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2019-08-19 03:57:47 UTC

I felt like saw everything happen lol

2019-08-19 03:58:04 UTC

Right ? Great imagery

2019-08-19 03:58:06 UTC

pictured John Wayne walking thru the village.. barking orders

2019-08-19 03:58:13 UTC


2019-08-19 03:58:16 UTC

bears.. walking along the forest line..

2019-08-19 03:58:19 UTC


2019-08-19 03:58:24 UTC

Pretty amazing life

2019-08-19 03:58:31 UTC

You betcha

2019-08-19 03:58:41 UTC


2019-08-19 03:58:52 UTC


2019-08-19 03:58:55 UTC


2019-08-19 03:59:00 UTC

Where in the world is everyone? lol

2019-08-19 03:59:02 UTC


2019-08-19 03:59:09 UTC

Nothing to see here...

2019-08-19 03:59:12 UTC


2019-08-19 03:59:19 UTC

we need to do this

2019-08-19 03:59:21 UTC

every week

2019-08-19 03:59:24 UTC

interview hour

2019-08-19 03:59:25 UTC


2019-08-19 04:00:09 UTC

LOL See ? Jayde was right about you ! You could be a show host easily, and have guests on that you interview.

2019-08-19 04:00:28 UTC

Oh my word I didn't mean in a professional manner LOL

2019-08-19 04:00:33 UTC

I just meant for us here lol

2019-08-19 04:00:38 UTC


2019-08-19 04:00:49 UTC

Well, ok...The PSB show host

2019-08-19 04:00:59 UTC


2019-08-19 04:01:17 UTC

would be cool to highlight patriots

2019-08-19 04:01:27 UTC

we all have amazing lives..

2019-08-19 04:01:28 UTC


2019-08-19 04:01:31 UTC

maybe not all of us lol

2019-08-19 04:01:51 UTC're a natural at interro, err I mean interviewing ! LOL

2019-08-19 04:01:53 UTC

Even you @KLATU when given the go ahead.. your story.. I want the first interview

2019-08-19 04:02:05 UTC

LOL πŸ”¦

2019-08-19 04:02:12 UTC


2019-08-19 04:02:13 UTC

Well.. I am curious

2019-08-19 04:02:16 UTC

I can't help it

2019-08-19 04:02:32 UTC

I really care about people and want to know everything

2019-08-19 04:02:42 UTC


2019-08-19 04:02:44 UTC


2019-08-19 04:02:45 UTC


2019-08-19 04:02:55 UTC


2019-08-19 04:02:55 UTC


2019-08-19 04:03:06 UTC

Well someone has to ask the questions

2019-08-19 04:03:11 UTC

what is the worst that could happen

2019-08-19 04:03:12 UTC


2019-08-19 04:03:13 UTC does that song go ???

2019-08-19 04:03:22 UTC

Which one..

2019-08-19 04:03:47 UTC

Curiousity killed the cat ! LOLOLOL

2019-08-19 04:03:59 UTC

@Notsoperfect the perfect show host.

2019-08-19 04:04:25 UTC

is that a Song @KLATU really? LOL

2019-08-19 04:04:36 UTC

Yeah !

2019-08-19 04:04:37 UTC
2019-08-19 04:04:51 UTC

really.. can you send it to me LOL

2019-08-19 04:04:54 UTC

I need to verify

2019-08-19 04:05:09 UTC

OH...don't trust me eh ?

2019-08-19 04:05:16 UTC

oh i do

2019-08-19 04:05:17 UTC


2019-08-19 04:05:17 UTC


2019-08-19 04:05:19 UTC


2019-08-19 04:05:22 UTC

i think you guys set me up

2019-08-19 04:05:23 UTC


2019-08-19 04:05:28 UTC

Not me

2019-08-19 04:05:59 UTC

Curiosity killed the cat, but satisfaction brought him back.

2019-08-19 04:06:15 UTC


2019-08-19 04:06:25 UTC

I don't think I have ever heard that song

2019-08-19 04:07:31 UTC

There's been others, but I think the original is pretty old

2019-08-19 04:07:54 UTC

Like from the 30's or 40's ??

