39 UTC

@Lady Cole i feel bad now. at least it was exciting

2018-07-28 23:04:16 UTC

Agree @Karl XII they may use language and some of it vulgar...but mostly Lurking and reading, they seem like great people

2018-07-28 23:06:02 UTC

@JonJon I don't feel bad at all...that fool was so far out of line....There is zero call for vulgar name calling and certainly not his place to tell people how this room is to be used

2018-07-28 23:06:23 UTC

@2SCOOPS-BIGHANDS have you smelled your shit lately?

2018-07-28 23:06:58 UTC


2018-07-28 23:07:15 UTC

Back with a new name...

2018-07-28 23:07:17 UTC

@2SCOOPS-BIGHANDS you can join your friends and leave

2018-07-28 23:07:18 UTC

Changed his name and came back again I see

2018-07-28 23:07:29 UTC


2018-07-28 23:08:09 UTC

@2SCOOPS-BIGHANDS we don’t put up with BS

2018-07-28 23:08:16 UTC

No...not one of our own

2018-07-28 23:08:37 UTC

i never wanted to be a hall monitor but i would do it for occasions like this.

2018-07-28 23:09:28 UTC

2 David 3:7 "on that day it will start with trolls"

2018-07-28 23:09:34 UTC

@2SCOOPS-BIGHANDS your brain works on ghetto beans

2018-07-28 23:09:41 UTC

Retweet by Joe Biggs.....Cernovich denies sign.

2018-07-28 23:09:42 UTC


2018-07-28 23:10:10 UTC

@2SCOOPS-BIGHANDS Hillary wants you

2018-07-28 23:10:57 UTC

@2SCOOPS-BIGHANDS how much is Soros paying you

2018-07-28 23:10:57 UTC

have at her...now please leave and go find somewhere else to shill

2018-07-28 23:12:08 UTC

@2SCOOPS-BIGHANDS or are you being paid by Alex Soros

2018-07-28 23:12:14 UTC

You have gained a rank @2SCOOPS-BIGHANDS, you just advanced to 1 . Thanks for all you do Patriot!

2018-07-28 23:13:00 UTC

@2SCOOPS-BIGHANDS guilty ones yell the loudest

2018-07-28 23:13:40 UTC

and thats why you gotta go

2018-07-28 23:13:46 UTC

Is this a shill area? Http://Worldie.com

2018-07-28 23:13:56 UTC

A Patriot I am. A trool or shill I am not.

2018-07-28 23:14:13 UTC

Trolls are right in line after low IQ Maxine.

2018-07-28 23:14:17 UTC


2018-07-28 23:14:17 UTC

You have gained a rank @NewInsideOut, you just advanced to 5 . Thanks for all you do Patriot!

2018-07-28 23:14:18 UTC

@2SCOOPS-BIGHANDS you are the retard look at yourself ,and what you are tuping

2018-07-28 23:14:36 UTC

Hmm *blames moon*

2018-07-28 23:15:08 UTC

If you guys don't stop I'll be forced to grab popcorn

2018-07-28 23:15:17 UTC

cool it

2018-07-28 23:15:27 UTC

@2SCOOPS-BIGHANDS go back to UNI rock

2018-07-28 23:15:30 UTC

bigger things in our lives right everyone

2018-07-28 23:15:37 UTC


2018-07-28 23:15:57 UTC

so how about those clinton murders>'

2018-07-28 23:15:57 UTC

pulblished july 12 2018 https://youtu.be/DWN4IGYKNw0

2018-07-28 23:16:45 UTC

Don't join them.

2018-07-28 23:17:11 UTC

Free Speech, All-In-One Social Network!! http://worldie.com/

2018-07-28 23:17:22 UTC

Join who?

2018-07-28 23:17:58 UTC


2018-07-28 23:18:03 UTC

@D3M0_Anon Hi there, did you boot me from here a few min ago?