2019-08-19 04:08:29 UTC

You have to be smart.. like Nancy Drew.. when you are curious.. The cat was't careful... when it was curious..

2019-08-19 04:08:41 UTC


2019-08-19 04:09:15 UTC

Brite Back

2019-08-19 04:09:21 UTC


2019-08-19 04:09:23 UTC


2019-08-19 04:09:27 UTC


2019-08-19 04:09:29 UTC


2019-08-19 04:12:17 UTC

I need to step awa.y for a bit too. Brb

2019-08-19 04:12:26 UTC


2019-08-19 04:12:26 UTC

OK back

2019-08-19 04:12:28 UTC

you are allowed

2019-08-19 04:12:30 UTC


2019-08-19 04:12:45 UTC

🎺 @KLATU has returned

2019-08-19 04:13:33 UTC

Can't stay in TOO long. Gettin' a little tired.

2019-08-19 04:14:02 UTC

aww I understand it is late over there

2019-08-19 04:14:13 UTC

Take care of yourself first

2019-08-19 04:14:20 UTC

LOL's tomorrow already !!

2019-08-19 04:14:31 UTC

even if everyone leaves me talking to myself..

2019-08-19 04:14:38 UTC


2019-08-19 04:14:47 UTC

LOL Hey, I've been known to do it !

2019-08-19 04:14:55 UTC

yes that is true

2019-08-19 04:14:58 UTC


2019-08-19 04:15:20 UTC

I think I went thru a whole page in here once ! LOL

2019-08-19 04:15:23 UTC

What is on the docket for tomorrow.. or today?

2019-08-19 04:15:57 UTC

A buncha shopping...the bank...etc etc...

2019-08-19 04:16:12 UTC

do you go to the drive thru at the bank?

2019-08-19 04:16:13 UTC

or go in

2019-08-19 04:16:42 UTC

Nope, I like to in to a teller. I don't trust the ATM's anymore.

2019-08-19 04:17:02 UTC

don't they have those little cannister that shoot into the tubes..outside?

2019-08-19 04:17:05 UTC


2019-08-19 04:18:00 UTC

Yeah...but it's too impersonal. I like interacting with people...making them laugh...making their day and such.

2019-08-19 04:18:16 UTC

Well.. if you must

2019-08-19 04:18:19 UTC


2019-08-19 04:18:24 UTC


2019-08-19 04:18:32 UTC

I just wondered if you go the dumb dumb suckers in the canisters lol

2019-08-19 04:18:42 UTC


2019-08-19 04:18:50 UTC


2019-08-19 04:18:54 UTC

or lolipops what ever you call them

2019-08-19 04:19:04 UTC


2019-08-19 04:19:13 UTC

well that sounds like a lot to do..and exhausting day lol

2019-08-19 04:19:20 UTC

are you doing full blown grocery shopping?

2019-08-19 04:19:22 UTC

or just a little

2019-08-19 04:19:31 UTC

LOL few items.

2019-08-19 04:19:42 UTC


2019-08-19 04:19:55 UTC

15 or fewer?

2019-08-19 04:19:59 UTC


2019-08-19 04:20:01 UTC

How did you enjoy the services today at church ??

2019-08-19 04:20:30 UTC

You know..

2019-08-19 04:20:35 UTC


2019-08-19 04:20:43 UTC

I don't have a church to go to.

2019-08-19 04:20:54 UTC

Then start one ! LOL

2019-08-19 04:21:02 UTC

LOL I have visited many

2019-08-19 04:21:03 UTC


2019-08-19 04:21:05 UTC

I dont know

2019-08-19 04:21:26 UTC

I have been watching services online

2019-08-19 04:21:40 UTC

It certainly is weird..because I went to church my entire life.. every moment the doors were open

2019-08-19 04:21:46 UTC

first time in my life I don't have one to attend

2019-08-19 04:21:49 UTC

that I feel right about

2019-08-19 04:22:12 UTC

Services online count too. That's cool if you don't have a like-minded church to go to.