2018-07-28 23:18:15 UTC

Of course I did

2018-07-28 23:18:30 UTC

Not like you weren't back in a flash

2018-07-28 23:18:34 UTC

and rank doesnt matter

2018-07-28 23:18:42 UTC


2018-07-28 23:18:42 UTC


2018-07-28 23:18:49 UTC


2018-07-28 23:19:03 UTC

@Kathryn44 yes? 🀣

2018-07-28 23:19:11 UTC


2018-07-28 23:19:15 UTC

I don't understand. I have been here since January, I go on freedom rings and have contributed many times. That you did that was not warrented.

2018-07-28 23:19:46 UTC

@Kathryn44 not sure it you've seen me do that, but i do it for fun. πŸ˜€

2018-07-28 23:20:01 UTC

@2SCOOPS-BIGHANDS Shhhhhh the dont disturb the Kosher truthers....you cant disturb their world view....no matter how many times Q warns them

2018-07-28 23:20:16 UTC

Unfortunately D3 took someones word you were with the antifa idiots @Coach Clay

2018-07-28 23:20:36 UTC

The trolls are up in here ... woo hoo ganga be a fun night

2018-07-28 23:20:44 UTC


2018-07-28 23:20:55 UTC

All you asses go troll somewhere else

2018-07-28 23:21:02 UTC

If yall don't stop I'm gonna put my hat on.


2018-07-28 23:21:08 UTC

@Kathryn44 That I am not.

2018-07-28 23:21:28 UTC

and I should not have just been lumped in with some troll based on nothing.

2018-07-28 23:21:47 UTC

You have gained a rank @2SCOOPS-BIGHANDS, you just advanced to 2 . Thanks for all you do Patriot!

2018-07-28 23:21:49 UTC

@SighOperator check dm

2018-07-28 23:21:51 UTC


2018-07-28 23:22:20 UTC


2018-07-28 23:22:29 UTC

Just because you disagree with someone does not make you a troll....Thats leftist brainwashing at its finest.

2018-07-28 23:22:30 UTC

I’m not a goy

2018-07-28 23:22:31 UTC

too hard, not "to" hard

2018-07-28 23:22:35 UTC

Im not a Goy but I play one on TV

2018-07-28 23:22:46 UTC


2018-07-28 23:22:59 UTC

Flash mob

2018-07-28 23:23:00 UTC

WWG1WGA!!! Remember who the enemy is. Remember who we are. God's speed Patriots!

2018-07-28 23:23:04 UTC

this is an "our crowd" server

2018-07-28 23:23:06 UTC


2018-07-28 23:23:16 UTC

You got a problem with that

2018-07-28 23:23:30 UTC


2018-07-28 23:23:46 UTC


2018-07-28 23:24:06 UTC


2018-07-28 23:24:44 UTC

Troll flash mob

2018-07-28 23:24:48 UTC

So how do we block people here?

2018-07-28 23:25:00 UTC

You trolls are so talented

2018-07-28 23:25:07 UTC

sadly we can not..only admin can

2018-07-28 23:25:29 UTC

Forget the troll bait. WWG1WGA. We know who we are, and what's at stake. Ignore the flack. They have no power over us .

2018-07-28 23:25:30 UTC

Trolls are idiots. I have yet to see one who can spell correctly.

2018-07-28 23:26:09 UTC


2018-07-28 23:26:19 UTC

However, idiots like this will chase off new people who are good and here for the right reasons..

2018-07-28 23:26:36 UTC


2018-07-28 23:26:50 UTC

actually are

2018-07-28 23:27:03 UTC

I just got on and it was pretty obvious who the idiot [email protected]

2018-07-28 23:27:06 UTC


2018-07-28 23:27:10 UTC

well, there was that one dude...Jesus lol

2018-07-28 23:27:11 UTC

i wuz almost a 4-time champeen spelluhr but that wuz in the early 70s--i'm still bitter, lol.