2019-08-19 04:22:22 UTC

It isn't because of any other reason..other than I just haven't found one yet. I am not angry.. I don't hate church.. nothing lol No rebellion

2019-08-19 04:22:38 UTC

I understand

2019-08-19 04:23:09 UTC

Honestly.. there are mormon churches out here in AZ.. every square mile or less.. so.. I guess I say that to say.. it seems to be pushing other churches out..

2019-08-19 04:23:30 UTC

@Notsoperfect There's a great church online that I watch if I'm sick at home. Reall good services.

2019-08-19 04:23:40 UTC

Oh yeah? could you send me a link ?

2019-08-19 04:23:49 UTC

Sure !

2019-08-19 04:23:55 UTC

thanks πŸ™‚

2019-08-19 04:23:58 UTC

Stand By

2019-08-19 04:24:04 UTC

Yes Sir.

2019-08-19 04:24:40 UTC

Just my opinion, but I don’t know that you need a church. It can be a personal thing and if you get the right support of others when needed or asked. That should work. I guess I’ve got a thing about the hierarchical aspect and those at the top. It’s not about that or them. It’s about you and your relationship with God and how you’re going to live your life as you interpret his word.
Just my 2 cents for what it’s worth.

2019-08-19 04:26:28 UTC

I appreciate your words @kreskin1 and I understand what you are saying. Church is full of imperfect people.. and there are always things we won't like.. but bible talks about not forsaking ourselves.. in meeting together.. for the purpose of fellowship and worshiping.. But You are right.. above all? Our relationship with the Lord is what matters. But remember you are talking to a Pastor's daughter LOL

2019-08-19 04:26:42 UTC

I got booted as a kid because I guess I wasnt the type they were nurturing.
Didn’t appreciate those that go rogue I guess. Lol

2019-08-19 04:27:12 UTC

I am sorry you had that experience @kreskin1

2019-08-19 04:27:19 UTC

People can really stink sometimes

2019-08-19 04:27:24 UTC

It was what it was.

2019-08-19 04:27:34 UTC

trust me I have been disappointed in a whole lot of people in my life.. even ones at church lol

2019-08-19 04:27:51 UTC

But you know that not every church.. or every pastor.. or ever christian is like that.

2019-08-19 04:28:32 UTC

I think its hard when you have a bad experience as a sticks with you the rest of your life.

2019-08-19 04:29:32 UTC

Just like.. one Grocery store.. in your town can be dirty.. never stocked..managers are jerks.. cashiers lazy.. but the one across the street.. it the complete opposite. We are very flawed people.

2019-08-19 04:29:34 UTC

I meant no disrespect, but have a little residue from that and some of the others that use it for personal benefit.
Agreed. All must be independently assessed for their character.

2019-08-19 04:29:50 UTC

Yes a lot use things for their own benefit

2019-08-19 04:30:03 UTC

I would agree with you that it happens

2019-08-19 04:30:36 UTC

Maybe I wanted to self guide thru all of that.

2019-08-19 04:30:43 UTC

I understand

2019-08-19 04:30:57 UTC

@kreskin1 I understand where you're coming from. I have been on both sides of the fence. There were churches I wound up running from. Then, just stayed away for awhile. But when I found a great church finally, there's just nothing like it. You feel at home. You have good fellowship with like-minded believers, and you get lotsa support when you have troubles and need the extra prayers of a congregation.

2019-08-19 04:30:59 UTC

as you said.. your relationship with the Lord is what matters above all else

2019-08-19 04:31:15 UTC

Tough to challenge a pastor if you don’t see it the same way. If you get my drift.

2019-08-19 04:31:40 UTC

@KLATU that made me a little emotional. lol I miss having that kind of church. AZ really needs some good churches.

2019-08-19 04:31:51 UTC
2019-08-19 04:31:54 UTC

I like THIS church!

2019-08-19 04:32:09 UTC

@kreskin1 Cool !

2019-08-19 04:32:34 UTC

Well.. I appreciate you.. @kreskin1 and happy you are here.. you have so much to offer.