2018-07-28 23:27:11 UTC

@2SCOOPS-BIGHANDS go back to your cave

2018-07-28 23:27:12 UTC

@Gelfling Now be careful with insults. Use your words to argue your points and back them up with facts and data...shouting people down with insults is how ANTIFA operates

2018-07-28 23:27:23 UTC

The proper way to take care of shills is to put them on the ignore list... that way you don't cut their freedom of speech and they can keep writing what ever they want to read... and we can keep diggin without interruptions... ur welcome πŸ€“

2018-07-28 23:27:54 UTC

@Ark of Info [GER] How do we mute the shill?

2018-07-28 23:28:02 UTC

@Everyone @Coach Clay Is cool and has been here Awhile. I'm totally not sure about @2SCOOPS-BIGHANDS yet But I need you all to know I am sick of any petty talk of rank or post amounts and Over it. I will be defintely handing out more and more warnings on it and kicks and bans. Were here to not fight eachother at all take it private dont mess with PSB's Chats.

2018-07-28 23:28:07 UTC

2018-07-28 23:28:38 UTC

25 Showed up right after you booted the other shill @D3M0_Anon

2018-07-28 23:28:44 UTC

@D3M0_Anon 2scoops posting way too much anti Jew stuff. gettign redundant

2018-07-28 23:28:49 UTC

Clearwater police have arrested a man accused of firing a gun out of an open sunroof while driving on the Memorial Causeway Bridge. wfla.com/1331131511

2018-07-28 23:29:07 UTC

rightclick and block @ALL

2018-07-28 23:29:17 UTC

Hugs, Brill.

2018-07-28 23:29:18 UTC

Thank you @D3M0_Anon

2018-07-28 23:29:20 UTC

Sorry Truth Be Told......I meant... it is pretty obvious who is intelligence challenged.

2018-07-28 23:29:24 UTC

Patriots Unite

2018-07-28 23:29:30 UTC

hi y'all!

2018-07-28 23:29:53 UTC

@brillanon you and your family are in my prayers.

2018-07-28 23:29:53 UTC

sounds like I missed drama

2018-07-28 23:30:13 UTC


2018-07-28 23:30:26 UTC

Cool...there is a block...Thanks

2018-07-28 23:30:27 UTC

my mic is screwed upi....

2018-07-28 23:30:27 UTC

@Coach Clay if u r 'cool"...why agree with the obvious asshole shill dude? if thats "cool" then count me out

2018-07-28 23:30:42 UTC

@Page Hello πŸ‘‹

2018-07-28 23:30:42 UTC

@Page just troll toys. Getting shook like dog toys.

2018-07-28 23:30:56 UTC

its cool to attack people with vulgar slurs?

2018-07-28 23:31:00 UTC

Hi @Dina!

2018-07-28 23:31:09 UTC
2018-07-28 23:31:12 UTC

Jon Jon it wasn't Clay

2018-07-28 23:31:20 UTC

@JonJon I did NOT agree. I said 'everyone has an opinion' That is ALL that I said. nothing more.

2018-07-28 23:31:21 UTC

You have gained a rank @Coach Clay, you just advanced to 12 . Thanks for all you do Patriot!

2018-07-28 23:31:22 UTC

@Lyonnaise de Dieu Hello how are you doing today πŸ‘‹πŸ™‚

2018-07-28 23:31:31 UTC

@Coach Clay I’m with Jon Jon

2018-07-28 23:31:47 UTC

@Gelfling Its hard to Red Pill if you cant articulate your points or want people to be censored. We need to get away from safe spaces and echo chambers. Go to 4 chan /pol/ and sharpen your skills.

2018-07-28 23:32:05 UTC

I am sorry D3MO. I will behave. πŸ™„

2018-07-28 23:32:11 UTC

Go look at what I said!!! Saying everyone has an opinion means nothing about agreeing with him!!!