2019-08-19 04:32:50 UTC


2019-08-19 04:32:53 UTC


2019-08-19 04:33:39 UTC

This helps me to make my way and develop a lifestyle that I feel good about and will reflect well when I see St. Peter.

2019-08-19 04:34:54 UTC

God loves every single one of us.. even the deepstate. That is one amazing God.

2019-08-19 04:35:25 UTC

He does do that forgiveness thing.

2019-08-19 04:35:28 UTC

He does

2019-08-19 04:35:39 UTC

and the Grace thing...

2019-08-19 04:35:42 UTC

Thank goodness for me!

2019-08-19 04:35:45 UTC

and a little Saving..

2019-08-19 04:39:44 UTC

Being an engineer with a big science & logic background I shyed away from the church thing and needed verification. I’ve been on a personal quest to find truth. In that I’ve discovered that much cannot be explained by science (at least what we know) and that something greater is going on. This sponge is discovering as much as I can to generate an understanding and mental model of how all this fits together and works.

2019-08-19 04:40:05 UTC

I’m getting there and am probably more spiritual now than ever.

2019-08-19 04:41:37 UTC

You are seeking truth.. and that is what matters.

2019-08-19 04:41:47 UTC

God will show you what you seek if you let Him

2019-08-19 04:41:52 UTC

Your background really makes sense

2019-08-19 04:41:56 UTC

with the way you think

2019-08-19 04:42:02 UTC

You are a super smart guy

2019-08-19 04:42:17 UTC

And in that search, I found out things (red pills) and ended up here.

2019-08-19 04:42:54 UTC

Thank you. You’re too kind.

2019-08-19 04:43:11 UTC

You are here for a reason πŸ™‚

2019-08-19 04:43:26 UTC

God has His hand on your life .. of that I am sure

2019-08-19 04:43:35 UTC

all that you have been thru in the last year

2019-08-19 04:43:58 UTC

More than that to be honest.

2019-08-19 04:44:59 UTC


2019-08-19 04:45:03 UTC

The premonitions are what freak me out the most.

2019-08-19 04:46:00 UTC

Nothing huge and likely coincidental. But as Q said, β€œat what point does it quit being coincidental?”

2019-08-19 04:47:01 UTC

That is true..

2019-08-19 04:47:19 UTC

But it fits with the model I’m assembling.

2019-08-19 04:47:45 UTC

you are still looking for pieces for your model.. huh..? !

2019-08-19 04:49:02 UTC

There’s always pieces to add.
Think of it like a picture. There’s stuff beyond the frame that is really there.
As time goes on and we learn more, the picture just gets bigger.

2019-08-19 04:49:46 UTC

I promise I’m not a fruitcake. LOL

2019-08-19 04:50:01 UTC

I guess all fruitcakes say that!

2019-08-19 04:50:10 UTC


2019-08-19 04:51:46 UTC

well our relationship with the Lord.. does not have to be complicated at all. Once you trust Jesus as your Savior.. he becomes your best friend.. thats how I view Him. He is always there.. never leaves.. me.. when I fall.. .He picks me up and carries me thru the times I cannot stand.

2019-08-19 04:53:00 UTC

I’m getting there, just from a rather different starting point.

2019-08-19 04:53:09 UTC

Gotta have faith.

2019-08-19 04:53:19 UTC

Well.. that is why we pray for one another

2019-08-19 04:53:27 UTC


2019-08-19 04:54:13 UTC

Oh, don’t get me started on that.
There’s a whole chapter on that one.
The power of the group mind is amazing.

2019-08-19 04:54:49 UTC

Well.. I am going to pray for you my friend @kreskin1 πŸ™‚

2019-08-19 04:55:17 UTC

Thank you.

2019-08-19 04:55:33 UTC

Jesus gives us the peace that passes all understanding.. doesn't mean life is perfect.. or we never make mistakes.. but He is our joy.. and foundation.