2018-07-28 23:32:47 UTC

@Deleted User anti censorship doesn’t mean you can go outta your way to be a dickhead

2018-07-28 23:32:54 UTC

That is what you said Clay....cause I responded to you

2018-07-28 23:33:14 UTC

I'm good. I'm trying to sit still. I am recovering from a crushed injury that happened in Feb. I still get a lot of swelling. It's annoying. 😠 Other that that, I'm great! How are you? @Dina

2018-07-28 23:33:18 UTC

Truth Betold....no way! I am not posting in Chans! I can behave.

2018-07-28 23:33:30 UTC

Have some class or gtfo

2018-07-28 23:33:39 UTC

I definitely do NOT agree with the troll in the room OK People?!!

2018-07-28 23:33:40 UTC

@JonJon docile pronounced dos ile

2018-07-28 23:33:48 UTC

Respect others differences then

2018-07-28 23:34:06 UTC

@Fremp Excatly...thats what Im advocating for. Sane arguments backed up with facts.

2018-07-28 23:34:29 UTC

@Coach Clay pretty much u r defending him with that statement. him coming in and attacking people personally etc isnt really an "opinion"

2018-07-28 23:34:30 UTC

Here he is


2018-07-28 23:34:31 UTC

Thank you @Kathryn44

2018-07-28 23:34:35 UTC

I sorta started this, but only because I strongly objected to the vulgar name calling

2018-07-28 23:34:42 UTC


2018-07-28 23:34:53 UTC

NP Clay...you spoke the truth

2018-07-28 23:35:18 UTC

he must be talking about flat earthers.

2018-07-28 23:35:24 UTC

@Lyonnaise de Dieu so sorry to hear about your crushed injury I did not know that happened to you I will have you in my prayers for a speedy recovery πŸ‘ƒπŸ‘ƒπŸ‘ƒπŸ‘ƒ

2018-07-28 23:35:32 UTC

Lets get this straight people. I don't agree with bad language or name calling. So please lets stop this silliness and get back to working on good things

2018-07-28 23:35:35 UTC

are Clay and Celtic playing off each other?

2018-07-28 23:36:04 UTC

With each other

2018-07-28 23:36:13 UTC

I thought clay had been here a good while

2018-07-28 23:36:14 UTC

I think it’s a circle jerk

2018-07-28 23:36:19 UTC

I have no idea though

2018-07-28 23:36:20 UTC

No....not really. I am standing up for Clay because what he is sayiing is the truth is all

2018-07-28 23:36:39 UTC

just trying to figure it out what's going on

2018-07-28 23:37:00 UTC

@retiredDep I have made a room for all your drops it is called <#472909577931849739> Fill It! πŸ˜‰

2018-07-28 23:37:01 UTC

@Fremp See what you are doing? Responding in kind. You just lectured me and then act in the exact same manner you are lecturing against

2018-07-28 23:37:22 UTC

As my dad told me

2018-07-28 23:37:25 UTC

I feel bad because I started this sorta, by calling out a very vulgar shill on his dictating and really vulgar name calling

2018-07-28 23:37:29 UTC

Do as I say not as I do

2018-07-28 23:37:30 UTC

Playing off eachother? @Page wow, this has really gone the wrong direction lol

2018-07-28 23:37:54 UTC

@Coach Clay in retrospect...seems u misspoke then huh?

2018-07-28 23:38:27 UTC

@Page shills happened ... it got a little exiting in here

2018-07-28 23:38:39 UTC

*lets things rest* wishes others would

2018-07-28 23:39:12 UTC

No worries! It's a long term thing. It will take a couple of years. I got pinned between cars in an MVA. I'm lucky to have both legs - hand of God, no joke - major hardcore bone bruising but no broken bones or ligiments in either knee. I know miracles happen, I am one. I recovered pretty fast though 4 months, the rest is time swelling and reconnecting nerves. @Dina

2018-07-28 23:40:04 UTC

@Sara about half the time stuff gets sprayed...its sprayed by the "victims" lol

2018-07-28 23:40:10 UTC

So.....it is 100 degrees here in the shade. I am waiting for it to cool off so I can go swimming....(lol)

2018-07-28 23:40:30 UTC

@D3M0_Anon I am sorry....I guess I should not have called the other guy out to begin with. I have strong feelings where his type of language is concerned. Apologies to the rest of the room as well

2018-07-28 23:40:43 UTC

Dang Raging!