2019-08-19 04:55:35 UTC

OK gang ! I'm gonna sound RETREAT ! Great chattin with yiz ! Maybe I'll see yiz tomorrow ? Nite Nite

2019-08-19 04:56:05 UTC

Gnite @KLATU . See you tomorrow.

2019-08-19 04:56:06 UTC


2019-08-19 04:56:11 UTC

Well.. @KLATU you better take a nap after your outings tomorrow.. at least 30 minutes.. otherwise you will pass out..and it will be Tuesday morning LOL

2019-08-19 04:56:16 UTC


2019-08-19 04:56:22 UTC

Night night my friend.. @KLATU

2019-08-19 04:56:27 UTC


2019-08-19 04:56:41 UTC

I am probably going to have head out myself.. have to finish up some ironing.

2019-08-19 04:57:03 UTC

@kreskin1 always love talking to you! Here for you any time.

2019-08-19 04:57:45 UTC

Take care @Notsoperfect . I truly enjoy our conversations.

2019-08-19 04:57:56 UTC

Time for me to pack it in as well.

2019-08-19 04:58:10 UTC

As do I! πŸ™‚ Alright take care of yourself... and have a wonderful lunch! lol

2019-08-19 04:58:33 UTC


2019-08-19 07:28:39 UTC


2019-08-19 09:30:43 UTC

Good morning. News Briefing is live.

2019-08-19 09:45:17 UTC

fuck a i2p exploit

2019-08-19 09:49:55 UTC

πŸ—‘ Gang war

2019-08-19 10:10:47 UTC

News Briefing is updated.

2019-08-19 10:31:37 UTC


2019-08-19 10:40:09 UTC

Morning all

2019-08-19 10:59:30 UTC

good morning @Zyrenn and @lena-Ingram

2019-08-19 10:59:52 UTC

Morning @RickBulow74

2019-08-19 11:03:05 UTC

hi Bulow and lena

2019-08-19 11:03:50 UTC

sorry, internet connection dropped

2019-08-19 11:45:48 UTC

Good morning. Everyone ready for a BIG week?

2019-08-19 11:49:05 UTC

Boogetty Shoop!

2019-08-19 11:51:57 UTC
2019-08-19 11:52:14 UTC

Morning @Zyrenn

2019-08-19 11:53:18 UTC

@lena-Ingram Good Morning to you!

2019-08-19 11:54:02 UTC

Hope all is well

2019-08-19 11:57:48 UTC

omg lol my internet keeps dropping since that distant storm last night

2019-08-19 11:58:49 UTC

the storm we could hear it from afar off lastnight and it never reached here but it did impact our internet service , i hope it settles out so i do not have to call my ISP to come out and adjust everything

2019-08-19 12:07:34 UTC

Morning @alexandra

2019-08-19 12:08:53 UTC

Good morning @lena-Ingram

2019-08-19 12:12:36 UTC

good morning @tattered flag and @alexandra

2019-08-19 12:16:38 UTC

@RickBulow74 Good Morning to you my friend!

2019-08-19 12:32:59 UTC

Morning @RickBulow74

2019-08-19 13:17:56 UTC

Good morn'n y'all

2019-08-19 13:45:23 UTC

Good afternoon from me πŸ˜ƒ

2019-08-19 13:52:08 UTC

Good morning/afternoon, Patriots

2019-08-19 13:54:12 UTC

good morning @Gailm and @Ron Ward

2019-08-19 13:54:19 UTC
2019-08-19 13:54:49 UTC
2019-08-19 13:54:59 UTC

how's the news briefing coming?

2019-08-19 13:55:29 UTC

Coming along reasonably well, @Gailm . I am close to finishing it for the day.

2019-08-19 13:56:21 UTC


2019-08-19 13:56:28 UTC

Let us know when it's done

2019-08-19 13:56:30 UTC


2019-08-19 13:56:49 UTC

How was your evening, Rick?

2019-08-19 14:00:46 UTC

ThanQ and have a blessed day @RickBulow74

2019-08-19 14:01:38 UTC

my evening was all right. Rested some, and also dove into the Federal Convention of 1787.

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