2018-07-28 23:40:50 UTC

You have gained a rank @2SCOOPS-BIGHANDS, you just advanced to 3 . Thanks for all you do Patriot!

2018-07-28 23:41:10 UTC

*points @letItRest* were all working with last post "Under threat of Kill every Moment"

2018-07-28 23:41:27 UTC


2018-07-28 23:41:33 UTC

If they get little or no response to their bait, they will eventually get bored.

2018-07-28 23:41:33 UTC


2018-07-28 23:41:48 UTC

@Lyonnaise de Dieu God is Good All the time have Faith you will heal With God All Things are Possible my FriendπŸ‘ƒ

2018-07-28 23:42:10 UTC

@NewInsideOut yep. im gonna go ahead and blocks the trolls/shills and those who agree with them and give them aid. should get quiter then

2018-07-28 23:42:48 UTC

@Dinai could not agree more! I have more to do, apparently... And I guess I need both legs to do it. Lol I can work with this!! πŸ€“

2018-07-28 23:43:14 UTC

It appears to me that the Criminal Leftist will do any thing to support crime and terrorists! And us all of the Media to promote their criminal behavior! All the while oppressing those that are getting the truth out! Twitter lied again anything new here? #TAKEITBACK <#464841979897970698>


2018-07-28 23:44:14 UTC

a troll is a troll is a troll

2018-07-28 23:45:03 UTC

I saw your post Brill. God be with you.

2018-07-28 23:45:11 UTC

Where do we get the cool emoji stuff people are putting underneath other people's comments?

2018-07-28 23:46:07 UTC

@Gelfling If you hover to the right of the post you will see a smily face..just click on it and they come up

2018-07-28 23:46:31 UTC

You will be on my mind and in my heart tomorrow Brill.

2018-07-28 23:46:31 UTC

You have gained a rank @Gelfling, you just advanced to 5 . Thanks for all you do Patriot!

2scoops - why are you typing in a voice txt channel?

2018-07-28 23:46:56 UTC

You have gained a rank @αΆœΚ³αΆ¦α΅—α΅—αΆ», you just advanced to 8 . Thanks for all you do Patriot!

come use your big words on mic

2018-07-28 23:48:01 UTC

Celtic....I am on an iPad. That might be my first problem. 😜

2018-07-28 23:48:12 UTC

@αΆœΚ³αΆ¦α΅—α΅—αΆ» omg, dont invit ethat idiot intho voice lol

2018-07-28 23:50:29 UTC

maybe @Gelfling Perhaps ask if anyone else is on device so they can help you. Also if you use the @ symbol and type in the first few letters, you will get the list of peeps here that have those letters starting their name

what convo? were on a voice channel

2018-07-28 23:51:59 UTC

@Gelfling depends r u on phone ?

lurk more 2scoops

2018-07-28 23:54:31 UTC


2018-07-28 23:54:43 UTC


2018-07-28 23:55:51 UTC

I like how folk like to say "we r in a war".....then they wanna go all pacifist lol

2018-07-28 23:57:00 UTC

BLM needs a new slogan

2018-07-28 23:57:22 UTC

Many different ways to fight a war Jon Jon πŸ˜‰ We all do our part in the way that fits us best. We can not all be Slayers

2018-07-28 23:58:14 UTC

dont tell the slayers to be chickenhawks though

2018-07-28 23:58:26 UTC

and some TUMS

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